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tmdcm of the day light
rill be effective Sunday i
o'cJgck and folks genertheir
walchos one horn i
; Saturday night os that
me or sun time will be i
t they arise on Sunday i
s been issued on the reId
time by C. W. Van
superintendent of the
rislon, Baltimore and
wtich states that it
re at 2 (A. M. Sunday,
road ere will stop at
n direct communication
Ltcher's office 'prompt'/
which time the watches
11 be turned back one
as follows:
saving Initial terminals,
lass trains, after 12
Saturday, October 25,
un extra until positive
wait orders -will be is.nnot
be fuelled by
Sunday, October 26,
>n road must be at
office or at telephone
ct communication with,
1:60 A. M., Sunday,
ffi^^ffiiNroraptly at 2 A. M. sunaay, uc%
{&er, 26, 1919, all conductors and
engineers will compare time with the
train dispatcher and set watches acL
Jin order to carry oyt comparison o 1
E time jfor yard engineers, train masfc+jm
and yard masters,\
to have all yard engineers at one of
the points named in this letter kit
P< jjCO A. M., and will communicate
With the chief dispatcher personally
| by tjSpphone, who will make comparison
of time and take signature of
? ; c&iductors and engineers to 31 order.
,vGrafton yard, either at east yard office,
: west yard office, or "D" tower,
fiif, Jjfarmont yard?general yard marfer':
office or "W. D." Tower; CLarksburp
5, yfcti?either at "J" Tower^'M. 6"
| TQjwer or "M. D." Tower.
jfJogpoes comprise 17 pp cent oi
fj the industrial force of ttfc coui^y.
WifOermany Is dickering fmlh. Jmten?p
tlna for a loan of $100,? 0,000.^^
1 Jfr+S,8 forest fire loss \eJj yztx Mestlvtra?,
tired, wt n(fd ^^Ls3^dcnt it is a
I ?nreignycwn eAlflT^lERVERINE
I PILLSi Theyr neVllenafcal vigor and
I make life wort llivjbl. jpemreindaikfoz
Motfs Net renie 9 ills by dr^gglatB
TTor Sale bVp'allnpt Pharmacy.
I Let The (
| Bring
^ missing when you are lr
Think how much hi
H8 +>10 vnnnorstprs these chi
Eill the latest dances
ds in and spend ma:
g to the voices of t
nore, is made possi
*roduce the world's
-come in see, and ]
[adison Street.
Mrs. Guy Bianchard of Chicago
Will be in the City
Mr3. Quy Blanchard of Chicago,
chairman of the Moton Picttrre committee
of the Civic department of the
General Federation of Women's clubs
will lecture in the Elks hall on Monday
afternoon at three o'clock on the
nrfWAct "Motion Picture Betterment
Movement". Mrs. Bianchord who is
scheduled to address the - State Federation
meeting at Clarksburg next
week will stop off here on her way
to Clarksburg to deliver this address.
She will arrive here on Monday
morning and will go to Clarksburg
that evening.
Mrs. Elanchard comes here under
the direction of the Motion picture
committee of the Civic department o<
the Women's club and the committee
cordially invites the general pubile
to be present. A special invitation is
extended to the men of the community
to hear this address. Bach mot on
picture manager in this city has been
given a special invitation to be present
on this occasion. The p cturw
shown in this city-'iave on the whole
been of the better class and the most
cordial relationship exists between
the local motion .picture managers
and the members of the Civic committee
of the club. The committee
commends the local men for the class
of pictures they bring to this city but
wants to see that this is kept up and
that if possible even a better class
of pictures will be brought here in
the future.
Mrs. Blanchprd is said to be a
splendid speaker and will have much
of Interest to relate to her hearers
and it is hoped that the men and tfomen
of the community who ixreMniramfc
Thousands Have iJJtoverea
Dr. ^ward^U^irablets
laxatiwanfcL their eMRwi the livJm
almosflistanKneotw These Iittleawecolorm
table? aiwthe result^ Dr.
EdwjMs' detirrnMation not JB treat
livemd bOT^fcag^intswi^^tad.
badftf effcC Thev don t injure the
teetlj Ike /fMng liqtids or calomel.
The J tareJbld oflhe trouble and
quicjy cor*t it cure the liver
at tli expMse of Jam teeth? Calomel
somltime^laysJfiloc with the gums.
So (1)' It is best not to
taklcalojpel. Let Dr. Edwards' Olive
MadJchk, "dullness" and that lazy
feelflgCome from constipation and a
disoKfed liver. Take Dr. Edwards'
OlivHablets when you feel "logy" and
"hea^\" They "clear" clouded brain
and "perk up" the spirits. 10c and 25c.
