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.-I'The marriage' ot Jonn Edward
>' Stevenj, of Philadelphia. and Ml*'
' -Horenc# wiltow, daughter of Chare?
Wilfong, of Alexander Place, thl* city.
quietly solemnised this after"???
' ar threetalrty o'clock at the Mrst
' Preibyterian church, the He?. Di.
'"'Herman 8. Stoetzer, pastor of the
- church, officiating. The ceremony
was performed in the presence ot a
i-ammber of relatives ana friends.
"-ftevioai to the ceremony Mrs.
2?5d''Wilfong. of Becklev, W. Va.,
f iSTlaw of the bride, sang "1
*S?e Ton" by Greig and as the nuptial
hour approached the opening
chords of the bridal chorus from
'Lohengrin were sounded from the
'. "pipe Organ by Miss Laura M. brlggs,
onH tha vrntfiine nartv came down tne
aisle of the church and took their
-vjrfgff before the altar where thu
S StarrJige rites were said by Dr. Stoet"
ar, using the ring ceremony.
'* ' Tie Wde approached the altar from
; the rear of the church and was pre
fceded by the little flower girl. Miss
Anne Oaltey Wllfong, daughter of Mr.
rwd Wiitnntr At rhf? aliai
. MIU iUB. f J5U lliuviifl. ...
the was Joined by the groom. The
Mben were Ralph Wilfong. a brother
f, and John StoeUer.
becomingly gowned in a
relllng costume of dark
e, with blue hat and hartcessories.
She wore a
bride roses and valley
[lower girl was attractive
of white point de espnte
bbon rosette and carried
Ink rose petals which she
the path of the bride,
the ceremony Air. ana
left for an eastern wedwhich
will include visits
the tormer, Mrs. Howard
tiladelphia. Atlantic City
ton, D. C. They will reRa.,
where Mr. Stevens
to a daughter of Charles
leianaer t'lace. this city,
ning and cultured young
is a graduate ot the
de Normal school anu
the West Virginia Unlthe
past year she had
lember 01 the faculty ot
R. White school. She
I this city lor a number
ng come here with tier
Ipeklska where i hey haa
ittsly. During her resile
has been popular iu
ms^rr vuiuiu and school circles. {
r-V mr. sievena la u pruimuciu ,?uu?ib
business Dan 01 Pennsylvania am! is
Kit graduate of the Pennsylvania Milli.-tarjr
academy at Chester. Pa., and ot
jPWUflamMn college at Philadelphia.
He Is also well and favorably known
.' to this city. |
^-t-.The'engagement of Jlr. Stevens and
;C JOt*'WiuOng was announced several
AtmonUle ago at a pretty at home given
by 31.8. Lawrence M. Hennen. a sister
of-'the bride and sinec that time the
bride has been the recipient of a nums
ber of social courtesies.
.~ Among the out of town guests here1
for. the marriage were Mr. and Mrs.!
< -Pred Wlltong and daughters, bliss
Hdrgarel Hose and bliss Anne Oakey.
B OtSwkley. W. Va.. and Ml. and .Mrs.
y-HuffySMiong. of Pittsburgh.
[ '
: Entertained for Guest.
r .blaster McLester Snow, the manly i
: ' little son of Mrs. Lester Snow, of
1. Tuscaloosa, Ala., who is the guest of
ufs uncle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs.;
fclHarry F. Smith at their home on Lo"
cost avenue, entertained a number ofi
r' his yonng trlends this afternoon in|
celebration of the filth anniversary|
j of his birth. The little guests, nuni-'
berths about fifty, were entertained!
on the pretty lawn surrounding the
.Smith residence with games ot vari- j
ons kinds and were served with ice;
.. cream, cakes and candies. A large.
birthday cake with five lighted can-1
, dies formed the centre of me serving I
'.table. Each guest was given a pretty
--favor tastily wrapped in pink and
vdabite and roses were used profusely
it- fu decoratina the interior oi the honte.i
Rjtttter McLcster arrived here with
Vjrfl mother a week ago to spend the
j-.m?nw- (rom their home at Tusca.
Ioom. He is quite a favorite with
eSUraont boys and girls and his lit-,
'tie 'friends spent a happy afternoon
rWw his guests. ^ ^ < (
' Entertained Guests,
t-h jtinior Showaltcr. the attractive!
WJOtmg bott of Mr. and Mrs. Howard \V.
" tShowaltcr, entertained a numlier of
-ttts young friends yesterday afterMuouf
Jdl home at Peacock Farms in,
celebration of the seventh anniver-'
Ma MwfVi TVto /-hilHrnri wnrd !
John Ba
i nr .if
jljp v'The finest fellow I e\
-.his friends called Dr. J
p: ^that was ever called 1
. world called Mr. Hyd
?? >'' same!
