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Their flrat aet of the aeaaon.
ley played, but not for very long
Before their handa were freeiln'.
To m who'd laat the longeat
Before the :end they had a a crap -I
And found who waa the atrongeat.
be Soft?Many to
Vltness the Contest at
4 O'clock
? ny LARKY
ispite the heavy rain early
i morning, It was decided to
"jjan:attempt to stage the first
^series of ganies between the
?-???nont High School and East
g^High School at South Side
this afternoon. The game
^or * o'clock. It was
istponed from last Friday.
g^A erdwd of high school students
ball park this aftor-|
HOpn at.'l- o'clock and by working !
^tji^fleld it Is hoped to have it
'or play at game time.
that a large crowd
rJUfafce the contest. The three
vseries will decide the city
lOIaBtlc baseball championship.
Ssfci ? Pirates Win.
loorfe Gibson's Pittsburgh PI
"their first game of tbr?
/.Reason yesterday, taking the mean
Cincinnati 4 to 8 in a pitch
*SVmm bet wen two famous
fethpaws,^ Wilbur Cooper and
B?a?Rixey. Gibson gave his bat
*?^er a BhaItJnS UP that had
?.r ??8lr?d effect. Tierney went
-^second base In place of Stewart
,nd,played the cleanup role in the
HMlng order. His timely hitting
?fiHj^O'pl.d ball game in the sev
jpj^rotmd. The entire Pittsburgh
^mcfeemed to get their batting
making a total of twelve hits
jppgW of Blxteen bases during
^4$?htest. Carey went back to
gnter field and BIgbeo to left field,
are. the old stations of these
^players and they showed to
fetter advantage than in any
E the previous three games of the
-Mck, '-Rudolph of the Boston
raves made his first start In two
"ttS'^eaterday afternoon, going to
>, mound for Boston against the
' The New Yorkers won the
SPPf&t0,#4 He pitched groat ball
|8ix;innings, but failed to stand
.^fcstrain in the seventh and eighth
rounds, the Giants making all their
innings. Rudolph
much of his old time cun
^'ng;and should he able to take his
'"^a.the rubber regularly from
S'ACardinals continued to hold
. 5^,KriP on first place by win
ing from. Chicago yesterday 3 to
a rally;in the eighth inning put
av?r the winning run. Sher
h,s fec?nd game of the
the St. Louis tribe. The
' ? J1*' ^be ball hard again,
three extra base swats,
piones-waa on the mound for Chi
*to?, ^
Brooklyn hit the Phils pltchera
"i? "nal '""'"(ts of the
imoiyesterday and won 10 to 2.
gg?er was on the mound for the
.obins. Lee Kln^ was In tho gam"
Mil. got one hit In four tinny; at
BjjjqJ . Brooklyn made seventeen
J-K American League
JTw- largest crowd that ever at
riKT' j' Bamo d"rlnK April in
IBVQIEIT]u was on hand yesterday
ternoon to see tho Indians white
j-i.UieI St. Louis Browns 3 to 0
ill had the better of a battle o'
...iherB with Shocker. The Cleve
Si'tSKl r a"cu'cd on|J' Bis lilts,
5 ? Browns reached third
6 was also accorded won-1
lerful support In the field.
^^Philadelphia continues to su*.
flrttethe fans on the Amer'-j
,;.c*n League circuit hy taking
e 'DstOD Senators ven-1
t0 }' narrls Pitched a|
Steady gamis for tho winners. Peck I
sJMaugh accepted eleven out of thl?-i
BWJS at s)>ortstop for Wash-!
aWO'V Philadelphia made only six
Ha ?wover they were tlme'y
*5? produced enough rnnB to put
, ,t#e game on Ice. Tho Macks mado
itlhree runs In the ninth Inning.
SiChlcago won their first game of
tot .season yeBtorday, taking tho
peaeuro of Detroit In a free hitting
Same 7 to 6 after ten innings or
aT1f^ Olham. opposing
Wvnt pntiro route, dr.
fsffu.?6 heavy bombarlmcnt by
we hitters.
' "trr I ?Weat v,rB'nla.
7#rg,?i,a University had no
trpgble defeating Westminster Co'
tf? hi?. Woods allowed only
^8n tho 8&me was safe-,
Iy sewed up, Coach Rodn>n
several shifts tn his llnetfp.
West Monongah Dlavari
around Farmlngton High sihnni S?
Traction Park on 8a?urday ~ er
VSSS by the m "
for Monongab^ ?"e |Sl?l,Brd
bid, WMO wtffc atar ?S?S, T
SgRtn-nHr at South Side Park
and Saturday for games with th?
likely beeher??nV1l8 N??al wl"
week ? ,or two. game> "?t
??'!r(L;Abb?U'B South sl<ie tean
??' K V^mmlng yesterday at Wat
H'im 11. k 'wolve Innings and
a wild pitch to do the trick Skin.
sr."" ->?? mVX'
national league.
