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f I |L 8 ,
> ' Cut oat the picture on til tour] ,
I tides. Then carefully fold dotted; j
3T. -AnHr* IfmrrK Then t
$rrt??16N*l, and 80 o?- fold each
ijectiflr underneath accurately.
WlieUMem&Leted turn over and t
jtouU And a surprising result. Save 3
the pictures. \
'lAnsiers to Yesterday's Kwiz *
',4l?YlOfr pencil is a snail paint ,
ittuih made ot tine hairs ol the "
.quael, bearer, raccoon and other 0
'small animals.
JJ-^The Fourteenth of July is the *
. Preneh"t"Fourth of July." and is I
- Mfakntrut. _f?~ rnrnmpmnration Ot I r
tfeftTbT tie Bastille""and"the 11
Wrthflty of republican freedom in *
?S-jMrs- Myrtle PScihe'd Fran- C
: oil, of Ventura, Cal, is known a* b
the {female Barbuu? 01 iuae..ca"j t
Mscalse of her remarkable work, g,
lp cultivating Cowers, developing
.'jmau, and advancing science along
these lines.
?4?iAn assign it a person to n:
whin property, rights, or powers si
are transferred by another. jj|
. fSHA dehdifcis a pattern of pre- w
Umw^fteteh. or a plan. C
f 6?^hB;ttisest pre-nistoric nni-i
malai 11^4'?on the American con- f
\ 17-jA calabash in a thick skinned X
'Burn, often used for making pipes. J:
18-fThef Spanish name .Nevada n
means C?ine*.-clad" snd was ap- oi
flUed; by the early American dis-csvtMrt
to the mountains called ti
i the: Sierra Nevada Range, from ri
Which like State of Nevada later S
took jits.name. g<
sSEctsS Lav of the Last Mln-.
Wei? was written by Sir Walter ti
Sfeottl"" I11
1 lb'-Barthwonns aw useful in nl
i 'ii garden because they feed upon ''
. taaH fnkeois that are injnrlous rr
?mg plants. u
. New Questions. J5
. Uriffhat to lackadaisical? ft
'< -Vj-flhat to a bimonthly period!- si
- ' Iff ... . .. . iC
TS--*"WSat Industries is Chili net- h;
???&?& s
;-6-iWho'to' the first womao to ?
?coipe:an assistant Attorney Gen- a:
?al JoK-the-Baited States?
. i* 7-What is a hawk moih? a]
;.:f8-rWSat does the abbreviation ?
twt'.stapd for? jC
vS-jlVbere -is James Bay? I
110-What is a banquette? ?
B 1 ? : :
.< 1' Thunder show-.*
* -n we probable
' B/ . 2\ ^ onlght awl Thus. *
|/ rkns- too'- f,
' yfv / t-0cj| Readings ri
F" P- Ha" 0b3 J
11??1 Temperature at *?
tf . V V %: * a* today 72. I
a / 7 . ."7 esterday's wear i P
!;//tl J' .her clear; tern-:'*/^CStL
.mature, masi-l01
a SO; mlai-j
^gngm^k num 62; precipi-1 HBiatlog
none. River 13
1J 3 jjgt tailing, 11
'*v **; "*
. Fractured Noae?Harry Dillow,
Fairaoat,- was treated today at the
-SainSont State hospital lor a coin*
dound fracture of the-nose. He is
t employed by the B. & 0. railroad.
{Operations Performed?At Cook
Hospital .today tonsils ' were removed
from C. B. Michael. SO." y
Broad street, assistant superintend* *
fflt 01 tie Owens glass plant, ana
311 vis Sign, Grant Town. Mrs.
Hamilton, Fannington, was operat.
9d Open Tor appendicitis. Mrs.
JQrrj Xoskogy, Farmtngtoii, was
gpetfeed upon- today, It being a maj
Foresters' Event?Plans are be- ^
mg itade' by the Independent Order ^
df Foresters to bold an annlrer- j,,
SBryiedebratlon at Masonic Test- j,
? die ?.'Tuesday evening, July 20.
lie committee ot arrangements is m
imposed ot A. L. Andrews, Alice .]
