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'-?vTi- '
Lies nndernMth the
[n Lineup
game is promised the
! i . . . ...
this evening, when the
ier:can Legion team will
five on the
the game being called
wsk. This is the drat
e for ithe association
ime,time and shonlil at
co crowd.
ton five comes hore with
:ord and in the lineup
md savers! college stare
few seasons. The "V
wrtod In good shape for
eceesarlly follow that
gbf'a etar In some lino
io^ibaseball, football or
inherit tho talents of
Swords will he be known
off the old block?
b,is the outstanding star
ILLWdll his sons show the
y.'-that has crowned, tho
'the Georgian on tho ball
will argue that few eons
ie' praise of the famous
>erhaps that is true, al
ibis possible to offer some
?proves that the heritage
lasseth from father to son.
rorld of sport today It is
to find plenty of proof of
yVUlle Hoppo won the title I
ke Schaefer back in 1908, it I
fthope of Aha "Wltard" aa I
(Known that his son would I
ty win back the title. I
g tho final years of the
career, young Jake was I
istantcompanion of hisfl
Ho practiced with him j
mfe natural ability, which
\ inherited, with the val-J
iraihing he received from il
1, Soon made it apparent |
rcfcoxi' was destined to bo a 1
wer. '
L' Champlon or nothing." was I
jidei Schaefer gave to hisl
oung Schaefer was an am* I
ryouth and he set out to I
pqd the desire of his father. I
rs^oC the bHliard gamo are I
Iking of his sensational vie-1
^Willie Hoppe. Hoppe had
xtfUitle so long ho was b.e
ito he invincible. Then out
:ldim and distant past camo
Spes8 of his rtval\ of the
ttyys to snatch tho covets
Se pugUistlc world we have
iBdb Jfltzsiinmons aspiring to
le of heavyweight champion,
Jeldt hy his famous dad.
WtoT'w ? ? ?
slnunons was 35 years of age
ho won the title from James
bett. Young Bob Is only 20,
still lias 15 years to make
baMball world there are
*of; examples of the
at the heritage of fame
rtm.f&Jlier to son.
?Jdf'dj$s Jesse Burkett,
jng.outfleldor of the
ptab: was one of the
Itnl p'jiyers or his day.
JgSrork'ett, the son of
eetens to oqnal the deeds
SHS'ilB tho property of
itirgli club, which has
't*>^ Birmingham for a lit
R&perliincc. ?
enthusiast of bicycle rao
beard of or seen Bobby
I In. hla branch of sport
rabnous as Cobb in bast
Mm Thorpo on the grid
lor. who mado his rac
re? years ago has glv
Icatlon of being d chip
obby Walthour
diameter rapes
yiy,- while his
>aa winning 'the
ship of America
Bill Watkina of East fciver-.
pool. Ohio, baa bean selected to,
work tie big basketball touTna
ment here of- tt^s: valley "high
schools February 24 and 26/
according to ail official state
ment front Homer (Sandy)
Toothman, director of tfao tour
nament today. Catkins will'
also bo chief artlter at the state
games at Buckh&nnon, if arch
16,17, ,18; the trl-state gauwa
at Bethany March' 9, 10. 11;'
and the Ohio valley tourney at.
Wellsburg, March 3, i.
Benefit Game
at Farmington
Farm in Eton basketball fans are
all excited over the game to be ,
staged there this ovenlng betwoen
the Farmington high school quln-.l
tet and a team composed of alumni
of the institution. It Is a benefit
gamo and all the gate money -will
be turned over to charity organi
It has taken a long time to ar
range the contest, it having been
postponed twice?but It is a sore
go for this evening, starting at 8
Two Gallion boys, one wltfc .the
alumni outfit and one with the high
school regulars, will battle for the
honor of the family. This should
ptove one of the big foaturee of
the contest.
Ira (Rat) Rodgers, former foot
ball star at West Virginia univers
ity, has promised to rtferoo the
Church Revival.
The revival services which wore
recently closed In the M. B. church
resulted In much good being done
In the opinion of many local per
sons. The services wore conduct
ed by tho regular pastor, Rev. F.
M. Malcolm, assisted by Rov. Ar-|
thur Lazenby. There were many I
conversions and additions to the;
church, as well as a great spiritual
awakening among tho church mem
bers. All departments of the church
are doing good work at this time.
