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^ ' ''' ^ ^
i WpE .
| FR0ik. RO%4
" TOtrstagc.'
3ippodrome..Zarrow's American Girls
The Screen.
s'olBon J.....>S&pho
Dixie T pos.,^Destiny
Princess JLi.? Jfai't ol Desirt
3rand Mickey
* ACK FErttoffY -ttas seeirW'aa'Irlgh
J cssW*iWiM
Patrick, as he is popularly imagined,
and stands shoulder to shoulder with
.Billy'Malone .although the two men
'. ,. work in an entirely different mannerf
It most, be admitted, ..hpweyer, that
Jack is' Best" seen lii cork, and' tompr1
row nig^t^e t^tiips (9 blackface. On
1;the other hand, the costumes' last
night were by far the prettiest yet
,itorn, and the ladies, whose fame for
beauty Is spread by this time, never
;;iooked more attractive. Elsie Ziegier
looked stunning in the costume In Ahe
;"Dnenlngj. The "Kfss Me" number is
.aafy 'fair,','lacking the1- rhythm 'or
mak? It a. real hit. She was.
:.<far dbuot In "Blowing Sumfies *, r.h(l
her signal success of the week.ptobiibly
will be found to be this tuneful
melody. A. new leader came forward
. last'nIgbt;:Rtlth,.who sftng a pleasing
number ,dld It' well, and looked very
' " cute. If her name were as easy to remember
as her pretty face, we would
tell you all, but as It is, she is just
' Ruth. Taken Ml athe way through,
the bill is not so much of a laugh'bill,
but it is a pleasing entertafniriont just
the same, ft is the'most expensive
bill of the week, two bunches of celi
8)7 b^eing use^tfo^ .qach performance.
"Mickey!'- aReal Feature. '
In "Mlqkpy" Ma,bel oNrman plainly
deflnfes inil' illustrates the word
''thrill" as applied-to motion pictures
as she swings along from cliffrto cliff
In n mnnntnlin ranee recklessly.
''Mickey" is a digest of the sciehcq
of producing motion pictures. It ;has I
everything imaginable that might',(>e
:: conceived by the most inyefltlxa.
i'ducer post or present to
;jinto films and project
"upon theBcreen. Probablj?{frrcr<iU
' '.he footage is devoted t$Mcft$bi(fi?!
j (or Misa Nonnand to h^jra-tproui;:h
:,i scenes of genuinely laughntjle fnciden- j
;; Luis. Sho proves hers^t^refeminine [
? If'"" 5 =
I ?ISm
gflWlti IMA 1
ftit. Kbit ?uch ?u U?
iv'.rtj ?,. *hif iiCtk* ttnfe of life.
Juneitown Exposition, T
"gjtsof u? .tftiuruupmra
American and rcaoluti
l t eonffont %?<? >' ?.
"malefactors of great
menacing ptrwefi>{ ?lf
the interests of the peo
^ In the struggle betw
w?--> jof?il?-majority. are b<
p This iKr^ demociftc
./ | tlb(a.jc ft
corporate wealth and yi
fir# 'J0^t!JllDf(intdW)Wi otftor;
ba* ,dmof$wWrml
z I jp^SW^
of humor and agility. ~
She is W lively as a blaster of hairup
trees, romping over jagged rocks,
$3fc?d&0?a: nigged
ning and leaping like a mountain goat
trm.SMB..tfl,.?rag, &n4_J*k&J>lgl}
dives in"altogether"illusions that aay
Kellerman .might turo her he^d. to
Th?5h< commentate fewtlotf
to Mabel Noftnaid, the sensational.
ft JShe
takes the "worst of It'' like a
swimmer breasts a billow, and U'en
qomes back at her .antagonist with
)$>e&l liitareqUv, Brpyed'wpon by covetous,
distant- rMaOyeB.ijwho believe
at first thai She is rich-only to later
conclude that <6he is poor, Mickey
takes matters as they come, and wins
the man she loves without much, mo re
than half trying.
Further along when time comes to
end the:flim-Vb6cauSfeinfns must end
?there, is an intervening "fight" for
the posiesslin) of'Mickey's "personality"
that Is:ja splendid cotaraple of
direction. Incidentally Miss Normand
defends herself on the ke6n
jump, cliiftDihg poles, clambering
over roofs, whizzing down the shingles
and swinging 'off by her hands to
dangJe .untp, her. brave jjerp comes to
the timely rescue.' ...
