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npTuM Tit
jiyfiLsi Ls
Wf&-' ' 3E , ..
eresting Survey Made at
" fternogn Session - of
. Dental Meeting '
"* T?port of the oral bygiene
of the W?et Virginia
:e Deilal Society was submlt
to the state convention of the
rfinla State Dental Society
jrnoon by Dr. E. O. JSpllnr.ll
n. ? In connection frith this)
iort' an* Intenaatlnr report wa?
d from Mlta >VMEIbon, dirsc
it the Kanawha County Dental
c. ?>' -
M'rjport, which ' reviews the
?k'of the McDowell Opunly Den
;Cllnlc, follows:
'It wa? the intention of this com
4t?? to have an address on 'Oral
(fane' given before, each teacb
'institute throuf^iput''the state
t fall when the schools opened
speakers were only'secured for
.'following ""place*:'. Fairmont.
Hntown, Clarkaburg, West
1, .H^nleyille, -Center Point,
hannon, Phllippl, Sutton, Elk
Parsons, Webater Springs, U>
Huntington, Clay Court House.
? County, Putnam. Lincoln,
-Wei), Kanawha, Greenbrier,?
irbour, Gilmer, Webster, Pendle-U
h, Grant, Ticker"; Mingo and
Imp'jhlre Counties I
complete teport of this work
u not made to thla -Qommlttoej
" we believe that other institutes ||
I, addressed which were not re
_9d, "neither was a report made
the speakers to the above named
litutes, iut the following were
me of the speakers on.tbls work:
Tr. C. H. Neill, Dr. H. K. nu
?$DEtC.,W. Wlwftl?. l|x C. Jen
frn,;Df.. Henshaw; Dr. Farna
^rth, Dr, W. C. Vanmeter. Dr.
Jib; Dr. B. J. Eeroll, Or. L. J.
Iker, Mlsa N. M. Blbon, Miss
denour. Miss Van Riper.
gggg MpDowoll County Dental
'aid has done the jolkjvrlng work
Hag the past year:
"yo hundred class room talks
tral Hygiene have been given
the schools throughout the coun
?v ?-???? "? -< .
fTwo hundred Illustrated lectures
Jve been given to" schools with
jtlachers and fiarenta present
|?!Twejity-n|ne abnormal fraenums
"Ave been removed by knife and
fcctrlc cautery, "(t
jVBight restorations of the incise!
ads of anterior teeth, which Tiad
?en ..broken, by one child, tn the
Jlrit of fun, striking another chll.l
"hlle it was drinking at nanltary
finking fountain found In' all
.jhool buildings.
?'.Twenty-five restorations of
foken anterior teeth which were
?used by basketballs- -
Ji'Seven restorations of broken
pterior teeth caused by baseball.
5"Fifteen restorations of broken
mterlor teeth caused by other
jaumatic injuries.
{"Thirteen cases of Trench Mouth.
Ting ten treatm&nts to eacl.
, Four hundred cases of glngtvl
6,, one hundred cases of ulcera-m
a gingivitis, about twenty cases 1
apical abscess, treated by elee-1
<1. therophy" (loniiStionV three!
ndred cases of root canal treat-[
>nt- L
J "We have treated twenty gravtfl
nsea of abscesses where patients]
Bio .to us after the abscflSs Uafl J
broken or been lanced eitor |
illy. / ? ? L
.? "Twenty thousand-bulletins have!
-Been Issued free of charge to the!
Jafhool children and parents.
' ? "Bight hundred,. pamphlets en
j- Jftled the ".Master Carpen
?nrr," "!asued fiy Child's Health Or
;ipntratlon of Amerle.i. fcave been
?fcllvared "to the -parents of chil
li wen suffering from malnutrition or
1 wider development
f "About five thousand mouth hy
Bene songs and Jingles have been
Mtributedto the school children
iJf the county.