Church Service*.
The following services will be
given In tho M. E. church next Sun
day: Sunday school at 9:30, I. D.
Michael, superintendent; Epworth
league at 6:30, Perry Johnson, lead
er; preaching service at 7:30, Rev.
F. M. Michael pastor. You are cor
dially wolcomed to this church.
Ladles' Aid Society.
Following the recent revival ser
vices in the M. E. church, a La
dles' Aid society was organlzod by
the district evangelist. Rev. Arthur
Lazenby. Mrs. R. H. Robinson was
olected president, Mrs. I, D. Mich
ael secretary, and Mrs. Ray
Shroeves, treasurer. Tho society
had a meeting yesterday evening at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. James
Michael, In Main street The, work
hour of the evening was devoted to
cutting squares for a name quilt
Each square has spaces tor twenty;
five names, and the sum of ten
cents will be solicited from each
person who wishes to have their
name' embroidered la tho space.
The proceeds will be used for the
mission work of the organization.
Mrs. Margaret Padden and Mrs.
Katharine Marr, of Manningfon,
were dinner guests at the home of
Auntie Brand on last Sundav.
Mrs. JaSnes Vinigo, who has been
ill for several weeks, Is slowly Im
proving at this time.
Miss Delia Mlohael. of Wallace,
has returned home-after spending
a few days with* her sister, Mrs. J.
T. Gray, In Main street
Mrs. A. J. Furguson still contin
ues quite ill at her homo here.
Mrs. Furguson has been In poor,
health for some time, and . a fewi
months ago underwent a surgical
operation with the hope of being!
benefited. Her many friends hope
to see her out again soon.
K. of P. Dance
! Many peoplo from Ida May . at
tended' the dance given by the lo
cal order ot tho Knights of. Pythias
on Monday evening. After tho
dance, which lasted until late in:
tfiu night those from tho neighbor
ing town who did not ata' hero
with friends were oompolled to
walk back home, as tho car service
Bt. pc early.
Sohool Hike
Much pleasure was expressed by
the children in tho upper grades
of the Carolina sohool . Tuesday,
when it was decided to' gd' for. a
hike across the. hills.. The class
Was in charge of Howard Mason,"
and bqforo returning, they visited j
Mr. De'arman and the upper grades,
of tho Ida May' school
School Test
Pupils,from the fifth grado up
had their mid-term examination
Monday and Tuesday ot this w<5Ml
Tho' suostlons wore prepared by.
superintendent of schools In Wirt
county and borrowed by Superin
tendent I. A. Barnes for use. 6
Marlon county. /" .
The primary room was closed
Tuesday Because ot the illness of
the teacher, Miss Dollte A. Wll
- Rowands Mpvlnq
S. A. Rowand and family are I
moving from the' Pigott" property
near here * part of tb$ house
occupied by Mr. , ttobinson, the
blacksmith. ? . I
J '? '.-l/i . J
is 1,517. miles
Icemen Drop One More
Floor Battle By
Close Score
? - . (By L?rrn
Only, a, fair, crowd of local fans
turned pat for the basketball game
last night on the normal floor be
twoon Mnnnlpgton high school and
Fairmont high 'school, but ' those
who braved the wintry "blasts and
made tholong trip out to tho ond
of locust aoenue were treatod to
one of the snappiest gaines ot tho
season, 'the visitors landing tho
contest 34-28 after 40 minutes of
strenuous effort,
; Prank Ice^s Fairmont- tossera
were not In tho best of shape for
the game and all the so-called
regulars werei not in tho battle at
the start and when they d'd get-In
they were working at a disadvan
tage from two angles. In the first
pjace, the visiting team has Jump
ed into a very commanding load
and besidos the local heavyweights
rushed Into the fight were not in
the best physical .condition. How
^TOf. the lads put up a game stnis
glo and never gavo up hope of
catching np with their Buburban
But titese alibi statements are
not intended to dctraet at all from
the splend d oxhlbition of haBket
ball staged Iby Coach Blake's Man
nlngton outfit HIb team played
real , basketball til tluS way and
deserved tilelc viotory. Their!
combination playj and team' work
in generil was superior to that of
the Icemen, and ,It.was those fac
tors that turned .the-tide of victory
to them.
