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i sis II
feyflpfti Organization Were
pjp.: Set Up at Some
HKk Meetings.
^Money Subscriptions
^^ere Made at Some
^Places-Last Night.
M^naiooii things such a rain
[ XOUcm and a little misunderstanding
-details between the general:
hJnlrmirr and the ward chairmen
I. Jcethbined to halt one or two of the
r.lgmdoled ward meetings last evenf
?tng to discuss ways and means ot
I Clearing-money to fight the gas
Mb Increase menace; but meet^ Egmre
held in several wards to
-ljijjyadTaatage and much work acA.'good
meeting was held in the
{Jxbtfward and'a host of signers
ifto ihefpetition protesting against
>yvtfi??u.-nte increase were secured.
(^ Another citizens' meeting will liker^lytpJield
there in the near future.
hEs TheSecond ware Had a big turnI
- out despite tbe rain and a commitISfiifciWSs
appointed to help secure
- jibe-deeded funds In that war! The
M?5ni'tOfr?he committee were in
->->the'hands ot Leri a Harr todiy,
>J?ccotdfng to Chairman Mclntire.
Twy "1 and thus the com;of
names could not he
IStSteC O. Henry who was chairrlyiiMi
nf the Sixth ward meeting.
gXS-called out of the city last evenVstsKtiklchpat
a damper on the se<I^^Heory
jpfntrsMtor sure whether a meetSHBohd
been held or not
S&jafoge Brobst reported from the
&v5)3f&thwanJ that the school house
ft closed last night and that the
SX"tneetfng in the ward had to be
" . The Eighth warders, despite tfie
S *?? the light. In the crPiMI
f t house were off and that they had
K&tb'-work by candle and lantern
Pt'.Hght, had a good session. M. C.
^KMZ&and T. K. Jones were named
Vfward leaders in the drive and the
'-following pairs of workers In varl^Tob*.
sections ot the ward chosen:'
Wpafi-Fltihngh and F. L. Hawkins:
[XratBarchlnal and Lawrence HenWMby
, M. L. Brown and Harry
b Jnfih; Richard Ward and C. C.
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H ^Starting August loth
.. LOUT swre vvui upcu at, i
|?pL M. and close at 5 P.
|*K' daily, except Satur
S^lfflys, when we wil1 stay
ffppen until 10 p. m.
? lave Your
Illation department
remain open even'
until 9 o'clock to
at subscription pay n
ftvn A unmet T-P H
KJJJ2CUU3 XU1 xxuguou IT
B^ugust 10th
?<Tou "wffl save a sab^
- ." . . "<
~~ < '
i I
| Mines on Monongahela
R. R. Are Wen Taken
Care of.
- ? ? ? M Plifil
'LOTS lim. until
i ' ' !
Between SCO and GOO
Loads a- iW This
'I' Week- "
Empties la'copious numbers predicted
by the Baltimore and Ohio
officials failed to materialize and
the Fairmont region today again
went beck, into the car shortage
column. Due to the scarcity of
cars there are'thiity-two mines Idle
today. Only 915 cars were available
on the divialon today. The
early morning placement shrank to
845. Cars today on the Monongah
division are classified ea follows:
Open. 821; coke. *1; B.X L X., 22;
M. V. T, 22. Can left over from
the previous day . were 23 , The
mines today ordered. 1,491 Iskrs of
which' 41 were available for coke
loading. V"
Operations 1n fhe West Virginia
nt An: MrtTVAfieft hplfl rail-1
UlBUlVh Wl wv
way today have all; the cars they
can load. Thjeee.nrfjea have been
getting a Ihll run for some days.
There are 120 empties today on
the Helen's Ran and Wyatt-Bingamon
branches Of,'.the Western
Maryland railway.
Railroad Fuel Heavy.
Daring thlr^ek'the railroads
nslng assigned ejrtfn the Fairmont
region wilrbe gnat a 100. per cent
car supply. This wfflfnm the eggre&te
of railroad -toel loading up
but with the piers all closedt^etport
business except Tort Rich
tnond,' which Is apt to be closed
down almost any time, It Is believed
tbe price of coal will weaken.
At least that appears to be the
! forecast of the market
> n.41 eoolienoJ /.ova i
XUMltuaUS UOlUfe ttoet^ucu vt?i? i
aid therefore trill be benefited by
the foregoing are: F. (R.C. of
N. J? Erie. Boston & Maine, Lehigh
Valley, New York Central,
Maine Central.
Exhibit Manifest
The B. & 0. railroad has called
the attention of operators who hare
failed to exhibit the scale card on
permit shipments to the piers. |
East of Grafton.
