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J not far dis
,.,*&> escape the
ir^? .5nd beat
ft, boater which has beon
* cleaning ea
^Helnze & Co. in
tlV^y&ich is . on the
55^^? .establlahment,
*i aeventy-five car
Jached to a revolv
WflH little beatera.
3?t*5ar' ^ as ruga
* paas through the raa
? beatera will gently bit
^Ung.'aU duat Bach
iSfei?? r?celve approx
J-W0:,"beata# there being
rt'tp-evory.8 feet of car
)08Bea through the ma
motora are required to
ijMJarpetlng has passed
18 heating process, it will
> a table and a revolving
tewlll scrub it, but tho
he carpet will not be wet.
the .liquid will be removed
Urr-vacutimand the carpet
?J??: on carP?t hangers to
mooft will be kept at or
jeraperature, and tho carpet H
Thoroughly la two days.
'-"?yT. the carpets aro meas
'??pped .for delivery.
...?Ird floor is glvon over 1
pwsJPV "Id quarters in 1
-?|?S?ft.e?t, Belnze & Co. re-|
HK-erected a handsome brick
dmgln Jacluon street, where
tne future cloaning and dye
Jtbe. company will be done..
jnen.htve been busy all week
rating and Installing fixtures
"paratus, and when this work
ih8d*Falrmont will have one
?fine?t and most modernly
Pfd: plants In the state. The
spacious and there aro
endows to give the work
~jof|fresh air and sun
a main floor of the build
fithe offices and boiler
^Handsome plato glass
'grace the front of tho
_ tmd the general-office will
ijahed In mahogany with the
^ offices in walnut.
jfsecond floor Is devotod to
rgMlng and dyeing of wear
ttc.clothes are all marked
rearched for valuables. Next,
idlrig on the material, they
ftfter., taken to the dry or wot
IHg room.
the dry cleaning process, tho
'n tho washing
mines and thoroughly cleaned,
; then they are put In an ox
rtor-_whlch removes nil cheml
i.vlfext.thoy are rinsed in an-l
?ajKpiK' A trap Is attached
Mftese machines so that In caso
?me valuable has been overlooked
Re searching, or a button comes |
jjnYthe cleaning process, it will
jSbelost but will be caufcht in'
?rap,; which resembles a largo
? ;There aro tliree of theso
Jejcleanlng machines, and Irora
J'to 1,000 gallons of gasollno are
?jfjf'l1)elnK cleaned, the clothes
JwQedi In. a tumbler which de
SS? N"6?- This Is quite large.
inga .cajacity for deodorizing
I pleces of clothing a day. As
such transparent mater
WsjSMrgettos, crepe de chinos,
'^5Wnot be placed In this tum
i>there Is a separate room for
Ij'Where they are dried and de
i^hO'.finishing room Is In tho
PS.HoEjU>p .second floor. After
?i\f/r0aDe^ c'othes pass to
!th^,room and are pressed, but
ir-arfr aewed on and everything
made *mdy for delivery. This
'ffls, ^equipped with eleveu
C't;or pressing women's
fijSS;' th.ree for pressing mon's
'thjs. and one steam board.
HfOfder to guard against fire In
-cleaning departments, each
chine is equipped with an auto
' whleh in caso of fire
Ihburn out and lets down a door
machine securely so i|
the flro cannot sproail. There.
W *l?>PProof d00rs between 1
?^cleaning and finishing rooms.
While all of the flxtnree have
not been Installed, work Is icing
don In the nev plant and it will be
formally opened early in April.
Arlle J. Wells Dead
Word was received hero Satur
day morning of the death of Arlio
J. Wells, who died at 1 o'clock
Saturday morning at hla home In
Bellaire, Ohio. Ho was a former
resident of Farmington and has
many relatives and friends hero.
He la survived by his wife, an
aunt, Mrs. Lou Draggo of Pair
view, and an uncle, A. S. Wolls of
Tulsa, Okla. Tho body will be
brought to Barrackville, Wednes
day morning where burial will be
made in the Baptist Cemetery.
