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Itj'(Spe:lal Dispatch W. Va.)
WRGANTOWN, W. Va., Sept. 15?
StaechMls for children have never
red entirely successful, according
^oL T. B. Leland, of West Virgininlversity,
state supervisor of trade
industrial education in this under
*Bmith-Hughea law, in discussing
^general continuation part-time
toes which are being started by him
ilia state. In his opinion, the part
e cchoois have proved more ecoilcal
as well as vastly more efflLt,
and will (be a big factor in the
(jrlcanizaUon of the foreign born
rof. Leland will carry on extension
'k along these lines of education
"first half of this year In Wheels';
Charleston, Parkersbur^g and In
ltlnxton. The second half of the
Ijj he will probably be located at
gantown. But he expects to do
c In Morgantown, Fairmont Grafanil
P recently outlined the new work
:b is the outgrowth of the new
9 school code that requires chlli
between the ages of 14 and 16
s- to receive further educational
ling. He outlines the work as folit
.our teachers' institutes,- and at
ic and private gatherings, both
B and small, in books, magazines
{newspapers, the work Americanon
has been used with such effthat
all men and women, who
i'.et heart the welfare of this counsre
expressing their Amerlcanlzaln
terms of social, economic and
kttonal service, by organizing
Ses for the foreign born communijnters,
visiting nurse associations,
tit-teacher associations, parks,
grounds community singing, war
}g societies, plans for proper hous
evening classes, part time classes
Pfeile giving due consideration to
parts played by the social and
nmic phase of this great movet
for Americanization, we must
target that the work of American!
in begins with the education of
jreil, both of native and of alien
ntage, since children are Ameri
Iiol is the logic-' rtini,' poin'J
Jhe work of Americanization.
n the new school code of West
Inla, Sections 128 and 129. provisj
are made for the making of good
sricans of the employed and unloyed
children of the state, bcm
the ages of fourteen and sixteen
*8 of age, by requiring them to atan
evening school or pnrt-Umo
'school provided t'jere Is an evonBchool
or part-time day school
[in two miles of the child's home,
asmuch as great inter.-st in being
vn in the organization or evening
tea and part-time day cla^ce*, and
jf, questions are (being asked contog
the evening schools, ptrt-tlme
iols, courses of studj* kind of
here required, length of tern, ?nd
snse of operation, a disciHJton of
e points will be given.
frimarilv evening schools should
br men and women?for thos? who
H what they want, having gained
f knowledge in tbt hard acurol of
!hose men and women want coursleeigned
to extends their general
tation, courses in trade iind tnduf^'work
and related < ???*
I birth, courses in English. Kvc-nscbools
cannot fulf 'l tbe cee-ls
forking hoys and gli-.* because
icannot attend thft vr-,<rk with prof
me experience of many citiztui3
shown that while many children
rter, a very large p'Tcmtage fail
omplete even half oi the course,
Ian Inks She is
: Privileged to Talk
| anyone ever had a miserable
ach I surely had. It was growing
e, too, all the time. Had severe
i and attacks every ten days or
Weeks and bad to call a doctor,
jcoiild only relieve me for Bhort
i; . Two years ago last February
Ic a treatment ot Mayr s wonderemedy
and I have not had a spell
In or misery since. My friends
render that I am looking so well.
I.am privileged to talk about it.''
a simple harmless preparation
removes the catarrhal mucus
theintestlnal tract and allays the
ixnation which causes practically
pmach, liver and intestinal aili,
including appendicitis. One
Wll convince or money refund1
w niiii
tJ Dnntata, m Mat prmld
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course, and of those o^piotiug the
entire course the number In very
small. Attendance upon evening clats
es Is a severe test of tho energy, ambition
and physical rig >r of tn? yrung
wage-earner a test which children,
because of the physlcii exor.it>;!.>n,
resulting from their <1a;'s work are
not able to meet.
"Owing to the difficult! m l.? enf"rc:ng
attendance upon evening classes, a
very small number of yonnj workers
ft.'uction, <tnd because i.r in t small
r?mber, the cost of suci I-/-'ruction
Is much larger than for similar work
aro benefited by evenir; school 'nUi'ns
in the regular day school.
"Because of the expense of maintaining
evening schools, the difficulties
in enforcing attendance, and the
small number completing the courses,
the attetnion of business men, educators
and citizens in general has been
turned to the General Continuation
Parft-Time Class, which if organized
according to the requirements of the
Federal Board for Vocational Education,
received Federal Aid for payment
ot one half of the salaries of all teachers
engaged in this work.
"The requirements of a Federal
Aided General Continuation Part-Time
Class are as follows:
1. This class must provide for not
less than 144 hours instruction per
year, such instruction to bs given
during the hours of employment of boy
and girl between the ages or fourteen
and sixteen'years.
2. Any subject, oral and written
English, Spelling, Writing, History,
Civics, Arithmetic, Geography, Physi
the civic or vocational intellgence of
workers over fourteen years of age,
and cay be offered these classes.