The Baltimore and Ohio, railroad
on Monday moved S47 loads in sineteen
trains east of Grafton. Of this
number 521 loads were coal. Western
movement off the division were
702 loads. The movement to the
lakes yesterday totaled 300 loads.
Apportionment Raised.
According to information- received
from Grafton the allotment
of the Fairmont region to Now England
has been raised this week.
The Monongah division of the B.
& 0. railroad will be obliged to furnish
173 cars a week Instead of 115
cars as was in force last week.
Personal Mention.
C. H. Jenkins, secretary and
treasurer of the Hntchlnson Coal
company, went on a business trip
to Washington and Baltimore last
D. B. Donaldson, Fairmont representative
of the Arkwrlght Coal
company, Is on a trip today to
Clarksburg and Grafton.
Dally Production.
Loading was heavy on the Monongah
division of the Baltimore
and Ohio railroad yesterday
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i The Biggest Novelty Dance of
the Season.
I , Music by two orchestras.
| Mason-Diion, Jrs.,^ of Clarks- jj
Skinner's Jazx Orchestra of:
? Fairmont
Couple 91.50. Extra Lady 50c. i
WED. NIGHT, AUG. 11, 1920.
wanted |
Morgantown avenue
and Grafton pike. Ap?
P V Tialonotr
yiy ? a* in*
esiing Things Hapi
;ut 01
V ; ,
IS fill HIE
Real Estate Valuation of
City Over $13,000,000
This Year.
A levy of one per cent or one
dollar on the one hundred dollars
' *!-- ??? flvarf
properly vtuuauuu woo ivu?; u*vu ,
for [he year 1520 tor the city ol
Fairmont by the city Board of Directors
at a meeting held today.
.This levy is an Increase of seren
cents orer the Jevy of 93 cents for
the year 1820. The additional lery
Is laid for the purpose of taking
care of the retirement of bonds
during the year.
The .Board trill, meet from time j
to time to make no the budget for
the year which will take consider^County6*
Assessor James' W.
Darts, .who was appointed by the .
Board to assess cr.y property ..has :
turned into' tab city his figures :
which are as follows:
Tor the year 1920 real estate,
$13,099,900. which figure is an in- |
crease of $251,040 orer the assessed
valuation of property for the
year 1919 -which figure was $12,848.940.
For the year 1920. personal '
property $6,026^44 which figure ,
shows an increase over the year
1919 or $605,840; the figures for '
1919 having been-$5,522,505.
TVir. nty'a 4Af?] eseMsniMt
crease amounts to the sum of
TheBoard' of' Public "Works has
so far failed to turn in1 its assessment
for the Jear 1930, and it is
though this wfltbe considerable in
cases of the figures of 1919 which .
were >2,817,598.
is'Guest of Geo^
- i
Governor John J. CornweU ana
Major J. M. Boyle, who will be
the speakers at the big Chamber
of Commerce dinner this evening,
arrived here on No. 3 this morning.
Governor Cornwall will be the gaes;
of George T. Watson while in the
city and went direct from tie train
to the Watson residence.
It was estimated this morning
that about 450 persons would attend
the dinner. It had been
planned to serve 400, tonight, but
the ladles of the Christ Episcopal
church, who are serving the dinner,
were notified this morning
that they should be prepared for at
least 50 extra over the 400 mark,
and several new tables were or-,
dered placed In the commissary
room at the big brass plant to take
care of the late reservations.
The affair will start with a big
auto trip this afternoon. The auto]
parade will form at the court house
at 3:15, and it is expected to get
under way by 3:30. A sixteen
piece band in the big Owens truck
will head the procession. Today's
event is the greatest thing of its
kind ever staged in this city.
a -r-w va tttmi ni
A, ii, t\ Will SOOE !
Be Thing of the Past;
WASHINGTON", Aug. 10.? i
The American Expeditionary
forces will pass into history Aug- i
nst 31. when the only remaining <
unit of the army that fought in '
France, A. E. F. headquarters I
here cease to exist. Records of 1
the great army that was will be i
ransferred to the custody of the
War department and the following .
dag General Pershing will open
headquarters in a new capacity as '
general of the army.
. Wanted?LaborersGood
wages, free life insur- -i
ance; meals fnrnlshed employees
at cost; apply
T., m ======c= ' 1 sh
School of Dancing
Wednesday Evening. Aug. 1L
Largest Novelty Dance ot the ;
Music by
Mason-Dixon, Jr, cf Clartsbarg
Skinner's Jazz Jichejtra
Dancing 9 til' L
Assessment JL50. Extra lair ,tCe
Masonic Assembly HalL
. ,
ming in Fairmont
. V A 'ffM
? ?
