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H IA iTt/vl 1 Ira i6 Ixfl, I V^i B Q H| 9 |H B/ Am| H B Md B B I
I LflL P Xtft* U-H"? ^4. Aj^tT. xS n m 1 B jB^ . Hr V y / / ^9. B B B^ H I I M ^fl fl I if #1^?#* . _ij.,.fL>_ t.jiLih! I
' U I n'r r r r r ' b? V I 4,Zj I
. J, "xtet-''v. ' ^ flfetettKB ?iit<i^py?r->?irregneBn<tc?BceMn wr-L^wmowB#^^ ^ . ? j - '." "11 ' > r' ntu'mrBIB^^B
^ . . - ; . , _'
?? |^^&utraKty
of the DardaneQ*
H'es- Will AJso Be Main
^^H^p^tained. |
paiy lis TODAY
Kj||tort8ide Supervision Will
^Wifc'.ltwcnpatlon of Constantinople
^arliclt' la left under the sovereignty of
by an International force ot
SKillleditroops is provided for In the
ntmrty which was handed today to the
aKMrirti 'representative in Paris.
el (nimmniin rtf f Vi r? iraofv
wjjfcbeen received in Washington.
similar international guard is pro
SEwsd'flir the garrisoning or the straits
HQ^iirantee or tree passage through
^HgSmpardanelles and the sea ot MarHHmfjiO
the ships of all nations.
BpMnter-allled commission of control
BMgjuifant|pople will exercise superHwn'over
the execution of the
HjjM,jfrfthe treaty and with the old
l&r&nd Jury is Told That It
Is Its Duty to Keep
&?Treason, or the attempt to over&larfa#
the government bv force of
H'tosii la the highest of all crlmee,"
the emphatic assertion made by
Kahaie BoPtt C. Lowe In charging the
H^^Jary at ^the opening of the
Bkefen-ing to the fact that most of
WQWStarara -are or have ben farmers,
H^the fudge drew an analogy between
KSfcfc'necessity of keeping down weeds
MKSpVthe farm and the maintenance of
^ Xjjagc'acid order by keeping down
Sr rtrfme. ad explained how the prevenpy
w lawlessness comes within the
MWVUIUO VI VUU gianu jut J.
^Twelve cases will bo investigated
Ban;; the Jury today for which twentyBptge
witnesses have been summoned.
^HWajSfeBowing are tbe names of the jnllwitrmont
district?J. A. Clark. Jr.,
HPmne! Lee per, James Coogle, Prank
| Blemtag, M. A. Jollffe, C. A. Powell
HgSjinimington?E. 0. Murray.
^^r^^^W^lham^Hibba. Lawniiffhljon?
William Michael, Gordon
^^BCnrrey. R. Q. Musgrove.
J. T. Hawkins,'W. H. Man
/Sfbe following witnesses were exH
Mlfbed this morning: Grace RockH
well, W. D. Brown, R. D. Pratt. Slim
K Boose, Charles Briscoe and S. G.
H OHIO FARMS?I have over GOO
farms folly descrlhed in new cata
logue in seven different counties
H all over Eastern Ohio. Best bar
gains and terms yon ever saw.
H Write me at once for free catalog.
H. H. MASTERS, Farm Agent,
Cambridge, Ohio.
H tu uojiuj vuiutgea?jusi ure
sort to make a comfortable bome
for mother, dad and the children?
H' ore now for sale. Excellently lo V
dated on Locust avenue amid the
I moet attractive surroundings. 'Will Jj
I be sold separately of course, and on
good terms to a reliable party. This \
is a great opportunity if you are I
4 seeking a home. Telephone 1634. |
I Baiff''':"'
I &
i ?????
Supreme Court of Appeals
Handed Down Its Decision
tBy Associated Press)
F. Morgan Is the winner over Colonel
Fred Paul Gross cup, both candidates
tor. the Republican nomination for
governor, in the contest over the appointment
of election officials in McDowell
county by a decision of the Supremf!
Court of Appeals.
Oh, Listen Here!
Yesterday I departed
Town feeling like A
Red Balloon
And wearing a Smile
Which was child Liko
And Bland.
