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Wt Vir?ipUo**B8imag. Aim IS Qoln'tT Strata.
drpirtraenU reached throoah private exchange
' w. J. WIECEL. Editor "
' Managing Editor Advertising Mmijtr
ij ' Superintendent | Circulation Manager
>'?'** ? National Advertising Representative
?I Park Avenue I Hartford Boiler
L*-_ V u fik. rkUm
Pott card statement* will Important?If subscription
m] mailed on the first of is paid in advance the fol
ach month. lowina ratee by carrier In
Ifoglr Copjt -05 Pa inn on t" will apply:
h?/JConU> l.tO Otte Month f .10
Months 3.00 Thre? Months / 2.U
IU '.Months f.OO Six Monhs 440
tat : Year U 13.00 One Y?ar ?.sr
By MaU
- Cash In Advance
tot: Month !k 1 .71 I Blx Months % 3.(1
rtfi* tMontha ? 2.00 | One Year ?. 6.00
$tmg'<e Cc&r five csnU: eao month, St.*). cash In advance.
When asking for ehange in address give old as well as new
;d at the Postoffice at Fairmont, West Virginia, ai
laaa matter.
THE automobile show is all set and- everything
BBSS! to give to the people a most gratifying
S^rion of all that is new in cars and an evening's
^entertainment that will amply repay every one who
j;; While last year's show was thought to be the
paitsword in attractiveness, yet the exhibit tomor
^row.-night is expected to eclipse it. Those who
xamined the beautiful and luxurious machines
iftered last year will wonder how any improvement
mud I)? made In tho perfection of those cars, or
how any additional touch of beauty could be
applied, but just like the annual circus, the public
^tplJVthat everything will be bigger and' better,
^excepting the prices which will only be better, and
^^t' Wlll be more difficult to sell cais this year
han; last./ The last year's sales were surprising,
jit '.considering things as tliey are now, it is
^obable that people will visit the exhibition more
^p-.jsee -than to p.urchase. Just to examine a
beautiful car with its perfection of mechanism is a
elight to any man acquainted with the make up of
n'aehine, and many men present at the show
will'get as much delight out of seeing the cars and
going over their parts, as the small boy gets out of
jgthe mechanical toys on display at Christmas time.
Wakes a good car to make good In Fairmont, for
Peat Virginia hills demand much from the cars
thatftraverse them. If a car stands up well in West
Virginia it wilt make good almost anywhere.
'??.'The sqow should be a successful one for Fair
monters are greatly interested in everything which
appertains to an automobile, and while people are
not so prosperous now as they have been, yet they
?j; wiU'be interested in every single thing on eshibl
? tion tomorrow night.
1 HE crowds that thronged the new city market
house were mute testimony to the fact that
[^Fairmont people arc seeking to buy theij food as
fccftfeaply as they may. This fact Is not only shown
k|byjthe.market crowds but is to be observed in every
^Sopd'.shop in the city which is running a special.
[Tt is a long time since local people have given
r,ttio slightest evidence of thriftiness, and wliile
Everyone deplores an economic condition that
auses unemployment and suffering, yet from one
Standpoint there is no doubt but that it is a
^tremendously good thing that people have been
' checked in useless expenditure and at last are
compelled to become alive to the necessity of
getting a dollar's worth for a dollar.
? One of the greatest factors In running up prices*
[and in keeping them up, was the asinine Indiffer
ence of a public that purchased all kinds ol articles
?Ywith absolute ignoring of the cost. When prices
People are shopping around now, and it ls'a line
[Uiinc to lee'. WomeD are taking their baskets on
their arms and are buying oh? thing here, and
another thing there, whereerer the prices are
lowest. It take* time and energy to do this but it
certainly Bares money and that is the thing which
counts. In the cities where markets hare been
established tor some time.' the habit of market
basket shopping endures^ The richest women in
the city Tlalt the market personally and contend
with the motley crowd for bargains in a way that
Fairmont women hare shown little Inclination to
do. Local women are much too inclined to use the
If the city market can offer to the
Fairmont public the advantages of the markets of
other cities, and they are very real advantages be It
known, it will 1111 a great need in Fairmont. When
summer produce begins to come In, room should bo
mado foe the farmers, and a chance given them to
deal directly with the public, tor fresh home grown
produce Is one thing which a market should
feature, and which the public will expect.
