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Accidents Will Happen
clarissa mackie.
A LCIE 'gave on9 lut 4etUae
M\ glance it ber charming re
* flection In the cheval g|aaa,
turned fravely and went to her
mother** room.
i;. vTIere I am, mother," ihe said
LIMri. Delmore, recovering fronra
Jii^alr sprained ankle,- leaned for
KSara on -her couch. Her tine eyes
f Were tad. In siteuce the regarded
Ber lovely daughter,' marked thu
jlaokcf gayoty, the whole look about
her pink lipa, and decided that pale
primrose was not-quite becoming.
I rVoa are lovely, darling," she
>f-"l know what you are thinking,
pother dear." (Lucie ran forward
nana fell beside the conch, her ?yes
hidden against her mother's white
Hair), "you are thinking that In
stead of being.Eleanor'a bridesmaid
M.s^onld be wearing white and
?hook* niarrylng?Her' voice
3??$?e-he'8 t0?
Interruption had the desirsn
effect. "No," laughed Lucie, hug
v*lng her mother, "but I did think
w?o grlovlng oyer my broken
engagement, t am sure It Is for
gMtybest and that Paul and I never
WW he happy together. I believe
LI car; 1 mB!" f?:" She
Iptted.'her mother passionately,
JWsed laughingly for one more
brief Inspection and vanished from
ttjjauletireom. .
g-^She cares! She caroil* mur
mured Mrs. Delmore regretfully,
making'.of the' two proud young
Marts steeled against each other.
Ek-IV ':?* ? . * ? ? '
JwEleaoor Cray's mercenary mar
yW CoL Happle. who, was
Older than the sparkling
young bride, had. been arranged by
an itmhbltlous mother, it was, to
beeiiplendid atfalr, talcing place in
5SJ"f?,\fashlonable church, Lucie
Wmore was one of the eight pretty
prtdesmalds who were to form part
ofthe brilliant wedding party.
i'JFminutes past the hour
Mat-for the wedding when word
/?jrent around that the bride waa
BSemlng. The organ was playing
softly, the guests settled them
> Jfves ,in their seats and prepared
to look at the most-talked-about
Bguriage of the season.
^^eanor had rehearsed them all
the night before. The colonel and
If.1* 59g ?ouW wait at the al.
Star,, the bridesmaids would go for
ward on the arms of various ushers
iiand they would form a lane through
swhlch Eleanor and her father
ftWouId pass to meet the bridegroom,
cfllonel i flrat marriage had
wedding, but this
to^bp^ Without martial trap.
bBW?I55* . '1 * ? y
^Luclo Delmore waited pensively
(pas-the procession formed; then It
_jvas a shock to discover that she
"p. the aisle escorted by
?I'auIDare. After that her thoughts
Were- chaotic. The Blow, beautiful
muilc. the soft rustle of satin
.frocks, the scent of yellow roses?
,thep a sudden, frightened know],
edge that something had gone'
' Luc'9 and Pa<" had been
tteTast of the procession of brldos
.maids. Behind them should have
been flower girls and a moij of,
honor, a bride and her father.
A faint murmur arose somewhere'
and was stilled.? A hushed whisper
went over the assembled gufats.
Som9*one hurried up to Paul and
murmured discreetly?the murmur
;.???? Paased on. The organ went on
playing the wedding march, the
clergyman in his white robes wait
ed-at the altar.
, _ Lucie stole a troubled glance over
f her shoulder.
Tho aisle behind them was ?
empty. ^Beyond the doors there
; Waa an excited bussing of volets?
Sitte rest of the wedding, party atUl
fjjqlayed. Had some accident hap
pened to the bride?
The dapper young man who bad
whispered to Paul Dare tiptoed up
Beside aisle and whispered to Col.
Happle, The colonel turned very
red, and, followed by the best msn,
Strewed[ to.the vestry. The rector
?git his head to listen to the mes
??*?;, flustered, hesitated
and: lifted Ills hand.
?TSj music stopped, and as In a
dream Lucie, heard the rector's
JWM/>nn?unclng that the marriage
?wouw-not take placo that day. She
?fiffisjie dapper youth whispering to
jgM&ftgatn and Baw him dart up the
aisle once more. It was confusing
amd she could not look at Paul, for
PWf ^2re foe?- what had happen
led'to Eleanor?
> Then the .music tegan again?
Itender. dreamful.
