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MI J.I Til
omincnt Persons |
" for Tfiib
strumcntal musical
lectures by prominent
ioi(, writers and. actorsj
Id a ko(c of other it
ill entertain Fairmont
radiophones Ibis
IJng to tbe program
, which has Just been
C. Tbe programs will
ited from Mio Westlug
?tton 'XDKA at East
follows: /
,y, February 27
[ton Nobles, wbo is star
"Lljrbtnln," appearing
Nixon theater, Pitts
11 give a short talk.
.?Lotter from Roger
.economist and busin
,.r?"Experiences of a
"Reporter," by Miss
do Gordon, feature -writ-,
is Pittsburgh Press.
P| ip.?Popular concert by
u Sllver Star orchestra, assls
Jiby Miss Hilda Hitter, sop
it)' and Lester Y. Diamond,
ucsilay, February S8
';'m.?"Tho Qualities of
"by Miss L. Loin
ker, League of Women Vot
Sltly jtalH on dress. i
'i'fc^n.r-Popular' conccrt by
i;Evans' orchestra, under the
nagctncnt of Preston Evans.
Wednesday, Marcli 1
(?Plim.?Message from tbo
National Safety council.
00 p. is.'?"Tbe Bank Check,"
' W. , 0. Phillips, cashier of
e, -Illamond National Bank,'
ourgb, Pa:
mJ?An excellent pro
n of Instrumental and vocal
...libera by the Ashbury or
bestra, R- H. Marshall! dlrcc
' ' "'v., !
horsday, March 2
m.?"Selecting Your
?r" by Wn. J. McMoll, of
, Leonard and Lynch,
ifety" by John Oar tel. chief
sctor ot safety bureau. Car
legle Steel company, Edgar
Jhoa'pson Works.
30 8j{ m.?An excellent pro
Instrumental trio; Harry
|tir,- first violin: A. H. Ren
'fr second violin, and Miss
?llda Renter, Pianist.
ilao sojrano solos by Miss Es
herfPranco from tho .Monto
'"irlo Opera companies, and
TS?? solos .by Miss Floren'co
1 Friday, March 3
fy.'m.?"Pittsburgh ? and
? Servlcei" by Miss H.
i# Dermltt, secretary of
vie club of_Alleghcny county.
0iP, m.?A versatile eotertaln
l""t-by the Glee club of \V??h
on Seminary, Julia Moss,
Saturday, Jlarch 4
tr?. m:?Popular cntcrtaln
lent by.members of the Cafhc
.Je, Tech orchestra.
ffOBpJum.?"Tho 1931 Income
~*sliws^?General,'' by R. T,.
JcSline. Corporation Audit
0 p.;m.?Orpheus quartet,
?earl Crawford Van Orsdale,
soprano; Maude Johnson Fish
.efi'.cohtralto; Lawrencc C. Gib
son,. tenor; J. Fred Cutler, bass
#ad. -Adalaine Merrill Blddlc,
director and accompanist. As
;'sted by Julius Glasscr. vlolln
,Jt,, accompanied by Ruth Glass
[et and Claudia Lucas Harris,
Sanday, Starch 5.
Hun. ?Services ot the First
resbyterlnan church, Sixth
avenue, ruubwsb, Fa. Dr.
llaltland Alexander, minister.
3:00 p, m.?Radii cliapel at Sta
tion KDKA. conducted by Dr.
L. Walter Mason, pastor, First
Unitarian church, Httsubrgh,
7:30 p. m.?Services ot the Cal
vary Episcopal church, Shady
avenue, Flttsburgb, Pa. Rev.
E. J. Van Etten. rector.
Report Made by Women's
Board of Cook Hospital
TJio report of the women's board
of the Cook hospital, which has
beoen mado public by Mrs. Bert
Leopold, 'treasurer, shows disburse
ments of $1,826.65, as compared
with receipts of $3,666.43. Tho re
port was compiled as of January
16. 1022.
Tho receipts aro listed as fol
lows: Cash on hand, $212.9S; casn
in savings account. *112.24: dues
received for 1921, $679; back dues
rocived for 1921, $20; tag day re
ceipts, $2,0Q0.99; charity commit
tee. $511; donations, $35; donations
from churches Thanksgiving,
$51.22; "Willa Butcher. $41.
The disbursements show expen
ditures of $410.17 for the nurses'
home, divided as follows: 29 rugs.
$204.24; davenport, $63; three
wardrobes, $631; two bods com
plete, $62; cretonne and paint, $17.
