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t?o picture os ui torn
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entire length. Tool
2, ?Od so on., Fold eaci
ndurreatb accural c:>
[Rated turn over in
irarprlilng result. S?vt
l'- ;Btrd ' Charts ? Bird
i . which appoar lifo-slze
if blrdn In colors, have
iV&l by I. A. Barnes,
fcerfntcodent of schools.
10 distributed among the
ttte county.
iubs Moot?There will b?
? :0f tie Fairmont Hl-Y
80 o'clock tonight in th<!
U .The Junior Hl-Y club
it"1"? o'clock In tho Wood
i?ot the Y. M. c. a. The
STrlangles will meet nt
i(n the East Park Com
piward swing, tho
about 11 cents under
ti'm prices for the
flb.ut subsequently to
tfere' moro than re
iSiUnltlitlon?Miss Jean
^.UldfMlsa Lucille Ham
mded tfco Kappa Kappa
nidation in Morgantown
?w&Ooe of the nine
was Miss Sarah Watts of
iKollowlng the ceermonleu
Itiatfon. -a banquet was
i^Old^Home tea room.
ffif Lle'en?eU-The foilow
fiSBpllcensos have been
the office of County Clerk
iitterfleld: Pasqqalc Perrl,
arlanna Norcl, 27, both of
li-Ki-W. ' Harp old', 20,
?g. and Mary Cutrlght. 21,
irCalvln Merrill, widower,
Jelen 'Selfert, 31 both at
lent: Hospital?Sirs.
I J, Muafa. of Falr
W. Jones of Barrack
bender. of HlresTllle;
nhle of ? Pruntrtown
nl&ter; of Walnut avk...v - ,u?
morning In. Cook hospital. Mrs. h.
E. WhetUel of .PahrTiaw under
went a major. operation today.
Mrs. Jennio Lloyd, "of -Morgan
town had a major operation this
morning. t
To Charleston ?A number of lo
cal traffic men went to .Charleston
last.night to attend a freight rote
hearing 'before the public service
commission tomorrow. A traffic
meeting will held this evening.
The party expects to return to Fair
mont on Wednesday.
Auxiliary to Meet?The Woman's
auxiliary of Christ church will
meet Tuesday aftoruoon at 3 o'clock
in the churclt.
Arthur Thornton Mltchle of
Fairmont was ono of the four
men initiated by the West Vir
ginia chapter of Delta Tau Delta
at Mdrgantown this year. The
annual initiation was held last
Sol Burka of. the Hlppodron o
theatre left yesterday for Pitts
burgh to attend a meeting of tlK
managers of the theatres of West
Virginia. Pennsylvania. Ohio and
Maryland. Whllo tkfere, be will also
Hiring': for bookings at the local
the.\ter and at the Arcade thoa'.i.
in Mrigantown.
Miss Elizabeth Stone, who fins
been the guest of her sister, Mm.
T. Morton Gathrlght and Mrs. Ed
gar Wbddell. at their homes in
Covington, Va., for several weeks,
will not return home until next
Dr. R. Ht Powell of the Fair
mont State hospital has returned
from Baltimore where ho under
went modlcal treatment Dr. Pow
ell's health is greatly improved.
Mrs. A. Hague, who was ill with
influenza at her home in Floral
avenue, has recovered.
W. E. -Arnett, city water com
missioner, who has been ill for the
past three weeks, was able to be
in bis offico today.
Mrs. Mory Crane, Mrs. Harry*J.
Hartley and Miss Mary Crane
Hartley are all 111 with Influenza
in their liOke in Fairmont avenue.
Mrs. Earl B. Smith of East Park
avenue who was operated on in
Cook hospital Friday night, is re
covering nicely. _ -
Harry J. Hartley Is In New
York City on a business trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Shurtleff of
Buffalo, N. Y., are the guests of the
former's' mother, Mrs. it> AJ Shurt
leff, at her homo In Field street.
John James Brown Stoetzer
spent today in Morganjown.
The Ilev.'J. E. Cordon, of tho
Central Christian church is in
Flndleyville, Pa. Mrs. Cordon is
111 at her home in Walnut avenue.
Accepts Position
With Dayton Firm
Paul C. Sullivan, who was con
nected with the Weaver-SulHvan
Coal company until recently, left
with Ills family for Dayton, O., this
afternoon, where his place of resl
dence will be in the future. For
more than a year, Mr. Sullivan waa
the local representative of tho:
Equitable Fuel company amKprior
to tliat was golf Instructor at the
Fairmont Country club.