Baeidnan, Goldle Seaman, Gall Er- A
Tin,U. H. Brock, Anna Franklin tc
md Harold Tetrick. Skinner's orqiestra
will fnrnisi the music. A
- jarize waltz win be held at 10:30 jj
tfclotk and a cake walk at 11 u
^clotk. ta
J M4de Garage of Street ? Join 3
- Snasp was ordered before Mayor K
~ QOMjrajr yesterday charged wita
ljt% Ills car stand on First street
.. SMS Saturday, July 10. Russo ?
<Jiims2hatthe car Is broken down ,i
apd that is the reason that It has JT,
ant tew moved. He was not able
tb a? ear at police court this morn- ?,
r.S&itnd hi* case will probably v
Aae op tomorrow morning. ^
| jsetfc Cheek Forger?Bank offlaals:from
Monongab and Worth- [,
rllgtop'went-to Barnesvillc, Ohio, h;
ttli yternoon to try to identity a o
vhfspert'arrested thfre by a detee- oi
tire ffom. the,Burns agency. Word n
.was received this morning that a *
"man trail ted by county officers for :
;3*Tii(gJorgedra number of checks Cl
lis been held there. The party ex- c
X^cta to retain tomorrow morning, tl
'f Ponch Board Confiscated?Cih*. b
I oiQOtrs yesterday ylstted the How-] p
!,?. Pople confectionary on ntor- ?
Antown ajrenue and secured ? P
-OacS btwrt, a trade board and 1
i emral fine boxes of chocolates.
L.Sf. Pople be ordered before (
"Sayor Con*W for a hearing upon V
- tb rgtWB'-from Wheeling where
1. be ll new ni t bosiness trip.
' lu tSSSagvlSn^TOO tared
by Depoty Coonty Clerk C
eKp.^WW: John Albert Stain- I
?er, 38. and Dorothy King. 18, 1
naftiofJwnont PhlBp King, fatb- c
Dortwtlc SdsmeCImw-Miffi!
aynard, ot Washington, wfllmeet
to MeFadden's domestic telenet;
asses this evening at 7:16 o'clock;
i Mist McFadden was called
ome. The class tonight Is thej
rofessional and Business -Girls':
[ass. Miss Maynard will give a-'
emonsttation in bed-making. All i
lembers are urged to attend. j
personals 5
Miss Sarah Bennett, ot Morgan-!
)wn, is visiting her sister, Mrs.:
iDthor Jacobs, of 301 Goffer street.
Miss Mar>' Coulehan, of Grafton,
as tamed to ber home after a' J
reck end visit with her sister,!
Irs. Frank C. E. Gocke, of the I
errace apartments.
Mrs. J. M. Carpenter, ol liar)-:
tnd avenue, has returned from a.
so weeks' visit with her mother, I
Irs. Findley, near Burnsvlile, W.
a Mr. and Mrs. Squires and son,
unior, accompanied her home.
Ire. Squires is a sister of Mrs. Carenter.
Mr.-.. Henry Mulligan has returnd
home after visiting her sisters.!
frs. Dorsey and Mrs. I'atldon, in1
'Ittsburgh. :
Wnnoll trim is in*
aiian ~
lie employ oi Hartley's, will leave:
aturdav tor a mouth's vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Statler:
ill Ro ? Grafton Saturday to vis-1
: the former's mother. Mrs. M.;
lanulgsn. Mr. Sialic" will re- I
urn 00 Monday but .Mrs. Statler;
ill remain lor ten days. The,-]
rill then spend a few days at the i
irestff club camp up the river.
Miss Kathleen Carroll, wno has j
cen tie guest of Mrs. Kc,inu
lark at her home on Merson
treet, will leave scon for Wheelnr.
After a visit there she will ]
sturn to her home in Charleston. I
Mrs. A. F. Parker left last ere-;
ins for Washington, D. C., where,
he will moot her sister-in-law, |
[rs. Leslie West and son Billy,
ho art returning from a visit in;
reensrllle, S. C. I Mr.
and Mrs. Meyer Frank, of
harleston, S. C., who hare been j
te guests of the iattcr's parents, j
[r. and Mrs. F. S. Basnttt, of
tckson street, left yesterday on a
ip to Cleveland, Wheeling and
iher Joints.
Mrs. George T. Watson, daaghtr
Rose, and son Sylvanus, haTe
'turned from White Sulphur
prings whore they attended the
olf tournament.
