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f'Episcopal Church Coopcra|Mpting
With School Authorgf
J&ellevlng that good citizenship im!
plies loyalty to some form of organj
,i*?4 religion and that, to this end,
weekday religious instruction should
H Ohild, tha Episcopal church In Amerl'
ca has forged a new link in Its prorf.powd
chain of - weekday religious
^Mbools to be conducted In co-opcra}
tlon with the public school systems ot
8: Ban country and which Is part of thai.
| Wido campaign now in progress.
J|'? The new link has been created In
|?Grand Rapids, Michigan. With the ap|I>','t>roTaI
and co-operation of W. A. Gree
schools of Grand Rapids, an Episcopal
weekday school of religious education
; Is to be opened at the begipning of
3$',the fall terra in the parish of Grace
5| .church, of which tho Itev. G. P. T. SarMfcj&gent
is rector.
Kif . The church school will give religi|4)|;bus
Instruction to public school pupils
who are children of Episcopalian
' families. According to the plan proHg^pdBed,
the public school authorities
Ip^wlU Jssuo "parents excure cards," to |
i-S be distributed by the rector of Grace
church to those of his parishioners
ppirlio halve children attending public
If If these cards arc signed and returnSi/'J
ed t9 the public school authorities the
||i children will be excused from their
regular studies for certain periods
$5 Bach week during which they will dcpv*'
vote themselves to religious studies in
^.the church gchool.
Brefet l' The church school will be conduct
Ii ea in Grace church, under the per-1
Xiorial superintendence of the rector, j
jiTOth a trained public' school and re- I
ligious teacher In charge of the class- j
i A3. A course of study has been ar-j
{'ranged to complement, in all grades,;
; the course of study prescribed by the |
?public schools. Bible study will not:
J be an end, but a means to train thvj
*'V5hild for an efficient religious life. |
-HJhe course will incltiri" note-book j
-' kork and map-making a::d the study I
J Of acts of worship and of service both
to the church and to the community. |
< In pledg'ng his co-operation with;
| the propcaed new weekday school nf
fcreligious education, Superintendent |
^Greeson, of the Grand Rapids public!
schools wrote:
S ; "It is not right to neglect the re-1
pijrfqus instruction of the children.;
f'.Thc public schools cannot give this |
'instruction at publ'e expense. It is'
.therefore- the duty of the church to
^Sive religious instruction to the chiiv
dren, each denomination taking care j
'Of the families belonging to that de-|
; nomination, if all the churches In
$ Grand Rapids would do, as yon have]
.jdone and are plann'ng to do, the whole'
SfluMtion of religious instruction 01
'<lTin VihtMrmi nt firun.H PanMa v,nl
ii? school nt Grand Rapids is the I
i to be organized by the Episcopal
Ch, in preparation for the nation-;
? system ultimately to bo cstablishThfi
f rst was op'ned three years'
by Christ church parish In Gary, I
, in connection with (he Jetl'erson
,ic rchool of Gary. The second is
>jen nest fall in Toledo. Ohio, in j
lection with St. Mark's church. !
is upon the successful results of |
Gary experiment that the entirei
n of weekday religious schools is 1j
ig planned. The carrying out of:
plan Is being made possible by tho1
ion-Wide campaign of the Kpisco- i
church which is now In progress.!
s campaign has for its purpose tho \
lUization o? the membership and re-:
rces of tho church to meet post-1
1 conditions by expanding the ac-i
tie* of the church in tills country ,
abroad. In the domestic program ,
:he Natlon-Wide campuign the orlzation
of many weekday schools
'oligious education is n major aim.
'be days and nights become cold as .
official Autumn Season approachNow
and then a warm spell is
dwichcd in and it is such contrast- '
cbangos of weather that bring on '
is, influenza and other ailments. '
i warn you to be oareful?don't
T yourself take rold If you can i
p but if you DO ccme here for a |
e, beneficial remedy. We have in
ck every standard preparation of,
rit. Fairmont Pharmacy, "The
lg Store Ahead," Watson IJotei
Flier. ?Adv.
(Wonderful Medicinc",
jorts This National
larvester Man.
Story Is connected with tho
Harvester Co. at Springfield,
Is what ho said to Sprlngerv-Worth
druggist oot loug |
oupe Drug Co.?For a year or
lave suffered severely from
sio, pleurisy and sciatic pains,
ected my shoulders, back and
jscles would get painful and
my legs. Stomach and dln
bad condition. Sour stora- would
belch tip sour matter,
not find anything to relieve
ncnts until 1 purchased a botirv-Worth
which I took regudirected,
and I can say now
ns. Stomach and digestion in
t. It proved in my case to be
rful medicine and I most
y.recommend it.