Mr. Sullivan recently roco.lved a
position as traveling representative
for the Crawford, McGregor and
Canby company, Dayton, 0., manu
facturer of golf supplies, being as
signed to the northwost territory,
which will give him tho states of
Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, North
Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota
and parts of Michigan and Iowa.
Tho following new case3 have
been entered on the process anil
rule books in the office or Circuit
Clerk L. A. Cather:
Nancy Rebecca Martin vs. Otis
L. -Martin. Chancery. March rules.
Neely & Livoly attorneys for the
Mao Leota Mahone vs. Willi a A.
Mahono. Chancery. March rules. E.
R. Bell attorney for the plaintiff.
W. F. White et al. vs. Weston
Fuel company. Motion for judg
ment for March rulos., .Charles
W. Louchory attorney for tho plain
tiff. " .
W. C. Layman doing business as
Rood PlumUJng Co.- vs. Sarah Berry
Ivelloy. Assumpsit. Damages $100.
M$rch rules. R. J. Conley attorney
for the plaintiff. ? *
L/C. Musgrave and C. W. Bran
don vs. Domenico Baldessar. As
sumpsit. Damages $1,000. March
rules.. ?Frank Hayden attorney for
the plaintiff.
Buckhannon River Coal company
vs. Alex R. Watson. Assumpsit.
Damages $40,000. March rules, fi M
M. Downo attorney for the plaintiff.
Casiquiarl river in . Venezuela
Joining the Amazon and, Orinoco
river, flows either way.
? *" ' Question!
1?How, did God punish Israel for
worshiping idols In Leviticus 26:1?
2?WIien, they prayed to Him
what did He do! ?
3?Who was Jophthali? ?
4?On which) side of Israel was
the land of the Ammonites?"
fi?Where n'as Gllcad?
. 6?To what pdsitlon was Jeph
!thah chosen?
Answer to Saturday's Quastlona
1?Tola roae, after Ablmelech, iu
defend Israel.
2?Tola was Judge of Israol
twenty three years.
3?Jalr succeeded Tola.
4?Jalr died after Judging Israel
twenty-two years.
6?At the time of Jalr's death
IsraeL worshiped Baalim and Ash
tarMB, and tliQ-god* of.five na
tions.* '
6?Qod had tfbmanded Israel not
- ^
?S| .
Moose Bane: ' Concerts
Tuesday Afternoon
and Night .
Just n (pw little details remain
ed to be attended to this afternoon
to make everything complete for
the opening of the Fairmont auto
mobile show tomorrow atfernon in
the Standard Garage building In
Locust avenue.
A street parade shortly after 1
o'clock tomorrow afternoon will he
the signal, that the doors of the
greatest automobile show ever held
In this section of tho'stato will oe
thrown open in a very short time.
Concerts by the Moose band will
bo the, entertainment features to
morrow, excellont music being ar
ranged for both, the afternoon and
evening sessions.
Starting on Wednesday
noon, the Liberty Keyue' troupe and
the DavieB-Hartner orchestra* of
Pittsburgh will furnish, thp enter
tainment for 'the remainder of the
, week. Special programs for both
afternoon and evening have been
arranged arid the various numbers
are sure tojleaso'tbe crowds at the
show. ?
The balcony noar tho entrance to
the building forms an Ideal stage
1 for tho Liberty Itovue troupe and
Ialso the orchestra and' does not
tako any spaco from exlUbitors.
I The Interior of the bnlldtng has
been attractively decorated with
Muo (inil gold bunting and Amer
ican flags. At the ,r?ar of the
building a particularly artful bit ot
work will, when the high powered
lights arc on at night .give the ef.
feet of a sunburst.,
Thoso In charge of the annual
Bhow aro well satisfied with the ar
rangements and anticipate a record
attendance. V- '
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to tee more than -jKtW
front or tho car. Suddenly Unjm
lino of the roar car of the
ban train loomed up. through tho
Sey mM. Motorman Adams ap
plied the Makes and royerBed tho
power instantly, hut owlnRtothe
frost on the rails the effort to check
the progress of the car ms futile
and It crashed Into the '10av'0r,
terurban coach.
form of both cars and snowenng
glass tor half a block. n
Thore was some confusion
the passengers when the jar came
tmd mnny were badly trlghtcned
put. none becamo hysterical and no
panic followed. v _
Pedestrians on their way to^ork
rushed to the rescue,, and wlth the
aid of trainmen and ?v'
clals who were soon rushed to the
accident all the injured were Quick
ly provided for, the debris cleared
and traffic resumed.