IF the physicians are falling to report contagious
disease to the county health ofilccr they are
doing a distinct wrong to the community and uny
citizen aware of such delinquency should lodge a
prompt complaint. If there are only three con
tagious cases In Marlon County as reported Dy Dr
Yost, then Marlon County must bo blessed beyond
all other counties In the country harboring an equal
Imputation. The people would be only too glad to
believe that this could be true ,but It is hardly
possible that In tho whole of the county there could
be only three cases of contaglouB disease.
Any doctor who falls to take the time to report
to the county health officer his contagious'cases
may be exposing an entire neighborhood to grave
danger. Doctors are very busy at present; their
faces have a tired, haggard expression s'peaklug of
the strain undtr which they are working both day
and night in caring for the hundreds of cases of
Illness designated as flu, but surely evon In the
rush under which they aro working thoy Bliould
take thought for the rest of the populace, happily
able to keep going, and shield them from Illness if
There are diphtheria and scarlet fever both, "in
the city according to current report, and surely
more than three cases In Fairmont. Of all
menacing diseases to children these two are sup
reme and the very names of these diseases bring
terror to the hearts of the mothers of families. If
the physicians hare the, real good of the public at
h^art they -will make out their reports and get
them in to Dr. Yost without delay. The develop
ment of an epidemic right now would place every
physician in an unenviable position, as^the public
would have'every reason to bold them delinquent
in performance of duty according to the report of
the county health officer.
The West Virginian is just a little proud of the
? Saturday paper which we believe to be an exeep
i tlonal issue. Our friends have been congratulating
us upon the issue and from their expressions we
believe that they are also pleased with it. The
section devoted to the automobile and style show ,
was an especially gratifying section and will c0m-<
pare favorably with similar work anywhere. The
N'ewsgravure scction, which is to be a rogular
feature of Ihe Saturday paper is very attractive and
will, we hope, be a welcome feature sto all the
readers of the West Virginian.
The special settings now being employed by the
moving picture houses to attract ratrons, lead to;
the belief that in time to come there will be as
much scenic elaboration in connection with the
producing of lilms.as the rogular theaters use in
staging the modern play. The set used by a locul
house during the showing of "The Sheik" was very
attractive and two other films are being featured
tMs week in similar fashion.
* Probably a unique celebration will be staged
about fifty years from now when there may bo held
a reunion of all the murderers of William Desmond
Taylor. If the number continues to increase,
special provision to take care of those in attendance
will have to be made by the honored city In which
the reunion assembles.
jgfSdems that Dante loft one thins
Vof.; his Inferno. He didn't
nge anything specially-attrac
tive s for tho landlords. Maybe
ithere wasn't room for alT of cm.
IjSjJ ? ? * *
j'.We used to say that a man was
fcdrunk when lie had taken,more
"ifiuorthan he could well manage,
ttfrftfe cay he ia jammed, bologn
dv"/pie-eyed. piffled, shellacked,
lined, out like a light, or stewed
i tffe hat.
jffe 0 0 0
Sometimes?not infrequently?
ffeiaay: "He was burled at 2
ffb/clo'ck this afternoon."
r;,. V '. ? o *
,J$Why wouldn't it be a good idea
?jjlhatej the law's delays in the
filling of 'em instead'of tiie en
~cing*of 'em?
* ? ?
? the building boom sets well
. there will surely be a
al boom.
does n't make so much dlffer
?' what or how much the moth
;ells the daughter, any more;
does matter Is how much
be daughter tell mother?
.. ' * * *
ou couldn't olame Florida If
refined, to have what Nebras
ka would not accept.
' ?' ? ? ?
(Id Vesuvius is busy again,
pose the Democrats will blame
t on the republican party, too.
91 . ? ? ?
Baha Ruth isn't in his right
He ought to be secretary
he navy. Bet ho could got
"Br1 money to buy the coal
,?"? . . .
Down in Raleigh county three j
ol? Roller* preachers were arres-l
*d because they insisted on "roll*
ing" on the railroad track when a
train wanted to got past.
