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Continued from Onr Lajt line
P The. detect'' attorney looked
fterf nppoie we gotr
-3e flktir to the point,
gt getUn r'id of Tip
?it Sam Larder and
i." tie .district attor
?"Jin. either of 'em,"
__ , firmly. They'ro
ight his open palm
_,kn?e with a crack like
|0t "r got itj" cried
Jtfclt! Well get three of
?^J'.get Slmoivand that fore
MjW* .drunk. We'll tick the
of em on Tip. O'Gorwan.
PJit.the kibosh on Tip, and
J. rd wlll be passed for the.
,Ha will go to make the st
and' thej^ll plug him. Doing
k, they'll be desperate and
'?care what they do."
pring -waa in the air, but wln
"way ln tho heart
BlllytWingo. He had not beon
??im?ke up his difference
Hazel Walton, or rather she
rT*. ""'".made up her difference
Came a night of heavy rain and
?ond., Billy Wlngo, a lamp on the
able;?t his elbow, was reading a
Senver-.newspaper. A sudden
T!drove a spatter of rain acrosB
?rJniows.. There was a soft
mp followed by a sliding sound
?-Jnst;,the outside door. Sumo
?one[uttered in a Roman's voice a
if fled wall.
BUIy went at Once to the door
the latch. There was
ethlng lying on the doorstep
sill, something that moved a
Billy let the door fly open.
.[Something was apparently a
rtoman In distress. Billy bent
ifiSCSCPSJsndaaroi-inB to slip his
junder'her shoulders. Billy
.,jj31ttle lowor and?Smash!
siwifleVcoming out of It," a voice
Jmpaaylngi "I saw his eyelids
S Biiryycept his eyes shut, al
houghjlie was, now completely
nscioui,,, Ho botleved he knew
o> owners of those' three voices.
r~m.|:Larder, Felix Craft and Tip
p Gorman. He opened his eyes.
gfM;>lie was right. Thora they
?ere.^,the three of thorn. But It
JrM.dayllght, and a day of sun
Wineifoo. And the last thing lie
^epiembered was a night of wind
Jid rain.
'"Glad to see you're coming
Sound," said Tip O'Gorman. "How
you,feel?pretty good?"
SgTretty good?considering." re
plied BUI, "Where am I and how
lid I get hero?"
S '.'You're in my house," said Sarn
_irder.... "Vou were ? uh ?
iprougnt here."
KSyWlio was the woman?" ln
QUired Craft demurely.
l\'.-'That was one on me. But I'm
?till wonderln.' Vou fellers went
.jo/a lot of ,trouble to carry- me
clear- outJiero, I suppose vou fel
lers, think you'll be ablo to get
*J*n SJlke off by kldnapin' me."
About Dan Sllke we don't care
hree whoops In hell," replied
i .I.didn't really thlok you did,"
Jiidsailly Frankly, ','but knowing
JSOW-you and Tuckleton?"
interrupted Tip
nastily, "don't go fussln' about
Rafe. Our business Is with you.
Here we arc. Here's you."
"Bill, you left your office in
Golden Bar last night, and took
your rifle with you and both vour
KSiSr" r.elu,med Tlp' "Vo?
to.tho stable and saddled your
red.-and-whlto pinto and rode out
of town."
f. "Several people saw you. sav
Sou, so Plainly that they could
a*wr to your Identity oa the wlt
E&y?r stand."
What's good. Go'n Tippy, old
E&sii You've got to where me
land jny gallant steed are a-skulk
;|MhB underbrush with half tho
hola u"
'.'Will I wear a mask?"
('Naturally?and your horso
"5?' rour red-and-white
junto that everybody knows. It's
j something like the trick you
l? ,5Sfd on Dr'rer and SI ike.
Is ^j?r^b0dy on Ule staS? will
,'? .8wear "> your clothed
?and your horse and your guns
f 8uns ha a brass
PS"81" cspccla"-v
slL??k , follow citizens,
? lakc niy P*ft- In
*1 H?r *~m,, llp' a8ked Billy.
8an? Craft modestly.
