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~ r West Virginia's Best Newspaper A ?
ESTABLISHED 1868. mkmbkk associated press. FAIRMONT, WEST VIRGINIA, THURSDAY EVENING, JULY 31, 1919. today-s news today. PRICE THREE CENTS,
inn gym
GOING or fllI
Expected That Structure
Will Be Completed
By Sept. 15.
If ^ ^bllli. I Ilk IIIIIUI lllllll
I Will Be Used Mainly By the
I Young Women Students.
f A temporary gymnasium is in the
course or construction on I he grounds
of the Fairmont Stutc Normal school
plat and If nothing happens to impede
the progress of the work the
building will be completed and ready
for occupancy by September 15.
Tho legislature made on appropriation
for the erection of this gymnasium
but so imperative was the need
for sucha building that the Board of
Regents sa wflt to divert some funds
^Jrom elsewhere in order to construct
Although a temporary structure yet
the building will be substantial and
will provide for the needs ot the school
for several years, or at least ; util the
legislature sees fit to provide for a
permanent building.
Little new equipment will be purchased
at tills time but the main attention
will he devoted to a playing floor, i
This floor will be 45 by 70 feet and I
will be utilized for Indoor baseball
and basketball and similar amuscments
and exercises aud wilt be used I
mainly for the girls, though the young
men will also have access to the building
at certain times.
The building will be a one story affair
with a high celling nnd will be
well ventilated and lighted.
Grading has been finished. The
foundation Ib progressing nicely and it
Is hoped to have the carpenters at worn
on the framework by next week. Arch-'
-- itect Gillis Is in charge of the constructlo
nof the gymnasium. The building
| will bo built after the plan of "the
i Ark" a temporary gymnasium which is
' in use at the state university.
Showar baths are being placed in
: wi)oth the girls' and boys' dressing
erooras on the lower floor of the main
building at the Normal and these-will
be used In connection with the gymnasium
For a long time the school has been
greatlv hampered for a place in which
the pupils could receive, physical education
and training of this character
: and the building is being erected t)
beet this need.
Palace R
1 125 Main St., For
'y V " ' ,
Will serve a special <
ing for 40c.
[[ ' hrom 5 to
Following Fares, Effectivi
Between Fairmont and "V
Between Fairmont and 1
Round trip ticket betweei
h Following books of tickel
will be on sale within a fe
I Book containing 25 ticket
I 'fare between Fairmoi
Book containing 50 tickel
fare between Fairmo:
This mob cornered a negro und
who "got" him are In the right of t
And at tho right is the
Lhe one in the cap is still unralsed.
look these pictures trailed with the m
m nan nnnnnnr
Ill bAtl dtlUnlAut
Forty-Two Mines Affedted
on B. & 0. and Two on
Monongahela Railway.
With GOG cars on the Monongah
division of the Baltimore and Ohio
railroad today the car supply is exceptionally
short. Tho placement is
down to 071 and as a result there are
forty-two mines idle.
The cars today are classified as
follows: Coal. 508; coke, 8. Cars left
over from the previous day number
103. Many operations are affected
today. The Consolidation Coal Company
is shy cars as are The Hutchinson
Coal Company, the Clark interests
and others. Car shortage js felt
by the Jamison Coal and Coke Company
as there are only enough cars
for handling the coke output at Jamison
No. 8.
Cars shortage has struck the Monongahela
Railway also. Only a twenty
per cent ear supply is on. The!
(Continued on page four.)
estaurant j
merly Anderson's
ihicken supper this even7:30
p. m.
e August 1st, 1919
Woodland Park, ;. 7c
Barrackville 14c
-n_? J i -
i r au-mont ana tsarracks
have been ordered and
w days:
s, each ticket good for
at and Barrackville, $2.50
ts, each ticket good for
nt and Barrackville, $5.00
You Can't
er un outside stairway near 4Gth-st anc
he picture. Just running to Join the grot
i dying negro and the pair who w ei
He has Just thrown the last stone. T]
oh under fire of revolver and stones ui
Scores in Trolley
Car Escape Death
By Hair Breadth
(By Associated Press.)
PITTSBURGH. July 31. ? Two
scores of persons narrowly escaped
death or serious injury this morning
when a crowded Currick trolley
| car went through a derailing switch
in South Eighteenth street und aft
cr running wild along the top of a
hundred foot cliff came to a stop
; at the head of the embankment- ,
Several women fainted and a
j dozen persons were crushed in a
I panic during the car's mad dash
I Twn men tumnpfl from .the sneed
j Ing car but were not seriously Hurt.
A rush ot passengers to the rear
| ot the car. It is said, only prevented
; it from plunging over the cliff and
' being shattered with its human
freight oil the rocks below.
Aged Man Arrested
in Railroad Yards
John Smith a man who looked to
be about 55 years of age hut who insisted
at police court that he was past
the age of 73, was before Mayor BowJen
this morning charged with loitering
on Baltimore and Ohio railroad
Smith was arrested as a suspicious
character by Patrolman Province late
last night when he was found loaf.
ing about the yards near a carload of
11 merchandise. He was brought to the
I j city jail and went before Mayor BowII
en tills morning. He was without
! j any money and upon his promise to
! j get a job and go to work was dis1:
. _
My examining and fitting rooms
are now open. Showing newest
styles in glasses and advanced
methods for correct eye examina1
l! Optometrist and Optician
Corner Main and Jefferson
1 Over Mountain City Drug Store.
PHONE 542-R.
