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?>: LATE
Kid Over in Washington
H They Expect to Sec a
I_ Pa., Nov. 20.?
years ago when West Virginia
eyan came to Washington and
the Presidents to a 13 to (J score,
is the boast of the Buckhannon
odlsts that Bock,.the husky back
was recruited form Bellaire, 0.,
school, would bo the main cog
a visitors' attack. Heck was re>d
as a powerful offensive back
had not been slopped all year,
tho Red and Black line proved
tuch for the Ohio lad, who while
syed a good game, failed to '11bish
himself at carrying the L/ill
st the Presidents. A few weeks
this same Beck tore the West
ala University lino to shreds.
;k is again playing a backfield)
on for Wesley Jul and is a much
r, heavier and more experienced)
than the one who was here two
is ago. They assert at Buckin
that he is playing the best;
ill of his career ami is the key-1
of the Methodist.--" secondaryI
tment both oil of:Vn;f' an-1 on'
le. Beck is anxious also "> show
nd Black supporters that he was I
m two years agfo and he is comire
at the end of the week with j
irmlnation to show the 1're.ii-,
a lot of football.
k Is only one of a half dozen'
-backs whom Coach Drum is
IE this year. The team has j
great power all year in advanc-1
hull orrntnqf uiich strons; teams
las Georgetown, the Navy and others,!
'so that the Red jmd IJIack forwards,
can look for a battoring that will
Completely test their mettle on Satur-,
.'flay. The running attack ol \\ es-1
'leyan Is commensurate with its for-j
P#ss offensive, no that the West
^Virginians look like a '.veil balanced
team when it has the ball. Defen-]
jslvely the team is regarded as one 'if
Ithe best the IJuckhannon institution
'aver turned out, and Wesleyan, like
?VV & J., has always had a reputation
:for offering stiff resistance to every
'team it has met. .
< The demand Tor reserved seats
'when the advance wile of
'opened here last evening indicate
that a large attendance at the game;
lis certain. The contest is the bigg^t
nf tho.hnme vear as well as the con
eluding one, and is counted upon Inj
bring out the local enthusiast* in
. large numbers, as it will, be th final '
glimpse they ahvo. of the rreiiidents
this year, unless they so to Morgan-;
_town the following Thursday. I?my,e|
I numbers of Washington & Jefferson
-alumni failed tQ see the Pitt pa inn on
I account of a lack of seating space, J
I .and many of these from out of town)
point> particularly in the Wheeling!
' district, have sent in requests for res-!
I ervations to the Woslfyan samp.!
I which they figure -will rank almost!
If next to that with Tilt in importation
I on the Presidents' schedule. j
k ' West Virginia Wfsleyan is also;
I'- sending a host of supporters here.1
I Manager Shuniaker wrote here todi-y
. that the team would bo accompanied |
\ by a throng of undergraduates ?in<i
; not a few residents of Kuckhannon.
while many alumni throughout Whs' '
Virginia, especially In the vicinity of
| Wheeling, are coming. The stay-athomes
have arranged to get a detailj"
ed account of the game over a special |
i wier at College Field, interest in this
game at the Mountain .State institu;
tion boing greater than that in any
ij pther contest on the 191!) schedule.
I1 This atfernoon will see the final
| practice of any consequence before
Saturday's game. It is likely to be a
V stiff drill, as Morrow has not worked
the men very hard thus far this week.
?' He returned to fundamentals earlier!
in the week, apparently believing that1
| the men were not tackling well nor !
5; following the ball with t he neeessa ry j
I precision. The Uiclcera have all been j
jfc given a working over this week also. |
and a decided improvement in tills |
jj department is looked for.
The coaches are somewhat anxious J
over the Wesleyan game, as they real-!
Ize the visitors will be fresh and!
Btrong from a rest of two weeks,
while the Presidents will be forced to '
eoncerve their energy as much asj'
possible for the next hard contest five,
days later with West Virginia Univer-1
sity at Morgantown ,a game that now
looms as one of the most important of
the year in the country.
Odd Fellows Plan ;
Big Gathering Here j
Odd Fellows from nil over Northern
West Virginia, will attend tlu> big
meeting IU Ut: Hum m KUIIU'UI I
Monday, December 15. (?ran<l I.ndg?
officers will attfr.d the sathorlns
which will probably ho h''Id in th 3
First ilf-thodist Kpiscori.il church
Jiie principal speaker will be Grnnd
Sire Henry Borst of New Amsterdam,
N. Y. Overflow meetings will probably
be held in other churches fin J It
Is expected that tho DcvuKhter-! of
Ttebefeah will also bo well represented,
A similar media's will be held in
. Lloyd C. WHtzhoshrdI!iaeta4imtnn
' Lloyd C. Fitzhugh, representing Marlon
Lo&ge 11, and J. E. Donham, No.
84 will organize Marion county.
In Rumania when a man dies there
moot bo placed in his coffin a comb,
a hit of soap and a coin to pay the feo
doe Charon, to ferry bim over the
River Styx.
