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Musical Comedy.
Hippodrome Buster Browr
fe ' Nelson ...The Poppy Girl's Husband
|&t Dixie "Too Many Crooki
jftiPrincess Some Bride
Eg.' |T .was a crowded house that last
. I night witnessed at the H pp the
)&', *B?st performance of "Bustet
Brown," and later got ample fun out
?- Of the country grocery store. Schultze
fig;'" graciously loaned bis store for the
occasion ,and everything went just
fine. As on the first night, little
June Henrlcl was the big favorite ol
. the evening, and she performed her
' aeroplane stunt coming out over the
Bti; :StUdience just like a regular Ruih
Law. This little prodigy has a future
tfc of great promise, and should she fol?.?'
: low the profession she will achieve
jir .> things worth while, it becomes more
evident all the while that Lamar was
a- cut out ror the part of Schultze the
K Je; grocer. His work on the stage indif'J;'
cates that "he Is no beginner, fot
Pf't training has made him a finished actor.
Billy Malone seemed more al
home last night than usual and with
St the addition of a few lines all the way
through, the comedy was made much
keener, parts that one would think
good for a laugh, however, fall flat
Ian't it funny, for Instance to imagine
building the steeple of a church first
and then pushing the church undet
. It? Maybe Clal Stewart took the e-igo
off the Idea when he suggested to the
board of "skule" directors that they
"build the r.ew skulehouse out of the
\- bricks o fthe old skule house, and
tJ that they do not tear down the old
Bkulehouso until they get the new
skule house built." But sometimes
there were regular uproars where
there seemed to be less provocation
and the average was allright. Ruth
Dale was al! smiles last night because
she had her audience going right.
oFur or five encores made the cleve:
little lady feel that she was appreciated.
After the matinee there Is
lust one more opportunity to sec Buster
In his funny tricks, unless the
company agrees to put it on again
which it seems would not be a bad
Idea as the bill is one of the best
Convict, Bill Hart
With hair cropped to ugly prison
style and clothed in drnbprlson garth
B1U Hart comes to the Nelson again
this week, playing there the last time
tonight In "The Poppy Girl's Hus
band," a picture which has a tenden
, cy 10 onn atowiy at times, but which
must proceed it a measured mannei
to keep from squandering the psychological
merits of the picture. Going
to the core of the matter, the at
Utude of convict toward his faithless
wife can not be shown in an instant
there must be a succession of events
leading up to a climax. The picturf
proves on the serin only, that Hill
Hart is as handy v;h a burglar'ss kit
as he is witih a six-shooter, another
way of saying that the Western character
is not the only on that Bill can
portray with success. Hart's antics
with the boy Georgio Stone form an
interesting chapter in the story, and
tho young artist himself takes th'
Juvenile part with amaing cleverness.
"Crooks'' not "Cooks."
A paraphrase seemingly on the well
known words of an old adage. "Toe
many Cooks.' etc., is the subject ol
the picture at the Dixie todoay. and
as we see the story, it reads, "Toe
Many Crooks.' It is taken from the
novel by E. J. Roth, and gives Gladys
Letlle abundant opportunity to exercise
her boasted talent.
Same Program at Princess.
No change at the Princess today
the Metro comedy "Some Bride" re
pealing with a Pathe news reel alsc
on the program.
J. J. Callahan, Super at the Fairmont
Chemical company leaves todaj
fflP Pol'fnm 10 V?<a Knwin L- '*1
... WW*.M<S UWUiC ?UCIC lie Will
be busily engaged tor the next few
days with business affairs, so he says
The girls at the Hipp will kindly b<
on the lookout for postal cards, etc.
during the absence of this genial lilpc
I fan, whom It Is to be hoped will noi
be so charmed by the famous movie
Ft beauties of the coast state that h?
will- forget his friends in the tabloids
The Billy Malone chorus is coming
V~. back In numbers anyway. We did
2-. not get the new member's name, bu!
the face indicates that she might be
so much as a sister of Ruth Dales, sc
|$j;- close Is tho resemblance, which is as
much as to say that she Is decidedly
It attractive as well as capable.