And Then
I met ono Mr. Samuel
Fuller, woe is Me!
And he said Effusively, <
"Hello, Adam?i m awiuhj- i
Glad to see You!
Less go to the Show."
S's I, "Mr. Fuller, I'd
Be Honored."
And so we Each
Got a sandwich off Ot
Mr. Criss and Hung
Onto the Back
Of Martin's new Delivery
Wagon and the Driver
Never caught Us
'Till we got Most
Out to Seventh Street.
We thus saved Car i
Well, sir! right A?
The park we Met v
-Bob Mi Her and Howard Host /
All dolled up To
The nines, and they Said
These significant Words,
"Got him, didn't You?"
I awoke to Their
Portentousness one Hour
Well, we squeezed In
With the mighty Throng
Which was Assailing
The grand Entrance.
Fuller said not to Bother
About tickets, so t
Suposed he had Them.
There was a Large
Fat lady right By
Me with a blue Balloon,
And all at Once
I saw Bob Miller Stick
A pin right In
That balloon, and It Said
"Whlck!" once And
Went Out.
And that woman Turned
On me like A |
She Bear,
And Miller said. "Oh! 'Adam,
I'd be Ashamed!"
And I couldn't Make
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l M
Another Charge For
the- Day Nursery
Mrs. Mary A. Johnson, of Norway
Mines appeared before Jndge Scott
C. Lowe this morning with a three
weeks' old baby which she says is
her daughter Laura's child, and asked
the court to make some provision for,
the care of the child which she says)
she is unable to look after herself.
Mrs. Johnson stated that her daughter
came to her house yesterday and
left the infant saying she was going
to work at a house in Spence street,
where her employers would not allow
her to have the child with her. !
After maljsg arrangements with
the Salvation Army to receive and
care for the little one, the judge gave
orders to have the mother brought
in to give a reason for her actions.
n ~o n n
U. UJL U. VjUIiilU.il; UCO bu
Receive Ohio Visitors
Representatives busines men of
Columbus, Ohio, 125 strong, will arrive
here on the evening of May 20
on a special traikyln which they are
making a tour through part of west
Virginia, and will spend the night in
this city and part of the next day. JS-t
a committee meeting of the Chamber
of Commerce held last night, T. I.
Brett was made chajrman of the committee
to welcome the Columbus busines
men and look after their entergather
seeslon of some sort will likely
be held on the tVeninE ol the BU08*8
arrival. Mr. Brett will appoint the
other members of his committee in a
day or two. Other routine business
matters came before the commerce
body committee last night
Two girls for flatwork department.
Good wages. Steady work.
Report Monday morning American
' -rLrunrj j LTLTLTinnnujij (
There is Money Savi
.. -'iv Kb f
Democratic Leaders Seem
Not Able to Get Together.
May Yet Be a Compromise
in Contest Between
Martin and Slack.
The backs of the elephants -was not
the only place -where there was opllti!
cal talk In the city yesterday. Politics
generally was an oft recurring theme
; of conversation and local politics got
a pretty thorough airing at all the
usual meeting placse of men.
The outstanding feature of the local
political talk is that the Democratic
contest over the nomination for
prosecuting attorney has taken the
place of the row over the county
clerkship in popular interest. A great
lot of rumors of the most interesting
kind regarding this contest are llying
about and the dyed in the wool Dein
ocrats confess ihey arc fust as muca
at sea over It as the veriest outsider.
It has been known from tbe start
that Boss Powell and the members of
his politest! cabinet have been at odds
over this situation. Then for a while
| there was a report that they had
agreed upon one of the three candidates,
particulars lacking as to which.
No wa comparison of notes on the
circsn day .gossip leads to the assumption
thnrthey are as'far'apart asever,
but feeling pretty badly about the situation
and anxious to come to some
kind of a compromise.
Just after the primary tickets were
made up one shrewd political observer
remarked that Musgrave was
the Standard Oil aspirant. Rose the
I man favored by the court house ring,
while Miller was rnunlng on his own,
I but in possession of a moral claim on
j the nomination by virtue of promises
| made to him four years ago and the
i fiancial and other support that he
I gave to Haggerty at that time.
