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^ CampleJi'
ling this afternoon'at
pjBenoni avenue with
sly appointed Bridge
Insnn Watson Arnetto,
)f' Attorney Frank C.
ill Miss Francos Klnsey,
( John Klngsley Powell,
%V-?: a* honor guest*.
set and narcissus. SlRht
;b-;ju?I In playing bridge
Iclous i ealad ltinch waa
jnt of town guests enter:
re/Miss Margaret dal
Coshocton, Ohio, the
Miss Ruth ? Helntzelraan;
>'s" Frances Hutclilus, of
,lhe gu?st'of her father,
;illor, and Mrs. B. B. C.
?St. Louis. Mo., the guest
K J. Krom. Mrs. Arthur
yrenoe, who Is arecont
i. among the, guests bon
KK "V" at' Home.
Mrs. Carroll Helmlck will be hos
psjfafcth'e Y. w. C. A. "at home"
horrow afternoon, from 3 to b
o&Ck. A splendid program con
fUng>ot^&.nedlng by Miss Eliza
-tb Mayers, and piano numbers
SMIss1 Lucille Stealey will be glv
,?at 3:30.1 The youny men and
>men of the city will find this an
e5l/{ftico';to "drop in" for a few
BTS.- .A general welcome la ex
aded to everyone.' Tea and waf
Kirill be served after the pro
*To Los Angeles.
Mrs. S. (!. Kline and daughter,
tt&Meredlth Kline, are leaving
norrow ' for Los Angeles, Cal..,
ESithey will spend the remain
%ijfi?he winter Miss Kline is re
vering from an Illness which fol
ded a severe Injury received in an
Eoinob'ile accident. v
R '^ci Observe Program
KThe^following program will be
Kfartd' at the meeting of the
pmePHcb'nomlcs 'department of
te Woman's club to be beld on
ionday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock
Report of Salvation Army Or
aanage?M rs. w. A. Lawler.
Vocal 9qlo?lira OlWer A.
Talk?"How to Keep Fit"?Mrs.
Beantlfylng Exercises of the
foSsewlfe?MIks Rachel Tolven
A complete set of electrical cook
ig equipment will bo on display
ad an electric stove,will be dem
ostrsitediby Mrs. Anthony Bowen
ud Mrs. Can Maurer will demon
The program will precede the
ectrlcalfdemonBtnftlon. The Kel
SwHMgK'company will have a
olumbla grafonola On hand to
jrnlsh mnslc for tho tea to fol
Egtpor Brides
idvMrs. John W. Mason Jr.
Srj.Bese Mason will ontel
I evening at their homo on
ojii avenue with a bridge
honor Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
iwrenco a recent bride and
^Attorney Frank C. Hay
ad'hls flanceo Miss Susan
I Arnetto and MIsb Frances
Insey bride elect of John
nffiowell of Mentcben, N.
Gave Dinner
LMro. R, Ij. Cunningham
lifwith an elaborately
idlnner laet ovenlng at
8'/on Monroe street com
'"to Mr. and Mrs. Llnd
(. of Hancock, Md? who
it of Attorney and Mrs.
ramo at' their home on
It Covers were laid for
>om Pittsburgh
1-A. Slpo and daughter
ICHutton have.returned
?Ijnrrh where they had
rS.^Ne] 1 in Dlpo Fulton,
Returned East
mes Edwin Watson who
JW?: past .sevoral weeks
BRfes gone to New York
(rounder of the winter.'
BfllWMr" will be fIven
embers of the Clarence
of the Fairmont
Cast Have Party. ,
^he members of the cast of tie
Play, "Miss Cherry Blossom'' were
S!SAVr5r on FrWay evening ot
the high school. The hoars wore
delightfully spent and refreshments
"wore served.
I ?
i Covered Dish Supper. :
given at the M. E. churd) on Mon
day evening. January 36. at sli
oiJock at tho church by tho Isa
! belle Thohurn circle, their husband*
| ana friends. Each member Is aakel I
I to bring a covered dish .of some I
food other than meat. A sliver of-'
raring will bo, taken which will bo I
[given for missionary work.
i , Entertained Society.
