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-tir Last Iwutj
.jiSamronor replied
te policeman on guard
doflr happened
qualntanee. He
a the small sky
.. hall which led
?i thero I doacend
,'.e*cape to the window
taw's studio and found
-iup in a bare hard chair
i>er:tliat I fear was not a
oe; ftir a smfiU carton of
ftwaa beside har. I went
the 'eritire<attlc, examined
?"Ti/ftw garments and
?m and found no paint
ir'stains, nor any cradlcator
iblng tarthor down the flro
"Vi, the windows of my
*nent I came to thoso of
-.-_v_^r.; Henry Griswold. His
r?JjMjnuat have boon deep. Ho
iled.is'I looked at him and
?w sounds In his throat like
'.of ran exultant dog ovor a
nd mentioning dogs, that
nionstrofllty which holds I
., ft; of honor In his sitting
?ii.wag the only object In the
3lq Apartment that gave any
.?o?nce.? having been cleaned In
-- ft lait decade, and I found It re
Jrteut of various chemicals, among
item , also a strong odor of turpen
?ei,<S -
"Tift dog!" muttered Flirry
y.--J old stuffed dog!"
?>"WI>en X had completed my
Wh;thero.,1 left as.I had come,
i-r-t" portion of. the flro escape
j5S*Y?,MV the floor below as you
jow. on tho skylight of Mrs.
studio, but a walk way runs
.the edge to the outside row
rtndowB of tho extension, where
S??9nd sedtlon of the flro es
-fft' begins and continues to the
ivas portion Ladd out or
ep/' demanded Barv half lncredi'
jPibfesso; Semyonov smiled
^Neither, at first. When I a>
"Ted at the window of his Btudio
JUld see' through the door that
^lnlo hls living room. He was
"jplflf up and down, and though
not pretend?to ho a psycho
?}E,would bo.wllllng to, swear
(Orrow alone, grlof that toro
hehft-strlng?, was reflected
...Is face. He was In solitude,
mc?e of no eavesdropper, and yet
no-signs of either grief or
~?"} ou..retunipd then. Professor,!
0 way youliad conio?"
isij.for a soporific made from I
>mjtla'of ray own which Isj
harmful ad moro effective I
that In which Miss Shavy had i
,-^dv AVlth It I returned byj
'.,pf the fir? escap% to Mr. j
(Ws.'-wiadow and rapped on the
imentuHe was astonished and'
mful. naturally, hut when 11
Jey^vjeif Known to him not
J OB his noighbor hut i's tho
i3?u know at heidouar!',?.!
JittOil inc. I think the poor;
.. JJ "mac. glad of someone tof
YllKto, for after your departure!
We #$11 import, of .'what had occur- [
ced^mtiat, have descended upon '
him1,:- Via had li sympathetic little i
jjoUr; In-'wllich I learned much that
"adjno hearing upon tho crlm0 but j
rfclchl will tell you of-later, and
t its ,oud he was quite willing to j
Slii '{ie oblate and get a llttlo rest;
-Urcefise from his grief. Hoi
1 Into a deep sleep almost at I
opt it was then morning and]
aid make only a superficial]
h; .Thore -was 'turpentine no-!
hero hut in his studio."
pJitSai' we drew a blank, eh Pro-'
gessor fSemyjnov?" Barry shrug-1
to have kept you up I
all night tend made that request1
M you for nothing, but I had a
THpcti that Bomeono who had no
JlafnejiB to do so had'touched that
"Walt of Mrs. Vanslttart last
fht while tho paint was wet and
ipght 'avfuy traces that they
Jfdtry to get rid of at all costs",
'..-was the professor's turn to
3vknow nothing of that, for I
._,re not >?st heard what yoti mav
WWBlo tell me. my friend, but the.
""?bfcntlne I did .find and in a most!
l*ejK place," he observed. "Yon,
ftt' .that horrible sturfed dog
ftM*"-S5^rtment ?f Henry Oris
l^sNo/tresponded Sergeant Barry,
AOUghtfUUy. "1 havo not forgotten
he. dog,,"
BMpill forgotten - tho
S25?not forgotten my
?**at! .- Professor Semyonov
f. J0" llavo .'"d Scours,
.r. 'ht-. Then, while I make myi
i'hold.you to your promise to
no waat is pormisslble of your,
?"Titjpns.V i
jms'fairly evident.'-then, I
nam. vane, tho portrait'
?, born only a few years
He. remarked when tho de
^flnished. "r wonder who in
fed that splendid body before
'H. What havoc sho wrought
Jte Uvea of men and women?"
