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^ pWorkers Did Not Rally
BnKW .YORK, Sept. 10.?John Mitch
ell, former president of the United
Mine Workers of America and one of
^^Bprinost widely known labor leader*
Wi in the TJnlted States, died at 5 o'clock
H| yesterday afternoon at the Post GradI
Kr. Mitchell was only 49 years old.
H Although he underwent an operation
l0 days ago for the removal of gall
tones, his condition bad been reponH
id as entirely satisfactory and bis
BiMth was wholly unexpected by bis
I With Mr. Mitchell when he died wer-j
K,ills wife, his son and daughter. GovKysrnor
gtplth, who had called to inquire
BibOut his condition, arrived omy a iew
fy. ulnutei After be had breathed bis last.
^Bmaiald by bis physicians that while
H titers ha4 been every reason to expect
Er bis rettery Mr. Mitchell had failed to
Hraliy from the effects of the operation.
K Since 1916 Mr. Mitchell had been
HraKlitrman of the New York State InHluctrl&l
Commission. He also served
^Ms-president of the State Food ComHmlssion,
chairman of the Federal Food
pBoard, president of the New York
KjS&ate Council of Farms and Markets
E>>Sd as a member of the Federal Milk
E Commission for the Eastern states
B While his office was In New York, his
Kjjpome was In Mount Vernon.
^ To Hood Cottage.
Miss Mildred Drake leu yesterday
' for (Frederick Md? where she will
Sweater Hood College for the coming
Hgtv ~ Fill* Vacancy,
K^Fay* Donnan of Fairmont, Is filing
Hthe;poBltlon of Walter L Jenks ct1
jjjj. the . First National Bank, while the!
Huatter Is in tbe east on hi# vacation. |
From Service.
K Frank Leecb, who returned from:
[ sover seas service August 30th and
F- jriB discharged from Camp Dlx arriuv
3? home Monday.
i Tureen S<Tppsr.
i;. The Womans Home Missionary So
jsieyand the Woman's Foreign Mi-Jtonary
society of the Method
tolijirch will serve a b!x o'clock Turee
fltppper at the church on next Fridr
Evening. The women of these noc:e
ties 'Invite their husbands as their
Local Elks Go.
PMinnlngton Elks are makinz ?tc::5ire
preparations ffl!" attendance a .
! ; the ?tate meet in Fairmont this'
week. The delegation was to leave |
jh'ipeclal cars over the Interurbsn line
ills niornlng carrying a band of tlilr-:
y pieces and two hundred men forj
Improves Building.
;The J. T. -Keen block betwe?n th*>
ridges has been greatly Improved
om tcp to bottom by the addition of
"fresh coat of paint. Other business
iilidlngs In the city could be mado
tore 'attractive by this method.
Infant Dies.
Helen May, the infaut daughter of;
!r, and Mrs. Arthur Anderson died'
(their home In Howard street about!
ne o'clock yesterday morning. Mrs.
Sdetton Ic quite ill, and the child's
lUim Via hern nut hilt a few days I
Itter a severe attack of gastric fever,
he funeral of the child was animneed
or two o'clock this afternoon
t the home, with Interment In the
iinnlngton cemetery.
Position In Clarksburg,
Mils Marie Boor, who hag been eto?
0,T?d in the Crown Insurance Agen'/lP:M?nnlnjton
for several months
repted a position with th<j ClarksInsurance
Company, leafing for
tat city on Sunday.
_ Koontx.Ysagle.
Rev. J, V, Koontz, pastor of the
irtftPreibyterian church In this city
id^Mles Grace Yeagel, of Baltimore,
ir? united Id marriage in that city
( Friday, September 5th. Rev. and
n. Koonti have arrived here and
e receiving the congratulations of
j?lr many friends.
V . missionary Meeting.
jjia Womans Home and Foreign
Issio&ary Bocisty of tho Presbytera
Cfturch will meet at the home 01
w. Vogan In Homewood at 2:30 tojprow
afternoon. Members are urgto
be present.
J, E. Belch. "Chief."
At IB adjourned meeting or the
tmcll blld Monday evening, J. &.
lob was appointed Chief of Police to
iCttQ J. G. Hickman resigned, and
6UU Alb as night man. Other apeasts
tor the office of chief were
{Sir Masters. Thomas Ash and
rtl? Vitt of Morgantown. Beside
i^8b, Robirt Ilolbart, S. \V. Wise,
I 6, 0< fcddy were applicants for
l ilfbt position.
Frem Over.Seas.
IB)** Hobin and Earl Murray, both
apojfton boy* and members of Per
Bf'l guard arrived In New York
vMahiUv on ths trananort Levis
pi\ Buiinei* in Morgantown.
is Carl E- Beatty baa secured, the agen
H|? for the Overland automobiles for
IKjUKttfllla county and has purchased
K/ Overland garage In Morgantown
Hum will leave In a few dayav to take
^hr.rge of the business.
