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qnlte contrary,
- Uo? your cellar show?
fc^jd-"boarton, rye, and extra dry
K&And' Gordon ?dn aU ?n a row?
I ri n ?_r.r,, n
-" _ "J- I
rnn rninnil
p hteresting for ;
BMk eel
baseball weather oa tap
crowd: gsraerad ai South
early this afternoon for the
offered to fandom by the j
^^Eune for Saturday afternoon.
Bftitwo games this afternoon are
Pteson building vs Owens at 2 o'clock
BjiSHiir n. Co vs Stevenson at 4
Kt.v Interest today dentera in1
Oat game this afternoon, after
mrot 'thcwlnr made by the Owens
BpS jb the game with Monongan
on the mound
this afternoon. Jacobs
announced his pitching seEttmi
-hnt it will likely cither be
Hnwr Schimmel with Yenesuy bcBBfiE'thdbst.
Huffman will be the'
^krlop for ^heOw^ ^ ;s ??.!
KMfe& io be the fastest and beet in j
lattMeague, bat the Owens aggregu- I
gPttJ* right up in il\e front ranks I
Bw>'Went into the game this afterPWi'jwUh
determination to take the
ktUOBK. When iCittle is rigni he i
gtfSbtblf has u much stuff as any:
Ctmrta in this secStra of tfle state, I
BflBctts Owens folk are trusting that1
ffignshape against the !
KEThe/second game of the afternoon'
BBiw Stevenson and P. M. M. Co.'
Proiinhtalte as seriously, but as the I
HralCv M. Co. team will ue lacking,
^^Hfstar players owing to the niie
RMRBtf i college and school men. the I
HXBtest may be closer than one '
J .en'tlo j
"Jnu03'3 ^
ByptiH Mi casserole I
Riad grilled tcrncy win?:
BHsafctao.tered greeting
Bur simple' refrain
theire's one thing
ESJOf which .1 can sins?
B&ginrf lh&t't 'lher and." <1
RfiHie ex-kaiser's bric-a-brac is 10 be
HHtaMl. Here's a cbance for some;
WjBpirherotBto >et the souvenirs they;
BMjbffiod their 'sweethearts.
WtfiWid indeed be a wonderful
Bumt if Joe Jactaon should bans on MW':
baiting advantage and keep
Mwn-of Ty. Cobb ail season. Many
ray 'he haie threatened to do this
now he has a real bulge j
i^nij landlord, has'
i"v ?.. JB
Igfcd eviction papers op th" YanmfcaffectlTe
next sprinc. Whai'I!
HfcSBth do it they rent a new lotj
rap the right field fence two miles;
ESprnuiza may get into the Untied
Sato* with bis. track load of pesos.;
BHfc Wait till our landlords cet him. j
Bflwh won't hi: any homers at the!
p^jpotmds nert year. He won't
^^Kbest way to pitch to Rabe. arKjfMng
to the best pitcbinr authority
Bjfcgatfs wheel is to put the usual
jBRhpn the hell and say a prayer.
Storey stole 156 bases in the
Mttejl88S. The best Ty Cobb ever;
SfnVfiv didn't have to'
Ir signals then, though. All he i
to was to keeo on stealing, j
Herrmann likes to see the'
?n Beds 'claw their victuals |
tenth burnished covers. While j
mad each player is allowed i
r day for cats.' Last year
y.got 13.50. It keeps 'em in!
r; Garry says. So far Garrv
sson some of the substitutes!
good as the regulars is that
'[. get into the game' often !
iccofdlng to Uncle IVIIberti
r or two front now there,
new ctop of ball plavcrs.
* 'aewiinj '
tatothe war 1116 UliliUt icaguco ,
gjtrnto a top of retirement an-!
mJdeve'op their usual guota. Vou ,
joll-said that many a player fill CWiih
a bisr league club as a sub-.
fe^aasn't a chance to becom- a
Krtawr they aren't as coed as,
SpCars is that they don':
BBe game often enough. You've
HflB-'fife the youngsters vers tt>
Mto big league polish and con ^
Bwigjweeks ago he was a dub.
