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K$v' -
fell Known Fairmont ,
jjWomen Will Help Salt
yation Army.
! Effr. Goald, ol the Ideal bakery, j
I" bade 'em, 6,000 doughnuts. You can
HSjwthem all In the window some time
liorn lan'f fhft Slightest '
ithe 'world that they will sell
the reel Thursday when the
led with Elks and their visiting
all the regular Fairmont
0 like doughnuts. Ensign
of the Salvation army, is
1b- method ot making a little
:ded money to take care of his
In connection with the day
md the outing this summer,
e also other bills in connects
work which he wishes to
lughnuts will be on sale all
In street between Quincy and
C. A. and you may pay wbatwould
like for them. No spete
will be asked. The follow1
will attend to the selling of
imits and yoou are asked to
note of this feature of the
nts so that you will not forthe
nursery babies need your
n and that you can give them
quite easily, merely by buydoughnuts.
Pilliam L. Hintzelman, Miss
bs Margarete Ice, Miss Willa
Miss Dawn Smith, Miss
I, Miss M. L. Stevenson, Mrs
itson, Mrs. C. C. Robb, Mrs.
n Beale, Mrs. O'Belrne, Mrs
einhauser. Miss Ruth Friedas
Rose Friedman, Mrs.
iantor, Mrs. Allenider, Mrs.
ilk, Mrs.' Morgan Chambers,
oks Hutchinson, Mrs. WUitlonoway,
Mrs. Samuel LeepE.
F. Hartley, Mrs. Sallie
Miss Mafcon Wood, Miss
leiritzelman, Miss Irene
>n. Miss Florence Hutchins
Laura Hutchinson, Miss
ramison and others
A OT" cTr\r' I
IP tu-\c 1 OIUL
I-:- NEWS-:The
third annual reunion of the
Iv Corothers Frum, and Musgrove fami
\lies will be held next Sunday at the
H^&cjhs Grove near Bethel Baptist
| Church In Monongalia county. All the
C piemburs of the association, their
PmelidB and the general public are In p^/iteS.
Some Interesting family hisIv
torjr Will be read at this meeting beI
fide many other entertaining features
I that are being planned for the meetI
f. Corn Roast,
Ifep&t the meeting of Mrs J. B. I.evelles
I Sunday school class of the First M.
prchurch Tuesday evening arrangeI
ments were made for the class to liavej
PMg^corn roast at Pleasant Valley Tliursi
/-#*> evening. All members of the j
are to meet at H. W. Woody's
|$?Ki-Gaffey street Thursday evening at j
I 6:30 o'clock,
I Large Crowd at Shuttlesworth Rcun^The
Shuttlesworth family reunion
KglJtnloh, w&b held at the home of Mr. and
I Mri. B. T. Bishop at Ufflngton last
I Sunday was attended by a much larg pgKftcrowd
than had been anticipated.
|S|M]ittlos worths were there from GrafI
](6n ,Clarksburg, Fairmont, MorganKrEKSrw
- M/>iiTiHavnio ?nrt surrounding:
Immunity making the attendance the
fgeit that the association ever yet
d at their meeting. Addresses were
jde by the president of the clan,
K&k Shuttlesworth of Morgantown,
die Maxwell of Clarksburg and J.
/Jacobs of Fairmont during the day.
Splendid picnic dinner was served
$be noon hour which was indeed a
Ht of good things and was very
ICh enjoyed by the crowd. After the
Dgram was given a social season
iras Indulged in, thus finishing a
?t delightful day.
?" Attending Association,
Sev..and Mrs. C. F. Eddv of Leona
ttrt went to Morgantown this mornft.to
attend the Baptist association
tlch will be in session there today
luraday and Friday. Miss Viola
ringer and Miss Rebecca Summers
ll attend the Thursday meeting.
v Mlselon Circle,
Che Julai Bonafeld Mission Circle
ithe Diamond street M. E. church
[4 a pleasant and profitable meeti'Tuesdby
afternoon at the home
'Mrs. Frank Amos in Jlaymoml
B'et, The members of the circle arc
illy working on a shower of useful
jioles for a Japan missionary and
human hair and!