Some splendid field baskets were
registered by tho winners, the
shooting of the via tors for tie
most part belhg very accurate, and 1
bad a deadly effect upon th(S hopes
and aspirations ot the local quin
While the Icemen were not quite
so good on their flold shooting,
they would have registered several1
more, baskets with any. kind of
luck. Several times the ball seem
ed certain to drop through the
basket, but after rambling aronnd
the edge for a few seconds rolled
off muc|i to tho dismay of the
Fairmont fans.
Mltchle was the chief poit get
ter for the Icemen, having four
field: baskets and 12 out of 18
foule. E. McCarnes was tho star
of the .'Mannlngton outfit. Lineup
and summary:
Fairmont 38 Mannlngton 34
Mitchie ? jone3 j
Pierce A. McCarnes
Patterson' Pritcbard
2$* ??????:?Arnott
Colo E; McCarnes
Substitutions: Mnior for Pat
terson; Garrett for Reich, Patter
son for Garrett.
Fluid baskets: Jonfcs, A. Me
Oirnes 3,. Pritchard 4, B. Mc
Carnes 3, Mitch'e 4, Piorco 3, Cole
Fouls: McCarnes 12 out of 19;
Mitchio 12 out ot 18.
"Referee; Wafd Lanham.
Notes on Game
Mannjhgton his some, speedy
players, and their floor woft last
evening was real daisy. .
. TWjini Is sure -sticking close
to the Icemen. Tliey havo lost tho
last three contest by just a few
? The..^ime. \Mt night got quite
bwt Ward Lan
bam held the payers down cloce.
? ???i ^ foula on Mannlngton
and 10 on,Fairmont. .
.. A large>?riuinger of robtors came
with .the Mannlngton outfit. They
have a girl cb'oorloader who fs
quite papful. \
t J'^p^pcrcpl&ys'.as snappy
ball In the tournament as they did
Should- make
trbuble for 8om0 ot -the' teams. -
Fairmont has two inoro hard
gapes this wees, taking on Buck
hapnon at.home Friday night and
going to WftBtou Saturday.; ' ?
Cincinnati Declares
20 Per Cent Dividend
East Side Takes
Monongah's Goat
t Monongah high school dropped a
gam# lait night on their own.door
to the speedy East Side high school
tire. 84-16. The Palatiners out
classed the lnterorbanltes In vvpry.
department of the game and. were
nprer in danger of being headed off
in their victory march. Lineup and
summary: ( ?
East Side, 34. Monongah, It.
Orlss Plclcus
Layman Mooaisy
Forwards '
Hill" McKaln
Keener V.'.v..' Darla
Stealer . Martin
? Substitutions: Mitchell for lay
man, Morgan for'H1U, Sc&lfae fop
Keener, Wilson for Stealer, Talbott
for. MoeBey. ? '
Held baskets: Orlss 7, Layman,
Keener 3, Hill, Pickua, McKaln- 2,
Martin 2. '
. Fouls: Orlss," 10/out'of-20; 'P10k<
us, 4 out of 12.
Referee: "Brownie" Hamilton.
All Teams In Action.'. .
Four local basketball'teanlB, will
bo; seen In action this week., Last
night,tie lodal girls dtoppea.ihard
fought game to Minnlngton py a
13-9 score, through their Inability
to register from the foul Uuo.
Thursday night the.second .team
will go to' Rlyesvtllo, -where. 11 meets
I the fast Ulvesvllle hlgti.team, and
the same night will witnoss the
-Junior high in action at Fdrniing*
ton' when it clashed" against the
I speedy' five from Downs. The tltio
up against Rlvoavillo will be:
Mitchell and Cronin, forwards;
Tonnant, center; Swiger andCump,
guards. The.fire which' .will ineet
the Downs aggregation at Farming
ton will be: Miller,and Toothman,
forwards: Mason, centes", Dodd
and Machesney, guards. Both
games will be hard fought., but all
Indications are that both teams will
havo the edge on their, opponents.