One of the best fun making numbers
In Buster Brown Is the Mothei
I,: Boose song of Baby Marie in which
||v the other members of company contribute
a lot of horse play that Is In
ISft - keeping with the story. Some of the
' sompany were heard last night to say
|Cy. something about "hard work,"' "old
|T; -- [oiks" and pretty stiff," but we're no'
Kit skying who they were.
?.: to; war gardening -doing their bit?
but if they would have their "bit"
' prove to bo a "big bit" and really
' worth while?they should visit the
1 Hall "Hardware comnanv tinH mmniv
H themselves with garden seeds and I
tomplete outfit of garden tools. There
yqu Trill. find everything needed to
make your garden a success.?Adv.
E3| Ask any housewife why she prefers
fgj Marigold Flour and she will say thai
\?y. the can depend on It. Being dependsSr
W6. It not only eliminates chance o(
f ipolle-d baking, but makes a quality
j loaf that the housewife is proud of.
Hi?- Set .a sack from your grocer and have
latlsfactory bakings. Manufactured
Fairmont Grain and Milling Co.
table ferns
. Of every kind ? large and small in
Hk> ibe?splendid In shape, can be sef?1
lected at The Mountain City Floral
f?' Shop. Always the best in flowers for
I? - the table decorations. Flowers for the
e'1 tick?Stork bouquets?corsage?and
Igxi.' flowers for the "only girl" are here in
l.f- . iplen'dld assortment. Store, 318 Mon
At Green Gables. 1
C. B. Horton, of Pittsburgh, super- 1
intendent of the Western Union .Tele- :
graph company, with his wife and '
i daughter. Miss Helen, are spending
several days at Green Gables on the
Valley river. They came here In their
[ motor boat. '
Honor Mlas Keenan.
1 Honoring Miss Ruth Keenan who ;
leaves Sunday for her home In New :
York and who had been the charming
, guest of Miss Florence Hutchinson, i
Miss Edith Hartman entertained with
a dance Thursday evening at ner
home in Benor.l avenue.
An Informal Gathering.
A number of young people were en,
tertalned In an Informal manner last
evening at "Wildwood" on the Valley
1 river where Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Holbert
and Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Chambers
are spending several weeks.
* *
Two Ball Foursome.
There will be a t\vo ball mixed four'
some played on the golf links at tbe
Country club this afternoon which
| promises to be a most Interesting
event. This evening the regular Saturday
night dinner will be served to
be followed by an orchestra dance. A
\ aiumber of reservations have been
made for the dinner this evening.
At Rosehlll.
Mr. and Mrs. George Thomas Watson
have as their guest at their subur;
ban home. Rosehall, Mrs. Watson's
mother. Mrs. Rose BusBlng. and sister,
' Miss Stella Bussing, of Cincinnati.
; Ohio.
Entertains for Visitor.
I Honoring their guest, Miss Marie
1 Kidd. Of Pittsburgh MUena Mop- an. i
Isabella Quinn entertained a number
, of their friends at bridge at the
' Clarksburg Country club Thursday
afternoon. The out-of-town guests
prosont were: Mrs. James Melmo. of
' Pittsburgh; Mrs. G. K. Allman, of
; Huntington; Mrs. John Burchlnal, 1
Mrs. B. H. McGlnley and Miss Sarah 1
Deveny, of Fairmont; Mrs. William
Moran, Mrs. J. Clyde Lewis and Miss
| Catherine Sniveiy, all of Grafton.?
Clarksburg Telegram.
, Judge Robinson Entertains.
Judge Ira E. Robinson entertained at'
dinner last evening at the Edgewood I
Country club in honor of his former
colleagues, the judges of the Supreme!
i Court of Appeals. The occasion was I
, a delightful reunion and renewal of|;
i pleasant associations. Those present' i
! besides Judge Robinson were Judges
. W. N. Miller, George Poffenbarger. L. i
Judson Williams. Charles W. Lynch, ;
i Harold A. Ritz, William B. Mathews j
and Delbert T. Robinson.?Charle.-ton i:
. Mail.