Mrs. George H. Kelson has reirned
from a visit of ten days at I
sr former home in Cincinnati. Hor a
iece Miss Louise Taylor, who ac- a
impanicd her to Cincinnati, will 1
unain there with her parents un- 1
1 September 1. a
Mrs. W\ H. Criss and son Forest
ft Clarks&urg Tuesday morning '
ir De'eon. Tel.. where they will d
tend three or four weeks with the 5
, I.
Fas Convicted This!'
Morning of Bringing |{
Beer into State. j
Testimony that the tor eases '
! botleil goods found in the aatoiobi!e
of CUy lietz a short time
jo, esayed 3.63 per cent of alcool,
was sufficient to convince t
istice M. R. Musgroce this mom- I
ig that a fine of $200 and four J
oaths In jaii tvouiJ Just about fit
tc case. Metz was defended by 1
ttornpy Ulysses A. Knapp, who f
10k an appeal for bis client and t
irnished a bond of $1000. j1
F. E. Clark, a chemist from the '
niverslfy of West Virginia made !
le chemical analysis for prosecut- !
,g Attorney Walter Haggerty. and ;
stifled for the stale. Night Chief i
ougess and Patrolman Bartholow ere
the chief witnesses for the
.> ? ?? j
rosecauon. naviua wicsicu .ucn
id barely missed his partner Lot.
1 Gray, who was said to hare run ;
to blockade with -a case ot whis- [
?v the same night I
Trying to catch up with the Gray- J
letz combination seems to hare '
:comc one oX the chief diversions
1 the city and county police. Last jnday
at about eleven p. m. a re>rl
was made to police beadquar rs
that two cases of whiskey
ad been smuggled info the garage
wned by the firm at the corner
I Second street and Fairmont aveue.
Deputy Sheriff John Glover
as a; police headquarters a. the
me and cubed up Prosecuting Atimey
liaggerty in an effort to seire
a search warrant, but on aeons'.
of the lateness of the hour
te warrant could not be secured,
he whiskey was said to have been
rought to the garage from some
oint out of the city, and aftcr ard
taken to the firm's cache, snposed
to be somewhere between
alnnont end Dakota.
JoLTierney Heads
Rainbow Veterans
IBj- Associated Prcal
BIRMLN'C^Ail, Alt, July 14.!oL,
M. A. Tlnley, of Council Bluffs,
ova, commander of the 168th Reg
ment in the world war, was electid
president of the Rainbow Voter
I L.^.
inner"! father V,'. F. (Mm, and]1
rotfcer, Orvi'.le Kuhn. o! Desdelonia,
M!s3 Ruth Bean, of Alliance,
bio. who was the guest of Miss
uth Evans at her home on Waliit
avenue has returned heme.
Dr. anil Mrs. J. C. Broomfieid
re spending the day with Mrs.
roomfield's sister. Hiss Iiattie
onaldson in Morgantowu.
Rev. and Mrs. G. E. Sheffer. Chiiko:
Mr. and Mrs. Stoner Geiraan,
,'estminister. Md.. and Mrs. Eiizbet'n
Cmniriue, Chicago, arc tnc
nests of Rev. and Mrs. Rov J.
r i An sr
leyer, wz .m:uu euwi. .ura. jheffer
and Mrs. Geiinan are sis- ,
>rs of Mrs. Meyers and Mrs. Cram- t
ne is fcer mother. t
Mrs. Benjamin Hungeriord re- {
inied on .Monday evening from a j
isit 10 relatives at Cleveland. 0. a
ter dsnrhter. Virginia, remained -c
i Cleveland to spend the month t
t July c
mmm i
3Ufffe5RtNC CATS1.! M
MAK6 V0WR8&CP Sw?c
fash\on ? rr's. too
you to tueAR WAT f
^ 3 s 3 s1
? e a u-k^('
s' # ^ sun*'
I Jib ?> 6 -e.