111 01
ills TO
Text Bodes, Long Terms,
Physical Education
Cost Money.
The Boards of Education of Fairmont
Independent and' Union Independent
school districts are
meeting today lor the purpose of
laying the school tax levy ana malting
up the budget for the year
1921. Owing to Tarlous Improvements
and increases In salaries the
levies of both'olstricts will be materially
Fairmont Independent school district
will during the year build and
equip a gymnasium tor the high
Bchool 'the school has been greatly
hampered in recent years owing
to the fact that It possessed no gymnasium
and ootid therefore hardly
hope to compete In athletics with
high schools of the state which
maintained well equipped and modern
gymnasiums with the schools.
The Board of Education to meet
this demand appropriated money
for the building of a gymnasium
and for this purpose must raise the
To meet the increased salary appropriation
the. levy must be increased
as well as to take care of
the free text book appropriation.
Free text books will furnished
the pupils of the Elements?
tmHoa in mux trhpro near hnnta
must be purchased. In the case ot
pupils having In their possession
old text books ot the required Hod
they must be used.
In the case, of tree text boots
the tax payer while he mnst pay a
little more taxes to meet the cost
trill be gettfn&more than the 'value
of the increased taxes in receiving
tor his cbildten text books tarnished
tree by-the district
I ^lpdepff jT t^scb000^ tSstri^
Is adltion to the ordinary tines
ind jail sentences Imposed on rloators
ot the national prohibition
aws, all such case swill be reportid.
in the future to the Internal
ftevenne collectors who will also
mllect the usual taxes with a pen-:
ilty lor faflnre to register, accord ;
ng to the statement of Captain v.,
(V. Mdldff of the Federal prohibition
forces who passed throngh
Fairmont this morning. In the par
7 with Captain MldBff were Capnln
W. W. Wheeler, Coleman Stan \
igcr and J. J. Doerr.
Under the lew. the tax on a still'
amounts to J1.000, which may be
lonbled for faflnre to register. In
addition a distillers license is re
luired and in case more than rice
cailons of whiskey has been sold
at one time a wholesale license
must be TaW. Failure 'o reciter;
may result in taies and penalties
amounting to more than $6,000 for!
die retail, wholesale, distillers 11 ;
sense and ownership or the still, "!
At the last term of the Federal!
court in Parkersburg an Italian
who was convicted of selling pick-1
handle was assessed Jl-150 by the1
revenue officers in addlt'on to the!
fine imposed by the cor*:.
Captain Midkiff has requested;
Sheriff Glover to keep the Federal!
officers informed concerning conrictlons
under the state iawg so
that the revenue officers can collect
the additional fines and pea.
titles. .
Railroad News
In Fairmont
J. M. Scott, Wheeling, general
superintendent of the West Virginia
district of the Baltimore and
Ohio railroad, is in Fairmont today.
C. J. Proudfoot, Wheeling, did-?
.s av, D a. n
sion passeugei agem ui uih u. & u.
ailroad, wis la Fairmont jesterlay.
The Monongahela railway station
las notified that less than carload
Yelght la now acceptable on tho
Pennsylvania railroad via the
Pittsburgh gateway.
I. B. Pierce, Brownsville, Pa.
assistant superintendent, and J.
t.. Hnggens,. Brownsville, Pa.
lateral agent of the Monongahela
allway were in Fairmont today.
. ; .
The partyis known that found
pocketoook containtnr bills, pa.
pen and diataoed snck pin at
Watson -Hotel. and1 if'It is not
retained to the hoteloffice -at
" '
Belief Around Court
House It Will be
Members ot the County court are
busy today figuring on the lax rate,
but will tot be able to give put
any definite Information until a
late hour.
There It an impression around
the court bouse, however, that the
rate will he about JL87.
iif sit
Long Ran at Full Capacity
Will Start Tomor
. > - ' .... i
With 240 men running the plant
to its (nil capacity, the Fairmont
Window Glass company starts a
run tomorrow that will probably
last until the first of February.
The plant has been Idle since November
and during that pefiod they.
have been stocking up a full line of
materials and have Installed, amfldal
gas to use along with the
natural gaa On the tankboth artificial
and natural gas is med'wrhile:
otLtheovew the artificial gas alone
- A good tiled force of men was
working at die factory this, nsorn
nrn mtiit nninn
fiuLidlfllt DllAlftf
Notifies Rotary Club Com
mittee of its Formal
At a meeting of the Fairmont
Real Estate Board held this morning,
It "took action supporting the
plan of the Rotary club to finance
the completion of the Monongahela
river bridge. The following letter
was sent to R. T. Cunningham,
showing that the Real Estate
Board is back of the movement:
Fairmont, West Va.,
August 10,1920.