Esflfis { *''
; * l|>. ;
S L_ ' .
Ltfelightfully entertained about the;
Jbeautilul lawn of the farms and in the;
I loose- with games of various kinds1
xjkd.dnrfcg the afternoon were served'
With. Ices, cakes and candies. A large!
h Ahthday cake with seven lighted canItijjjk.
centered the serving table. Jun-i
} fflWurn a favorite with his play-!
; .^nates' and he delightfully entertained
' * *
Sv.. Enjoyable Dance.
S .1 Thr'eniploye3 of the Fairmont Wall
i Planer company held a delightful
v dance last'evening in the new ware>-houae
of the company recently com
pleted at Tenth street. The floor of
.' tlta mrahnnco tirhirh ie 10ft hv fid far-' I
'.made an ideal place for danciny and
V-pplwjdid music was furnished by Bar-;
orchestra. Approximately 250
?1participated in the dancing an.l durr,;&rthe
evening refreshments consist'
tag . of ice cream, cake, sandwiches!
coffee were served while punch j
? ? j
V : ' Next Tuesday, Wedi
n :r7.
i ?aa dispensed daring the evening.]
A featnre of the evening was the sing-/
;ing of Dr. Ernest Yost, here for si
, visit from Washington, who sang!
I splendidly several solos. The affair]
: was one of the most enjoyable infdr i
, mal affairt ever given in this city.
To East Orange.
Mrs. Fay Watson and daughter,;
Miss Fay, are leaving today for East
Orange, N. J., where they will spend;
several weeks with relatives. They
will also visit relatives at Allenhurst/
Boston and other points during their!
stay and will spend the greater part:
of the summer in that part of the
try. !,
To Hold Memorial Service. ,
The Ladies of the Maccabees. Dent
Hive No. 72::. will hold a memorial!,
service on Sunday afternoon at 2:30
o'clocf at the K. oi P. hall.
4 11*
Reorganized Society.
The Acme society of Monongah..
which organization existed for a period
of four years and was disbanded
during the war, was reorganized last
evening when members met at the
home of Harry Watkins at Monongah
for the purpose of reorganizing the;
society. Members of the society as
well as about twenty additional per-!
sons were present and following at
business session a social hour was,
held: games were played and refresh-.;
uients were served. The committee!
on organization named is as follows:
Miss Kate Price. Marvin Morris.'
James Price and Harry Watkins. The
society will meet every two weeks aud
the next meeting will be held at the
home of Eugene Orr in this city two
weeks from yesterday. A number o(;
Fairmont young people belong to the ;
society. Officers were elected as fol-;
lows: President. Miss Pear! Bovdoh;.
vice president. Harry Watkins: secre-1
tarv. Miss Kate Price; treasurer. Eu- ;
gene Orr; editor of the society paper. 11
the "Boco Dona.-' Raymond Salvatti.
Enjoyable Dance.
The dance at the Country club lastj,
"renins was greatly enjoyed by a.]
large number of the club members. |,
The evening was ideal lor dancing
and good music was furnished by a1]
local orchestra. Patronesses for thei,
dance were Mesdames M. L. Hutch-m
inson. T. W. Aniett, \V. S. Hay-i
mond. \V. J Wiegel. J. A. Mere-j,
ditb. E. P. Hartlev and John Rock.|j
Dinner Party. i
Mrs. Martha Davis aiid Mrs. W. |
T. Hennen were hostesses last cven-|
ing at the home of the latter on,
Fourth street a! a prettily appointed ]
d'nner honoring Miss Jessie Wler oflj
Philadelphia, who is the guest of the;j
former, and also Dr. Uther Davis,
iho ?nn nf Mrs. Davis, who is spend-11
ing a short time here. Fortv young i'
prnple wore entertained and a five
course dinner was served. Small1
tables wer: arranged about the dining
room and living room of the
house. The tables were centered with,
Dorothy Perkins roses while R'l!
Ramblers were profusely used in the
reception rooms. Dr. Davis is leavingi
neji Wednesday for Philadelphia'
where he will be associated with ihej
staff of St. Timothys hospital, au
Episcopal institution during the yea:.;
having recently received his deg'.'-e;
trom the University of Pennsylvania. I
* *
Had Party. j
.Mrs. Barnard II. McGiniey was
hostess on Thursday afternoon at her
n? rt.iatnn *ir??nnp nr a nrertilv
appointed card partv complimentary
io her guest. Mm. Clyde Dover-strike!
of Pittsburg!). Several tallies were!
used in the playing and a luncheon
was served. On Wednesday afternoon!
