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The Fairmont Printing and Publishing Company,
Virginian Building, Adams and Qulncy Sts.
H TELEPHONES?1105, 1106, 1107. Ail departments
I I reached through private exchange.,
Hpi W. J. WIEGEL, General Manager,
BBS?:- , Editor.) Advertising Manager.
Kfr/ '' Superintendent.! Circulation Manager.
' : National Advertising Representative.
KfsN?W York Office: |Chicago Office:
mB9pr?ngwlck Building. I Advertising Building.
SfS.The Associated Press, of which this newspaper Is
I I a member, is entitled exclusively to the use for repub!j
I licatlon of all news dispatches credited to it or not
I otherwise credited In this newspaper and also the local
news ,publl*hed herein. All rights of republication of.
| | special dispatches herein are also reserved.
- " y
-' Member Associated Press.
'Member Audit Bureau of Circulations.
s>4'Member American Newspaper Publishers Ass'n.
iai,' Member West Virginia Dally Newspaper Ass'n.
sS-BY MAIL?(Payable In advance only.) One year,
H I $5.00; six months, $3.00; three months, $1.50; one
fflyiPf't/BY' CARRIEli? (In Fairmont.) One year. $7.00;
| l six months, $3.60; one month, 60c; one week, 15c. Per
llflfr'ilY CARRIER?(Outside of Fairmont.)?One
a- | month, 75c: one week, 18c. By carrier, Three Cents,
subscriptions payable In advance.
Jit, When asking for change in address give old as
Kjwe" ta new address.
HgUfe ,Entored at the Postofflce at Fairmont. West VlrI
I glnla, as second-class matter.
I believe in the United Slates of Amerka
as a government .of the people, by
the people, for the people, whose just
HSS? powers are derived from the consent of
the governed; a democracy in a repubI
lie, a sovereign Nation of many sovereign
Bpl?y- ? States; a perfect Union, one and insepHI'jI&Me.
established upon those principles of freedom, equal'
it$,< justice, and humanity for which American patriots
P; sacrificed their lives and fortunes. I therefore believe it is
1 my July to my country to love it; to support its Constitution;
to obey its laws; to respect lis flag; and to defend it
||p<r|atnit all enemies.
IkYOR CONAWAY 5 hrm stand in police court
yesterday regarding street loitering and traffic ofvill
give great satisfaction to the law abiding people
city and it ought to be a warning to those who for
have been accustomed to regard the police departith
excuse offered by the police for their inactivity was
was not worth whiie to make arrests because they
rare backed up by the mayor. That excuse n?
holds good, and the public will soon be able to
just who was responsible for lax law a*dministration
mont. If the police do not hale offenders before
ir like Mr. Conaway the only possible conclusion
hey are the ones who have been remiss.
or Conaway may feel assured that he will have
ere moral support of a preponderating majority of
ilic in any effort he may make to enforce the city
ces. It will require only a little severity now to
complete change and thereafter all that it will
ssary to do will be to keep the police up to their
IEN it is all over which, God grant, may be sooner
than we expect, it probably will be found that one
lig causes for the high cost of living was the sinful
le war brought. War is waste; and it was waste
here as it was in Europe. Those who have peeked
s way the various governmental departments did
o not wonder where the billions went; they marvel
did not emerge actually bankrupt. On every hand
ste, and the throwing of dollars like fast pelting
ces in December.
s perhaps hundreds of fine private yachts were taken
the government and made into sub chasers. Sub
an the Pacific coast1 when* not an nimv >siik showed
. during the war! In one navy yard $ 10,000 was expended '
Sam Blythe has a long article about NE
g- presidential possibilities in the Sat- ___________
i . evejost and he does not mention
B Jawn W. Davis once. At Barrackvlll
gp/. , , , There were eight
i;Kf Yet that card has been running at f as,tI 8i??
g|the head of the Astonisher's editorial LD?St church Th
c9,anm8 tor many weeks. sion was" a mLt i!
IMftiiPSi , was attended by
ilfe'Mannington -world war veterans delegates from diff
1 are going to have their own Legion rion county. Mrs.
Impost because it is so hard to get to of the pastor of tt
meetings in Fairmont. members of the coi
!W/; in entertaining the
iRfe'fficlI, It is just as far from Fair- boners and their 1
litmont to Mannlngton as it is from treatment will Ion
HmlUMtiilngton to Fairmont. by all. An electio
* * * held and the old
J Yet a goodly sprlnkHng of Fair- elected. East side
K:. moot folks always go up there when President Mrs. Ann
mVibev Pull worth while things. retary Mrs. C. E.
