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ft _L * ~ 7"
Mualeal Comedy.
IF Hippodrome The Man from Mexico
Nelson The Bargain
I Dixie Our Better Selves
) Princess In Search of Arcady
O PAR as numbers were concernS
ed, amateur night at the HJpp last
~ night was a failure, as only three
features were secured. We are not
, counting Rastus and his Dutch friend,
(you can't blame us for forgetting bis
name, he did It himself last night).
These two Iboys were very much In
earnest, and attempted a mysterious
trick, and they almost got away with
It,- but Schlitz overestimated his ca-,
parity, and Rastus asked a fool qucs,
tlon, and the act was just literally
ruined. Well, boys, keep coming
back, you may be amateurs some day.
Ed. Jenkins of the East side as a musician,
furnished most of the fun In
the amateur division. Some of his
' Illusions were pretty well done, and a
lot of fun resulted. The Hayes brothers
also of the East side, put on a box'
lng bout that was entirely too ^ame
an affair to represent the East side.
There are surely two East slders who
am a hnttar Krran than that.
Wh7 did they leave Harry Shaw ou?,
for Instance? Billy Knoto who came
to Fairmont with the Darktown Fob
lies last winter, was In for a dancing
; bee, but he did not have an understanding
with Dick Grady, the pianist,
and after giving only an inkling
of what he could do bowed himself off
.the stage. We hope he comes back
wjfext week, for ho is really a clever
dancer, and last winter set the house
wild with his dance number. Tonight
is the first showing of "The Man from
Mexico," and it Is said to be a very
lively afTair. Plenty of comedy, snappy
song and dances and pleasing cos'
tumes that are bound to get you, are
. all promised by Billy Malone.
If- William S. Hart Today.
Nelson is announcing the big six
reel Hart picture, "The Bargain," for
today. A Fatty Arbuckle comedy or.
the qpme program ought to make a
I good puller for tho popular theatre.
I "Fatty in Coney Island" is the title of
i ' the comedy.
Cemedy and Drama.
Billy Rhodes as a high flyingheiress
II Is in the drama "In Search of Arcady"
and Smiling Bill Parsons In a comedy
I number is the entertainment the Princess
is offering today.
Double Bill at Dixie.
Very much like the other movie bins
tn fhft r.itv tndav Is the nffertnr of tha
Dixie. A good drama, with a comedy
for a chaser Is advertised. Fanny
Ward is featured in the drama "Our
| Better Selves," while the comedy is a
Harold Lloyd production.
?Ruth Dale has a little surprise
this morn tog. Hubby came to town
without so much as even sending a
" postal card. She lets on she is just
tickled to death. Wonder if she is?
?We can easily overlook Esther
Brand's losing step in the chorus last
night She was scanning the audience
for the face she loves beBt of all, and
it was there, too. Her mother, Mrs.
J. J. Brand, of Morgantown, came in
the B. & 0. way last night. Mrs.
' Brand is a cousin of Lloyd Sample,
printer, and formerly resided in this
^ city.
| "
' i The Story Lady
Peter felt that he should be veryhappy.
But he wasn't. In fact he was
very, very unhappy. He had been
spending the summer with his grandpa
and grandma and had a very good
j titne.
Then his father and mother and all
the kids had come through the country
in an automobile and be realized
how much he had missed them all and
how anxious he was to get back to
the gang.
And now much to his surprise ann
disgust they were talking about not
taking him home with them. His
I grandfather had said something at the
table about It, one day. His argument
4 had been that as long as the lieutenant
had come and married Aunt Grace
and taken her away with him that it
) was no more than fair that Peter
V should stay with them. Papa had look,
? ed at An ainma and smiled and said that
Cjr It suited him all right and Peter supJ
posed the matter closed.
I. 'W Once papa had said something
' Twout teaching Peter to drive the car
on the way back and Peter's heart
| jumped for Jay. But grandpa had
said, "Oh, don't you remember Peter is
not going back?"
"I forgot," said papa smiling, and
{ Peter's heart sank to his toes.