Lagonda Ave., Sprlugf.old. O.i
drug sto^e sells Nerv-Worth I
ont. Your dollar back if this
amlly tonic docs not benefitl
ll. _> iiiagi??gapang
In Days to Come.
Copyright lDli). by McClure Newspaper
MARY FLARJTY'S thoughts were
on t'ao substance bf the note
rather than Its lorm when she
wrote the date April 22, 1930. It did
not occur to her that it was not strictly
necessary to date & note to one's
own father informing him of one's Intended
elopement when one purposes
to depart from ancestral roof-tree that
very day, and ths enlightening communication
was hound to be found
soon after. But It was down, and her
time was precious.
Her plane was waiting. The head
mechanician of the Flarlty hanger had
finished overhauling It not an hour
ago, assuring Mary that, with her drlv
ing, he would Ibc able to outfly any
machine her father owned.
Mary had answered, "Keep mum on
that score to dad, Oscar" at the same
time slipping him a trifling tip of fifty.
The note finished, Mary secured it
to the cushoin on her dressing table
with a pin, as had been the custom of
eloping maidens since time Immemorial.
Next the climbed Into r suit of
fur-liiiPd leather, wfilch caujed her to
look exactly like a brownie packed In
a rath?r small bag with garments of
sheer silken texture and looked for
the last lime on her luxurious rooms.
For Mary was under no delusions
as to what her father's attitude might
be toward this step she was about to
ti ke. His wealth was great, his social
position unquestioned He had
always heen kind to her and she loved
Mm. It was only a matter of loving
Adrion Longfellow more?much more.
Eo well did Mary love Adrion that siie
was entity willing to give up all
the luxury to which she hud been
born, to live in poverty and social ostracism
with the man of her choice.
With a sigh at the unpreventablej
perversities of life, Mary walked out of
the Fiarity mansion and stepped into
her plare and flew straight for the i
college town wheie Adrion. unfortunate
inheritor of his father's temperament,
and nothing else, drew his meager
salary for the only toll for i
which he was fitted.
Adrion was waiting at the appointed
spot, it was his unlikoneER to the
younr; men of h?r set I bat had attracted
Mary in the first place. They were
big an.: strong. Adrion was undersized.
They talked to her only of
sport, social matters, and money;*how|
much they earned in a few hours a
cay. Adrion could talk well on a
hundred subjects; books and flowers,
music and the great outdoors.
But this men chosen from outside
her own world by Mary to he her hus.
band possessed a fine sen^e of honor.
He felt It his duty to inquire for the
uisi lii.'iu wiienier tsuz luu.v icanauui
what slip was givi^^ up for His sake.
"My dear," lip questioner! ''have youI
thought that wo won't be able to keep;
this?" placing h'p hand on the delicat?j
wintrs p; the bird which t<ore them to,
twiftly aloft. "My salary could noil
stand thp hangar fpe, to ?ay nothing
of tho upkopp. 1 iiiii liopp we might j
have on? of iIip four hour servants,|
but ala.i." A'lrion pnus'd to High, "l|
r^ad that they aro striking for more'
pay and fewe:- working hours." I
Just nt that moDirii! Man* turned in'j
in much travplpd nir lanp and eire-|
fully guided hpr rl?".-* in and O'f
among tho traffic. "Don't worry,1
Adrion, nv grandmother did b?r own
housework ivlipn sh? wnp first married
and v.'ha; cna woman has done, another
wt/jnn can. The only thing that
bothers me now i? that something may!
hsppen?d to d?lay us and give father a!
nhrncp to fut snm* obstacle in ourj
way. She's dolnc two hundred miles*
an hour now and I'll keep her there
till we gnt oiit of the crowd; after)
that the sky is the limit.'
Mr Flarlty arrived home that evening
during an intorval between the departure
of the fourth relay of servants
unci thn arrival of the fifth. It was)
when ihe latter had been on duty anj
hour that ono of the maids brought!
Mary's note to him. She had di*cov-|
r>red it while preparing Mary's room
tor tho night
What he read sent Mr. Flarity flyingj
?litprally. Ho toon -nls faster,t plane]
and oven had the forethought to earrv
Sure Relief
yv o ueeu u Dru ruruuurv iw
supply our Old Store, corner Jack- '
bcd and JefterBon streets. You
need New Furniture from our
New Store. 221 Monroe street.
