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I Thousands of Fire Fighters
ers Helpless Before Onrush
of Flames.
(Br Associated Press.)
: SPOKANE, Washington, July 23.?
| Twenty-five hundred forestry service;
2B*n ?oon to be Increased to three thou-j
wand, and hundreds ot men In the em- >
ploy of a Umber protective association
fore (ailed to hold In check serious
jforest fires which were raging today,!
many of them tar out ot bounds In 1
northern Idaho and western and cen-|
rttMl Montana.
Four Montana towns, Thompson
Falls, Jm. Be (Is, Henderson, near St. 1
'.Regis, and Maiden, a pioneer raining'
j camp, were -menaced seriously by the i
'flames. The blaze Is within a mile j
end a quarter ot Thompson Falls and
fUOaans, ranchers and forest service
employes were combating It. Forest:
Supervisor Baker stated last night thoj
fire probably would be checked andl
Thompson Falls saved If the weather j
remains favorable.
* A eerlous blaze was spreading over|
| approximately 25,000 acres In the!
Madison national forest and threatened;
the'property of one of the largest
ranches In south central Montana.
(' The following program was rendered
iBat Sunday evening by Monumental
ohnrch Sunday school of which
; Our C. Tootbman Is superintendent.
Organ Voluntary.
Qnarttte "Twilight Shadows.'
. Prayer, closed by song prayer by
SacltaUon?Olive Moore, "Father In
. ^Heaven We Thank Thee."
ISlMitilAm-?"fllnrv and Hnnnr "
i Instrumental Duet?Naomi Moore |
end OHv Moore.
Song by children?'It is Love That
Makes Us Happy."
? Recitation?Don Corn-well, "A Bird's
; Nest."
; Vocal Duet?"When Jesua Played"
j :Wilma Wyer and Virginia Lilly.
; Bible rerae by some beginners.
; Reading about th Beginners?Ruth
. Talk by primary teacher?Oertrudo
I J. Reeding about the Juniors?Irma
; The'AdUlt Departiment?Enoch Freolsnd.
The Sunday School and the ETangel
Isb? L. A. Prlcktt.
The Teacher-Training Class?Flos:
sle Brownlee.
Song by School?"America!"
' Address by W. D. Straight of Fair
mont?"Some Impressions of the Centenary
Celebration at Columbus,
Song by school?"Wo've a story to
- telLAwthe Nations "
1 Dismissal prayer.
I * Destroy them or catch them and they
l.cabaot propogate and become a menice.
We carry everything In fly
[ catchers and destroyers. There Is a
t pedal product for special uses. This
' :s the best way In the world to present
disease?Swat the Fly.?Crane's
Drug Store.?Adv.
Why Deprive
Every man owes
ily a cozy, comfo
wait until all th<
and homesites i
Act Now. Our
tive and our tern
your income.
[ Greater Fairmont
Phone 295-R O
T pt Thp Wi
JLtfVV JL 11V T T 1
II Folio v
When you go away 01
matter how short the ti
~7you will not want to 1
ihgs of your home towr
15 cents a week will
pay for the sending ^
of The West Virginian
to you any- _
where you may go, ft
just so you keep II
within the doman ?
of Uncle Sam. 1
Subscription* by mill a]
f n,
NEWS -:- i
..... ^jl,
At First M. P. Church. i
Dan Jones, director of the choir of
the First M. P. church, requests each i
member of the choir to attend a re- (
hearsal at the church on Thursday i
evening. I,
Committee Meets.
The Satterfleld Reunion committee i
met at tho home of H. W. Satterfleld i
in Diamond street Sunday afternoon i,
to arrange for the annual family rc- j
union, which will be held on Sunday,!,
AugUBt 17. The rrogram will be announced
later. ' |
Church Picnic.
The First M. P. church members
will hold their annual picnic Thursday
afternoon at Loop Park. The
crowd will gather at the park at three 1
o'clock and a program of amusements
for old and young Is being arranged
by the committee. Those who cangot
go with their children are asked to
send them to the church at two
o'clock and they will be taken care of i
by the committee. i
Mrs. Bell Murphy, ot 207% Diamond
street, gave a miscellaneous
shower for her daughter, Mrs. Alva
Bee, last evening. Quito a number
were In attendance and Mrs. Bee was 1
the recipient of a number of useful
articles for her home. A most enjoyable
evening was spent and refreshments
Class Picnic.
Mrs. J. E. Wells' class of the Diamond
Street Sunday school will have .
thPlr annual picnic Thursday afternoon
at Katy. A welner roast and
many other amusements are on the
Vigorous Men
and Women are
in Demand
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happlneBs has gone forever unless you
take advantage of H-H Drug Co's. mag
niflcent offer to re<und your money on
the first box purchased If Wendell's
Ambition Pills do not put your entire
system in f'ne condition and give vou
th energy and vigor you have lost
13e ambitious, bo strong, be vigorous.