J Mrs. Maggie Reger and Mrs. Vir
gmla MpCleary were hostesses on
[Friday afternoon to tho members of
J the Missionary society of tho M. 1*
Temple at their .home In Fairmont
avenue. An interesting program
was_ observed. Mrs, Earl Jackson
conducted tho .devotional and tho
study lesson was conducted by Mrs.
[W, S.. Hamilton. Following the
I program a delightful, social hour
| was spent and refreshments wore
lsorted.,The hostesses were assist
ed in entertaining by Mrs. Pros
Fleming. ,
? ? ? ?
Named Officers.
Class No. fi of tho First M P
church had an enjoyable social ses*
slon and covered dish suppor at tlio
church parlors on Thursday eve
ping. Following the supper a bus!
?iASf?0,CB8l?? ll0l'i "'"I officers
?tfni Da",toUmvs: Teacher, Mrs.
Belle Poplo; assistant teachers,
Madge Cutllp, Waymand Fleming
j president. Hay CofTman: vice presi
J6!) pJ;rrVCr: socretttry. Mrs
'/' ?? ^rtor treasurer, Ooldle Ho
bsj.. The class was named tho J.
A. Swiger class, honoring Mr. SwI
5,or.,wh? h^s boen superintendent
five yeS. y BCb??' tor twcm-r'
* ? ? ?
Enjoyable Social
?Hie Nl. G-A class of the'First
church had a most enjoyable
social and covered dlBli suppe?
Thursday evening. Following the
U?,noss sessi?n and an
election of officers was held. Those
elected are as follows: Mrs. Belle
Pople, teaheer, Madge Cutlip and
Wayman Fleming, assistant teach
ers;^ Ray Coffman, president. J.
D. Porter, vice president, Ethel
Measure,8Cret^- ?0l1le Roboy
The class was named the J A
Swiger class, honoring Mr. J. a
iff jwho has been class sup
erintendent for the past 25 years.
Pasketball Game.
A basketball team composed of
school boys and others shortly out
j.0 Public school here journeyed
to Ida May Wednesday night for a
w;th the school team of tho
latter place. Time out was called
frequently on account of tho Ughta
going off. Finally, with about five
t0 play 11,0 Bame waa
called with a soore standing 10-0 in
favor of Ida May. Our boys nlavp<I
well Individually, but used very llt
wn ft? w?rk- Moore, for Ida May,
JSit "if' 8corinK 6 of the 10
points. Marshall refereed the
i soalB: Moore, 3; Deligattl I
\ Substitutions: c"o.
Una, Cotter for Watkins.
Many Have to Walk. -
e,??, ~ rT" ot ,h? heavy snow
storm Tuesday, 'wo had poor trolley
service Wednosday, causing some
go"onout in" th A feW, Bhoi">er8 had
to ',ho morn'iK and waited
to come back on the 8 o'clock car
nn oven!nf- Others went out
nnn? n ^ 5 ?'clocl; In the after
t0 r(Uurn on the S
car' bjt tho power went of!
?i?o !! C4r dltI not ru?- Sorao ot
tho shoppers walked through tho
wttlT tSSt 'l6'0"',8 Run Junction
S51 ^ shopping baskets, and
wJ??,a?ended the gamo at
Ida May had to walk home.
Schools Examined.
th0 locaI nurse.
Dodson' examined tho
school children here from the third
grade up, and found a very small
ed*from*qrh "I",1""'6 ,0 '? -clu,|!
?Hie ???(i for n, short Period,
i ne first and second grades -wo?
examined just before the holidays
iTtT?' '"?other Inspection
just at this time. A surprislne:v
large percentage of the children
wore found to have defective teeth
?? ?!?'BaS6t l0nalls' or adenoids. It
1^iSl?C?rely, hopo1' that the Parents,
rtoi % of this free ser
vice and act upon tho suggestions
dnenYrflh.", ft001, ,hr?ugh the chil
? SO that the latter may he'glv
en a fair opportunity to secure an
education and equip themselves for
life. Especially should we ail thank
,the nurso for doing this work, which
tfes6" "utsldo her regular du
i Nljht School tMot Held. '?
, 0 "gtilar meeting of the mln
8Ch?oI was not hold Wed
nesday evening on account of the
absence of Profetsor A. \ Crav
ford of West Virginia universltyi
who has charge of Lbls work.