I Peter was very quiet for several
< days and mamma thought he had eaiEen
too many peaches and gave him a
dose of castor oil. This was the last
straw and Peter spit the medicine on
the Door. Refusing to take another
, dose he took refuge in the hay loft.
' Here his father found him, tear-stained
and worn out with much crying. Peter
really expected a thrashing but his
[ father took him In his arms and Peter
K- gobbed out the whole story.
"It's a shame." said papa. "I supI
posed you knew we were Just Joking.
Tour mother hasn't really been happy
since you have been gone. And we
I came a whole week earlier than we in&
tended to because we were all no
spxlous to see you. We came on pur
pfese to get you and we aren't going
back without you. Is everything all
right now?"
Peter nodded. For once he was too
H happy to even talk.
?Helen Carpenter Moore.
H All persons wanting student room
its and boarders for the coming school
I rear, apply In writing to Miss Boreas
Bmchard, Dean of Women, Fairmont
Btate Normal School. References re^Axulred
it your rooms have not been
the schooTs approved list before.
Paris and London Stage Beauties Se
New Styles in Coiffures.
PARIS, July 31?Leave It to worn
an; lovely woman, to startle manklni
when wars and revolutions pall!
This time it's In the manner o
arranging "woman's crowning glory"
Three distinct and bizarre effecti
have been achieved by three stage fa
vorltes and are being copied by thi
women of Europe.
The "Fly-Away" coiffure has beei
Introduced by Miss Joan Willougbby
English stage beauty. It is the bob
f =
Returned Homo Today.
Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Hite and daugh
ters the Misses Louise Luclle, Hclei
and Eleanor returned home thli
morning from Atlantic City whore
they had spent the past four weeks
They wore accompanied home by Miiv
Florence Hudson, of Montgomery
Ala., who had been at Atlantic Citj
for some time also and she will ty
their guest. Miss Hudson was i
schoolmate of Miss Louise Hlte a
Gunston school In Washington, D. C.
? *
Guests Here.
Dr. and Mrs. Dorsey Brannon o
Baltimore arrived here yesterday am
are guests of Mrs. Brannon's parent!
Mr. and Mrs. AV. S. Hamilton on Gas
ton avenue. They came here Iron
Chciago where both had taken a spe
cial course in the University ot Chicago
summer school. They will remain
here for several weeks and Wil
ailso visit relatives at Grafton betori
returnln gto Baltimore.
To Arrive Today.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hall and son:
James and David will motor here tbl:
evening from their home at Pittsburgh
and will be the guests of Mrs
r Hall's sisters, the Misses Adelaidi
and SalMe Pinnell at their homo or
Gaston avenue. Their daughter, Mis!
Helen Hall, who is visiting relative!
In Parkersburg will arrive hen
shortly also for a visit.
Pennsylvania Guest.
Mliss Lula Brewer, ot New Brighton,
Pa., is the guest of the Mlsse;
Madge and Dorothy Holt at thei;
home on Maple avenue. On Saturdaj
ithe Misses Holt will give a picnic a!
Valley Falls in honor of Miss Brewer
To Marietta Ohio.
Mrs. A. D. Simon and daughter:
the Misses Mona and Nina are leaving
Saturday for Marietta. Ohio, whert
they Trill spend several weeks wltl
Mr. Simon who is located there ai
ithis time. The Misses Simon t^?1
also visit' with Miss Marjorie Sykes
whilo in Marietta.
To ML Lake Park.
Miss Florence tVUfong will go t(
Mt. Lake Park tomorrow where shi
will attend the Missionary sohoo
convention in session there as a delegate
from the First Presbyterlai
church of this city. v
* ? *
To House Party,
Miss Marjorie Linn of Benton's Fe
ry left today for Wyatt where shi
will be the guest at a house party t<
be given by Miss Marguerite Hess
Other guests who will be present art
Miss Emma Milstead of Clark6burg
Miss Irene Barger of Morgantown ant
Miss Nellie Randolph of Salem.
* *
Guests of Mrs. Brownficld.