? Mrs. 0. C. Phillips, 1
| Seismograph out in California reg- Mrs. Millie Jones, 1
RiS&tereG a distinct earth tremor yester- Mrs. Ida Sharps, Mi
S| (jay, Ocie Merrifleld, Mr
I||*jv' Mrs. Carrie Carpen
j^Kfender If thkt was caused by the ??
H sinking of the hearts of a lot of Fair- Birthday
E mont fairies and taxi drivers when Mr. and Mrs, Wi
H Mayor Conaway declared himself yes- ket street, enterta
H terday morning? ypung friends of tli
mmirt. ? ? ? Kutn rail, xuesaaj
? Present Indications are that there of her birthday ant
H wi 1 not be so much gay life on the amusements were it
Streets this coming Saturday night. eral choice selectlc
? * given by the guei
Beginning to get rough in the City were served by Mrs
Hpitgiie. were there were M:
* Hoe, Hazel and t
That's a sign that it is time to cut Sloan, Pearl Kink
HraS&t'f well, Margaret and
Bifsffcy-':-' *" * * " line Fletcher, Gertri
Hi 'Better stop the playing while the Pearl Payne, Glenc
" "public is still thinking well of the Wilson, Frank Kelie
Bffibort produced by the league. Clyde Billingslea,
? ? Charles Riggle, B]
course there is another way. Henry Qrlmes, Clat
BNt * \ * * Thomas, Arl Bunner
i But some of these teams would lose Shaver, Harry Mo
of their very best players if Stevens.
B>0Urty boll players were ruled out.
grfr- ? Shuttleiworth F
fi The palace of the former German The third annua
Btoiror in Berlin at one time kept Shuttlesworth famll;
HMO housemaids and 1,800 liveried Sunday, September
jgggpotMen In employment. Mr. and Mrs. E. T.
h a^d vv^od tt ' "he=e ve^oa^^du^n
, the course of remodeling. A typical little incident thi
would, in peace tines, male the muckraker chortle wit
glee at the chance for vicious comment.
Preparations in army and navy were made for a fiv<
years' combat. Supplies were bought on that scale an
stored away, many of them perishable supplies, bought t
the top of a sky-high market This, of course, booste
prices, removed supplies and foods and equipment froi
public use, but it also inculcated in millions of men an
women the contempt for the dollar. The public's mone
came so easily, and in such vast quantities, that all ordir
ary business sense was lost; and it remains lost, as a glanc
at the proposed budgets of the government will indicate.
The world mortgaged its future for fifty years an
squandered with reckless abandon for four years. Nc
in months, or six years will this spirit of squandering b
excised, nor the desire to suddenly acquire riches throug
great profits be stifled in the hearts of the nations.
IN these days of swift,moving traffic it is a wonder ther
are not more tragedies like that on Morgantown avenu
in which a little boy was fatally injured under the wheel
of a trolley car. Parents cannot be continually on th
watch. Even the rich who are able to employ persona
attendants can never be sure that their little ones ar
secure from harm. The death of the little McClean bo'
- w ' .L- ?_ : c _i
in wasningioii sumc iiiuuuia agu id pium ui uuu.
Therefore the best possible safeguard is to teach childrei
early to-take care of themselves; to keep out of the street
when they play and never to cross a Tiighway except at ;
crossing and thin only after they have stopped to see i
the road is clear.
It can be done; it is done by thousands of mothers. Bu
it cannot be done merely by ordering them not to do thi
or that thing and then tongue lashing them if they an
caught disobeying. They must be made to understam
why they should be careful of their personal safety.
: o
Tonight the committee appointed by the chamber o
Commerce to inquire into the merits of the propose<
increase in rate3 for telephone service will make a re
port at a special meeting of the body. It is understoo(
that the committee made a very thorough study of thi
telephone situation in Fairmont, and there ought to b<
a large attendance of members to hear It and take actioi
upon it.
Rather unexpectedly the Foreign Relations committei
decided yesterday that it had completed its work witt
the peace treaty and that document with the committee
amendments written into it will be reported out lat<
next week. Under ordinary circumstances there woulc
be weeks and weeks of debate on the floor of the senate
ahead, but the country is beginning to get restless aboul
this treaty matter and It is a pretty safe guess that the
senate too will decide to quit talking and fungo hittinj
at a rather early date.
