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ifiltotiifirPajTie^j^do flje hnrlTfjnrtnrmn'11
men will be
Kp^jjrthat Toothman in^have a sew
Bf/>piteher to offer for Inspection this
teayfor tae
^HEnany thrills we're getting now
Prom sports ot many hinds,
jAftri'f nmfrft gp our
^ ^^tembg ogt^^bed^esch morn
R' 'VSjltdy n^ie the "shims" Id Los
EpjSSnHt things that interest ns?
Sr. HgK ;yachts and Babes and
f|,-^SB^^ttobtggsst'p^t ottije
t Ss! guarantee labe
H[ 'IKJ ?J
Biffing exactly what
Br 'J
MKTtfWarii t ??-/" - * -
, ? J ^
^ t__
Joe Phillips, the pud old man,
who plays outfield lor tine or
four teams hereabouts, remarked
to the writer alter the game last
night, "please pat in yonr paper
that the Owens team has won one
consecntlTe gams"
That Isn't all the old man said.
He was making more noise than a
Big Ben at six in the morning. He
droDDed a ball In left field and
got a line kidding when he got to
the bench. "It la positively beyond
reason how that ball got away trom
me," was his alibL Not had at
He wanted to ron the writer and
"Bonos" Wagner a race around the
bases, bat neither one ot as want
ed to be charged with murder (or
making the old man drop dead
trying to keep up with ns speed artists.
Kittle played a good Joke on Joe.
Kittle caught a fly in middle and
Joe yelled to shoot the pin over
his way. Kittle did and almost
took a band oil Uncle Joe.
Speaking ot Kittle, be made several
great catches In center field.
He had five putonts and an bat
two were hard chances. Also made ;
a beantlfnl throw to third and nailed
a man who tried to go trom first
to third, on a single to center.
Uncle Joe says it Umpire Johnson
does not quit giving the_ sport
writers cigars mere worn oe do
fun in the ball games any more.
Phillips beat all records lor the 100
yard dash getting in Irom right
field last Saturday to register a
kick on a decision. He passed himself
once on the way in and bad to
stop a minutO to allow himself to
catch up with himself.
War is surely being fulfilled this
Every day comes a new thrill,
a new "kick," a new speed marvel,
a new record made, a new champion.
Crowd records In baseball are
going up as the season wares on
and the new figures are limited
only by the site of the parks.
People are talking about yacht- i
ing Just like everybody owned one. ,
Yachts will never become as com- 1
mon as flivvers, though, not at the 1
present cost of Shamrocks. 1
Likewise, everyone was glad that
Babe Ruth outdid himself and is '
hanging up a new swat record. I
Why stop at forty, Babe! or fifty !
?or slity?or seventy?or well, go
ahead and sock?
More people read the baseball 1
scores than any other branch of 1
modern literature. I
Why, there is so much going on I
In this country now that even Jack I
Johnson could't stay away. 1
? I
His Guide-Book. I
"I mast look in the book to see ;
where Til go on my vacation^'
"You mean a resort directory?" .
"No my bank-book." ? Buffalo
Express. *
1 appears in every;
The United Woolen j
' ' j
it says*
tless yon are satisfied. !
nsist, that you return
r be imperfect in any j
i the opportunity to
"woolen mills" and
;ss your clothes bear
on the inside breast
j were not tailored by
it S-S. Bridge
Reese catching for the Owens
team suffered a badly split finger
when be *u ttrnck by a fool Up
In the last Inning. Bonner finiihed
the game.
- I
Oust bounced one off the center
Held fence but only got two bates.
He did a fancy dive act at be
passed first bate.
Byard started the game for the
Wholesalers, bat was poonded out
of the box, Harold finishing the :
game. ,
p. Mills made a great catch In [
left field for the Grocers, robbing
C. Hills of a triple. He grabbed 1
tite ball with his gloved hand at It 1
was sailing over his heal
The city league games are get- 1
ting better right along.
Twin bill today. Traction team i
plays at four o'clock against the 1
Liberty bunch. Also a twin bill for
Saturday. City league game at I
(our o'clock on Saturday.' * 1
. i
Mining Machinery will have a ]
good team In the field against the I
Glassies Saturday. Rumored they i
have a star scumpaw coming 10m
the contest
Pittsburgh walloped Brooklyn
igain yesterday, and New York
took a tall out of the Reds.
The Tanks made it two straight
[rom the Indians.
Phil Grimes worked another good
game last night Phil always umpires
in good fashion, but we just
mention this fact to show Joe Phillips
that we are strong for all umpires.
.Good games will be played San- !