Mrs. E. A. Bartlett and two littli
sons of Clarksburg, former resident!
of this city are guests of Mr. Bartletti
[sister Mrs. G. H. Brownfleld at he]
home on Main street.
* *
Arrived Today.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Wellner of Bal
timore, arrived here this morning to:
a visit of a few weeks with thei;
daughter Mrs. E. Nelson Beale at he;
home on Benonl avenue.
* *
To Canada,
Mrs. LeLster J. Snow' of Tuscaloo
sa, Ala., who had spent the past Bev
eral weeks in this city with her uncli
and aunt Mr. and Mrs. Henry F
Smith left Tuesday of this week fo;
Cleveland, Ohio, where she joined Mr
and Mrs. Charles Morris, the lattei
her sister, and the party went t(
Montreal, Canada and other northeri
points on a several weeks visit. Mc
Lester, Jr., the little Bon ot Mrs
Snow remained here with Mr. anc
Mrs. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Morrk
and Mrs. Snow will all come hen
later tor a visit. Mr. and Mrs. Morrii
and Mrs. Snow will all come here lat
er for a visit Mr. and Mrs. E. B
Nuzum, parents of Mrs. Morris anc
Mrs. Snow of Tuscaloosa who hac
been at Mt. Clemens, Mich., will ar
rive here the last of the week for t
Beveral weeks visit. Eugene, Jr., hac
spent the summer here.
To Montreat
Miss Beryl Stewart leaves Saturda;
for Montheat, N. C? where she will en
ter the Crosby Adams School of Mu
sic. She will accompany Mr. and Mrs
Walter Sneo, of Morgantown, makini
the trip by automobile. Mrs. Snee wtl
also study at Crosby Adams school.
I,aIjdlo? Day.
Today la being observed as Ladlei
day at the Fairmont Country Clut
Cj ^ |
- u. 11 >?r^aasB^t
and owing to the ideal weather pre
vailing a large number of the clul
1 members are participating in the gol
s tournament. A number of reserva
; tions have been made for the lunch
. eon to be served at noon.
I ...
Entertained Yesterday.
[' Covers were laid for twenty-five a
- a luncheon of pretty appointments a
1 which Mrs. Cliesney M. Ramagc wa
1 hostess yesterday at the Country clut
Returned to Deer Park.
r Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Clark whi
. had spent the past week in thi3 cit;
j motored today to Deer Park, Md.
where they are occupying a cottag
' for the heated season. They wer
accompanied to the park by Mrs. Ken
na Clark who will be their guest fo
| several days.
j ....
> Elks Diuice Tonight.
Much interest centers in the bi
weekly dance of the local lodge B. P
u. ti? to De new tnis evening at tnei
; hall on Main street. The Fairmon
j Jazz orchestra will furnish the musl
for the dancers.
. Helntzelinan-Purdy.
, Announcement has been made ii
s this city of the marriage of Lymai
, Heintzelman, son of Mr. and Mrs
j i William J. Heintzelman and Miss Gol
j-die Marie Purdy, daughter of Mi
and Mrs. J. W. Purdy, of this city
which took place on Wednesday after
. noon at the rectory of the Episcopa
t church at Clarksburg with the Rev
- J. T. Carter officiating. Both an
popular young people. Mr. Heintzel
t man who recently returned Iron
France where he had been villi th
American expedition is associated ii
business with his father who is su
5 perintendent of the Monong.il; Glas
? works. They will reside here.
; ? * ? ?
, Clarksburg Marriage.
I Homer E. McVicker and Miss Ell;
. Ileagle. both of this city, were unitei
in marriage at Clarksburg yesterday
The ceremony was performed by tlr
kov. James W. Engle, pastor of tin
M. E. church. Mr. and Mrs. McVicl);
, left for a western wedding journey
, following the ceremony.
1 **
' {, ?? -r
- Mr. and Mrs. 1.. N". Wetzel and lit
3 tie son Louis Jr. returned last eve
r.Jng from Littleton where they hai
3 spent the past two weeks as thi
guests of Mrs. Wetzel's parents Mr
and Mrs. J. B. Petit.