Mrs. John Burchir.al entertained In;
honor of Mrs. Doverstrike and today
Mrs. I). \V. Kennedy will enter-:
tain in her honor. Mrs. Dovcrstrikel
was former's- .Miss Marguerite Logue.j
"The Adventurer."
Mr. and Mrs. Carter 1
Coming Next Week
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
tesday and Thursday. ,
-irk 1L1L1 |
er knew." Thaf s what
ekyll. "The vilest brute
nan." Thafs what the
e- And both were the
? B
" r*
r-J;-- . <>*<ri?5f.i i- ' 3S2
vkras to her msrrisfe. Hr- Dowtsirtte,
wfll come here today for a
week end visit.
i* *
At rAfMivitif
Mrs. Merle Amos and little son
Merle. Jr.. end sister Miss Hazel Pre?
are spending sereral weeks at Conopolls.
Pa., the guests of relatires.
? !
Rivesville Party.
The Misses Emma. Amoi and Eliza- ]
beth Barker were hostessesjast ere-.'
ning at ibe home of the ialter at
RlreSTHle to the members of the True
Blue class of the Southern Methodist
Episcopal church. The Class members
and their teacher. Mrs. William
Thompson, were delightfully entertained
with games and music and refreshments
consisting of ice cream
and cake were serred. Orin Curtis;
of BarrackTille gave a helpful andj
interesting talk to the yonng people;
during the evening.
Entertained Clasi.
Miss Matilda McKinney was hostess
on Thursday evening at her apartment
in the Yost Plats to the memoers
of the Poilyanna class of the
Palatine Baptist church of which
class she is a member. The members i
of the class numbering thirty fKe!
were delightfully entertained during!
'he evening and refreshments were,
served. The interior of the home was!
beautiful in its decorations of roses,
and ferns. The members of the class!
are young women who are in the I
high school at this time.
Had Guests.
Wf on/I Uh Oaacoa l<* imno )ia(f ,
,Ui. UUU ills. VVUIU'. u, 1UUWS uaw
as their sucsts this week Miss Anna!
Merrifield and brother Harry Merri-.
tield of Mt. Harmony. Mr. and Mrs. i
Merrifield left for Lancaster, Pa,,
where they will reside having dis- j
raised of their property at Mr. Har-1
muny. Mrs. Alex Carter and sons1
Karl and Glenn also of Ml. Harmony,
ivere guest's for a short time this week
at the'Amos home.
Elkins Guests.
Mr. and Mrs. J.. :i. Beckman have!
been entertaining this week a number
of relatives and friends from Wiliins
am! Oakland. Md. Among those
who have been entertained at the
Beckman home and who have returned
to their homes are Mrs. Pthelt
Beckman of Oakland. Md.. Mrs. Era*t
Ervin anil cliildrea of Klkins, Miss;
Virginia Taylor and Miss Gladys Yo-;
(um all of Elkins. The young worn-1
in were en route 10 their homes at>
Elkins from W'esierviUe, Ohio where.
they had attended the IVesterville i
seminary. Today Mrs. Becknian's:
brother Judson D. Kropp and daughter.
Miss, Frances .will arrive here
irom Elkins to spend several days.
* ' ' e i
Elect Officers.
An interesting and enjoyable meeting
of the Aid society of the SouthernMethodist
Episcopal church was hcM
last evening at the home of Mrs. R
J. Yoak on Second street. Following
1 business session a social hour was
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Anr) wW.hpr v/111 hnv n Vipi
wrist watch, buy it from t
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j J
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i lieve our men's suit offer
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* * "fteBwvl
mi wjaattii
Mi*. Locy Htbba; rice pretideat, Mrs.
B. F. Ramage: ncretary, Ma'A. L.
Peters; treaanrer Mrs. L C. Boice.
* *
Celebrated Birthday Anniversary.
In celebration of the 65th anniversary
of her birth. Mr*. Jessie G. (
Floyd entertained a nnmber offriends
on Thursday at her nome at |
Grant Town. The birthday of Mrs. I
Floyd is annually celebrated and this i
year's proved to be the most enjoy-1
able yet held. Dinner was served to1
64 guests at noon and the entire day :
was delightfully spent. Mr. and Mrs.!
Floyd have recently moved from a;
farm near Grant Town into Grant i
Town and this was the first celebra-;
tion held in their new home. A
profusion of flowers were used in
the interior decorations of the house. I
The guests included:
Mrs. William G. Powell and daughters.
Mrs. E. M. Straight. Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Nichols. Mrs. J. H. Powell.
Mrs. Clare M. Wilson. Mrs.
Charles T. Cramer. Mrs. J. N".
Michael. Mrs. Jane Ice. Mrs. Elizabeth
Arnett, Mrs. Margaret Morgan.!