1 of nasty disag
p Druggists Declare People Oi
edies on Their He
Get Shipment o
{S yflth all ths nasty disagreeable ]
Kjgue virtue of the old fashioned Man|<
H lories have accomplished something.
| Dandruff, scalp itch, tenderness,
I; hair can eaalljr be prevented and per
HRuUo jnausurs and specialists In he
TC Raymoad'i Perfected Manx* Her
waif) fills a long felt need Sold t
H Co.; Martins Drue Store in Fairmont
I Rtafton, or Prescription Pharmacy, 1
IS Is out ire prepay a large liottle anywh
H&pipnd Mens* Btnsrty Ce, Whs til
to have It completed before tbo r=
iczt meeting. The mite boxes were
jperned At tbli meeting and the mm
resized wag very a&tiifadtory. A
new member "was received Into the
sirele at this meeting also. The next Ifc
nesting will be held at the home of
Mrs. Cecil Jenkins In Diamond street. W
Aid Society. co:
The Ladles Aid Society of the Pala- we
tine Baptist church will -meet on ho
Thursday evening with Mrs. Lena cle
(Volfe In Elklns street, thi
Here From flltro. wc
Joe Ayers, a teachers in the high fui
school at Nitro, W. Va., is spending a Jn
Few days here with his aunt Mrs. Lou sic
E. Barnes and other relatives en is
route 'to Nitro to begin his school g0
work. ly
Guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Cun. it.
ningham, os
Mr. and Mrs. Shockley and cousin gr
John Root of Columbus, 0., motored Ba
here Monday and are guests of Mr th
and Mrs. J. G. Cunningham and son to
Arthur in Guffey street. wi
Denies Report of Marriage. dc
In ID? iliaBl Blue ucwa cuiuuiu ???? ^
evening The West Virginian announc- ro
ed the marriage of Miss Ruth Giles to ..j
a Mr. Hawkins. Through her attor- ca
ney, French McCray, Miss Giles states sl]
that she is not acquainted with Mr. j
Hawkins and probably some one has p(
framed It up as a joke. t;,
J. T, Brennen Heads CESnights
of Columbus?
Fairmont Council, 294, Knights of af
Columbus, last evening at its meet- 00
ing elected these officers for the ensuing
Grand Knight, ,J. 8". Brennen.
Deputy Grana Knight, W. E. Hart- R'
man. J"
Chancellor, A. M. Staud.
Recorder, J M. Creighton at
Financial Secretary, David L. Lambard?.
Treasurer, Charles L. Wise.
Advocate, Franck C. Haymond. 01
Warden F. A. Brennen
Inner Guard, J D. Conner. Ll
Outer Guard, Phillip Kurllch
Trustee, Daniel B. McCullough [jj
Lecturer, R. M. Flaherty. .
Delegate to State Convention, P. F
J McGraw
Alternates, Charles L Wise, R. M. aI
The newly elected officers function | p
October 1.
~ I
Only about 25 out of every 1000 elephants
in India can pass the test
for courage which are put to them
J I- hnnt
Deiore iney uiu uacu iU ....... ,
We would like to convince the peo- __
pie of Fairmont especially the ladies. ""
that bread, pies and cakes are being
baked in a clean, sanitary bakery. Wo
now have our new factory in operation
and we invite your inspection. We
will be open to visitors from 2 to 4 p.
m. on Thursday of cach week at 7th
St. and Virginia avenue. And don't
forget that we are selling bread and
a fancy line of cakes and pics at our
store room, 306 Cleveland avenue.
Model Steam Bakery.?Adv.
' every one, |
because it is apparent that it is 1
not doe to cosmetics, paint and I
powder. Bat, the true womanly !
beauty comes from good health, '
I and this good health is a woman's j
secret. j .
I Health comes with good phys- !
: leal machinery and good spirits, I
an active digestion. A body free g
from Dains and aches comes with I
j a tonic known for over fifty yean B
! as the best "temperance"' tonio 8
I and nervine for woman?namely, j
! Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription! :
i It can be obtained in any drug
i store in liquid or tablet form, or,
send 10c to Dr. Pieroe Invalids'
Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y.'
Cleansing of the intestinal tract
k important Take castor oil or :
select a vegetable pilL > Such a
one is composed of May-apple, !
leaves of aloe, root of jalap, and i
j made into tiny sugar-coated pel-;
| lets, to be had at every drug store
I M- Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets.
ight to Quit Using Dog Rem'
iads. Local Stores ;
if New, Remedy.
part taken out and just the tvled and
i "Cure" left In?the Raymond Labora?
etc., due to scalp diseases and falling
nmnontly relieved according to enthulauty
>re Gets Some.
oedy (especially for human hair and
,y Fairmont Pharmacy, Mt City Drug
or William Moran'a Drug Store, FarItanlngton,
W. Va. If your druggist
ore on receipt of 75c plus 3c war tax? .
ng. W. V4.
Evening Chat
? "1 1
s Can't "Get Shut" of Our Troubles.
