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I DaUy1 Average [i Q(
r August 1919
|f^ Audit Aurtia of ClreaUtloiu
P BE 101
MayoV Conaway Indicates
Drastic Stand Against
flrn nnrm nn nnrrnmn
to mm ur mmm
Stiff Fine for Girl Arrested
for Loitering on the
Speeders and reckless drivers will
have a rough and rocky road to
travel in Fairmont during the next
four years If Mayor W. Wl Conaway
' ^follows the program which he laid
down at police court this morning.
"Peck" Metz, the first speeder to
face Mayor Conaway drew a casual
algh of surprise at court this mornwhen
Fairmont's new executive
t^wounced a twenty-five dollars and
made it plain that he would go behind
the bars for his next wild capers
behind the steering wheel.
In speaking of the reckless automoile
driving on the streets of the
city at court this morning Mayor Conj
away emphatically stated: "I intend
to break it up If I can't by
fines, I have a place to keep them
in the basement.>'
:i In referring to the case this mornipg,
Mayor Cojpway explained: "We
gj. can't permit you to drive around here
and endanger lives of the people. A
man who will go out here on the
stt'eet and deliberately turn his cai
loose, hasn't any mercy for himself
or for anyone else."
Charged with loitering, Ethel Smith
commonly known about town as
"JftP' came before Mayor Conaway
this morning. He made It clear that
Fairmont was going to be no place
ii for women of such Immoral charac"
ter. and gave her the choice of either,
getting out of town or paying a fine
of $25 and serving thirty days in
Jail. She chose the former propogtition
^ AV. 'M. Taylor was arrested for
disorderly conduct on Water street
and as a suspicious character. He
put up a forfeit of $15 to appear at
courtthis morning but did not show
Floyd Hastings was up for being
drunk on Jackson street last night.
Mayor Conaway inquired into where
bo had gotten his whiskev, and he
told the usual story, implicating some
unknown friend He was fined $5
and cost.
The case against John Wade charj
ed with running his car on the wrong
sido of the meet resulting in the
wrecking of a car operated by Wilson
McElroy at the corner of Cleve.
land fTenue and Main street TuesdaJ
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t Oysters j
I Fresh Today j
i | From Baltimore
gl^We Serve Them j
|||& As You Wish
A Carload of
IjlfeChoice West Virginia
I ( Potatoes
8 | aouiig a i |
11 a bushel at the car, or
11 $2.50 a bushel delivered to
P^Cash Grocery Co.
345 Locust Ave.
[l What's Th
Young Fairmont Officer!
Was Honor Guest at j
Rotary Luncheon.
Club Adopts Reso'ution to
Be Sent to
P.S. C.
Lieutanant Wayne Shuttlesworth,
Fairmont lad who saw two years service
in the army, participated in nine
major engagements and was thrice
wounded, told the Fairmont Rotarians
at their weekly luncheon today
that the credit for winning the war
belongs to the doughboy. But for
the initiative the doughboy displayed
when the test came the Allies would
i have been "out of luck" in the opinion
of this clean cut young soldier
I whose simple narrative of a service
'which included experience with the
I British and French as well as with
the American army made a splendid
luiprea&iuu uyuu mo iivm******.#.
Lieutenant Shuttlesworth after being
transferi/id froth the British to
the American army was issigned to
service with the First division and
| was in practically all the important
i fighting that took '/.ice after the
| Allies assumed the oaensive. After
.the armistice was signed he accomI
panled his division in the occupation
, of the Rhine country. '11
I At -today's meeting the~cltfb went .
on record as protesting against the I
proposed increase of telepohne rates I
in this state. A nfolution to this I
effect, introduced by Hotarian Wiegel,
led to a debate in which it waj
brought out that the Fairmont Business
Men'B Association has already
filed a protest against the proposed
new rates, and that the special committee
appointed by the Chamber of
1 Commerce to study the matter and (
| make recommendations will report
'at a meeting of the ehamber to be
J held tomorrow evening.
| TUB resolution aaopiea vy me ?u|
tarians Is as follows:
| "WHER.'/AS?The Chesapeake and
j Potomac Telephone Compaay has apI
plied to the Public Service Commis- s
sion of West Virginia for authority 0
j to make a larg? increase in its teleI
phone rates, and hearing on the same {
I before the Public Service Commission Jj
lis to be held September 10th, 1919, J
and ?
