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I Queer Nature Story Told
Golden Gate Park
(Head of Mounted Police in Qoldei
H "Gate Par it, San Prancieco, who ha
I been friend and atudent of animale fo
40 years.)
Father Hans, the paternal old on
H horned elk, who has for the past fet
H months maintained his protectorat
over oar large buffalo herd at Uoldet
I Gate Park, Is beginning to feel himeel
H slipping from his proud and unique po
sit ton. I 03X1 uPO hlo omkHInn nr\n>
Imencing to fade and he Is gettlni
ready to retire temporarily.
(Handing there on top of the hlgl
hill In the center of the buffalo pad
dock, one eye cocked at the three buff
alo bulls grazing off in the corner, th
other watching closely every move o
the buffalo cows, be seems to h
studying a safety-first campaign, whei
hiaTlynaetic is overthrown. For Han
is now shedding his one remainini
horn for the season and will soon b
at the mercy of Woodrow Wilson, th
giant buffalo bull and rival to leader
ahlp whose harem he stole severs
months ago and who awaits bis re
1 don't know whether It's love o
terror, but for several months now
Hans has had that herd of buffal
kow-towing to him like a bunch o
servants. It is very unusual to flm
animals associating together like thai
but here It's been a case of maklm
the best of the situation for the buff
afe. They haven't had much choic
anout it.
Woodrow Wilson was always tn
tighter of the herd until Hans hov
into sight. Hans had evidently bee
quite a fighter back In his owujvoodf
and he Immediately challenged Wood
row to a finish battle for the leader
The tight was staged up on the to
of the hill in a large open space
Large buffalo and little bdffalo a
gathered to witness the tilt for sover
ofgnty. Round and round the hill the
fought, sometimes onthe top of th
hill, often scattering the encirclin
? watchers as they charged and counte
charged to; the little valley below.
After several hours, Hans emerge
the victor, a much weakened and scar
reA elk, with one of his magniflcen
hyfni broken off near the head. The
r . it)r several days he followed Woodrrn
' around like a tame dog. We a
Ihought it the ebsequious fawning c
ivC a conquered beast.
But not at all. He was Just puttln
;he fear of elks into that buffalo. H
~\hr?~ ?
1 ^
I Pc
! .
jWJ*,W;H ?' ' i;&y
RX MMV / omsgi
nw Ul^ /
II V U A liLlfl A nil I
ii m m iiiii nifl IIIV11
r y vf
0 W^/^Q.PWjEiMiib^
*Hfoochx>U Wldscmz
r \
>, N/N^SAi^/VV(vvv^/N<^s/v^v^N^WN/^/v^<)S/N
? was telling him to look out?that he
ti was on the watch and that when hit
t, lost horn grew again he would prod
5 the stuffing out of Woodrow and all
' his friends. And that in the meantime
Woodrow would better toe the
e And up until now not a buffalo has
n darod dispute Han's authority. Ho
i. herds the cows Into one corner, the
.' bulls into another and then takes up his
. position in the center of the paddock
at the pinnacle of the hill. Not a buffI,
alo crosses that dead line. The least
i, move by Woodrow or his mates and
ii Hans is right arter them.
But now Hans Is beginning to sense
y the Inevitable. He foels his horn slipo
nlnp anri is treating liiq rharcpo with
g more gentleness. But I'm afraid when
ir the remaining horn falls off. we'll have
to move him away to save him from
d Woodrow and his vengeance.
* Members of the Chicago Medichl So"
clety, 7000 In number, have decided to
J] Increase their fees.
if ++
The total amount of loans made by
g the United States to the allied" nations
e is $0,659,834,649.
17C i
[ZCf X(^CIZ vJ Ji
>s? Toa
Than Evt
Lc Demand fi
i grocers'shelve
:orn flakes. Th<
ir choice. But 1
rers, knowing to
rth and valuin
' and satisfad
st of Corn
j i
a so wnen you
scify Post TOS
name. It will me
ids of superior
de on honor int
. cereal food fac
he world and s<
i at a fair pric<
y Postum Cereal Ci
f-v- .- ?? > <
Salvation Anny
Finds tlie Missing
CHARLESTON, W. Va., March 19.