* * ? i
Now the court will "roll" them
for about $50 each.
? ? ?
Declaring that sho is an unkiss
ed bride, Mrs. Joseph Boiler of
Brooklyn. X. V., 1b applying for a
Maybe that's why.
? ? *
Tip to the housewives?Better
not leave your house cleaning
until the B. 0. startr'theirs.
* * ?
Judging by tlio weather today,
Creed Bolyard must have heard
what jre said about him last week.
* * ?
An optimist is a man who thinks
the world is with him?and he is
* ? ?
Bet the New York policeman
who bit a robber was mad.
* ? *
Advertising tfp: Spring is ? the
time for a'd ventures.
? ? ? .
i One after-dinner speaker we
should heed is the one at our
back door.
? ? ?
| Germany's broke. Hock der.ex
! kaiser.
? ? *
Many will be relieved to learn
tlio miners' strike is not in base
? ? *
One burning problem is a
cheap cigar.
? * ?
We have no objection to a man
knocking at our door it be quits
after be gets in.
? * *
Perhaps tbe corner business is
turning in a corner In the market.
i ? ?
As yet the seismograph shows no
rccord of Bryan's campaign.
? ? ?
Bareback riding is giving way to
bareback dtnclnfr
| Sidelights
Only .a Few Remain.
In the passing of Captain Ellis A.
Billingslea, death has taken one
more from tho fast thinning ranks
of those local men who fought in
the Civil war. It will bo only u
i matter of a very few years until
the last man vwho wore either the
Blue or the Grey in that great
struggle shall have come' to, tho
end of life's journey.
We have often wondered with
just what eagerness these bravo
and honored veterans of the bat
tlefields o( '61-65 followed the ac
counts of the late world war ana
how they compared the titanic
struggle in the Argonne, the two
battles of the Marne and St.
Mihiel with Bull Run, the Wildet*
uesB, Gettysburg and Vicksburg.
No doubt those who lived during
the dark days of the Civil war
thought when the reports of killed
and wounded came in from Gettys
burg, Fredericksburg and Chancel*
lorsville that war had reachel its
height in the taking of human lives,
while Sherman's march to the sea
eclipsed all former records in the
nation for the devastation of prop
ertjv. But the late struggle taught
us that tho Civil war was tamo in
comparison, and one shudders to
think of the inventions of death
that may be promulgated before
the next struggle between the na
tions. i
But in one respect there is nn
difference between the Civil war.
tho world war and any war that thj
futnre may hold in store for this
country. War calls to the service
the best men of the nation; call*
those who are willing to prove Jheir
patriotism upon the fields of bat
Those who fought in '61 and those
who fought under the flag in the
late war answered tho same call
of the nation. They have and de
serve the full respect and grati
tude of the American people.
Copyright, 1112, The West Virginian.
At the Royal Ponclana you will find
Folks of evers style, variety and kind,
From society's "big-timers"
To a raft of social climbers ? ,
And a lot of people sportively inclined;
There are tennis stafrs and movie stars as well,
There .are victims of the golfer's ruling spell,
Show-girls, gamblers, politicians? ?
Girls on matrimonial missions.
?ou will meet them in this glittering hotel.
'it'is full of women marvelously dressed
And each woman gazes (sharply at the rest
k With a look that says, "I see here
Such a bunch that shouldn't bo here. v
Don't you think the middle-class should be suppressed?"
There a time is fixed for everything you do.
For your bathing, tea-lng, dancing, golfing, too;
?But they'll let you ride a bike
At most any hour you like?:
Thought you have to dress for dinner when you're through.
Yes, Palm*Beaches most indubitably smart,
And the way they get your money is an art,
For at Bradley's white Casino
You can play roulotte and keno*
Which will leave you little cash when you depart
Still, the Palms are very'splendid in their way.
An'd the Beach Is just as lovely as they say,
And Its joys are quite extensive?
And exceedingly expensive,
Which is why I only lingered for a day.
*?Well, maybe it isn't keno, but you lose jnst the same.