I "WHEREAS?The Chesapeake ai?l I ?
j Potomac Telephone Company If is no ! J
| competition in this territory, having |
absorbed its only competitor thu>je
leaving the public without the check J
! of competition and at its mercy for ?
telephone service, and
I "WHEREAS^?Substantial Increas- r
es were recently made in the rates ?
of said company, and 1
| "WHEREAS?The high cost of *
'living has becomt auch a menace to t:
the peace and prosperity of this
country that the government of the c
United States is earnestly endeavor- *
ing to cause it to lie reduced, nt/1 1 ~
"WHEREAS?If the said increases '
in rates are gifinted, iti will still fur- j1
ther increase the cost of living, and ll
"WHEREAS?The same interests *!
that control the elephone service in
- - n_ u i_? o rik. o
tills communiijr jm?iub ? ... ?
ductton in rates in the ?tate of New !
York, it would seem thsl this com- 11
munity is being discriminated against,
"BE IT RESOLVED?That the 8
Fairmont Rotary Club on behalf of 8
the people of Fairmont and vicinity, c!
hereby enter its most vigorous pro- rl
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A number of good cows. h
Edgemont. =
Sakes Alive!
a Carload of
Large, Red, Sweet and Everyone =
Guaranteed. To
Be Sold, Retail
, at a Wholesale Price
Fairmont Produce Co.
Grand Opera H?um Bldg.
e Use of Having a Stc
' - 0 . ?\
I, vmm
j City Comn
George Mencil1 Carpenter! iif'a^dyMade
Wonderful Fight From the"
But Odds Too Great. J, said?-si
Mr. Frank
The new n
George Mancill Carpenter, aged ^an Custo
Ix years, diea shortly after one And sorta
>'clock at Fairmont Hospital this af- His jHat
ernoon, having lived twenty-four ?nt* Replie
lours following an accident yester- "Adam, we
[ay in which he was mangled by a Life Insura
ionongahela Valley Traction Com- All. What
any street c/r at Coogle crossing on Want now
iorgantown avenue. Honest Opi
Authorities at the hospital report- About how
d that the little fellow made a des- The city Pi
erate fight for life, although yester- Folks listei
ay it was not believed he could live You> ani1
hrough the evening. Last night He Your Ideas
allied and was able to recognize his What woul
arents, who were at his bedside, but a Gooc
his morning he sank again and it Admlnlstral
ras known that the end was lnevl- "Gentlemen
able. Feel Flatte:
The boy, with a playmate, was common
nakfne mud Dies In a pool across And Charle
he street car track from his home. I am a Bu
ust before the street car came up, To tell Yoi
he two children had a disagreement I want to
nd the little Carpenter boy started Urge you t
d run into the house. He ran dl- No Mistakf
ectly In front of the car, and al- Pleaso the
tiough it was moving at a slow rate In Office,
f speed at the time, it was imposa- Please all <
>le for the motorman to stop it in Always!
me to save the child's life. They expec
After being rushed to Fairmont You.
[ospltal It was fot|id necessary to Let us hav
mputate his right leg and left fore- Disappoint!!
rm. His left leg was horrlbjy Foursome,
rushed, his skull fractured and a Mr. Conawi
b on the right side broken. Fine them,
The bodi is being removed this To be Fine
fternoon Co the home of his strick- And them
i parents and funeral arrangements Don't!
Ill be made later. Never speal
Longer tha
Stags are bred in China for their At one Tin
orns, the horns being cut while soft Confine you
ich year and used in the manufac- Sixteen hui
ire of medicine. A Year.
_ Heck Marti
. ~7~~~ (Himself Th
??? People read
FOR SALE Much they
Eye Strain.
Maxwell, five-passenger touring Have Bert
car, In fine condition. Cheap to You a cast
9ulck buyer. Apply, Mark Rollins,
Wilson's Garage, Rlvesvlile. jt but Don
Use It.
===== (Continue!
3 1-4x5 1-2 Compact Oraflex | Dr. Cfar
ritted with 6x7 Tessar f: 4.5 Lens, j
Roll Holder and Leather Carrying j 8111101111 CCS
Case Same as new. Listed at ( nf l:0 j.