Miss Irene Davis has gone to Buck
hannon where she Is the guest to
? -t-- - P l%r Pv?r
i several wuciia \jl uu uu*-?v j^.v.
; | ctt Walker..
3 | Mendel Sharp who had spent a twi
3 weeks vacation camping at Valle;
r Falls has returned here and rcsumei
his place in the Hartley departmen
i Miss Mary Jo Hennert who hai
been the guest of Mr. and Mrs, Clar
r ence Statler returned today to he
r home in Grafton.
r Ell Musgravc went to Morgantow
last evening where be is spending to
day as the guest of his daughter, Mr
R. A. Lough. Mr, Lough who had spec
the day here yesterday, returned hom
last night with Mrs. Rush Miller an
family who motored to Morgantowi
Mrs. Carrie V. Carpenter also accom
panled them to Morgantown and re
turned here last night.
Captain William Woodyard, of Ch
cago. who had spent the past fei
days here a guest at the home o
Judgo and Mrs. W. S. Haymond, ha
gone to Washington to spend seven
days with his parents, Congressma
and Mrs. Woodyard.
Miss Anna Cruise, of Coalton, M
Va? is the guest of her sister, Mn
W. S. Haymond, at Shadyslde.
Miss Sidney Moore, of Clarkshurt
is the guest of her brother, L. C. Moor
and Mrs. Moore, at their home 1
Fourth street.
Mrs. J. A. Atha and daughters, th
' Misses Eva Mary' and Janet, are spent
Ing several days with relatives i
The offerings at our Semi-Annua
" Clearance sale represent prices so lov
that it will be Impossible to ever du
f pllcato them for the same good grade
1 of Men's Suits, Shoes, Hats, Shirt
and other Wearing Apparel. Come t<
this Great Sale while there is plent:
nf ntnrlr frnm which to chnnno
> Leader Shop, 219-221 Madison St.?
* .
V ^
r- 9
' S *T, i <
bed balr, without a single confining
ribbon, bandeau or hairpin to restrain
its flufflness.
In Paris Mile. Joay Demlnse, a footlight
favorite, has adopted a still
more bizarre effect of bangs held in
place by a broad bandeau, with a
high topnot behind. The hair completely
covers the forehead and touches
the eyebrows.
On the other hand, Mile. Joclyn,
another favorite of the Parisian slago ,
has Introduced a style of halrdress- I
ing that alms at the utmost slmpllclty.
There are few faces that can I
stand the hair combed straight back 'j
from the forehead, but Mile. Joclyn <
has adopted this style, and obtains a
most striking appearance as a result.
In awsT
- Number of Prominent Democrats
Have Been Mentioned
for Job.
6 Heads are wagging and noses are
* being counted among the Democrats
who have gone office hungry. So far
three men. are reported to be avowed
3 candidates for office of justice of the
f peace to succeed Justice W. W. Cona.
way, who will he one of the Demoe
cratlc nominees for city director,
e Among those named arc Attorney
- Samuel H. Butcher and W. Dennis
r Straight, county sealer of weights and
measures, who are both reported to
avowed candidates. Butcher Is a soft
of the late Bernard L.L Butcher and
- appears to be the only lawyer candldate.
After his father's death he actr
ed as referee In bankruptcy for this
t district.
c The name of Former State Senator 4
Hood Phillips, who removed here i
from Grafton several years ago, Is also
being used by friends, but he emi
phatlcally states that he has no desire
a to land the job.
i. Of course Tom Buckley's name is
- mentioned by friends, who have been
'. boosting the genial deputy sheriff for
, everything that comes down the line.
- Tom says his hat is not In the ring
1 however, as he wants to devote his
. time Injecting sunsblne behind prison
e: walls.
s A school boy wrote an essay on \
3 "Ruin" which he concluded thus: j
"There are several kinds of rain, but!
3 the one popular with the weather bu-j
ireau is called 'Probably.'"?Boston!
