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I |*'Vy ! sw^rHiNfrTtf
f ut out me ptciais -in at: lux/ eiji'l
:hrr, rarefniiy fold dst:jia line l :i*
tniirn length, then dotted lino 2 and
10 on. Fold etu.b aection underneath
accurately. When completed turr. ursr
tr.'l you'll find * surprising tesult.
htm the picture*
In 'hli space each day, (The West
Virginian will print this novel eduixtlonui
teatt^o and ten question!
propounded aro scientifically selected
:o test the extent of your fund of genn.ai
knowledge. The idea ia to write
tut your answers to the questions to
iay and "compare your answers with
thu correct onea in the apace tomoiAntwera
to Yeaterday'a Kwiz.
1. Sunday la the first day of the
2. The- "terrestrial sphere" Is the
9. Papier-mache (French) is a
stront substance made of paper pulp
mixed with glue, size, rosin, clay, etc.
It la shaded into various articles,
usually by' mouldB.
4. Honors de Balzac was a celebrated
French writer and novelist, 17991850.
5. The ratlines, on board a sailing
2 vessel comprise the small ropes atK
Jjached to the shrouds asd forming the
il ;step3 or a rope-ladder. ? <
5 6. The completed expression Is
|L-. j;"fine feathers make fine birds" im
plvinc that the apparel we use for
~ personal adornment creates the out"'ward
Impression. It is an Ironic
Rephrase, however, Its true meaning,
SkUic reverse of the obvious words.
7- A "croupier" Is an attendant at
5 gambling devices, who collectB the
^stakes lost and pays out those won ax
Ifj ? a gambling table.
| 8. Frank Norrie wrote "The Pit"
-.which reveals In vivid style the evils
S 5f gambling as encountered in the
0 wheat -pit or speculative grain marR
; T, 5, Parchment Is the skin of a lamb,
J iheep, goat or other animal prepared
t by a drying prdcess for writing upon;
?,:>t ancient origin and still employed
g'01" Writings intended to be pre?
10. Manchuria is a division of CblKi
|T ha in .the northeastern part.
New Questions.
f. MM?m ?u; uu yvc ciui it ocuuraay:
i 2. What is the meaning of "a ratJjjtng
in Dun and Bradstreet?"
n 3. Why doei a microscope cause an
Sobject to appear greatly magnified?
| 4. What is the completed expression
that has to do with glass houses?
J- 5. What is the order of Hoo-Hoos?
6. What Is the meaning of a periston
.' m 7. Who was Charlotte Bronte?
!,5 S. What is the meaning of "high
- 2church" and "low church" as applied
; the service in an Episcopal church?
- 0. What is the legend of the mistle
^ 10. Where is the Balkan peninsula?
. West VirginlaV*
^ Fair tonight, partf*
/M7 cloudy in east
pT '' portion tonight;
Sunday fnlr and
Local Readings.
| F. P. Hall, Ob.
Temperature at
: 8 a. m. today 18.
Weather yesterI
L__Zl^^_!^ay clear; tetaper1
ature. maximum
[wB?4, minimum 18; precipitation none.
k- 5 ,River 15.3 feet.
i ?
Y. M. C. A.?Basketball. '
S Serrices in the churches.
J Episcopal church;?Congregation to
tjSict on resignation of its pastor.
f West Virginian ? Typographical
' al.'nlon meeting.
"First _^?reabyterian church?Sunday
gwtfiool workers' conference.
I Fairvicw Line Safe?Acting on the
BKompiaint filed with the Public SerWrlce
Commission by J. C. Hupp.
HKlalmhig that a slip on the Falrrlew
BBlno near RJresville endangered the
Sppcration of cars, E. E. Winters, chief
2yailwsy inspector for the commission,
rttuade an inspection of the territory in
^question yesterday and said that the
- 3ine is safe. 9
.? .