Mr. R. T. Cunningham,
Care Fairmont Rotary Club.
Dear Sir:?At a meeting of
the Fairmont Real Estate
Board held today we unanimously
roted to go on record
as being behind yopr suggested
plan to finance the completion
of the Monongahela
We wish that you would
make it known to the committee
ot the Rotary dub that
we stand back of them to our
limit, and trust that you will
call upon us if we can be of
assistance in any way.
Yours very truly,
Temporary Secretary.
It is the general plan of the
members ot the Real Estate Board
to put the real estate business in
this dty on a higher plane than
ever before and to give the pnollc
better service in many ways and to
protect the public from those who
do not have the proper standard of
athlrt In tlia raal aflfflla fffltnA
The board Is composed of the
following at present: Sam R. Nuznm,
C. S. Rlggs, Lamar Satterfleld,
George Brobet, 'Paul Amos, J.
A. Fortney, P. A. Sacci, L C. Huetead,
H. S. Price, J. M. Moran. the
Greater Fairmont Investment Company.
Scale Committee
To Meet-May
[Br Associated Pre*]
WASHINGTON, Aug. 10,-President
Wilson today requested the
ous miners and. operators to meet
at ClerelandAnguaf lGjtowmrider
K^Vawtl!' '
CJST10, 1920.
Means Thirty Millions
More a Tear to the
Increase to Men is Made
to Date Back to May
[By Associated Press.]
| CHICAGO, Aug. 10.?Thirty mSlion
dollars was added today to tite
nation's express bill. The United
States Ballway Labor board awarded
the 80,000 employes or the
American Hallway Express com
pany an increase ot 16 cents an
hour. The decision is retroactive
to May 1, 1920.
Under the terms of the EschCummins
transportation act the ex '
prese company will be permitted to ;
??- - anffUt/kntiu tn make H
WW 110. rmco BiuuiNMiu/ i. ??
up (he increased labor cost.
The decision applies to all express
employes save 2,500 shopmen
who were given an increase o( 13 .
cents an hour in the railroad award .
last month. The award to expressmen
is'slightly better than the
average Increase to railroad men, j
the board finding that express employes
as a class were not so well .
paid as men in other lines of nil- ,
Recommendations that express
rates.be increased 30 million dol- :
r Urs to-.absorb the wage award will '
I'he'.Oedv^^tto.Interstate Com- .
[ffinced-todsr-tf T. B. Harrison. .'
Wwl 'cohMpf Mr- the American
jtSellwdy^atpiMh Lhiinwmy'/-?
liuvniiiu uluu iu
This Week's Meeting
Will be Held at the j
. Country Club.
I The regular noonday lunch of the
I Kiwanians tomorrow has been
pushed over to the evening hour,
I 6:30. and the members are privileged
for the first time to be accompanied
by their ladles. This is
aH In honor of the visit of Hon. L I
N. Frantz. the newly elected district
governor. Plans which were
laid at Charleston when J. A. Mere
dlth, trustee, met the new district
governor, were completed last
j week, and President Earl Smith received
a wire yesterday which con|
firmed the tentative arrangements.
I Mr. Mereaitn, at uic ^lamoums,
| meeting last week, extended a
i warm invitation to members of the
new lodge there to come to Fairmont
and meet the district governor,
and it Is likely that the city
up the river will have a representation
here. It seemed wise, therefore,
to the committee in charge
i to change the place for holding the
| rccoption. to the Country club, as
i the T. M. C. A., the regular meeting
place of the Klwanlans will not
be large enough to accommodate
Mr. Frantz will be accompanied
by L J. Corbly. who graduated
from Fairmont Normal some thirty
years ago, and after receiving degress
from various universities,
took the presidency of Marshal!
college. He is widely known not
only as a<leader in educational r
lines, bnt he is a brQliant speaker,
and his address will no donbt
be one of the featsres of the evening
Members of the order should
- ' ' tr?_n*OT
leiepnone vwcuu nauuiwu, wan
man, at phone 2S2, advising him ot
their Intention to be present, and
whether or not they will have
Traveled Six Ways
To Pour Pickhandle
Six means ol transportation were !
used by Deputy Sheriffs Howard
Adams, Howard Woodward and'.
John Glover this morning while'.;
malting a raid at Murray and rl-jj
dnlty in a search for violators of;:
the prohibition laws. Taking a!1
passenger train to 93, the deputies:
crossed the river in a boat to Mtir-;
ray, roder a freight-train to Ope-:'
kiaia, rode back to the B. 4 0.1
roundhouse on a wrecking train,!
climbed the hill and took a street!.
car and left it for a faster ride on I
5C j x. J I
an uioxnoDue.iruu*
Eight homes were visited with \
eewch warrants aaJ fifteen barrels .
of Kchhandle poured out. -No ar- :
teeaweremrte. / ;
Broke Coal j
Loading Record .