Mexico has formally expressed regrets that Americai
army planes were fired upon by Mexican soldiers and the
acute Mexican situation is less acute as a result. One
of these fine days something will happen that an apolog)
cannot square and then the world will find out some'
thing of what is running In the back of the heads of ole
Carranza and his gang.
George A. Zabriskle, president cf lha Sugar Equalization
board, -'ays that the country cannot be relieved
for some time to come of the sugar shortage. This is
most unfortunate and It shows th&lMhe trade when left
to Its own devices is not nearly as efficient as it was
last year when It. was under the thumb of tho Food administration.
Last year during the heighth of the
canning and preserving season it was possible for any
housewife to get sugar in 25 pound lots. The best that
can be done now Is tw.o pounds at a time, and there is
more than a suspicion that some dealers are deliberately
refusing to handle sugar because they are not permitted
to charge their own price for it. That is a condition
which should have the serious attention of the whole
grocery trade, for such actions are certain to bring the
matter of food distribution under public control. It
can be done, although there may be men in business
whq think that it cannot. People dealing in food ought
to be warned by what happened to those in the liquor
business who felt, so secure that they got into a publicbe-damned
frame of mind. When they woke up and
attempted to reform i,t was too late. The wholesalers
and the manufacturers who had millions.invested and
were respectable business men had to go along with the
corner saloon which was an offense to the public.
"-Hi. ton. All the family connections anc
1 OTrXT-1 the'r friends are invited to attend th<
oJL/ll meetlnf?
To Buckhannon.
VY/Q? * Mrs. 0. N. Doolittle, daughter, Miss
W k-/ " Eva Doolittle, and Herbert Kimberly
__________ motored to Buckhannon Tuesday ant
attended the fair.
e Convention.
delegates from the C. W. B. M.
lance at the W. C. The C. W. B. M. of the Centra
it the Barrackvillo Christian church held an interestinj
ursday. The ses- meeting at the home of Mrs. E. A
uteresting one and Cannell In Vermont avenue Thursdaj
a large number of afternoon. On account of the W. C
Brent parts of Ma- T. U. convention at Barrackville ant
T. B. Lawler, wif* other conflicting meetings the attendle
church, and the ance was not large. A pleasing prongregation
assisted gram was given and a social hour wa;
visitiug white rik- enjoyed and refreshments served. Ir
:ind and courteous the> absence of the president, Mrs
g be remembered Anna Kuhn, the vice president, Mrs
a of officers was Dessie Williams, conducted the meetofficers
were re- ing. The next place of meeting was
> delegates were not decided.
a B. Swisher, Sec
Harden, Treasurer Personals.
Sirs. Florence Gray, Miss Beryl Jenkins, of Bridge street,
Irs. Hannah Jones, has been 11) the past few days. Het
s. C. F. Eddy, Mrs. brother, Charles, has also been indiss.
J, B. Crowl and posed the past week.
ter. Mrs. E. A. Wilson, of Columbia
street, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Sam'
Party. uel Merrlfleld in Chestnut street.
lbur Hall, of Mar- Mr. and Mrs. Bert Baker and chillined
a number of dran. Wllma and Louise, are spending
ieir daughter, Miss week with the former's mother,
' evening in honor Mrs. West, near Hopewell,
liversary. Various ?
idulgea m and sev- _ , ,
S.?'?SSm?S Preliminaries End
. Hall. _Those who ITU.... ?
iry Kinkead, Jjetna J-OUiiiCJ XUUIlltlJ/
Uice Morgan, Asa
ead, Grace ComBeryl
Hess, Pau- Preliminaries In the T. M. C. A.
ide and Mary Hall, tennis tournament were completed
ly^endon Fisher, ^aw * tw0 ou to fthree 8618 bjr
Robert Smouse, this morning when Clevett defeated
phralm Hayhurst, tin acore of 6-2, 4-G, and 6-2.
id Arnett, Charles Yesterday evening Rook won from
, John Brandt, Kay Jacobs won from O Watrgan
and Arthur ktn8i both matohes being won by dofault.