^KfCSlSntontlon for kverson?the
yld passenger station at Everson on
;*ho M. V. T; Uno has been converted
tSii to a freight station. A new passen|!Brcr
depot was established a short
Has TonailHIs?Clarksburg Super Hntendent
W. V. Neal, of the Traction
Kpompany. is suffering from an attack
; Case Postponed?The hearing of the
^Balne against George L>. Dusenberry
stealing farm produce from the
.<9farm .of Marcellus A. Jolllffe was togjgay
postponed to Saturday, February
* To Reside Here H. 8. Ingman of
the West Virginia Metal Products corjflboratloo.
has purchased the borne or
Kpy. B. Stanhagen on Jamison street
BHild will occupy same as a residence.!
JJdrs. Ingman arrived here last even-1
if from their home in Cleveland.!
Ohio, for a abort visit and is staying;
-at the home of Mrs. Winnie M. Jacobs 1
... t- take
up their residence in their new! a
property- Mrs. Ingman is quite -popu-' fl
lar in musical circles In Cleveland and' II
also ukes an active part in Women's
club work. .
Ushers for Tonight ? Mrs. Car.
Hamilton and the Misses Lillian Johnson.
Mildred Chase and William
Courtney will act as honorary ushers
at the presentation of the Lost Battalion
at, the Grand tonight, Mrs. 1
Paul Hamilton has been in charge of
the n?.hers for the movie and has given
,:tu<r ridurice in this capacity.
Mrs. Eddy Better^-The condition ot
Mrs. V,'. J. Eddy, who underwent a severe
operation yesterday at Cook bospllai,
Is considered satisfactory today ?
though she ts-qulte ijl. _ j,
-x !! d
On Rend to Rrcovery---Mrr. I... D.
llnwar.1 and bob-/ tlanghteh, Meryl,
Jean, who are vary 111 at their home ou ; y
Pennsylvania avenue. arc both con- ,
alderab)7 Improved today and if nc j t,
cnmplicatlona develop it is believed i n
tbry will soon be on the road to re-'j
covery. , f t.:
Visiting Ousln~Albert\L. Walker, S<
of Richoooc, in visiting his cousin, q
E, J. Walker, of 1028 Indiana avenue. t(
Dr. Moore at First M. E.?Rev. Dr. p
Archibald Moore, district superin- ci
tendent of the Morgantown district of j,
the Methodist Eplsvpal church will c,
be at the First Methodist Episcopal b
church here tomorrow morning for bis q
second visit of the conference year.1 b
He will preach the morning sermon. n,
Have the Flu?Mr. and Mrs. Arthur 01
Cassell and baby son, Arthur. Jr., are y
all ill with the grip at Hhelr home on |t
Morgantown avenue. tj
Mrs. John Hall Better?Mrs. John g
Hall, mother of Mrs. Effle Cumpston, "g
of the East side, who had been ill with w
pneumonia at her home at Catawba, is w
some better at this time.
Marriage Licenaa ? A marriage II- 0|
cense was issued yesterday to Pete e,
Salone, 81. and Helen Knasich, 28, h;
both of Dakota. P
RFU M f.m PftU'T I
hi. 11 in. unim unn I v
The evangelistic services at the M
First Methodist Episcopal church are
dally gaining in interest and last
night's meeting was the best attended ir
since they began. m
Rev. Dr. Eddy preached the sermon
on "The Test of Leadership" and
Dr. Goodwin led the music. It has
been deOnitely announced that Rev.
Mr. Cates, the evangelist who was
was scheduled to take charge of the
union revivals at this church, will be
unable to come to Fairmont. Mr.
Cates has been forbidden by his physician
to conduct any revivals for
some time, so the union services at at
the' First Methodist Episcopal church 31
will continue without any more plans
as to Mr. Cates.
The three ministers, Rev. Drs.