^K^j!>,?0UrJPTnt0 out of
Jut. sight, and I think I made a
iood .lmpres?lon. And ] have
gore ^ani a sneaking idea I can
Ket^away with the hold-up*'
b^VDon't doubt it," said' Billy.
v3S"i ,a " ,or * mlnuto.
you ve got nerve enough, I know
5 MTd *?''?? about of a size. I
h?X thought there was some
>HE pais tod torture ol rheu.
matiiin can be quickly relieved
by an application of Sloao'*
[ment. It bringi warmth, eaaeaad
ifort and lets you aleep aoundly.
Jjraya have a .bottle handy and
ly when you feel the fi'lt twinge.
I peluhrot# without rnbUnt.
t'a splendid to take the pain out el
f," aching muaclea, ipraina and
int. stiff joints, and lame backs,
or forty yean pain'a enemy. Aik
,t alf druggists?35e, 70e, 11.40.
thing familiar about that teat
you're wearing. And are those
my other, pants you have on?"
"They are, and your coat and
hat are hanging on a hook in the
I see I ain't gonna get a
chance for my alley a-tall. Who'll
arrest me?my own deputies?"
asked Billy. ?
"No, we'll do that. Here's .the
story: Your' horse gave out *and
Sam caught you trying to rustle a
pony out of his corral. Sam
threw down^on you, held you up
and when we, Sara, Craft and T,
^'understand searched you, we
found on you a couple of pocket
books and Jerry Fern's watch.
Jerry's driving the stage."
"When am I golnjj to be ar
rested for rustling one of Sam's
"Soon after Craft, spts back!
from robbing the stage.".
Billy rolled over on his stom
ach, rammed Ills head into the
pillow and completely relaxed his
.body, but, althought hin breath
ing soon became deceptively reg
ular, he was far from being
asleep. He was thinking as pur
posefully as ever he had In his
life. He had to escape. To per-'
mit his enemies to do this thing,
was Intolerable. There was a
way out. Every strait, no matter
how close or awkward it may be,
has its way out.
He built many plans while he
lay there. But there was a flaw
In each and every one of them.
Felix Craft returned about the!
middle of the afternoon. |
As the door opened and Craft
entered, Billy sat up. "Have a
nice time?" ho drawled.
"Went through like clock
work," replied Craft, slumping in
to a chair beside tho table.
"Lord A'mighty, I'm hungry,"
Craft said carelessly. "Got any
more eggs and ham, Sam?""
"If you want anything to eat.
you can cook it yourself," said
When Felix Craft brought the
eggs, he drew up at one side of
the table and Billy at the other.
The p latter of eggs was between
them. Tip looked on from his
seat near 'the fireplace. Sam
lounged comfortably In his chair.
Billy looked with a dissatisfied
air upon the eggs. "Ain't there
any bread, Felix? A li'l butter on
the bread wouldn't hurt neither."
So Felix made another trip to
the kitchen'. When he returned
with the bread and butter, Billy
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Iho table and refused to bo Sim
forted. ? "I. want some popper!
Sua, you la& lump of ilitmful
lfon, get me some pepper will; ?
"No, I won't I'm too comfort
able and youYe too finicky."
Bill glaced acrosa at Tip. "Vou
going to refuae me too, Tip, old
"No," aald Tip with a weary
air, "I suppose not'"
He arose and betook himself
to the kitchen. Returning with a
large old-fashioned tin pepper pot
he thumped H down upoa the ta
ble In front of the captive "There
y're. Now, ?top your squalling."
"Thank you, Tippy, I will.
Billy scraped up to the table
as Tip turned away. "What'e the
matter with tbla pepper hot, any
Tip turned to look. Billy pick
ed up the pepper pot slowly and
started hard at It. Fells Craft
craned his- neck. ?
"I don't see anything the mat
ter with it," said Craft.
"Don't you?* murmured Billy,
his fingers .busy with the remova
ble top. "Look here."
x Sam Larder did not move, but
both Tip and Craft oboyed. In
fact, they obeyed ivlth such good
will that the handful of pepper
that Billy - Instantly swept Into
their faces dusted up their nos
trils as tfell as Into their eyes.
In throwing the pepper Billy
had employed his left hand. This,
left hand had not completed the
motion before Billy was reaching
for the platter of eggs with h!a
right hand.