Several othor good raatchoa
.mllv Reunion ftl'? ejected thls 0V6nln?' R?0^
amlly Reunion. sohoduled M batUo wlth Sm|lll, Co0k
I i?n h? next w111 ?oat B?U. K?ll?y and Jacobs
7, at -toe home of will play ?ad Flnfreo and Clor.tt
Bishop, at TJfflng- *1M meet.
Bjr th' Bard.
d I' 'f
d My Diary for Today
n Wakened this morning by the odor
d ot yheat cakes coming from the klty
chen. I like winter best of all the
seasons for with it comes the pan
cakes A.te seven and bad to rush
e madly out to catch the car.
Car still crowded with school
d marms going to Institute. Institute
,t is over today so maybe I'll get a
seat tomorrow morning.
, Two good looking school marms
" behind discussed the problems of
their coming term something as follows.
" I hear that so an so is going to
ie principal ^at Downs. He's awful
e young don't you think?"
e "Yes, he's young. But thank God
s there'll be some men to work with
this winter But I heard though
. that he's to be principal at Lumber-'
' port."
e "Gosh. I hope not. Just after I've
yr got that Downs appointment. If,
they take that man principal to Lumberport
I'm gonna resign." '
"I've just finished reading John
5 Galsworthy's 'The Dark Flower." Do
a you like John?"
{ "Do 1 like John? Why you oughto
know how I feel about John Weve;
, been going together more than?oh!
you mean John Galsworthy. Youi
5 know Mr. Barnes told me that the
" Dark Flower was about the poorest;
J specimen of Galsworthy I could have;
read." I
Talked with Mr. Moore, of Bar- j
[ rackville, and he told me of a young
man who after preparing himself for!
a teacher went and got a job on the
- Wheeling Intellingencer and now is
1 editing a paper somewhere in Penn-!
3 sylvaia. Philosphised for a moment;
> on Destiny and what cruel jokes she i
plays on us sometimes.
' Heard a saintly looking old lady'
using perfectly good profanity after;
tripping in the excavation being made'
> in front of that new drug store, near
, the Traction office Got a new word!
> for my vocabulary, but can't write;
' It here.
! Arrived at the office and noticed
I- that two banasai I gave the editor j
> are still on his desk uneaten. Re-'
t fleeted that teachers and editors
> don't appreciate thos elittlo fruit of'
ferings that are frequently laid before
: them. (
(Editors Note?The Bard had
three more pages of this drivel '
, but to save hjB reputation (?) I
have dumped it in the waste
Parade Rest!
. There once was a muu .n this town
[ Who was famous for many itum . o_u'
For driving his bus
Like a demented cuss
But Mare Conaway has quited hiai
down. |
[ I
, Present Armsl 1
The Girl in the Office says sfie!
' was out last night with 1-aul Wyckoff'
1 and he told her there was a mystery
connected with his' watch and she
i said she supposed then that there
. was a woman in the case.
Ground Armsl
1 Officer Tom Ford run across a sus'
picious looking character on Jackson
! street last night and went up to him
and asked "Who are you anyway?"
| "I'm a food speculator,' said the!
! seedy looking person
1 "Aha!" thought Tom "One of those
guys I been readin' about"
"Yes", continued the stranger, i
t "I'm a food speculator. Speculatin'
* where the next meal's comin' from.'
' All Hands on Deckl
This story
Has a trick
Joke in it.
If you don't
1 See the point
Ask your
\-=^A N&e-D TO "0B ASH
j ?=- AS : IT 13, fOU
Op Yc
i rwr m
Sult? and Coats ' I .(~li
continue to
. * *" ??*' ' Honest
i Hats of
Make Your
Something like fifty years ago,
it was not an uncommon diver'
sion among deacons to swap
After the oral battle of wits was
over, one man found he had a
horse with a wall-eye and the
other perhaps, waited some time,
like David Harum in the rainstorm,
before his horse showed
any inclination of starting foi
home and the hay strewn stall.
Those little "weaknesses'' ot
horseflesh were not mentioned in
the bargaining, but that was "gosh
durned smart" business fifty years
The day for that kind of shrewdness
has gone by, both for deacons
and business houses, alike.
No establishment grows, like
Courtneys' for instance, if its business
dealings savor of those in
which the above-mentioned deacons
took part.
Dependability and Honest Values
Are Courtneys' Standards.