A wee kor so ago it was reported
that Tusca Morris and his friends had
told Powell plainly that there was not
the clightest hope of electing his man
at the general election, and that after
an examination of th facts as they
were presented he admitted this.
'L* thia oik.
W U6U lUO Atllct 1VUVO u^wi u kiuu, M>w
cording to one story current yesterday,
they fent up into the air with a
rapidity and push that threatened to
take away some ot Major Shroeder's
altitude reeords. But they iinally
came down and are preparing to
make a deal with Musgrave the minute
they are sure the Democratic
bosses had united upon Rose, who is
considered an outiander by the close
friends of both Miller and Musgrave.
The lack of harmony upon the part
of the Democratic higher-ups may be
deliberately cerated for some purpose
that is not yet apparent, but if that is
the case they have been guilty of defective
strategy, for the inability to
agree among them has strengthened
the feeling of the Miler folks that
they really have a claim on the nomination
and they are making pretty
strong efforts to push their claim
with Musgrave, who is making a personal
canvas of the county, and according
to the tales that are being
brought in from the outlying towns is
proving a wonder along that line. The
Rose campaign, on the other hand,
seems to be a rather quiet one and
for the present at least depends more
upon the royal favor of Tusca than
upon^hy other one thing.
Toat the whole political situation
in the Democratic party, of which this
triangular contest Is but one feature,
is anything but satisfactory to Democrats
who vit> not care very much for
the partisan squabbles but are solicitous
for sucess at the polls in November
is evident from the talk of the necessity
to smooth out the various
lights for nomination. One of the
tale sthat was circulated yesterday,
it wsa bare] ya whisper, bnt it may be
a roar before the end otabe week, ran
4 effort f hnt n Tinffort is to be
made to settle the contest between
Arthur aMrtin and Ed Slack for the
county clerkship nomination. Slack
has been raising catn, politically
speaking, and there is ({round for the
belief that most of the Democratic
leaders would prefer him to Martin,
but they are in. no position _to get
along without the latter during the
coming general campaign. And there
you are. One of them has gone so
far that choking him off summarily
is out' of the question, and the other
is almost indispeslble. Ordinarily the
remedy for such a condition would b?
to throw down the bare and let 'em
flgfat it out, butwbe leaders are afraid
to do that without taking guaranties
from both sides, and as matters now
stand neither side is willing to make
committments of any kind. It is a
decidedly ticklish situation and it is
going ot.take all the diplomatic tact
Tusca and Mr. Charlie can command
to handle it. And in the end they
may fail
Unquestionably one & the factor*
that is contributing to make the Dem(Continued
on page four.)
ng News in the Advt
u sta:
r. rsrs
- ftxjMY0
/o 4 WW
*?%> j^/
k .. ? t?- .I '' 'i
Dead Work Conditions at
Individual Mines Being
Worked Out.
Sessions of the joint advisory board
of the opera to ns and miners of Northern
West Virginia were again held
today at the rooms of the Northern
West Virginia Coal Operators' Association
in the Jacobs building.
Dead work conditions at a number
of mines in Northern West Virginia
will be investigated and committees
have been cbosen to make
surveys along these tines. On Monday
afternoon six men were selected
from the ranks of the operators and
miners to visit the Galloway mines.
The six men selected are: Operators,
C. J. Ryan, Hepzibah; John W. Biscnoff,
Elkins; George S. Brackett,
Grafton; miners, J. F. Fornasch,
Graftom; Nick Aiello and W. F. Ray,
district board members, connected
with the Fairmont office of the United
Mine Workers. A seventh man,
one who Is disinterested, will be
chosen today to complete the committee.
E. S. McCnJtoagh, Fairmont, labor
commissioner of the Northern West
Virginia Coal Operators Association
and Ira Marks, district board mem-1
ber of the Fairmont office of the
United Mine Workers, will visit tlie
Purseglove mine, near Morgantown,
this week.
Another committee composed of E.
S. McCnllough, labor commissioner,
A. Lisle White, Clarksburg, and Ira
Marks, district board member, will
visit the Marshall mine near Clarksburg,
to Investigate the "dead work"
The question ot bonuses and what
they constitute has been discussed
quite freely at all of the meetings,
which have been held here since last
Effort will be made to settle this
matter at all of the mines by the
committees appointed, but If such is
? ?? ?unHra miO+tpr
jiul iKVumiiviauru mi uu?
will again be referred back to the
general committee.