1168.73, will sell for $125. O. H. UA ,Ua ue
Alexander, 703 Watson BIdg., j Fourth Floor,
Fairmont, TO Va | PHC
ire Full of Good Merchandis
' I'iii.'iNiitiiiaffiiiiiii
Newspaper ^ ~ >
the New
ny office Tonight Mannington Veto
Insurance Busies," Will Hold Meeting at
w P lapp
-w X IMW?
layor Got
3 Pinker An enthusiastic meeting was held
wiggled With by service men of Fairview and viicinity
last evening where the princid
i pals and objects of the American Lelooked
After j gion were presented by chairman of
nee, first Of j tjje membership committee, Dr.
Wo I Claude Laymart and Historian Shanis
Your | non ^llen 0[ Heintzelman Post.
Dion ; Every man present at the meeting
to Run | gaVP (n bis name for membership and
operty. n ^as arranged for the Fairview boys
i To to come in a body to the meeting
like Friday night in the court house.
Now Clyde Haught was chairman of the
d you Recommend meeting and was also named as
1 chairman of the membership commition?''
tee selected last evening. The comI
Baid, "I j mittee Is as follows: Clyde Haught,
red; [chairman, Carl L. Cedell, Adrian
with Tusca, i Haught, Herschel Straight and Leo
y, and Ned, j l. Eddy. It will be the object of
stin' ! this committee lo get every service
ii! ! man in the community enrolled in
Excessively the Legion.
o Make A meeting will be held this eve18.
nlng by the Legion branch at Mannpeople
While jlngton, at whichtime the memberA.lp
.committee there will report and at
)f Them which two members of the exeoutlve
! committee will be selected.
t it Of i A meeting at Farmlngton has been
jncheduled for next Wednesday evee
No I nlng, and a party will come from both
tents in This I Fairmont and Monnlngton for the
| session.
ly, as Mayor, j
as Wishes '
Fined for Shooting
k in Public Rifle in the City
n forty Minutes
>? Charged with shooting a 22 calibre
irself To rifle on Chestnut street yesterday
idred Proclamations carrell Johnson, aged 19 years was
before Mayor Conaway this morning,
n nearly Ruined confessed to the charges and was
ere- ftnpH 110.
'suffered From . h "e, (t0 be trled at . ?'cl0ckbut
failed to appear, bis bond man
Hunsaker Make who had pIaced a forfeIt of *20 for
Iron Backbone? hls appearance, appearing and aaktgtde
ing tbat the bond be remitted. John,
i can See son appeared in court at 10 o'clock
't and was fined $10.
Recently there has been report reI
on page fire.) port coming from various parts of
the city regarding careless use of
?~ air guns and smalt calabre rifles.
kl plloi, Mayor Conaway expressed his inJj.
xvllSK, tentions at court this morning of
the opening breaking up any such earless use
, , of P"18.
ntal offices. ~
?M_ It Is claimed that one of the new
Professional Bldg. omergency brake8 for automobiles
INE 255-R. can be applied with the pressure of a
g if no One Knows About It? T<
im ii iriiimiiimi
tit Partly ctoudty teaight and Fri- I
Declares Citizens of the United States 1
Are The Only Ones to Whom
He Owes a Report
rantittljii n mf j
Says That Unless a League of Nations is Secured We-^J
Have Broken Faith With Those
Who Have Died.
(By Associated Press) ished at statements made about
COLUMBUS, Ohio, Sept. 4.?Presi- treaty and was convinced many of 9
dent Wilson declared in an address them were made by men who had not ||
here today that his purpose was "to read it or else had tailed to compre- 9
go out and report to my lellow coun- hend its meaning.
trymen." The League of Nations, the Presi-Hm
"The only people 1 owe any re- dent said, was formed In fulflilmantgWI
port," said the President, "are you of the promise that the United States $
and the other citizens of the United was fighting this war to end btuineBa'J
States.." of that sort forever. Not to establish aH
The President said it also seemed the league ,he said, would be uafalth-M
increasingly necessary that he should fu' '? those who had died. -
make such a report because he had "If we do not do this thing,".he de- . .
read many speeches about the treaty clared, "we have neglected the cove- S
and was unable to gather from them nants we promised our people': The
much of what the treaty contained. League of Nations is the only thing 1?