We'd like to "get shut" of the high
Bt of living bnt we can!t do It until
i have such co-operation among the
usewlves in the city 'that the demons
of a majority will be felt by
jse who are dishonestly profiteer5.
It's the easiest thing In the
irld to bring down prices?if one resee
to buy. A merchant can't stay
business if no one buys. The .bas
fault lies in the fact where food
concerned that women like to set a
od table and while they hate awfulto
pay the high prices, they simply
it?"oh Just because I had to have
" A woman today wanted a large
sortment of plums, pears and white
apes. "Aren't they delicious?" she
Id to her companion. "Sure thing
ey are, I care for them more than
r any' other article of diet these
irm days. Wie should all eat that
-t thin- T xnntri tulro tirn
illars* worth of that home and there
juldn't%e a bit of it left by tomorw,"
replied the more sensible friend,
'm running on an allowance and I
in't do it though. Can you?" "I
lould say I couldn't," came instaut.
"But I'm going to do it anyway.
Jn't know how I'll come out. Hate to
ink of such things;* I'll Just buy till
y money gives out and then I'll
large things till next allowance day."
Kcellent thought I?what's the use
thinking anyway these days. The
ily fun we get is in buying as long
the money lasts and changing goods
tor that. Fierce principles this high
ist of living is generating.
The Faith Divine.
I sa<w one 01 the most beautiful
ottos imaginable today in the upper
ill of St. Peter's Catholic school,
ho grooto was placed there last fall
id the money to pay for it was doited
mostly by the children with part
ven by the parents to make up the
im of $300. It is an exact duplicate
' the one in Lourdes, France, and a
>ry pretty story is told regarding it.
Dng, long ago a simple peasant girl
iw a vision. She saw it every day
ir a long time?and the vision to<Jk
le shape of an angel. The young girls
lends could not see the exquisite
irm and to prove that the little peasit
really did see instead of imSEE
If you want to Buy or Sell Heal
Estate. Office number 200 Watson
Building with Chqs. W. Evans,
'nsurance Agent.
We need Used Furniture to
supply our UIQ oiurc, vuiuct uav-nbod
and Jefferson streets. You
need New Furniture from our
New Store, 221 Monroe street.
Let ub exchange. We also reoalr
or store Furniture.
See Denham First Co.
Next to Woolworth's
Have the
Union Dentists
Fix four teeth
Pricet reason
able. Work
MtijCnrQupr guaranteed.
Office over
McCrery't 5 & 10c Store, Main 8t
fullest, extent. No weak, tastelei
use one of our Universal percolt
it is saving on coffee because in
strength out of the grounds, it
as much coffee as the old style
fee pot. Price reasonable consid
$4.50 on up to $7.
Universal Bread
Maker it
^ ^
JC/illlllllCtl/C WaSUC
of material and
the mixing and
kneeding is done lit
in three minutes. \l
Made in three \|
sizes. \\
No. 2, 2 to a Loav?? W
$2.75. >
No. 3, 2 to i! Loaves
No. 4, 4 to 10 Loaves
_ _
agin* she saw, the angel lelt a sign
id tho shape of a babbling spring of
water Mining out of the ground. Rosea
alio bluffled all about evon though It
was wintertime, Tho water today
HbeUt the grotto In Kranoe li said to
be 88 healing In quality that patient*
are brought from many cities to take
advantage of Its miraculous qualities
and many of them go away cured.
When the war ended, many soldiers
who were sick and wounded, traveled
to tho beautful grotto feeing that
could they but taste or touch the
sparklin* fluid, they would be made
well. The angel and peasant made
in statue stand there now.
Isn't the story wonderfully beautiful!
Doesn't it fill one with longing
for a faith so simple and trustful.
There are many deeply religious
characters in tha world but out of
NOW is a good time t(
H we can take advantage
Hi Winter months, that we i
RR all Ford Agents sell their
gy| only have thirteen Touri
U bouts per month to deliv
IS the year beginning Augus
H 1920. This surely ought
H customers to plan the pi
Kjj much ahead of the time ;
|gj vice as posible
H Come in, let lis talk it i
flj the annoyance and waiUi
I Central Automc
I Authori;
| 419 Hull Alley.
j B.P.
James w
A Good Cof- Buy a Uni
fee Percola- ai
tor is a woman's
the wife a JBf?
really good per- HBj"
colator and en- H
joy your morning
coffee to the wSfii
38 coffee if you
ttors, and besides I
getting all of the
does not require ]SJ]|H^Kz
bothersome cof- lim., I'lBBI
ering quality. fj.
