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I ?;*VyJEANNETTE ARN2STT J-05JSF1SK. Associate a*tiiox
S5S8o?W-^ Mao aging Editor Advertising Manager
/ Superintendent Circulation Manager
^^iv; - National Advertising Representative
M? T?fc' Avenue { Hartford Building
-cork City 1 Ch'^ago
Associated1 Press, of which this newspaper is a mem- '
ber, :. is ..titled exclusively '-o the use for re-publication of
ffl&Xjiaewa^dispatche* credited in his newspaper and also tho j
'sfeoi^fiewa - published herein. All rights of re-publication ot J
'special dispatches herein aire also reserved.
Associated Press. I ;
^g^Jiember Audit Bureau of Circulations.
'v; i^v Member American Newspaper Pabliahers Association,
^^tenber. "W?t' Virginia Publishers Association.
?>v ?'.v^3Po?t card statements will Important?If rubaeription
|*^jBafled: on 'the first of ia paid in advance tie fol&?
jtach moDth. / lowing: rites by carrier in
f>r: iSxngle Copy .. . , z- ...t .05 Fairmont will apply;
P .One Month _ 1.00 One Month S .60
Sg?r ?? 8.00 Three Months ? 2.80
fV_; Six. Month? 6.00 Six Monhs . 4.30
One ,'^Yenr _ 12.00 One Year 8.20
m By Mail.
?|| k'/v Cash- in Advance
1? fbhn Month ? .75 I Six Month* ! ?.5?
?Three Months ... . 2.00 | One Yaar - 6.00
fH? fi-f^ingle Copy five cents: ooz month. Xl.OC, cash in advance.
Buss When, askinjr for chance in address eive old as well as new
I \v"ICnUre<i At the Po?toffic? At F&irmcct. Wwt Virsrinia. Aa
; afeoond-clflaa matter.
I AIRMONT is filled with visitors for "the big
Masonic Conclave and still others are arriv
!. A glad welcome is extended to them and
rxnont hopes they will have a good time every
ut'e they are in the city.
liey are invited to take a couple or hours from
r lodge duties and inspect Fairmont. This is
springtime, we have just housecieaned, and j
roses are beginning to bloom, and everything
lip shape. We feel like saying to the hundreds
Masonic brothers in the city that they are j
'to examine every corner and every crevice, ana ;
won't find-a. speck of dirt anywhere. Of course 1
would be putting it a little strongly for Fair- j
jt is not quite heaven, and Fairmont has a j
unsightly civic spots that she would much ,
er be without; every city has a few such. b)}t, '
;|;*at';5least this city can challenge these visitors to
pgrid'.a better, cleaner town than Fairmont anyg^yliere;
else in "West- Virginia. Fairmont is not j
pjktraid ot comparisons.
?,&t.^he. visitors should size up the prosperous bustfejiess
flourishing here in spite of one of the biggest
Ificoah- strikes of history; they should observe that
S8ur;/-industrial wheels are still rapidly revolving,
j:;and no brakes have been applied so far. They
^Sgv&id.'take a look at the wonderful new home
%s|ieS'that have been opened on the borders of the !
|p0g&l?ri88aglng the- tremendous residential growth i
^mS^Pajirttont.- and if they wish any additional con- |
gjgStloh: of the aspiring spirit of Fairmont, and her !
|;]^e'pple, they should take a look at the new bridge
1. nn 1. onm i, l?' n,l rttl I," >. vnM V fj M , I ivllit'll '
Si many of them have not seen previous to this visit. !
||j| -.The Masonic visitors are a wide awalte set of j
.'.individuals, and Fairmont entertains no conven- '
^itijon, so qtiick to recognize the merits of the city }
g that -welcomes them. Fairmont Itopes they will j
;Aa!l-have a line time, and come again frequently. j
@ o
pfl^HE withdrawal of the American Red Cross !
