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litTown Talk II
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V&YKS/ frvsk cih'iiktrr.
? XjS? ': rr omvls
bp v^xjlifl. 'sack iato
n^')piV? ;TH' H0?
fmtlin rROfrw /j*
h * -' yn
' B
Mfrr?^ m fji
MBKgggf^. _ / %Uf
- Cut out tne picture on Ml too/ sides,
^nta carefully fold dotted line 1 its
Httire length. Then dotted line 2 end
so on. Fold each section underneath
accurately. When completed turn <.~v
land you'll find a surprising result.
Bare the pictures.
In this space each day, The West
Wtmaa.irfil point this novel eduI
Bcitloiill feature and ten fliiflnt.ion9_
^Hbpounded tft scientifically selected
the extent of your fund of genKrai
knowledge. The Idea Is to write
^^Eiy.and bompare your answers with
fr correct ones in the space tomor|
Answers to "Yesterday's Kwlr.
BSi Hlgh-callbre bombard guns used
^ KthetQennans, and so called because
^^ Bj&j3n, the Krupp works at Easen,
Htwned by Fran Bertha Krupp.
^^?i^,^li^eind>lem to signify surKl.
Italian artist remembered chief^B^Cbrhls
portrait of "Mona Lisa."
H4. A death song, so called because
Hwtgirwan Is supposed to sing in its
^^B&|pC throest although this is merely
^^Bs. The science of mental phenomena,
Kg^The science that treats of the vlH?l
functions performed by the organs
^HnBantmals (Including man) and
1. An American statesman, until reHntly
Speaker of the United States
^ S. A base for rare perfume obtalnKjO.
A term of contempt applied to
men^ who become out casts in
^TOroftere are the Ural mountains?
^ 9?3Yhat famous educational lnsti^Btion
is located in Annajiolls, Maryp.
In what famous poem is the loMtjsAVkat
woman was honored, after
tha iBtarmowt ?#
Ehe only national tomb In the United
BKs^Who was called "The Rail-Split8,
What'is the meaning ot the word |
swank" 5 of British origin, but now
^^Bphler'ln the United States.
what comedy of Shakespeare
^^Bw^a^donkey play a leading part?
Probably showers
13 tt. tii. toaay I u.
Weather yesterday,
partly cloudy;
temperature, maximum
88, minimum
>cratlc city convenice
for members,
ids meeting.
-Order of Railway
30 p. m.
s?Community Sing
-ess by Rev. J. C.
mrtered?A charter
to the Martin
y fit Fairmont It
Mc of $10,000. The .
William P. Bridge
in Barracksrille;
S. H. Butcher, Lemirmont
y Mayor ? Clerln
11 /IAIamuI
I?' lllllllll WUJ NU
Hore Mayor Bo wen this morning;
Srged with breaking Into the John
utlo wholesale store yesterday even^K,and
stealing some fruit Several
^Hjjfcses' testified that the boy was
^ fbad boy and that the theft yes day
warn his first offense. Mayor
^K'aABE?Four -wheel baby cart
U7 Qulncy street Phone 403-M.
acres, seven miles
Bnty seat; 20 acres meadow; b
fc-vartety fruits; plenty water;
^ RgtatMa;' lays weli; telephone;
^ HSfy' buildings; particulars first
^Bp*. | Jclm Brans, Ingleslde, W. Va.
K 7-19-lt-6088
^HpO^C zoom bouse with cel.
^HbChree lota? well and sprinc; some
^^E?&9bot of 10th street Phone
* 7_l?.3t?6092.
| -i
ate^d?smJa*?4 hTio! tzdklng to
Case Continued?Trial of the case of
he state against tSSss Virginia Mas- j
ey and WHlIam Ifcrrls, tiie latter aged
LI years, for assaulting I-awrence Hoi- ?
jert, oourt stenograher, has been con;lnned
until Friday morning of nest Ul
week st 10 o'clock. The hearing was ^
trlglnally set for 1 o'clock this after- ?
loon before Justice M. R. Musgrore, .