Jay at Traction park and Blackihere
park. Tie speedy Elm Grove
team from Wheeling will be seen
In action- against Monongah at
fraction park In wbat promises to
be one of the most Interesting con:ests
of the season, while the Tracion
team will journey to Blackihere
to tackle the Consumers
ranch again. Arrangements are
being made to handle a great turnbut
of fans at both places. If the
iveather Is fair and special car ser,1-.
wtn nwMrfrfori hv thr> Trac
IH.x nut uc j/ivmuv?. vj w? .
Ion company for the fans. The '
Consumers are very anxious to de- )
'eat the Traction team and will '
tare their best lineup on the Celt!. 1
tfonongah has been greatly
itrengthened for the game Sunday 1
rnd will put op a fine exhibition t
igainst the Elm Grove outfit. <
Get Go<
in fir
i * Vyy*rV " ' -'v.I
'M*fy%*- >-'
30jr3WQoodyt?r j_
Single-Cart Fabric, S
Aati^dd-Trt?d_ _
-..' ;\v:., x
on m
soon on
CaxoaKnnol PiplHinor hv
Kittle Feature of the
Despite the efforts of Uncle Joe
Phillips to donate the game to the
Grocers, the Owens Bottles defeated
the Wholesalers 8-2 last evening
In a city league game that was as
lull of thrills and interesting plays
is could be desired. vDncie Joe
really did not try to donate the
game, but he made a costly muff
of a fly in right garden that paved
the war for the only runs the
Grocers got Ferhape he just
iropped the ball to make the game
t little closer.
"Honue" Wagner allowed Kittle
to smell a buttermilk bottle cork
before the game started and consequently
Mr. Kittle was right on
lis toes all the time, and the way
le grabbed seemingly sure hits in
tenterfield would make Max Carey i
rery jealous. It also made Uncle
foe Phillips jealous and he was
'oaring all through the game about
ICittle's work. The center fielder
grabbed two balls right off the
nrf and also captured three other
ong drives. Besides this he threw
i man out at third who tried to
go from first to that station on a
lot single over second. At bat he
node two hits out of three times
ip, which Is a very fair day's work.
One of the featnres of the game
was the base running of Guest. He
slammed the ball against the center
field fence on the first bounce,
hut only made two bases. This
was due IU UJO uuu uc
spilled himself badly passing first
The Bottles' got two runs Is the
3rst frame, after the Grocers had
bees retired with one hit and no
uns. Tressel led off with a single
to center and Mills was swatted
>ver the heart with a pitched ball.
West advanced both rnnners with
l sacrifice Phillips hit to the secind
baseman and was out at first,
Tressel coming home. Hills also
tedded, to make a try for the plate
ind got there when Hapnrst threw
tigh to Horrls.
The Grocers made two runs In
he third. Hartley was thrown ont
jy Tressell. Joe Phillips made a
lensational mutt of P. Hills long
Ty. Byard doubled, bringing in
dills. Thompson fanned, bnt Haymrst
and Currey singled, Byard
roelng home.
An error, singles by West and
3oice and Guest's long douuie
irought three rnns for the Bottles
n their halt of the third sad setled
the game. Byard was knock;d
out of the box before the innng
was orer dad Harold finished
he game.
A single by Boice and a triple
>jr Kittle brought the final run in
he sixth The Grocers had severd
chances to'score, hut sensational
Ddyear Vi
es for Sm
ires, for tire economy i
of what fires cost ori<
what tire service costs i
rrue Goodyear mileage
ire built into Goodyea
30x3', 30^x3-ana 31
n the world's largest
levoted to these sizes.
[f youownaftnLCb
yi ax wen ujl uluci mjl
these sizes, you can <
Goodyear Tires<at yoru
ce Station.
30 there for the excepl
hese tires made possi
year's resources, > exp
lemoQstrated exper
? / >?* GoodjwHwryT#
fot-tabmd hm.*at
2J50 toTnUdl?^
flddhr by Kittle ud Boice spoiled
these chances. The score.
Thompeon Sb .. S 0 8 0 0 0
Hijhum lb ... 3 0 J 6 0 2
* ? 2_u o 1 n n
VAUJJ W ....... *S v m * v *
Garrison 2b .... 3 0' 1 1 2 0
Morris c 3 0 0 4 2 0
Chambers cf .... 3 -0 0 0 0 0
Hartley rf 3 0 0 2 0 0
P. MUM IT 3 1 0 4 0 0
Byard p 1110 11
Harold p 1 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 20 2 6 18 5 3
TreeseU sa .... 3 2 112 0
C. Mills 3b 2 1 0 1 0 0
West 2b 2 1 1 0 0 0
Phillips it 3 0 0 0 0 1
LBolcelf 2 2 2 2 0 0
Goest lb 3 0 1 6 0 0
Kittle cf 3 0 2 5 1 0
Beese c 3 0 17 10
Osborne p 3 0 0 0 2 0
Banner c 0 0 0 0 o 0
Totals 24 6 "i 21 6 1
Stevenson 002 000 0-2
Owens .'208 001 ?6
Two base hits-Guest, Byard.