JJ"More.tban twelve hundred tooth
fthiahea havfe been gl^p to the
jhtldren and several hundred havb
lean sold to them at the-'small oost
ten cants where thoy-wlshefl'to
if J. ?;
J"Many sample boxes of tooih
Jaate furnlahed to ns by the Col
p(?. company have been given to
BdVehlldren by the staff of the
kjntol clinic and the'school teach-'
5?l'' 1 l 4* I
(o thousand pastebo^-pos
--lave been used around the
(shool bbUdlngs in the interest of
Booth ..hygiene.
"Five baby clinics have boon
Id, where the dhlWren under
tool age were taken by the moth
to be examined and directions
djren to the mothers relative ka
Heir diet and care of the "motltb"
id teeth. The babies were cart
'ly oharted and the. charts flleo
v? referred to ah later clinics,
.re have all the children In the
tools charted and keep the charts
jm year to year and add all work
lone each year.
I- "Many articles coneernlns the
lental clinic, anfl results of the
Krk.have been sent to'the'Blue
(eld .Dally Telegraph. 'our nearest
Btly paper and the McDowell Re
Jorder. our county paper, by par
its. t?achera and -others Interest
Sd In this work and cqpiea of same
?tve been sent to many health or
Caniiatlons and dentists who have
taked for information relative to
work of the Clinic and sUti>
HCS of same, among which wer?
fee-dental clinic at Rocheater.
Minn.,-and other good organiza f
f"Copiea of all dental laws enact
'"by the state of West Virginia
Jipnzlng establishment of dental
aSca, creating training sshools
,d(>ntal hjglenlsu and providing
Jlcensln* detft*l i" bygienlsu,
Sibeen WjalledrtiT l^alth organ!
Jequestvin-.-all-moet all
stareytl the Union iibd several
rlsoe* isfeCanada, a copy will
^rnlsheff to.all the dentists of
|t Virginia Dental Society
pril 10th, A copy of aaree
o been mailed to an super
f OH AIN'T ,
You most put
s them right
,k 5acvc! /
fetch v
"em dowh,
bob.' .
Returns Home Today. ,|
Norman White, who with his wife}
and little daughter Jean was called
here last week when his mother.j
Mrs. Carrie C. .White, was injured[
in a gas explosion at her home in
Merchant street, returned to his
home at Cumberland today. Mrs.
White and little daughter ..are re
maining to assist in caring for*her
mother-in-law who is getting along
nicely. ' .1
"> Son Born. ,
A son was born recently to Mr.,
and Mrs. Herman Stoneking of
Pleasant Valley at the home of the
former's parents, Mr. and Mrs
Henry Stoneking of Norval street.
He has been named Herman. Jr.
Mrs. Stoneking was Miss Millie
Travis before her marriage.
Move to Ferry Street.
Mr. and Mrs. Orlo Drummond
have moved from Newton street to
the home of Mrs. Drummond's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas,
in Perry street.
From Little Falls.
Mrs. Will Corothers of Little
Falls spent Sunday in the city. She
was accompanied homo Sunday
evening by Mrs. Mary Holland,
who will spend several weeks
Link's Bible Class.
The Link's Bible Class will meet
this evening at the home of Mrs.
Cora L. Morrow in State street.
Division Meetings.
Division 3 of tho Ladles* Aid So
ciety of the Diamond Street Church
will meet this evening at the home
of Mrs. J. M. Smith in State street.
The Meeting of division No. ?
that was announced to be held at
the home of Mrs. E. A GroBe in
intendents of schools throughout,
the state.
. "We have asked the school de
partment and all of the teachers
In the schools in our county to co
operate with us in making their
schools 100 per cent schools. By
100 per cent schools, we mean
schools where all pupils enrolled
in same have had their teeth
cleaned, all decayed or abscessod
teeth either filled or extracted, and
that each child has a tooth bruBh
and uses same twice each day and
the teachers Inspect same to see
that this is done.
' "When they have attained the
100 per cent record the BChool is al
lowed a holiday by the echool do
partment. and the picture of the
school building, pupils and faculty
Is made with a large banner show
IrifcTthat It is a 100 per cent school.
The pictures will be given to each
i.jCMld In a bulletin which will be
Ppn^llshed at a later date.
r '?We have numerous lotters from
thii. parents, district supervisors
and teachers commending the work
animating that the disease in th*.
