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B / NEWS * i
w i
\:tM^'-.,:am Meeting. j
i^.mnbi|.Helperi dm ol tie!
IfFlm-Jt F. Sunday school taughtj
Bakfliiill Tin tmlfl f"
MjjttSkBlithlr meeting at the home j
USE Motile Clellaad near Jacobs i'
toet tUi evening at 7:39 o'clock, t
KjaOort business session will be!
law Allowed by music and games. I
Toc'sus earnestly requested to be j
McBfrwh Class Outing. '
33?, McEIfresh class of the Dla tnjriljtrest
church held Its annnal 1
picnic Thursday afternoon at 1
Pijchetfs creek. The husands ot
the- ladles joined them In the even- 1
brand all were delightfully enter- 1
lajaedbv Ur. and Mrs. Bruce Mot- 1
garnet.their camp. The event was
ouuhr enjoyed by all who attended.
W 8atterfleld Reunion, i
Plans are about completed for '
the Satterfleld reunion which will
be'held next Sunday, August 16, 1
at'PineGrove. If the weather Is fa voraMe
the Satterfleld class will 1
ttra out In large numbers and a 1
gdod.tlme is anticipated. A good
watpa will be given and mtfsic bv .
theories bsnd will be an Interest- '
tnrfeature of the meeting Every
body who desires to attend will be, '
Will Remain Here.
?3fcAnd Mrs. C. L. Edmonds, of
Washington, D. C., who were
nests >of Mr. and Mrs. 0. E. Mc MBlan,
have taken apartments at
jhe-'home of J. S. Watklns in Co ffimbla
street and probably will
Jiake Fairmont their, future home.
' Mvmon. No. 4, of the Ladies' |
Aid lodety o! the Diamond street
cburch'.wlll have ail exchange in
Springer Bros.' store on Saturday j
morning. Home made bread, cahes;
and: pies will be offered tor sale.
- At Morgan's Store.
SEE* Yonnt Woman's Mission;
Steele., of the Palatine Baptist;
arch' .wm hold an exchange on;
Saturday morning at H. B. Mor-1
Its'i store in Merchant street. A
de^Hne ot home made- edibles 1
wBiome from Camping Trip.
^Srar llorrls and family, of Co
I- .The next time
.you buy calomel
He purified and refined |
calomel tablets that are
tel. Medicinal virtues retain[K?ai
and improved. Sold
Seemly in sealed packages.
(prompt relief!
pro* the tad-diitrewed itomach, B
ki-moids ,
ff:fa|ter meals, dtaofred on the ;
fJftrnjne?keep yonr stomach
Wrt?l-m aids?the new
j3;$$ttpE BT SCOTT & BOtVNE
gprxjuasgs of scorrs EMuiaox _
hll pi mui
J (^Robert Warwick
|ten? 14th Man."
IJ He caught a burglar la bis
11, best girl's home?then turn-]|
#d right around and helped
Jlsaid burglar blow the sate
Jlfeiltd talcs all the money and
ilMfviilmlilPK in it. Anri ha
taSny ha^M-einrned from a two
weeka' camping trip near St ,
George. | : . \ 3
At Wlirfleld. 4
Cent Hawtdns and family are 1
ipendlcg a couple of weeks at the s
none of the formers brother, Clyde;
Hawking, near Winllald. while Mr.
incUMrs. Hawkins are visiting ret .
itlves In Roane county.
Personals. '
Mrs. Howard Louden and little
ion, Howard, Jr? are'visiting rela- t
lives at Charleston. t
Mrs. Rose Hawkins has returned _
trom a three weeks' visit with her laughter,
Mrs. Delia Shaw at Graiion.
Mrs. Walton Foley Is ill at her f
home In Ferry street
Miss Margaret Louden, of Front
street Is retovering from a lew
lays' Illness.
Miss Ktnma Stealer, of Columbia
street is visiting her annt Mrs.
Georgia Radford Deggs, at Baltimore.
t |
The Only Solution.
'"1 sat op two honrs last night
with a wet towel around my head, 8
lying to solve my servant prob- I
lem." h
"And I stood up half an hour h
after dinner with a dish towel In .
1 J 1_: T?I<iva ' *'
uj uanu, sumug rniuc. ?wuu&o.
Cuba Is as Jargc as Pennsylvania
n area and Georgia in population, a
A Theatre forth
Today and '
5 Keith Vaui
Francis Cross C<
**\afkn ic
t t 1/y w
' ' i
musical bells
maberly cruis1
wayne and1
Run of C
| This Is our bir
and to celebra
pf tfae^eStabli
[? inessweareof
jg luestbatwillfc
| "Opportunity
?1 A "&T
Worth &M
Wash Skirt
Silk Georgette W
fe Camiiolea
sow 98c
| Not Chea
| Cetera*
lUrto tie firls ire veering meke
em look snorter? '
Myles?MiFbe; but tier mike
he/aen look longer. - Yonken
By Force and Aim
Lawyer-jltou say your *He stacked
you with a death-dealing
eeapon. What was Itr
Steele Little Man?"A fly swat I
er, sir."?American Legion Week7.