Results Yesterday. j
4; Cincinnati, 3.
St Louis, 3; Chicago, 2.
New York, 6; Boston, 2
Brooklyn, 11; Philadelphia. 2.
Standing of the Clubs. |
SL Louis ^ J* *='?!
New York i , ???'
Philadelphia ...3 i m,i
Chicago . ' j ; 'SK
SST?.:: 1 ?
1 4 .200)
Games Scheduled Today.
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
Brooklyn at Philadelphia
Chicago at St. Louis.
Boston at Now York.
Results Yesterday.
Cleveland, 3; St. Louis, 0. j
Philadelphia, G; Washington. 1.
nlngs ? Detroit' C: ten in
Now York-Boston, not scheduled.'
Standing of the Clubs.
SlEK?*% i ^
Philadelphia ' 3 f
New York 2 1 ?!?,
Boston 1 i ?'?
Washington I 3 ??S
Chicago ; J I f*
Detroit o J ^
Gamea Scheduled Today
Detroit at Chicago.
St. Louis at Cleveland.
Philadelphia at Washington
M>w York at Boston.
Baker, Speaker and Cobb
Show Slowing Up Signs
In baseball bad legs put more
players out of the majors than anv
other cause.
'} *froaA ma.n,5' Players are forced
blg 8how because of
weak underpinning when their bat
ever ? anii arm are 63 stronS as
Trls Speaker is reported havinc
trouble with his knocs. If such ii
the/case it will have a serious ef
feet on his fielding and the chances
or nis team.
9 JyJ.:lhh ls walltinK around with
tKi,.??' n ?" lniU"d anklft
The other day Cobb admitted tha
soing back, that ho
was slowing up.
.J!8,Wcnt even further hv saylnc
?rom no" 00 he will play
the conservative game, thnt thq
10 h'1 hl? ~
Then there Is I ho case of Frank
Baker. It is giving Miller Huggins
much concern. Baker at the pTes
piece rieldlns on 0 "-cent
Baker's arm is as good as ever
fil if 1 ,al<es a moan cut at the
j*"* ho has slowed up so much
that he Is covering so little ground
around third that Huggins is wor
Unless Baiter shows an improve
Wart win Lf,e'dl"s 11 ls 6alli "ia:
v.ihi J,]. ? sont to'third and Mc
NaJly shifted to second.
There are 1200 persons In tb?
personal retime of the pope.
m^lsc.onBlJ farmers own 4044
motor trucks.
3000 Horns
of So&d Comgovt
Your legs support you and PARIS Garters will
support your hose?in a style that only PARIS
can. It only takes a moment to say PARIS and
insure 3000 hours oi solid comfort for 35 cents.
Pariffiarterswrkfor you
Vai hours a day
Great Game on Watson Field
Goes Twelve Innings Be
fore Decision
Before a large Eaater day crowd
the South Side Independents were
handed a 10 to 9 defeat at the hand*
of the Watson baseball outfit, the
contest lasting twelve Innings. The
game was marked by some wonder
ful plays and also heavy hitting. In
the twelfth Inning with two men
down and Powell on third base,!
- Powell stVted for the plate. Ab
bott, who was pitching for the!
I South Slders threw to Catcher
Scagnelll. the ball got away from1
him and the winning run was
I Smith started for tho Independ
, onts and lasted a little over an In
ning. Ho was touched for eight
hits and six runs In the time he!
was in the box. C. Long took his
place wllh two men on base in the
second Inning with one man down. I
IA wild peg by Scagnelll allowed an-,
other run In this Inning. Th'-I
stopped the scoring until the last)
of tho ninth when Watson was in
tho rear by the score of 9-7. They
staged a come-back and tied the
score when It seemed like a sure
win for the local boys. Prom then
on the game was a deadlock until
i the fatal twelvth. L. Cong who was
pitching good ball developed a sore
arm and gave way to C. Abbott In
this round. Tho flrBt two men were
easy outs, but .Powell dropped a
nice liner over second for a base,
he stole second and third. With
two strlkea on Murray he started
for home. The ball was played to
the plate but the throw made by
Abbott was a little high and the
' ball rolled off of tho top of Scag
nelll's mitt, giving the Watson team
the game. Murray and Hartley
who pitched for the Watson team
were hit hard but wonderful work
in the field by their teammates
saved them many times when hits
meant rune.
Julian, c 6 2 2 K 1 ?