rut was continued, ^
Fined for 8hooting?The shooting of pa
S'lck Boykis by Fans Kism was be- mi
ieved to have been accidental and at co
;he hearing yesterday afternoon before pa
rustics W. W. Conaway, Kism was oo:
Lined 125 and oosts, agreeing also to 1
jay Boykis (100 for time lost and a we
lospltal bin amounting to about $30. ]
In all it will oost Kism about $175. of
Kism was shot through the leg. to
Msny at Races ? There are many
Fairmontsra attending the races in be<
Pnlontown today. The toads between thi
quala was operated on today at Cook ?Jj)
hospital and la doing nicely. Patsy "y
had heen an orderly at Cook hospital J:
for a number of years and is well ~
known and popular not only .In the hos- ,
pital but In the dty as well. He re- v1:
cently returned here from New York
where he had been an attache at a
base hosital and came there from over- "
seas service. He has been here about ;r;
two months.
Infant Under Surgeon's Care?Eugene
Fatt, aged 14 months, infant son ]
of Mr. and Mrs. L. L>. Fatt. of Beecn- ne
wood, underwent an operation today w|j
at Cook hospital for hernia. est
Patient Doing Nicely?Paul Riggs, de]
of Barrackville, who was operated on nit
yesterday at Cook hospital. Is doing erl
nicely today. gn
Receiving Congratulations?A fine
nine pound son was born to Mr. anu
Mrs. W. O. Morris at their home at "p
307 East Park avenue on Thursday. XI
Mr. Morris is foreman of the composing
room of The West Virginian and
he is today receiving the congratulations
of his friends over the new ar- ,. '
vAt Buckeye Lake?Mr. and Mrs. aft
Holmes Wyckoff and family, and Mr. sei
& Mrs. Wm. Ellis left this morning hai
lor nucKeye i^aKo, unto. to spend two
weeks. Etiroute home they will visit str
Pittsburgh. jol
Six Were Killed in
the Carswell Mine c?!
ha I
BLUEFIELD, W. Va.. July 19.?Six "pi
men were killed yesterday in the explosion
at the Carswell mine at Kimball,
20 miles west of Bluefleld. The I
cause ot the explosion Is unknown. Do
The dear are: M. T. Roberts, mine of
foreman; John. Teems, John Too- wh
ley, Charles Chap/nan, Elbert Smith the
and Richard Kennedy, miners. vll]
First reports to Bluefleld this after- fro
noon were to the effect that 21 men ter
had been killed. Continued searching C.
and checking of the employes, about tiv
50 of whom were In the mine at the ten
time of the explosion, showed six met
death. All bodies were recovered. I
The mine, which Is one of the small Mr
shaft mines in the Pocahontas fields, mo
is owned and operated by the Houston the
Collieries company. It has an output Cot
ot 500 tons a day. daj
/^ry\ \
Hero and Union town are said to bo In tlit
rood condition. Quite a (ew are going 1
by automobile and others will go by Clt
Marriage Licensee ? The following . '
marriage license has been granted at
the offico of the country cleric, A. Q.
Martini E. F. Brand, aged 21, and
Pearl Toothman, aged 19, both of Fair- M
mont. L. T. Toothman, father of the
girl, appeared In person and gave hie
Was Submerged?Workmen on tho Li<
new bridge pier dumped a scoop of 1x1
concrete upon a foreman who was In f?
the pit unkown to them shortly after i?1
noon today. He was covered with con- &].'
crete but escaped lnjurd. He was a
little warm under the collar, however. 01
. ! ! un
siansna - m. n ere?a motor boat.
Blanche M., ot considerable size, was
along the water front In Fairmont last r?(
night. al
'? cai
Visiting Aunt?Mrs. C. W. Dickln- 3
son and little son of Clarksburg, who of
liave been spending a few days with sei
her aunt Mrs. Kemper Holt of Wal- tw
nut Ave., returned to Clarksburg to- foi
day. m<
Trip to California?J. J. Callahan, ?t
superintendent of the Fairmont Chemleal
Company's plant on the Valley "I
river will leave this afternoon at 1:12
o'clock for a fifteen day trip to Call- .
fornla. He wrlll combine business !
with pleasure and while he Is away
will make special investigations into
the sulphuric acid industry for the A
benefit ot the Fairmont Chemical .