\ |
Three boys, and Three
| voorc nf orrn fn "PA ASSI
for five years. We h
Stehley as our Dentisl
children, clean, fill, and
expense, and keep thei
for a period of five yes
Dr. StehleVs office at
fer is made simply fo:
to prove that our tooth
a Salesman At
p i ii
I Wentworth avenue. The men
ip about the stairway.
e "in at the death". The arm of ,
le N. E. A. staff photographer who |
it 11 the quarry was run down and
I Slow Hemorrhage Devel
oped at Base of Earl
McKnight's Brain.
As the result of injuries he sustained
on Tuesday when he dived ?ito the
river and struck his head on a stone
Karl McKnlght, aged 26, a well known
.young man of Baxter, died this momling
at 2:30 o'clock at Fairmont hos;
pital where he was admitted late yes|
terday evening for treatment.
When, he failed u arise after diving
a distance of only lour feet his companions
went to his assistance and
took him from the water. He remained
iticonsclous for a few minutes but
upon regaining consciousness seemed
to be all right and little more waS
thought of the ullalr although he sufercd
with some dizziness.
Yesterday evening about five o'clock
he again became unconscious and was
rushed to the hospital where he was
found to have a temperatuer of 110.
According to officials at the hospital
the man suffered from a concussion
at the base of the brain which caused
I a slow hemorrhage which did not de|
velop until after several hours, but
probably began at the time of the accident.
Little could be done for him at the
hospital and ho only lived until early
this morning when he died. He was a
jmuiiicu man auu wan auipioyeu oy
the coal company at Baxter.
The body was prepared for burial by
Carpenter & Ford.
The trial of Mike Tedesco and John
I Sccuri, the two boys who are now in
I the county Jail charged with robbing
I the shoe shining parlor in the baseI
mont of the Watson Hotel building
) will likely be held this afternoon. Ati
torney H. H. Rose is handling the
I case for the state. oBth hoys have
i denied being Implicated in the theft.
I See Shurtleff and Wtelton's ad on
back page.?Adv.
m j
<TED j
girls between 10 and 16
r Tooth Paste every day
lave retained Dr. R*. A,
and he will select six
iix up tneir teetn at our
r teeth in perfect order
irs. Children will call at
800 MAIN ST. Thisofr
experimental purposes
paste will prevent decay.
tet Business as Cheat
' ' ' "', ' .
.;. ' ' . - : .
Board of Affairs Acts Now
in Order to Save
Bids for the paving of Morgunlown
avenue from a point adjacent to the i
residence of Dr. J. A. Graham to the!
corporate limits at the Fair grounds,;
U distnnpo nf 1 Vi raa thnnonml llnoul 1
feet, will be asked for at once by tin.
City Board of Affairs. This was decided
upon at a meeting of the Board
held this morning.
This is a time saving step and is
taken so that it will be possible to put
the work through this year if present
plans go through. That matter is contingent
upon the signing up of all the
property owners and one or two other
matters. If these are not arranged
satisfactorily tho project will be
dropped. If the plans as now outlined
by the Board of Affairs are carried out
work "will begin on this thoroughfare
as soon as the birds have been opened
August 1G, and the contract has been
Under the plan the residents and
property owners along this thorough,
fare are to pay one-third of the cost of
building tberoad the city is to bear
one-third of the cost while the county
pays for the remaining third.
It is proposed to build the road of
concrete 16 feet wide without curbs.
City Engineer S. B. Miller was authorized
to at once draw up plans and
specifications for the construction of
the road so that contractors would be
in position to bid on the proposition.
WASHINGTON, July 31?'William
G. Gee. president o the Brotherhood
o Railway Trainmen announced tod.iy
that unless the Railroad Administration
had taken action by October 1
on the demands of the Brotherhood
and tho wages of the trainmen either |
be Increased or the cost of living reduced
steps looking to tho enforcements
of demands would be taken.
NEW YORK. July 21?Justice Lou
Is D. Bran dels of the United Stalls
Supremo court has completed a tour
of Palestine and now is en ronte to
Paris, according to word received'here
today by the Zionists organisation of
America. The Jewish colonies were
reported in a nourishing condition.
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bacfct page.?Adv.
oly as You Can Adtx
President Is
Hot Foot After
Old High Cost
(Associated Press
WASHINGTON. July 31?President
Wilson is giving "deep and
very thoughtful consideration" to
the high cost of living,_it was announced
today at the White House,
1 ? 1 1 heannhno ,.t tVio rrnonrn
U1IU ail uiauvuca \j i iuc t1 u
men that might a|id in sol\1ing
the problem are at work.
McGougli Quits the
B. & 0. Railroad Co.
F. P. McGougli. Grafton, division
engineer of the Monongah division of
the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, has
resigned that position to accept another
with <he Pittsburgh Railways company.
