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il I C it /X T- vMjBSSlf I
jjjjjjp * ' f"'_'' ' ' * ';^'''
K-^M-r- 4od Mrs. DsKoa * Simon and
K>" -Uitlo son, Dalitor, Jr., who had been
* residing on Wataon avenne, hare
: moved to the home ol Mr. Simon's
^.parents, Mr. and Mm. A. D. Simon
Y oft Maple avenue where they will
? spend the winter.
? ?
The home of Rev. and Mrs. I. A.
JJarnM at " Benton's Perr, was the
scene of a prettily appointed weddinr.
on Thursday evening at eight o'clock,
when thei youngest daughter, Esther!
> Wlil^rd Barnes became the bridn of!
> Morgan: Bert Stanley. The bride's!
. father dfficjajed.
MlSs 'Barnes haj been employed at
/ih a - PfifYnln'a Mo4lnni 1 Danir f*>- ar\ ma'
i','! time, resigning a few weeks ago. Mr.
; Stanley was discharged from the U. i
,S. .TJavy a'Jew months ago, and Is j
: now employed as a machinist at the
Helsatek Machine works. They will
? reside sit Benton's Ferry.,
' Four. departments of the army In
' . the world viir, are now represented
In the family of Rev. and Mrs. Barnes.
. Their other son-in-law, Mr. Law;
renqe R. Linn, was in tho Field' Ar.tillery,
being a member of the famous
Eigh^eth division when It went
- oro?.iU:e Ufp at Argonne on September
? 2d. Their son, Fred N. Barnes is
+6tlll in the Marine corps and now in
the Island of Haiti. Dr. Herbert S.
Barnes was a member of the Medical
reserve ai\d took training at Fort
1 Ogle'thorp.
Rev. and Mre. Barnes are Justly
proud of their contribution to the
fighting forces of Uncle Sam. and thr
part their boys have played in helping
.to make the world safe for democracy.
Box Supper.
A box supper will bo held at M.t.
' Harmon school house on Wednesday
' evening of next week, the proceeds
of which will be used b the school. A
first time Is being planned and the 1
public is Invited to be present. 1
* # ?
Circle To Meet,
The members of the Mapel Grove '
Wopdmeb Circle No. 10 are urged to
ue Ijnreeni. gn uuiouer zi, ai a rawi- jing
to be hold' at 7:30 o'clock, i
Supreme Manager Mar Taylor, of San'
Antonio Texas, will be .present and
deliver an address on the rate ques-1
i -tlon. The member of White Oak!
Camp No. 20 W. O. W. are invited!
to be present. Owing to the visit here;
of Miss Taylor on this crcasion the]
held on this date has been postpone^
until Wednesday, October 29. I
Returned Home.
Dr. and Mrs. E. W. Howard have returned
from Chambersburg, Pa., where
thoy, had motored early in the ween
with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Howard, of
Masontown, Pa., and where they visitad
their daughter, Miss Mary Kathsrine
Howard who is a student at Penn 1
Hall college there. '
? * * \
Coming Here for Wo;k End.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarente Fleming, of
Denver, Colo.; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde
Fleming, of Dennison, Ohio, and Mr.
and Mrs. William Brown, of Dennison, '
' )'Dhio, will motor here tomorrow to '
' y^ipend the day with Mrs. Elizabeth Mc- J
' Donald at her home in Grafton street.?
? ? ?
Mrs. Woodley Here.
Mrs. 0. I. Woodley. director of proluction
of the Potomac division of the
American Red Cross who is making
a. tour of this section in the.interest of
the Red Cross work, nrrived here this
morning and Is a guest at The Fair- '
,raont. While here Mrs. Woodley will
ronfer with members of the Red Cross
inri the Woman's club.
* ? ?
The Executive committee of the Red.:
Cross chapter ,the committee from the
Amorican Legion, the Patriotic committee
of the Woman's club will meet.
this evening at 7:30 o'clock at the Legion
rooms in the Marion county court
bouse for the purpose of formulating
plans for the Red Cross roll call to be
held in the near future. It is urged
that all the members of these committees
as well as anyone else interested
tbe present.
