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foSesiWnsinian i |
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rhen asking for chance io nddr-.. ?lv? old .. w?ll . ?
I Entered at the Post off ire at Fairmont,"West Virginia, as see-.
' ond-clnss matter. ,nc
I believe in the United Slates of America as a government
of the people, b\) the people, for the people, whose V
just powers are derived from the consent of the governed; V
a democracy in a republic, a sovereign Na- the
lion of many sovereign Slates; a perfect i>*s
HeS . Union, one and inseparable, established upon ]
those principles of freedom, equality, justice, cjtj
and humanity for which American patriots <]?
I sacrificed their lives and fortunes. I therefore believe it is ]
my duly lo my country lo love 11; lo support its C/snslitu- ja]t
Br' lion; to obex/its laws; to respect its flag; and to defend wo
, -il against all enemies. ]
WITHOUT a doubt the most interesting one of the W
coal bills which Senator Frelinghuysen introduced hel
yesterday is that creating a federal coal commission. In or
- the absence of more complete details of this measure than
the press association reports cany it would be impossible
to discuss the project of the New Jersey senator in a worth re'j
while way, but it is quite possible to say with considerable wh
Sp'* conviction that the coal operators of the country will make We
a mistake if they do not regard the effort as one which de- me
mands their most serious attention. get
Nothing substantial can be gained by trying to block
this movement. It might be possibe for a time to hoid (
jt;". up the commission scheme if an effort in that direction were tor
" made, but it probably would be found that this would in- lht
volve delay in freeing the industry from the fontrol which . ml
uifwM rnnfcrmf urmn iVi- ti,? I -w*. Q?
I? j r-r m.w uwtwi ?vv. wwmwi i
Frelinghuysen's bills partake of the nature of a program yid | crt
E" \ I hey probably will hang together* until they are disposed of. sor
; JThe Frelinghuysen measures, it is pretty safe to assume, wiil ot
IvS; lake precedence over the measures introduced in the house re[
Ki'' Jby Rep. Tilson. of Connecticut, which the Northern West ch
. ^Virginia Coal Operator*' association indorsed at their meet- jBh
I Coal enters too jmportantly-into parctically every'American
industry ever to be permitted to get back to the con- ,
/. dition of absolute independence 'of control which character- . .
ized it before the United States entered the Great war. As u.
?.'a matter of fact it would not be to the best interest of the e
'} coal industry itself to permit it to go back to the ante war C01
K..,- condition. Herbert Hoover said only what every man ^
who* is at all familiar with coal mining in this country u<
Bslcnows to be true when he told the American Engineers' am
association the other day that it is the most thoroughly an<
-disorganized big industry in the world. It is not in much ma
.. better condition now than it was when the then secretary p01
^K&v of the interior, Franklin 1C. Lane, called thAoal producers mn
of the country to Washington at the beginning of our participation
in the war to formulate with their advice a coal J
policy for the nation during the war period. yel
Now Senator Frelinghuysen does not know much about ot
H|r .any aspect of the coal industry. He is an insurance man be<
i * and has always'lived in a hard coal country. His personal co'
view point is that, of the consumer who buys a dozen or me
twenty tons of hard coal arnd pays what seems to be a adl
.small fortune for it. Of the great bituminous coal trade ot
Hklt, and its meaning in the schenje of things industrailly in this' a 1
country he knows practically nothing, but he has beien con- in<:
ducting hearings as chairman of a senate sub-committee t01
for many weeks and he probably knows jnore about the me
il isb ou,flt 18 poore/ tod
when It kicked over th(
Dl TCXT CTI ire pie cart and set up b
IXUrr o I Ur r Constantlne's fair hon
| S '*
Presiding older ove
"Wonder it the Astonlsber read thai Pennsylvania has undi
BE editorial from the Baltimore Sun it courage the use of s
t-teprinted this morning? ministers. ^ ^ ^
RL . ?*,**, ? Points out that mar
Ko ? y K 8 mem- tQok np th0 au^Q ta a
inr: ?? ~ cruutu Liiuir euicieucj
5'. . . * half their salaries k(
g*3et C. W. W.'a memory is not so busses going.