Many relatives and friends from
Farmington will attend tho fu
Delegation From Hundred
The services at the Church of
Christ were attended by a large
crowd Sunday morning. A large
delegation from Hundred attend
ed the 10:20 o'clock preaching
service and the song service In the
afternoon, returning home on the
7:10 train last ovenlng. There
will be preaching every evening at
7:30 o'clock.
Change Residence
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cunningham
have moved from their home at
Cunningham atatlon to tho A. V.
Lynch flats on Railroad street.
Mr. Cunningham is connected with
the Hygiea Manufacturing works.
Mr. and Mrs. Lis Mahaney, who
aro living in tho Dragoo property
will move Into tlie Cunningham
Return from Tournament
Tho local high school basket
ball team returned Saturday ovo
|ning from state tournament at
F.uckhannon where thoy played
one game and were defeated by
the Victory High School with a
largo score.
Monthly Rnsiness Meeting
The Ladles' Aid Society of the
Southern Methodist Church will
hold itc monthly business meeting
at 7:30 o'clock Wednesday eve
ning. The meeting will bo fol
lowed by a Boclal hour in honor of
Mrs. Lottie Bayne and Mrs. Julia
Shootio, who will leavo soon to
rosido at Bellviow. Each member
has been requested to bring her
husband or a friend.
Prayer Meeting
Cottage prayer meeting will be
hold at 6:30 o'clock Wednesday
evening at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. F. S. Bock.
'Mrs. Charles Ridgoway of Bar
rackville attended the evangelis
tic service Saturday evening at the
Church of Christ.
Mrs. A. J. Roed and children
spent the week-end with relatives
in Fairmont.
Miss Ada and Fred W. Burnett
of Shinnston, Dr. II. W. Burnett of
Barrackville and Mr. and Mrs.
Ernest Burnett of Mnnnington
have been here for several days
on account of the serious illness
of their faith, S. E. Burnett. Mr.
Burnett's condition is slightly
Mrs. John Boor was shopping
In Mnnnington Friday.
R. S. Ridcnour has returned
homo from a visit with his par
ents. in Buckliannon. While
there ho also attended tho tour
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Cooper
were visiting Mr. and Mrs. John
King at Barrackville Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Rex Mullen of
Moundsville spent the week-end
with relatives in Farmington.
Mrs. B. J. Toothman, who had
been visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. John S. Downs has returned
to her home In Fairmont. f
Leonard Quinnon of Fairmont
was visiting in Farmington Sat
H. M. Williamson was a busi
ness visitor In Mannington Satur
II. J. Hatzel, who has been ill.
Is improving.
, When the former Kaisor W1J
hetm was asked for a donation to
,the association of War Veteran
Cripples in Gormany, all he could
afford to contribute waa a picture
of himself in full uniform of a
field marshal.
^Financial Statement
Financial Statement
J 922.
s and .discounts'...; $496,441.36
drafts' secured nnd unsecured 2.24S.96
pcks^arid Securities (other than Government Issues) ... 41,930.95
Ltt^(Statcs Bonds 1.$ 5,800.00
(rig-House ' ,.510,000.00
tlturo and Fixtures : 4,037.19
e from Banks and/U. S. Treasury .....$19,444.40
^Tjriand'Other Cash Items 3S1.40
?utkiMdnoy Reserve In Bank 15,105.11
r. Total $095,439.37
al'..Stock Paid In 50,000.00
piuiv'Tnnd ..: 50,000.00
jMtf Prof It : ; $ 16.485.16
jbtpenae, Interest and Taxes Paid 4,627.63
' , : ,
Jv^to chock $105,627.17,
j?X8rtlftcatee ....... 365.090.52
igluDeposlta .....> 10,593.08
Wd^ S^d .. ?..?.? ?