Other disbursements ai given as
follows:. Supply <?blnet sucj dress
ing table for children's nursery,
$278; thirty-four lockers, $343.90i
exhaust lan for kitchen, $125.41;
utility room. $47.06; linen commit
31,5 Merchant Street
!ill the SCALE!
Spray in the
e.a r 1 y Spring
|Hile the trees
Lime Sulfur
TC\will save you
Erase and also
aopey. Call or
)hone for our
prices and de
?iptive liter
irge stock of suitable machines for
any spraying purposes
Hand Sprays-Barrel Sprays
Fairmont Wall Plaster Co.
316 Monroe Street
Hcsee-f fim^h tvikig- *jp my stuff
AND THiSM you can INVeSTlSWte THI? M/HT-TeftJ
SOIM?THt*K?. CDRof^Pe-O 4Ct- RiCHT,
Bvt_lT UMS NOT Y0UR.P3: ?
Pft\C<SS Ul V==jaia>c=--^- ? T -_ ' 'A
loo, $135.70; flower committee, $25:
hospital charity committee, $364.75;
tag day expense, (65; sundry ex
pense. $28.68.
Of the $1,839.78 surplus, $1)3.24
has been assigned to Hjo savings
account, $1,000 has b?u trans
ferred to the savings account, and
$727.54 is credited to cash on hand
In the checking account.
Pretty Boarder: Don't tell any
one I told you, biji our landlady
has a family skeleton.
Thin Boarder:- Yei, I know him.
He's her husband. She feeds him
on what w? leave on our
Local Deputy Collector
,to Be at Courthouse
March 6 to 15
, Taxpayers have fifteen days,
no.t Including Sundays, In which
to" file their income tax returns
for the calendar year of 1921,
Von E. Teeter, of Fairmont, de
puty collector of internal revenue,
pointed out today. To avoid pen
.alty, the return, accompanied by
at least one quarter of the tax,
must be in tho hands of the col
lector of Internal revonue or a
deputy collector on or before mid
night of March 15. Mr.' Teeter
.will Do at the court house from
Match 6 to 9 to assist local per;
sons In making out their returns'.
Where in exceptional cases
such as Illness or absence, a tax
payer is-unable to mako a return
within the time prescribed, an ex
tension of not to exceed 30 days
may be obtained upon application
to tho collector. Such extensions
.will J>e granted only when In tho
judgment of the collector, further
time Is actujUJy required for, the
making of an accurate return. Ap
ty.catlon for such extension must
be made prior to March 15.
Ab a condition of granting an
oxtenslon of time tor filing a re
turn, the collector msy require
the submission of a tentative re
turn. "Tentative returns will not
bo accepted unless permission Is
obtained previous to filing. A
copy of the authority for filing
the tentative return must be at
tached thereto when filed. Where
a taxpayer, files a tentative return
and falls to file a complete return
within the period of the extension
fcquestcu by him. the complete I
return .when filed Is subject to
penalties prescribed for delin
? If before the end of a thlry
day extension granted by the col
lector. an accurato return cannot
be made, an appeal for a further
extension must be made to the
commissioner of Internal revenue,
Washington, D. C.', with a full re-,
cltal of the causes for tho delay.
The commissioner will not grant
an additional extension "Without a
Advance Sale of New
Taffetas, Charmeuses, Cantons \
Navy, Black,' Browns, Rose, Etc., ^
V ,
A Wonderful Purchase of Brand New Spring
? Frocks in the Season's most alluring styles?long
waisted. effect ?,'tight bodice styles ?bouffant
al-the-hips models ? prettily trimmed - with em
broidery lace, ribbon, flowers, ornaments. Dress-/
es that are chic and distinctive at prices ridicu
lously low for garments of this type. Sizes for
women and misses. j
- New Spring Goods Coming Daily
Hummer penalty of :5 per ccnt
of the amount oftax doe, unless
he later" flies'a retara and It la
satisfactorily shown that the de
linquency was1,due to a reasonable
cause sad. not to wilful'.njgleei/
To assist the public In Jiling In
como tax returns,. Mr. Teeter wlU
be at.tho following .places In Ma
rion county on iho dates'' deflgnat
?ed: February 17, Fsnntagton,
bank; February, 3S, Grant Town,
postoftlce; March 1, Falrv-.cn,
bank; March 3, Hammond, brictil
company office; March 3, Scott I
'dale, postoftlce; March 4, Worth
In Ston, postoffice; Much 6 to 15.
-f'ttlrmont, court house.' There w!'J
be no charge for the assistance
rendered .by Mr..Teator.