'if BPS
WASHINGTON', July 11?The,'1
'ost Office Department has issued! i
,n order discontinuing tbc office i i
;t Wettelville, Marshall county, (
Vcsl Virginia. Megs Casio has J ]
leeu designaicd acting postmaster
x Loreati W. Va. 11
The bead of one or the big press
lureaus In the Capital say that! j
00,000 voters in the United States, *
rill cast their ballots for Cox and I j
toosevelt thinking that ia voting']
or Franklin D. Roosevelt tiiey will (
le voting for Col. Thedore loose- !j
elt. It West Virginia didn't know j)
hat Senator Davis EUtlns receiv-i<
d the votes oT many who thought';
hey were voting for his father, the
atu Senator Stephen B. ElKins, ;
hey might scoff at the statement ;
if the newspaper man. National j
iotnmUteeman Virge Highland
aid that there were enough or ;
hose votes cast in the senatorial ']
irimary of 3318 to give Hkfns the
lomination over him (Highland.) ,
Phae hardest job the West Vir- :
,-inia delegation at San Francisco
tad was to explain to the delegates
vho John W. Davis is and to make
hem understand th3t he was not t
he Davis their party had nominal- j,
id in 1904 for vice president?, I
lenry Gassaway Davis. It is not
tt all improbable that there was
in impression at the convention
hat it was Jeff Davis who was the
andidate of that name in the dark
lorse stable. If it wasn't for
iroofs like these it couldn't be bctw
crrOi imorance exists
n these most enlighted United j
Col Harris, of the Harding boy
icouts, residence at Cleveland, O.,
ias been scouting througn tne
nazes of tie political jangles of
Vest Virginia, getting a closeupof
he tangled Republican situation
here. Before plunging taw tie
irtish, he stopped ott at Magnetic
brings, 0? where Samuel B. Montr
tomehr afflicted with no less a
.laiocratic malady tian neuritis.
3 taking the baths. Returning to |
fcriou with his report Col. Haris
soli that If there were two Relublican
gubernatorial tickets in
he field, the Harding Cool id ge
doctors would be on both tickets.
Congressman Stuart P. Reed
nrned up today with a tip to cam>aign
bettors. They are the last l
lgures to show how the Democrat-;
c party stands with the voters of!
he country, and they must stand j
s the very latest dope until after
he returns are all in neit Xorem>er.
Said Mr. Reed: The renins
from the 191S Congressional
lection show that the Republicans
or Congress received a total ofi
1,500,000 rotes, while the Demoratic
candidates received only 5,50,000?a
Republican majority of
50,000." '
- \
H. Broun, the eminent literary
nn how to
alse the famous infant, H 3rd, haVng
retnrnod from feature writing
he Democratic national convenion.
Is turning ont reminiscences
if his trip. Here is one remlnis:
_ ? ...
H'A fOOy- SLAVt ro
to see <3sist my , ^
sck a*?<- ^ to
I s
On the twenty-third ballot at
San Francisco Kentucky and Miss- jj0
mri, combined, cast one and a half at
:otes for Irrin Cobb as the Deiao- pa
ratio nominee for President. This
was regarded as a joke and as an Dl
tnswer to another State which bad I
mat half a vote for Ring Lardnor. j of
\nd yet, in ail seriousness, we are; jj
tot at al! sure that Mr. Cotib would I L
lot hare been a stronjer candidate 'Tl
.ban the man whom the Democrats S
iveniuaiiy seiectca. ttenauuy u? ?j.
knowu to more Americans than j ?tnybody
named during the conven- jco
don with the eiceptfon of Thomis
Jefferson, the Creator and Wood ow
Wilson. There was much talk i
:hat the choice of McAiioo would |
:nsure the railroad vote, but no-j
>ody seemed to take any though11
>f capturing "The Saturday Even-1
ins I'm'" vole, which is much)
arger; Cobb would hare made an
acolient campaigner. That story' j.,
ibout "She told me there wasn't j .
iny Santa Claus" might have won I
S'ew England. "Git Hung! Cit
Hung!" would have made the ,a
Solid South even more solid, and _
T won't throw him a life preserver, .
but I'll sell him one" ought to
lave Insured him the soldier vote. .
To be sure. Ring Lardnor would be
10 mean candidate himself, but hes
mder age and a Republican.
?-? - at
- - - - ? ? ? ? ? n * n 41 ' It
I ill BR
; co
UN ill
Barber's Adventures As ~
Auto Driver Prove
Quite Expensive?