Total ?
ggfrO.:?. Morris, Cashier of the above-named band, do.solemnly
*$<that the above statomcnt Is true to the bdst of my knowledge
O. E. MORRIS, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 18th day of March, 1922.
EBER G. PRICE, Notary Public.
-Jt.Commission Expirea^May 15, 1922.
... . JKIMROD A. HAUGHT, Directors.
irncd home
KghftVhe bid'
been viBlttng for a few'daya.
Hays - Morrla, who hu been 1U
(or several days with grip, la now
Mary Gemaa was visiting rela
tives at Falrcbance and Connells
vllle last week.
Jennie Jacobs was visiting
Fannie Morris last Wednesday.
John Oemas was visiting Moses
Jacobs a few days ago.
Frank Miller was'a recont vl?
ltor at the home of Jacob Rumb
Herman Morris wax vlalttnK
jHarold Phillips last Wednesday.
I Fannie Morris was a business
IriBltor at falrmont last Tuesday.
I Mr. and Mrs! Virgil Brown of
pForksburg were the guests of W.
[H. Gwyn Sunday.
George Johnson was
HayB Morris recently.
Goft Downey was a business
visitor at Hays Morris recently.
Amanda Ashcratt was a recent
visitor at xella Bennetts.
Laudia Phillips wag visiting Jen.
nie Jacobs Wednesday evening.
Wilbur and Lee Ann Reeves
visitor at Ge. _
XEW SOTK UVl'F,l;i:i>
Six nev suits ha?o hosn out it- |
ed to- the process booss rf the
Marlon County Circuit .Court dur
ing the last tew dan. 'Ilip-tcw!
salts a<-e:
Eva Weaver vs Gsjrce Weaver, 1
Chancery, Marcli ralos, 'J. A.j
K'napp, attorney for the plaintiff.
Gertrude Russell vs John 'lus-!
sell,- Chancery, April rules. XI. A.'
Knapp, attorney fur '.he olalntlff.'
S. L. Murray and O. I:. Daw
son, partners dour' business as
Murray fc Dawson v:i Dayton C.,
Wolfe ,-nd D. A. Kte->t'- Molir.ni
for Judgment fur SI. 116."7.
March rules. Rnsa-tH.l. Fur'-ee,
attorney for the plaintiff.
Clarksburg Wholoaal" Cnimuny
vlaltlnR vs R. M. Merrill et A Motion '?r
judgment for $640 ij. Mnirh
rules. U. L. Furliee. attom.-v for
the plaintiff.
The American M.ao D>mr Com
pany vs The Rive??!"o Cual com
pany. Motion for for
$752.76. April rules. Nand
Lively, attorneys for plalui'ff. i
Financial Statement
Financial Statement
Loans and discounts $G77 072.33 I
Overdrafts' secured and unsecured I 7,352.31
Stocks and Securities (other than Government Issues) ...! 2s!ooo 00
Banking Houso ....530,000.00
Furniture and' Fixtures 7,500.00
?Due from Banks.and U. S. Treasury .........$19,694.3S
Checks and other Cash Items 5.29S.15
Lawful Money Reserve in 13ank 41,421.St
Tolal 5813,338.91
Capital Stock Paid in $100,000.00
Surplus Fund 55,000.00
Undivided Profit ......51 1,216.60
Less Expense, Interest and Taxes Paid 5,852.32
Deposit*, Viz:
Subject to check .. 5419,825.27
Time Certificates . 36,9S2.64
Savings Deposits .. .. 186,400.45
Dividends Unpaid 45.00
Certified Checks .. .. 1.S38.48
Cashiers Checks .. 530.13
Due to Banks .? 7,352.56
i Total 5813,338.91
I, M. L, Brown, Cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly
swoar that the above statement Is true to the best of my knowledge
and belief. ?
M. L. BROWN, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 18th day of March, 1922.
(SEAL) H. E. ENGLE,' Notary Public.
My Commission Expires September 24, 1925.