BERLIN, Pa., March G.?Foar.l
persons were Injured and too,
house .ocqup'.od by George ?1
here was seriously damagod by an
explosion late last night Mr. a#
Mrs. Horman Smith and |
year-old Janies lleigle were taken,
to tho hospital at Somersot.hut
Mrs; Reiglo was given medical at
tentlon here. Five other persons
were In the house when?"je,?f$y I
slon occurred but escaped injury.
The police expressed the belief
that the damage -was caused by ay
nariite placed on tho poreh. It J
the fifth explosion of
acter with'n the past few^montts.
NEW "YOItK. March 6.?Gorman
marks valued at $1,329,220 and gold
bars amounting to a large sum was
part of tho cargo of tho steamer
Stockholm arriving today from
Swedish, ports. i
On the basis af estimates pre
pared by fiscal officers of the
army, navy and riarlne corps, the,
soldier?' bonds would c0"t tlle
Fedoral government approxtrpate
lv ?2 600,000,000. This total is
predicted upon the assumpUon
that 50 per cont of tho men who
served with the army and .5 per
cent of tliose who saw service
with the navy and marine corps,
will tako cash. ^ ,
Per "capita Cnnsnmntton of to-1
?tlyjco InMhc Unftcrt States Is
about eight pounds annually ,? ? j
Germany raises four aid a half
times as many potatoes as the
United iStat^a.
heads orchestra
Director" Davles. lea'd^
7?__ "i- t-hm ctnndard , Garage 1
mom ouwiuiwuiiw ^ -?j
opens "Jn, the Standard ,0ar?*e
is- ?
(CaUraJ ??: .
retary of state,' in' regard'to' tho|
'propo?ed'p<jnd,'election-and the
city slaking fund aS'lt affects the.
present arid other bond Issues. I
W. C. Hester,, colorod. wis'
jgrtnted a'Uiense'to operate a pool
and blliard* Darlor at 200 Water
street- ""
' A proposal made; by John
jChields. of View street, who ' re
cently agreed'' to exchange some
property on View street, In con-.
slderatlon of 1100 difference, was ?
accepted by the directors. City I
Attornoy Kern was Instructed, to i
prepare a deed and; to . complete]
the transaction with Mr. Chlelds. I
The following building permits!
were grantpd: J. B. Murray, al
residence on. Chicago street to cost,
13,600; Domemlck Muldonla,
shoe shine shop on Water street,
to cost 1200; R. A. Harhort, gar
age .and apartment, oh Hldgeway
aVenne.'to cost Jl.0'00; Margaret
Ammons, residence oh Bellvlewi
avenue, to cost JjJj.OOO.
... 'ifr11"11**1 lTcm 0Ml ,
of 12,000 tons in oxceaa of the!
previous week.
The tonnage shipped by the
various division's was as follows: i
B. &. O., 163,050 tonB, Charleston,!
2-C.100 tons; Cumberland, 14,800.
tons; Connellavlllo, 5,460 tons;!
Western Maryland,, Bellngton t
Weaver, ?J,260 tons; Wyatt?Hel
en's Run, 16,700 tons; Mononga
bela, 75,200 tons,
May Open Mine
Tho Morgantown Post Is tho
authority for the following; "Ono
of the bl? mines that is expected
to open soon is No. 2 mine of tho
Cleveland-Morgantown Coal com
pany. If this mine resume oper
ations, employment to about 200
men will bo afofrded. Company!
officials declined to comment on j
the report-that .the mine was pre
paring to open, but It wan defin
itely learned that mon are being
sought. Tho mine will probably
open under open-shop conditions.
Ex-service men will, llkoly bo
sought for coal diggers.)
Personal Mention
J, A. Amend, auditor, ' and
Goorga B. Taylor, general mana
gor, Jamison C. & C. company are
hero from Oroensburg today. They
will return to that placo tonight.
C. H. Jonkins, secretary and
treasurer of the Hutchinson Coal
company, arrived in Washington,
D. C.. this morning In company
with Mrs. Jenkins. They are ex
pected to return to Fairmont on
Tuesday morning.