Charged with reckless drivlr.s
and running over F. R. Wood worth,
of Pittsburgh, at the corner of
Main and Monroe streets about I
o'clock yesterday evening, Robert
Tucker, a local barber, was before j0
Mayor Conaway this morning and 0n
was fined $20 and costs. Refusing rnl
to pay damages of (100 asked by jel
Wood worth. Tucker will appeal ;j:
the case. Witnesses in the case aw
Included C. \V. Robinson, Dr. J. S.
Awere, A. K. Moran aid R. Mat- s'(
tings. m(
According to the testimony o! en
witnesses of the accident, Tucker an
ran over Wood worth and did not to<
stop until the injured man was
dragged several fecL When the wc
car finally was stopped Wood- all
Worth's body was under the car, be
the front axil passing across his ni
chest. The only apology offered t'
was a statement by Tucker that ag
everything would be fixed up. dh
whereupon he cranked his car ant", tlr
turned K again In the direction ot go
the injured man and a few other, m;
men who had come to give Woodworth
assistance. By jumping co
quickly the men were able to pre- sti
vent a second run-down. fn
Woodworth was badly bruised pk
about his knees and elbows, and yo
.Utliaa nrara tfirv hnf fnrtll-1 u4
nateljr no serious injuries were in- pn
fllcted. he
^ \ ilourtwWri
v5b> <\
|p J |
* " '* 'J -5
epnty Woodward Needed
Some Repairs After
It Was Over.
"Tob ain't goin' to search me
ihow," objected Doley Taylor,
lord, weighing well over two
indretl poundsand nucalar.wben
ought in to the county jail office
l? mnrnintr. bv DWUty SfittlZE
oward Woodward, on a warrant
airing him with the theft of
11 worth of shccta, pillow cases,
wels and a lot of other articles
)0 the Keavon hotel.
"It's par; of the routine," said I
e deputy, "and you're going to be'
"lay down that black-jack and
u wont search ma" sneered Do1,
whereupon Woody threw the
upon out of the door.
After the search, a more than
nail* thorough oue, the deputy
snt to a physician and had two
incUes ou his right hand put
ck in place, donneu a clean shin
:d barring the necessity of fce-i
g compelled to drive with the
I: bred for a dav or two. seems)
me the- worse tor wear . Doleyi
poses in the dungeon until he'
ooilscs to be good.
This is the second contest of r
yslcal strength bciween the dep-!
y and the negro within the past;
o years, both having the same j
sslt. Abont eighteen months!
;o. while Deputy Woodward was j
the city police force. Doley war j
nrirt niVht sending up cfg2r j
US.I. WUV O"- _
los loaded with cocaine from |
eveland avenue by the lore
ute to prisoners, for which ofuse
he was sentenced to a year
d a day In Atlanta penitentiary,
jm which he returned about a
onth ago.
This morning he was found on
adison street by the depurv and!
me to the jail yorr unwillingly,
aping abuse on the officer as J
ey came through the alley.
It Is supposed that Taylor is reonslble
also for the theft of a
dr-'s dress and a number of other ;
tides from another hotel. The j
ods stolon from tfc Kenvon wore
id at various places In Fairmont I
id Clarksburg, and have been I
,rtly recovered.
tfWWnn . ...
Word was received here todayj
the death at Roaocy. VV. Va? of;
rs. Susan Troxell. mother of H.!
Ttoxell, of 606 Fifth street. Mrs. I
flieil has visited her son In this!
ly several times and is well j
iota here. Funeral services will i
held Friday afternoon at Har.-I
cl Md.
(Continued from 1'age One)
n. The Western Maryland spurs
re been enjoying a good run of
tpties for some days.
Daily Loading.
Fairmont region on Tuesday
adod 1,237 cars of coal and cojte
12(5 cars of coal and 22 cars;
Mines along the Slonongah divi-;
mot the Baltimore and Ohio rail ;
ad on Tuesday ioaded'1.075 cart,
coal and coke?1.053 cars of coat
id 22 cars of coke. There were,1
7 cars of coal loaded cast amlj
3 cars west. Of ihe 22 cars or j
i? loaded there were 12 cars east
id 10 cars west. Wagon nines on
-"-day loaded eleven cars cf,
Operations along (he Mononcn-.
t. 1/vorlnH (11 MTS 0' COHl I
,'13 liii.nut ivaubx >. . __
ihe West Virginia district and I
5 cars ia the Pennsylvania die-1
icL I
There were 121 cars of coal;
fepl Eer I
lie Terrible Pains in Back
and Sides. Cardui
Gave Relief- j
MARKSVIHiE. La.?Mrs. Alice!
hnsos. of this place, writes: "For I
e year I suffered with an aw?"' '
sery in my back and sides. M" i
t side was hurting me nil thei
sc. The mi3erv was sonreuiiusi
1 could not do anything, not even j
!c0 at night. It kept tie awake j
is: of the night I took differ
t medicines hut nothing did me |
v good or relieved no until 11
ik Cardui.