I schools had decreased since we
| started the dental clinic, and that
the pupils are advancing more rap*
"A great deal of publicity has
be^n g.ven to ,similar statements
by the secretary of Welch and Mc
Dowell County Chamber of Com
|ftdrce who Is also a newspaper
| man and says that he has been ro
AUpsted by the teachers and others
to have them published.
, "Members of the medical profe?
] slon has rendered valuable aid .to
the dental clinic by assisting the "di
rector in giving health talks and
emphasising the Importance of
mouth hygiene In prevention of
"McDowell County Dental Clinic
performed 48,15Q operations for
11,280 patients the first year, and
62,00 operations for 13,000 pationtf,
the-second year."
rrvtotor: Th. C?v? M?n Km
Mly > vwy
Eh. hSTth?y h.w <?-;
nimM to all their
. r- ,
Pittsburgh avenue Tuesday eve
ning of this week has been post
poned until Tuosday, April 18.
! Aid Sooloty.
The Ladies' Aid Socioty of the
Palat'ne Baptist Church will hold
its regular monthly meeting {Thurs
day evening at 7:30 o'clock at the
church., A good.attendance 1b de
sired,:,a8 new officers will be. elect
ed at this meeting.
Class Meeting.
Mrs. J. L. Little's Sunday School
Class of the First M. P. Church wll;
meet at -her home this evening at
7:30 o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Poe of Dia-|
mond street spent the week-end |
with relatives at Grafton.
Dr. Ephralm Fast of Fairchance,
Pa., is the guest of his cousin, U.
G. Doolittle in Vermont avenue.
Dr. Doolittle is attending the den
tests' meeting at the Masonic Tem
Mrs. Elvira Tayjor of feast Ferry
street was called to Parkersburg
Saturday by illness of relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ltnn and
children of Wheeling spent the
week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Her
bert Keener in State street.
Miss Ruth Whlteman or Shinns
ton spent Sunday with her sister,
Mrs. J. L. Little In State street.
Miss Whiteraan has hist returned
from a trip to Los Angeles, Cal.,
and other interesting places in the
The young people of the First M.
P. Church, who. are taking part
in the Easter caiitata, will meet at
the church, this evening for prac
tice. < ?
1 enterprise!
ago?MCTi iwi ii il in, i i i i I
Literary Program.
Ail unuBually good program was
given by the Parthenon Literary
Society at the Hchool auditorium
Friday evening. The following
numbers were rendered: Song, by
the society, reading of minuses, bv
Carrie Wharton; biography, by
Mary Harrison: piano solo, by
Dwlght Tetrick: vocal duet, by
Mary and Lucy Succoll: Jokes, Rov
Martin: mock marriage ceremony
?bride, Allie Roae, groom, Patsy
vornon, bridesmaid?. Louise Saun
dfrs, Lena Rockwoll, Genevieve
Connor and Carrie Wharton, minis
ter, Edgar Nay. father and mother
of bride, Victor Robey and Lara
Springer, flower girl, Inobene Whar
Subject for debate: "Resolved
that every boy and girl should be
forced to attend Bcbool until they
reach the age of 18. or finish the
high school course." Affirmative:
Merrill Morris and Eddie Plgott:
negative: Helen Tetrick and Sta
ley Tlchenor.
No Disorders.
Contrary to predictions, Enter
prise has been very quiet and or
derly since the beginning of the
fctrlko. It seems to be the aim of
everyone to keep busy, and much
cleaning up and Improvements are
the chief occupations, with garden
making also receiving attention
Repair Jobs are being looked after
while the men are enduring the
idleness of the strike. ->
Colored School Closes.
The colored schools of this sec
tion have closed for the year, and
Prof. Andrew Torn-, who had beon
in"charge of this branch of school
work, bas moved bis household
'goods and bis family to Thacke.-,
W. Va.
The boys of the graded schools of
this place have had their tryout
and have been organized into two
teams for practice. Lorls Mouser,
an athletic enthusiast of the Sblnns
ton High School, has been selected
to coach the boys, and with good
weather for practice, the teams ex
pect to be in condition to make oth
er schools of the same caliber "sit
op and take notice."