Goodwin. Eddy and Yoak, are receiv- m
fhg much praise for the admirable t><
way in which thev are rnnrinrtlne fl.e
campaign (or souls. At present a nutn be
ber o( handicaps are interferlag wSh to
the work. Dr. EdSy's wife Is seriously
ill at Cook hospital following
an operation; Rev. Mr. Yoak is 111 in
bed with tonsllitls. and Rev. Cates p.
cannot help as was planned. In spite j?'
of this, however. "Nothing shall stop
the good work begun!" said Rev. Dr.
Ooodwln this morning.
On Sunday morning services will
be held at the Individual churches,
but on Sunday night union services '?
will be held at the First Methodist ht
Episcopal church, with the name of
the preacher withheld. It won't be at
hard to guess, though, who wilt .
preach with two of the three apstors ln
somewhat out of the running tem- y*
porarlly. at
Rev. Eddy last night in his sermon
said the test of disciplesbip was not j .
found in outward manifestations. It !J
wasn't found in being a member of
church Bat In stronger tests. One _
must know Jesus thoroughly and follo.w
hi His footsteps, understanding y
the power of true goodness. Rev.
Eddy said ln these days everything is
undergoing a test. .
The three preachers say they believe
Interest in the meetings Is in
creasing fast and they hope for definite
results next week. They hope y
to garner a number of souls before ?
the close or the campaign. With this
in view they are earnestly endeavoring
to plan the services for next week T
so that they will be interesting as well -1as
instructive and helpful. y
Moose All Set For
Mine Initiation |dt
Fairmont Lodge No. 9, Loyal Order tu
of Moose, has completed all arrangements
for the Moose initiation to be at
held In iHon. R. A. Pollock's mine at Lt
Rivesville on Sunday afternoon at 2:30 G<
o'clock. Ei
T9te members of the lodge will SB
board the 1:30 Rivesville internrban EL
car. The indications are that the so
meeting will be largely attended. W
IF ift tu& um ) (
wo usAiswm?-)
? Tu' J
f I F7 UEMtfWEfcE'.J
I ? -
Ve Arc Not Yet Through
With Them Declares
Proof that He oould forgive sins
an furnished when Chriot cured tie
itr'.e, the sick, the blind and cast out
evKr. was tho theme of Rev. Dr. Gee'*
urmcn ta3t night In the Joint rpival
at the First Presbyterian church,
liiaclea are not.lmpoaslble. The blgest
mfracle Is not the resurrection,
at birth. We are not through with
;tricles, he- said. The person who
oes not Relieve In miracles does not
tpcct to bereaved. It Is -not wise
> laugh at holiness people. If
Jesus> can make, a man well he
an forgive sins; wtoat He can de
) the body. He can do to Hie soul,
here arc people walking arounu
alrmont today, spiritually blind. They
innot see God. It takes purity in the
eart to see God. If sin Is not taken
ut of the heart, there is no hope of
elng saved. Sin is a violation of
od's law. Crime cannot hare any
ut a physical effect, but crime j Is
othlhg compared with sin.
Have you heard God's voice today,
r are you spiritually deaf? he asked,
ou can't speak because you are splr.,..11
AnS thara
ans so blind they cannot read.
If you are not lame also, go out
unday and bring someone to church,
ring someone to the services next
eek. Jesus said, "If you are not
ell. come and I will cure you."
The congregation was treated to a
leasant surprise when after a troop
r boy scouts had. sung and enr.ertalnil.in
other ways, a sudden burst of
armony from the gallery revealed the
resence of about a hundred children
ho have been trained by Prof. MitchII
at the afternon meetings and had
een smuggled in and seated in with,
jt their presence haying been sussoted
by the people on the lower
The addition of their fresh young
sices gave an impetus to the singig,
making last night's music a mark
tat will be difficult to surpass.
Beginning Sunday night, the meetigs
will he held next week in the
[. P. Temple.
Sunday afternoon at half past two.
meeting for men only! will be held
i the/M. P. Temple to which all
en are cordially Invited.
L * i l
Have New Daughter.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Dult Morris
; their home in Brookdale on Januy
30, a hoby daughter.