Pesky, lb 6
Hartley, s p ... 6
Decker, 2b 6
Bradley, 3b .... 6
Olrod, cf 6
Powell, 1, s S
Sypult. r 6
Murray, pi.... 5 1 2 2 2 0
I Totals 53 10 16 36 13 2
McLlnden lb .. 6
Scagnelll, lb .. G
Smith, p 3d ... 6
iC. Long, 3 p, r 6
Spadafore. !b .. 5
n. Belt, s 5
Merrll, cf 4
Conley, cf 0
P. Abbott, r .. 6
C. Abbott, 1 p 6
xO. Belt 1
Totals 61 9 18 35 13 2
xx?Two out when winning run
was scored.
x?batted for Merrill In tenth.
South Side .. 300 110 013 000? s
Watson 250 000 002 001?10
Two base hits?Docker Bradley,
Three base hits?PeLSky.
Sacrifice hita?P. Abbott.
Stolen bases?McLlnden. R.
Belt, Decker, Powell 3, Peskj.
Hit by pitcher?By Murray 1 (K.
Belt) by Hartley 1. (Spadaforo.)
rirst baso on bolls?Oft Smith
2, off Hartley 1, oft Murray 5.
"Struck Out?by Smith 1, by C.
Long 8, by Hartley 1. by Murray
Hits apportioned?Off Smith 8,
In 1 1.3 Innings, off Murray, 1 lu
4 innings, off C. Long 7 in 8 2-3
innings, off Hartley 9 ln 8 Innings,
off C. Abbott 1 In 2-3 Innings.
Passed balls?Julian 2 Scagnelll.
NEW YORK, April 17?John
McCormack, tho tenor, 111 from a
serious throat affection, continued
to lmprovo today, Ills physicians
After Easter
Now that the great
"dressup" day of
the year has passed
it is time to look
forward to Summer
Clothes. Drop in
and pick one of my
light weight wool
ens, suitable for
late Spring and
Summer. Suits
tailored to measure
for 520 and more.
Dan Block
"100 Mflea to a Tailor At
106 Main Street
Twenty-One Students to Be
Graduated From Grade
School About May 20
tora^SjfE' April 17.?Titr
ating class Krndu
School this year, wbllTtweht H'gh
students will hi ~5 '*?nty one
borate'? %T
borate preparations are k?iI I
madejor the commentF*
:f 5SHSS
?r<tn0rvaSfi,H8Vi'Ord' 0M"' StewV
MeU^Gco^?^r^j^^j^0 Mezzle!
! p1"ii
Miss Lulu Hamrlck. The confer I
K.?w" Buy ?S&
jw Wn I?0"1' foundation of the
which mlXbumt|brHieh<L^rch'
was obgupn today. Ray Miller loeii
oxc8avX?Ter60elnE th? *ork ?<
? *av? New Son
A little son made his arrival at
the home of Mr. and Mrs lw.
f?1es ?' Brannon on Friday of
last week. Tho little one has bMn
s-Si Cl?ence Ra>- ?">??
?p.?d?^ diJLh8
, ? Hear From Son
Mr. and Mrs. Ceorge Hamrlck
are In receipt of a letter from
their son, Vernor Hamrlck. who
last fall enlisted In the U. S.
Marines. Private Hamrick is now
in Cuba, but expects to be trans
ferred to some other 'port In a
'short time. He is on the II. S.
ship Henderson. He speaks of
being well satisfied with the ser
vice and is in the best of health.
Welner Roast
A lumber of local young people
motored to Baxter yesterday even
ing where they enjoyed a campilrc
picnic and other amusements.
Weiners and other eatables were
cooked and enjoyed by the merry
No Trespassing
All persons have been warned
by the mayor of Rivesville not to
allow their chickens to run at
large. Any one disregarding this
warning will throw themselves
liable to a fine, It Is said.
Lodge Meeting
All members of the honor de
j gree of the Protective association
No. 33 of Rivesville have been re
quested to moet in the Boss! Hall
on next Saturday night The lodge
has not had a meeting In the last
several weeks, and there is much
business to be adjusted.
New Business
The Century Lumber Co. of
Swanton, Va., is beginning the
construction of a side track at tho
old Arnett homestead, preparatory
to establishing a lumber yard.
This firm will be prepared to fur
nish building supplies and mater
ial of all kinds.
CI*sh Entertained
The members of the True B.'un
Sunday School class were delight
fully entertained at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Phillpps in
High Lawns on last Friday even
ing, their daughter, Miss Lois,
being the hostess. A business
meeting was hold, and a short
program rendered, after which the
class had a delightful social hour.
Dainty refreshments were served
the guests.
Son Born
A little son was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Orval Smith In Bridge street
a few days ago. The youngster has
been named Otis Samuel Smith,
[ and both mother and baby were
doing nicely at last accounts.
MOKGANTOWK, April 17. ?