Surprise Party.
A surprise party was given for
Mrs. Robert Brooks on Wednesday
Th. i??Mln h0n0r of hor bllrthdaj\
The lights went off about the timo
the crowd gatherod, but "this wa<
not allowed to 'interfere with th?
amusements. Games, singing, dano
Ing, and other diversions gave tho
" ver>" Pleasant evening.
Mrs F tH8V/''t0nt,rr0 Mr- an'l
,Mrs. P H. Brooks, Mr. nnd MVs.
IaS1??' *'r8- Howard Mn
Bon, Mrs. Held, Misses Pollio Wil
J? !1' Wilson.'Gladj>s and Mil.
drod ..Mapton. Paulino Poland.
rerl:,ns- DaV6 Wil
son. allies Davis. Charlie Rogert
Bhfrn "cCaffory an<1 "Buckeye"'
_ Sunday In the Churah.
Tha. regular churn.h ?? ? ? ?
orio Is urged to'attend these and all
other churches services.
Truant Officer Busy.
Georce. Martin, of^Parraington,
.truant officer for Lincoln district,
Visited , Carolina yesterday and
served notice on several parents for
the truancy of their children. No
finos were collected, but Jjlr. Martip
promises that on his next visit to'
these families he will bring a war
rant with him which may mean n
fine of from three U> twenty dollars
for each offense. A reasonable ex
cuse for keeping children'at home
may be accepted, but willful" tru
ancy will not be conddned.
First Aid Practice.
Last night one of the first aid
teams composed of Thomas Davis,
Harrison Green, Howard' Cool.
James Fisher, James Coleman, A. T.
Fogle, Geo. Kaun, E. C. Harold* and
Guy Norrls, met for practice.
Short Pay.
Today is the bi-monthly pay day
for the half month, ondlng Decem
ber 31, and is possibly the shortest
pay here for some years, as there
were only three days work in that
half for the majority of the men.
Revival Services.
Crowds from here continue toj
attend*' revival services at Tover
baugh church. Last night those at
tending wero George Shell. Ht?rrv
Tanner, Gille3 Davis, Charlie Rog
ers, Robert Rathbone, Earl Nutter,
Charles McCafferty, Mrs. Howard
Mason and Pauline Poland.
Serious Illness.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Leaser,
the latter one of our grade teach
| ers, were called to Fairmont this
week on account of the serious ill
[ness of tfie former's brother, who is,
| suffering from an attack of appen
dicitis. Qn Friday Mrs. Leasor was
too ill to take charge of her school,
and Mr. Leaaor filled her place.
J. W. Bowman returned Wednes
day evening from a two day visit
| in Elklns.
I A large number of people from
here attended the revival services'
at Teverbaugh church on Tuesday
A. H. Bates, who moved here re
cently from Annabelle Mines, haa
gone with his family to Smithfield
for an extended, visit with his par-,
Mrs. S. R. AVatkJns ? is suffering
from an attack of tonsilitis.
Born, on January 13, to $Ir, and
Mrs. Joe Felix, a baby girl "weigh
ing ten pounds.
The seven months- old USby of
Bob Hyatt Is very iir with pneumo,
nia* at this time. * - '
Mrs. Floyd Moats, landlady of one
of our boardrng* houses,, is almost
bedfast on. account of rheumatism.
S. B. Rowand, mine victim who
has been in the. hospital for some
time, is now back homo and ablo ;o
walk on crutches; * i . . - j
Coal was loaded he)ro again yos
terday. ? ? ? ? .
Miss Dollie Wilmothleft yesterday
evening to spend the week end wltn
her parents in Fairmont
New Lodge Members
The new members "who were
adxiod to the Kn'ghts 'of Pythias
lo.dge here,Wednesday.night w.or*
Bruce. Rodgers, 'Herbert Spragg,
Jameir Facomire, Robert Jones)
Paul Shaver, W. E. Hagerty, Lee
Kirig, Fred Fleming, Frcnch Col
lins, C. B. Travis and J. B. Swish
er. The work was put on by
MountcJn City temple No. 58 of
Expelsiors to Meet
Tho ExceflBior class of the M.'p*
Sunday school, will* meet /Friday
night at the home of Miss Elsie
Lambert at her home in Lambert
? Were From Pittsburgh
Miss L'lly Swan son ot Pitts
burgh is here visiting at the home
of her brother,, Benjamin Swan
son. Kcr sister, Miss Bessie Swan
son, has been with her brother for
somef time^ looking after the inter
est of tho'home.