? H: W. Showalter, Diamond Coal
company, has returned from Pitts
Majot S. D, Brady, Brady Coal
corporation, who was in Parkers
burg, returned, but last evening
left for Cumberland.
Satrfrday's Loading
Coal loading In Northern Wost
Virginia on Saturday totaled 960
cars. The production was as fol
lows by division's:' B. 4b O.?
Monongah, 326 cars; Charleston,
80 cars; Connelltvlllo, 23 cars,'
Cumberland 30 care; Western
Maryland, Bellngton and Weaver,
3 cars; Wyatt^-Holen's Run, 69
cars; Morgantown and Klngwood,
IS cars; Morgantown and Wheel
ing, 175 cars; Monongahola, 241
Operations along the Mononga
hola railway In Pennsylvania on
Saturday loaded 35? cars ot coal.
Twenty cars of coke wore load
ed on the Monongah division, B.
& O. on Saturday. '?
Dally Shipments
Three cars of coal were loaded
to Arlington pier on. Saturday off
the B..& O. A total of 352..cars
<Sf coal were loaded east and 58
west. There were eleven cars of
coko loaded east and seven cars
Saturday's H. R, Fnel
A total of 169 cars of coal were
loaded ab railroad fuel off the It.
& O. Thirty-three, cars -were se
cured by tlie B. & O. whllo 1-2G
cars were secured by farrelgn'car
Today's Empties
Today the mines In the Falr
mone region ordered 1,288 emp
ties. There wero 821 ordered on
tho B. & 0., 422 on tho Monon
gahola, which includes 180 along
the Morgantcwh and Wheeling I
and,40 on the Western Maryland.!
Operations along tho .Monongat I
hela railway In Pennsylvania to-'
day ordered 261 empties;'. >
Working Conditions
Ninety-six mines wore workftig
today in tho. Fairmont, region.
Sovonty-olght operations wore at
work today on the B. & 0.; one
on tho Western Maryland and
seventeen along tho Monohgahela.
Twenty'-alx plants were at work
today on the Charleston division,
B. & 0.,
United Ulno Workers
Jaines McCleary, district or
ganizer, is at Houlttpday.
Frank McCartney,., district
board member, is in,.the Clarks
burg field today
Nick Alello, president of sub
district 4,.and E. S. McCullougli,
labor commissioner,, will go to
Downs today.
Tonnage Gains
Coal production in the Fair
mont region laW week aggregat
ed 6,048 cars or a gain.of 77 cars
over the previous week.
Tonnage produce4 yesterday
was as foltow?: Monongah divi
sion, B. & 0; 8,162 cara; Wes
tern Maryland, 346 cars; Monon
gahela .and Morgantown and
Wheeling, 2,'651. cars,' Tho mines
on. the Charleston division, B. &
0? last week loaded 522 ears of
coal .wfillo the plants on itho Mon
ongahela railway In Pennsylvania
loaded 2j208 ca^'. '.?<
Production ,last weik on the B.
A O.gained 204 cars, lost 223 cara
on the Western! Maryland and.
gained. 96 cars on the Mononga-I
hela. On the Charleston division1
there was a gain oM44 ears while;
on the Monongahela In Pennsyl-I
vanla .there was n loss' of; 183
cars*,v-these. , being . non?unfon'l
Fear of Stiffer Money
Rates Felt-Today
on Market
NEW YORK, March 6',?Sdllng
lor both accounts caused loeses of
1 to 4 points' among popular Id
dustrlals and , specialties In the
first hall of-today'*. active session
but -those were largely cancelled
later. Solea approximated 800,000
shares. 7.
Further divergence of specula
tive sentiment was Indlcav 1 by
the uncertain course in r. ' at
the' opening' of today's stoc.- i'.;suv
keL Shorts again directed their
attacks upon s motors, especially.
Chandler and Studebaker. Amer
ican tobacco, one of last Satur
day's heavy features, soon react
ed *3. points and international
paper lost % point Ralls were
mixed, Canadian . Pacific easing;
while Union Pacific and Western
Pacific made fra:tloa?l .gains.