Director*' Meeting.
Members of the board of directors
of the Northern West Virginia Coal
Operators' Association are meeting
this afternoon. This Is the first
meeting of' the board for some time
and routine matters that bare accumulated
in the meantime wffl be diecussed*
Matters especially that ore to be
brought up at the annual meeting of
the National Coal Association at Atlantic
City on May 25th will be discontinued
os page tour. I
zrtisements These Da
abblTI [pf
et^vABi3V| I^JF
? ?
- -
Soldier From France With
Hoppers Plant Job Fined.
At police court this morning Join
Doe appeared tor ioaring en charge
of being drunk last night. "What's
your right name?" tired the mayor.
*? ?? ?? ? ik* inotan* ra.
-momas jaurgui, woe wo iubmum,
spouse given as though just such a
question had been anticipated.
"Well, Morgan, were yon drunk last
night?" *
"I guess I was," Morgan started
drawing a long breath. "You see, my
mother Is dead and I just got back
from France where I've been for 19
months and for the time over here I
took a drink last night," Morgan got
out of his seat and came around the
long table to the mayor's chair and
stood before him, elaborating still further
on his stor yas he held attention.
"Settle with the chief," the mayor
broke in. "Five dollars fine." "But
mayor, I've just got back from France
and I work at the Koppers Plant
"Take your seat," the chief advised.
A nice line of loiterers failed to appear
this morning and forfeited $20
each. These persons were: J. B.
Toothman, Walter Langford, J. K.
Brown and one woman, Lena Fisher.
All were found at the Maaley hotel
last night
Ira Smith had a story all his own to
contribute to police happenings this
morning only his story was a new one
to the police. Mr. Smith said he ran
Into Dr. C. O. Henry last evening about
nine o'clock and Dr. Henry was much
excited. It appeared that during an
evening at the circus, officers missed
a little stage play In front of the Baptist
church. Along between eight and
nine an automobile drove up and wr^
stopped on the other side of the street.
A party of men alighted. Two of them
waited a fraction of a second and then
went at once another like two Wild
animals spilling blood all about. The
SiirI wan evidently arranged and was
over a girl according to Smith's report
Whether the girl was a product of
somebody's imagination or actually existed
seems to. bo shrouded"in mystery.
The fight lasted the space of five minutes
and when it was finished, the
licked belligerent was loaded back Into
the par and the other fellow walked
off down the street. Nobody had time
to find out who the parties were.
"Did you ever," the mayor remarked,
following the tale.
"New one on me," said Chief Moran.
Incidentally Nr. Smith appeared as
proxy for S. R. Brady who asked him
to step around to learn something regarding
a little card fonnd swinging
by a string to the back of his automobile
last night. "Sam straddled one
of your lines last night," explained
Smith" and he sent me In hero to
make matters right He says be park(Continued
on Page Pour)
ys?Read Evety Om
* ' i: ' ''
w If
i K kl
fen UtxT wtejc.
m ^?
^ f
Iffl TO MI
Text of His Speech to Officers
of Atlantic Fleet
Now Published.
[By Associated Press]
rwjAjSH INGHON, May U?Prmident
Wilson's htherto unpublished war instructions
to the officers of the Atlantic
fleet given in person on the quarterdesk
of the flagship Pennsylvania
on August 11, 1917 and bidding them
"throw tradition to the wind, strike
the word prudent from their vocabulary,
and do the thing that is auua.
clous to the utmost point of risk and
daring" were made public here today
by Secretary Daniels.
The President spoke as oommander
in chief of the navy and at a time
when the German submarine menace
was uncurbed. In laying the text of
his remarks before the Senate Naval
investigating eommitttee, Secretary
Daniels said they showed the "bold
and vigorous policy" the president bad
outlined for the navy.
