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' z?\'*
?f, r>, *$ ggSEP^-'4;
|^^?pregented at; GatherBfajproiimttely
fir? hundred mom *
**" %f -1
|^n %Jl UUO HU*U1U v??u, M?a?vM??t...
WmU'" KQ>um, who settled at Nujavi
Mills, now Hammond, Marios
fldmty, West Virginia, In 1800, astern:
Wfim yesterday at Loop park and then
. wnbrated the annual reunion of the
|Bp0/, which Is one of the most
l?&t|gnin?nt in this section ot the state
"There ware Nuzums present froir
Xtirhaps a dozen different states whllt
E'projT town and hamlet in the count}
; 8jn4 several adjoining counties were
If According to Sam B. Nuzum this rePgHQfci
of the Nuzum family and HisBr
J&Hcal society was the greatest in th<
BHstory of the organization. Idea
Lwllither conditions prevailed to adc
to the enjoyment of the occasion and
. 0ld and young alike entered into the
|MitlvlUes of the day with keen interKfrhe
clan gathered at the park at tec
jti'tlock where a program of an interesting
nature was carried out wltt
f'm C, H. Meredith leading the devotional
oxercises. Jesse H. Nuzum, o!
!' Gypsy, gave the welcoming addresi
I J. N. Nuzum, of, Elwood, Ind., reffiFhlbwlhg
the roll call a sumptuoui
picnic dinner was served beneath the
trees in the park and this was a mos
g|jffi&?able feature of the day's enter|j?JwHng
the afternoon Hon. M. M
BwHteTy delivered the principal addresi
fs the day. Major Neely talked interFTjPHjilU
and eloquently on the sub
\iect, "The Cause of Humanity." The
Ifcn. R. A. Pollock also gave an intereating
talk. A feature of the afterEStivfr's
program was the singing o:
IBarrington. Mr. Barringffectlvely
several solos ant
le cherus singing. A numig
men who recently returnjvernment
service, and deaf
the Nuzum family wer<
ts on this occasion.
were re-elected as follows:
lzum, president, Fairmont
izum, vice president, Gypsy
mrles E. Nuzum, secretaryFairmont.
iwing is a brief resume o:
of the Nuzum family in this
[n 1752, Thomas Nuzurr
farm at Dublin, Ireland, foi
term of three generations
It for in those days he wai
1 to sell real estate in Irepletlng
the deal, he brough
d son to Philadelphia, thei
6,000 people. He and hit
bout the year 1775 and thui
ty th? first Nuzum generaRichard
Nuzum, tiring o
a, moved by horseback t(
id located the first Nuzun
111 the old dominion at Nu,
now Hammond, in Marioi
enth. Reunion
f the Hamiltons
Ie Hamilton family, a pioneer (am
tthis section, enjoyed its annua
g and reunion yesterday whei
assembled at Stoney Point, thi
l orDr. and Mrs. M. F. Hamilton
-'Mannington, and celebrated fo
hlrteenth time this event. Thi
;s were entertained in the largi
r room of the bungalow during thi
ram after which a sumptuous dinwas
served beneath the trees
e who participated on the pro
were Attorney H. H. Rose, of thii
and Blackburn Hall, or Llttli
imon. Solos were rendered b;
r Barrett and a chorus was sun)
r. the direction of Lorra Barr.
Jeers were re-elected as follows
dent, Charles E. Hamilton, Sal
;. vice president, Ellis Hamilton
ivis Ridge; executive committee
^Hamilton, Fairvlew; Mike Ham
jMannlngton; W. A. Crowl, Fair
^ v James Hamilton, Seven Pines
S&tflton, Farmington.
s. Amanda Hunter
)ies at Manningtoi]
It. Amanda Hunter, aged 79, a wel
a resident of Mannington, died 01
ly at her home there after an ill
of a complication of diseases
deceased was a daughter of Mt
Mrs. George Clelland, early set
of Marion county, and was bon
eared in this county. Her hus
William Hunter, died about four
years ago. The surviving chil
ire: Frank, of Oklahoma; George
lew Martinsville; Mrs. Elini
3, Mrs. John Stephens and Sam
Sinter, all of Mannington. Thosi
sed are Mrs. Rachel Flynn
es, 'Albert and Fred, the latte
an adopted child.
k! Bister, Miss Rachel Clelland
res. Miss Clelland bad made he
:with her sister for several year
Wierly cared for her during he
i. * The deceased was an excel
roman and her death is sincere!;
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/iifMii BB'Q
yfaiBLjAfli Hue
^ IfPlll BSC
mA ftii^aii! mm
m mmBium
IplllS fl'lfl
?-6oM6 "T& SCHOOL
Tite. FlWTTlME
! niiucjiHT 101
[ (Continued Irom page one.)
! have watched all that has been going
on?have Interpreted the conversation
on the streets, have listended to the,
' exchange of political opinions and I
; have read in both faces and talk thai
; the fight now centers In the choice of
? chief of police. We're anxious about
the morals of our city and our chief
[ of police has much to do with that,
i Perhaps a new conscience is growi
ing up here?a new concern about
t morality. The leaders of both pollti
cal parties, too, are shrewd enough
' to know that much centers on the fu
ture police department, much ttyat
t will swing politics one way or the
1 other. An honest police force will do
1 much toward raising standards in this
J city and it 19 to be hoped that great
care will be exercised in the choos
. ing of men for this office above re
proach, men who wlil reflect credit.
Then we can hope for better things
than we have had in the past.
" "Fairmont owes ?n obligation to its
new officials and must share the responsibilities
of ctiy administration.
It isn't possible for any city to turn
over its affairs to four men. You can
not go about your buBness and say,
"that is his Job" as long as you are a
beneficiary of the life of this community.