Go To Everton
Mr. and .Mrs. Lawrence Chap
man, who have been visiting Mr.
and Mrs. Guy Lipscomb at this
place, left last even'ngJo vielt- thff
latter's brother, Hariey Leeson, at
Everson. ' . I
Married Yesterday
Miss Lizzie Severe was marriod
yesterday to Ouy A. Menear. of.
l^lrmont. Mra. Menear Is the
daughter of; Mrs. Maggie L'oncas
teiyot Monongah; ' I
To Speak Here
| R. M. Lambro of Charleston wili
speak hero oil January 20 at 7:00
o:dock to', the United Mine Work
ers in the opera house.
Covered Wish Slipper
; MesdamesJ/E. Paccnilrc, Gro
wer Cochran,'John Gregory, * and
liillssea Pearl Morris and Pauline
Davis attended" the - covered d,sh
supper given by the Eastern Stars
| in Fairmont Thursday night.
| .? Basket nail
A basket ball game wiil.be play
ed-at West Monongah bigli'achool
:this, evening at 7:30 between the
: WjscH Monongah nigh ,'nchool ,boys
and tlte E^st Sijle.Bi of Fairmont,
Mrsr'iCarrio Casper of Thoburn
left this' morning for. a'two weeks
visit with friarulB In Wheeling/
Mr and Mra Clarence Reggins,
who' have ' bdbn' visiting with
friends in Barton; Md, hare return
ted to their home hero
KANSAS CITY. Jan. 14'?John
L. Lewis, president of the United
Miners was upheld in his action in
romovlng Alexander Howat of
Kansas as president of district 14,
when Judge Dew of Jackson coun
ty circuit today refused to make
permanent injunction order'grant
ed Howat early in December, Tbe?
order sought would havs barred
Lewis from Interfering In any way
lu district 14.
Dr. Chegncy Ram ago wishes to
announce that ho has opened
offico in the American Bldg.
Pra'ctico limited to General
Surgery and office consultation.
Real Overcoat Weather at Last
Our Overcoat Prices
Represent Mighty Savings
No need to argue with yourself if you
haven't a good Overcoat now is the time
to buy. Even though you have a fairly
good one, if it isn't in style get a new one.
Will not another be TO>lcdme if it's but to
relieve a monotonous sameness?
Here'd a chance to get a, good overcoat
at the price you would be asked for a poor
one. Move' forward with the rest of the
world. Join in the march of progress.
Get in line with those who are enjoying
the advantages of our January Overcoat
and Suit'Sale. (
Only $22.50. Only *$32.50
For S30 to $37.50 Por$40to$50
Overcoats Overcoats
, Only $42.50 ^
For ?55 to $75 Overcoats
Suits at Big Savings
Rubbers for
n^r - . , .
'News About
Boy Scouts
Troop'No. 3
Troop No. 3 hoia iholr regular
weekly meeting lant Thursday eve
ning. In the Scout Rooms or the
Presbyterian' church. Twelvo mem
bers of the troop were present. In
the absence ot Scoutmaster Clell
Evans the meeting wae under the
charge of a donuty Biiout commis
sioner. Several boys studied their j
tenderfoot test requirements under
the instruction ot a Second Class
Scout. The regular first aid team
being absent, several, of the oldol
scouts carried out the work that
la: prescribed for the team. After
a few games and wrestling, the
meeting adjourned at_nine o'clock.
Bird House Contest
' The first annual bird houso con
test of the Marlon county council
Boy Scouts ot America, has caused
much interest to bo shown among
the bird lovers ot the city. Sev
eral-men J'nf'erestod In birds and
Mr(J' life have donated the various
wise* to be glvep to the builder ot
the tlireo best bird houses, bird
feeding stations and bird baths.