K'short that he will fall to recognize *
t that reference to the use of money m The Inference is'thi
|jifte. election atoCharleston of U. S. in efficiency Is not wo
senators. ?
But how about ti'? fn
j It lg announced that there will be In?
5 jjo reduction In the Inoclne tax rate
for two years at least. Anyhow.-why not ta
up with the Dulte of
| Well, the lads up in the big hnlld- discouraging the use
things who have given up their plan preachers. v
Ek of becoming pro-ballplayers on the
t; side will waste no tears over that. He may Invent a"sp
anteed. to mn on nex
The Astonisher says It cannot lose mile when operated
i a fairly conducted audit when K can starter that Invariably
get it for nothing. with prayer. ~*
W'.p' Well, an A. B. C. audit Is always Not much danger th
fairly conducted and it does not cost lay autolst could hom i
BpMo?t*of the newspapers of the coun- Not unless they chat
vl.tty that cut ice have them. tion of prayer.
?. , ,
The Allies put an army into Con
^That'll about convince the Turk that I LAUREL I
. his run of luck based upon the stupidity
Of European statesmanship has L_?
como to an end. Mr. and Mrs. J. R.
* * both been ill with p
at lasted a long Una. somewhat Improved.
- But at that the whole blamed Turk- Youngstown, Ohio; a
it for a life time, "in^spite of that he is regarded as a g
:nd of the industry and in view of the fact that there is G
ind to be federar control of some, kind the proper thing S
do i? to get behind him and help to work out his scheme 8
such a way that it will be a help and not a burden to S
people who have their capital invested in coal producing fa
nts amj the distribution of coal. H
"* HE business of providing the people of West Virginia HI
with health laws which have some force is slow and N
lious, but those who are in the movement should not lose j N
art. for they rare on the right road and are bound to seej|H|
ir fondest hopes realized in time. ) 9
The latest discouraging incident was the opinion of the N
preme court of Appeals to the effect that the act of the | H
t legislature which provides that-the state public health! n
mcil shall have power to remove local health officers is I 6
no effect in Charleston because the charter of that city \ Q
ivides that the mayor of the city shall have power to H
point and remove the city health officer. I S
However the court does not by any means indicate that | B
i act is a dead letter, and it probably would be foflndj fc
it a health officer who was neghxtful/of his duties toj jRjl
i.extent of endangering the public health could be re-i n
ved in any community in which he is not protected by j u
al authorities willing to extend to him the protection of N
h a provision as that incorporated in the Charleston | fc
The great need in this state is a public opinion which! |fi
1 make not only health officers but local authorities stand |F
strongly in' favor of vigorous enforcement of the health S
vs. That will come in time, and then there will be less ty
lination to resort to legal hair splitting over this vital |&|
Iter. Municipalities really ought to have control over J9
ir health officers, but at the same time they ought In
be willing to adopt a progressive and not a reactionary In
icy in this respect. N
ZJ HEN a family move in to a neighborhood and get N
* acquainted with others who live in the same block, h
y become boosters for their street, and tell their friends Q
a fine place to live. g
It works out about the same way in cities. The more H
zens know about their city the better they like it?they N
more boosting and less knocking. Cf
For this reason the cities of the country that are under- nj
ing to tell their citizens about the place where they In
rk and live are doing a highly constructive work.
?anshs City led the way in this educational endeavor, IS
iveland and Chicago are following up the idea.