Bfaname nobody knew?
^MhnWrieag chances
gBnpwa on thejbeuches
BjjEdar they put Mm in the gome
^ Bad sotr the dub's a darh.
H9&Wd fights better without a
n. He never beat Jack Erltton ho
HGnbdiA lnitt It
?! ? Vara heon nartia! to *
Eb? favorite place to do;
11 probably suggest Bos-|
be meets Michael.
proposition (or a pitcher!
is on the mound with a
! ?? Clcotte and Kerr.1
n seems to have con '
that he deserves his
*ls makinc iho Pol"
rgct Frank Bake:.
[j Ov
, ' - : r - - * . j
uraja?nna?HsBi ;
If Mike Menoskv can take the place
in the hearts ot the Boston tans left
chill and damp by the exportation of
Babe Ruth he will be mighty "happy.
Mike's an outfielder. His specialty is
bitting the apple where the fiWders
ain't. When Clark Griffith had him
last year the kid didn't get to play regular.
He likes his new job with the
Red Sox and is mighty popular with
the beantown fans. So wonder they
i like Mike for he has been hitting on
high speed this spring. He may never
quite make Boston forget Eabe.
but he's going to make them use the
word Mike In their conversation a lot j
this summer.
Carpentier are two of the most popu-|
lar present-day tourists.
Joe Beckett is out with a paragraph,
that he "will follow Carpentier to thej
ends of the earth." Georges has got:
n l?n? milta /Hifil DonlrAfi micrhf havo
a JUU?> lUlllC Wiiu. UVWIl'.U UllftUV U-'V
a nice time in this country if he keeps
his mind off the Toledo Terror.
McGraw is having a sign printed?'
"N'o tenants allowed." Sounds like;
the word pennants they speak of In!
Cincinnati, Cleveland and other small i
The eviction of the Yankees from!
the Polo grounds is getting a lot of!
yells out of the Xew York fans.
McCraw isnt jealous. He is just a J
good business man.
rTTftW VEnrwrl !
Monongah Glass. S: 6. ? 0., 0.
Watson Building vs. Owens, 2 p. m
F. M. M. Co.. vs. Stevenson. 4 p. m.
W. L PetMonongah
Glass.'. Z 0 L000;
Watson Building 1 0 1.000;
West Virginian 1 1 .501)'
F. M. M. Co 0 " .MOfll
Owens 0 1 -OO'Ji
Stevenson u I .000
B.iO 0 2 .000
Pittsburgh, it; Boston, 0.
Philadelphia. 1; St. Louis, 3.
Brooklyn. 3; Cincinnati, 0.
New York. 2; Chicago, 1.
Brooklyn at Pittsburgh.
Boston at Cincinnati.
Philadelphia at Chicago.
New York at St. Louis.
W. L. Pet
Pittsburgh ...' 16 10 .615
>1 _ .! 1? 11
uncinnau it 11 .uvij
Brooklyn 13 10 .365
Chicago 14 16 .167
St. Louis 13 15 .444
New York 11 14 .440
Boston 10 13 .435
Philadelphia 12 16 .425
Boston. S: Detroit. 3.
Cleveland, 0; Philadelphia. 2.
Washington. 9; Chicago. 12.
Other game postponed, rain.
Chicago at Washington.
Cleveland al Philadelphia.
St. Louis at New York.
Detroit at Boston.
W. L. PcL
Cleveland 20 S .7141
Boston IS 9 .667 j
Chicago 15 11 .377
% V..1. 1,4 T? "10'
*>ew lurrv *??
Waahitipion 13 lfi .464
St. Louis 12 14 .462
Philadelphia 9 1" -346
Detroit 7 21 ^aO
IMniit lis* a swoet hitter in Oat-1
fielder Ira Flagstcad. Jennings has1
been Ut.ins he youngster in the ro'e.
oi a ptnco n-ner tr.ts spring. a i.i!ow
who hits the ball like Ira can Itf
a poor man to keep on the bench.'
His drives are of the long variety.'