Columbia (
f<jur Hom<
ny enjomblej^enings in da
he grea?stJong artists of 1
ble withp, fOLUMBIA.
ha ?rafonc
umbia reco
best music?at its best. 0
lear them.
ard Hof
rHE jewelei
Reception Tonight
Plans are completed lor the reception
which the Board of Education of
Fairmont Independent school district
will tender this evening at the High
school building to the teachers of the
Surprise Party.
Miss Sarah Watts was the honor
gnest last evening at a surprise party
which was given her by a number of
her classmates in the High school.
The affair was held at the home of
her parents, Attorney and Mrs. R. A.
Watts, in rierpom avenue uuu was w
celebration of her sixteenth birthday
anniversary. The guests wore masquerade
costumes and the appointments
were suggestive of the Hallowe'en
season. Twenty young people
enjoyed the evening. Refreshments
were served.
An ounce of metallic radium is
worth *3.401,962.
Infantile paralysis was first known
in 1840.
A soft drink company turned over
five carloads of sugar to supply the
depleted sugar bowls of the citizens
of Winnipeg, Canada.
What Neighbors Saw'
Alexandria, Va.:?"For many yearvA
have' suffered with
hftk, ctomaoh troobvand
Jfi indiwtioo; vm torn
would became in'
mgj active andAlupac^h.
v&J ? WB These aihpenta have
given mdE great deal
' W --7 r~ J.J of di?ti*? and worry.
11 ? v Just /contly I was
1 i A advi#d to take Dr.
W J W Pick's Pleasant Petiwr
JuStt lev and I find them
JFreUon'- *?'
the bowtdyK
Born ?al relief hem my ailmanU thaJLiy
n.'riif'lio I hnm ever taken."??Hfl.
I EMlA POSEyiM N. Wert 8L.W
jvTh^Tamily Tonicp
Medic^^aftoovpy has been family
tonic anWbuiJd* for several nrs. I con!
aider itlthe cJbst reliable jHic on th*
market aid Ik#p it in my ho? all the time
jjBoet ?atfcfn^,ry also wjM any of my
jPtamily ookplflws of sIuk*liver and conP
Btipation.l I#ave also n the 'Favorite
r Pwriptili#during m?trhood and my
: health ws|Jferfect all t^prhile.
oription'Bsseni onqjKuffcring and it is
always a Measure tofle tonscommend ths
'Prescriplk' to erMUrjdklhm, as well
as Dr. PpA's oth?renjfai4 to those who
HAA if"VmfJrt
j MedicB^itqfrj tmsjJk wonders for
i pembJuof i Jfciinily. mCn my daughter
was aflut ? Seare old Be broke out on
l he.' :uli wjM ecjhema; l]M doctor called it
I "baby KmiM.' T^ey -nMt a mass of sores
| and wMn im bandaSwCcre removed would
| bleed. I n medicine from the doctor but
It did AAlp her. He said she would have
it ever^Har, especially in springtime. At
I last I begin giving her the 'Golden Modical
Discovery1 and one bottle completely
cured her and she has never had any return,
or sign, of it since. I have alto given it in
caws nf bronchitis and it wns always very
quick in (jiving relief.?MBS, J. W. KING!
1207 Prinne SL
jrafonoU f
sintof I
/ our whole family are S
some kind in the home? &
AGONOLA will bring to $
alogues for the kiddies? ?
They can invite their
mcing or sitting and lis- &?
;he present day. All this, w
)LAS and I
>RDS |
ur stock of both is com- ; 5
fman I
posite tike Watson Hotel j
Idas' Edith Pickett, who had been
the guest lor several weeks of her sister,
Mrs. Frank Amos, on Madison
street, left this morning for her home
in Richmond, C&l.
Mrs. Carrie L. Carpenter and Mrs.
J. L. Hall left this morning for Boston,
where they will attend the Golden
Jubilee celebration of the Womens'
Missionary society of the M. E.
Mr. ana Mrs. w. j. wonts auu uiuc
daughter. Miss Margaret, of Itfamay,
were visitors in thta city today.