A counter charge that establishment
of the North sea mine barrage was
delayed six months because of the
opposition of Hear Admiral Sims and
the British admiralty was made before
the Senate Naval nvestigatng committee
today by Secretary Daniels in
presenting the second part o? his
[ reply to the officers' charges that the
Narvy department had unnecessarily
prolonged the war through failure to
cooperate fully nt first with allied na|
val forces. The barrage, Mr. Daniels
added, was the most effective measure
that has been taken to check submarines
and was wholly an American
The secretary also charged that
Sims had attempted in his testimony
?.? "oin. rtP neAiItt of fhio nrtv
: iu ri/U iuc liavj ul \avut? v*. ? ? r*?
ject and to give it to the British.
Colored Baptists
To Have Baptism
Next Sunday Q? mecnbers of lit
Olivet Baptist church of Aim&beTIe
wBl hold a baptism and rally at the
Robey school house. There -will he
music by the Enterprise choir and
refreshments will he served. Those)
In charge of the affair anticipate
there wul be a large attendance. The
pnbllc Is Invited.
? of Them Carefully.
ItestoratKk of IihIuhIt/ I
~*. 181
"j. - -" "^'
lutlonary go^^mt^lo'jH^^S
ask for immedlweI'tMwGNHHH
American aoveittaient. A. mm
to this end '" jlnB
rated by the.
wmcn dm neaoajniraiBaDMWMM
Sonora wheer tVrwroBitiMMBB
launched. .1
raeut^ls report^to^^TiS^^
^A*: report origla^^^pM^B
ot?fts troppa:
tual amtrol
cerned despiteV
ideal Carrantf weti imVmsm
utter haviug btkan thHrtugfcpBHH|
lilies near Puelfe.-il??H|
Statements lam the rsfGgnM
leaders at Juan indicated utuSflH
forts now wont he Spent;tolnajB
storaUon of thewuntry's industry
Hon. CharletlEI.: Csndga^SiH
can candidate-Iw congress
First Congrestjnal dlatrictyfiifiH
Virginia, is a vlttor in thls-amSHB
Mr. Carrlgan vljted at GraftonjM
day and spent tnftrtgof yeStartjfi^H
today in Falrtew. He -wfll^
Moundsville hiiiome today.'aifijaj
go from there itio BrookeoountjsM
Carrigan is mslhng a verv actatfM
for the nominatanu
morning, the cinePs jury fcurodj[
Pete Pischaddi met W- wflM
gunshot woundat teh banda?ral
gio Maiaia on Thursday, Mayiva
The sbootingT^rred in
room of the Iwli StatesijE^^H
T. E. Minearforenlalfof
and G. C. Dusltsn, anpnly tigM
ofrmer of whim -wifi the Olnf$H
witness, came 1 from Four Stati
testify and remitted to wOTflMB
by the grand ji13. g|?jH|
Following la the nameftSffl
coroner's juryiCliarleg-'W^Mg^H
Albert Kern, IrearBafterfllBBlIM
Henderson andE. 3, ffarfley^|g
The second tan- chartfJ^lsB
drunk and drhag a car-^waijg
to Jail last ni&t and remahfflo
for some timi- AccordiagSWil
records his nat? is J. Ri'JoQ
also accordinglo officers he'dM
of the Carrier) wtel so drank tl
shouted "The text - stpp. MKaflH
and sore dowuiAe street goawH
two tires camtalf his mardnaaal
Mayor Constar toldjttaflBW
morning that twea recomnwMM
Wilbur Graflbs, for Whq|jffl
works, he wasreleasad pending!
ther investlgaton ot- tfreohSCTW
allowed to gtaa Ma hraBMH
mond. Douht was exprewaHj
mayor as to waethat&Bli^^M
drunk or wh(bar his -llMtB
was out ot otter. Mo thttiWM
Ing-was set
rrk/v ItVanuvi f^ti?iinfiHWimW^B
Nurses at a mating lu iIiLKJB
eming agreed j(wa theinlffiSH
Ordinary caa?$&00dBangg|^|
cal cases $7 lor day; <mH
ea |7 per de. BlffiMnHH
each addition) pallenti|jn8H|
In the family
cases twrdye Icmct (braQ^H
es |5 per day;{tfWtii|9^^^H
day. AH tame nffl expel
eight hours it dua?MB
sleep and recwISoit^nH^H

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