.^SP?i!?er surprise the procession
moved forward. Then the couples
yahead of them separated and form
ed,a *nort lane through which Paul
.'guided her, at first dasedly. then
alarmed, straight to the chancel
gS?n, where the whito-robed clergy
man stood looking benlgnlf down
ii^IVrfJle most surprised bride thst
J'ever came to be united In wed
Sjj$"pearly beloved, we are gath-'
gered- ." The remainder was an
other dream from which Lucie Del
more awakened to find herself the
?wife ;of Paul Dare. After it was
?ver there was a wild confusion of
^JUestlonp and answers, explana
tions, apd consternation, and finally
?LAie Dare found herself driving
?*he. while Paul's arms were
P*?tad her and Paul's lips were
miMlng forgiveness.
Spp-was a very toarfnl bride and
I JL5I2*Vr ant'hyppy bridegroom who
' DoIn??? In her pleasant
gjwping room.
KMoffiar. m will nerer^belleve
Vi J*!t, pPeMiI' 'cr'ed LucUe.
P^Bjmethlng very pleasant, if yon
? have decided not to qnar*
more," smiled Lucie's moth*
v,"SiV"irC, M,d p<ln,? ?"'y. 'and '
2r*,J? lingered on the word
JfS.? ?na_ 1 were married tb!?
morning. Forgive us for doing It
In Oils way, hut this is how it hap
^e whS8qmmf IlaU Wtty "P 1118
SV. ? Md told me
hadJ disappeared?!
nd married young Palmer.
HeJtffltfr the bad news to the I
! ? *5? , I)eem? was Just
going to-dismiss the guests wheuf
i i v/h,?,,. ^ ^ i
Many of the Fair? Queen's little e Ives do ride in soap bobble cars
Buskins took .Nincy and Kick
back to Uie apple-trf-e elevator
when they wecre ready to leave the
Land of Lost Balloons.
"There are other countries for
you to see in the Kingdom Up in
the Air," said the llttla fairyman,
pulling at tbo Iron, handle on the
side of the car. ''So many things
make straight for the blue sky the
minute they get loose, that we
have all sorts ot countries for them
to stay in. How about going to
Soap Bubble Land next?"
"Oh, thit would be lovely," cried
Kancy. "I're always wondered
wheire the soap-bubbles went when
they floated off away np into the
air over our heads."
"I sometimes pretend that I am
Inside of them," seld Nick. "I
pretend that I am a fairy and the
soap bubbles are cars, and 1 go on
"Well, well," said Bnsklns,
"that's an idea. But to tell the
truth, many of the Fairy Queen's
little elves do ride in soap-bubble
cars. Have you ever heard the
poem abotit it?"
"No, no!" cried the children.
Smith passed me and I told him my
idea about taking advantage of the
accident and having a wedding aft
er all!"
Mrs. Delmore kissed them both.
"I am sorry for Eleanor's mother
and I pity the colonels but I must
say, my dears, that it is the only
mercenary wedding I ever knew of
that turned out happily!"
(Copyright, 1922, by the McClure
Newspaper Syndicate.)"
The strength of the United States
army In 1789, when this country
became a republic, was.840 men,
one regiment of infantry and one
battalion of artillery.
"Do you know It, Buskins? Won't
you tell us?"
"We have a minute or so before I
wo arrive, so I'll say what I know,"
said the falryman. "It goes this
"All aboard for a ride In the soap
bubble car,
With walls of finett glass.
It Is round like the moon and
shines like a star,
And . Its passengers are first
It spins like a top and rolls like a
And can travel upside down,
It needs no track and no engine at
And Its station Is Soap Bubble
The fairies ride 'round In bis
wonderful car,
All painted with purple and blue,
And blow kisses down to the earth
so far,
Like folks on a journey do.
"That's all," said Buskins. "Here
we are!"
(To Be Continued)
(Copyright 1922. NBA service)
(Copyright, 1911, N. El A.)
Old .-world housekeepers have
many roclpes and Kays of doing
things that we might well copy.
rup to them does not mean half
cupful of delicately seasoned,
carefully strained and clariflod
broth but rather the. main part of
a plain family meal.
These dumplings, as we might
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One-half pound Urer, 2 e/gi,. i
cup dried bread crumbs, 1 table
spoon flour, M .teaspoon salt, 14
teaspoon nutmeg, H pound pepper.
