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- nis !
Important cooperHnOrn
steps erer proposed by West
gpllia-farmers is now being planWest
Virginia Farm BoBnMb
Federation, which now repreBGpmanare
then 15,000 arm era. This
W ithe eooperattre baying ot ail the
Bfrjtfafllasr toed by these 15.000 tomHan
and the cooperttire handling ot
jjffcthe wool produced among this
^HESatyetr, the total fertilizer tonMyffffg*
for this state was in excess ot
HsKotttons. Moch of this was bought
HMMgh the rarious county farm bu grinsu
4t sayings orer the usual reHwttptioe
of at least 54 a ton. HowMBjsr
theState Federation has been
MKmai?etb% negotiations with the ferIlFjfftls
manufacturer! which indicate
gBfat the price obtainable as a stateBtMde
proposition will be at least }1.50
Sarton cheaper than the best prices
jEKst-Oonld be had by county farm buMSeaus,
operating separately.
MHXhe wool is to be handled by the
Hwtate Federation on a five per cent
HBfouanissloa at Baltimore, this amount
KBto coyer grading the wool when colR&aseted
at a central point in each
ffiMunty, storing the wool six months,
Qbsarlng it at full xalue, and bearing
Mpaexpenses after reaching Baltimore,
lu.. wwmwted at time of shipment.
udocer, charging
. Fine wool In
led at Wheeling
: on a 4 1-2 per
difference in
to the fact that
aded at Wheelnse
of sending
te to do the
and led throngh
11 he sent to
and weigh the
has been sent
president, W.
r farm bnrean
le meeting ol
s of the Fed,
Jane IS, at
will be given
mittee of the
rans^wfll meet
IMPS** time we nope 10 mne
SEramtements ill regard to the bandar
of the wool of the farm bureaus
Boa also the purchase of commercial
t^^Sr^srd to the wool proposition
BfaCUwa time, everything seems to be
'.fe 'ln the ait The wholesale buyers
K West Virginia claim that they are
nSf.yet ahle-to name a price and conEJJmjently
no country dealers will bf
fv; wvely to name a definite price nnggBSw
tttwould be a very safe one for
' Sem. I feel that where the country
EP^raier will pay a fair price, that they
' Should really have the business; but
F sfr" we can usually receive more
' for" al commodity at wholesale than
: ?' w>mn, 1 see no reason why it would
Hot insure to the benefit of the wool
t^CWrowcra, if the wool could be sold diKclCet
to the wholesale dealers. We
RjSl'Aavo asked that these wholesale dealSt
'Ss and 8 representative to our meeting
at Morgantown June 18. and be
-r'orepared' to make a proposition for
se^Gndltng the wool for the entire farm
Heli'imoomi nf the state. The Extension
StttJXrigioE las already taken the matfthlw
np with some of the wholesale
? -dealers, and they seem to be anilons
jt&ilfc maie such a deal Please notify
dl?. nee<* ^88d Fumtnre to sn>
1 ply oar old store, comet Jacksoa
h'T\and Jefferson streets. Tou oeled
| pet Pnmture from, our New store
Monroe Street Let us ex
: I change. We also repair or store
j&v' p". You will find a complete line of
. * f furniture, carpets, stoves, paints
Land Trail paper at oar new store, 221
If:: See Denham First Co.
. 221 Monroe Street
to WToolnartti'io
I f Good Newj
|J for the
1 Autoist
El Commencing
h moni
K Substantial I
pi 'Small Siz<
Kit For the man who-use
Map dollars on each tire?anc
I Tires in these times of tl
Pti: H. C. Hixenbangh, Mgr.
1 V ' \ / r::,
bp -rue ruxxz plan, /
COST WC'<-c HAve to
IKE *P1 Nl N<?jgc|jQgr
bat!!! |g|
the wool growers of your county
tbrougn your farm clubs and county
papers that such a movement Is on
"The fertilizer situation is in a
very precarious condition at this
time. A great many manufacturers
daim that they have no fertilizer in
stock and none in sight and in order
to insure to the farmers a supply of
fertilizer for fall nse, we deem it
ll 1
| Get in the
j Bathir
We have a pretty food at
for men, women and chil
For Men For Boys
at $1.25. at 50c
to $3.50 to $1.98.
i mjm^
Oririnitore and Leaden o
All Week 1
deductions ^
\11 fg
; Tires
s small size'^res this is ago
. .. .? i
[ that means something wnen
he H. C. L
1^1 l/i/SCCj U/H6R6
'INfrfr* tVlt-t- <vG
?/ n'^ a 'rooch l
necessary that steps be taken at once.
We have therefore requested a num
ber of manufacturers to meet with
tbe executive committee June IS, to
submit propositions to us. You will
j therefore bear in mind that this matiter
will have due consideration, and
; in order that we may have something
(tangible to present to these bidders
I you would greatly oblige us if you
would name approximately the numSwim
ig Suit
sortment of Bathing Suits
Idren at the following low
SLTTS Bathing
For ladies' Trunks
at $2.50 at -35c
to $5.00. and 50c.
f Low Prices in Fanmt
od chance to saro several
i it comes to buying new
Phone 430.
Br of too* of add phosphate that1
our comfy win seed.