? ?
Miscellaneous Shower.
, A miscellaneous shower was given
: last evening at the home of Mr. and
.Mrs. Royal Woodward in Chestnut
.jstreet which was a most enjoyable afStair..
The affair was arranged as a surprise
by Miss Grace Hoover in honor
'it Mr. and Mrs. Woodward whose
; marriage was a recent event. Dur
- 1ng the evening refreshments were .
' '.aerved. Mr. and Mrs. Wood- '
,/Ward recently moved to Chestnut
street. They were the recipients
. >f a number of pretty and useful gifts.
' . '-Those present were Mr. and Mrs.
,'pharlcs Redic, Mr. and Mrs. Edward
vRpTllns, Mrs. Lee Pierce and the
Blanche, and Helen Tchinski,
;vijpra Ash; Myrtle Keister, Myrtle,
i^pJutcher, Grace Hoover, ETfa and j
( v*Blahche Phelps, Louise Fleming and j
;'i*SjleMrs. Robert Kepllnger, Gilbert |
.Chapman, the host and hostess find i
-/jJJttlo Jean Hood.
roSEf, Entertained Last Evening.
The Misses Madge Fleming ami Lucj
entertained about fifty of their
fewfriends at an attractively appointee
. Hallowe'en party at the home of the
latter at Bell Run lost evening. Jhe
^juests were masked and many games
?.. .. ? ';1
a nujttber of contests were Uald aaa
prize* awarded the winners. A grand
march led by Mr. and. Mrs. Guy Jones
was a feature of the evening in which ]
the entire assemblage marched out of ne
the house single file encircled it re- Mr
turned and were given refreshments tai
and a fortune was told each one ap.
means of a verse printed on place the
cards. An amusing contest was six gu,
dcugtinuts suspended from the wall Ha
and the prize was awarded to the per- Hu
son who coold eat the doughnuts un- toi
aided by hands . The alTatr was a high- He
)y enjoyable one. The partf broke up in(
in time for the guests to catch the wil
11:45 car Into the city.
... *
Entertained Young Folks.
Mrs. Howstd Adams entertained a pal
number of young people last evening iu>
at her home with a Hallowe'en,party Mr
given in hotfor of Miss Donah Adams, mo
? cei
To Have Fine Program. in?
The Music department of the Woman's
club will hold its first meeting p
of the club year at Hlghgate the home
of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Watson on T'aea- rls
day evening. The program if in charge
of Mrs. Myrtle Shaw Waddell and will 1111
be a most enjoyable "one. "Among *ocal
srtists who will participate on the pro- "
gram are Xrs. Forrest Fankhauser, p1
Mrs. Waddell and Jack Abbott, solo- !ng
ista. Miss Hazel Bock will play the
accompaniments. This will be Miss 1
Bock's first appearance here since her
recent studies in New York. Others
who will take part on the program are Ea|
Miss Harriet Schroder and Miss Florcnce
.... ty
^ Ml1
Gave Reception, ]ar
Delightful in all its appointments Ma
was the reception giv.en last evening ag(
by the Board of Education Qf Pair- dat
mom Independent school district to
tho teachers of the ward schools of
the eTtv. The rerentlon wna hplrt In
the large auditorium ot the High n
school building. Duriiy^the first part ...
of "the evening a delightful musical'
program was rendered by the High
school orchestra under the direction ..
of Miss Venito Dudgeon, musiral director,
and later in the evening Mrs. j .
Forrest Fankhauser sang in her 11s- j
ual iharming manner several group.;! ^
of songs with Mrs. Minor Dunham j*}.,
as her accompanist. fjl
In the receiving Unu were Superin- ?'
tendent and Mrs. Otis G. Wilson,
President of the Board of Education, no.]