Three base hits?Kittle. Sacrifice
hits-West Hi: by pitcher?by
Byard 2 (Boice, Mills).
First base on error a?Stevenson
1; Owens 2. Struck out?by Byard
1; By Harold 1; By Osborne 0.
Hits apportloned-Olf Byard 5 In'
2 2-3 innings; oft Harold 3 In 4
1-3 Innings
. Wild pitches?Osborne. Winning
Sltcher osborne: losing pitcher,
Fairiew Team
Last night the ettong Falrvlew
baseball team was defeated by the
fast Watson nine by a score of 7-5
In a very Interesting game featured
by hitting, etrors and good
baseball mixed In. The Falrvlew
team was handicapped by the
strange field and this was the]
came of many of their mlscues.
"Rip" Altaian, who was slated
to pitch for Watson, was late In reporting
for the game and Manager
JoHlno selected Charley Long, the
old Monongah Glass star, to do the
hnrllng which he did In big leagne
style. Falrvlew drew first blood
when they scored three runs In the
Mm* ln?4ni. mm ... k<? ..J SI.. .?
iuai uxuiu5 vu uuo wi ituu x*?e cr |
rors. Things looked dark for Watson
when In their half of the first
the; smashed ont two hits and
failed to score. After the first
Charley had the Falrriew boys on
his hip allowing just two hits, one
of these was a two base hit which
did no damage for tho Falrriew1
bunch could not hit when a bli'
meant a run. The other came In
the first of the eighth after Stew
art was safe on Belt's error. Mitchell
then lined one ont to left fo.
three sacks and scored a moment
later on a pass ball. Watson camback
Strang in their half of th<second
and scored seven runs on
bits and Falrriew mlscues. Mitch
ell was on the monad for the Fab
view team and pitched a good:
game Small playing center for'
Watson featured the game by seceral
nice running catches. Watson
plays the fast Owens team of the
city leauge on Sunday at the Watson
Held. A great game Is expect-'
ed. Altman or Long will be on the
monad for the Watson team while
Poe will likely pitch for the Botties.
all Cars
is not a matter
finally but of
in the end
: and economy
r Tires, of the
xdinch sizes,
t tire factory
icvrolet, Dort, '
taking one of
;quip it with
r nearest Serv?
He by Good
enence and
tness in tire
not lywijww ? >
i( |.f miM i .ft
?3)i*? $^50
"1 * I
i i\ '-.l iinyirirj^*>;:
L?x? .
iM"'...^. s-'.aayc ?
' " *1fjjSSI
fl- T. T?rt I
Monongah Glass 6 1 .857
P. M. M. Oo 5 2 .714
West Virginian ? 4 4 .500
B. 4 0 3 3 -500
Ovens _______ 3 6 .333 |
Stevenson j 1 7 .125 |
Stevenson 2, Ovens 6.
West Virgmlan vs. B. & 0.
Pittsburgh 5. Brooklyn 2.
New York 2, Cincinnati 1.
Chicago 4, Philadelphia 2, |
Boston 5, Sl Louis 4.
W. L Pet
Brooklyn 52 37 .584
Cincinnati _____ 46 37 .554 j
Pittsburgh. 42 39 .519 ] i
New York 42 42 .500! I
SL Louis 43 44 .494 11
Chicago 44 46 .4891
Boston 34 43 .4421
| Philadelphia 34 49 .410 j
Brooklyn at Forbes Field,
New York at Cincinnati.
Philadelphia at Chicago.
. Boston at St. Louis.
americanleague !
New York U, Cleveland 3. I
Chicago 2, Boston 1. j
Washington 5, St. Lonis 4.
Philadelphia 3, Detroit 1.
Called in seventh, darkness, j
W. L. Pet. i
Cleveland 58 30 .659!
New York 60 32 .6521
Chicago 53 35 .602
Washington 40 42 .48S j
SL Louis 42 45 .483 '
Boston 39 45 .4641
Detroit 29 54 .349!
Philadelphia 26 64 .289
Cleveland at New York. j
SL Louis at Washington.
Detroit at Philadelphia. '
Chicago at Boston.
Palm B
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tion-the same footwea
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VI** . MM
ft S^Si-T. ' 1911
V*MW~ V A Vi.
st Dress ShiJ I

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