Company. While Mr. Callahan la absent
the plant here will be in charge
of E. A. Griffith. j
: Clt
Surgical Operation ? "Patsy" Pas
>,boys of the city. The affair will
pbably be held at Traction park. Dels
will be worked out later for the
Mrs. John T. Challlce, wife of the
w boys' work secretay of the "Y,"
II arrive here tomorrow from Roch:er,
N. Y.
Under the auspices of the woman's
partment of the "Y," the commuy
sing will be held on Sunday aftloon
at 4 o'clock at the old fair
>unds. Rev. J. C. Broomfield. D. D.,
II deliver an address. C. H. Bloom
II be the song leader.
oreign Sections
On Dry Basis Now
tctlng Chief of Police Seaman, Po- ,
[ men Woodward. Holt, Xuzum and
nstable L. J. Michael visited a num
of foreign homes again yesterday
ernoon and evening and destroyed
ren and one-halt barrels of "plckadle."
The homes of Sam RussO, Diamond
eet; Tony Arcure, Spring street;
in Santone, Diamond street; Mrs.
in Block, Diamond street, were all
irched and "plckhandle" found In
The county and city officers have
;n making almost a house to house
tvass of the sections of the city in
blted by foreigners and In practicalevery
home there is a quantity of
ihmeral services over the body of .
rothy Rose Shackelford, daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Shackelford, ;
ose death occurred on Thursday at
i home of her parents, at Barrack- <
le, were conducted this afternoon j
m the Monumental church and foment
was made by Undertaker R.
Jones. A large number of relaes
and friendB of the little girl atded
the obsequies.
Jrs. W. D. Courtney and Mr. and
s. Thomas Courtney returned this I
mlng from Canton, Ohio, where i
y accompanied the body of W. D. i
irtney whose death occurred Tues- H
r morning at his home In this city. ]
ndications are thet the tracks of
i Pair Paw branch of the Baltimore
1 Ohio railroad irDl not be d sored
til Sunday morning between Ca- !
rba Junction and Grant Town. The '
th continue to elide on the tracks '
soon as that which formerly tell 1
being removed. No loaded cars
i be removed from the New Engid
Fuel and Transportation Cotnay'e
operations or the Stafford 1
re at Baxter. If the tie-up should 1
itinue several days the M. V. T.
ver plant at Rtvesville would need j
il as Its stock Is short.
Saet of Grafton yesterday, there ,
re 980 cars drawn by the B. & 0.
leecue car 8. United States Bureau
Mines, is here today. It will go 1
Morgantown tonight, for uae-at the
ntag course at W. V) U. <
["he B. & O. telephones lines have 1
sn repaired after the several storms
e week, whloh played havoc with
m. "|
[he B. & O. excursion to Atlantic :
y tonight will not be very liberally i
ronlzed. Only two tickets were sold
until noon.
lecause of the wet weather few 1
Ty pickers went to Lowesvllle toT.
!ail Flier Killed
At Bellefonte, Pa. :
w tenant Charles Lamborn, 33, of
s Angeles, California, an arlal mail 1
rrier flying fro mthls city Cleveld
was killed this afternoon when ;
i machine a De Havlland Four, fell
90 feet at Dickss Run at the foot
the AUegeheny mountains,
jamborn'a body was found crushed
der tho wreckage of the machine
officers of the air station here who
nt to the scene of the accident on
:elpt of a telephone message from
farmer who saw the plane fall. The
Ilea tha aonldoriV men wAi IrnAwn I
Lamborn who was reported as one
the best flyers' in the ariel mall
rvlce had been on this route for
c weeks. He wcs to have started
Oleveland at seven o'clock at this
)riling hut was delayed by fog and
rds. He left the flying field here
eleven o'clock under better condins
and quickly disappeared above
? clouds. Word of the accident was
eertved shortly after noon. The
dy and wrecked machine were be!
brought here this afternoon in a
itor truck.
ctivities in Boys'
Work at Y. M. 0. A.
Activities among the boys of the
y is manifest In Y. M. C. A. circles
ce John T. Challlce, the new boys
iretary, assumed the post. Tonight
i newspaper carriers of The Times
II be the guests of the "Y" and next
turday night the carriers of The
:st Virginian will be the guests. The
ys will spend from 5:45 to 6:30 in
> game room and from 6:30 to 7:80
the swimming pool.