Recovering from Pneumonia.
Genevieve Lee, young daughter ot
r. and Mrs. Charles L'ee, who has
>en confined to her home tor some
me with an attack of pneumonia, is
:tter and will soon be ablo to return
Fairmont Visitors.
Mrs. S. A. Judy and children, of
lirmont, were here yesterday visltg
her mother, Mrs. Lee Janes.
Notes and Personals.
Mrs. L. E. Hutto, who has been herb
e guest of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Janes
r some time, returned yesterday to
?r homp at OranBrahur* S. f!.
L. C. Weeks, purchased a new Nash
itomdbile this week.
Thobum high school had a very
terestlng literary society meeting
isterday afternoon with Ralph Pox
Mrs. John Lleving and her mother,
rs. Morgan, who have been quite
with smallpox, were reported bet-j
r yesterday.
Mrs. Carrol Curry and Mrs. Tom
slbott were shopping In Fairmont
J. Lee Janes has recently purchased
new automobile.
ThomSs Russell was a business calr
in Fairmont yesterday.
Mrs Clarence Shaw, of Fairmont,
is visiting friends here yesterday.
Services this evening at the M. P.
lurch at 7 o'clock. Everybody wel-i
'airmont People At
Theelwright Funeral
Among the local people who attend[
the funeral of Jere H. Wheelwright
Baltimore Thursday and who rented
here yesterday and today were:
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Lyon, Mr.
>.d Mrs. Brocks Fleming. Jr.. Miss
icy Watson; Messrs. Walton Miller,
torgo M. Alexander, Harry B. Clark,
trl H. smith; Tnsca Morris, Chester
itnn, George Bell. C. L. Green. M.
Ashcrart. John H. Rock, J. E. Wat.
n. Jr., Walter D. Stockley, A. T.
atson, Samuel D. Brady.
?, ?EOGP?UY EWE - I 15000
^SooA^r*^ ^rrjkgoui
Be Sure You
Every-man, woman and child
seeing that the city's true populatioi
Enumerators are hating their troubli
assistance from patriotic citizens wou
If the census taker has not col
anii doubts about It, fill out this coup
] visor of the census, Fred T. Martin,
January 1, 1920. I was living
best of my knowledge I have not b
Nahe .
Street No
The will of the late Jere H. Wheel-j
wright was yesterday filed at'Ellicott;
City; Md., the county seat of Howard!
county. The bulk of the estate, which1
is estimated at between five and ten '
million dollars, is bequeathed to hlsj
two sons, Clarence Watson Wheel-j
wright and Jere H. Wheelwright, Jr..!
taged IS and 14 years, respectively.,
(The residence In Baltimore Is oe-j
; queathed to the elder son while the!
younger son falls heir to the (arm and ]
' country home In Howard county. An
' annuity of five thousand dollars is proI
vided for the education of each boy
and the trustee is empowered to add
such other sums as necessary to complete
their education.
At the ages of 25 they, come Into
possession of their inheritance and
after they reach the age of 21 may
will their possession whero they wish.
Should either die before reaching, that
age the other falls heir to his pos<
sessions. Paintings, pictures, personal
possessions are to be divided
equally between the two heirs. The
Bum of ten thousand dolars each is
willed to his two sisters, Miss Nellie :
H. Wheelwright and Mrs. Josephine
E. Rust and the sum of five thousand
dollars each is willed to each of two
1 nephews and a niece.
To each of his servants he bequeathed
the sum of five hundred dollars.
George Samuel McRoberts, of New
York. Is named as executor and also '
appointed guardian of the minor heirs.