Henry S. Lively and Mrs. Lively,
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Smith, Mr. and rirs
Mrs. A. L. Lehman, Mr. and Mrs. e?
Clyde Morris. President of the -Nor- w?'
mal school, Joseph Rosier and Mrs. wh
Rosier were honor guests also of the
evenirfg. The auditor/Mm was effectively
decorated in, keeping with the 1
Hallowe'en season and from eight to "c
ten .o'clock a large number of teach- l0?
ers were received. So successful was I
the artair that It probably will be- J'c
come an annual eyent. ,ori
During the evening a course of refieshments
were served by a class
in Domestic Science of the school.
? ,
To Have Party. ^
Ther? will be a community Hallow- the
e'en party given :t the Community
liouso on Knst Park avenue Tuesday e
evening, uctober The aftair win tct
bo a masked party and the public Is. ^
Invited to attend. . ?'
? * be
Enjoyable Dsnce, ma
A large number of local young peopie
enjoyed the dance given last even
in? by the Par Mar dancing club at
the Fairmont hotel j The Shinn Jazz
orchestra of Clarksburg furnished the
music for the event.
* * *
Returned Home.
Dr. and Mrs. H. G. Stoetzer, Mrs.
J. Waiter Barnes and J. W, Anthony
have returned from Wheeling where ft
they had attended the sessions of thtf QN
(wp IF Y?u^HAt) A tno
l\ft w. and Ac. Hospital Size, $1. Stc
%%* X *?' nRfJGCISTR
/ A Ueughtf
When you are imnwvrn oi
in here acd rgpr
0;.e of ou^ delicious S ;?t D
pure Ice Cream will help to
balance of the dav.
Be sure to bring the children
joy themselves, too, and Ice C
For home delivery phone 213
i., to shit her parents. Mr
elgn eynodlcal president "of th
Have Party,
honoring N. 0. Wallgnen of Syd
7, Nova Scotia, who Is their guesti
. and Mrs. L. W. Gerhardt enter
ned last evening with a prettll
pointed eight o'clock dinner a
iir home on Benoni avenue. Th
eats included Mr. and Mrs. T. C
stian, Miss Jennie HufJon. Jessl
ftson. Charles Heath of Youngs
ra, Ohio, Mr. Haney and Mis
ath. Mr. Wallgren left this morn
; for Birmingham, Ala., where h
II locate.
? ?
Altar Qyild To Meet.
rhe altar guild of Christ Episco
I phntoh will meet on Monday after
on at three o'clock at the home o
s. George M. Wllshlre at Edge
"it. The annual election of offl
:s 'vrill take place at this meet
" ? *
Announced Engagement,
rhe engagement of Miss Nina Mor
, of this city, and Ray Main, for
irly of Hundred, now a resident o
s city, was announced at a prettil;
[wlnted at home given by Mrs. E
Congleton and daughter, Miss Mar
ret Congleton, on Thursday evan
A luncheon was served the guest
the dining room where pink rib
is led from a fruit bowl to each plat
lie dainty cards were hidden amon
i Dalt which announced the en
;ement. A feature of the eyenin;
s a linen shower which was glvei
; bride to be and a number of pret
pieces of linen were showered upoi
bs Morris. Miss Morris is a popu
young woman of this city. Mi
in is employed at the Liberty gar
: and is well known in this city. N(
e was announced for the wedding,
* * ?. *
Arrived Here.
ilr. and Mrs. Ben Davis arrived heri
.Thursday from Huntington when
s. Davis joined Mr. Davis about i
ek ago. Mr. Davis had gone to Call
nia to locate but owing to the fac
t the climate did not agree wltl
1 he returned here and this evenini
h Mrs. Davis will leave for Mikma
where they will spend the winter
b. Davis, who had retained her po
on as instructor of music at thi
rmal school, returned here shortly
st her marriage in August. She hai
v resigned her position at that taction.
Mr. Davis was among th'
it of a contingent from Canada !<
into overseas service and wai
unded in action from the effects o
ich he has not recovered.