He spoke to a crowd which Jammed 5*\at prevent the recuriJUnce of;| j
the Memorial hall. The meeting was this catastrophe."
persided over by Dr. W. O. Thompson, Besides this,' the Preaident.con- |f|
president of the Ohio State Unlver- unued. ''the treaty teare away the Bl
sity, and the President was introduc- c 'ns of oppression and gives small SB
ed by Former Governor James E. natlonalities the right to; live their 9
Campbell. 0W^J'ves;i",
Mr. Wilson said he had "chafed at ? "*** the Amsri- 8
the confinement of Washington," and jan position and I was glad to; fight ?9
was glad to get out to make his report
of the people. italy, the President continued,
In the first place, the President I presented to the conference :)1
said, the treaty undertook to punish J sropoflal ln ber
thought to overwhelmingly crush any President was leaving the^a
| great people. ha" a chinaman In the hall -cidledjjB
| Restraint had been exercised, he 3evera' times. Mr. Wilson "HowH
I said, and there was provision for about Shantung.p I (The President,.
making the reparations no greater did not hear him.
than Germany could pay. The President finished his ' ad- w
Mr. Wlison said be had been aston- dress at 12:25_
Marshall Foch Announces IT IIIQT|T||T^
Extent of Rhineland UI IN \ 111III
Yanks Must Guard.
(By Associated Press) Held Tcachers Attention M
COBLEZ, Sept. 4.?Marshal Foch, m.,. OA,' !
the Allied commander in chief, has Wim UISCUSSlOIl 01 PcX^
decided upon the extent of the terri- 1
tory in the Rhineland to be held per- xvCiailOIlS?
manently by American forces. Its
I area wll> be twice as large as that '
which has been under American juris- Beginning Monday, Prof. J. TOlliaaffiM
.ction alncc the last combat division gp^owls, from Vermont, has warmed
left for home., ^ ^ up fafit ancl ma morning at Teacheraj^B
Institute be gave one of the beat UlkgM
Michael Reunion
to Be Held Sunday
self down to anything definite iitj
The fourth annual reunion of the speecb, kept his hearer* tue?slng^H"S
Michael family will be held at Rob- Yesterday some of his theories.werflH
Inson's run next Sunday, September nlteresting to the last extrepie and ' :i
7. A program har, been prepared (or this morning when. He came rorwu^M
the occasion and | ic speakers will bo to make tbe first address on tbe proH
J. Walter Barnes, Judge W. S. Hay- gram bis audience settled forwanlgffl
mond of this city, R?r. Michael of with expectations high. Prof. Sprowl|^H
STanfflngton. A musical program will said his subject, if it might:be called. I
be carried out with the Pratt family, that, was the "Psychology, of tho>^^H
parUcpatlng c| well as Mrs. Dougan conscious."
of Morgantown. Those wishing to Rev. J. E. Wells, of the DlamOfli^H
atteffd the reunion nan take tlie Fair- Btreet M. E. church, led devotionalHH
view car and can piocure a taxi sjrv- erclses this morning. In a short tall^H
ice from the station to the grove at he brought out emphMb4Ur
twenty-five cents per person. Earl teachers should teach therl pupUfttBi^H
Michael is president of the associa- worth of truth. Those who go i|ti^H
,tion and the committee In charge of truth'will come out On the'wrong j?ld?^H
the arrangements la composed of J. There's no getting around the^^^H
N. Michar^.LLum Michael and Wes- that two and two do nottnake flva.?H$gB
ley Micbaei. had scarcely taken aseatIn the aaflH
? ence until Prof. Sprawl* arose and^^H
DELEGATE TO ASSEMBLY, faCe of the fact that a Method^H
W. T. Black was chosen last night preacher had remained to heaemii 'l
by the Session of the Presbyterian lecturc he started out out with thoBH
! church as delegate to represent the words: "Dancing it agood t9hgB|
church at tbe next meeting of the though tabood by many. It it heH^Bu
Orafton Presbytery to be held at ful both for the body and the soifl
ReedsvlUe Monday, September 8. J. haven't much sympaUiy with twKffiafl
W. Preston Is the alternate. son who objects to dancing
Rev. W. 8. Mann Is the moderator animality of the man needs exerfi^^M
and will preach the opening sermon. Dance in the schools! I don'(^^^^H|
Reports from the general assembly woman dance with woman
will be given. (Continued on
?ll Folks Through Advertising!

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