W- , Romodellng,
Workmen are busy reraodelingUJje
fMtant business rooms in the Wllsott
)ee>. Is Water street, one of which 1>
Hfcbe used by the C. W. BushyComand
other local Red Cross P?oBED
Jlillard F. Oeisy. of Wheeling, was
1 1
the guett of Mr. and Mrs. J. Kooa
! In Pleasant street. - <
Charles Jones left yesterday for
Marcna Hook, Pa., where he is a student
In chemistry, after a visit with
his mother in Buffalo street.
Miss Charlotte Snodgrass, of Barrackvllle,
is the guest of her cousin,
Mrs. T. V. Morgan in Locust street.
Miss Lucile Murirtiy who has been
a guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
i D. A. Fitzgerald of Marshall street
i has returned to her home In Maysville
Ky. 1
Mrs. H. H. Clark and son are home
from a visit with the former's sister
In Martin's Ferry 0.
Miss Neva Monroe has returned from
a visit' with the former's sister In
James M. Maupln, Jr., left Monday
for a visit at his' home in Washington,
0, C.
Rev. J. V. Koontz Is attending a
meeting of the Grafton Presbytery
in Parkersburg. During his absence,
I Mr.?. Kontz is the guest of friends Is
j Cameron.
William J. Kraus is spending a vacation
In Atlantic City.
Harold Gerrard spent the week end
with friends In Wheeling.
C Howard Long left Monday for a
business visit in Mountain Lake Park,
John Marvllle waB here from Grafton
to spend Sunday with his parents
in High street.
Frank H. Wagner and son, Ralph,
have returned from a visit with the
former's mother in Tiffin, 0.
ing p
Drink a Bottle of Clot
/-it 71 Each bottle contain
r Sa. gl???e*?24 bottle* t
Case Setlt druggist, grocer or
will get it for you.
If your dealer is unab
him to hone the Wholesi
ICtmtli irt told tnrywh'r* h
icfruitfully millaf)I
uHrittf, or (?n (30<
itintlf) in j tlfin?-fp*r
tovrtd csrioti. Wntnnlly m
thit urttn tor Mi* A*mi
u (Am ia?'r<r wAm w <?? /
Fred Thorn is of Hundred spent Scdj
dijr with friends in H'mnnlngton. |
J. Ritchie of Pittsburgh has return'
ed home after a visit with Bert Ferry
here. .' ' i *
Mr*. Caleb Burt ha3 gone to Cleveland
for a visit ?ith 'her daughter
Mrs. A. E. Todd.
Mrs. Jack Moore of Weston, is here
for a visit with her sister, Mrs. C. L.
Cottrell of Falrview street
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Prichard are
on an automobile trip to Peoris, 111.,
for a visit with relatives.
C. A. Basnett, of Wodsield, Ohio,
was the guest of his brother E. D.
Basnett here this week.
Mrs. C. A. Snodgrass left Sunday
for a visit with her brother in Colum'bus,
Miss Helen Hornbeck has returned
hone after a visit with her sister in
Akron, Ohio.
Miss Dorothy Martin has returned
from a visit with relatives in Fairmont.
Mrs. W. C. Berlin, of Denver, Colo.
11s here for a visit with her iuother
in Buffalo street.
0. C. Basnett and family and W. H
Parsons and family motored to Union
town, Pa., on Sunday.
Miss Medsro Debpldarfpr is the miest
of friendi in Clarksburg.
Mrs. Allie McConnell and daughter
Miss Margaret have returned from
Wheeling where they attended the
> ,,
Krupps are building In Germany
I silent planes with turbine engines,
[which rrill carry 64 persons.
f Clov?1
E greatest portion of any bev
he better the water, the better
we use the celebrated Governs
rhis wonderful water comes
Jing from the famous Cloverda
Pa., and has been prescribed
' years.
t is a natural alkaline water w
lates excess acids from the ?v
:inal and tonic properties.
UI Cloverdale Beverages reta
foperties of Cloverdale Miner;
icial fruit juices and the food v
are more than refreshing drink
>erdale Ginger Ale With You,
? two tuU-eized ., 1
aicw. Your Always '
confectioner has Serve
vir.FR ale or COLD A
le to supply you, ask I
ale Distributors
l^Th^r Win You
19 Your enjoyment of Camels
|il because their refreshing fli
rJ and mellowness is so entici
never tasted such a cigar*
nated and there is a cheej
unpleasant cigaretty aftei
3 pleasant cigaretty odor I
Camels are made pf an ex]
] Turkish and choice Domes
smooth and mild, but have
body and certainly hand
generous measure. Youw
i . -i.% J
Diena to eiuier kihu ui luutu,
Give Camels the
compare them wj
the world at an;
flavor, Batisfa
jjffflli \ how Hbert
gftgpRjk' J Camels th(
#8^ VP* your taate!
AT Winston
Dr, Agar Tonight
Much Interest centers in the address
thir rvtninR of Dr. H. A. Ager, a note.J
divine of the Baptist denomination!
and considered one of the greatest)
authorities on church efficiency in
the United States. Dr. A*ar will address
ai. audience this evening at
c-iKOt o'clock in the auditorium, of.
t:ie First Baptist church and everybody
in the city is Invited to hear this Mdress
which will be very fine. The local
church has betn endeavoring for
a per-f.d ot years to secure t>r. Agar f7r
thh address.