? ?
To Meet
Pile Executive committee of thi
>mon s ChrlstlM Temperance Un
of Marlon county will hold t
eting Monday afternoon at tw<
lock in (hp. Piihlin T.ihrarv nar
b. The meeting is an importan
; and the president asks that al
members be present
* *
Hallowe'en At Normal School.
Phe Johnson Story Telling club o
> Fairmont' State Normal Schoo
1 entertain with a unique Hallow
n party on Monday evening, Oc
ler 27.at eight o'clock P. M. Thi
air will be held in the social roor
the school and the members wil
attired in grotesque costumes wit
isks. Features of the affair wil
the telling of ghost stories and fol
0R1-T0NIC /
5ri-Tonicy?*a combinlwm m th
st succossful re?a#d"6S*>nset b;
ysicians, and ir Daturas ba*nel]
keeping the podpjnroik an# heal
Dri-Tonic acts by elimnatK al
ly poisons, purifyingwSblMd, am
Ids through p^M^Tn?on am
)ne packag/of jR-Tpmc mixed a
ne with a"fauag|0*^ater makes ;
irt of easy^Wrake medicine.
Jet a payrfage today from you
Igglst.jywrer the moaey back guar
removing .the cause. Get It a
ine's Drug Store or Fortney s Druj
ire, next door to Traction office.
n a snopping trip stop
rinks or a dish of our
refreshen you for the
along, for they will en!ream
is good for them.
Cbasee the cat by the dark o' night,
We hid yon welcome to J. S. T. .C..
- To hear the stories of the Ghost you
j, will see." >
3 ? ?
y Announce Marriage,
t Announcement has been 'made of
e the marriage of Miss Nettle Miller, a
. former resident of this city, and Wale
ter Archer, of Pleasanton, Kansas,
- which took plaoe at Fort Scott, Kans
sas, Saturday, October 18. The bride
- is a sister of Mrs. J. M. Summers
e of State street, this city.
Mfit.hnrlist.s Pnrr.lia.sfi
" Farm for Children
Rev. W. D. Reed has returned from
. Wheeling where he attended a meeting
ol the executive committee of the
board of trustees of Lh? Methodist
Children's home of West Virginia, the
. purpose of which is to purchase a suit.
ablo location for the home as authorf
ized by the M. E. conference. The sitei
y selected was tho farm of A. R. Jacobs
near Wheeling. The farm is modern/
J ly equipped and contains 224 acre*.
. The price paid was $30,000. It is pro,
S Also Eczema, Salt Rheum, Ulcers, Old
i Sores and Carbuncles.
a Under tho influence of San Cura
- Ointment surprising improvement is
made so JUickly that it seems almost
- miraculous.
3 Stubbwn cases of piles like those of.
Rev. W? P. Gilbert, of Tltusvillc, Ym
vanish fcefore the marvelous ant||Wtic
Ointment. Mr. Gilbert writer
3 "Fof twenty years I sjiffegfn with
3 bleedmg and itching piles limes 1
i was Jonfined to tho houfor indre
- than i month. Two yago I b^gan
t usinS San Cura Oinuwnt and one o;c
11 jar made a firm aa| permanent cure.
; I hafe not beenJrol ilefcsincq/'
, San Cura Ouplmen jjrguarwueed by
. MartlVs (laf store, tfjufTsAe agent
in FainnfffTte helj inyjutihe above
3 named diseas? or m iLf/P
, lievej pain frdhi bun i, cu#ani^wils3
es, ifraws oi/t the , _ arm iften
- healf in a lhort t ne^soT 60otand
j $1.2? a Jar a MartM rmig store!
/ - nr\t\n t ut\ad /
f Sau Cura foap Is (JhKll^dhiUanli*septic
soapI Just w^tiothina kind
that baby needs, linees thelpores
from impurities andjprevents rashes
3 and other skin diseases. Pine lor
- anyone's skin; banishes blackheads
i and pimples, clears the complexion.