Caps and sancers aie not. used for
tea in Russia, The fashionable drinking
vessel for tea Is the "stakan" a
gloss tumbler in. a silvetr holder.
All tie swallow tribe are found in
every part'of Great Britain, including
. the ShetlfBda, except the swift, which
. , , . ,v..
III id HEM! !
? 11
MORGANTOWN, Nov. 20. ? West I
V,,i;jnia, duo to the prosenco of "Tub-,
by" Setron, the 242 pound Parkersburg
high product in the lineup, will '
send agaffisl Ohio Wesleyan hero Sat- i J
urday, the heaviest ejeven that has|
represented tho Old Cold and Bluo.' j
Sctron will likely fill Bob Kay's place
at right guard as the 'Varsity star is j
not yet fully recovered from the bad: j
bruise he rocuived at Uutgera and in---1 j
tron, of course, has been making a;
first-rate bid all seasou for a rcgu.wr!
Varsity berth. The weight of the i
1 varsity as li is expecteu 10 line up; i
against Ohio Woslejan will bo 1ST j
I pounds average. The Ohio Wesleyim' j
I statistics received hero today show ;
| :iiat tiio visitors will average IVI
pounds, which is just three pounds
I less than tho usual weight <>t the 'Vur- j
ally. Sotron g\ves oar Ji ;u"n an y.ver
| age advantage of seven pounds. j
Ohio Wealeyan Veterans. j
The Ohio Wesh-yan team is made'
up almost exclusively of vterans. ]u
| 'lio (JI?I o Conference, to which Wes-;
Ipyan belongs, a man only plays three;
| years, but four of (lie eleven players!
who will start the game Saturday, |
namely. 1 Lin son r.isd Miller at tac'.des,
and Kdier an;i Stugor at halfbacks, are
each playing,their third and last year; :
Coiton at right end, Ensign at right
;ward, Havighurst at c?nter; Bruba
kaer at quarter and Toan at fullback
are playing their second year and only ,
J-ong at loft guard and Wright at left,
' nil are participating their first year.'
Wosloyan, too, lias eleven additional '
men front whom to pick eight sul)3ti-1
tutes for the game here, and all of [
these eleven have had one or more j
years experience on the 'Varsity s<|iiad j|
at Delaware, ?o tiiat it ran be seen j {
that no team West Virginia has met; t j
this year will be hotter fixed for vet-1 J
eran players than will AVesleyan. j I
S ffyO'f&'f I
' 1 :
Looks Hkr the prohibitions wore; j
trying to make it 100 per cent?prohi- j J
hition, not beer.
They want to take the "nic" out of. J
nicotine now. jj
Pretty soon they'll want to take the'
"punch" out of Jack Denipsey anil Bob |
Martin. j
Or the 'hop" out of Hod lCIler's last:
baV. ' j
Or Hie "kick" out o[ football.
Mavbo they'll take the "shot" from
the trapshooters.
They've already taken the "bowl" J
out of bowling. ; j
And shortened the golf coursc one!
hole. , j
And removed "rum" from the rum- ! j
ray game. j J
Ooquet will be the national game,: j!
If they don't put the ban on tea, j I
Local Moose Set For
Another Big' Class
l-'airiuont Lodge 9, Loyal Ordnr uf [
Moose, at its meeting on Wednesday!
evening arranged to initiate a large! j
class of candidates at a special ses-j I
f'ion to be held in Moose Home on I I
Sunday, December 14, at 2 o'clock in | {
the afternoon. A pood sized class ofj j
candidates way inillaleri at last night I
Much interest Is rrtnnifest in the |
proposed visitation of J. J. Davis, Pitt" j
burgh, director general, d?ftng thej I
intter part of this month /and pre- i I
sumably Saturday, N'ovembfr 29. Last! j
night A. H. Logan, supervisor of thill I
order for tiie Stiito of Woit Virginia! I
instituted a lodge at TerrajAJta. j
? \
A euaralttcJ irjghf redteHjn mathodj , 'j?afv
plradknt. mtifa slcnneineKlC bet- i *
lor nt^lh,Ibappl*if Get |mant box of
oil of iifltwli (tafcjisules) drug- j ~
East's. Fol^^atrctlons. pc^i ate al- '
luwed to enl EWfcto. etc.: So itarvltjuri [
nr strenuouB?* !#!."Tm^Toaf life becmrt^a
worth llvlnrjvltM cIsart^BjndjJIniprovell
figure, buoy?it| step, checffli(i<a3 anl >
:>ptlinl*m. Cmtlthln and fitny -jsC^Cut
jut and showl?hcr? tills adveivaemoot, {
Yes^wvu ?ww)
THE YWolfc AfTttMOA )
w m 100r-i?~
* ?1 -
f ; WW?
bn EV*
A Rema:
? * ;
ff[ I wuws T
a 7 T>op- w
U L > ? W,PPfcAMT?
hf j si_
Vw.'t..-.'.-Ls : , . -.iw.ty,' ^ ^-' ifhfift- -" - ,-iy
[the localI
n i nff
f riday Mornmg
Hundreds of P
n and Y
\7 f
m Aii
?l m
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