Ghosts are regarded as gods ir.
fomp parts of India.
1 DriJsiS)
6 bell-ans
el for indigestion
^klN^ \yMj
'erage is water?
the drink. That's
lift Mineral Wof?r.
dear, pure and
Je Spring at Newby
physicians for
hich dissolves and
etftm and has **<?1
in the health-givil
Water, plus the
alvje r*ne sugar.
r Meal This Evening
r? Clovffdtle |
V Bpr<n*Co.
On Quality! I
i will be very great K
avor and fragrance gj
ingly different. You
;tte! Bite is elimi- K|
ful absence of any Ba
;-taste or any un- m
oert blend of choice H
tic tobaccos and are Eg
i that desirable full- H
out satisfaction in
ill prefer this Camel H
co smoked straight I 9
stiffest tryout, then
ith any cigarette in
y price for quality, H
ction. No matter Sj
illy you smoke
jy will not tire
i-Sftlctn, N. C. | .
The title "Admiral" comes from the
Arabic, "Amir al bahr," a ruler or the
Last year 1,000,000 acres of Woods
in England ^ere felled for war parposes.
Ambition !
Pills j
For Nervous People
The great nerve tonic^the famous
Wendell's Ambttion "Pllls-^that will
put vigor rim and vitality'Into nervous,.
tried out, all In, despondent people
in a few days 1 nmany nistances.
Anyone can buy a box for only B0
rents, and H-H Drug Co. is authorized
by the maker to refund the purchase
price if anyone is dissatisfied with
tie first box purchased.
Thousands praise them for general
debility, nervous prostration, menial
depression and unstrung nerves caused
by over-indulgence in alcohol, to>
bacco or overwork of any kind.
For any affliction of the nervous
system Wendell's Ambition Pills art
unsurpassed, while for hysteria, trembling
and neuralgia they are simply
nlonrtiri Plftv cents at H-H BM
Co., and dealers avemriere. (
Wanted Salesman. '
In every town in West Virginia |
.0 sell direct from maker to con- ,
World-Famed?Goodyear Raincoats?Mens'
and Boys'
Complete sample lines furnish- :
ed?dozens of beautiful patterns .
in wool and sllk-llned garments?
newest Fall *tyl*s.
Collect Your Own Pay.
on pa-;h sale made?we ship custcmer
balance C. 0. D.
$15 Dally Easily Earned.
Goodyear Raincoat Co.
925 Pol'mcy St. N.8, Pitt?burgh Pa
???? 1
| A Feas
I Pot
= IS provid
|i X A. look at
H "It's a sun-d
= "It's a beaut
I?, This artii
?| placed his or
SI But ther<
I P | " well was hid
He did nc
| || made in the
I P been perfeci
| IP rear axle h
II Rams-horn ]
|| * how the emi
|| transmission
?1 make a "me
P dinner.
H It's a grei
J the 300,000 o
P the highwayi
|| Though a
|g added in vali
g f. o. b. Detroi
III Meredith St
Read the Store I
I New Fall Dresses
Continues Today I
9. At
i & $19-^5:!
^L|V> | pB Dresses Worth $25, $30 and $35 J
C WM i [ to a ? _v 1L!. r? ?1.aLI. a.1a 1
ggai I U are in mis nuniaiiwiuu: , i
t, - 3rl I We started thfs sale with 78 M
i aRMb dresses and the women who re- < 1
sponded to this dress offer Mon?
day and Tuesday were astonish- j i
cd at the wonderful dresses at ,
c $19.75. We believe this to be ('
: the greatest dress opportunity in Fairmont.
, > Don't fail to attend this sale today or tomorrow. i;
: There are about a dozen different styles.
( Tunick dresses, draped dresses, embroidered t,
? dresses, ruffled dresses, etc. Made of wool serges, 11
! panamas, fine satins, silk taffetas, georgettes
j, and georgette and Taffeta in sizes 16 to 54. , j
H?A Store for the People. (
"The Busy Business Spot" - <!
>t to the Eye is the j
?t-War Maxwell |
* - EE
3 artist, whose income is sufficient to =
e him with a Rolls-Royce, took one |?
: the Post-War Maxwell and remarked: |j 1
own!" Which is art slang for saying,
st then went to the telephone and
der for one. |e
sal great beauty of the Post-War Max- f|
den from the eye of this noted artist.' =
>t know about the vast improvements " M |
chassis, how the electric system has aj | .* ?
ted, how a heavier and masterly
as been used, how Hot Spot and
have given the engine a new efficiency,
urgency brake has been set up on the = I I
shaft, nor a score of others that would H 1
schanical mind" forget his
iter Maxwell than any of H |
f the same type that grace
, respectable'sum has been HJK
je, the price is only $985
L GARAGE CO. || i|
Phone 485. Fairmont, W. Va.
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilliiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiml 11
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