Let us exchange. We also repair
or store Furniture.
See Denham First Co.
Next to Woolworth's
Have the
Union Dentists
Prices reajonMcCrory's
S & 10c attire, Main St
alone two bags Of (old with which to
bribe the air-traffic taps or pay fine, M
as the ne?d might (be. Mary's plane
was distinctive. .It bore her private
emblem. 1U course waa not hard to 0
trace. But the gold bag was nearly w
depleted when Mr. Flarity alighted n
ic front of a roadside inn somewhere h
ir< the northern part of Alaska. "No,"
the elerk Informed htm, "there ,1s 8i
robody by th? name of Flartty registered
here. Yos; there is a Mr. Long tl
fellow?and a Mrs." g)
Mary was not one bit surprised g
r.hen her father was announced, and h
r< marked to the husband of her choice t1
that they 1 ad best have him up and b
get It over with. "*I know Just what t
be wiU say, Adrion dear and I know d
he won't rest until he does say it, s
Let's be kind to him and give him his ii
ehsnce now." E
Mr. Flarlty's face was purple with *
anger addea to high living. '"How a
dare you?you shrimp!" he ibellpwed d
as soon as he faced the guilty pair.
"You little whlppersnapper son of a h
common ordinary college president. .
ar.d nothing but a humble professor yourself,
to entice my daughter?the
daughter of a master plumber, whose
father was a master plumber before
htm? You who toll five hours a day
r*m n/Mi* and hitftor trite rmild
have married a carpenter with social
standing and unlimited means of his
kind! It's my money you're after, you
swine! But yon get none of it. either
of you, after bringing this dlsgrncci
upon my family name!"
Adrion wag mute; he had no case|
to plead. Mary, though, decided than
her forbearance had lasted long
enough. "Father," she interrupted.!
"I've married a man of humble sla-j
tlon and obscure birth. He tolls long:
hours, It la true, for his potty recom-l.
rsnse. But he'll spend his evenings jGl
home?he belongs io no union.'' j
The Story Lady j j
Peter woke up one morning with a
_1 Ao st fofllln cr In Mc otftmar?h 1
He tried to think what the matter was.
He couldn't remember doing anything
that he shouldn't and he couldn't think
of anyth'ng he had eaten that would
put such a horrid tame in his mouth.
He lay there dreading to get up for
he was sure something unpleasant was
going to happen though he couldn't remember
what it was. He could hear
the twins chattering in their room.
"I've got a r.ew book,'' chanted
Prissy. j
"So have I," echoed Patty.
"An' a pencil." added Prissy. |
"An' a tablet," said Patty. |
& Jft
tobacco I
And if
the world
more Vir
than all
No ne1
that aoo
10 for 9 cents
Then he knew. He had to go "to |
shool today!
He dragged himself dawn to ?rtakist
wltn a heavy heart and thongh it
as a very-good meal it tasted like dust
ad ashes to Peter. Mamma smiled at
is doleful face.
"Run up and get that new suit on.
jn and yoji will feel better."
So Peter went back to his room and
lere on his bed was h'.s new brown
cfcool suit, a new tie, his new brown
hoes and stockings and even a new
andkerchief. Mamma was right.
Pben he wrp alf dressed he did feel
etter. He ran downstairs to find the
wing all dressed up In new g.'ngham
resses. As it was their first day in
ehool mamma was going to tak? them
1 the car. Corny and Billy and Mary
Mien were going with them and they
:ore already in the car. Peter caught
glimpse of Mary Ellen gay in a pink
rcss and hair ribbon and stopped in
ront of the ball mirror to stra ghten
Is tie.then be ran out and climbed
Where Can I Fin<
Itching, T
Question on Lips of Afflicted
There is 3 harrassing discomfort
caused by Eczema that almost becomes
a torture. The itching is almost
unbearable, and the skin
seems on fire with the burning irritation.
A cure from local applications
of salves and ointments
is impossible, because such treatment
can only allay the pain tem
poraruy. iOC Giaciiac w?u v**y, yv
Lay in Your \
of Co;
We are now taking orders fi
lble haul. An additional charge i
tain until bad weather nets in, a
cover increase in hauling charges
We have doubled our capacit;
dents, to meet all demands.