/?^ tit TEH DATS
S*S^13T| IWWMnrf
~ Und BrThaonJ*
iSS&B7n Gcamtedta remac
taa> fceddo, pimple,
K*er-spotJ, etc. Ex.
treoe case 2# dxyx.
&s pom uJ tfcsoea of inpnritia.
enres the shia dear, jolt, htalihy. At
adisg toilet coonten. If they htwn't
, by mail, t*o sixa, dOe. tad SUB.
anOHM. TOOETCO* rex 7mm.
Sold by Fairmont Fhatmacy and
11 toilet counters.
a Whole Family
deville Acts
omedy Sketch.
lood Pictures |
e Than
thday-our .treat?
fe this anniversary
shmenfc of our busferinga
feast of vallelongremembered.
knocks but once"?
up* r$?bh*$81bbbotxsq5^ a
n %&&
\ it* Swift
5 Hieje'taKt.'tttnctiTe
rrestors arc extremely po
___j iajtBea. VeiweCin
1 ?tock ^lecal forth!
5 smnostf
^ W? ** NP?
v^. aft- no? v
=H 3ft. NOW *6?
N#w SI
p~- a
lint ihipoartSL ?f the
ltdies'. SUITS hare-been
inrite ywn intpeetitto gi
Clothing - But
mtm Pt A
Too seed New Fufnlture ton
our new store, Jli Monroe etreet
Let us etchaajs Wo also repair
or store furniture.
You Till find t complete lisp
of furniture, carpets, stores,
paints and wallpaper at our sew
store, 221 Monroe street
See Denham first Co.
221 Monme Street.
Next to Woolworthi.
/trying t
find thi
% S \
S ideal &
Here I
' iauwfB1
Just A
sach bargains as tit
?? 1 -1__ _ J.
I on neeq omy a ao
share in these GBEI
-use ourgenerou^
kssi rs
kf - i
/ Sf
PRICES-moor afa I
" * - ob* /=
'UggAgg. tkfi'll
St* tyo*:??. / |
?&? Nor$? J 1
NQW fojk
"5*z=? m
'all Styles new'FALL
ftjfa m NCMfc
Kcarei We eoediillj
- nooBl%uknl to' boy. fQ(
GOOD Ctotfung
At Lower Price*
It Will Pay You to I
! Walk an Extra Square..!
. tinns pttpptt * iu i
17*1 Tiu, uuimnriiu j
Falrmoi.t Hotel Bldg.
on the Waehlngton 8t Side !
Phone 1671.
"ARealBevera$ \
Irink-our drink I 1
ybody's drink Iverages
still have some If /
to go.Thereal beverageis M j
he fully satisfying, wall? ?
Qg drink. You'll like it 8
iy. S
Distributor Ma
asso Fruit Co. ?
nd Ave. Phone 469 M'
Tiont W Vi. &>
' ? >^HPatroMDefna?
The Very Beat
Sale ::| MMK
ese come but $
W while you ?
liar or two to I j
credit terms,, i
I St. Yang Hm't
Wortl W. P
M. |j
???-?J 3%
Pala Bach Smts | i
SJ795 I
n'a TrtBMn "~1 ?
etafftrtWii*- ?
' fj# |
Ilea's CMtioff jg
it b
. i i ,7 i I , 13.
2J252S. TC?
BH ;
j ; - j:'
I Feminine Fancies I
Newest Hats
. A bevy of stunning autumn hate,
just out of their wrappings, is
offered at small cost Ah of
them are adapted for immediate
wear. Panne velvets, silk velvets, /
duvetyn, taffeta,-and gold-cloth
are worked together in wonder|
ful combinations, smartened "
j with unique touches of embroid
_;t_I ^,1 _
Iery, learners, nuuoiis <uiu me- i (
! tailic braid. . p
Modish?yet moderately priced. '
Ready for choice tomorrow.
I $7.50, $ 10.00, $ 1 0.5
f 1
TN BUT a few
* children will retu
?? r i
Many ot their gar
* throughout the Sum
' additional service w
cleaned, pressed a
Many of them can
look like new. It is
ahead and let us coi
ovate'the youthful
ample time for schoc
our auto w
* i
. . ' 4 A
Cleaners anc
31fiMa<lk>n Street
B Mil ^
^ II
l j
ments worn^f^^B
' V mm
v. \, - OCR, -^TjTapiVp'--;ITin
?. SSS^i ' ->- -v?SaBMM

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