On Mirth 14 and 15 there will be
ti special sgent from the bureau at
Washington with the deputy collec
tor at Fairmont for the purpose of
rendering assistance In the ,mak
lng of corporation and partnership
roturns. This service is also rren.
Bug: Oh Joy, noW I can send
my beit^lrfa vslintlnsl
Violinist and Reader to
Give Last Number of
Legion Coarse
Crawford Adams, . American
violinist, who -will appear at the
first . Presbyterian church next
Friday with his company, will be
the last number of the entertain
ment .courae of the Fred R. Heist
zclman post of the American Le
gion. Mr. Adams has boon playing
bis violin to Lyceum audiences
for the last eight years, and haa
earned the title of the "Wliard of
the Violin" because he can play
?any plecc requested. .?
?Mr. Adams will be assisted this
year by . Miss Marlen Wilklns,
reader. Miss Wilklns was here
last year with the Weber tORle
quartet. The early part of this
year she was booked throughout
the New England states where she
appealed as a reader by herself.
The prices for the concert Friday
will be J1 for adults, 50 ceqts for
Ngrnjal school students and 35
cents for" grade school* pupils.
Ticket have been placed on sale at
tho H-H drug sloro.
Legion Notes
No meeting of the local organi
latlons of former servico men are
areK'Ui.at thedub"
'rooms. **,
Herschell J.; Hamilton post No.
IIS, Americas Legion,, will meet
Monday. March G.
Fairmont poit No, 629, V. F. W.
will meet Tuesday, March 14.
Fred R. Hethuclmau unit No.
23, * American, Legloo auxiliary,
will meet Tuesday, March 7. at
their parlor In the clnb rooms of
the Fred R. Heintielman post
Adopted House Rules "J
At the last meeting of Fred R.
Heintielman post No. 17,"Amer
ican Legion house rules (or the
club rooms, wero adopted.. The
rooms will bo open until 11 p. m.
?erery . evening except Saturday,
when the rooms will closo at 12
midnight. A tanteen has been
opened with W. R. Ice In charge
Ice will also act as Stewart tor.
tho club. ?,
Last Call
Members of tbe post who bare
not yet paid their 1922 dues will
not rccelro the American Legion
Weekly alter March 1. Marshall
M. Hamilton will receive' dues
from members ot Fred R. Heint
ielman post at the H-H drug
Ther-milHary organization, tie
Siberian Veterans in New York
city, is made,up of all Americans
who saw war sonice In Siberia.
Woodrow Wilson Is honorary presi
dent ol tie organization.
Every, town of 6U0 or more per
sons In Minnesota has an Ameri
can Legion post.
(32 Do-.)
Just because you ?Urt the i
worried end tired, stiff, legaf
?rtn? and miudet, u ?*Slng bi.?
burning and bearing down palofli
tbe back?worn out before the da:
beglna?do not think you bare t<
star In that condition.
? Get well! Bo free from;i
Joints, eon muacles, rhetrn
pains, aching back, kidney _
bladder tron'j!u> Start NOW. .
I( you suitor (ram bladder *1
noss with burning. scalding' pain.,
or It you aro In and out of bed
halt a dozen tlmee at night, your
will appreciate the rest, oomforl
and strength till] treatment gtyw.
We will give you for your own
uie ono S5cent bottle (3S dosea)
FREE to oonrince you the WII-'
llame Treatment conquers kldne:
and bladder troubles, rheumatic
and all other allmdnts, no matU
how chronic or stubbprn,' whei
caused by exceaslve uric. acid.
Send tbls notice with your lef
to the Dr. D. 'A. Williams
Dept. V76IS P. 0. Bl>
East Hampton Conn. Ploase
ten cents to help pay cost of
ago. packing, etc. We will
to you by parcel post dell'
paid,'a regular 85-cont bottle;'(
Tho Williams Treatment
doses), without obligation fT
pense. Only one bottle, to
same address or family. ~ '
llshed" 1893.
The Building of a Car
?the strong specially forged steel parts that enter into
the automobile you drive,?the exact precision with
which the parts are made to fit and many other features
in the building of a high class motor car, wilt be explain
ed by men who know,?in connection with the Second
Annual Automobile Show to be held Tuesday to Satur
day of next week.
Chaat^T'J^Teral cars,?minus the body and woodwork
?will be on exhibition at the Show. This will give visi
tors an opportunity to peep into the.'Inudes" of an auto
mobile,?and to see under what principles it work.
The music arid entertainment for the Automobile Show
will be a feature of the Peek's event During the first
night music will bis furnished by the Moose Band,?and .
the other evenings.?the Liberty Revue will be the,enter
tainment feature.

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