^.undoubtedly she buried a
of some kind, but as I told,
the chief, It need not have been a
I .. ___ It mattor
^QP XV J^VVW Uw" ? ' 1
discreditable one." Barry'a matter
of fact tono was In sharp contrast
to the dreamy. almost mystic note
which had come into the Russian's
"And the emoty cartridge .shell?"
the professor reminded hid- "No,
my friend. That was her ghost of
"I think so myself The sor-,
geant rose. "I "won't keep you from
your laboratory any longer now,l
"Will you let me know the real
report of the medical examiner
after the autopsy? The full r?port,
whether It Is ail given out to the
press or not?." asked Professor
Seroyonov. "I make particular re
for once to the distance from which
the shot tint .killed Mrs. Vane may
have been fired."
In splto of himself .the detectlvo
started slightly.
"But you have calculated that
already, sir. You said last night
after wo returned hero to y?u'
rouma that it must have boon fired
by someono she. know who was in
tlio Btudlo with hor and that she
may havo turned from her canvas,
to speak to this person and 10 Pres
ented tlio opportunly for an unim
peded aim?i" ? . ,
Again tho profeSsor smiled and
this tlmo it was with a significance
which told Barry that it would bo
useless to dissemble. ?
"You forgot that I spoke then
before I had made my search of
ail tho apartments tor traces of
turpentine" said the professor.
"I rospcct'your professional reser
vations. my friend, but I, too have
eyes! In the studio of Mrs. Vane
I observed tho raised window
ahAde tho little bull's eye?the
cross In red paint on tho back of
tho portrait and the small puncture
which had penetrated It. and turn
ing, I looked ovor at that dark and
sllont houso across tho strip of
garden. Some of Its blank, s'ar.ns
windows were dircctly In line and
I wondered?" , .
Not another word on the subject
could Barry poreuado that eccen
tric scientist to utter and tho lat
ter departed, still smiling to leave
tho detective in a decldedl yreflec
tivo frame of mind. Time 'pressed,'
however and descending the stairs
Sergeant Barry euBily persuaded
Kcdge to unlock the door of Henry
Orlswold's tmporaHly empty apart!
ment (or him. |
After dismissing the Janitor he
proceeded to forco tho drawers of
the desk neatly and with dispatch
hut tlio documents and ledgers
with which it was filled told him
nothing, and in spite of himself!
the rigid form and fixed, glassy
stare of the. melancholy moth eaten
r.!d hound in the corner aecmd bor-1
ihg into his consciousness reproach |
fully as though even in death the;
bcaat would guard and defend his j
ma?.tei''9 vost-fttnens
Leaving thb desk at last he cross-;
oil a rill'examined the stuffed animal.
closely. It was as the professor had
said, redolent of turpentine and the
?dusty, spicv odor of taxidermy 1
of other days. He wks fingering
one of tho long, still silky ears
when the door suddenly bust open
with such force that It banged:
against tho wall and Grlswold
strode In. stoppinb' short in speech-,
It's astonishment, and affront whom
he beheld tho Intruder. |
Then his glance traveled to the
rifled desk and found his voice In
a strong of a/aths which left him
panting and mottled of countenance
"Just a moment." Mr. Grlswold."
Barry remarked smoothly "Your
apartment was entered and your
desk opened by official authority
and 1 think your Interview at |
headquarters with the chief during,
the last hour must have told yon1
that even you cannot combat it.
Who owns tills houso next door?
Ho shot tho question so unex-,
pectedly at the angry man that for
a minute Grlswold blinked. Then
ho replied with a gulp:
"Tho Gotham Realty Company"
"Who Is the president of It?"
"1 am. and I refuse to reply to
any further question!"
"But Mrs. Vane has stated to
witnesses whom we can produce
that you and she knew oach other
beforp she over camo here," Barry
"Then she liod!" Grlswold cried.
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his temper rising again. "I never!
Jfcid eyes on the woman!"
"Mr. Griswold! " * (Barry faskcM
quickly. "What was-that dog's
name?", I
"Marcus, hut we called him
Mark for short." Griswold drew
himself up. "Now that you liave|
asked your last idiotically irrele- j
vqnt question, Sergeant Elirry, will
you go?" *
But Barry seemed not to have
heard ithe furiously uttered re
quest. He still stood stroking the
stiffened, drooping ear of thfc beast
and remarked: j
"He looks quite lifelike. Mr.
Griswold. with that dejected ex-!
pression. I should not have called
him Marcus but Mopus!"