It is right that these four men
shall have your hearty co-operation
and that you shall give them courage
by letting them know you are behind
them?that you are back of every effort
to make Fairmont safe for boys
and girls. No man can be put at the
head of an undertaking and be ex3
pected to do all there is to do. These
5 four men are only human, they are
not infallible and they will make mis"
takes. Let the man who has never
" made a mistake cast the first stone.
s When a healthy public opinl(on is
necessary on any issue, then make
I your contribution, citizens. Thesd
four men will Have a task If they
try to go against public opinion,
j Let all the churches help. The should
all be a source of inspiration to these
Dr. Broomfield said he felt a care_
ul overBieht over the city (affairs
; /or the yeara to come was necessary,
even though he had confidence In the
men in charge. "When the eye ol
the boss Is on you, better work is
done?you're less liable to do anything
questionable," said Dr. Broomfield.
[ The boss consttiuted the people of
Fairmont. This careful scrutiny
. should not be attributed to anything
but the public's desire to stimulate
k and encourage the big four. There
, were two factions who would know
,' every move and recognize It's import
?the Republican and Democratic
j leaders. Unless the rest of the city
kept a close eye open, something
" would surely be missed and if the
. eyes had been kept shut, then It was
, policy to keep mouth shut also when
j things go wrong. "As pastor of this
. church," exclaimed Rev. Broomfield,
a "ran going to keep my eye across the
street and I'm in a good position to
r do so."
"Citizens, make these four men
beneficiaries of your constructive crit
r lcism. It Is one thing to find fault
3 and another to provide something to
r take it's place. Anybody can tear
. down but It takes a man worth while
f to build up. These four men will be
glad to have you come and give your
ideas to them. Just find your way
to the cltv hall and talk kindly and
, you will be recolved kindly. The col
I Perfect Health Is
If the B
, Almost Evefy Human Ailment
s Js Directly Traceable to Impurities
in the Blood.
J ' You should day particular heed
. to any indication that your blood
, supply is becoming slufffish, or
that there is a lessening in its
" istrone and vital force.
II By Keeping your Wood cleansed
your system more easily wards off
r disease that is ever present, wait3
ias to stuck wherever there is an
5 B19 III VB(
il5"3 BBS!! IBB SB!
mjlifl Ba la iif is!
,0ilH!t 8588 888 88'
nil 1)1.11!
: y
leotlve brains in Fairmont are surely
sufficient to right any wrong."
During the above discourse the new
mayor sat In the back of the -church
with arms folded, leaning slightly back
In his seat. When compliments grew
especially numerous, he smiled. Mayor
Conaway listened attentively to all
th? suggestions and advise heaped
upon bim and appeared quite comfortable
under the weight of his new title.
Rev. Broomfleld spoke of the city's
duties in equal frequency with the du-l
ties of the new officials. He said, as
He had repeated before, all Fairmont
needed was two Democrats and two
Republicans you couldn't Ibuy. But
around these two Democrats revolve
the whole Democratic party and
around the two Republican leaders revolve
the Republican party. Not all
Democrats and not all Republicans are
what they ought to be. Both win line
up to prepare for positions in Fairmont.
They've been doing it all along
What we want to do is to serve notice
on both factions that the ctiy stands
for its city affairs managed without
political significance only as far as
the right man does the job in the
best manner. Only as to genuine
worth will a particular man stand out.
If Fairmont citizens will share the
dresponsiibllity each shall have his
share in rooting out evil here. Citizens
should be ready and willing to
give information when necessary as
to gambling Joints and houses of ill
fame. Citizens by far outnumber any
group of politicians. This is your
system of defense to be built around
these four men. With this aid, and
protection it will grow a habit to do
rgiht and we'll have no selfish, impure
party politics in our midst to mpede
prgTess. The church life will be more
inspiring when we have a healthy
condition of morals in the ctiy and civ
ic righteousness will do much to make
this city what it ought to be.
Rev. Broomfield said he had been
enjoying the remarks made recently
regardnlg his having the new mayor
in his congregation. He said he felt
a tremendous responsibility in the
matter. He felt that Jesus was coming
Into his own at last and he looked
for great things to happen in this new
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Mrs. Rachel J. Myers
Buried at Moatsville
Mrs. Rachel J. Myers, aged 78, wife
jf Benjamin Myers, died Saturday aftn*nnnn
of th a hnrrta /if hftP fiflTl. R_ D.
Myers and daughter, Mrs. Maud Bennett,
at 238 Watson avenue after an
Ilness of several weeks duration. Mr.
ind Mrs. Myers who were life long
esidents of Moatsville, W. Va., came
lere last fall to reside with their chllIren.
Nine children were born to this
Inion all of wLom are living and are
is follows: Mrs. Elizabeth Compton,
)f Phllippi; Mrs. Bertha Bryan, of
Moatsville; Mrs. George W. Bryan, of
Moatsville; A. J. Myers, of Grafton;
F. A. Myers, of Monongab; R. U. Myers.
Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Rosa Cox and Mrs.
ilyer Stalnaker, of Fairmont. There
ire 27 grandchildren and 10 greatgrandchildren.
The deatn of Mrs. Myers is the first
:o occur in the family.
The marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Myers
aok place in 1S58. Mrs. Myers was a
lovoated wife and loving mother and
she will be deeply missed in the horns
circle. Mrs. Myers was a daughter of
.he late G. W. Frey, who bore the distinction
of having patroled General
Kelloy to Philadelphia in the first bat,le
of the Civil war. She was a devout
nember of the Hopewell M. P. church
it Moatsville, for a period of forty
( ears.
Funeral services were held Sunday J
ifiumnnn .if s-an n'rlnr.k from the res
donee and the body was talten to
Nloatsville yesterday evening for in;erment.
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