"The qualficatlons of teachers, who
art competent (o undertake this work,
are a good academic education, and a
strong and pleasing personality. Such
teachers should be sufficiently skilled
to be able to make use of practical
experiences of the individual members
of their classes as a basis for teaching
and to show how the fundamental
subjects of reading, writing and arithmetic
and training in citizenship, can
be applied to every day life.
"Concerning the expenses of maintaining
General Continuation PartTime
Classes, it can be sfiid that,
while the local community must assume
the entire expense connected
w*ith the operation of evening classes
suitable for young workers, by organiz
inc General Continuation Part-time
classes, one half of the salaries of
the teachers are paid by the Federal
Government. In considering the number
of young workers reached by this
kind of instruction, it can be seen that
Fart-time classes can be conducted at
less expense than any other kind of
"The general continuation Parttice
classes makes a vita] appeal to
boys and girls and affords to them
an opportunity to continue their general
education, which means broader
industrial nnd social intelligence. It
affords the necessary help to these
boys and girls and enables them to
get the most out of their employment;
it prevents drifting about from job to
Job; it meets the needs of industrial
and dally life; it creates a desire for
more education, and establishes cooperative
relations between the
schools, the children and the employ
"Through the General Continuation
Part-time Classes, means are afforded
for the accomplishment of an important
program for Americanization
namely the preparation of boys and
frirla tn taUo thfiir nlar.#*i pnnri niH
zens and efficient workers In maintaining
the Ideals and standards of the
U. S. of America."
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| That Holds .
extra effort put forth ii
See the large variety
kitchen and table cutlery,
play. Remember we gi
every purchase?you tak
cutlery at this store.
Hall's H
Goal is Million Members Before
the Week is
The national membership drive of
the American Legion to enroll one
million veterans of tne great war in
forty-eight state branches tnroughout
the United States begins today (September
15). It will continue for six
days, through September 20, with Intensive
canvassing in every community
under Legions' slogan, "Let's
Stick Together."
The 4#0,000 members already enrolled
is more than 4,000 local poets of
The American Legion are going afte.
600,000 more. It Is the aim of the national
organization of American veterans
of the war to make the Minneapolis
convention on American Legion
Day, November 11, actually representative
of at least one million of former
service men and women.
In the following statement to the
I I^eeion from National headquarters,
the Joint national committee reaffirms
the aims and ideals which animated
the Legion's founders at Paris
and St. Louis:
"In starting its September drive for
one million members, the American
Legion reaffirms its alms and purposes
which have won the support of more
than 400,000 veterans of the War with
Germany already enrolled in 4,000 local
posts organized by forty-eight
state branches.
"The American Legion is the national
civilian organization of ex-service
men and women. It is non-partisan,
non-political and non-sectional;
knowing no distinctions of rank or service.
Former enlisted men and 'ormer
officers,?former overseas men ana
former national service men'who
served in the United States,?all are
welcome in The American Legion with
"The ideals of The American Legion
I are summarized in the preamble to the
national constitution which was adopted
at Paris in March and at St. Louis
In May and whi*h will be ratified formally
at the first national convention
In Minneapolis on American Legion
Day, November 1th.
"'To uphold and defend the ConstiI
tutlon of the United States of Ameri'
ca.' The basic foundation of American
life by virtue of which American
citizenship is guaranteed to Americans
throughout the world is taken for
granted by the millions who participate
in its benefits and protection.
Yet this same Constitution has been
attacked from without by the Huns and
is being attacked from within by followers
of the red flag . The American
Legion Is pledged to uphold and defend
the plan of government for which
fitty tnousanu Americans gave meir
, lives in France.
" 'To maintain law and order.' Consider
the plight of Russia where Uniyd
States troops are patrolling the Siberian
railroad tracks because there
is no Russian government today worthy
of the name.
"'To foster and perpetuate a one
hundred per cent. Americanism.' The
American Legion demands of its members
that they be heart and soul for
America. It goes further . It demands
that the "fifty-fifty" counterfeit Amer1
icans, many of whom requested and
received exemption from national service
on the ground that they were not
American citizens, decide immediately
whether they intend to become citizens
and perform the duties of citizenship
or make their steamer reservations.
"'To preserve the memories and incidents
of our associations in the
Great War.' Which needs no elaboration.
"'To inculcate a sense of individur.:
obligation to the community, state and
I have moved my law offices
from the Jacobs building to room
7 and 8, Hall block.
Cecil H. Riggs.
Steel Cutlery
A Good Edge
There are so many
m poor grades of cutlery
II on the market, that we
f took particular care
f and effort in selecting
quality brands for our
customers; as a consequence
we are proud of
the lots we have here
for your selection. The
satisfaction you'receive
\ in using them more
than pays us for the
i procuring satisfactory
of pocket knives, scissors,
, shown in our window disiiarantee
satisfaction with
e no chances f- ' 'iving
?' .
nation.' Much Is expected of men and
Women who wore the uniform of tho.