* * * ;
Honoring Fairmont Girl. I
; Miss Margaret Mathers, daughter ol
, Mr. and Mrs. Max Mathers, entertaini
ed about 30 young people of the city
i at her home in Park street last even:
ing with an informal dance. The at- :
fal rwas in courtesy to her house
- guest. Miss Louise Burns, of Fairmont.
A most delightful evening was spent
; In dancing by the young folks and very
i tasteful refreshments were served by
the hostess' mother, assited by Mrs.
1 Leo Carlin.?Morgantown Dominion.
,. ....
At Terra Alta.
Miss Marlon Dakin, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. James S. Lagln, who has been
visiting in Huntington, has gone to
1 Terra Alto to send the rest of the sum!
mer with her mother and sister, who
are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Finney
1 Lakin.?Charleston Gazette.
1 ?
To Meet in Martinsburg.
' Martinsburg, July 17. ? The West
Virginia Daughters of the American
Revolution will be entertained In annual
convention here in October, according
to announcement by Mrs. S. W.
Walker, regent of the William-Hen.
shaw chapter, which is arranging the
i program.
In Morgantown.
Mrs. Martha Taylor and daughter,
. Virginia, who are spending the sum,
mer at the home of Mrs. Taylor's
[ motner at Bula, are in the city to re.
main until today.?Morgantown Post.
* *
Miss Carroll Entertains.
Miss Katherine Carroll will entertaitf
the Thursday Bridge club at her
home this afternoon. Two tables will
be in play.?Charleston Mail.
* *
Returns Home.
Jackson Clyde Klnsey, who has
been visiting at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Louis Black, of McLane avenue,
left yesterday at noon for his home in
Mannington where he will remain i
during the summer. Mr. Klnsey was
soloist at the matin concert Wednes- <
day morning.?Morgantown Dominion.
? . i
For Guests. |
Honoring Mrs. Albert Noble, of I
. Chattanooga, Tenn., who is the guest
! of her sister, Mrs. Glenn F. Barns, 5
. and Miss Stella Bussing, the guest of i
[ her sister, Mrs. George Thomas Wat- .
, son, Mrs. Edwin Robinson entertain- '
i ed yesterday afternoon at her home :
[; on Fairmont avenue with a prettily
; appointed bridge luncheon. On Wed- 1
nesday Mrs. Noble was entertained at 1
luncheon by Mrs. Henry S. Lively at
her home on Fourth street.
To Mountain Resorts. i
Mrs. W. S. Black left yesterday for 1
i Mt. Lake Park and Deer Park. "Md.. i
where she will spend the next several
I (*
To ML Lake.
Dr. and Mrs. H. G. Stoetzer and son, i
John, motored to Morgantown today
where they were guosts or Mrs. John i
J. Brown. Prom there they will go, to
. ML Lake Park where they will spend ]
some time.
Announce Marriage.
The marriage of Miss Hazel L. D. i
Amos, of this county, and Beury H. K.
Hurst, of Weston, has been announced. J
The marriage was solemnized on
Thursday. July 16, at Oakland, Md.,
where the couple had gone on the '
evening previous, the Rev. Meekerhav- ;
ing performed the ceremony at the 1
Europea hotel. Mr. Hurst and his i
bride returned here Thursday evening I
and are at the home of tho bride's par- ]
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Webb Amos, on <
Woods Ban. The marriage of this" i
young couple was the culmination of a ]
romance begun two Tears am when .
1 "==
the bride was but fourteen years of
Ige and the groom 18. The young man .
it that time enlisted In his country's
service and was ordered overseas |
where he had been In the service of j
the U. S. army being a member of the
Headquarters comi>aay, 113th Engi-1
neers. He returned to America June;
19th. The youthful bride Is the youngest
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Webb
Amos of Woods Run, and la a pretty,;
attractive young woman. She had j
been employed at the Oourtney store!
In this city. Mr. Hurst Is a son of!
Minor Hurst, principal of a suburban
school of Westod. Both are descendants
of prominent families of Marlon
and Lewis counties. They are residing
for the present with the bride's j
Entertained Last Evening.