Charter No. 0045 Reserve District No. B
Loans and discounts, including redis
counts. acceptances of other banks,
and foreign bills of exchange*or drafts.
sold with indorsement of this bank
(except those shown in b and c) ...... $1,418,200.31
Total loans 51,418,200.31
Overdrafts, secured, None; unsecured ...f 112.98
! U. S. Government securities owned:
Deposited to secure circulation (U. S.
j bonds par value) . 5 200,000.00
All other United States Government
i securities .....J 24,'520.0D
Total ,V . 224.520.00
Other bonds, stocks, securities, etc.: : 398,550.46
Banking House .. 65,000.00
I Real estate owned other than banking houso .: 3,500.00
Lawful reserve with Federal Reserve Bank 97,828.13
.Cash in vault and amount due from national banks .... . 218,789.87
I Amount due from State banks, bankers, and trust
| companies in the United States (other than included
I in Items 8, 9, or 10) 8,SSI.56
Checks on other banks In the same city or town as
reporting bank (othor than Item 12) , 26,273.85
Total of Items 9. 10, 11, 12,
und 13 5 253.945.2S
Checks on banks located outside of city or town of re
porting bank and other cash itenis ..... 9.4SS.04
Redemption fund with U. S. Treasurer and duo from
U. S. Treasurer .. ;.. 7,200.00
Total 52.478,345.20
Capital stock paid in : 5 200,000.no
'Surplus fund . 40,000.00
Undivided profitR 554.930.04
iRosorve for Special Resorve
, Fund 10,000.00
j . 5 61,930.Oi
(Less current expenses, interest and
taxes paid . 14,301.1o
Circulating notes outstanding ".... 200,000.00
Amount duo to national banks S.S56.42
1 Amount duo to State banks, bankers, and trust com
panies in tho United States and foroign countries
(other than included In Items 21 or 22) 15,229.75
Certified checks outstanding .*. 1.927.37
Cashier's checks on own bank outstanding 306.06
Total of items 21, 22, 23, 24 and
I 25 526,319.60
| Demand deposits (other than bank deposits) subjeet
j to Reserve (deposits payable within 30 days):
(Individual doposits subject to check 999,686.21
J Certificates of deposit due in less thati 30 days (othor
than for money borrowed) 3,402.17
Dividends unpaid 1 117>00
Total of demand deposits
(othor than bank deposits)
subjoct to Roserve, Items 26,
27, 28, 29, 30, and 31
Time deposits subject to Reserve (payablo after 30
days, or subject to 30 days or more notlco, and pos
tal savings):
Certificates of deposit (othor than tor' money bor?
rowed) : : : 518,337.58
Other time deposits 328,703.70
Total of timo deposits subject to
Reserve, Items 32, 33, 34
and 3o.. - 5847,041.$$
Bills payable (including all obligations representing
money borrowed other than rediscounts) .... 25,000.00
Notes and bills rediscountod, including acceptances of
other banks and foreign bills of exchange or drafts >
sold with indorsement of this bank 86,150.00
Total : 52,478,345.20
I, C. Richard Hall, Cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly
swear thqt the above statoment is true to the best.of my knowledge
and belief.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 17th day of Jjlarch, 1922.
F. L. SPRINGER, Notary Public.
My Commission Expires February 8th, 1931.
J. M. BROWNFIBLD, Director*
ion for Water Filtration PI
|Bond- Issue and Levy.
To The Qualified Voters of The City of Fairmont,
Marion County, West Virginia,?
i That there mil be a special election in and for the
i City of Fairmont on TUESDAY, the 28th day of
| March 1922 between the hours of sunrise and-sunset,
'at the regular voting places in said City, pursuant to
| an "ordinance, passed by the Board of Directors of
? said City oh the 6th day of March 1922, in woVds and
'figures, as follows, to-wit:?
AX ORDINANCE, Providing,for the issue and sale of bonds of
the City of Fairmont for the construction of a water filtration plant
and intake well.
WHEREAS, It is. expedient and necessary for the comfort, con
venience, health arid well-bolng of the'citizens and residents of the*
City of Fairmont that the water rurnished by said City for consump
tion withiu said City ho filtered,?