Missionary Circle.
The Missionary Circle members
were entertained on Tuesday avic
nlng at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Howard Plgott A short literary
program waa given, after which a
pqclnl hour waa enjoyed by the
guests-. The following persons were
present The Rev, and Mrs. T. J.
Hopaen, Mr. and Mrs. Arch Martin,1
??*? ''oward Sttafer, the Mines
thoVh ,obo .End Guendino Mclntlre.
mS?h ' hostess, an,i Mrs, L c
ifttton prosidm 0( 1110 organt
'?? ^.-Telrlck Funeral.
The funeral of Mrs. S. A. Te
trick, which was held at 10 o'clock
Mnnlf? JSu?d"y morning, was at
M.nrf ? h0?,'s ot relatives and
tv' ? ?m ? 1 polnt" in th0 cour
m' JhSi80rvJc<" wer? beld at thb
charge of"the SVj.
flSecfc* ln tha ?,d W
_. Bake Sale.
kJ;9 Ladies' Senior Bible Class
helda most succeisful bake sale It,
Biflldlnir addl?0? 10 the Tetrlck
Building on last Saturday aftpr
ZL I?6/,0 ,WM 00 tropin d"
posing of their stock, and anothe
nfannJif s,arae klnd i? being
Planned for a few weeks later
T . ,, i" Buffalo.
John Harter has been in Buffalo,
? *?? /or the past several dav*
where he Is looking after business
tinvM.eatS a?d i'"? vl8lt,nS rela
To South America.
Messrs. Denver Robey, LoH,
iSf a,nd Hush Fortneyf all pop"
ular local young men, are planning
?'?av? ln a tew weeks for a toui
of South America. They eipect to
be gone for several weeks
a u**i daughter Born.
A little-daughter was born to
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sprouse on
JhU|M of iaf week- Mother and
counts 8 nlcel>' 81 lMt ac
Here for Funeral.
..Mrs- A'lce Nurura and daughter
Mrs, Charles Ice of Barrackville'
lIn??PC bVw"J2S' Mr8' Sarah c?>
iins, c. R. Harrison and P (7 csfurm
of Clarksburg were here to attend
[rick nera' ?f Mrs' 3a"? "T*
,, , , To Hospital.
ill for Wseler, who had been
ill for several days, was fnknn ^
(h? ri'iry s. ,Hos')ltal ?t Clarksburg
the first ot last week where she hap
since undergone an operation for
appendicitis. Her condition was
satisfactory at last accounts
?* ,*lnla S'mington, who
Mre.it" r iiW" ?' hor co?sin,
Mre.'G, L. Hlldebrand, for the past
several days, has returned to her
home at Point Starion.
vlSS?1! Han-l!?n wa? a business
the week Farm n?'011 tho ?'?t of
n?fa^Hlg1F,"botham' who iiad been
out of school for Ihe past week
verrlD?.y th he Offered a s*
vere attack of mumps, has recov.
ered from his Illness.
Miss Gladys Prlckett of Blnsn
nJ?MWa* *, r,Vnt *ue<* " 'he home
of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Martin.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Barrln and lit
tle son have returned to their home
at Prospect Valley after spending
1 SI S,? wl!? re'atives near here.
Mrs. Ellen Tetrick and daughter
Mrs. Doris Bird, were recent'
guests at the home ot Mr. and Mrs
Harley Plgott.
Mrs. Homer Ice was the guest of
W. C Warfleld at ShTnnVton
on Wednesday of this week
M.ss Georgia Spriggs waa an
Fairmont V'"t0r Wlth ,r,ond? at
Miss Guenadlne Mclntlr* who
n*?? been out of school for some
time on account of illness, 1, *Me
to be out again. " ?
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Tetrick
arf to occupy the prop
erty of the S. J. Tetrlck linlr*
nlnsM8 5?!"? Hawklna waa shop
d in Fairmont Wednesday.