Honoring Mr. and Mrs. JoBeph Ingelmeyer
whose marriage was a recent
event In New York city and who have
come to this city to reside. Miss Kelslo
Brown entertained at a prettily appointed
Five Hundred party last evening
at her home in the Terrace apartments.
Five tables were in play during
the evening and refreshments were
served. Miss Brown was assisted In
entertaining by her sisftr, Miss Mar-[
tha Brown.
* *
Returned Home. ,
Mrs. M. C. Lough and daughters, the;
Misses Lucile and Virginia, have returned
from a several weeks' visit to
Hendricks and Elkins, W. Va.
Visiting in Logan.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Clark. Jr., are
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Prank
Hutchinson at their home at Logan,'
\V .Vn. Their son. John Clark, rpe
third. Is visiting with relatives at Un-,
iontown. Pa.
Returned from Visit.
Mrs. Ernest Ben and little daughter
returned last evening from Winches-'
ter, Va? where they had been the guest j
of Mrs. Bell's sister, Mrs. Will Mc-j
Flourney-Kelley. I
M13S Jeau C. Kelley, local newapa-1
per woman, and Mr. Harry L. Flournoy,
who is now engaged in the rea,
estate business, were married in Huntington
last evening, according to word
received by relatives and friends. Al-1
though it had been known among the
rriends of the pair for several days;
that the marriage was to take place
soon, the exact date had been kept
secret. j
After the marriage, the couple went
on to Cincinnati for the honeymoon,1
and upon their return In two weeks
ihev will be al home at 1117 Virginia!
Mrs. Flournoy came to Charleston ;
about five years ago and has been en-!
gaged in the newspaper business since!
that time. She is one of the most;
popular newswrlters In the city. Mr. j
Ficurnoy is the son of Mrs. Prances!
Flournoy and has lived in Charleston
all his life.?Charleston Mail.
Mrs. Will Pitts has returned to her]
home at Pittsburgh after spending I
some time here as the guest of Mrs. j
Maggie Reger and Mrs. Jennie McCleary
on Fairmont avenue.
Mrs. Marshal Fleming and children,
who had spent the past fewweeks
at Mt. Lake Park, have returned
home. Since returning here Mrs.
Fleming has been quite 111.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Giffln and son
Hugh left this morning on an automobile
trip to Parkersburg and Elizabeth.
Miss Elizabeth Lemley has returned
to her home at Burton after a visit
with friends In this city.
Miss Laura Free and Mrs. M. E.
Burt, who had been the guests of Mrs.
Ralph Burt at her home in the Terrace
Apartments, have returned to
their homes in Mannington.
Mrs. B. F. Fletcher and daughter.
Miss Ruth, have returned from Buckhannon,
where they had spent several
Mrs. Gertrude S. Dozler left last
night for Chicago, where she will j
Bpend two weeks with friends and will j
also visit in Indianapolis, Ind., and
Detroit before returning home.
Mrs. Clark Michaels and children.'
Helen. Robert and Mary Ellen, who
have spent some time with relatives |"
in this city, have returned to their .
home in Akron. Ohio. Mr. Michaels. who
came here with them, returned I
several days ago. j
Mrs. James L. Gettings and chil- I
dren, Hannan and John, leave today I
for Salamanica, N. Y., where they will
spend several weks with relatives. Mr.
Gettings will accompany them there
and spend the week end.
Mrs. Rosetta Maple went to Metz 1
today, where she will spend several 8
days with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. "
f. D. Thomas. Her daughters. Misses ?
Mildred and Josephine, have been at ''
Mot-r f/\e sow Aral
The Misses Agnes Erwin and RoBe
Kennedy left yesterday' for Pittsburgh,
Buffalo and Niagara Falls. b
where they will spend a couple of f'
weeks. fi
Miss Eunice Minor, who has been
it Terra Alta recuperating from a
long illness, Is considerably improved
it this time. r
Mrs. Hermlnone Helmlck and son a
John, who had spent the past few o
weeks at Washington, New York and d
Atlantic City, have returned to their v
Dhme in this ctly.
Miss Katherine Tierney, of Weston,
Is spending several days in this city.
Ray Hunter returned yesterday g
rrom a visit to Wheeling. ,
Why Love Fled. (.