AND,'WHEREAS, In order to furnish filtered water to the con^
sumers of water it is necessary to. construct a water- filtration plant,
inclusive of an Intake well,?
AND, WHEREAS, The said City is not .now possessed of the
necessary fqnds with which to construct such water filtration plant
and intake wpll.?
aim laiuKU wen,?
AND, WHERKAS, After careful investigation it is estimated that
the ?um of ONE HUNDRED and FIFTY THOUSAND (1160,000)
DOLLARS will bo required for the pnrpose of constructing said
water filtration plant, inclusive of said intake well,?
SECTION 1. That the City of Fairmont do Issno its bonds, to be
known at und called "WATER FILTRATION BONDS" for a sum In
the aggregate, not exceeding ONE HUNDRED and FIFTY THOUS
AND (5150,000) DOLLARS; the samo to be of the denomination of
Ono Thousand (51.000) Dollars oach, which bonds shall bo executed
and signed for and In the name of said City by the Mayor of this City
and countersigned by tho City Clerk thoroof. who shall also attach
the seal of this City thereto, and shall be Issued and dated ns of the
first day of April 1S22, and be payable at the orflco of the State
^ost y.'ntlula. In the City of Charleston/Slate of Wost
th? nf V V i J\aLCltr DaBk' t,1# Clt!r 0t York. I"
.1,2. i ^ , at tho optlon of th? holder, at maturity and
Anrll rcc*1Io.d serially and paid on the first day of
pril, boginnlng with year nineteen hundred and twenty-throe (1923)
thorent!ovon the m h
m . I0V ?n' / fac0 lhelr serial numbers to be rodeomod
on each annual period and shall bear Interest at tho rate of llvo (5%)
Anrn^lVV, a,Dn,Um' ??,{abl0 '6?'-?nnually, on the"rat dayof
o* ^ ? 8 ay 0 October In each year, at the office of the
Jrea9l'ror of West Virginia, In the City of Charleston. State of
West Virginia, or at.theNatlonal City Bank, In the City of New York
"u A ' the ?''t,on of the holder, and that said
Interest be evidenced by coupons attachod to tho said bonds, and the
"? 1 executci1 by tho fac-slmllo signatures of the Mayor
of this City and tho City Clork thereof. major
Said serial bonds shall bo respectively numbered and respectively
become-due and payable, as follows, to-wit:
uZil J . ?' !ni\lu8,lve' #for J2,000, due and payable April 1, 1923
? ? i' delusive, for 52,000, due and payable April 1, 1924
Da j 5 1? 5' |ncJU8,ve? for 52,000, due and payable April 1, 1925 !
in *? -.2' nc!U8Jve- Ior JJ.000, duo hnd payablo April 1, 1926 I
[^2 JJ J? J?' inclusive, for $3,000, duo and payablo April 1, 1927 I
Bonds 13 to 15, inclusive, for 53,000, duo and payablo April 1, 1928
[Bonds 10 to 18, inclusive, for 13,000, due and payablo April 1, 1929
i 15 !? l\' inc|usive, for $3;000, due and payable April 1, 1930
| Bonds . 22 to 24, inclusive, for $3,000, due and payable April 1, 1931
! Bonds 25 to 27, inclusive, for $3,000, duo and payable April 1, 1932
Bonds 28 to 31, inclusive, for $4,000, due and payable April 1, 1933
[Bonds 32 to 35, inclusive, for $4,000, due and payable April 1, 1934
; Bonds 36 to 39, inclusive,'for $4,000, due and payable April 1, 1935
[Bonds 40 to 43, Inclusive, for $4,000, due and payable April 1, 1936
I jJonds 44 to 48, inclusive, for $5,000, due and payable April 1, 1937
; Bonds 49 to 63, lnclusivo, for $5,000, due and payable April 1, 1938
Bonds 54 to 58, Inclusive, for $5,000, due and payable April 1, 1939
Bonds 59 to 63, inclusive, for $5,000, due and payable April 3_ 1940
| 3onds 64 to 69, inclusive, for $6,000, due and payable April 1, 1941
Bonds 70 to 75, inclusive, for $6,000, duo and payablo April 1, 1942
Bonds 76 to , 81, inclusive, for $6,000, due anil payable April 1, 1943
Bonds 82 to 87, inclusive, for $6,000, duo aad payablo AprJl 1, 1944
Bonds 88 to .94, inclusive, for $7,000, duo and payable April 1, 1945