The other day be broke Into Babel
Ruth's ciasa by ge'tiug two homent
In one day. It was his first full "ante j
of the season He is like a good many
other ball players in the respect that
he hits better when playing regular.
There Is said to be keen rfcalry between
lite Pacific ("cast boy and Ty
Ccbb. Before the season is ever he
may be one of the Tigers' beat draw-1
ing carts. ? 1
" i J-?
? ~
;ens And V
BUI Bill
Local Legion Team Had No
Trouble Taking Their
Game Friday.
Before the largest crowd that has!
ijooomhiprf at South Side Dark in a!
long time and while Governor John J.
CornweU looked on, the local Amencan
Legion team defeated the Mannington
Legion crew yesterday afternoon
by the one-sided score of 124.
Daring the game the locals anneied no,
less than IS clean hits, five of which
were for extra bases, which is a sufficient
number of bingles to win any
old ball game. Man nington was first
to break the ice, getting three runs
on two hits in the second canto. Their
only other run was made in the fourth
Inning. The locals scored one In the
; second, four in the third, four in the
! fifth and three in the eighth. Trader j
i pitched seven innings tor Fairmont i
iml fbon u-na rplipved bv Kittle. Nell j
(hart went the entire route for the visi-i
; tors. The score: ? ? TT ? , r
I Knight. If 4 210 0,
Hood, 2b - J 1 Volght,
ss a l 1 1 *
Ridiely, 3b 5 2 2 2 1 0
I Kendall, rf 5 2 3 0 ? 0;
Vingle. lb J 1 3 10 0 .j
Decker, m 5 1 > i J l.
Pride, c ? J 1 ! '
Trader, p 3 # 1 0 2 Oi
Kittle, p 0 0 0 0 0 0
Total? 41 12 18 27 13 51
Brady. 3b 4 114 1!
Marshall, m 5 (1 1 1 0 Oi
Venesky. c 5 0 2 5 1 1!
Xeuhart, p 5 0 1 0 3 Oi
0ribbon, ss 4 1 1 2 3 2
Blake. 2b 4 0 0 3 2 1;
I.ydlc. If 3 1 (I 0 0 ?|
G. Snodgrass. rf....4 o l 2 o n;
E. Snodgrass, lb ... 4 1 fl 7 0 1
Totals 38 4 7 24 18 6j
Mannington 030048008?4
Falrmout 0 11 "4 003 *-12;
Two base hits. Hood. Rldgelv. Neuhart.
Yingle. Three base hits. K?ndall.|
Voight. Sacrifice hits. Hood. Stolen!
bases. Volght. Brady. Hit by pitcher,!
by Xenbart. 1 iTrader). Left on has-j
es. Fairmont. S: ManningVtn. 8. First;
base on errors. Fairmont. 3; Manning-;
ton. 4. First base on balls, off Xeu-j
hart. 1: off Trader. 1. Struck out. bv.
Xcuhart. 4: bv Trader. 7: by Kittle. I.,
Hits, off Trader. 6 In 7 innings: off;
Kittle. 1 in 2 innings. Passed ball |
Veneskv. Cmnire. Grimes. Tltne of:
game. 1 hoar 47 minutes.
Pirates Take
First Place,;
Owing to the fact that Pittsburgh I
won from Boston yesterday 9-0. while!
the Brooklyn Dodgers were taking the1
measure of the Red3 3-0. the Pirates'
are heading the National league litis;
morning by a slight margin with the1
Reds in second place and Brooklyn In;
third. New York defeated Chicago in;
a close game 2-1 by timely hitting,!
while St. Louis took the measure oil
the Phils.
In the American league, Boston had I
nn trnnhlp ripfeatinc Detroit S-3. Chi-;
cago deefated Washington In extra
innings 11-9 and Cleveland won from
the Macks !) " Xew York and St.
Louis were idle owing to wet grounds.
Break Records
At Track Meet
MORGAXTOWX. W. Va.. May 22.Ellmination
trials and trial heats in i
the West Virginia high school track]
and field meet were held yesterday, |
and resulted in Huntington qualifying!
19 men for tomorrow's finals. Rark- [
ersburg qualified IS: Charleston, 16;
Pennsboro. 13: and St. Mary,8 10.