As the name fell from the dctec- j
tive's lips the change in the man;
before him was instanteous and
hideous beyond all description His
sallow skin turned a sultry grayj
and ho shrunk backhand seemed "to j
wither like a mummy thatviB un~|
"Menus!" It was a mere brefath
that issued from between the thin
dry lips. "Mopus! She called him
that!" |
"She??Who," Barry's voice rang ,
through .the room and then indeed j
the mummy (fame to life.
A hnrsh, choking cry replied toj.
him and Henry Griswold staggered
over to the chair by the table and
flinging his arms wide buried his
face in them.
"My wife!"
(Continued In Our Next Issue)
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of both organisations are ltrrtttd.
Ladlef Auxiliary.
An Important meat tux of the La
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I. S. Summers of WaUon, la vis
iting his daogtrter, Mre. 0. E. Gar
lotta In State street.
Mrs. Howard Rice, of Goffer
street, who has been (11 for mne
time contracted a cold aad has not
bees quite to well the past tew
Mrs. Anna Boyera .who was oper
ated on at Fairmont hospital, la re
covering nicely.
Mire Beasle Donn, a anree at the
Fairmont hospital, who was oper
ated on for appendicitis. Is dotn*
nicely although still very 111. Her
father was called here from his
home at Rowleebnrg by her illness.
Herbert Ragw still continues
quite 111 at hit homo la Diamond
jmi Hts v3? Clarice brr;
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Fine Number On
The Legion Course
The play, "The Little Shepherd
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ed at the Normal school next Mon
day by the Foremoet Dramatic
Players company on the entertain
ment coarse of the Fred R. Hetnt
selm&n Post No. 17, American Le
This play Is Eagene Walter's
dramatisation of the tamons novel
by John Fox. Jr. The scenes of
the pliy ere laid In the very heart
Of the Kentucky hills at the time
I the play, Is the simple
story of the Shepherd (X Kingdom
Come. It tells human and Intense
ly interesting story of the some,
what primitive lite there, a boy'?
lore (or his 40f; a Kentucky fueo
and a Justice of the peace, who
with a volume of Blacks lone under,
his right arm traversed the moun
tains la the interest of justice;
form the rriroUl points of Interest
of the play.
The curtain rise* on the moun
tain fastness and a fight: Chad, n
homeless waif, Is threatened with
destruction by Daws Dillon and his
brother .and is eavod through tho
Intervention of big Joel Turner,
father of Mllllssy.
The story of Chad's rise to for
tune, his fondness tor Mllllssy, the
mountain girl, "who has always
loved him and who always loved
his dog," form the basis of a real
story, rich In humor, atrong in plot
and crowded with unusual charac
The White Entertainment Bu
reau has seenred the exclusive
rights for tho presentation of this
play to the lyceum public. It will
not be given by any other company
this year so this is an unusual op
portunity to see this interesting
Tho tickets for this play are on
solo at the H-H drug store. The
price of admission Is fl.60 for
adults and 75 cents for children.
Tlrero will he no seats reserved be
cause of the arrangement of the
seats la the Normal auditorium.
Virginia Lady Suffered tvmi AcIicm
and AIM Until Mother Began
Giving Her Cardul
? * ? * MB
DUBLIN, Va.?Miss Mary All J
Hughett raaldlns on RoutoJ, nejfl
here, recently told a vliitor ot t>9|
interesting cxpsrir-nco with Cardul
Miss Hughett (aid: "I had been
Buffering for tome time w'th pals
tut - I was pal a. didn't feel Ilk.
going. Would just drag around,
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lltufbs would ache and I dldn'
know what to do. but 1 knew 1
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well by letting It run on. g
"My mother Is a believer In Car
dul, for she saw what It did' toi
Others as well aa herself, so ax
began giving It to me.
"It wasn't long before I saw t
change. It was just what 1 need
od. It regulated me. I began to
eat and sleep, and the pain etop
pod. ? , 1
"Cardul Is without doubt tin
best female tonlo made, and I as
glad I can recommend It ,'ti,
others." , JW
If suffering with symptoms (wl
as Miss Hughett mentions, or othel
ailments peculiar to women, whj]
not begin Cardul at /once?is6l
merit Is well established by rael
cessful use for more than 40 yean]
Try (krdul!
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5. The West Virginian enters
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when folks have and take time to
flThus you can literally blanket
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cost?and not pay for circulation
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Wc\t West Ufrgfttimt
No. 30 of a Series pf Advertisements
pared for The West Virginian by IShoi
Mays, Newspaper Specialist and Adv
Counselor, Charleston, ^.Va.

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