The will is dated January 9. 1919, and .
was witnessed by J. Walter Lord,
E. P. Lobcr and Georgo Williams.
Grant Town Mint
t>_ ti i tt
xu Dtj Dunea nere
John Delbert Mahaffey, the,twentytwo
months old infant son of Mr. and
G. P. MahafTey, died at the home of; [
| his parents at Baxter yesterday even- |1
| ins after ap illness with pneumonia, j'
[The child was taken ill last Sunday
| ntght and since that time had been 1
I id a serious condition. He was the '
only son of the family and is survived
: by two sisters, Gretchen and Elsie, j
lafed nine and seven years, respec- ,
tively. The
family lived, until recently on '
I the South Side, when they moved to I
the farm of Mr. Mahaffey at Baxter. I,
The father of the child is an employe ' ,
of the Fairmont Mining Machinery i'
| company and Is known to his friends '.
as "Dick" Mahaffey. i
Services will be held from the fam-j
ily residence Sunday afternoon at two I
: o'clock. A special trolley car will],
leave Baxter at three-thirty o'clock',
and will brine the funeral party to:
Maple Grove*cemetery, where burial!
will be made. The car is expected to
reach the cemetery about 4:15 .
o'clock. The car will return to Baxiter
following the burial, which will
1 bo made by Undertakers Musgrave ,
and Son.
(Continued fiom i ne.i 1
adequate only running us per cent. 1
and the early morning placement 30 '
per cent. 1
Many of the mines that have cars:
only have enouglt of them to run a i
few hours at the mines. This week 1
as * whole has been the worst yet for; i
car shortage. , |1
The Robinson Coal company today
has four mines idle, the only opera- ]
tioris at work were those along the .
Monongahela railroad and the work i
was vert' much limited there. <
The Consolidation Coal company 1
has a 28 per cent, run today. i
The Jamison Coal & Coke company 1
have all of their mines down except i
9 and there they only had enough cars (
to run then) three hours.
Clark Interests today have Kenna 1
mine down at Tunnelton. Three oth- |
er mines that are ut work today have
only cars enongh for a' few hours' (
work. <
TWIU? \ ( \MSU-mi-Y0UV&
xi M'i) j GotVouawo f
I ?BkT \huew rr ^
"" j. ' --.7..
Ate Counted
in_Fairmont should be interested in
reported in the '1920 census. t
:s in getting <11 names, and a little
Id be appreciated.
'led at your house, or if you have
on and mail it at once to the super,
Crafton.W. Va.
at address given below, but to the
teen enumerated there or anywhere
\ '
333333 !
On the Baltimore & Ohio rallroau
there are 574 cars. While the mines
ordered 1,610. The cars are classified
as follows: Open. 565; coke, 6.
The ezrry morning placement was;
?(. Cars left over from the previous j
day were 42.
On the Monongahela railroad today ,
there is a 23 per cent, placement there j
having been 106 cars placed early
this morning. In the Pennsylvania j
district there were 199 cars placed.
Tidewater BusinessWhile
In Washington G. T. Bell, ex- I
ecutlve vice preslJ"-'.'of the Northern!
West Virginia Coal Operators' Association,
learned that there were slim
chances of tidewater business opening
up for some time, probably not for
some months as the central coal committee
said there was a shortage of j
coal over the country.
Little hopes of export business can
be expected before March 1 If that j
soon, although the central coal committee
would not even venture to 6e; I
a date at this time.
E*nRio Mn
Indications are that the operators' i
meeting next Tuesday morning at 10
o'clock in the rooms of the Northern
West Virginia Coal Operators' Association
will be largdly attended. C.
W. Galloway. Baltimore, federal manager
of the B. & O. eastern lines, will
meet the operators at that time personally.
Mr. Galloway, it is under,
stood, has wTitten personal letters to
operators asking them to attend the
Equipment Scattered.
While In Philadelphia G. T. Bell, j
executive vice president of the Nor-1
thern West Virginia Coal Operators'I
Association, conferred with J. B.