Interest, however, centers In ?'the
team representing the local high
school which will make n trip to
Grafton and Elklns, Friday and Sat
urday. While the locals had no
trouble in- defeating jprafton here
a'week ago,' Colebank's men on
their own floor Is a dlfforent prop
osition. "While the consensus of
opinion is that they wlll win both
games, tliey are not confident or
winning easily, hut belleve they
will be taxed to the utmost. - Those
making the trip are: B. Ammons
N. Michael, P. Michael, forwirds,
Wilson, center: A. Ammons, under
wood and PI tier, guards.
Statistics Encouraging.
According to a statistical report
recently given out by the district
superintendent of- schools, the
schools are In better condition and
are- doing better work than (it any
other timo during the year. Of the
1,600 children enrolled In Cio- ele
mentary and high schools, 1,500
were present every day of the
fourth month. The average per
centage: for tho .district totaled 96
while the Jones school, taught by
Miss Sallle Tennant, led all with
practically every boy and girt in at
tondanco every day. Her percent
age for the month was fif. The
board of education has -been- very,
liberal, and the schools are better
supplied wlf> apparatus, and, equip
ment than ever before 'u their his-,
itOTTo Relieve House "Shortage. ,
w>i i r wniVriVfll
RivesviUe . Wins From
:7 Farmington . Girls
The fait girls' team of Farming
ton hlgn school.' lost their ;flrst
s-nie to' a 'count j-teaim andseooud
of the season last night when they
wore nosed out by the Rlvosvillo
lassies by. a score of 11-10, the
Kamo being played on the -winner's
floor. Rlvesvlllo made the winning
marker ln-.tho last two minutes 'of
play on a foul caged by Miss Sat
terfield. ,
Farraingtoii was ?onfewhat
handicapped by the anall playing
Poor which was taied to the Umjt
with fans, there being three rows
strung out on. tho playing space on
each Bldo of -the "mm" leaving
about eight feet in the middle for
tho two teamB. to .plny on, putting
passing out of the question. As a
result both teams were well cov
ered as4 oaly .at times did the ior
wards manage to get out of the
mlxups and. drop the oval through
the baskets.
The.'loss of the passing game
was not missed as the two teams
were lighting overy minute, keep
ing the fans on edge throughout
he contest... |t was a ,hard game
for Farming ton to lose as they held
the-load all through 'the contest up
pntil tho' final two minutes ' of
?laj- when Rlvosvillo forged ahead,
ust two limes dnrlng the-contest
Kivesvlllo had tied tho count race
In the first half at 3T8 and In the
final minutes of the list period the
Bcote being 10-10. For a tlmo it
looked as if the game would go
to an extra period, as both teams
were guarding clo'so and it was
Jump aft?r jump, whon one of the
Farmlngton lassies got caght. do
ing something that wasn't accord
ing to Hoylo and this sunk tho
Bhlp. In the first half Farmhig
ton played a good gape, while
Rlvesvllle failed to show anything
outside of some clever guarding by
l a pair of guards. At' tho end of
the first half Farmlngton was lead
ig by. tho scoro 8-3. lit the second
half Hivcsvllle came back strong
and slowly overtook the lead held
by Farmlngton until they had tied
it and then shot o the front In thei
last tvo minutes of. play.
Miss Satterfield played tho best
game for tho wlnnys, while the
guarding of Mies Smith and Miss
Btninger was also an outstanding
fen/ure.-Miss-Osborne.-Miss Hart
jell and Miss Hess all displayed
some good basketball for tho
losers. Lineup and summary:
Hivcsvllle 11. Farmington 10.
Merri field Oeboroo
Satterfield Dunmiro
Hawkins ; ? HqrUeir
Smith ...; \xiSu Hess
Eminger- Rothjlsberger
Field baskets: Satterfield .3,
Morrlfleld 2, Hawkins, Osbofne 4,
Fouls: Satterfield < out of 8,
Duumlre 2 .our .of B.
Referee, Rldgely..
NEW YORK, Fel?. 8. ?Leading
Sm'frtehr idgflbts Of ' tie; United
States and Canada will meet tonight
In ,Madison: Square garden in an
International tonrnament under di
rection of the Metropolitan Ama
teur -Athlljtie union.- '
; The. United States team will he
made up of youths from Pittsburgh,
Philadelphia. New York,-Bridge
port nod New Havon?Couu-,-Colum
bus, Ohio, and Albany, N..Y.
? V-C.-::' .. '? ** 3v*r '* .