'from the European field, which is announced j
f|fer;the end of June, marks the close of the worst j
Igperlod. of reconstruction after the great war.
the opinion of the director of the American j
|?Redi Cross the need for his organization is over .
and Europe can manage the situation alone from I
s?7tow: on, unless some unexpected complication j
fvlarises. This announcement, following the an- j
?-noiincement of Hoover regarding the Russian i
^situation, gives European conditions a much bet- j
;,t'er status than the American public thought pos- j
||?gSince the Genoa conference has been in progress ;
erica has been flooded with propaganda re- j
iFgardlng the diro economic straits of Europe, and |
j^eyery pressure has been brought to bear upon the ]
l^ililed States to induce her to enter the discus- |
^sion. The opinion of the public has no doubt been
rfenravering somewhat because of the unceasing cry
fexorthe backing of the United States in the EuroiBpeaxf
effort to get affairs untangled and an economic
i^rogram arranged.
|g|.iEurope has manifestly been exaggerating the j
Ijseribusness of her situation. Her people are re- j
returning to work, her fields are getting under cultiil^Stlpn
again, her homes, that were destroyed in
^Se|war area, are rebuilt to a large extent, and
'things are getting back to normal in better fashlioivthan
European administration is willing to
fSidmit, or, perhaps, than the administrations of
;;jhese countries actually realize.
The; return of America's Red Cross forces to
|;?jtteir own country ought to be a signal for rei^piing
from both sides of the ocean. Europe
??notrias.Tejoice tnat me neea tor me organization
|Sa|^ast, iand America should rejoice at the return
brave men and women, who have erected for
MTOCOantT a monument of love and gratitude in
?lSl?'?fiearts of the starving and destitute of war
lattrffcen countries, that time will never tear down, j
^^ladness certainly hails the knowledge that the i
iS&asses of the European countries are on their feet
fflotfiie more. Prosperity cannot help but follow.
IfeUFF STUFF POwer.'n.
#11^'",=--".- What'? become
ggjgg^i"'1, " * our esteemed criti
gOgg|pt|i&inlc of anything nicer * *
1UU11IUU. X UCV <Liii vitcu AJWjai u
! looked "happy in. the pictnre last crab the Templar
Sta??i&.: * ? Six Brass Bant
$|?,blid??every so often -we make a; Shriners March-?1
iiiiBtake.. and say something nicaj seem to have pi en
aboutgafbird in this kolum. jwere.
{ It is reported tl
^^SPlusJIs a fine day to make such'is being enjoyed c
laSSmlstake, so we are out with the ?
IfetStement that Maj. Don. H. what do you met
gBJankeis our idea of a real fellow Just M one might
? ? afternoon was spe
And now that Bill Kline has tfstbeen
made manager of railways pe
haps there will be a little more A local tooth pi
I 'HE report o? the Director of the Budget of the j
. ? United States government .has been made to
t Congress, and no voter can find cause to quarrel
I with the economic administration-of the Republican
party as set forth in the report.
" uu Tnw'1 1920. to June 30.
j UUHU& 4-A1C !
1921, the actual cost of running the government'
I was $5,538,040,689. During ine months of this
! period the administrative agencies of the governj
ment were wholly in the hands of the Democratic
j party.
During the current fiscal year, which began July
I 1, last, and ends June 30, next, It will cost $3,922,[
372,030 to run the government. During this
j period all-the executive agencies of the governI
ment have been under Republican control.
I This is a saving of $1,600,000,000 which this
Republican administration has made In one year
as compared with the last year of Democratic
These figures are not guess work. They are
taken from the books of the government. They
are set down, item by item, even to the last, penny
in a report just made to Congress by the Director
of the Burget. They answer conclusively and most
emphatically the charges of the Democratic party
tha tRepublican claims to public economy are not
based upon. fact.
Going into details, the report shows lhat the
ordinary expenditures lor operation of routine
business conducted by the executive agencies of
I the government amounted to $2,673,435,0 <0 dur- I
j ing the fiscal year July !. 1920, to June 111, lit.'l.i
, during nine months of which all the executive |
I offices were filled by Democrats.
| During the current fiscal year which ends June !