?<??*? or oaorHkfetsta
Uch yoa an intonated in yoer
osntj, in which alii oioeuUte comdttee
can kelp yoo, I shall he Terr
lad to bate yon present them. What
e want abore ererythinj doe is to
ssder serrice to the tinners of the
tate and this can only be done by
euty co-operation of the coenty
irm bnreans with the numbers of
le execntire of the state federaon."
Resigns Position.
Benjamin H. Ice, an employe In the 1
'(flees of the Hope Natural Gas com- ;
any here for scleral years, has reigned
his position to take effect
hoot August first and arm engage in
he insurance business.
Attends Contention. 1
Boss M. Tarner represented the
lannington Lodge, Protected Home
The G
thrifty pec
never saved I
economy. V
simply by oft
as is to offer
caonot beduj
driving relc
T<HIS important i
1 by tke KAUI
growing in moment
popular approval 1
One of tbrSpec
I HanyiKrt&Mt'tf tqwn
people attended the card party at the
Bartlett hotel last evening. The event
K*s given by the Book elob -of thin
fcity. and vaa one of the aeaion's leading
rodal affaire.
member of the American forces overwas
in the late war. has weired no- j
dee of a government monthly stipend i
warded tor injuries in his shoulder.
Miss West Entertains. !
Miss Betty West was hostess to a !
lumber of her friends at a moonlight '
picnic at her home in Sunshine on
Thursday night. The hours srere en- '
ioyably spent in playing games, after 1
which refreshments were served.
Prayer Circle Meets.
The Girls' Prayer Circle met at the
home of Miss Louise Beamns in High i
jtreet last evening. - i
Personals." I
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Christy and ehil____________________
ood Worl
PPY TASK we are pi
fie from a hundred r
before. Times like t
fc are not trying to
snog mercnanaisc en
die merchandise eve
<ery Day WePui
on Dolls
mtlessly on agains
ever before to bi
noremcnt was fist started
- ? ?a Tvwyrv _
'MANrt d untie-score id
has never lagged?it. is still
am. It has met with such
jccausc Ksufaiaon & Baaing
its real worth.
adrThiti* Striking A F
his Phenommd Sale of 1U
TheJBifgett Ddof
k rww
3 m smm
WUWtfVK^Iilic ifflr5/ WfdVlllH
j*d&Wmh i/ftd" ii
ffl. __ jt -i?M.?_ il /^ - _ .
jBcnuwu BboruDia^V'J
msyj ^
- .
' i ' ''-X'
fren, of Keyser, are here for a vistM
with the former'* parents, Mr. and 1
Mrs. E. W. Christy In Pyles avenue.
OUrer Cook, of Cameron, was a ]
trainees visitor In the dor yesterday. 1
Frank Lfllie has gone to Bellalre, .
Ohio, on a short business visit.
Charles Shriver- leaves tomorrow
for a visit with his brother, Clarence ]
Shriver, in Akron, Ohio.
J. Turner Koen was a business visitor
in Fairmont yesterday.
?r ir.it.. T V._ v._ v.. ' 1
airs. irsiicf u ir"" uos reiiumu
from i visit with her sister in Dor-l
mont. Pa. <
Francis Stewart Jr., Is filling the j
place at the American Express company's
office during the absence of
Mr. Varner. ;
Hyman Kaplan, of Baltimore, formerly
of this city, is a risotr here for
i few days.
Gerald Ward has returned to his
home in Clendenmn after a visit with
relatives here.
Mrs. George Ward, of Clendennin.
who has been visiting here, has gone
to Morgantown, where she will visit
her daughter, Miss Gladys, a student
at W. V. 0.
George E. Burton, of East LiverjgHj
i Still Go.
erforming these daysoiles
around to save
hese call for wise sp
"bait" people into rei
eap. The task that w
ryone MUST have '<
t New Life Into
it June!
t high prices?del
ing prices down
r*VEKT day we present
l-' blows, money-saving o
within reach of Pittsburgh,
afford to miss. The entir
"specials" each one a drawi
important than the other.
ferticdarly Hard Bow A
(en's "Cammejrer" SbewIteJ&dEver
_ _ -TmtOdM
,65 -sa
toe uvfcitwiu fokttii eho?
UK IMrllWIII 1 ItilC'mJjjm UWy f
j, x; **
tool, Ohio, was * basinets visitor ben
"jStaDorotby Ward, of Wecton, Ii
isi tint btf aunt, Mrs. Oscar E. Hayes
Mix. Jeterys. Miss Emma Bartleti a
ind Mix F. W. Bartlett were *ue?tr$
if friends In Wheeling this week.
F. P. HcGm is a bnsinm Tiator to
lUibarfl tor a few dan.
Ox the BageCOotetra
dissolred the peart to
jje gurnet.
-Spimitld!" exclaimed JUre Anxmj.
"But you cooldn't afford it it |
ron wen mnaln* this boat with pa>line
iartad of man ycwer.*?Wajh.
agton Stir.
l>iS^a)| maovout%!n^#
f\I V[ **" (!<* ? *??? > T?
jjl ~
Mountain City Draj Co.
Han Drnj Co.
OIK 11
?helping the
as they have . 4
ckless buying 1
re have before |
it prices that
These |
Sales rj
.ermined as j
newprioMtdadfiaf H sl
ppertuiiocs no one,
, should miss?
e store teems wjtt II ^
og ard?each voire
4 ififirOastmii | j
M j
i j
J *
j',, 'V' -' *'; Vr

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