? Bee keepers , sometiptes clip -thq.
queen bees', wings to prevent
swarming. ? . > ? I
- I'hoiv.-; :,M'; or ?
v Merchant and- Gdff ?
.Streets f
^?'fiqri't 'cut
"andniried. hand-me
. gq'TOi.SjnitAT ANY
PRICE so long as
; Dan Block mad&tb
jroWure '. gitoents.
jc^'be-'purejias^jat ?
Dan Block,
Wrestlers Going
on Long Journey
MOROANTOWN, Feb. 8. ?This
afternoon the' West Virginia Unf
verslty wrestling squad will leayo
on the longest trip oi'er made by,a
Mountaineer squad In any brinch
of sport and in order, to reach their
destination, Ames, Iowa, .in time
for Friday's match thay will travel
almost continuously for two days.
Tie squad was tn excellent shape
after yesterday's workout and while
not overconfident each member bo
llevos he is capable of winning his
bout in the match with Uib strong
Iowa State mat oiittlt "The meet Is
ope of the most Important" on the
Iowa State, schodulo and the An".ps
grapplbrs are sure to be prepared
for seven smelling bouts
, The squad will leave Pittsburgh
Pa., tonight at nine o'clock for Chi
cago, arriving in (he Windy City
tomorrow morning about eight
o'clock. Tboy will I Save Chicago
shortly before ten o'clock tomor
row morning and should arrive at
Ames in plenty of time for a light
workout before suppo'r.,
St?go statistics show that few
child prodigies become talented
Tho average adult Inhales about
30 cubio inches of air.at every
There-are'manors oh. second
anil, third. Runner on second Is
caught off that base. Io the ran up.
the,*r?nnpr ojr second , retched
thlrt :fn safety, causing- th$ rtnner
on, that base lo Oi^h'for Some. The
ball 1|( thrown to tile catcher .who
steps 6n the plate.' Does that ro
ilte the' runner, who came In .ftobi
third?.Is It a fdrcepnt? '
Such i play' as describe, is not
a forceout. Touching the plato
d6es not retire the runner. He
most bo touched "with tho ball be
fore reaching the plate.
A forceout. can only bo legally
mado when a base runner legally
loses tbe right to the base he oc
cupies. by reason of the batsmau
becoming a base .runner, and ho l.<
thereby forced to vacate.
Smallpox Increased on the Pacific
Coast In tho flye'Syears ending
Toi^nament Date
s?"*? la- th*middle ?.? west wtjt
have a strenuous time next Sep
tember If they compote ta both I
western andthe. MUonalehamp
ionshlpa (or-tlu''tpiinar;.event
been chanted Injhe last week f''v
August to 8?ptemberll-l?. Th,
nationalraoet-foUoW'plosely pi
September 2M0 barely ' Ulowini
competl ore lp the flrct event time I
to go from St. Lohlato White .
Sulphur' Springs,. W. Ta.' SHI ,:
The Women's WoBterp. Golf as
sociation.- yielded 'to;,?ja'i'.cha?*?i
against old $ol;lB ehaaijngjtheife
date from AugW to September, A
ccuvi hi mo luiur uuie. ur~ r*
.As half the leading sonUndoi
for tho national title, pew be" 1
Marlon Holllps of ?>'?w .Yott
In the central wot, there1,
Isea to be a special . ear'"'loi
wneterp golfers to njjVe" the
from tlio Glenn EJch'o club'/
West Virginia resort In. a;h
?tip in order lo bo.usfd't
mountain sir ?boforo.'ltifc^
event begins.
Yassar students hare.'' #)#!
I1M oach to rijlse ? thi,, tea?
!a,ari^ ? ? : ym
Nowiyou said
?and'fyr cigarettes
iVirginia tobacco.if?the best*
Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co.
Make Someone
Happy Tonight
./ ? A MER? are infcriyiittfe thing* we
World-of our??things which cost us little
. jr^ in.tuine; energy,'or money.- ? . ' r .?
'?'* -v." ?*;. ^ ;?
A kind word over the- wire, a tilephpned invitation,' ft spcjal call?
"? ' ,* 'J .'?* ' i ?* - ; .7 ' ?J'V^
rrtk?r? fri/*n<4?Vim ar?rl irialcft'lifolwh^KiwInili*' "
the Chesapeake
Telephone ?b

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