Bonds 95 to 101, inclusive, for $7,000, duo and payable April 1, 1946
Bonds 102 to 108, inclusive, for $7,000, duo and payable April 1, 1947
Bonds 109 to 116, inclusive, for $8,000, due and payable April 1, 1948
Bonds 117 to 124, inclusive, for $8,000, due and payable April 1, 1949
Bonds 125 to 132, inclusive, for $8,000, due and payable April 3, 1950
Bonds 133 to 141, inclusive, for $9,000, due and payable April 1, 1951
Bonds 142 to 150, Inclusive, for $9,000, duo and payable April 1, 1952
Said bonds shall be made payable to "Bearer" but may bo regis
tered as to the principal under the signature of the City Clerk of
Bald City of Fairmont,- and shall thereafter be transferable under
such signature upon an assignment duly acknowledged or proved,
and may be so transferred again to "Beater". Tho interest on said
bonds shall not be registrable, and the coupons for the same will
remain payable to bearer. .
SECTION 2. Said bonds shall be sold and. disposed of to the
best advantage of said City of Falrriiont in such manner as the Direc
tor of Finance, or officer In lien thereof, may doom best, aud In
conformity with the law in suoh caso made and provldod, but in no
svont shall said bonds be disposed of for less tbau their face or par
ralue; provided, liowevor, not more of said bonds shall be sold than
may be necessary to realize the sum sufficient for tho water filtration
plant, inclusive of intake well, hereinbefore mentioned.
The proceeds of the sale of said bonds shall be deposited in banks
to bo designated by this Board of Directors,In tho manner prescribed
by law; said banks to bo required to give security therefor as provldod
by law.
. SECTION' 8. That all tho proceds of tho sale of said bonds,
when issued hud-sold, or so much as may be necessary thereof, not
exceeding said sum of ONE HUNDRED and FIFTY THOUSAND
($150,000) DOLLARS, shall bo applied to tho expense attending tho
construction aud completion, of said water filtration plant, inclusive
of said intake well.
In caso more bonds are .issued for the purpose aforesaid than
are necessary, such bonds shall bo cancelled by tho Board of Direc
tors of said City, or body acting'in llou thereof.
. 4' That the duty of the Board of Directors
of this City/ or the body acting in liou theroof to provide from the
water revenues of tho water dopnrtment of this City, as far as is prac
ticable, a ?uni each year, sufficient to pay the Interest, on said bonds
and tho principal of snch theroof as they, froiq yoar to yoar, become
due and payable.
t"1 ,U "hou 1,0 11,0 dut>' of tho Board of Directors of this Citv
0r ' u. f In lieu theroof, to, and the said Board of Directors'
or body .ittlng in lieu theroof. shall, each year, nt the timo required
lawi,provide by levy and taxation, as Is required by law In such
provldod, for a sum sufficient to pay the lnterost upon
such bonds, and the principal of such bonds as they become due aad
payable, In the ovont that the water revenues of this City shall at
any time or times be insufficient for tho purposes of tho payment of
the principal.oj: interest of said bonds.
\ questions in connection with the issue and sale
of said bonds shall be submitted to tho qualified voters of said City
In accordance with the statutes in such case made and provided, at
j elect,on to !>? held for that purpose only, on Tuesday, the
j March 1922? at the several voting precincts tn said City,
a?d th? ,May?r hereby authorized to Ibbuo his proclamation, recitinc
this ordinance and specifying the amount of indebtedness issued and
authorized of said City therein accordingly as proscribed by law. and
that said proclamation-be published in all the newspapers published in
this City at least once a week for two weeks previous to the dar of
said election. ...