And Heart Too '
[By Associated Press]
WHEELING. W. Va, Aug. 10.
?After loading six cars of coal
in less than two hours this
morning, Tony Bannock, who
set out to establish a new record
at the Troll Coal Co..
mine at Fair Point, 0., fell
dead. I
The coroner said he died t
from a ruptured heart. Bannock
had recently broken all
records at the mine when he
loaded IS cars in one day.
fi |||E
Withdrew Resignation at
the Request of the At- J
torney General
(Special Dispatch Jo The West t
WASHINGTON, D. C.. Aug. 10.
?United States Marshal! Ned
Smith of the Northern West Virginia
federal court district, who
last month tendered his resignation
to the Department of Justice,
which has never been accepted,
today withdrew it.
After a conference held hero
with attorney General Palmer, it h
was announced by the letter's pri- n
rate secretary. R. T. Scott, that
Marshal Smit{t had agreed, at the 1
request of the attorney general, to j
iatta ont his term. "To make a
change In this office at the present 11
time," Mr. Scott said, "would ft
seriously Interfere with our organization
and we prevailed upon
Marshal Smith to continue to serve <,
For the remainder of his term t,
which extends bat for a few ?
months longer so as not to disturb ?
the efficiency of our plans and for *
the good of the service." tl
.'Mr-Scott.paid a fcHjhtrtbatwto d
the official service' of Marshal li
Smith, declaring that no marshal t
had made a record mors satlsfae- s
tory to the Department of Justice. J
Marshal Smith had planned to quit fi
the position at once to give all his
time to private business investments
Mr. Smith 'left for his home at 0
Fairmdnt (mediately following the 0
Conference this morning. ?
' n
8311 PAIS j
George Bowers, of Man- |
nington, Presiding Ov ^
er the Republicans.
At two o'clock this afternoon on
James A Meredith, chairman of
the Republican Count; Executive
committee, called the Republican
convention to order to nominate jj
candidates for the offices of Judges
of the Circuit dud Criminal courts.
The convention la held in the County
court room. In the court house.
George Boners, of JIannlngton,
was selected as the temporary
chairman and Clyde H. Smith, secretary.
At the same time, in the Circuit '
court room, the Democratic con- *
vention for the nomination ot
Judges was called to order by
Carroll Correy, chairman of the .
Democratic County Executive com- :
mittce. L. S. Schwenck, of Ban- J
nington. was chosen temporary J
cha:rman and Keneth Barnes, sec- g
"S two candidates are being i1
considered for the Republican nominations,
W. S. Meredith, for the j
Circuit judgeship and Emmett M. *
Showalter for Judge of the Crlm- J
inal court. !
Judge William S. Haymond and J1
Jndgov Scott C. Lowe will probably J
be the nominees for'the two offices, ?
although rumors are current re- ?
gardin gthe names ot Judge George .
A. Vincent and Prosecuting Attor- '
ney Walter R. Haggerty.
Governor CornweU Is expected to J
address the Democratic convention 11
during the afternoon.
The business of the Republican J
?nvention was dispatched with ?
ronslderable celerity. Both Sena- j
tor Meredith and Mr. Showalter ti
*ere nominated without any delay ii
md as The eWst Virginian went to tl
press the committees were out
lunting the candidates so that j
hey could address the convention. *
North Carolina I
Takes Up Suffrage i
RALEIGH. N. C? Aag. 10.?The \
N'onh Carolina legislature met-to- Blder
rahflcatlon ot the federal
suMrage imeadment and local tax
' ' a?: y<?j36B8wSHHH
The Auto
den a meuod of seendBEVbgH
tr aatomobHIiti may
efore the' meeting. '
sural protest wfcsmjmffl
xrd wu eredsd aafSMjBM
oo has evidently beeajftaBBM
line one recently ilnce.tgJWP
ooal sign hit leeii^Md^H
*, "danger.". tt??Bm
The many astsmoHramH
mtly emphMlie^Ui'
alnnont iQilwTtpWiM
in to. that oq
wnnacft at It isdaM-IMS!
ie antomoMe
is for good rasdfcgHlliM
is general sttwrtopgi^tt
trough this msaiifjBPBHHi
is seems to he lUiKpWjM
is merits of tha proooiMM
at to tbe o^rag
SEVRES, France,. ig. 1'(1

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