Ho?Yon used to say there was b
something about me you liked. .
She?So I did. But you've spent J!
It ell.?Pearson's. ?
When you bring a prescription here e
roar doctor feels satisfied that It will 5
je> filled with absolute accuracy. For "
we have expert pharmacists who use J
he utmost caution and care to com- J'
pound a prescription exactly as It Is t
jrdered. Bring your prescriptions here
ind you will feel safe, too. Fairmont
Pharmacy, Watson Hotel Comer.?
LdS. U
.\ ^ 'V '
Very convenient siz
shape?nice for carryir
ty or family lunches.
' Hand ii
Brow Kid Colonial
Pumps, graceful style,
" SS *6-85
Were $10.00,
Brown Calfskin Oxfords
with military
heelr and turn tC QC
soles '
Regular Price $8.00.
Great A
f~S ^
A New SI
This extraordinaryi
Dress Cottons. Seems as
so great has been the der
satisfying selection of tY
time frocks. There is n
the prices are very mode
>> =
To Texas.
James R. McCrea and Frank Fish,
r leave today for the oil fields of
'exas W. Wl Custer of Washington
treet wll also leave on Tuesday of
ext week for Texas; his wife and
aughter will remain In Mannington
Out Again.
Master Edward Flannagan , wht.
as been confined to his home In Jef.
erson street for the past two weeks
rom an attack of mumps is out again
Foot Mashed.
James E. Yost of East Main street
ecelved a very painful Injury while
t work at an oil well on Mods Run
n Tuesday afternoon when a steel
errlck leg fell on his left foot. He
. ill be off duty several days.
Birthday Surprise.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hays living
ome three miles west of the city
vere very pleasantly surprised by
bout forty of their relatives and their
riends on Thursday evening in cele.
ration of their .birthdays, that of the
ormer being on July isth. and that
f the latter falling on July 17tb. It
leant the passing of the sixtieth mile
ost for Mr. Hayes and the fifty.sev.
nth for Mrs. Hayes They were ro.
iptents of many handsome presents
rom the guests, and were not slow in
bowing their appreciation. An en.
Dyafcle evening was spent and toward
he close refreshments were served.
Leave Newt.
Persona having news items for pub.
[cation, in The wjest Virginian may
iPtf.'e' / - '
ttr >
k>u "
2TS S2 {ft \
* g
)i Hand Qui
i the Path
Wait a Long Tii
Again at Sue
jjii^ fjl? ,
I Broun Calfskin Ox,
fords with Louis heels
and turn soles, priced
regularly $10. tC OC
Sale Price ...
Misses' Broun and
Black Oxfords in 11V>
.11 *3.85
Were up to $6.00.
Values In
Good things cannot be
hidden. This is the way
with the splendid values
given in our garment set*
tion. A pleased purchaser
tells her. neighbors?her
friends ? and hundreds
soon know about exceptional
offerings in the
July Clearance of Dresses,
' Coats, Capes and Suits
and other wearables we
are offering at Low Clearance
?Second Floor.
tiowiog of Beau
Saturday Shop
season has kept us constantly
though every woman is in nt
nand. A new shipment enabl
le pretty voiles that are so d<
ot only a bountiful selection
irate considering the scarcity
leave them at Barbe & Millans, First
| National Bank, Jones' Sporting Goods
Store, Barlow's News Store or wit:.
Mrs. Anna Morgan at 14 Center street
Entertains Bok Club.
Mrs. Howard Hardesty entertained
the Book Club at her home at HardeB.
ty yesterday afternoon.
Plant Opens Fifteenth.
The Marion Window Glass Com.
pany's plant is being put in shape for
the opening on August 15th. The
outlook for the glass industry Is re.
ported bright Between four and flv<? [
hundred men will be employed at'
the Mannington plant.
From Over.Seas.
I Arden Robinson. eon of ?r%A '
' Mrs. L .E. Robinson arrived home!
! yesterday after nine months over '
seas with the Marine Corps He has
been discharged from the service.