, Transcript.
Every week we receive a fresh ship'
raent of Norris Exquisite Candies,
i Once you have eaten Norris Candy P
] you will always prefer it. Norris Can- \v?
j dies are made in tne cleanest candy
' j factory in the world and we believe
mum 10 do among tne Deal candles
made. The H-H Drug Store, Glenn B.
Hamilton, Mgr.?Adv.
I ; May prove the foundation of your fu- and
| ture success. Select that course somt
which has proven valuable to others, numi
. and deposit your funds?your savings more
. ?In the savings department of this In1
stltutlon, where they will earn 4 per
2 ; cent. Interest, compounded semi-annu- Mi
r j ally. Open an account and try this Mrs.
kind of investment. The Pooples Na- and
. tional Bank of Fairmont?Adv. sick
r -? conv
B P.Tflnr wnmnn noftHa a mntnf
9 these days?for her own car, or her
5 trips In the cars of her friends. This Fo
y smart model is of grey suede leather, No-1
s but would be equally good In heavy lln- der,
- en of natural color. The silk scarf er.
and cap are of royal purple and gold, cen
Pictures of. children are always attr;
That's why we use one to draw your attent
65c to $1.75 yard
After you've seen these pretty fabrics 1
speak for themselves. No doubt new pa
have come in since this ad was written. 5
al tables full, right aisle,?Main floor.
^|?||1| Demonstration o
Genuine Human
Svftfci Hair Goods
^ Madame Enders, the well 1
English designer is with us
(rStf'ffia aays. ine iinest stoc
genuine Human Hair ever ?
in Fairmont will be on sale d
this demonstration.
Switches, Transformations, Curls, Puffs,
and Pompadours
In every shade from black to white. If 2
been unable to match your hair elsewher
Madame Enders. It will be matched peri
no matter how rare the shade or fine th
Notion Counter.
from "Fashion Park
Fashion Park is not a myth, nor some
place, but is a real active blood and bone fai
A day-light faptory,
SJ. ing out probably the
Men's Clothes in Amerk
j the price.
ft specializes on clothi
$ young men and men who
Yfl to keep young.
I i Wp'vp an nrJvnnpo cViii
t.. _ V.
?not over 40 suits?bi
V exclusive?to show you
*<5. now.
Boys' Fall Staslc andM^e B"
Suits Too. Stripes, Mixtures
$10.00 Up. Plain Colors, made as
Many of them Fashion Park knows 1
with two pair correct in style?of
ants. Fall Fabrics.
BARRACKVILLE. 1 through at a rate of tt
miles un hour do not
Blackberry Time. any They seem
ere has been a great scrambling ?j. see how .fa:
scratching after blackberries for The.re ?"fht ,b? BC
, time. Pickers are about as such reckless driving.
srous as berries, and scratches f i ll, aor"e 1Be 1)1
, 0 ing them In to the p
to see what effect tilt
On the Sick List. . "
s. Myrtle Steele and son, Harold,
Edgar Wilson, Mrs. C. L. Clayton . EId" fIra C" .^00r?' ,
T. F. Conaway havo been on the b?m? fiom, hl!1 mlni
list for some time, but all are Charleston for some
alcscing?some able to be out. b?>8 on lhf'r ,r"urn
forms us that he wi
Soldiers Returned.
ys who went from this place to f" J??.!?,?
United States Army service and lDB lo hold a meeline
been In Europe for more than a N te a d Pi
are returning home one by one. . . V, , 8 _?J .
ntly Corporal Lloyd E. Moore, of at^arnsba'w hi Wetze
IStb Engineers, returned, and last fl Larnshaw In wetze
ay evening Eddie Ice, of the Fifth vlfltlne his W?fe'S
, returned to this place; and last 7], '?. V18 ?8
lng James E. Moore, of the 21st hd?e ^ed 'esday
I Artillery, landed home-all look- "r" "8 ^
and feeling well. They all saw
and dangerous service and their, TU
ds, as well as they, are glad they Harry Conaway, oi
tack la the good old United States J
>od condition. kn|Kh,t ot ,the ad"
genial sort of fellow
Postcard Shower. tl!
m. Wm. B. Ice reached his fifty- _ C?i?h ^ " ?
i mile-stone on life's journey the 7'**}!?r pwfne
and was remembered by his ?tovd
ds (of whom he has a host) with ^
il cards. He is not enjoying very talkiDS over thelr wa
health at present.