Trading was in moderate volume,
last- week's deficit of clearing
house reserves causing fears o(
stiffer money rates. ? '
Sugars, local utilltlos, General
Electric, Electric Storage Battery,
Cost Iron preferred and National
Cloak and Suit preferred were
among the comparatively few stocks
to resist the farther pressure of the
first hour, rising 1 to 8 points,
Selling.of the motor group, also In
dependent steels, popular tobaccos,
rubbers and oils became more gen
eral before noon. Gulf States Steel,
Chandler, Goodrich 'preforred, and
United Fruit declined 1 to 3 1-2
points. Ann Arbor extended last
week's rise but other speculative
and Investment rails as well as ship,
pings lost ground. Call money open-,
ed at >4 1-4* per cent. .
Consolidated gas hounded up S;
points on the judicial decision fa
voring the company In the 80 cent
gas litigation. Brooklyn union gai
also improved 2 points. Elsowhere
tho market pursued a rapid down
ward course, with some of the more
vulnerable shares making precipi
tate declines. The usual specula
tive leaders were quoted quite gen
erally;! to 2. points below .Satur
day's final figures. Pressure against
the steel group was traceable to the
unfavorable annual report publish
ed. !
Gas Bhares soared In the final
hour. Consolidated extended its!
gain -to 8 points and Brooklyn Un
ion roso 11 points. The general
Hat rallied 1 to'3 points from ear
ly minimum prices. Tho closing
was steady. I
Allied Cliomical and Dye 57%
Allls-CJhalmera 45%
American Beet,Sugar 58%
American Can 42
American Car and Foundry..160
American Hide and Leather "pf 08%
American International Con>. 43%
American Locomotive 109%
American Smelting and Ref'g 47%
American Sugar *...3?7J%
American Sumatra Tobacco.. -28%
American T. and T. .v. .'119%
American Tobacco ... i..... .134%
Apierlcan Woolen ? 88%
Anaconda Copper 49
Atchison 96%
Alt., Quit and W.. Indies...... 27%
Baldwin Locomotive .........105%
Baltlmpre and Ohio-..-... 37%
Bethlehem Steel "B" 63%
Canadian1 Pacific ; 134%
Central Leather 35
Chandler Motors 73%
Chesapeako and. Ohio ... 58%
Chicago, Mil., and St. Paul... 21%
Chicago,?R; I and Tac 40
Chlno Gopper 20%
Colorado Fuel and Iron 27
Corn Products .1... ......100
Crucible Steel ; 57
Erie 1 110
Famous Plavers-Lasky 82%
General Asphalt 61%
General Elec<rtc 157
General Motors ...L... 8%
Goodrich Co 38%
Grdat Northern pf<l 75%
Inspiration Copper 39%
International Hnrr. (bid).. 90%
Int. Mer. Marino pfd. 09%
International Paper 45%
Invincible Oil 10%
Kelly-Sprlngfleld Tire 42%
Kennecott. oCpper ;.... 2S%
Louisville & Nashville 113%
Mexican Petrol. 124%
Miami Copper 27%
Mlddlo States Oil : 13%
Midyale Steel 29 %
Missouri Pacific 22
New York Central 77 %
N. y.. N. H, & P?rt. 17 -.
Vr.rfnllr anil TOnatafW w ?' " QUI/.
Ray. Conaol.. Copper . .V.... 14 *
Reading;.-..... iv..V;k."..i... 78%
Rep.: I, & S; ..49%
Royal Dutch; -k: 'V.1*9fSm 61%
Seara-ROfeWtK.-r.-.'... ..... 67%
Sinclair;,CAj. Oil ". 2J%
Southern". "Pa^ If to '?. '-84%
Southern Railway ..... 20%
Standard. 011ot.N.:J 177
Texas >&? Pacific, 81; ?
Tobacco Products .?) 60%
Transcontinental-OH i 9%'
Union Paaiflc .1 -.181 ?
United Retail tS.orea 44 %
U. S. Ind. Alcohol 44%
United States Rubber .....58%
United States Seel '94%
Uah oCpper 62%
\fotnW?e;Bld6tHc ?? 15 ? %
Willys .Oyerland ? F%
j j ? ^
'A.>. . Chicago Grain )'i
' nm/i i/iA ?'' ? ?'wir'A
being/Jojrpr, quptatlons at Liver
Pool, where ?Argeoy nd tad Avstr*.
Airs. Marlon B. Stephen* of Chi cage, heiress to $40,000,000, hna
announced her intent on to, marry Alexandroyifth VSsnlatsky, Rus
sian refugee and Philadelphia fact ow worker, according to friends.