It was unfortunate for Sam|
Larder ^hat he was a slow-going |
gentleman. Tho platter struck
him edgewise over the eye when
his sisshooter had barely cleared
tho holster. The sis-shooter thud
ded to Urn floor. Sam and his
chair went over backward and lay
together In a tangle amid the
fragments of broken platter and
the remains of several eggs. He
was unconscious.
Billy, arriving In Sam's Imme
diate neighborhood a split second
after Sam struck the floor, scoop-1
ed up the fallen Bls-shooter 'and
wheeled back to face his other
two enemies. But they were too!
occupied to be an Immediate men-j
ace. Felix eraft waa sitting on]
the floor , clawing at his eyes'
and swearing continuously. Tip,!
coughing and sneezing, was not;
Bwoaring. Perhaps he had not
The Rev. C. D. JofaoJon will
leave in a few days for Baltimore
where he will enter John- Hopkins '
Hospital &;? treatment.
Rev. L. E. Harrison is holding
revival services at the Union
Ocie Wilson was visiting at ths
home of Fay Johnson recently.
The Rev. C. D. Johnson attend,
ed services at the Union Church
and visited Mr. and Mrs. tfock
FlBhter at Lowesville recently.
C. Carpenter and Dewey Miller
were business visitors at Hildc
brand recently.
Miss Sarah and Ocie Clark
were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Lafay
ette Ralphsnyder recently.
Ira Clark of ? Rowlesburg was
visiting Miss Sarah and Ode Clark
The Rev. C. D. Johnson was al
guest at dinner last Tuesday at
the" borne of Mr. and Mrs. S. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Satter
field of Brady were visiting Mr.
and Mrs. James Arnctt recently.
? Harry Brock and family and Mr.
nnd Mrs. J. D. Qabbard have
moved to a farm near Fletchers
Two Year Old Strong
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|Phonc 541
and snatched away hla aiMttoot
er. Tip spun around at the touch,
but Billy dodged away from the
?luteh[sf hand. I
Bang! a revolver bullet cut a
button Irom hla reat and tucked
Into the *jall at hli elbow. Billy's
?udden movement bad saved hla
lire. Ha,Ieaped back another two
yarda to get out of the smoke and
crouched, balancing his tense body
on the balls of his (eet.
Continued In Our Next Issue.
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it home hire with an at
Itaek'bf convulsions ' She Is a
daughter of Mr. and Mr*. Charlea
McElffeah and has been staying
wltlL a family In Fairmont, but
renHed home last week because
of sickness. Friday night about
10 o'clock she had the first con
rulalon, which was folowed rapid
ly by others and It was necessary
for sereral persons to hold her In
bed. In spite of frantic efforts It
was nearly twenty-four hours be
fore a physician could bo procur
ed, on account of tbe great amount
of sickness and the disinclination
of the Fairmont doctors' to come
oat Into the country as the roads
are so bad It is impractical to
travel on Ihem with a car. The
doctor, who was procured about
Oltfo Man Dies **
Relatives here hire- been noti
fied by Ions distance phone of
the death of Clark Wilson of Pat
terson, Ohio. Mr. Wilson, who
was familiarly known to his
friends and neighbors as "Doc"
is the son-in-law of Mr. and Airs.
Theodore McElfreshNof this place.
He returned recently from a trip
to Florida and almost Immediate
ly becamo ill with influensa. Fol
lowing that, he had an attack of
paralysis, from which he never re
covered. Ho leaveB a wife, form
erly Florence McElfresh of Hoult,
and a 12-year-old son. Mr. and
Mrs. Theodore , McElfresh will
start for Ohio today to attend the
The session ol thi
Training CUss 'at thehome*- of
Mr. and Mr*. S. J. Smith Saturday
evotUng wis a verjr* . interesting
one and. well attended. The meet
ing for next Saturday evening will
be at the home ot the Rer. F. G.
Wiles. -
Attendance at Sunday school
meeting Sunday morning Vts
very good. There wll be prayer
meeting Thursday evening at
The Ret. P. E. Wiles wont to
Almlna Sunday to hold regular
services. He also expects to be
gin his revival sorvlces there, to
last probably two weeks. It was
postponed last week on account
of sickness and another revival In
a neighboring church.
Miss Edna Hoult was visiting
relatives at Fairmont. .Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert McOlvln and
Phones 398 or 399
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