Deliveries start, about Sept. 1
Ing by ouying your winter coal ni
Everybody Concede
Office Phone 129,
"Smoke Virginia Strai
why a cigarette made enti
lias a lively, appetizing
of mixed tobaccos can i
:'s Just this taste that eg
I's favorite cigarette toba
rftala tobacco Is smoked
the forei^n-drown fobaci
tv-fantfled mixture has i
d Virginia taste?at il
The Virginia Ci
up in the seat with Mary Ellen. Going j
to school wasn't ao bad after all. 1
?Helen Carpenter Moore.
Uncle Sam says tnat the waste and
shortage of fuel will stop one factory
In erery eight this winter. Also that
a fuel famine is almost a sure thing.
Drop in at Hall's Hardware and they
will show you how you can be more
comfortable on one-fourth to one-half
less fuel than you have formerly used.
Whatever Kind and site of Lumberi
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large stoclss. And. in addition. It la |
well known that wn also carry pl<"n-:
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Board. Hoofing, gash Doors and other
I Building Materials ready for quick
I delivery wherever you say. Phoas
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| Lumber Co. 127-R.
i Relief From
ernfying Eczema? i
, reached by going deep down to its j
source, which is in the blood, the
disease being caused by an infection
which breaks out through the
skin. That is why the most satis
r ii n?,i
laciory ircauneiii iui iu-uiu?
skin diseases is S. S. S.p which acts j
by cleansing the blood. Get a bottle
to-day, and you will see results ]
from the right treatment. Medical |
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- - I
n I
Vinter Supply
al Now
y coal at $3.75 per ton for reason- J 11
:>r long haul. This price wilt main- j
t which time priccs vrill advance to
y and v. i!l be able, barring acci10.
Roduce the High Cost of Liv)W.
1 :I
s Our Coal the Best
Mine Phone 788-J. \
- i <,(
ght" I
! j
i \
. j
'relyot Virginia"
taste that no
takes Virginia
cco. Five times
I in cigarettes
cos combined.
anything "on"
ts best in a
garette |
Hit J
) for 18 cents |
1 \
It Keeps Us Hustling
11 To Find Enough Frocks For |
$19.75 Racks J
I For They Must Be Special Values
1 And they must have as much style as possible with-.: :
7 out sacrificing the quality. You will understand '
I when you see them! W.
The values are remarkable indeed., I
l J* ^'1CS0 ai e distinctive models, the ma- <'
sMt&jf; terials are of a quality seldom found
in dresses at a moderate price like,
519-75 and the workmanship is first-'
j The wool sejges are fine and med-. j||
LjV jU ium weaves in navy blues and blacks'
l&j, 11 rich soft taffetas, fine quality satins
^||| \ in brown, taupe, navy and black, j i j
W Suit Dresses?Veste Dresses? . )
j' 'if : Chemise Models?long line effects?
E~ | jf Russian blouses. Styles with new< I |
collars and others without collars. I '
> 4 i some are trimmed with braid or but-^
i?i tong^ ancj 0thei*s are embroidered. V
Sizes 16 to 53. Every one a prize at ! '
just nineteeen seventy-five. ,
Rack after rack full of brand new (n j
garments in the most approved j^Llj *?
styles and at prices at least $5, $10 '
and more lower than you can pur- JrM ,
chase same quality and make else- /m| * ' ;
where. Serges, poplins, silvertones, Jd II
fvelour-de-lainc and tricotine in sizes ?
16 to 55. /Mil I '
I $22.95 to $65.00 '1
v sj ?A Store for the People , '
aL JsL Krni. _ r>
and secure a lot NQW on which to build your home
so as to make yourself conveniently located in the
district of the Coke Plant and the New Brass Mill
while prices and terms are reasonable
Lot No. 222 Section 2 $400.00
$40.00 down and 16.75 per month. A
Lot No. 223 Section 2 $400.00
$ 10 00 down and $6.75 per roontb.
Lot No. 250 Section 2 $460.00
$45.00 down and $7.50 per month.
Lot No. 251 Section 2 $450.00
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Lot No. 504 Section 2 $500.00
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Lot No. 505 Section 2 $500.00
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Liberty Bonds accepted at par as part pay- 1
mcnt. Better Be Wise and Get Yours JNUW jj
Greater Fairmont Investment I
Company |
PHONE 295-R. Fairmont Hdtel Building, j]
' Bij An account with us to which regular deposits H ]
| are added, furnished such protection.
| 4% Interest Paid on Savings Accounts.
i Buhmdnt Trust Company'
II ? Fairmqmt.W.Va. |
| | J

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