Vasnlatsky sayB lio'll continue wor king In the factory. His bride will
ocupy a"small-home in tlio factory neighborhood, Mrs, Stephens
became Interested in VaBnlatskx/w hlle aothg relief work In Parts. ;
,V 1? g
from unchanged figures to 1-4 cont
lower with May 1.41 to 1.41 i-a
and July 1,19. tp 1.13 1-4 was fol
lowed By an upturn that In some
caiea went abovo Saturday's flntbh,
and .tiien by a decided' all around
break in valuos..
/ Corn and o&fs were depressed In
prlcc by the action of the'market
After opening 3-8 cent off to a llkd
advance, May 63 1-4 to 63 1-2 cent,
the.Torn market scored light gen
eral'gains, and then underwont a
material drop.
Oats' started 1-8 to 3-8 cont
lower, Mfy 40 6-8 to 40 7-8 HrfO
made a'transient upturn, but'soon
weakened again.
Declines, jn the valuo of.lt'oss
and grain pulled down provlslnna.
Chicago Produeo
CHICAGO,. March' 6.?Butter
lower;:;credmery extras'36; firsts
82035H; seconds 29JP31; stand
ards 35%.
Eggs lower; r.eecipts.20,707 cases,
firsts [email protected]>,i; ordinary firsts 19
?20; miscellaneous [email protected],
Pittsburgh livestock
PITTSBURGH, March 6.?Cattle
receipts 1,000 higher; steers $8.2Sifi>
8.50; heifers '$7.25; cows $5.00?
5.75.1 "
Hogs receipts .7,000, lower; heav
ies [email protected]; heavy yorkera
?ll,85?11.95V.llght yorkerB $11.50;
pigs, $10.25 011.36.
Sheop and - lambs receipts 2,500
steady; top sheep $9.60; top lambs
Calves receipts 760, steady; top
" * , . Liberty. Bonds
JfEW; YORK, March 6.?Liberty
bonds noon: 3&B, $96.98; first 4s.
$97.30; ? seconds 4s,, $97.00;' first
414s, $97.30; second 4"4b, $97.16:
third: 4?4's; $98,20;, fourth 414*,
$98.78; victory 3%'s, $100.02; victory
494s, $100.26.
I-ake Superior,'400 miles long and
180 wide, is the largest frosh wiitor
Body rln the world .
,T|tera are 68 cities in tho UWted
States with :a-population of more
than 100,000. , i
icon tinned From Page One)
others against- the ono; there Is
here not even a covert threat of
? force, Force is not in this provi
sion, explicitly or implicitly, either
i In the foreground or background.
There Is here only an'understand
ing of and among friends to talk
over controversies and adjust then..
In a spirit of amity and brother
hood." I ?
"But I wish to emphasize," Sena
I tor Now continued, "that It Is not
! an alliance in any herptotora' ac
cepted moaning of tho word, and if
I it was not clearly understood by all j
I the powers party to it that It was
? iione of thqso, I should not venture I
; to consent W its ratification.. ? I
"There Is'not in this treaty nor
arising from it any obligation what-!
ever to proceed .to thtp oitramity
(use of armed .force) unless aiid un
til congress, in tho due exercise of
its constitutionality prerogative has
fully dismissed the question."
Speaking of the conference gen
erally, and of the friendly spirit it
had generated, tho senator added
"Tho powers loft tho conrcrenco
possossed of every right, onJOylng
every power which was theirs
when they came save-only thosp
willingly and. gladly > given up for
the general, good. They' are .thus
moro firmly united, more strongly
[willed'for right'andJ justice.in in
ternational relatlohs, stauncher
friends and neighbors with keener
and moro sympathetic mutual un
derstandings, than ever before. The |
spirit of sacrifice which has flowed
in and thfoiigh the conference |
leaves tho worlda safer and better
place to live, In." - /
Resolution Adopted.
WASHINGTON, . March. 6.?A
resolution,. asking PreBldpntvHard
ing what effect ratification of'the I
I tour-power treaty will have on the1
1 celebrated . "Lanslng-Ishi agree
ment" between .the United Statss
and' Japan, was adoptd today'' by
the senate.' >; ?
Match Square Trick
MATERIALS: Twelve matches
placed-in tho form of four squares
in one.
'PROBLEM: To . remove lour
matches and-replsice:them so.a* to
form three J squares:, of. the same
size as the Original I tat ' ., I
?) SOLUTION: Remove sides A. J).