Paul ("Biz") Dawson of Clarks
burg, former stn/r center fielder for
West Virginia, loft here today for
Blantford. Canada. Ho ha* signed
to play with tho Blantford team
of the Canadian League this
season. Dawson had a try-out by
th Cincinnati Nationals last
spring, but was later given his un
cond ltlonal release.
LONDON, April 17.?The Crystal
Palace arena, which seats 1,500 per
sons, has been engaged by a syndi
cate which hopes to stage two bouts
during Jack Dempsey'B stay In
George McDonald, promoter, Is
proposing that Dempsoy undertake
to finish Joe Beckett, British heavy,
weight champion, in six rounds,
and Jack Blumenfeld In four.
National Secretary- of Great
Engineering Society to
Speak Tonight
C. E. Drayer of Chicago, nat
ional secretary of tho American
Association of Engineers, who will
be the principal speaker at tho
banquet to be given by tho local
chapter of the association at the'
Y. W. C. A. at 6:30 this evening,
arrived hero this moraing. Ho
was met at the station by B. H.
Palmer, president of the local so
ciety, and members of tho recep
tion committee.
Mr. Drayer made a hurried trip
to Morgantown this morning and
returned shortly after noon and
mot with the executive committee
of tho local chapter. This after
noon he was taken for a tour of
inspection about the city.
His subject at the banquet this
evening will bo "Tho Broader
Field for Engineering service."
Mr. Drayer has exerted a pro
nounced influonco on engineering
organization in the nine years in
which he has been actively engag
ed in engineering society work of
a local and national character. In
advancing through the various
grades as a railroad engineer after
graduating from collogo in Cleve
land, he came to realize tho need
for engineers finding themselves
as citizens. Later while field en
gineer for the Nickel Plate Kail
road he was active in the Cleve
land Engineering Society in ad
vancing the engineer in public
esteem and encouraging him to
lead in service to the community.
In time he addressed most of tho
engineering organizations east of
the Mississippi, was associated
Cleaning windows, carpets,
washing walls, windows, etc.
Have your Spring
housecleaning done
by experts and at a
saving of time,
worry and expense.
Telephone 1335-M for com
plete information about our
helpful service.
An ad man, dead-busted, named Stokes,
Lacked funds to get home to his folks,
So he sent us this ad
Which isn't so bad:
"It's Piedmont?the OK in smOKes."
__ "dofn'flaP?r
%\irginia Cigarette
?and for cigarettes
Virginia tobacco is the best
Liggett & Myem Tobacco Co.
with Dr. P. H. Newell In forming
the committee on engineering co
operation, and organised and was i
the first secretary of the Ohio As
sociation of Technical Societies. |
Mr. Draycr Is also co-editor of'
"Engineering as a Career," a ser-l
lea of articles of advice to young j
men, and ha9 written extensive-1
ly on engineering co-operation.
Mr. Drayer was a member of|
tho executive board of the Cleve
land Engineering Society when
elected secretary of the Amorlcau
Association of Engineers In 1918.
Slnco that Ume, the membership
of that Association has Increased^
from :.000 to over 83,000. The'
American Association of Engin
eers Is a bustneaa organization ot
professional engineers devotinc
its attention to the hnman slda
engineering aa contrasted T!
the technical. The asaociat!
has 196 chapters scattered throuf
out tho country.
Tho first: actual cloek waa pro
duced about 990 A. D. ">
Used Cars For Sale
6 Fords?Price $150 and Up
'1?490 Chevrolets?Price $250 and Up
3 Maxwells?Price . $100 and Up
10 Dodge Brothers?Price $350 and Up
1?7 Passenger Studebaker $27^;
3 Ford Delivery Cars?Price.. .$150 arid Ug,'
21 Trucks?Pricc $250 and Up
Snyder Motor Co.
Phone 295-R.
Quick Meal
Gas Range
Use It for Thirty Days
?Then Decide
We offer you?our regular customers?th
use of a Quick Meal Gas Range with 'Loraine
Oven Heat Regulator, for thirty days in ;
home. If, at the end of this period, you u
not like the range and do not care to keep||
we will take it back without any risk or e'
pense to you.
We want you to try the new temperatvv
cooking for thirty days at our expense.
if you feel that you can afford to be witho
this Gas Range we will cheerfully remove i
without one cent of expense to you.
This is fair, is it not? All right, just'vis
our retail salesroom, 316 Monroe street ai
make your own selection. We will do ?
rest V'.-.A
Retail Dept.
316 Monroe S
Alex Thought There Was a Catch in It
WEAR it? ^
tmats" COM\M'
OtoM mcpe v
2oo WUE?
, awav /
me - W SONNA
see wwovAsar
r UPON -W' .
set, ale*? tfEE, i IflN
set MESacK out* TH'
hey! WERE
' _ a leu? ?_

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