Have a lo
dow display
Baskets (
<313^0^5)"*^ ciotnes, s
hampers in
* y ^ow an<*sp*
1 fill and $3.00.
Willow H
af> Shoppers,
! '
:' ' ' * ; -
these there are surely hut few who ff
etlll havti Absolute faith in miracles.
Thero aw many who want to believe.
There are many who search anxiously
for a tro'*. such as this. But the truly
healed by fulth are few.
Moose to Initiate
Class Wednesday
Fairmont Lodge of Moose. 9, Loyal
Order of Moose, will initiate a class
of ten candidates at its meeting on
this evening at 8 o'clock in
Moose Home.
Business of Importance in regard to
the welfare of the Moose club will be
transacted. The report of the past
two months will be read.
TH& 1
) order your Ford Car, so ||jj ~
of extra cars during the luj
nay be able to secure. If I B
allotment of cars, we will I
ag Cars and three Runa- I I
er in Marlon county, for I j
it 1st, 1919 to August 1st, I (
to be evidenco enough for I I
irehase of a Ford Car as | {
pou want to put it in ser- I 1
Dver. try to get away from I I
ig that is going on at this g |
ie Corporation
:ed Dealers
JE 629.
Fairmont, W. Va
?Si ? 0 I
L Coogle
Iain St.
versal Nocum Lunch Box
nd Enjoy Life.
These lunch
boxes are excellent
(or school
,children for
jgjyfj B lunches will lndeed
repay you
tiwP" for the Bma11 la|j$|l
vestment of
ok at our win- iv^s.
r of baskets. )f
1 all kinds, F~|g?j
hoppers and p'iySl
both the wil- ^$00
ilothes Basket, $2.25, $2.50
tampers, $3.25 and $3.50..
60c and up to $1.75.
BEST vbL / tBI
People^^^P |
I A h S I.OMfcllLCOUfttHoSf-^ZJI I
Originators and Leaders of Low Prices in Fairmont |
A National Problem Solved
Pure, Wholesome Food -J- Nujol = Health
PURK, wholesome food is necessary, but it is not
enough. The purest, most wholesome food
. will hinder rather than help health if allowed to
clog the colon?the large intestine. And doctori j
agree that about 90 Jfo of our ailments are caused or
intensified by constipation.
Some part of even the purest and most wholesome
food is waste. If this waste is not kept moving out
of the body, it stagnates and breeds poisons which
saturate the system and cause or nourish disease.
The old, wrong way to attack such stagnation was to \
force a passage through the impacted mass.
The new, right way to overcome it is to let Nujol
induce easy self-elimination.
And since health is^as much a matter of how wr rliminate it
waste as how we assimilate fooil-ftiel, it must become evident
to every thinking person that the use of a natural, drugless
lifricant is as sensible and necessary a) the eating of pure,
wnolesome food.
The three vital processes upon which health is based are
Mastication, Assimilation, Elimination.
Therefore, the perfect recipe for health is thorough Mastication;
Pure, wholesome Food, and Nujol.
Trythistrinity. GetabottleofNujoIfroinyourdruggistto-day.
For valuable health booklet?' 'Thirty Feet of Danger "?free, write
Nujol Laboratories, Standard Oil Co. (Newjcrsey) 50 B'way, N. Y.
iVnrilMMJ* Nujol Is sold only In sealed borjei bear- "KtguUrtt ) < f
TV Uf /**/*? Jnr the Nujol Trade Mark. All tfrur C/wimrl" /_ /^
liita. Insist on Nujol. You nay tufir horn substitutes. - ^
Nuiol jlpL
Rrr Constipation rNu'ioffiilEBPI
Sickness Prevention
J "j .HeWas Blind | |
A BLIND MAN, in a western 81 n IIIIII
town, went to the depot dally, In6 1 11
to see the train come In.
(He used to see it come In, be- ISI I I
[ore ho was blind.
Now, with omy his Imagination 1*1
Tor eyes, and although old and 131 I MM
blind, this ha])it of meeting the III |||J]|
train was so strong that he still | j J |
continued it. I j jj
If you save something each 8 IE III81"; i
week, you will form a habit, Just ||| ||||
Ill] 111 mi Let ua show you our plan or
Fairmont State Bank. t'- \
? It Fairmont, W. Va. ^ v ^ ^
yMMSi/ pwrwiPT 1 TTTDHT \ nr u T T \ffiKnir
|| Payment by check is safe, convenient and
|| economical?it brings a receipt automatically
|| We believe you will appreciate having a f I
I checldng account with the Fairmont Trust |

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