I 1
Truthful Advertising C(
Husband (I take this I fo
Orportunity to I Li
you have a
Jmnd. Everybody
'.".a.'j entitled to
' i ,~hta have 'era) ne
Cut I : ft tlr
A t i T. 1 the
Othc '.2. whore
I had nor sc.cn for 'cIj.
Many weeks [ j,!
"What are you i p0
Doing for a living ! HU
The30 days" I axed I
Him. i _
"I'm a dectective,'
He whispered, "and
A big case."
"How's it coming 1 <
Out' I asked him.
"Only two bottleg
Left" he replied.
Return to Quarters.
Whatever kind and size of Lumber
you need for New Construction Jobs |
or for Repairing will bt found in our
large stocks. And, in addition, it is I ri
well known that we also carry plen<-i b
tiful assortments of best-grade Wall J ac
Board, Roofing, Sash Doors and otherj
Building Materials ready for quick
delivery wherever yoti say. phone
a <
>NDO) _ ^
' h*
7 Heftoipy, Ml
le-Ac-TlNQ. /===='
X |pl
/>M?2D Of H(M it
3QRSetg? ^ -
Values 108-110 Main St interest you?
Fall Wardrobe a Success ?
The Hats in the Millinery Section are whisper<| II
ing among themselves the good things that follffl| |
are saying about them, because they're "At Aiteh|l
v tion" these days while our Informal Presentation^ it
/ <vre going daily on. l|| |
Each sees lots of newcomers here, too?So new, In fact that
.hey haven't had even the slightest opportunity to become acquaint' m
ed with their neighbors. But then, few Courtney Hati gat ttUeh
more chummy than that, because they're scarcely ever bare bttt .41
few days before they pass into the hands of some fair admirer*? '
Truly it is to your advantage to ksep in constant touch with otu< if;
Millinery Section These Days! /:
Rawak, Reed and Cupid
Have Arrived This Week
The colorings and materials are so alluring that
it is impossible to resist them.
Duvetyn, Panne Velvet, Plush, Beaver, Fialle
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Novel Designs l 4
Come in Today, Tomorrow, Any Day?always
new hats here to greet you and the courteous treatment
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your welcome. And Be Sure to Compare Our
mrtneysJ Store Dependable Merchandise
r prices. John M. Kisner and Bro. /'_ fcfiicouraffed,
imber Co. 127-R. Wheti tjOUjeel confoj^.
*-* vou9, tired, worried or despondent it is a
An excess of bile causes bilious- PILLS: They renew the normal vigor and
ss. Cleanso the stomach and intes- make life worth living. BemreandMkfor
les thoroughly and lots of ailments Mott'fiNerverinn Pi"I??1
ickly disappear. With constipation .ervenneriUsbydnwI!Bi?
d biliousness removed, there'are less "ILUAkS MFG. CO? Prop*, a?roI*nd,OM?
adaches, indigestion, sour stomach, Q.. .
izlness and "flashes." Use Nyal's For Sale by Falrmont Pharmacyver
Salts. Just adapted for the pur- 1 j
se nicely. Never falls to give refte^each^eal?
YOU eatone stmimtcnsout^^
PA 8 UWIU imlMlil nAlK t
IL m. . m. lij l 'i I Hcrolln Pomade Hair Dressing li w
taMfFOft VOUB STOMACH S SAKEJ jH not sticky or gummy. Finely perA
c'r -full fond vsilnp and rpal atom. fumed. You like to use It. Takes
idgetfuUIoodjameancrreaisiom. tl)Q placa of 8ttnlehtenlnt[ lroa.
h comfort. Instantly relieves heart* Mnkcs your course, kinky, snnrly
irn, bloated, gassy feeling, STOPS ; hair soft, lustrous, long, straight
idity, ^ repeating stomach |
[sery. aids digestion, keeps tne ruflr nn(j 8topj| fttinnir. halr# heroDmach
sweet and pure. Un sent by mail, mien 25 cents.
eatonic is the best remedy an) only costs 1 stamps op coin. Agents wanted j
*ntor two a day to use it. Yoi.will bedt- everywhere. Write for particulars.. i
hted with results. Satiifactlon guaranteed j hebolin medicine co*
money back. Please call and tr? It, . i Atlanta, Oa.
Irmont Pharmacy, Fairmon*, V/. Va
.....u... .....
Special to the Ladies I
The tailored garments we offer are faultlessly tailored Bach detail H
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All our garments are tailored to your individual measurement. We:': | ^|
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j. L a

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