Evory Salvation Army worker in West
Virginia is a member of one of the
most successful detective ^bureaus in
the world. Daily requests come to
Salvation Army officers to search the
"Port of Missing Men" for lost friends
and relatives.
A "Missing" bureau ie operated in
connection with every local Salvation!
Army corps in West Virginia. The!
scope of the bureaus ektends to eachj
of the 66 countries in which the Sal-1
vatlon Army operates.
The name, description and pictur
of the missing person is reported to
a Salvation Army officer who send
the information to tho city where the
person was last seen. The Salvationist
there conducts n full investigation
and starts the endless chain around
the world to find the person.
The "War Cry" the pablicatlon oi
the Salvation Army which is pirated
in 48 different languages when it goes
to press, carries descriptions and pic'
tures of the missing persons.
Denmnd 1
esls Grea
?r Before
[as Its Signif
is hold many br
srn i
the greater ma
terit, apprecia
g' superiority ii
tion, order
lakes ^sm
order g|s
!sties- |gjj
an fresh |g5
quality, ji|s
he great- *Ij|l
:tories -35
old to *Sj
? ~
). Inc. Battle Creek,]
1"''''>? -tyy^"-i" :: vjj.
Information gathered by state officials
of the Salvation Army shows that
sudden removal, temporary indifference
or misunderstanding are tn?
chief causes which break communications
between persons.
The XJ. S. Steel Corporation reports
unfiled orders on hand on Feb 29,
1920, amounting to 9,502.081 tons,
against 9.285,441 on Jan. 81, 1920, an
increase of 216,640 tons.
1 Home Cooking |
? The good things we serve will 8
3 remind you of home. Our select- p
ied foods are cooked the way ?
you like best. Jjj
Watson Hotel Building |
f-K ?.
ss of
?J _#
?8 i
^ i
t?vm itc
New Arrivals Foi
No matter how often you come hen
omething new. For we receive additions
and among the latest are many handsome
ed garments so suitable for correct dn
hroughout the Spring. "Come and see?i:
Feature Gatherings o
Exclusive Spring
f35.00, f49.50 and $
Delightfully fashioned of serge, trico
tals in all wanted shades. Other suits pric
Exceptional Attraction
New Sports C(
$25.00 and $35.0
Fine values in Polo Cloth, Velours,
other popular fabrics. Other Coats incluc
full lengths are priced $19.75 to $69.50.
Special Offerings oi
Spring Dress*
$22.50 $29.50 and I
In Jerseys, Satins, Taffetas, Serge anc
values for such a moderate price. A wo
other Dresses priced $15 up to $79.50 embr
Gingham Frocks $73
Fine plaids and checks; destined to bt
.ered here at interesting prices.
y-V T-* . /-> a
Uur baster bpeci
Exclusive Hats $
-ilodes of surprising quality and riel
great variety of them at this low price of ${
up to $18.50.
Hats For Little Girls at $
A splendid showing of smart ]
A Beautiful Assortment
Fine Voile Blouses $2.!
New arrivals from a leading manufi
tractively priced for before-Easter selling
priced up to $18.00.
JNew Silk Underga
Camisoles, Gowns, Combination
Exceptionally Moderate in
322 Main Street
"The Shop Where New Appare
.jj_ JT
^ ti rn :m
8 you will always see
to our stocks each day
and economically pricsssing
on Easter and
3 alkwe ask." 11JH1
tine and other materEnglish
mixtures and
ling three quarter and
I Tricotine of excellent
nderful assortment of
acing all the newest
i very popular and of5?00
jj appearance and a
little styles.
95 to $9.50 ;n 111
icturer have been at- j
. Finest Silk Blouses
rments IIM
s, Bloomers.
t I
I Arrives Dailg

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