Mrs. J, J. Taylor, who had spent
! Similize the efficient wi
/ / 4% Interest Paid t
322 MAIN
At The
AT 9
Women 1c
better class o
shown in beai
to satisfy the
in Clever, Prat
You won't v
temptation of \
which we are i
for every need
materials aijd
range of price
tion is very i
your Frock fr
urday groups;
$2L25 to'
A wonder
New Fash
torn here later to spend a put of the I
Miss Sara Knight is 111 with searlot II
fever at the home of her parents, Mr. II
and Mrs. A. M. Knight, on Eighth I
street II
Ross B. Johnson, of Morgan town, II
was a visitor In this city yesterday II
Mr. and Mrs. David Lamberd and II
son David have returned from a visit I
with relatives at Alexandria, Va.
Fay Johnson has returned to Camp I
Upton after spending a several days' :|
fnrlosgh at his home here. I
More than forty rivers in the world j
I have been named Aa.
JfiT power from vptfr | i
!l>ecome carbonia^a by J j W
ildle awajj^Thmk it g: | M
tlat the ?& plan is to | | I
vfcth urf-t]&en you will ,3 |
oijti|<gJkyer of money 1j |
isrtoMPANr I :
axWVA. I _
ir^ < rr\i .
ay EiXpect int
: Least You W
rpHE satisfaction and
|>| H- months depend upor
1 bf your Coat, Suit, Fro<
' fparel. It is with this tl
I pride you wish to have i
1 that we urge your insi
I some displays. Wheiyj
| fashion will be correct]
I materials willj?Ive you
the price wprask is decic
1 elusive jfdrments but no
Vth^kme hero,
>20, $25] $30, 3
"I-"- Cifi+o onrl C.nalt nlw:
if garments-IstyJes you/instar
itiful assortrrfcnts. Oim Coat s
most particular requipmflflfrva
Dresses! I
ctical and Exclinre
/ant to resist ?the
;he delightful f?cks
iow showing. JcylesJp I \ U
in a wide r^e J
also at an mfam
s in which rmfeM- FWSr
loticeable. XhM&e i1 B
om the spedfc^pat- ^ 1
) and $29.50
i up to $65. ?
Derfffns Handsome
*15.00 $5.75 to J
Pnlly Inviting assortment of ej
$10 up to $
ions Arrive Daily?"C
i ,
'Il'. I
The 1919 Tax Books an all bow asada op and wo ara vw I
ready for the coflectkma of Comtr Taxes. ,We will giro 1)4 par cent |j|
11bcount through the moBtha of October and Noreaber. The bagjff | I
(or Minntngton District will he at the following aaaied jfaftf'm I
the following dates:? ^
BoothBTille, Wednesday. October SSn^fttl | |j?9
yNaonongah, Saturday, L|wpJ
T Stnrma Mills, I. E
Saturday, Octbsr 51 and Nor. U I
^VUr en-! Saturday, Kombh
F ^gj0*fooks are at QJW^enfTs Office ready for NllectfeNU ||
L^raow ojf except the books mentioned, which will be at the above
^mentioned aacee on the above mentioned dates. Come early and aarr y&i|L
the dlscoaJaa well as the rush at the last few days.' '*1
Sherltm Office will be open Saturday evenings through discount
period frow 7 to 9 o'clock, commencing Saturday, October ltth, UUL
A. M. GLOVER, Sheriff Marion County. 1 .
Try a Want Ad in The West Virginian?
? .j (
pAiPMnNT; w: VA.
to\?ar?f i
Most In Fashions
ish to Pay
pleasure of many
1 the proper selector''' ? f:k
and other E^ifap- pJillj g
lought of^ire lasting <?Mj|JAIjji
n you^frew garments {Em Tl^^w I
of our hand- V[ ' jfua&r 1$
fou choose here the \ j'i IjfM^ /&
ly' becoming and the '
utmost wear?while ?Ep
ledly reasonable. Ex-jW \\. |
it expensive prices'\Y\ Ij
|>DU am; ur iu ?p?uv
ays fiJfrt interesting jo stop in here. The
itly rjfjgnize as bang exclusive?are t
Mrh range is so complete we are sure
;tJrcel running f/i^O to $150.
Among the Many
} Exclusive Hats
will surely find the very , J
one (or perhaps two) you have
, pictured in your raind. ,We most / ||
>1 certainly have a desirable model
' for you in our large millipery aec- | KjBj
tion and a particular feature is the 11 g ?
range of modest prices.,.- It's not ^ -if
necessary to pay more thai ybu ^ VvfjBS
wish for your becoming Exclusive
fs i | waists |
Models Attractive Value If SB
525.00. $L25 to $22.50.
cdnsivdy styled Furs and Par Goats at'; |||9
; - V'/
? (.1 '. >
ome and See Is All We Ask" IS
-"I5 I*Jti-ji'i. I li

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