SECTION. 6. This Ordinance shall take effect when it snail be
ratified and approved by at least three-fifths of all the legal votes
cast for and against the same nt. the election mentioned iu tho next
preceding section.
? SECTION 7. That for the purpose of holding,the election men
tioned in Section Five'hereof, the. Bo*rd of Directors doth thereby
appoint the'following Commissioners of Election to take the poll and
ascertain the result of such election* ih such manner as is prescribed'
by law, at the several precincts'orVoting pladesln said City, ndmely:?? '
First Ward: R. A. Johnson; Russell Adamrand.Miss Laura Pell/
Second Ward: Frank Cppfcle, O. B; Maddox and Bailey Thompson.:!
Hess^ War2: F* ?* Cole' T^oma* A. Richardson and A^dolphur
Fourth Ward: W. D. Straight, F. <3. Boydston arid Mrs. Bertha1
?rice. ? #*
Fifth W*rd: ? Robert "T. Ghnningham,-S. J. Snider and R. lj.
Cunningham. ? ?
V '- .' Sixth Ward:" clay. D.'Amof, Si: Bi Ashcraft and lC. "A. Rock.'
Seventh Ward: George H. Brobst, Morgan Chambers and Mrs.
Harriet Swartz. < '
' Eighth Ward: Lough; A. G. Martin and'Mrs. Sallle Show
Utar. . ; - 1
' -.boMlBf said special election
the said' several Totinff'-rilAeiM in ??{<! nii? chnir u
--- certified accord! kg to the regulatloi
jbjdlot used to takintfstich; "polls thkll '6Vas?pfv-y?*?
j shall have printed thereon the worts and tigursi|-T6!l0*
"A- anedal.elecllon In the City of FnirmouC 1
!*' County, west Virginia, hold on 'and pursuant to Or
dinance No. 61, passed by the Board of Directors of said
i City on the 6th day of March 1933. providing for the
issuance of bonds of said City to the amount of Ono
;... Hundred and Fifty Thousand ? $150,000)/ Dollars, to
| ? acquire funds for the construction of a water filtration
]* plant, inclusive of intake well."
[? Directly uridomoath of which bliall bo printed in two separau
: lines the following, to-wit :?i
' Said ballot may be voted and marked In tho maimer-pram_____
by law. , .
2 SECTION 8. That tho City Clork of this City do fortfcwltti^pc*.t>
pare poll books, ballots, etc., as may be necessary fbr ,the ; -
of taking and certifying said special election; samo to bo delivered I
by him to the said Commissioners of Election.
* SECTION 9. That a voto of tho logal voters bo* taken lnViald^
City on the day mentioned in Section Five thereof, on the quesu0?fol.\,
authorizing a maximum special bond lory of five (6) cents.'00^5^^^
One Hundred (1100) Dollars assessed valuation of the taxable proper
arty in said City to pay the interest on. and provide a sinking fund fpr ?
each serial payment and tho discharge of said proposed bond '.issutli
hereinbefore provided; and that said vote shall be taken on tho quos-1
tlon aforesaid ul the several voting places in said City at said special?!
election to be held on Tuesday,'.the 3Sth day of March 1923, wlitctf ^
has been heretofore heroin directed to bo held for the purpose ot^
taking a vote on tho said proposed bond issue of One Hundred'
Fifty Thousand (5150,000) Dollara for safd City; that said Oommls^
isloners of Election horninbeforo appointed do take tho poll "and ns
I certain the result of said election ou the question of authorizing adid
I maximum special bond levy Tor the purposes aforesaid.