C. D and. with these form a third.
square as shown ? , |
v :
aw 'i
fomu'i Club ?
TheHlppodrome. ? , j
The musical comedy company the :
"Knlck Knack .Revue,", will glra'
|i? p.* m
i there will be . three-, complete.,
chanKea throughout the week. On
Tuesday and Wednesday, the pro
trains will be augmented" br tin ,
Mamie Smith revue band, which Is
made up of oolOTed-muBlclain'.
. ? ?-. '
The Prlnoete
Aj> seen this moraine:
"The Idle Rich" la the- screen
adaption of the- Saturday'Everiln*
Post story "Junk", and Bert. Liytell,
In the leading role-Is seenaa a
lyounR financial ruin, who rebuilds:,
his (ortunoj by selling Junk, be
lieving tjiar any buplneea' that J?
honost. Is better than nobuetUM"
It Is a clean, amusing story wit]
good logic, preeentod in the. usual
Lytell manner' and ho lr.!gmB<
strong support bycharratrijVjT "
glnla Valll. ? '?
Mr. Lytell, having: started
careor on very little flnanc'
can appreciate what !t mei"
begin llfo on (a . small'scalea
that reason he said be enjoy;
role In thisproduction,; } M
A good two roel Century a.
completes the program,:' '
=58 a
Th? Dlxtf - , ? , \ fiL
As seen tits morning! ' IRK
Those who have k??? , '??J?
forward to seeing flrlffltt MffiJJ
version ot the story
East" wl)l not he dlsaprpotnlf
the production, for It l8...~>.
more, than has befcii 'vrrUten
corning It. Too much cann<
said In praise ot Its merit!,
any standpoint.' ' i _ v.
Mr. Griffith W? b? thln'",,,
the greatest thing In the world,
unsoirish love. andjin(l>artfl.|*
sou. Of Squire BarUett^ ^wto J
learned to love Anna-Moore.yt
girl who has come to hlsfott
home seeking 'Ofk, and nt
trom a hard and cruel world "
out, lie finds the Ideal low,
trusts, forgives and ngveir ta'.
? It is a very liuman BWWs
a great heart appeal, portrayot
W truly wonderful manner.
The flelson
As seen, this morning!, ?
It is Interesting to note j
?Foverer".. was- first Khown in?
York under the title of P?t?r.
bctson," hut for the other,secy,
of the oountry It has beery CMm
for some unaccountable wasom
- However the Du Maurler no
and the Raphael ata<?e* yer?
which concerns two young :p?
who have boon' torn tojrtJSIa
and1 clrcuT stances and yet ???u
gether In their dreams. . ? |
Many of the scenes are laid>U> J,>
French garden at Fassy a suburb .
of Paris, and at different Btages.|tl,;
the story the P^den
changes symbollo of the 'Ives of tie
two leading characters,_(Who aro
first seen'as chlldren. Qogo
Mlnnsl by names. In the dog
Bcenes they omc, ?}"
fWallaco Rafid) and Maty, l/uci
ess of,Towers (Elslo Ferguson
who aro co-stars in ther productfM
1 As a whole, the picture tos jolj
many good' xk>intfl'r^ftt,.ttrjj--W*?
to enumorato thejnall. .iijgjm
A. Sunshine1 com?4y, "Go
It" is Uie a<Med feature, #
?.' *?' >
This Evening,.;"'^
8:00 p. ro. 'Autqmobtle,,In?i
ance." by John .DaJwJ.l^C??
wealth building.
jjettcrironTB; A. PWi
ft ~ ' MnnnfUinTlfflHvA Al Rfl
burgh', representative of
BabBOn. economist ana.,
authority. '-I\ $'??& :\*?<
., 8:30 p. m. Vocat.anM
tal seloctlons JiMl?
of the Pittsburgh: Theologlc
lnary, North<Sldo,,EItUbir
, Tomo" "
Thomas Baltw,-acting itr.
of Carnegie Institute - of;{ T
? Thls,ls the threj lundre
nlversary of the birth or
who U-We mbet'-lmportant
the French - dramatists, *antt
creatod ?gure?:,anptyp?/-^w
known wherever theatrical .ep
Weekly talk on
8:30 p: m.'Vocal
tal selections
orchestra.- Also seye.-,
from" James Wbltomb M

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