I was not able to do any of my |
irk for one gear and I got worse
the time, was confined to my.
d off and on. I got so had with!
r back that vrhca I stooped down |
tras not able to straighten uf I
sin. I decided I would try Car-1
I. By tine I had taken the en-1
0 bottle I was feeling pretty |
od and could straighten up and
pains were nearly all gone.
1 shall always praise Cardui. ]
ntlnaed taking It until a was
ong and welt" If you suffer
im pains due to female comlints.
Cardui may h? jus: what
u need. Thousands of women
10 once suffered In this way now
ilse Cardui for their present gooa'
1th. Give It a trial
w ^ OU.PUW Uous-c,
J \umToo,CM ^
-- - ^
Pertonjl UcntlMu
Iiodjiy acCiodllth, Phflsdelpto,
ike preStotoT theHutcbin'.on
final rorrnanv. rifilled tllC Ci
Bess of the Hutchinson Cotl company
it Fairmont today :nd was in
ccolereaoe with the officials of the
Earrey H. Staggers, local rajreMntatir?
of A. it Hamilton &
Company, is confined to his heme
owing 10 illness. The Indications
are that he will he obliged to remain
there for several Jays.
W. 0. JiacQuown, salrsmanagcr
of A. It Hamilton & Co., Pittsburgh,
ires Is Fairmont this week.
E. S. 0. Movsmsnt
East of Grafton 'the Baltimore
and Ohio railroad drew twenty-tour
trains in which there wore 1.1S5
loads yesterday. This Is the best
movement east for some weeks.
In fact It is the best showing la
this direction since the labor troubles
ca the B. & 0.
V.'esternly the B. & 0. yesterday
moved 447 cars. There were two
cars ol coal moved to the lakes
No Pier Embarpses,
At coon today the ii. &. 0. rail
road olfielals denied the report
afloat that permits to Port Reading
and Port Richmond had been
cancelled. No embargo has been
clamped on these piers either as
Daily Shipments.
These dauy shipments were
made r.fT tie 13 ft u. raimiaa toray:
Curtis Bay. 55 cars: St.
f! forge's. 3! cars: iahet. 62 cars:
Michigan point-. C rare: Ohio
r.O car;- raisceilanocus
wes'.en: points, 45 cars.
Railroad Fuel.
Rail.-oari fuel loadSe* on Tnes(lay
ran heavier ca Monday, just
five tars stronger. although the
general coai production of the region
aas much light?.- than Monday.
yesterday's total was 32"
carloads. The .consignees were:
B. ft 0., 114 cars: Bangor & Arostoclt.
IS cars: C. of X. J., 20 cars:
I.ehigh Valley. 30 cars; N'ew York,
New Haven and Hartford. 32 cars;
P. ft L 62 c3rs: Boston ft Maine.
13 cars: Maine Centra!. 27 cars.
Tie railroad? yesterday secured
thirty one per cent, of the tonnage
T-i-nOiirorf nit thn Monongah divl*
Miners to Meet
Representatives cf ntncrs' locals
of the Kanawha fields will
meet in convention at Charleston
on Thursday morning to ratify the
new stale negotiated at the joint
conference of the scale boards. The
convention may be in session for
several days!
Rescue Exhibits.
Preparations for the premier
first ilii rescue exhibitions to be
held by the federal mine bureau In
this plate arc under vray. Recently
Edward H. Benny, of ihe government
station, Pittsburgh, was in
conference with R. Jf. Lantbie.
chief cf the West Virginia Department
of Mines, in regard to the
['raited Mine Wortcrs.
Edward Matthews, secretary of
Sub-district 4. is at Marshal! Mine
at hit Clare.