A picnic wil ihc held in August by
> boys' department of the Y for all
Home from Overseas.
Mrs. Garnet Harden has received a
eletram that her Imahand had landed
n New York. .He has been In the
inny service for the past eiglfteen
Notes and Personals.
Mr. <tod Mrs. John Powell, of Valley
falls, are visiting with Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Mauler.
Mrs. Win. Jones and Mrs. Kate
3wanson are visiting their sister, Mrs.
E. R. Garrett of Clarksburg, this
Mrs. Arthur Shanagerger was shopping
in Fairmont yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence, of Brooklale,
are the proud parents of a new
jaby daughter, born July 18th.
oiasier vem Miller, and Leo Lambert
were out pony riding yesterday,
being their first experience at horse
back riding. They boys say it beats
an automobile.
Mrs. James McCain and Mrs. Garnet
Harden and Miss Bernetes Killeen
were shopping in Fairmont yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. James Dean, have
moved to Fairmont for the summer,
having rented from Mrs. Lloyd, on the
Bast side.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Thompson and
daughter, Miss Elnore, of Pittsburgh,
are here vtsiting with Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas RusBell also visiting Miss Devinna
W&tklns who is a niece of Mrs.
Lonnie Boice and Earl Powell, of
Fairmont, were business callers in this
town yesterday.
Miss Mary Sarsfleld was calling on
friends here yesterday. James
Facemire returned to this
town yesterday after calling on friends.
Mrs. John Henry was shopping in
Fairmont yesterday.
Mrs. Howard Fleming attended Hartley's
big sale Thursday.
Miss Helen Davis, of Grafton, is a
guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Harvey Hall. Mrs. Hall is a sister of
Miss Davis.
Improvements Made
At First M. E, Churcli
Extensive improvements have been
made at First Methodist Episcopal
church within the last few days. A
concrete walk has been placed in the
yard of the parsonage, nerw copper
conductors aud water apouts have
been placed on the church.
The side walk has been so built
that an extension may be put to it
at almost any time.
(Continued from page- one )
McGugin. Incumbent's commission ex
pired February 4, 1919.
Frederick H. Mahey to be postmaster
at Ralnelle, in place ot F. H. Mahey.
Incumbent's commission expired
February 15, 1919.
Philip E. Nixon to be postmaster at
Paw Paw, in place of P. E. Nixon. Incumbent's
commission expired February
15, 1919.
Turner A. Wamsley to be postmaster
at Parsons, In place of T. A. Wamsley.
Incumbent's commission expired February
15, 1919.
James A. Pyles to be postmaster at
New Martinsville, in place of J. A.
Pyles. Incumbent's commission expired
January 26, 1919.
The month old infant child of Sam
I.lscol who died yesterday evening at
the home of his parents at Jamison
Mine No. 9, was buried today at two
o'clock in the Martin cemetery at
Farmtngton by Undertakers Carpenter
and Ford.
a meeting or me west Virginia
State Boar,! of Embalmers will be held
en Monday at the Waldo hotel in
Clarksburg when applicants will be
exxamined. The members of the
board are: 'A. J. Osborne, of West
Union, president; P. 0. Dunway, ot
Charleston, secretary-treasurer; Louis
Bertschy, of Wheeling, T. A. Simpson,
of Charleston; H. H. Rqbey, of Spencer.
And then some besides is what you
will say when you see the big stocks
Df New Summer Neckwear just placed
on display. Wash Ties, Silk Ties,
Knit Silk Ties and others ot better
grade than the average at lower prices
than usual are here for careful dressers.
Delta's Leader Shop, 219-221 Madison
Every day is moving day with us.
We are ready to move your freight,
your household goods, pianos, safes
machinery. And let us remind you that
we do our work in the most satisfactory
manner and with dispatch and at
most reasonable charges. .Long distance
moving by large anto vans
Thomas Caruso. 221 Meredith SL
Phone 698-J.?Adv.
-5=?ssy . ./*. >*,
i viyvf i i^
'' 1? B J
(Continued tram peg* one.)