Mrs. Jav Barb. Mr. and Mrs. E. M.!
Lemley. Mrs. B. F. Straight, Mrs.:
Anna Toothman. Mrs. Lona Clay-,
ton. Mrs. llollie Ballah. Mrs. Emnui
L. Billlngsley, Mrs. A. J. Talkington.
Mrs. E. C. Morris. Mr. and)
Mrs. F. Hlbbs. Mrs. Anna Clearer.!
Mrs. A. T. Hlbbs. Mrs. Denzel
Straight. Mr*. F. B. Amos. Mrs.
Edd Ballah, Mrs. C. L. Snider. Mr. |
and Mrs. Lee Swisher. Mr. and Mrs.'
Alpha Toothman, Mrs. Virgil Morris.1
Mrs. Olive M. Arnett. Mrs. Wilier
Smith. Mrs. Delia Riggs. Mrs. W. T.
Cunningham. Mrs.. Xay Wilson. Mrs.
Will Hibbs. Mrs. Sisson Toothman.'
Clyde Hibbs Miss Flora Ice. Miss
Jane Michael, Mrs. C. C. Arnett.
Mrs. Flem Toothman. Mrs. A:ic
Brumage. Mrs. Osie Weekly. M.V
and Mrs. J. E. Lemley. J. S. Floyn.
Stella Ruth Hibbs. Pauline Arnett.
Bertha Nichols. Geneva Edith Riggs.
V.Vrrinio T? TnuonhlTlA Vnrrifi
indium ???
Edith May Riggs, Monta. Tooihmaa
Manr Cramer. Katherine Powell,.
Junior Hibbs. lira. Uorda Wilson,;
Miss Georgia Conwell.
To Morgantown.
Mrs. WiHiam E. Glasscock has
spent several days this week with her
mother. Mrs. Katherir.e Snyder in
Fairmont Mrs. Snyder has sold h?r
home there and is preparing to move
to Morgantown to make her home
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'foft* * .*
Going West
.Mr. and Mts. W. ft Snider, of TMtji;
amine. are in Virginia spending the]
summer. After ramming from w
ginia tney mil so to uamonua. accompanied
|>y Hits Francis Si eg.
wnere they will spend several months
?Huntington Herald Despatch.
? i
Norway Society.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. King, of Norway. I
delightfully entertained a number of :
friends last evening at their home.!
The evening wis spent with games j
and music and delicious refreshments
were served. The guests included:
Ethel Freeland. Fairy Free land. Carol1
Freeland. Mr. and Mrs. John Hines,
Mr and Mrs. Will Curtis. Bonnie Mc .
(linnis. Laura McGinnis, I/ena Sprouse, |
Mr and Mrs. J. A. King. Miss Blanche
Stipes, Howard Connor. Vlncenl
Hines. Kenneth Hines. Elmer Canfield.
Alva Orwlck. Herbert Orwtck,;
Cuv Myers. Ralph Snider. Oscar Yost.;
Walter Yost. Junes Freeland. Glen:
Spear, Fred Lamb. Bill Sloan. Bert,
Prvor. Louise I'olse. Kex Vincent.:
Ruth Hines. Wilma King. Frank Wal-,
demon. Marguerite Hines and Anna;
Florence Stipes.
Thoburn High Alumni.
The members ot the Alumni society
of Thoburn high school were enter;
tained at the home of Mrs. Hobbs n'
It Costs
No More
to have all the details of j
your costume absoluteInnAc'
ly v,un^ii yvnw ********
is an assurance of good
taste and distinction in
accessories as well as in i
apparel. Whatever lashion
dictates, it promptly
appears here.
0 =
mm 1
i { 1
ing Ropes?Veloscipedestoo
numerous to mention
> i i ??
^ : A
- law
Mattie Martin, ciaaa U. Relreahmenta
were served altar tie buatoaa meet- .
i a - J.KaliHn] AVMhtP TU
A. TCIJ ucaifeuuui tMi. yp .
Tie following members srere pres-j
nit: Misses, Genevieve and Doris Par.
ish. Mnttie Martin. Clarice Oakes.
Kathleen Shaver. Mr. Robert and Ray. i
ntond Jones. Harry Hobbs. David
Anderson. Fav Holbert. Stanley Se-'
menskie. Ralph Fox. The next meet-1
in* trill be held at the home of Clarice
Oakes. Worthinron. Jalv ISth. ;
(Additional Society on Page Foar) '
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It's so cool, refreshing and t
lection of flavors will supp
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in the house as a summer di
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S ' S2 always a
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the Kiddies U:
_ J
Never forget that to play
Lnd in play hours they should h
hat will delight them and give
nd their mothers a feeling tha
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Toy Display in June may
oiks. They are so accustomed t
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