Every man ought to be a booster for his own town. Hn
hen he knocks the town he knocks himself, for he is S
ping as much as anyone else to make it what it is?good N
bad. In
Joseph Holt Gaines and W. E. R. Byrne, who are ffl
torted to have wired ^the governors of Ave states u
ere the suffrage issue has not yet come to a test that g
ist Virginia refused to ratify the Nineteenth amend- g
nt, must have a poor opinion of gubernatorial intelll- E3
ice. . N
Constantinople has been occupied by an Allied land ' 8
ce and iguns ef British dreadnaughls are tralnod on 5
i city which is the nominal capital of a once powerful S
lltary empire. Now if the Allies .will display the J]
ht kind of resolution the first time reports of massa- SI
s in Aaia Minor reach them perhaps there will be &
oe chance of improving at least the moral condition C
the Sick Man of the East. For every authenticated S
lort of outrage against the Arrisnians and the other E
rlstians under Turkish rule some high placed Turk- W
official should be made to suffer In his pride and N
purse. K
rhe big rubber companies of Akron are going to ?
Id an immense electric generating plant over a coal C
d near Steubenvllle and send the current across the ?
intry for use in their plants. This is practical con- R
vatlon of fuel and energy. It probably will not re- f
:e the consumption of coal, but it-will increase the C
ount of power that every ton coal mined will produce Ej
1 it will relidve the railroads of the duty of handling Q
,ny trains that are now used- to .carry fuel for Akron ?
ver houses. Incidentally It will provide the rubber g
nufacturers with cheaper power. C
k year ago Samuel McHoberts, of New York, who was N
iterday elected to a place on the board ot directors ?
the Consolidation Coal comapny and last Saturday c
tame a member of the Monongahela Valley Traction P
npany board, as far as Fairmont is concerned was r
rely a New York banker of great ability who had f
led to his record as an able financier the distinction I
a highly creditable war record. Now he has become c
part of the community life and it will be surprising S
leed If he does not soon become a very important fac- E
here. There are no halt way steps in the McRoberts ?
ithod. k
ay than it was Mrs. Marshall Martin of Browns Mills, j^j
3 uyzanuan ap- anu oars. jnu. ijeougu, nave ueeu ai ^
ualnesg in the their old home here. 3
le town. Mrs. Elizabeth Loar Is improving j
after a recent illness. 5
r in Eastern Mrs. Geo. W. Snider was visiting . $
srtaren to drs- her son,. Dana, who is tipple boss for 8
lutomoblles by th^ .Ruth mines at Hildebrand, last a
week. 1
,* _,v? Miss Diana Henry remains Quite ill. j 5
f J- C. Shafer and wife are preparing ?
to move to their new property they 3
???L 8p dl?f recently purchased. ' " j
leplng the ol? The w T. u. o? ^ placo held 3
its regular tea due at the home 3
,. ,. ._ Mrs. J. B. Henry on the evening of 3
March 10. Quite a number enjoyed 3
tne price, the hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Henry. 3
, .v.... Rev. Hammond has again announced n
i that Is thrown j,js revival services to begin at this t 3
place Monday evening, no preventing N
.. Providence. yj
.th? matter The school will close at this place 3
Detroit before -with a gmau entertainment. v
of autos by j. tV. SteiTltt, of Smithtown, passed . 3
through here a few days ago, in the In- N
terests of the Hodb Gas Comnanv. J
eclal car,gna? ,, IK
US Hon. 0. S. MeKinneV !
must be opoood m 11 . . . J
Talks at University j
nonVa^p^ Hon- s-' McKlnney, of this city, J
p who fathered the movement to provide .
a state, memorial for the soldiers and J
ged the definl- ^UZn, marines who served West \
6 Virginia in the late war addressed "
the students at tne West Virginia Unt- ;
varsity yesterday on the subject, "A >
??i University Memorial Building." Mr. ,
_ McKlnhey favors the placing of a ;
POINT memorial hall at the university to be >
L ~ 1 used by the university. Sentiment is C
very strong for such a memorial to be |t|
built and to be used as a gymnasium, fe
Hall who have ? t i .
neumonla are The famous mills of the Montmartrc I
Their sons, district In Paris are to be torn down!?
mevflHall, of to make room for the construction of In
nd daughters, new hom^s. , 1|
now Lourtneys
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