R. 0. Ash. who was recentiv an
pointed supervisor of schools 'In
Sfk'dl"!f'ct * business vlsl
Mlssr<Nora H?gg?nbothamS*wa? a
Miss Esther Dodson, health nur??
?t the Carolina and Ida May JE5
Wwlnesday 0""' Tl8,t<>r <*>
R. M. Wlarton waa the gneet of
night" Mon?ngah last Tuesday
J- H; Colebank and little
daughters of Grafton spent tlita
week at the home of the former's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. Sturm?
: .CHERBOURG,.* -April *10;?^-^he
?f? oan? ^ ?11 rat&n I a arriv
ed today arrived 'from New- York
the 3,181 mile trip in ?ve
v ?n hours and ritne minutes
which is declared to be the fasU
est time recorded by any trans*
Atlantic Teasel since August 1914,
Bold Stroke Expected?Police
Barracks Attacked?De>
Valera Not Deposed
LONDON, April 10?Will the
extremist Republicans in Ireland
observe the anniversary of the
Easter Week uprising against
Great Britain in 1016 by again
attempting this Kaster week to
oust the provisional, government
and establish a Republic in its
place? This is a question that, is
being seriously divcusscd in well
informed ctrclcs by both England
and Ireland.
Tho London Daily Mail's Dublin
correspondent declares that thia
phase of Ireland's perplexities has
been rather freely debated in Dub
lin and that opinions there differ
widely. The correspondent recallB
that the people In Ireland were
generally at first against the re-,
bellious clement in 1016, but later
rapidly veered to tho point of view j
of the revolutionists. He has
come to the conclusion that both
sides are simply jockeying for the
psychological moment, in the
meantime carefully considering
the temper otf.tbo general public
in Ireland.
Certain commonly well Inform
ed political quarters in London ex
poet a stroke by extremist Repubf
licans at an early, date. Conse
quently, these English sources of
opinion believe that Easter week
will be selected as a timely mo
ment for a bold stroke because of
its 1016 associations.
According to some political re
ports, tho British government is
keenly awake to tho possibility of
any Serious revolt this week.
Winston Spencer Churchill, has
kept in closest touch with affairs
in Ireland and is prepared for any
vigorous action that may be need
(By Associated Press)
TULLAMORE, Ireland, April 1.0
?Goorge M. Gavin Duffy, minister
of foreign affairs _ln tho Dall
Elreann cabinet, was seized by a
crowd .of young men and women
and dragged from a platform upon
which ho was making an address
at a pro-treaty meeting before a
large gathering here yesterday.
The disturbers upset the press
table, and after causing general
consternation among spectators,
abruptly withdrew and shouted:
"Long livo Eamonn de Valera;
long live the Republican Ireland."
Tullamore Is the capital of
Kings County and Is located on
the Grand Canal, fifty miles west,
southwest of Dublin. It has a
population of "approximately 5,000
LONDON April 10.?(By The
Associated ' Press.)?The) police
barracks at Broadford, County
Clare, occupiod by official Irish
Republican army units, were at
tacked at 2 o'clock this morning.
There wis an exchange of fire for
a considerable time, the besleg&il
force refusing to surrender.
Captain William O'Brien, who'
was In charge of the units occupy
ing the barracks, was fatally
wounded. No other details of the
fighting were available at the time
the dispatch was sent.
British Troops Appear.
DUBLIN, April 10.?(By The As
sociated Press.) ? British mllitar>
soldiers, fully armed, appeared In
tho streets of Dublin yesterday for
the first time since the creptlon of
a true? In Ireland. Their pres
ence caused, a sensation.
DUBLIN, April 10.?A statement
issued by the Irish Republican pub
licity department contradicted the
rumors given form in an nrtlcle in
the London Dally Mail that Eamon
de Valera had been deposed as lead
er of the Republicans at the secret
meeting: of the Irish Republican
army in Dublin yesterday. i
Th? marriage o( Miss' Phoebla
Sheets and H. E. Probst was Hi
emniied on Tuesday of last wee*
at the horn* of the officiating mi 11
ister in Clarksburg. Mrs. Probst
is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
J. N. sheet! of this commonity
and the bridegroom Is the son of
of Mr. and Mrs. Juon Probst, who
also are Watson residents. The
young couple was given an old
fashioned serenade on Thursday
evening. A number of their young
friends captured them, and secur
ing the use of the Hale delivery
wagon, drove them to the city
where they were Induced to treat
the crowd. The boys secured
cigars and the girls candy. Mr.