Citizens Protest. I-~~~"
e advance in street car rates be- _ l__
n Barrackville and Fairmont is not fl| ? |_
r to net the company any gain in D |
end. The citizens are holding | \ I II
?o" w uonno a. ynjiusi or some
' and cheaped and more reaaonarates
of travel between the two _ _ _
? w
Autoe a Menace. W W
tomoblles on our main thorough- '
i have become bo numerous, esper
In the evenings, as to make It
st dangerous to travel the road
>t. Some "speed fiends" who go
ltch for rub-nomore
r complete satisfaction use Rub- The name 'fHai
do re Naiptha Soap. Washing PorwSoap
Flakes and Spotless Cleans- Fnttv Arhnrk
Ask for Rub-No-More at all Gro- ally A UUt^
Red Seed I I
Half Price j |1
mown 4th Floor.
??* TOYS I
luring Basement I
Toys and Joys
? . For Girls and Bovs I *
Parts Books, Games, Kiddy- 1 ||
,, Kars, Dump Carts, Can- I
fou ve nons, Roller Skates, ' I
,e> rF? Wheelbarrows. I
tectly, I;
e tex- Have_You Covered Your ||
rorch Chairs?
Improves the appear
ance of your porch as
much as it does to walls |
) when pictures are proper- I
99 ly hung. Lots of good ?
jSummery patterns for slip I
fairy covers that if used will
ctory. reflect the good judge- 1
ment of the home maker.
turn- 3rd Floor.
Room Size
3S for From Japan ;
want 41/^x7ft. for $4.00.
8x19 ft. for $9.00 I
9x12 ft. for $10.00 .. A 1
oment We'd like to see any 1S9
ut all other rug combining the f
rieht beauty and durability that j fH
these do for $10.00.
Made of rice straw, ;
:asted cotton chain.
Greek Key and flowerand
ed borders, plain or fig;
only ured centers. Eight dif"low?
ferent patterns to choose
New from now.
lirty-five to fifty I Wednesday evening. He has engaged
lessen the dan- to go to Texas to work In the oil field,
; to want every \ his occupation before entering the war
st they can run. service in 1918.
ime way to stop j Mrs. Mary" Boggoss, of tjio East side.
Wo purpose on and Mrs. W. J. Rico and son," Arthur.
imbcrs and turn-, were visitors at the home of Elder Ira
roper authorities C. Moore last Sunday. Mrs. Rice's
it will have. husband, W. J. Rice, formerly pub- I
? lished a religious Journal styled T&a >
rleston. Gospel Echo In Palatine, now First
who has been at ward, of Fairmont. He died suddenly
sterial work in in Atlanta, Ga., less than two years
lime to meet his ago.
rom Europe, in- '''tM
11 return to the
v, August 1st, to ^
in a'tent aoon!8" A perfect leaven- gg-iga I
er for any flour? ^oig *xm
penTiis't Sunday it costs no more ^rajQi
I county, p reach - (nan the low &AKVNG
SV'SSrS! ??" powd... l?m
ting. and is the best
Igo" Sturm havs j _? __v nr:rp * j
use In Barrack-! w
ir former post- U| I Ml ! I BUI
>rd car and is a IPS g 11 II
Harry is a very. I RWI II wl I
and will make THE WHOLESOME
*?es* A J-LT in ??t I
phy. of Company RAKING POWDER
ho recently re- rwill/b?|
was visiting his Go buy it today
r experiences on
e NELSON Today |||
m Q U?I- ill
in* u. & iai i
ie Bargain" | III
rV* is enough. This is noted, as one of his hest Also I

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