Fisher, operating assistant to the regional'director
in reference to the carl
shon ago. and D. M. Sheaffer, super-)
intendent of freight transportation. It j
was learned from these officials that;
the shortage on tho Monongahcla railroad
would be made up by the Pennsylvania
railroad when the cars were
Ten days of mild weather Mr. Flsh-r
said will enable the empties ' to
-iii move more rapidly. Mr. Bell
: "el Pom Mr. Shaffer that the toa'
t - bution of coal ,cars on thf;
whe'e a t-"n system of the Penn- ;
sylvur.'a riTc.td was only 52.9 per
rent for'I' r ending January 24.
While > a : Mr Tell from various
sources leain tl that the B. & O.
equipment is scattered as far west as
California and som" eiuptl'is have]
aven reached as fa.- north ai Idaho.1
Cars of the Morgantown & Klitgwood
railroad are as far west as California
also. v
Monday's Run.
It is expected that a 50 per cent
car supply will be on the Mononga.
hela railroad on Monday.
The Baltimore & Ohio railroad expeats
a fait run for Monday, which
however, will not l'fc a full run.
East of Grafton.
'- East of OraXton the Baltimore &
Dhio railroad drew S66 loads on Fri-1
Jhy. Tbere .were 19 trains over the
' Dally Production
Fairmont regfon on Friday loaded
125 cars of coal and coke?719 cars
3f coal and 6 cars of coke.Mines
alcng the Monongah division"
}f the Baltimore & Ohio railroad on
Friday loaded 585 chrs of coal and
:oko?579 cars of coal and G cars of
soke. There were 505 cars of coal
loaded east and 74 cars of coal load
?d west. Of the fi cars of coke loaded
on Friday rthere were 4 cars of
coke loaded west and 2 cars of coke
loaded east-. Wagon mines loaded 4
ears of coal on Friday and 6 cars of
coal were loaded from storage piles.
Operations along the Mhnongahela
railroad In West Virginia on Friday
loaded 140 cars of coal. The Pennsylvania
district loaded 237 cars of
:oal. . ,
Personal Mention.
Frank 11. l.von. Brooks Fleming.
lr., W. D. Evans, M. E. Ashcraft and
C. C. Shinun, of the Consolidation
Coal Company. Sanhicl D. Brady, of
the Brady interests. a?d Harry B.
Clark, of the Clark interests, arrived
4UIUO <11110 UIUIUIUK IIL1U XiitUlDlOrr.
irh^re they attended tho funeral or
3ol. Jore H. Wheelwright.
J. J. Rots, general manager of the
Hotchinson Coal Company In the Lota
n district has returned to Logan.
Clapde J. Ryan, general superintend
snt of tho Hutchinson Coil Company
>perat!cns In Northern West Virgin
ABoUT ) f UovJ Do
A UAl*, Uoufc, ) X, TUB.
John M. Wolfe. manager of the ItPhiladelphia
office of the Opgrators'iC
Fuel Agency, returned to Philadelphia IC
late Friday afternoon. I
Daily Com'gnmenta. 1
v These daily consignments wehe|s
nude off the Baltimore A Ohio rail- i
road on Friday: Curtis Bay. 20 cars; iq
Michigan points, 17 cars; Ohio poinds i
34 cars; miscellaneous western points >
23 cars. >
Railroad Fuel. I
Railroad fuel loaded on the Baltl-jt
more & Ohio railroad on Friday to? jf
uled 133 carlcuds. The total has g
been the same for the past three days, j
B. & O. tonnaeg remained about the
same at 52 carloads as did New York q
Central. P. A R. tonnage was out .
In half while New York. New Haven|
fc Hartford Increased slightly. Bang-;
or.? Aroatqf'-c Is receiving light ton-ii
nage. Pare Marquetta-broke in with!,
a five car consignment on Friday af-j*
ter being off the railroad fuel market;
In this regkrtj for some weeks.
United Mine Workers.
J. L. Ballard, International organlz-i"
er. 1b at Vlropa 'todt y.
Edward Matthews secretary of yubij'
district 4. is in Clarksburg for t.V ;11
d?J'- i ?