Special Meetings for
Local Pythian Knights
. Events of Interest for members
of the Knights of Pythias order in
the city, county and district are!
hooked for the next two weeks.
Mountain City lodge No. 48, with \
castle hall in the American build-1
ing. Main street, will have two ses- |
sicns of exceptional interest dur
ing the next two weeks. On Thurs
day evening of this week, six can
didates will bo given tbo work in
the esquiro or second rank.- It has
been several months since such a
large number of candidates has
ti:ken the work on a single eve
ning, ,an.d it is expected that a
large number of tho membership of
the lodge will be present for the
initiation. Tho degree team of Mt.
City lodge Np. 48 has a great rec
ord for putting on this work, and
the members of the team will try
to surpass all former records this
| One week from this Thursday
jnight, a chicken supper will he
I served at the headquarters of the
j lodge ut C:15, following which the
i ? *
third rank work will bo put on by
the local degreo tcaui, those taking
the second rank work this week
being the candidates for the third
next week. The Pythain Sisters
will havo charge of preparing and
serving the supper,. which means
that it will be just right It is
certain that, a large number will
be on hand for the supper, which
will be turned into a general get
together session.
On Thursday evening; of his
week Lincoln lodge No. 13 of Fair
view will hold & general - get-to
gother session for all Pythians of
district No. 3 It is expected that
representatives from all the lodges
in Taylor Marion and Harrison
counties will bo presont for the
meeting. A splendid program of
entertainment is being arranged by
tiie members of the Fairview
lodge, who claim that it will be
the best of a series . of meetings
being held over the district.
/ !
Billiards bad Its origin from an
old French game played like "cro-1
Spain pqssesscs 600,000 tons,of!
shipping, ono-lialf of which is idle, j
; ?
Price $6.00
Jcst a smart little sandal pump
with modish square punch
?*low flat heels.
^hnrfltff & ttltltoti
"Shoes that SatisfgT
School Districts
Receive State Aid
After operating for the last two
years under ' financial difficulty
owing to nn error made in laying
the levy *n 1920, the Grant Dis
trict board of education, as"a re
sult of receiving $6,100 as their last
amount of atato aid for the school
year of 1921-22, will be able to
finish the year with a clean slate.
By making an error in the levy,
tho board was approximately |1,?
200 short in 1920. The levy was
increased to the maximum amount
in 1921 and the amount of state
aid increased, but the change in
the state law at that time, which
Increased the school term and
fixed,a maximum salary for teach
eres. boosted the expense of tho
board to such an extent that the
increased revenue was Just enough
fti ml the hoard by for that year.
TO 3 board was making headway
this year and hoped to bo able to
wipo out the indebtedness by the
proposed bond election for im
provement of the schools of the
district, but the receipt 'of the
56,100 from the state according to
County Superintendent I. A.
Barnes will give the board a clean
slate for. the year.
Winfield and Union, the other
districts of tho county that have
state aid, also received their last
amount for the 1921-22 school term
today. Winfield district gets |3,
872 and Union gets 12,80S.
Thousands Islands, at the montft
of the St. Lawrence, number about
1700 islands.
315 Merchant Street
wT^K:?:Stf*?51F the u& of the
tor ylth thehope that tb# parents.
**,$? ooamonlty may find mm worth
the editor of the Bey Column will be
promptly atwvered.
The most marvelous piece o'l
mechanism In ill the world Is thai
Iving human body. The dominat I
In* force of the organism, the
mind, challenges the English lan
guago for description. Youth is th .?
most interesting period for both
body and mind. Kor us Just now
the boy .is the climax and baffles
the united efforts of all the experts'
to understand.
A boy Is an appetite personified
with a skin stretched over It. Hi?
Imagination knows no bounds. Hoi
can tax the patient of a Job and de-!
mand tho wisdom of a Solbmon to
guide and direct. His heart is a?|
big as tie universe If properly un
locked, and as narrow as a dun
geon cell if doublo crossed. He
loves with a fervor or bates with
a vengoance. Direct his energies
Into proper channels'and he ere
ates a new world for Uie next gen
eration. Let him drift without a
rudder upon life's tempestuous sea
and ho writes the darkest pages in
history. Any neglect In the forma
tion of character brings forth in
oach generation a new crop of re
formers. Why not resolve once
and for all that no stone stall bo
loft unturned in an effort to prop
erly direct the youth of our city?