" There' are rftad races between
tr^ips an&'majojrg,! rattling, "chases"
on horseback, hn "eye-filling ballroom
scene and everything else that is
know,-to filmdo'm?evcn, to JiavinR
some "eatfl." J'fyipkey". in motion
pictures ep^trfmIzod?arid' mighty
good motion pictures as well.
Exaggerated Emotional Appeal.
Tip IJVe-reel ^Wocld Picture, entltled.'SlisJt
ottiwlre.'Vat the Princess,
14 a production of uncertain continuity
and in general presentation does
not cwne,.up:to,the,first rank. It tells
aloVe's'toVy of exaggerated emotional
appearand abounds. In melodramatic
so'elely. scenes. ' Itywill riot 'be convincing
I. to people/wHo lltnow; something
of real socieiy, but at the same
tlfoVthere'll a fnjeat rria'se of uncritical
observers too will enjoy this
iseMuriheoften. 5&ef^nktprAdult
t all Druggists. Wfte forfaMPWjook.
"too ?ji Buses dmoau
Jj? sM> vim
s-~Ml < hiMsrhv
.'! yYtt\ flf*' to
1 ?./, I '
m?irljt tM be ? government vjtogre ej
mlronj theWft&^tJhhfc great |
sly face thn <yftditions which *
?r x fr* i !
from the jf '
kmziBSni'tnit fearlessly upheld J
pie as a whole. Let us followV
iBWMBWWaMi IIIIMlllMllWlMli^ji^lp .'
een capital and labor the rights ,:
tiog trampled under, foot-and !'
y founded aroon majority rule. $jj
wSr >"vi;
ekssiro ghatar'ihfe t&tf&t?-1
fr nuo ^riJ'syoro |
ie GovSm%nfm4 tve&ti&t
I!? Convrisht- Itlf. Tbonu Aai i
sontatlon. '
-.Ruble dp RemerJs.cast.aj) the^efpTn&
Beth Vinton ,a girl with a P W?>
1 futfwho aspires to1 the love of a real
tells' wfe
: felted bj u man -ifrhS&v was alneady
married, iodJtok foJ&XSaJl^mr
" ^^^nan^Rf^l^Tbr^n^'appeafs
on the'fcene and many complications
j'Blttw.t- Stuart Holmes plans the part
ftrTtfrrence, portraying blm as a qid
of the.,worm (^ascription, who has fat
ODeyiApsmine^BbiiTk of manhood.*: i
s lli^sbuth*American scenes hav^ a
! good melodramatic grip. The events
| which follrngjiwe interesting but coto?1]
; in the nme of a series of anticlk;
' maxes. wanders about tfo
| much to~jord.'#Uspense, but it is ?t
J any rate j^eeirogiobvloua situations.
Xew Angfo<T5fc^ Jjere.
In theij?J^.jjiOTj|I production entitled
the Dixie-'dis!
fo.ituring'tof&y; u qewiingle has bqenj
picturedfo'f th.e story & human devei|
opment., /in nlace-of Joqpwing the p^rj
i rer of butooe persoppfrom childhqod j
' up to l^^fe,j3ha;riari!atlve traepp
; the carrei?.'of an, eriore family, with
I two brojlietp -aasLj^,??ter as the principals.
OTiSrgffiej^^lajtt'of the dtar
I matic .narratlji'teia vfepy' interesting,
! and while ifccp?ers a Wfoad scope, the
j scenes have' been- jalcely held down io
essential' high lightawaf strongest appeal.
^ i >' t *???
Dorothy;Phililp^.'TB'east In the plcrt
of the. si^r, May^Burton ,a rale"
which ;ihia7Jlll8 wlt?u:attractlve ease/1
Willian^Btfwell and-jTom Ashton ^a?
pear as tlm brott}ers,;.Harailton and
Paul Bdrton, and ft.p-,really the fbrmer
of thes^that';<}oiiii^ates the stdjjy.