Parboil liver In boiling vateK
Put through fine knife of food
chopper. Add bread crumbs, flour !
salt, pepper and nutmeg. Mix well!
and add eggs veil beaten. If notj
moist tnough to hold together add
milk. Drop from spoon into boil
ing stock. Boll twenty mlnujUs.
Serve In plate; of soup.
The stock should be well season
ed and strained through cheese
elotb, s cooled and fat removed.
Then reheat and when boiling drop
In liver balls.
Noodle Balls
Two eggs, 2 tablespoons water,
teaspoon salt, flour, 1 cup raw
chopped veal, V4 cup raw chopped
pork, % cup raw chopped beef. 1
teaspoon salt, 14 teaspoon pepper.
1 tablespoon minced parsley, 1 cm
dried bread crumbs, 2 eggs, milk.
Mix meat with bread crumbs,
salt and pepper. Add eggs, well
beaten and onough milk to make
quite moist. Mix thoroughly and
add parsley. Beat eggs slightly,
add water. Stir In flour and salt
until a very stilt dough Is made.
Knead on a floured molding
board and roll very thin. Cover
with a towel sjid let stayd for half
an hour. Cut In squares. Put a
small spoonful of the meat mixture
In the center of each square. Bring
the corners together and dampen
slightly with water to make them
stick. Drop into boiling stock and
rapidly for half an hour. Sorve In
plates of soup.
Ham Balls
One cup lean ham, % cup stale
bread crumbs, 1 tablespoon minced
parsley, 2-3 cup milk, 1 egg
white, H teaspoon pepper.
Cook bread and milk till smooth
and paste-like. Beat whle of egg
till stiff and dry and add to first
mlxturd. Put meat through the
finest knife of- tbe food chopper
several times. Then pound to a
Add with seasonings to first
mixture. Shape between two table
spoons and drop in boiling stock.
Reduce heat to prevent rapid bub
bling and cook ten mlnut/ea. Serve
in soup plates with soup.
(Copyright, 1922, NBA service)
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pened to be I
It wfc staged under net*. Cam
era men?there were three of them
?directors, electricians, a property
nan -with steel mirrors, were en
closed with Mademoiselle Elsa anil
Nobody was at* all afraid of the
cats. The nets were used only be
cause the cats were too valuable
to lose.
1 went to work gleefully. I plac
ed up the baby leopard.' (fuddled it
and cooed to it, carried It around
hi my arms. Tho camera men
stopped cranking, and Mademois
elle Elsa coaxed the big cat, Gaire
upon the branch previously select
ed by Demaison.
The big cat was to be shot sev
eral times but there was only one
moment In which I was to be alone
with the two animals.
For a few feet of fUm, I was to
pull the little leopard by its tall
apparently in ignorance of its
mother's arrival. '(f
It was an adorable part Nevor
had I had so much fun in my life.
When Oairee, the old cat, hissed,
I did not care. She often scolded
Mademoiselle that way.
All the movie people were col
lected outside the nets, wherein 1
worked with the leopardB. Some
how Dick hod found on excuse to
get inside. He was standing by the
side a* Bangs, assistant director.
We took plenty of time tor the
act. Oairee was too royal a dame
to be hurried. I glanced at her
admiringly in a pause between
shots .while Mademoiselle Elsa in
duced her to crouch just whero
Demaison wanted her.
The big creature did not look
particularly sleepy to me. I won
dered if Elsa had decided not to
not"In the Inast ataid ot'.Sigp*
I-did want herto bold her pose)
while I roughed up Iaaki. The:
day iu too hot for retakes. 1
wanted to avoid mistakes.
I went on the set when Demal-j
son gave me the order. I heard
the big eat still hissing and I was
glad she was "taking her parf so
well. I
I couldn't go out of my ovrn pari
long enough to turn around andi
look at her.
I went to work gleefully. I skip
ped about the small leopard play
ed with his sharp and splendid'
white teeth, danced above his Utte
length stretched on the ground, i
stooped and seized him by the tallf
and ran with him wildly around
the limit ot the set.
I ran directly under Oalree on
her branch, to which she was sup
posed to be fastened by a con
cealed chain.
Suddenly Dick's voice interrupt
ed tho clicking ot the cameras.
"May! Come here!" was his mas
terful command.
This J heard just ai I dropped
to pillow my head on the soft
smooth body of the baby leopard.
It was the last sound I hoard fci
an hour.
But the picture ot what happcr-:
ed next turned out to be a whiz!
(To Be Continued.)
(Copyright, 1933 N. E. A.)
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