John Custalac, district organiser, is j *
at work today in the Clarktiurg i d
field. i9
Sanford Snyder, international or-':h
ganizer, is at work in Fairmont today, -h
H. E. Peters, president of sub dis. IE
'riot 4, left this morning for Charles-id
,0D- ,, I;
an SOON ON i
(Continued rrom pace one) g
State Ratification committee in i ri
rounding up the big campaign. An J _
unai* oio ul hub oo&ra 01 more man
100 members shows how all classes
ot peopleare inteersted in ratification. State
officials there are galore, exgovernors,
editors. Judges, ministers
ot all denominajolns, educators, wo- j
men representing all walks of life. |
and many organizations, federation E
of labor representatives, prominent V
lawyers and doctor* and business: 1
men." |B
Mrs. Yost expressed herself as san- 0
guine that there will be a special ses- \ P
Bion of the West Virginia legislature;rl
in time to ratify along with a suffl-:?1
clent number of other states to give Cl
the women of the country their first sl
chance to avail themselves of the''"-;
voting privilege next November. v |f|
The State Ratlfloation committee is , ?
composed of Mrs. Ellis A. Yost, chair-!?,
man; John L. Ruhl, Mrs. J. Gale ^
Ebert, Mrs. H. D. Runnel. Miss Maryj^!
Wilson, Miss Margaret McKlnney and ^
Mrs. B. S. Romine. ?
The Advisory Board, the member- '
ship of which has Just been announced
Iscomposed or James Morton Calla
han, of the State University; N. G. '
Keint. of Elkins; Clyde B. Johni'on,,
Charleston; Houston G. Young, sec-1
retary of state; Mrs. Edward W. Hnz-j ?
lett. Wheeling: Samuel V. Woods, [ li
Philippi; J. C. McWhorter, Buckhan-; "
non; Rabbi Israel Bettan. Charles-!"'
ton; George A. Laughlln, Wheeling; K
Mrs. Thomas Peadro, Parkersburg; I '
L. L. J. Foreman, Petersburg; Elliott!
Nortbcott. Huntington; ex-iGovernor! ,
William E. .Glasscock, Morgantown; I,
M. F. KendaJl, Grafton; Mrs. KemblelJ,
White. Fairmont; Edgar B. Stewart,' (
Morgantown; J. 0. Henson. Martins- fa
burg; George C. Sturgiss. Morgan-j-j
town; W. M. Rogers, president of the j
State Federation of'Labor; Miss Elsie i u
Murphy, Charles Ttfwn; J. W. Bed- f.
iora, stair chairman Prohibition par-1"
ty; C. W. Flesher, Gaseaway; Wll-j
liam S. O'Brien, Spencer; Harry L. !'e
Snyder, Shepherdstown; Mrs. E. S. I .
Jarrett, Shepherdstown; Henry T.!'
McDonald, president of Storer col- [ lege;
D. >Blaln Shaw, Charleston; E. j Si
G. Rohrbough. Glenville; Roy B. !
Naylor, Wheeling; Miss Florence
Hoge, Wheeling; James S. Lakln, j
Real Estata
In tomorrow's Sunday 1
this Bulletin, we will ha
new nronerties listed am
this Bulletin with our las
that we have sold a numl
In next Saturday's WES1
also have a full page ad.'
S. G. M
Real Estate an
205 Professic
Office phone 1629-J. Res:
ill 11!] ( f
Vou PROVE i! ) 'tMBVEt
0UA)& 1 / 1 V uiu? ?
urg; James ll Pauley, s
Itate Federation of Labor; F. Js
"arnsworth. Charleston; J. A. V - j M
uesnev, Bolington; Ethel Carle 11-- '
See, Morgantown; Henry S. Green,
(organtown; Thomas C. Miliar, Sheplerdstown;
A. L. Lehman,- Fairmont;
lurgess Taylor, Wheeling: Miss Marha
Brock, Morgantown; F. N. Sycaoose.
member State Board of Reants;
Tracy L. Jeffords, Harpers
"errv and Washington; L. L. Friend,
lharlestoq; Samuel B. Montgomery,
lhaileston; Miss Estc Ogleby, Wheelag;
Joseph Rosier, Fairmont; H. C.