Hamiltqn,Burtdn.jlvep;as a boy shays
the overw^arllng SnibiUon that is one.
day to tiring .him'r^b/power in thp
financial w&'ld, a Spawer which he
wields wi?j) af brutalSdfsregard of any
who cross-hife path.?, 6ut one will is
The Ipfeher
HfB 1U1 RSRP? vrw-i
s^SJUjf vw aJfiif smffi j|,
l 1 i>! sitfw >j;/
is nwr *%&-' iviftfsrtf ]{!;,
tho largett pcT?onaI liberty cc
( continually to secure for each man *u<
i stuff that i* in him."?-f^retpiapt Rqp
! There is moral law as well
j may be transgressed withou
i\ quences. Uur sympathies are
j| the sane aspirations of labor ai
||| not alienate public sympathy,?
S public may not be gijaipet^jb
: demands and be expewdctto x
'Moreover, we may well qi
;! of those advocates of commui
tj reformed I. W. W. ists?*be ,
I (3
? of labor and are using it as a <
| undermining the
jj? . of European radicmmv jpropll
by and among foreigners who
3 language and less of our hist
>1 nothing of the real spirit of .
The American people can
"Other:Republics have failed,
Majority rule shall prevjjiL
Cur, Udcp?ndenc? Sqnufc PUta.
- two- cross Is own, that
[This hasbe^a,bfcnig^^^^ in noret j
r fashion without recourse to the Iff"
ir: V V
j The subject as a whole l^ona
'^V .. ;<7
' N ' 1 >" 1"? . ^
I Old Timer .Comlng U) JfaU?on'#i , is: i |'
"Bot-h'ctha Btoryianfl the, 'star. aT the. .
'Nelson are too weH knmriivto n^4l<
' farther*ihUrockucttoa. "SaihQ" la the ]
story and Pauline Frederldt~ Is the '
i star.MIfafhi-CPo'rd, Earaioount direc- (
tor, 1b responsible1 -for working; out
[of the;seeittrto adaptation.;"
i - *- ' u . it ?.PQB-., ,
\f.t II'-M'* ?* l'i' 17TT I
(f Mils ;Dera >Po??ll,; who, w?3 called j
here by the Illness and death of Mrs. (
Lucy 0. Powell, has returned to. her
| homo in ClAtkSbufg:- " ,
?~? ;,
i vG.rS. Frey Is SerioiKly. Ill at hik
| home la Fairmont avenue;
in. if : ?1?r-r?T*+r-?..! 'i ? I.i.
Miss Carol PowgjLis?onftned to-he^
j homo today by Illness. .iiiiii..'
I Tt Is said that In Texas alone prairte
. dog? annually eat cibUglr grass 'to 1
i 'teei'UteM cows *?*;?
r-.? -* . .'I , i
, A stpSl^ii ?d th Jtgh out^tlj^,, ,,
Pnfie '.ar/st's wtjfl^soui; 'that
forcmoift cj|? Slcs ^toe. screen.
Bcyon^^r < jubtMtheJtacreatest
emotional r le ffliat -yl^lqe,
Frederick, ei ;r iroydd.
'irTI,^ Vill i (rj f lioalniW" k
wvwi-"!*v, ri
"-h ?ftr8! I
, vrf itMwts i.E yrn^teflntas'; ,
, b kTSf
! Mi ni u?ia iaj riii'i ifvUi'i i-'iv't
, i ^jiX1 .. irr *."i " --uj. j J.J 'il <
!* mvM
reHooseveli |:
: (ball b? what on* fore- h 'jv
>n*istent with securing tho !
:K equality of opportunity
icvelt at tbo opening of j
as statute law. Neither
t suffering the consei
with the worker in his j | [
e to be realized, it mast a j '
if a or mat-mat aw^K TKft
throat to enforcq jft
emain sympathetic. | f
jestion the Teal motive* ' j | [
nism and sovietism and ' f,
JoaPfor the purpose of }jL
should rid itself ljjf
Sa&8*ror the most part
understand little of our ||jp
;ory and traditions and jj I.
America which inspired <|jl
i be depended upon to r
IJuprtc If
" but this one will notj 4|
i #?drifc
tea5jTwita>l??d S?tfip?r? > and*. Mr?4'
PM AMffl^Ot BUMaaw^.^ai #TC*
rtra4 iavi?airfcont Friday; to/. l? t?ejfl
week en4 guests ot MV. aid;
I'R. Dooey af S06 'Cl?3tu<t ?treet uj Mrs.
Hefbert Ugbthcr^ot-AltojJmii |?
Raj'has h'eenthe go est for BQme4iH?e'?