Four state Pccords were shattered!
yesterday by Barnum. of Parkersburg.j
who threw the shot 43 feet, 3 inches,
the javelin 150 feet 5 inches, the dlsens
101 feet 7 inches and the hamntet
141 feet 6 inches.
Teams which qualified under lea
men Friday were: Fairmont and Buckhannon,
six each: Pullman and Motgantown,
three each: Weston, Shlnnston
and Clarksburg, two each; Wil
llamstown. West Union, Elkins. Sutton.
Lumberport. Wellsburg and Man-.
ulngton. one each. 1
In addition to the records made by
Barnum. other new marks set were: I
Childress. Charleston. 100 yards in:
10 4-3 seconds; Hendrii. Charleston,high
jump. 20 feet 5 inches: Stark.
Huntington, and Deck. Buckhannon,!
both broke the 220 yard dash In .2:
Bierer, Morgantown and Fry. Huntington.
both lowered the 440 yard dash
to .57 2-5: Anderson. Huntington,
roke the half mile record in 2:07.
i n AI
J. u. u
Candidate for Repobl
Sheriff of M
Subject to the decision of
Tour Support and Miner
*V ' J'*,.*
' , .i '-. Br . - v . ,-;<i ..
Watson Bull
Joe Kramer, Fred Glover, John [
Shoos,- Harold Parker, Martin Deturk,
winners in the West Virginian
route boys' contest, are in Morgantown
today as the guests of this
newspaper seeing the finals in the
great interscholastic track and fieid
emet under the auspices of West i
Virginia University. These lads i
harH tn win first honors I
In the coetest between the route :
boys and deserve the reward which
they received today. The bovs left
for Morgantown this moraine in '
charge of the circulation manage: I
and will return late tonight
Sport Chat i
. {
Mid-West Box company has organ-,'
ized a fast independent baseball team
composed of many of the players who
were on the M|d-West team In the
city league last season and some new
men. This team is anxious to book
Sunday and twilight games in the
countv. To arrange games address,
J S.' Fish, Mid-West Box company,!
City, or call 426 and ask for Mr. Fish.,
The game between the localXegion)
team and Mannington yesterdfc was:
rather disappointing despite the fact
that the locals won with ease. The
game was good for about three innings,
and then became too one-sided to]
arouse much interest. The locals sare;
. . _ i ihn
Had a Daiung nee uuuu6 U1C WBUUV%.|
Several good games are booked
about this section (or Sunday. Graf-1
ton Legion will play the Consumer.!
at Blackshere park: Wellsburg will
tackle .Monongah at Traction park:
Grant Town and Hutchinson will both:
plav at Montana: Ida May will journey
to Tarkersburg for a game, and
Bellalro will play Clarksburg at;
Charlie Burns turned in another
good game for West cyan yesterday,
winning from Bethany ,1-:. Burns se
cured two of the five hits made by
Wesleyan. '
BERKELKV?Tlie Civersiiv of Cal-1
ifornia wtil send its all-star track
squad east to compete in meets at
Penn University and at Ann Arbor, i
Mich. '
EMPuKIA, Kans. ? Eight Kansas:
towns in Alion. U'abaunsee, Morris and:
Osage counties hare organized a new I1
baseball league. They trill play Sun-;
day ball.
PH1LADELPHLV?Injuries will pre-;
rent Marvin Gustaison, Penn's track;
captain, from running again thisr
spring. His right leg "blew up" in,
the grind against the Oxford-Cam-:
bridge team In the relay classic.
.NEW YORK. - Pete Trivoulidas,'
winner of this year's Boston marathon,;
has registered with the Miilrosc Ath-'
lcilc Association here. He has corn-j
kanntnf.tr/> j I
pctca "uuatuiuicu u??i??.?.
BOSTON.?Torn McCarthy. Red Sox
scout, will succeed to the Job as coach
of Boston college baseball team, taking
Johuny fivers' place
DETROIT. ? liugli Jennings' hasi
been challenged to a golf match by BUD
Coughlin, coach of Lafayette college1
now and former Tiger. Jennings has[
a reputation on the links. Coughlin:
Is a beginner?not a comeback.