Probst Is a member of the U. S.
Marines and expecto to return to
bis dutlos In a short time.
Estep funeral
The funeral of the late George
EBtep which was held on last Sun
day wa8 attended by many friends
and relatives. Mr. Estep had lived
in Watson lor many years. An un
fortunate incident was the Illness
of his daughter, Mrs. Samuel, VII
liera, who is a patient at St Mary's
Hospital and who recently under
went a surgical operation. She was
unable to be with her father during
h.ls Illness and death.
Improving Church Grounds
The lawn around the M. P.
Church Is being graded and will
be sown to grass la a few days.
A'number of men were at work
about the grounds Friday and
ovon at this time the appearance
of the place Is much Improved.
Off Duty
A. W. Wilson, superintendent
of the Watson station, was off
duty on Thursday of last week,
having gone to Baxter to be pres
ent at tho funeral of his cousin,
Wayne Thorne.
Chicken Shower
A rather unique shower party
was given for the Rev. W. A.
Lowe on Tuesday of last week,
when the congregation at King
raont. whero ho had Just closed a
successful series of revival meet
ed up his chicken yard with a flock
up' bis chicken yard with a flock
of fourteen fine hens. Mr. Lowe
was very much pleased with the
gift, as well as with the thought
fulness that prompted the deed.
Relative III
Mrs. Jane Tobrla and Mrs. Luc
Inda King were called to Barbour
County the first of last week by
the Illness of their brother; Henry
Shumakor. Thoy sent word back
to their families that the patient
was In a very critical condition,
and that they would remain at his
bedplde until a change of some
kintl occurred.
? Lodge Meeting
Hope temple, local lodge of Py
thian Sisters held an Interesting
meeting Friday evening at their
hall. Business of importance was
discussed, and same new members
wero also initiated.
School Notes
The Watson grade stbool will
close for the spring and summer
vacation on Wednesday. The
school has had an efficient corps
of teachers this year, and the
patrons are well pleased with tho
progress which has been made. On
Thursday, Miss Ooldla Hartley,
Indigestion Unchecked
Leads to Poisoning!
Fermentation of Food In Wgssthre
Organs Causo of Trouble
If you suffer from indigestion it
is a sure sign that your system is
being slowly poisoned by" the fer
mentation in the intestines. This
condition produces heartburn, chok
ing sensations in the chest, a feel
ing of heaviness or drowsiness^ir
ritability, discouragement and des
Mr. M. J. Christopher, 6794 Key
ser Street, Germ an town, Pa^ long
a sufferer from indigestion, writes:
'?Before using Dr. A. "W. Chase's
medicines, I (alt so badly that I did
not care whether I lived or died. I
suffered from Indigestion and my
stomach would be so upset that even
a piece of bread and a oup of coffee
would rive me great palp. Since
taking Dr. A. W. Chase's K-L Pills I
can eat almost anything without
feeling any after-effects. The sore,
achy feeling which I used to have is
the lower part of my back Is cent,
and f feel so ambitious to do many
things which I could not do before.*
, You can buy Dr. A. IT. Chase's
remedies at all drug stores. To bt
sure of getting the genulne,see that
Krtralt and signature of A. w.Chase.
D.. are on aach bog. This trade
mark Is your protection sffalnst tin)*
tatlons and subetitutse.?Advertiser
7 Rooms, Oil,ver Avenue near Field St., corner,. farafe'jJ.tOO.'
7 Rooms, Alexander Place, jarage, $8,700.
9 Rooma, corner, level lot, Locust Avenue, )9,500.
9? Rooms, Bungalow, bait acre lot-, Country Club Road near
.Graf ton J Pike, Ill.BOO.i ?< s.