Bring the ruddy glow of health
to your cheeks and the right sparkle
that denotes perfect manhood \md
womanhood to your eyes.
Wendell's Ambition Pills, the great
nerve tonic, aro splendid for that tired
feeling, nervous troubles, poor blood,
headaches, nervous troubles, poor
blood, hondaches, neuralgia restlessness.
trembling, norvous prostration,
mental depression, loss of appetite,
and kidney or liver complaints.
Vou tike them with this under'
standing' that: In twe days you will t
feel better. In a week you will feel I
Cue, and after taking one box you I
will havo your old time confidence and
ambition or the druggist will refund
the price of the box.
Bo sure and get a 60 cent box today
and get out of the rut. Remember,
the H-H Drug Co. and dealers every|
where are authorized to guarantee
Your Family
They Deserve? |j
his wife and famrtable
home. Why
? desirable homes
are unavailable?
prices are attracns
will agree with
1 aa A ^
\mrnm uo. ;
ffice: Fairmont Hotel Bldg.
est Virginian
i You
i your summer trip?no
rip will be nor how long
ose contact with the do1
iways payablw to advance.
brogram and a most enjoyable time is
Personal*. j
Hiss Ruby Rex has returned to ber
tome at Downs after visiting her un- t
lie. Dr. Jesse Rex, and family In Guf- r
'y street.
Carl Smouse has returned from Mt.
Lake Park, where he spent two weeks 1
with relatives.
Miss Virginia Alford ,of Tunnelton. j
:ame down Sunday and will spend i
some time In the city. i
E. O. Carletts. of Slate street, a B. \
Si O. conductor .was off duty Tuesday
in account of Illness.
Miss Pearl 8cott, of the Corbln
Wholesale company, left Saturday for
Boston to Bpend a part of her vaca- .
tlon. She was accompanied to Pitts- "
burgh by Miss Esther Layman, who
spent the weak end there.
T. D. Connell. of East Park avenue,
spent Monday In Salem on business.
sometimes accmems win Dampen to
the most careful motor car drlrers?
but no matter how serious the damage
we are prepared to do the repair work
Our plant Is modern, we employ master
machinists only, who are experts
In thlB particular business. You pay
for what you get and you get what you
pay for?understand? Liberty Oarage
Company, Merchant St Phone 590.?
cH /^AMEL Cigarettes
H V ? unysual ways
jSj them?they are so refr
taj You see, Camels are ar
ish and choice Domest;
Hi the most delightful cig?
ra been put into a cigaret
you prefer the expert <
tobacco smoked straigl
H Camels blend not on
|a any unpleasant cigaret
B ant cigaretty odor but
g mellow-mild-body! Ai
res know that no matter 1
jg v^ameis tney win not
Camels are a cigarel
8 yourself! We suggest
Camels with any cigj
price for quality and fo
' | ^ SAiAO
? ' Ik coe?M
1 lvWL
- 1 How To i
Here is a Pie
the wonders of
crust made wit
11 Follow this re<
2 cups Flora
Vfc cup Maz<
Work Mazola w>
add enough ice waf
one-fourth of a cuj
P. O. Bos 161
1317 Fulton Building
' ,V '
Headed Her Off.
Jack?Did you tell her that what
on said was In strict confidence.
Bthet?No; I didn't want her to g
hlnk It was Important enough to re- 0
ioat.?London Answers. y
rt? u
Erery day Is moving day with us. ?
iVe are ready to move your freight, ?
four household goods, pianos, safes. A
nachlnery. And let us remind yon that J'
re do our work In the most satlsfac- 11
orv manner and with dispatch and at L
nost reasonable charges. Long dls- a
ance moving by large auto vans. c
rhomas Caruso. 221 Meredith St a
3hone 698 J.?Adv. P
Dangerous to Use Treatment :
for Only Temporary Relief. ,
There is a more serious stage of j
Catarrh than the annoyance caused
by the ;topped-up air passages, f
end other distasteful features. c
The real danger comes from the (
tendency of the disease to continue I
its course downward until the :
lungs become affected, and then 1
dreailsd fpnsumption is oa your 1
meet your taste in many new
i. You quickly become fond of
eshing and cool and fragrant.
1 expert blend of choice Turkic
tobaccos which guarantees
irette qualities that have ever
te. Your test will prove that
Darnel blend to either kind of
ly frees the cigarettes from
ty aftertaste or any unpless:
it assures that remarkable
id, you'll be interested to _?
iow liberally you smoke
tire your teste! >s^;
:te revelation! Prove that
right here that you compare
irettes in the world at any
r satisfaction I
Make Perfect P
s Crust recipe that will co
: Mazola. And remember
h Mazola is oerfectlv disr<
? w
ape?you can get Mazola al
r Piachof Salt
>la Ice Cold Water
eQ into the flour and salt,
;er to hold together, about
j; roll crust out at once.