John L. Ely ot the H. R. & F. E
Furbee clothing store is spending a
vacation with relatives at Cameron,
W. Va.
The Misses and EshrdluetaoLnshrd
The Misses Elsie and Gladys Win.
Stanley who have been guests of Miss
Eula Rymer will return on Monday
to their home at Sebrlng, Ohio Miss
Rymer will accompany them here for
a visit.
C. E. Beatty was a visitor here from
Fairmont yesterday.
Mia. Robert Clinton and daughter
| of Charleston are guests of relatives
I in Mannlngton. ?
James Devote of Rymer was a bus.
In ess visitor in the city yesterday
Miss Katharine Fltzxgeratd Is via.
Ring relatives in Cochoctcn. Ohio.
Earl F. Patterson has ratinend. bm
MUUiX/A sweatei
/f t0 "tI
r July Sales
of Econonr
me Till You Buy
:h Low Prices
When you see how except!
feel quite confident that yo
your shoe needs for quite son
of the lots are limited and t
will prevail only while prese
Brown Kidskin Oxfords I
with covered Louis heels v
$7.85 '
dUlCO ' v
Regular price $11.00.
Misses' and Children's I
White Canvas Shoes, *
lace style,.. $1 QC I
Special at 1-OJ ^
Growing Girls' White I
Canvas Pumps (Ed- t
wards JO QC c
Make) "L.OO i,
The Girl's Section^
day a Sale of Gin
At Reducei
Gingham dresses for H
girls 2 to 14 years old.
They come in handsome
plaids, checks, stripes,
and combinations. Some /
are of plain material *
with trimmings of a con ,
trasting material or col- < I
or. There is a table piled
high with these pretty
dresses and mothers
should plan to share tno
savings by purchasing
enough dresses to last
their girls for a long
time. ?
mi- - n ? t*
xne special rrices tcangi
tifol Voiles,
r replenishing our stock of
'.ed of several Voile Dresses
es us to again offer a very
5sirable for smart summerfrom
which to choose but
of the goods. .
?Main Floor.
a visit to the oil fields or Texas i
and Oklahoma.
Oliver Cook of Cameron, was a I
business visitor here yesterday.
Mrs. H. E. Munnell lias gone to
Clarksburg for a visit with friends.
Mrs A W. Prlchard and Mrs. Leila
Koen have returned from the Cen.
tenary at Columbus, Ohio
Mis Edna Ureen of Chicago and
Miss Nora Vesler of WTheellng, for.
mer teachers In the local schools are
guests of friends here this week.
E. D. Jentngs of Pittsburgh was a
. Mrs. Walter Prlchard and daughter
business visitor here yesterday,
are guests of relatives In Parkers,
Miss Pearl Arnett of Rymer, was a
visitor in Mannlngton yesterday
Mrs. Caleb Burt has returned' from
a visit with her daughter In'Cleveland
John A. Ford has returned from a
few weeks visit In Columbus, Ohio.
Warren Gorton-o Oil City was a via
ilo rln the city yesterday.
Walter H. (Hank) O'Day of Par.
tfAPflhllPff ? wloltne
Porter Hess of Wheeling js here I
visiting his son James Hess and Mrs.
Hes sof Clarksburg street
Fred A. Prichard left last evening
for a few weeks visit In Baltimore.
But 1 am here to stajr. For- first
class Upholstering and Furniture Repairing
come here^ 'Large line of '
tapestries and Imitations of black and
Spanish.leather to select from. Also g.
Picture Framlsr?all kinds of mould- (
lngs - and ' standing frames. Quick ,
work. B. B. Kopp, 118 Meredith St, ,
next ts Festnffice. Phone 1263-B-?
[?v. i*- <-T
' ; 11
Hack Suede Oxfords||l
eels plain toe $fiQC'l|l
nd tu"1 sole'. ^
Soys' Little Gent Sl^oai?j
Sutton style in; pajtentjl
id and gun- SraIBi;
[ picruRisy^
^ ^I
The Poppy GirlVBiggiiifl
He married
ilt" in Jan. W?a she'&U^HH
'ul while he was, son?1pSt|^^H
tory of nndyinx loTe.ttdSfi^^^M
ate. Alas
> I

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