Many Scouts liave inquired of at
local headquarters for more inf
inite. info-nation and particulars
relative t(. the plans and require
ments of the various bird houses,
feeding stations and baths. Tbe
contest is expected to be ono of
the largest of its Wad. ih^tv
.bran piifroa. but an a general tuk>
thojo'wero haphazard" No Jjmv-:
Ucalara wore givqn as to tto re.
Qiitrcmi'iitK 'fur tho various articles
anil the remits achlovod were not
always as desired. In fact, for the
most part. the bird houses,built
wore qtllte Impractical. Tho 4>trd
.houses to bo bulii In this contest
at least those that win a itriio
'muct bo' practical! The konsfs
i must'be built according to plans
and requirements for aetuni bird
lmbitatlon. Each boy must buiM
his own. No one will be allowed
to help him with the actual. Con
traction of tho house, llo may,
however, secure plans and data re
garding the bird house, wherever
ho Is able to do so.
resignation of Assistant District
attorney Byror of Murtlusburg bo
came known today It was an
nounced today at federal court.
Mr. Byror lia sserved In this ca
pacity for eight years, being ap
pointed by Stuart W. Walker, fol
lowing his appointment as district
attorney by Woodrow Wilson.
i ,, '
sentence of three years in this At
lanta penitentiary and a fine of
J1.000 was assessed by*Judge Bak
er on n. W. X/ong, Tucker wonty;
who pleaded guilty to using the
mails to defraud. I-ong is said lb
fc&vo ordered a bill of goods from I
a Now Yoitk firm paying for .thorn
with a chef k which was afterward
returned "no funds."
Mr. and
parents ot/a
;w.is born to thorn,a
evening ntthelr horai
Ij^a avonuo. V-C Ol,
Miss Katlierlne M
(overlng . from ?aa-ll
homo of hnr pariptfe
Benton MltoiiSlliittVS
Mr., ,-iad Mr3.. E4W
move w;un rrom>Ijc
where the; liad resld
vllle. Mr. Cramp IS ?
Uin Consollilatlotf Cot
its management of. tl
and moves there "to!
place of business.:- gig
J.'M. Hartley'aMj
the latter hetul of tile
department, hayo ana
Chicago where .they -f
the national shoo del
, A son was. born ihij
and Mrs. Harry ;1I?
home on 812 Clavelah
has been namod 'Bll
I Hager. '
t Hot. Prank White c
! school faculty wdntto
i terday whore hi> Hollr
i aires before the- Bil
[Teachers asoclaiUn^
j Mrs.' Prank FoU*n?
i Town was a visitor hi
| Mrn. J. M. Black,1
.friends In Marietta,
| .Mrs. G. H. Ilichart
I tow days. , ''y. J
!roo Ptroet. .who h?tB,l
j with the grippe, for,,'
weeks, Is much 'betwjj
? ??*.?** 11- . ' ; ' 'v'-_ ?"
Printing of Qualifyg
T ITTLE details of superiority are evident
?*-' in the printing jobs turned out in our
modern, plant You'll notice' that, our typo?
graphy is graceful, artistic and pleasing to
; the eye; preisswoi-k is clean, clear and solidly |
colored;'paper is always the best quality,ob
.tainable for the money you choose to invest.
Compare printed jobs turned out by us and
you'll know the wisdom of dealing here:
m M
Fairmont Printing Co
The West Virginian Bldg.
Quincy St. Entrance?Phone 1319\
. 'Wh
' ?''
> People of Renown Keep
Healthy with Ghiropractic
\ MONG the people of J^orld fame
??*? who have been treated success- ??
fully by chiropractic are;?
Business Men?
Charles M. Sctnjab,. Jjohn D. Rockatoller:
Rigo, Violinist; Gadowskl, Pianist; Frit*
Kreialer, ViollnlBL ^
Grand Opera Stars?
Caruso, Scottl, Ttuffo, '? Stracclarl. Amatl,
Da Lucca. ?
: Billy Sunday.
Screen and Stage Stars-1-'
Valeska Surrat, Bessie Love; Lflllau Wal
ter, Elsie Janis, Sophie Tucker, A1 Jolson.
If such people of profliinen'ce.belifeve'ih'
R. E. & E. GR
Chiropractors and X
; ? Next J)oor to T

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