3 25c u cake at Martin's drug store.
If your druggist doesn't keep |t send
t to the Thompson Medical Co., TitusI
ville, Pa.
I ^
1 ' w<
Plant the love qf music h
blessing of mufic. Give
Give them music as a con
How are you equipping
| practical needs
-The money you may h
lost. Give them somethin
will be a j)ermanent assel
i Give them the genera
I ! which they can use in tfc
+Vinm milfilV wVllVVl Will VlP
If biiviu ?
!! in extracting out of life
Providence intended they
j It is so extremely easy to
j1414 MAIN STREET /..
I (a . Gr
Snffering Described As Tortorr
Relieved by Black-Draught.
Rossville, Gx?Mrs. Kale Lee Able, oi
Ihis place, writes: "My husband is at
engineer, and once while lifting, he in Jm
lured himself with a*pi:ce of heavy tr^TI
chinery, across (he abdomen. He Jp
} so sore bcgcpuld not bear to prevon
; himself at |Cy on chest or abdomen# He
wei2he^w5 Ibr., and felloff^ffUJ^ |
HeyoecJne ccylfipaled andw^Kec
like/h: wAlddij We hadthJUnlfcrcr.'
d^ftors, wt will all thei^Kdicmc, his
hpwels ialcd tofect. Jj^yould tum up
^ten-cenfcottl Jof^wflWftwnd drini
nt two or wreett^in Jmcccsston. .Hf
did this ySjMrout rc?t. V/gfbccamf
desperat Jf^ut(erej^jj(Mr*Ji7 swo!- !
len tMplmy* He tjjplne his iuffcrins '
covonly oWdtJMoed as tor/re.
^sentand Ojfljpt Thedforo's BlackDraught.
I mage himjpff a big dose,
and when it beglfHB'act he fainted, he
was in such misery, but he got relief and
began to mend at once. He got well,
and we both feel he owes his life tc
Thedford's Slack-Draught."
Thedtord's Black-Draught will help you i
to kaep tit, ready for the day's wcrkJ
J|?tH NC-13M
Buy a battle of Sloan's Linlffcnt
and keep it hnndy for j
A crncrgency rfl
IF i' inly had some Slapl fcini- _^f|
mg'ntS' 1 low often ijSu'fc said' 1
tiit! iyWs'ttorn whaf tlJ rpfu- j I
matic tyfg: sub^ded jpnfttjpftonrs I
i their hearts wt^ ffiemre ;
them the educg^ro whicllwill
lpanion thujffn life and yw >
; ytog^lnildren to meet the
ope to leave them may be
g within themselves which
; when they grow up.
* ' i*.:i i i? :
i ana practical education
leir future daily life. Give
ilp them in their work and
all the joy which a Divine
should have.
have-music in the home?just i
y Musi<
*' '^ll
/ The Response to Our /"' I
Congoleum M
/ Was Splendid y^lll
/Since the sale started Ave haver^remshed tlig ?1
/assortment with /new shup^t^j^endingto jfott 4
f another opport?ih^i!^^g^Bubstantial 'Siwhc|
-^^rtiereis a J?) d varietd^/patterns' from' vhicfi II
to make se^fctton. Ym piN find rugs of the fI
same charaftei^at tbpe prices and such ah ofrer^
- \vill soon/e a foMmemof^/i the past*
Come In This Afternoon 111
Aodl <unoose 2 omr 'raags m
* %?1BB
? - *- 7 ' '
Try a Want Ad in The West Virginianlj
^ jWrfiaW ..
-ft you realize that music in the enTininn^t|i^H
music and sunshine in the heart? , |||
Make yours a Home "where good nrasic is recog-l
nized to ]be not merely a luxury, but a necessity**!
where the child's spirit is fed with good music;ai|H
his mind uith good books " |
The music the' children learn to love around theM
family hearth will remain with them always a^gj
with it wil dwell the memory of a happy and
i little planning, just a little resolution, is all voum^|
c Company !
.. x

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