Why not give the boy a chance tc
play the great game of life and play
it cordially? ,
The home Is a good place to be
gin to bring up a boy but a poor
place to stop. You cannot prop
erly train your boy without con
sidering his playmates. This means
an ever increasing circle. Each
one of the playmates of your boy
has his playmates. It requires but
a little stretch of the imagination
to Include the boys of the com
munity,, state, nation and the world.
Let us be frank with ourselves
tonight and make out a careful in
ventory of what we know about
our own boys In particular and con
cerning boys hi general. In order
to be more preciso write it out on
paper. This will help to clarify
yonr notions. When your inven
tory Is completed add It up as care
fully as you would your Income tax
report When this Is done deduct
your short comings, your neglects,
your failures at. co-operation and
your appreciation of . childhood.
What you have left will be the con
tribution which you have made
thus far to better citizenship of
your community.
BELLAIRE, 0., March 6. ?Wll
11am S. Myers, 88, died yesterday
of pneumonia. He was a civil war
veteran and had been In the iron
WHEELING, March 6. ? Archie
Sawtell, 46, former city solicitor
and one of the leading lawyers or
this city, died Sunday. He liaj
been 111 of pneumonia for two day*.
J25.000 damage ault brought
Rota Secula, the armless
vbose heroism has attracted noilct
throughout the state, was p
today on tho docket ot the son
court, baring been certifiedT
the clrsult .court In Haftmn
county. Ro?a*12 year-old diufhtet,
ot a Greek oca I miser, la plain tit
In the action against the Catherine
(oal confpany and tho Monongv
hela Valley Traction company, t(
recover (or the Injuries she no
tahiod when she camo In contan
with a win In the coal compasi
mine at Meadowbrook. .carrying ?
22,000 volt current. The accident
happened In June. 1920. and the
little girl was so badly burned thai
she lost both t-rma. She Is now<fc ,
the care of the Presbyterian Syni
odlcal school at Madison, where she',
wab placed by the state bonrd of
cbib.rm's guardians.
The case goos to tho supreme
court on tbe action ot the lower
bmly In ovor-TUllng demurrers ot.
lite defendants to the 'declarations.
Modern'silk hat was drat wort
l(t England about 1840.
We need used furniture to
supply our old: store comer
jucKson and Jefferson streets.
You need New Furniture from
our new store, 211 Monroe
street, l.et us'exchange. We
also repair or store furniture.
You will Slid a complete-lint
of turnltnre, cat-pets, stores,'
paints and wallpaper at our
uew atore. 221 Monro? street
See Denham First Co,,
221 Monroe Street ;
Next to Woolworthf
Combs ot all kinds and
all sizes and ot nil ma
terials. Partlcufarly the
composition cbmb, not
pure celluloid which Is
brittle. Inflammable and,
dangerous, but a com
position which Is prac- '
tlcally unbreakable and
will not Mini. Combg
for babies, for men and '
for women, as well as,'
Bne combs, In this ma-.;
terlal or any othsr.->.?8Br
Drug Stoffe
Progress Through Thrift
and Foresight,
Great financial progress results from ,
thrift and foresight.
Having raorfey In the Peoples Nation
al Bank gives a fooling pt security and
satisfaction. Your account Is Invited. ,
4% Interest Paid on Savings Accounts.
The Peoples
National Bank
taioinjmiiuiL:' capital<200,000.00 ^BimmifliiMiaufl
announces the arrival ?f
Gingham Dresses
for Spring and Summer
HE advance showing'of the very popular Clara
Jane Gingham Dresses is ready and we deem it
a privilege to present it at such ait early date. ' Wo-. ?
men who are concerned about the comfortable,
brightly colored dresses they will need in but a couple
of months will find ij advantageous to make*their,
selections ' from- our present large assortments. :
These new mbdels areSnost attractively made of fine
ginghams in plaids and checks in.a wonderous range
of colors. And they are uniformly inexpensive.
8 :$2 95 to $875 f
See Them in Our Window

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