9 Room^Rhea Terrace, beautiful home, bargain.
10 Rooma, pressed brick," close In, carafe, sacrifice price.
Terms reasonable.1 r
. . CALL 2H AFTER 5 P, M. ' I
: J?K&OttVM$Q ....
tervedron Friday afternoon; Mrs.
Ansa Gldal, teacher of the aeoond
grade. alto took her pupjll tor *?
little on tint and on .their return
?erred refreshment! at the sohool
building. Mill Leila Willlajnion,
teacher of the firat trade, hat beeit
ill for several weeks. Her father,
M. A. William, has been In
charfe of her work for the pait
two weeka and. h? made a very
eatltfaetory substitute, it ta said.
Attended Funeral
Among relatlvei from here who
attended the fnneral of Wayne
Thome which wai held at Baxter
on Thursday of last week were
Mr. and Mra. W. S. Sypult, Mr.
and Mrs. Ernest Sypult, Mr. and
Mrs. Albert Sypult, Mrs. Bell Sjr
pult. Mr. and Mre. H. B. Fltt
hugb, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Fltthugh.
|Mr. and Mra. O. 8. Toothman
and Mlaa Bertha Sypult.
Hospital Patient
Mrs. Sarah Williams vwho had
been ill for seevral days was taken
to Cook Hospital the first of last
week and haa since undergone an
operation for appendicitis. At this
time her condition la satisfactory
and ahe is expected to make a cood
Mr. Rridwell Home
Jamea Brldweli. who bad been a
patient at Fairmont Hospital, re-l
turned home Friday. Mr. Brldweli
suffered a broken leg in a mining
accident aome weeks ago. He was
treated at the hospital for a time
after the accident, but waa dlv
charted too soon and suffered a
relapse, making a second treat
ment necessary. At this time he la
able to be about on crutches.
Returned Home
Mrs. Besale Vincent, who had
been spending some time with her
mother. Mrs. Mary Leonard, while
recovering from a recant surgical
operation, has returned to her
homo at Cypsy Court.
Mr. and Mra. A. D. Innman,
who had been residents of Watson
for some time, moved their house
hold goods to Orahvi Heights the
first of iMt woel'
Mrs. George ' ep who has
been quite ill for the past week, It
slightly Improved at this time. I
The Mens' Bible Class of the M.
P. Church held an interesting
meeting at the parsonage on Fri
day evening. The leaton was
taught by the reguar teacher Frank
Mr. and Mra. Perry Willy and
Mra. Tom Smith of .Lumberp
visited borne folka burs the firs
llan v Hurfimn who ViJ u
HI for , ,?U rml,
to hlahbme.althbujh iiiij&tiy!
proved' at 'thfi time. *
Mra. a: W- Lowe and aon
(car. who hid bean'at Kedron,
Va., for ?ome tlnw,, wfcpre t
were called by the Illness of a
latlve, have returned home.
Mr?. D*vld itfttftmaaganOD
Harry Huffman were ruests of
former's eon, Blake Huffman
Lumbeaport on last Sunday.
John Hears *on Kdward
of Murray hare returned home
ter a visit with the former1!/
renta. Mr. and Mra.;P. y. Hn
The Flapper: That' llele^
awfully daring, dent you thlr
Tht Dumb Belli Why, I el
thought her very damure;|^P
The Flapper: Demure, M?
She makes heraelf cenapleueu
wearing leng aklrte and refi
cigarettes and cocktails and e
thing like that
We've a Splendid Open
ing for You in Every
Small Town
The West Virginian wants an agent,
to deliver or* to secure mail subscript
tions. You need no experience to eii
joy this opportunity. Just send in the)
coupon below and we will explain al?
The West Virginian,
Gentlemen: Please tell me without!
obligation how I can easily'earni^||
money by your plan.
Name . . ?.,??. ?>.?. ,?* ... ????? ?*?*?1^.1.1. ?j j
? ? Xmifim
Address ?????
1?5' Standard Bath, Tub, ?'
' ? 'v.Jti'
1?18x21 Lavatory.
1?Iron Enameled-Closet; c
with cocks, traps, to floor, cotapsj
264 Cleveland Avtnue

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