United States between April 6, 1917,'
and November 11, 1918.' The nation
looks to them for leadership. The
American Legion believes that nation-!
al service docs not end for the real!
American when he returns to civilian1
pursuits from which the great war!
wrested htm temporarily. He must
work for good government in times of
" 'To combat the autocracy of both
the classes and the masses.' Autocrats
and their autocracy have no place in!
an organization uniting 3.800.000 menj
and women who donned the United
States uniform to help the Allies maKt,
the world safe for democracy. History's
most recent example of a misguided
autocrat Is now confined within
a lonely castle at Amerongen.
. "' 'To make right the master of
might.' Victory for the Allies with
its consequ>ot defeat for the Germans
has bolstered up the faith every human
being has that right, however severely
assailed, will inevitably triumph
over night.
" 'To promote peace and good will
on earth.' The American Legion is an
after-the-war association of veteran?
who, having put the great adventure
behind them, are banded toegther to
enjoy the great peace which has been
nhminoH thrnneh heroic sacrifice and
splendid achievement. It Is a civilian
" 'To safeguard and transmit to j
posterity the principles of justice,
freedom and democracy.' In other
words, to preserve the spiritual spoils
which we Americans get out of the
war. Material gain would never have
tempted the United States to enter
the war and to fight as the Americans
did fight after they were once in it.
Jfistice, Freedom and Democracy.'
They mean the United States of America
where they man has a chance to
make of himself what he decides he
would like to be.
" 'To consecrate and sanctify our
comradeship by our devotion to mutual
helpfulness.' A benediction to the
ideals for which The American Legion
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| Zasla
in the
You Ne\
Better Fi
! Remen
I ?
Evening Chat
? "
Heard and Overheard.
"My gracious," I beard a woman say
Saturday afternoon, "the new city administration
fa starting out energetically.
I called three times last week
i to see why my garbage hadn't been
collected and Just as I was getting desperate
Mr. Kern drove up to my bousb
in state in bis car and gave me a private
bearing on the matter. In about
ten minutes after tbat along came the
big trash wagon with an opologetic
I colored gentleman on the front who
[ not only solved my immediate problem
but proposed everlasting good service
in the future." It sure does look as
though we were going to have some
lively times in the city.
I happened to hear a man on the
street say today that he wouldn't be
a bit surprised mat it tnmgs got uiu
tight, the new administration would
bft recalled In about six months. You
can't suit everybody of course. Some
like 'em tight and some like 'em loose.
Reminds me of a fellow in. Los Angeles
this past summer who stood on a corner
and stopped various men with the
wards, "You wet or dry? Just sign,
this paper." You cotild stand near him
and pick out the follows that man was
going to stop without failing on a sfngle
one. Birds of a feather flock together.
Sure thing nothing surer.
And every bird has a certain feather
which makes him special chums with
the songster of his particular kind.
Rev. Dr. Broomfield is preaching
sermons these Sunday nights on how
the new administration ought to run
things and how Fairmont ought to run
the administration. He's preaching
some good sermons to small congregations
and it doesn't look as though I
folks were as interested as they were I
on the subject of "dancing, auto riding
and other vices in the city." 1 heard
cnvnrql otnn^flrorc U'hn visifPfi at I
church last evening say after service:
"Is your preacher going to run the city
or are the new officials?" It may work
out all right for a wide-awake preacher
to keep his eyes on the building
across the street as he promises, espeI
daily as the new mayor belongs to his
congregation. With all the compliments
which have been heaped upon
his shoulders, Mayor Conaway can
[ scarcely do less than his lever best.
! It's mighty hard to live up to the nice
things folks say about us in this contrary
world. But It helps a lot to know
I there are people who believe In us and
who expect even the miraculous to
Sometimes compliments have a
queer power. I once knew a very shy,!
: rather inefficient personality who was
practically made all over by a few
compliments applied in the right place.
He had grown into a tight rut of believing
that he was a fixture in a small
place and that nobody ever depended
on him for anything really worth while.
I shall never forget how surprised this
man was when he discovered the number
of friends he possessed nor how
differently heacted when he learned
that he could do several things just
as well If not a little better than anydoy
else. So even the mayor may take
ffs Fii
! Annu
rer Wore
itting Suit
/ill Make t<
iber! Es
'Showing; a S{
Ladies' New
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Low Under*
The materials are silks,
poplins, serges, etc., in p
plaids; regular and stout
$2.98 tc
Originators and Leaders e
heart and not he disconraged as being
the subject of so much prayer and co*:i
plfmenlary discussion. As Dr. Broomfield
says, maybe "tbo Lord has come
into his own" at last after all and we
are to have a sort of second heaven
on earth?under the new administration.
Let us pray.
Every dtj is moving day with us.
V/e are ready 10 move your freight,
jour household goods, pianos, safes,
machinery. And let us remind you that
we do our work in the most satisfactory
manner and with dispatch and at
most reasonable charges. Long dUUnce
moving by large auto vans.
Thomas Caruso, 221 Meredith Si.
Phone G98J.?Adv.
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