JO tin LUSUIuC, UlSliiLt UigauI
-ftfgk Y II
ii 217 Madisoi
ME.ru. S&l Sfe. V W
It \
y ***^'?i 2^^222^5I^2232
If you are warm and
want to set cool?come
to one of our two conveniently
located stores.
Cooling drinks, sodas,
and ice cream?tasty,
and healthfully prepar'
ed at our sanitary fountains?all
welcome you
to a cooler feeling.
fflsr Piiiscr
Watson Hotel Corner
act DR
210 Jackson Stifeet
\ {
1* i ?
rW AieSJa^ct mm- ]
ber,i!it Wjrstt He Isaceompw- ,
led br labor Commissioner E. 8. t
MCvuiiOugil, Ol Uio eyerAwio t t
Scott Reese, district board mem- <
ber, it at Downs today. J
% C. F. Keener, Charleston, president
of District 17, is expected to :
arrive here at the beginning of ,
next Toek. J
(Continued from Fage One)
[ portatlon of coal for public etiit- ]
The changes In the order result
e<l trout hearings held by the commission
last week, when coal operators.
raiirosd executives and ship-i
pcrs generally were heard. J
In .-onnection with promulgation |o
of the order, Chairman Clark mndclc
I public a letter to Daniel Wlllard,lS
i chairmen o.' the advisory commit j c
i lee cf th? Association of Hallway; r
Executives, stating that one fe?- f
: ture of the situation seemed to the, n
1 centmission to require immediate i
lam! careful consideration, with a|S
j view "to action which will remedy; s
| abu.-es abundantly shown to exist.'' c
I "We refer to the provisions COB- t
] tiinci in tariffs of the carriers s
nenuiit.-t-g the general or promls- 'c
I cuous tn-eonsignment of cars un!s
; <1c- lead with conl." the ie'ter sald.i r
"As ?s emcrssicy proposition, it:1
; seems to us the carriers should at' 1
I once take steps to bring this prac-If
j tlce down to the unavoidable min-l c
f Imtna We ar? nn: prepared to say i s
1 ih&; ill reeor.ft'crmem 01 miji
should be prohibited, bat it seems t
i to.as that it would be a very on-f C
usual situation in which more thauj.;
1 .. ?=
;!0h /?
|| Boy!?
!|! Won't he ^
be glad to
| get these 1
j| Popular .1
song hits
; Oh, By Jingo . A
So Long Oolong 2S
I! Rose of Washington Sqi
| i Tired of Me
: I Ages 2nd Ages
ij Sing Me to Sleep
; I Sunshine Kose
Without You
There's a Typical Tippi
That Old Irish Mother c
Hits of Days Gone.By I
Hits of Days Gone By 1
I ^ -D
Itw was' to*?(Sk>w, inMuS^Mp
naunUsion toakl be adviiadjr
... * 1
WsISfl ,
Cfflt OIL fRi 1
temarkable Process for J
proves Famous Old I
Family iiemeay. m
Nobody ever dreamed that eutoM
tl could be made tasteless Bat till
hcmlsts of Spencer Kellofj (
ons. Inc.. one of the lunit mu-H
facmrers of castor' oil, tackMH
hr>. problem. end succeeded In pcrfl
ectlng a process by which tiM
unseating taste is removed. .Votl-H
s on: in to disguise the uituB
itronyth and purity remain tflV
ame?a 100 par cast pure caitiw 1
11. Curaiivo and soothing quad- J
ies remain the same. It's Ills I
one good old-fashioned Ciller 1
til that your doctor: aiwavi preenhw
with ie disagreeable alio
emovid. Chlltimn tale- KellOB'J
'astelcso Castor OH rithouticMS'tig
it is castor oil Sold by it
;ood druggists. If yoa waatM
astir oil absolutely without M?fatinsr
taste, insist on genuine W- !
iratory filled bottles, plainly U- j
>ol!cd Keliozg's Tasteless 'Cuiot' J
)il. Three sites, 15c, 35c and I
} 2921 I
sraryOverl I
' A- 1
,vr I 2937 I
>f Mine [
>ar^ ^ 1 Jmo '
Part 2 J 2926 ,
Records jj
i Street
iBictfr.w. ) SI
ni' Nto'WXd, I
uare ) A
f 2928
? A '
f 2930' |
I A [
\ 2920 :

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