! j
SAN FRANCISCO. - Bud Ridley,
coast bantamweight champion, may set'
p new record for boxing. He fights1:
twice a week with rarely a skip. Hel
intends to stay west for another year! i
before trying his speed in oasterni,
TACOMA.?Ray Wilson, who is run
ning from the coast to New York on a
nn ?nnc enouch at sev
WO&CI, " ?.vp u
eral points to compete against the lest;
the towns can mnster out in track
DETROIT. ? "Slim" Love. Tiger
southpaw, has been released to the
Seals in the coast league. Jim Roberts.
rookie pitcher, has gone to his
home at Artesia, Miss., on account of
illness and may not return.
CHETENNE, Wyo.-This year's 19day
race meet here at Frontier Park
may be the last Poor patronage the
past tew seasons has caused the Breeders'
Association to hesitate over future
plans. i
ican Noninatioi for
larinn Cnuntv
1MB IVia ^^wmmrnrnj
the Republican Voters at
ice Respectfully Solicited.
innriirn ni.ir
MUllul UK
Glassies Too Much for Ban'
do Team in Game Last
Monongah Glass outclassed the i
Bando in the city league game staged |
at South Side park last evening, the,
Glassies taking the game 7-0. Long I
was in fine form for the Glass men.
while Gilmore and Men were reached ;
when hits meant runs, and were giv-,
en rather rocky support in the field.,
Tois makes three straight wins fori
Monongah Glass and gives them a]
commanding lead in the league race. |
The score:
McCowan. mf 4 1 2 1 0 u
n . tJ_J *k 4 1 1 1 A 11 I
ssr.:.:: iiiii
Hood, 9E 2 112 3 0
Vlngle, lb 2 113 0 1
Brme 2b 2 1 o 2 1 0
K' c 2 0 0 1 0 0:
E Aldridge, rf 3 0 0 1 0 0
Long, n o 1 1 0 1 1
Craig. II 0 0 0 0 0 1;
Barn 2b -J _?.! JL? -!;
Totals 21 " 6 21 5 3!
B. & O.? AB R H PAl:
Dotson, If 3 0 0 0 0 jji
Schoodt, c 3 J, 0 8 1 0
Boyce, 2b 3 u 0 15 0.
Harr, lb 3 0 0 . 0 1;
C. Metr. 3b 3 0 0 0 0 1;
Belt, mf 3 0 1 1 0 0;
Madden, rf 3 0 1 0 0 0!
H. Metj ss 3 0 1 1 0 0,
Qilmore, p ... 2 " 1 ? III
P. Metz, i? : 1 0 0 0 0 o;
Monongah Glass ;;?2L25S""il
B g. o 000 000 0?3 ;
Three base hits. McCowan.
Sacrifice hits. Decker. Byrne .
. t rt <1 D A Meirt fr A i
Sioien D3S(fS, IV't'SC o o. nmi iu^v.
Hit by pitcher, by Gilmore. Vingie. i
Left on bases. Mcnongah Glass 4.1
B. & 0. 6; first bane on errors. Monongah
Glass 2. B. & 0.2; first base on
balls, off Gilmore 1, off P. Met: I: I
struck out. by Long 7. by Gilmore
S, by P. .Vetz 2: Hits apportioned, off
Giltnoro 5 ;n 4 3-4 innings, off P. j
Metz 1 in 1 2-2 innings.
Wild pitches. Long. Umpire Grimes, j
1 - j
Worthington j
Trouble at Bethlehem.
There seems to have been somej
trouble at Bethlehem mines on Wednesday
and picks and axes were the!
implements ot war used by the combatants.
Gaetano Chiurazo came before
Justice Parrish and made complaint
against one Paul Miller charg-j
ing assault and battery. A warrant;
was issued and placed in the hands >
of Constable Basnett and the parties j
were brought before the justice on!