i That the City Clork of this CHy shall forthwith prepare-V
| books, ballots, ctc., as may be necessary for the purpose of taking tmv
certifying said special eloc.tiou on the queatlou of authorizing
maximum special bond lovy as aforesaid, to bo deliVored by -him I#
said Cominlssionera of election, and tho said Commissioners ofElfcdri
tlon holding said special election at the nevoral voting placos lu khIU
| City shall cause to be taken and ascertained the roault of sala eljbcr1'?!]
tion on tho question of authorizing said maximum special bond lOvy/.Vsl
in tho several voting places for which they are appointed respectively'#
| and the said vote and poll shall be taken at tho aald Bevoral^vot&fc.r
| places on tho said maximum special bond levy and the rosulty ascer-,4,
[talned and certified according to law; which voto shall b'o 'tpil:^
on a soparato ballot on which shall be printed the words and figuros
following, namely:?* ?
"A spoclal olection to authorize a maximum spW?#$&$
cial bond lovy of five (5) cents on each Ono Hundred
($100) Dollars valuation of taxable property In thol
City of Fairmont to provide for tho payment of Inter
I est and principal of Ono Hundred and Fifty Thousand
?$150,000) Dollars of .bonds now being voted for. V v
pursuant to Ordinance No. 61, passed by tho Doard of
Directors of said City of Fairmont on tho 6th day of
March 1922."
Dlroctly underneath of which shall bp printed in two sepaiiai
lines the following, namely:? .'
, ? f
Sald'ballot may be voted and marked In tho manner prescribed
hy law.
SECTION 10. That for the purpose of tho election herolUJ.'pror
vlded for the bond issue and levy, as aforesaid, the reglstratiqn*.oj,
voters for tho last general City olection bo and the same iB hercby l
adopted, as pertains to the male voters; but Inasmuch as the female ?'I
voters, within this City, have never been registered, as yet, for .eloqj T
tlons in and for this City that a registration bo made of such
voters conformable with the law in such case made and providedi^f
That the Board of Directors of this City do sit on the fifth ;d|
next preceding the date of said special election for the purpp'se??
hearing any and all matters as to the registration of voters randjr
doing any and al things necessary and roquired.by law. J
SECTION 11. That tho voto cast at said special election ;bi.\l
canvassed on ^he- fifth day (Sunday excepted) after the date of saf^1
election as provided by law.
Tho'aggrcgate amount of indebtedness of said City of Falrmoif
existing, is as follows" s< '.'"L.
Bonded Indebtedness . .....$931,000.OA,
Floating Indebtedness .(Water Fund) 35,187.63'S
Total 1.1980,Uftosl
The amount of taxable property of. all kinds within said- Otjjf
of Fairmont, according to tho last assessment thereof, is Twenty-flva
Million, Nineteen Thousand, Five Hundrod and Forty-nine'd25'^
019,049) Dollars. . .
Given undor my hand this 10 day of March 1932. . . ? >? K
Mayor of the.City of Fairmon*
Attest:?LUKE C.
? ' Mayor of the.City.of Fairmont, . v'3
; ARNETT, City Clerk.
Hospital Built i ig
No. 2
? i
r v'.Wai.
? -'trtiw
.. f
Sealed bids will be'received by the.
of Control at its office in Charleston,- W. 'VM qajpg
4:00 P. M. Saturday, May 6th, for doing all thr???
and furnishing all materials pecesaary to comjjli
building described below, according to the pla;
specifications of Warne, Tucker and Patterson;
tccts, Charleston, W. Vk. . '? v>
The building, which will be 286 feet lo _
feet wide, is/to' be two story and finished ^
frame constructor, and basement-, It will
midway between the present Hospital Byil
the Congregate Dining. Hall, and' will be connecti
these- buildings joy fireproof corridors ap: *><?
72 ifeet long'by it feet wiile. ?"7
Plans and specifications will be miu^,-^
State Board of. ControUwhen request* is.accoii
with two $6,00 checks, one of which.will-.l ""
on receipt of plans accompanied with bona-]
?'Separate bids will be taken on wiring, plu~'
heating.' ;

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