New York
!H CO, Sain Rtpmantativn
Pittsburgh, Pa. ""
? 1 _
"I because a physical wreck from
tomach trouble and was a tit subject
nly for the operating table or graveard.
Being discouraged. I gave way
a drink, which made things worse,
got so I didn't care what happened,
nd wanted to die. Mayr's Wonderful
temedy has cured mo of everything
jn now In fine condition and feel .25
ears younger." It Is a simple, harmjss
preparation that removes the caarrhal
mucus from the Intestinal tract
nd allays the Inflammation which
auses practically all stomach, liver
nd Intestinal ailments, including apendlcltls.
One dose will convince or
loney refunded.
>ath. Your own experience has
aught you that the disease canlot
be cured by sprays, inhalers,
itomizers, jellies and other local
S. S. S. has proven a most satlsactorjr
remedy for Catarrh be:ause
it goes direct to its source,
jet a bottle today, begin the only
ogical treatment that gives real
-esults. For free medical advice
vrite Medical Director, 4Z Swift
laboratory, Atlanta, Ga,
Camelaare told every where In
scientifically smiled packages WB
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agea {200 cigarettes) in a MX
g laaaine-p aper-co vmrad carton.
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carton for the homm or offic*
supply or when you travel.
Wmtea-iaUm. N. C.
Ve Crust i
nvince you of
, too, that pie
jstible. fl
t your grocer's.
FREE A wondsrfol B3
book of 68
pages?the Corn Products SB
Cook Book. Beautiful
flluatr&tiorst recipe* easy
to follow and economic*! K3
in cost. It is free. Writo
os today for it. S3
| 95c
I I This lot embraces children's
j I white canvas oxfords and pumps
! ? actually worth up to J! RO?
I f broken aiies and lou?choice
I 95c.
f WOMEN'S $3.50 C
Y This lot embraces high top ca
1 In dark or light grey and wh
J military. medium or high Fret
I A good range of sires; about five t
5 will be closed out In a hurry at
C Women's $3.50 Leather
| Oxfords, 95c.
A About 35 pairs cf women's
j and misses' tan and black loath,
f er oxfords In small sires only,
I former values up to $3.50. go at
^ 93c.
| Boys' and Girls' $1.75 to
5 $2.25 Oxfords, $1.25
One large collection of broken
K Blres In boys' and girls' white
> canvas oxfords and pumps, will
1 sell quickly at $1.13 a pair
| ? ? ?A Store fo
i Harri
5 * * "The Busy E
( "V, 5^3
Trouble (
Occasions arise, in ke
service, that are ir
Hail-storms and
sudden changes ol
difficuliies in main
When your telephone
port it immediatt
exercise a little pa
hunting down the
troubles always ha
The Chesapeak
T rlpphonf.
i usi
& We have on display at
''Company Store a bea
tA( 7 1 fT
o ana player pianos, w
S3 short time yet. We ar
in order to have the pe
Si vicinity get better a<
8 St'eif line.
Sj We will be glad to hav
g us explain our selling
jx do our best to entertai
S Our prices are as low
$ same grade instrumen
S easy as the easiest, wi
58 on time extended.
8 We are looking for yoi
g ment to all
i Chas.M.S
Jefferson St, 0
(Frank M. Shai
i, '
fu 1
One small lot of won'* white ?&
canvas oxfords with rubber , -.J&MI
soles, worth up to $2.00. will be j
sold at half price?J 1.1"..
.T ?UB?? OC
ov.vs shoes U H Oil
[te shades, H
ico lieeis; H I
lozen pairs V
$1 85 a pr. j >, ;
Women's and Misses' $3 < . H
to $3.50 Oxfords, $2.45 1
This Is a tempting lot of wo_
men's and misses' fa few men's < .
and boys') black and tnn ox. i
fords thrown on sale for (jntok 23
clearance at (2.15. jM
Men's $5 and $7 Ox- y
fords Will Clear Out at |
A table stacked high with 5* H
men's oxfords and shoes, black t
and tan leathers. English and 1
other sensible and dressy lasta, 1
broken sizes, choice $S.SS. a H
r the reople. 1
usiness Spot" rr^ I
3n The I
eping up telephone
npossible to foresee. H
lightning, and even
r temperature cause
itaining the service.
is out of order, ro:ly
and then please
tience while we are V
ve our lively atten:e
at Potomac
Company * i
lib J
the Home Furniture :
utiful line of pianos
/e will he here for a
e having this display
ople of Fairmont and i j
:quainted with the I j; -ifl
e you visit us and let : |: . |j8
plan to you. We will
n you. | I
as the lowest on the 5 ':||j
its?our terms are as JJf
ith no interest to pay
a in. Courteous treat- i j;
Itieff, Inc. 1 I
pposite Court House.
rp, Sales Mgr.) ' ^aj

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