Thursday morning for trial. A large [
number of the inhabitants of the min-i
ing town were present at the trial. The I
evidence showed that both parties,
were guilty of infractions of tie law |
and Miller was fined $10.00 and costs
and Chiurazo was assessed $5.00 for
lis part in the melee. The fines were,
paid. i
Visiting Relatives.
Mrs. Ethel Givens, of Wirt county.;
has been visiting her sisters, Mrs. J.
D. Victor here. Mrs. J. W. Emerson at:
Middleton and Mrs. Hugh Givens, at!
Fairmont for several days. She re-j
turned to her home on Tuesday.
On the Sick List
Jas. T. Taggart has been confined It,
his home for the past ten days suffering
from an attach of Influenza but is!
Improving at this writing and will soon j
he able to be about ,
Election Misunderstanding. ;
The advertisement of the names of'
the election officials seems to have;
caused considerable of a mlsunder-j
standing among the voters of this pre-j
Most men like to w
ginning to feel som
will prove comfort
pair of Oxfords w
And frequent char
new Fairmont last
Edwin (
===== r=
tie *
r w i\
To be more exact, it is "Joe an
anple of Joe's eye It isn't exactly a
Joe uses Black Betsy to wallop the
ehards Black Betsy is Joe Jackson'
bis own liking. and he hasn't cbang
bilious Mtssmriths try' to use a similar
much for them Joe's Kack Betsy
cinct. Reports coming In for severai
days bring the information that the
voters arc not going to turn out having;
received the impression that they will [
have to go to Tbobiirn to vote. Of j
course the omission of Worthington!
precinct was an error in some one but i
we are assured that there will be a:
primary election held at Worthington!
u me supplies are liiruisueu anu
presume they will he. The election
officials credited to Miller school in
the acvtrtisemrn; should lie the ones
for Worthlngton. and those credited
to Thohurn in the first list are the ones
for Miller school. We hope all voters
will turn out notwithstanding the
error. i
Wk. A. McLaughlin, of Evcrson.
was a business caller here on Thurs-t
day. We understand he has closed a|
AIma 1 E
ViMdi L. B
Republican candidate
of School respectfully ask
Marion county to give hffi
ence for this nomination.
best. Experience,twenty;
ondtonone. Hehasacla
cause he was a resident of j
and was prominently ident
of the county. He held the
nington High school five ;
!one of the best school men (
fords for M
ear Oxfords in Summer- If 5
ewhat hot and heavy these wa
able and welcome relief. Besi
ill help your appearance and
iges mean more comfort Cm
Happ, Hurley and Thompson
* $11.00 to $19.90.
x IwSWd my ^
In a Sy?Ww *W* ]
mL .1
d Black Betsy." the latter being tb?"
n apple, bat an apple knocker, for
apples in Ban Johnson"! eight or
? own style of bat lie moaeiea it to
id for years Some or the other ammodti.
hot it renenlly proves too
is a riant model < t-i*
deal for a house and lot and wSl remove
tier.' about .November 1st' '} ?
James 1.. .Morgan,or near Anntbelle, .
was transacting business here (Hi Trfc i
S. L Hess, of Bingatnon, was a bust J
ncss caller here ou Friaay.
U. W. Hess, ot Annabelle, wm in
town on Friday ou his way to Wheeling.
C. M. Sturm, of Harter Hill, was In
town on Thursday and handed us his
subscription for The West Virginian. ^
J. ft. Hamilton has accepted a po ,
sltlon as clerk In the store o( Hole* - A
Oakes. . ]
Frank Martin. the Monongah
chant, watr a business visitor here
on Thursday.
Newton Jones, of near Monongah.
?hna{tiA?? in fovn.AB.
W iW liaiiOUlllUb wuuiUkwu ? ---
for State Superintendent. I
> the Republican voters of ;
1 their support and influ-;
Education, equal to the
years. School record, sec- |j
im on Marion county, be' f
Mannington for five years ,
ified with all "war drives"- |'4
principalship of the Man- j]
years, aiiu is icgoiuw w n ^
iver employed in the conn-.; 0 ?
en J
rour shoes are be- II
rm days, Oxfords II
des, a bright new II j
is veiy desirable. ) 11
me. in and see the
: . f

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