>fcfe|*?pafeRjJkjSU. $$ j
:s'a^gtf^stat'th0*home <>t'Jlfr^nir Mrs. j
ft M.:Hlte-Jn;Falmion>r4ivfflina? ut> -In
Fairmont avenue, Is learlng this week d
tor her home. ' 1
Mrs. jStepljen; Arkrlght, Miss Mar- fc
saret Aikwrtght and Mrs. H. C. Drum, . Jj
' i '
- vr ~ ; rr fvo
.? .? ' . >r ; easy;'
Women's Warn
Union Suits; ; m^Q
* #4 ' 1 li'
The Far Coat
e.i ^ ;ra "! i'
! '? Ji." i'H tuit
ilHw ??.- Wl! ? )>sl (i ,!>i^ii Jjaff l-?S
<1$ .?! lolncs ti vv'cir: t>i vr&fi'V'd
ft1 Mono nsoi' r."" :
j?r 'litat urfi ir. l>5?c-.'3i?Jb W!<yr moH
niw/ ? ?J
rint? iMo!) M'v %j/a;irto5 w ?} v?/,i.?
^ '"-'iicm^f1' vjfgk
> si ..QmWmMm -,t
*v it'rcs fWtni/J)pH
ilni ttfU tfttUs .??*
fegrStesBw; wESt-SSSS
ome in Elktos street by illness. Dtrf- [
Wm'Sbtefiiisfiot. 0. 0. Witeoai i* ,
?JGnarg$o?Viii iihool wortr. - , ?
*A"faid-**? Benton .Jjui^beli# ifjktf;
adtoecupjed a flat Jnj Fairmont-ava-j
property of Mrs t
l. B. Hobo la Waif lit aronue and will 1
c^eW sSffirtfU week.
'ESiiL+'itlci.ndrews. wl>p Md,
een Hi tor sopieitlme, lett. today for}
laltlmoce where sne will enter a hos~.
1UI foj; treatment. Slie was acoom-i
"by her.sister, Mrs; C. T. Jpf- j
Mrs." Al 'li.' Hoult of Plerpont tre-i
fiek ft feobTerin* from a recent se-1
ewiiillness.. :: , i . t"': . T
.Dr.,0. M. IfAnjagfe.Afupfiinu'tulcr.t V
Fairmont hospitafc ,1s spending several
ays 'lnljfaHiinor^. Aii;.<i<.V ?.?'at}
'erra Alta and will "go on a, hunting;
Hp With some friends before retiunrj
55. h?<5. . : )
wy , w r } s
J L .?. ;m
ont's fij Fur Headquarte
* : M1 .-J A.
of Frenth S<
p Only
\ Thp jaunty youthful
*>nr>r SpaI 31) inches 1<
voVminous collar that del
valjfc is truly unusual at
/Thi^s but/me stylgj^i
iollectidfc. ; #tber^i*TOels
Siberian iBcpim], Nutri;
/andSJfaflflTin 30, 36 and
\ Hudson Se&Vplaiji'oi*
.??'?? 'i o'Hn ' '
-.Sorrel or NWiaj;$325, ,'
2 ,.i,: 1 no !*?!<?
Ot^er^odelsj'^85 to $31
inn JBM,I ,.u
am . I t\ iwnntA of
,. I! j.-JF H ?!
Qfip<z riflt II mit I , . .7
... jlanf*; n> uf uturfion
r,lbir. Vt!..m . . " ,
,13 AJ
o tVj": , | |j
nj i . '-^j|
>vV .a wm?H ?; * ?**&. ,H iT loi'J'!*<
t's $500,(^PRODUCTION'
tioll a*sl%J^<tfto*f aftUtflajH
S :30 o'cloclc-^rWs ?mrth"$irlo*a.
"' Miss *J&b3$!0jf?M Woir^B
Mass.,.1s .OjRsgReBt of her brotifl
Jnmcs H. Bakor, ;.?ad. ifrs. BakorB
Virginia ^aveting.
they having
M. K. churffi.
~ u t X * *]
>ml c;j fji<v? arrtf Jo null*} dH I>
.'.-!iii?tflf jOfVKxf -Q ilnmHB m'lM
$345- iand>$S85tf I'' s s*|j?
?& ' ni :s-^l*iiiwvif itiWtai eiift .oaM
?'- '! -vwfifSwt*! *o i'<{??a g? (fewM
.i.-.jw} fcartoKfetej xw'io b?fewH
Sfchi^. "A- ifl
, * (?

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