..V. v 8fi55225i??i|S >' ' ' '? J.',
United Mine Worker*. The matter
*u heard br Umplre.Barnett. Baltimore,
who la a professor at Johns
Hopkins University.
United Mine Workers.
Sanford Snyder, international organizer,
today Is In Elklns.
At Rosedale today John Custalac,
district organizer, Is engaged In attending
to business tor the United
Mine Workers.
Joe Angelto, International organizer,
will go to Mount Clare today.
J. L. Ballard, International organizer,
leaves today tor his home in
Montgomery, Wayne county, because
of the lllnees of his wife.
Lake Situation.
Coal is moving lightly on the Great
Lakes .according to reports received
from Cleveland, Ohio, and shippers
are sending some of their boats up
the lakes light. Docks on Lake Erie
cleared up In good shape on Wednesday
From laat reports boats were waiting
at Buffalo and the supply of tonnage
Is in excess of the demand. Coal
is not going to the lakes freely. There
were 12,274 cars at the lake front on
Wednesday morning and 3.717 cars
were In transit. On Tuesday 2,714
cars were dumped.
Vessels carrying coal from Lake
Erie ports on Wednesday were as follows:
Buffalo, one; Erie, two; Ashtabula,
seven; Lorain, two; Conneaut,
two; Sandusky, two; Huron, one.
To Hold Examination.
W. B. Riggleman, mine Inspector,
of Fairmont, was today notified that
an examination for mine foremen and
fire boss would be held at West Virginia
University, Morgantown, en
July 24 and 25.
Messrs. Otis G. Wilson, Q. H. Oolebank
and Prof. Harold J. McGlnnts
have returned from Morgantown.
wheire they bad attended the Americanization
conference held under the
auspices of the University Summer
To the Public;
We reali2
now experienc
tion growing i
condition will
T> i < 1
?>ut ii people <
the banks will
with the Build
relief can be 1
The urn
they will furn
mit the indivi
mortgage in p
and Loan, Bar
U which to erec
make an atrac
, The um
his propositio
be giving ai
?. :o-operate
i-operation i:
do not get ver;
The undei
ed individual!
other lot owne
better inducei
buildine and r
g >
L *" =-^??-'
L . - M r- ?s=s*
^ ? ^?/ :
'' :'"'' ^
The ^Perfect* Shingles ^ ^ t
T 't The word "perfect", is a much-abused termfbutit isthe "
one word that describes'Neponset Twin Shingles. .They
art the perfect shingles. They embody, everything,-you V '
want and needJin , at shingle?good looks, lasting-wear, i ip
x fire-resistance^and-economy.?> " * ..
If you come in'tcxiau and'let us showyou-thesebeautiful^i
\ HMtinM ttt r_? CS-'-f
youll agree that they.are the perfect shingles."-' Neponset *
Twin Shingles are made of felt, asphalt and crushed rock '
pressed into one inseparable mass and surfaced with red
or green crushed slate?they look like slate but coat less, ?
Whether you plan to build or repair now or later come in and
[ see "The Roofing Development of the Twentieth Century.",
Distributed by (
Fairmont Mining Machinery Company
Warehouse, 10th St, & Belt Line
TELEPHONE 1000, BRANCH 235 ' "! '
1 i BcaBcaaBsaas
Fairmont, W. Va., July 19^ 1919. ~
;e the very serious condition that we are
:ing for the want of houses, with ttie situamore
deplorable daily. To take care of this
require from one to two million dollars,
iesiring homes are willing to cooperate and
make an extraordinary effort to cooperate
ling and Loan Association, we are sure that
dersigned wish to announce that
ish any building ground necessary and perdual
or corporation to give them a second
layment for same, thus giving the Building
iks or individual furnishing the money with
t a house a first mortgage, which should
;tive loan.
lersigned will be glad to go inttf
m with interested parties. We do not claim j '
lything away, but we do claim to be willing
with anyone desiring a home, and without
n this home-building or anything else, we
y far.
/ j
signed companies, as well as the undersignhave
land in all sections of the city and if
rs and corporations will offer the same or a
nent, we are sure it will encourage home
elieve the situation now existing^

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