Arthur W. Thompson, former
general manager of the B. & O. lines
is president of the company.
H. H. Tedricl:, supervisor of the
Fairmont terminal will leave during
the early part of August on his vacation.
Engine 2557 backed out of the
round house on to the.turn table nit
while no one was in the cabin. Tho
wreck train plRced it in the round
Richard Bartiett, the popular clerk
at the trainmaster's office has purchased
a new motorboat. Soon he will
be will have the boat afloat on the
Monongahela river.
Raymond Hadler, B. & O. brakeman,
has reported for duty after having
been In the service.
Warrant Issued for
Dakota Mines Man
William Burlson, of Dakota Mines,
came before Justice M. R. Musgrove
this morning and swore out a warrant
for the arrest of Bill Austin, the lat
ter colored, charging Austin with assault.
The warrant was issued and
Austin will be arrested this afternoon.
Burlson. who Is a white man, claims
that Austin, the colored man, struck
him with a shovel at Dakota Mines
yesterday. .
Another Suffrage Ratification.
HENEDA. Mont.. July 31. ? The
Montana state senate yesterday ratified
the federal suffrage amendment
to the constitution by a rote of SS to
1. The house unanimously ratified the
amendment yesterday.
ittise For It
* '
Mayor Thompson Appeals
<o Governor Lowden
for Aid.
Some Sharp Fighting Took
Place During Outbreak's
Fourth Night.
I By Associated Press.)
CHICAGO, July 31.?The main negro
_(. _ 0 v. i ..J Dfl
quiinciit ui \jiliougu tuuuy wore pw
trolled by 6,000 soldiers accoutred ss
for war after four nights of race rioting
that caused 30 deaths, 17 negroes
1 and 13 whites, and the Injury of more
than 500 persons, 200 of them sewerei
ly, and a dozen of whom may die.
> No deaths were reported during the
j night but many Injuries and fires were
j recorded. Gov. Franlt 0. Lowden or
! dered the troops out last night on request
of Mayor William Hale ThompI
son after darkness had brought renew;
ed rioting and the city's 3,000 pollceI
men found themselves exhausted. The
First, Second and Third reserve
1 militia and the Ten.th and Eleventh
' Illinois infantry were sent on dnty by
Adjutant General Dickson while the
Ninth regiment remained in reserve
at the stock yards and the Fourth re- I
serve on the weBt side.
| Fighting kept up after the troops
reached their stations shortly before
' midnight and one squad of soldiers had
to fight a crowd of negroes to reach *
their station, while other soldiers were
fired on from ambush on the way to
j The most serious riot of the night
I took place at Fifty-third and State
I streets where 200 policemen fought
nearly two hours a crowd of negroes,
firing several hundred shots before the
rioters were subdued and 65 of them
arrested. It was only after the patrol '
men had chopped their way Into some
of the bulldingH and seized a dozen
! negroes with rifles and 500 cartridges
I that the struggle ceased. ~i
Kaln which had threatened during
the early hours of the morning began
i falling heavily shortly after 6 o'clock.
It seemed effectually to dampen the
spirit of eve the stragglers remaining
about the riot area, for they disappeared
without awaiting the appearance
of soldiers. Officers in command
. reported that to all appearances the ; .'
| district was practically deserted and
they were of the opinion that this
marked the end of the disorder which
for fl?o dqys had kripped Chicago.
Thomas Copeland, a negro, 18 years
old, died today of bullet wounds re- I
ceived In yesterday's riot. Negroes
early today wrecked the windows of
a shoe store in East Thirty-fifth street,
owned by a white man and carried
away a quantity of shoes.
With the coming of daylight it was
discovered that rioters, in a number
of streets on the South side han
stretched steel cables aero is, the pave- ?'3
ment with the evident intention of preventing
the fire department from an H
swerlng alarms and perhaps wrecking
the apparatus.
BtlOTT TIotto Inn +lin
li/uuj xyuij o 1UJ. UUO
Sheriff's Hounds I
Deputy Sheriffs Bells Harris and ->
'John Glover returned this morning
j from the Continental Mine No. 1 near
Unlontown. Pa., where they were i','
I called with Sheriff Glover's blood|
hounds to assist in trailing a foreigner
j who had shamefully attacked a young
American girl. When the Fairmont
officers arrived there with the hounds,
[the foreigner had already been capJust
to see If the hounds could fol- I
low the trail accurately, they were put
on the trail and they wet directly a
distance of about three miles to the M
ptece where the foreigner was arrestThls
morning Sheriff Glover received 3
I a call from McWorter, a small town
near Jane Lew, where robbers bad entered
a store some time last nlfcht. The
dogs were on their way from 'Uniontown
when the call was received and
were not available for the case.
Katherlne Hoft Nlckoloff a young
woman employed in the restaurant of
Harvey Palste on Madison street died
yesterday at her rooms on Grant
street. The body was prepared for
burial at the Cunningham undertak- :$
Ing establishment and this evening i
will be sent to LaLkewood, N. J., her
former home for interment.
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back page.?Adv.
, J

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