Igden, Wheeling; Stephen G. Jack- *
on, Clarksburg; S. K. Arbuthnot, f
luckhannbn; Miss Margaret Marrln, '
Vbeellng; Luther 0. Anderson, .
Velch; George E. Hubbs, Charles
on; Joseph W. Stayman, Keyscr; C.
Rossey, Concord; Mrs. T. C. Atkcon,
Washington; James D. Parrlott,
loundsville; George I. Meal, Huntigton;
B. C. Eakle, Clarksburg; Wllam
B. Mathews, Charleston; Sadie
lhapman. Huntington; Tom B.
'oulk, Wheeling; R. P. Sims, Blueeld;
John C.'Shaw, West Liberty:
. P. Smith, Charleston; Mrs. James
IcCoach; Slstersvillo; Rabbi Abraam
Flcnstein, Huntington; James ;
amron, Williamson; S. G. Pyle, Mid- |
lebourne; Homer A. Woods, Harris- . |
illc; Mrs. George DeBolt, Fairmont; J
'red E. Thompson, Bellngton: Louis *1
.. Mlschklnl, Wheeling; Howard L. J
wisher, Morgantown; Clarence jt*.
ratson, Fairmont; Mrs. L. H. Camlack,
of Huntington; Fred 0. Blue,
barleston; John Lee Coulter, of the
tate University; Ellis A, Yost. Mop
antown; -miss ? irginta routs, Hunt- j
lgton, and Circuit JudgetP. D. Mon
Is. ^
The Board of Education of Grant
ilitrlct of Marlon county. State ot
,'est Virginia, will on Monday, March
1920, at a meeting Of aald
card In the school building at JCon. '
agah. West Virginia, open sealeil
roposals for the construction of a fout
:>om addition to the school building
I Monongah. West Virginia, In acirdance
with the prepared plans and ,
jcclficatlons for same which may be
rrn and Inspected either at the or-T*95
ce of T. (J. Prico. Secretary of the
oard. at Monongah, West Virginia,
r at the office of H. F. Giffin,
nglneerlng Department The Conaollation
Coal Company, Fairmont. West
irglnla, or the office of County
uperintendont ot Schools, Fairmont
'est Virginia.
All proposals shall be sealed In a 1
hlte opaque envelope and must he
t the hands of the Secretary of ths
oard on or boforo February 28th, ^
?au; every sucn proposal must MBM
ccompanled by a certified check in I
ivor of i he Board for Plvc Hundred i
ollars ($500.00), as evidencing that V
10 party bidding will in good faith A
iter inio a contract for the construeon
of said building In accordance
Ith his proposal and ther conditions
carding same: The successful bidder
lail be required to give bond, with i v
iretv or sureties satisfactory to th >
card, in double the amount of the
intract price conditioned upon the
iltbful construction and completloh:^^
' said building in accordance with
le plans and specifications and the
irning over gf same to the Board
ee from Hens or claims of any kind.
The-Board reserves the right to re-Y'j?
cl any or all bids.
Published by order of the Board
lis 27th dav of January. 1920.
icretary. The Board of Education af J
the District of Grant, in the
County of Marion.
Jan. 31 Feb, 7-14-21 f|
i Bulletin J
Pimes we will have a
ve one full column of
i if you will compare ^
st one, you will note'' |
hov* r\? rrr>nV*nrviop
k/vi ui ?,UUU 11UIUCO* j
1 VIRGINIAN we will
Watch for ifc
d Insuranc? '
rnal Bldg. 1 , 1
idence Phone 1161-M.
^ /it
? i
qS^^otVvi ??} . c^" m

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