! 30. next, the ordinary expenditures for the opera-!
| tion of the routine business conducted by the execu- J
! tive agencies will be $1,765,875,672. During all
! this period these executive offices have been filled
| by Republicans.
! This is a direct and very concrete saving ot |
j $907,559.407, which must be eredited to the poll-j
j cies of the Republican executives. All of these ex- |
! peuditures are wholly subject to the control of |
; the executive officers in charge of the several de- I
j partments, bureaus and commissions which made j
: the expenditures. j
This saving of over $900,000,000 in the conduct;
of the executives agencies is not as the Democrats
charge, a "bookkeeping saving." The saving is
actual; it is concrete; it is expressible only in terms
of dollars and cents: it is a saving which means
$907,000,000 less money to be taken in taxes from
the pockets of the American people. It is a saving
which is set forth in the report of the Director j
of the Budget to the last details in dollars and :
cents. It is not imaginary; it is not "estimated"; ;
it is there: it has been made; it is as concree as J
a grindstone.
The other $700,000,000 saved by this adniinis- !
(ration as compared with the expenditures during
the last year of tne Wilson administration is ac- j
counted i'or largely by the abolition of the United !
States Railroad administration, the United States ;
Grain Corporation, the Sugar Equalization Board !
and other war activities which the Republican i
Congress elected in 1918 made an end of as'
rapidly as possible.
This is a 100 per cent, plus, fulfillment of the
1990 campaign pledges of the Republican party j
to put "more business in government." It is the!
lirst and most important step in the program of!
reconstruction. Getting expenses down and put-'
ting into etect systems and mehods hat will per-i
manenly keep them down is the first and most im- j
portant duty of every government today. Since j
March 4. 1921. the United States has made more'
drastic reductions in public expenditures and j
greater reductions in puunu liuca niau ?wj wgw..ww .
in the world. With the exception of possibly two
others, it is the only nation which has made any ;
reductions in public expenditures and taxes.
All this was done under a Republican adminis-1
The Republican Congress made it possible by j
llie early enactment of the budget law.
The Republican executives, from President Hard-J
ins down, made the possibility a glorious reality by
taking every possible advantage of the budget act j
to install and compel economies.
FAIRMONT w-Ul lose one of its best young business
men in the departure from thiB city of
Major Don. H. Blanks, manager of railways for
the M. P. <fc R. Co. While Major Blanks has been
in Fairmont but five years, he has won a genuine |
liking and popularity among the other residents
which many would have to strive a much longer
period to attain. His whole hearted enthusiasm
for the things that mean industrial and civic success
for Fairmont, has made him an appreciated
and valuable fellow citizen, and the West Virginian '
fnn'" tv.pt it it PTnrpisini" (hp sentiments of manv
when it states that Fairmont is going to greatly |
miss Major Blanks, and that an overflowing meas- [
ure of good wishes for his future success in his new ;
business career will accompany him upon his de- 1
parture from this city.
Who ordered this program for 'showers Wednes-1
day and Thursday," anyway? Showers are not !
good tor decorations nor ostrich plumes, no mat- j
ter what they do for early garden sass.
o j .
One thing sure, better have a nice cool cloudy j
day for the wearing of the Masonic uniform in a
parade, than to swelter under a hot sun. Every
cloud has its silver lining as per usual.
The arrival of the first watermelons of the season
has been reported. It is really a trifle too early
for watermelons. Next thing we know someone
will be selling chestnuts ripened by next fall's
the Kiwanis ball closed a contract for $100,000 oil
mouth wash in New York. They:
* could use a little over in Washing-;
of I,nke Ollis ton. j
c ? * ?
} A fellow told us yesterday that'
Lriecl his best to. 0id saying, "wine, woman and!
parade. song," had been changed to "bevo,1
* ! your oVn 'wife and community
is Wii! Play in singing."
leadline. Tbey ...
ity of brass as it never did like near beer.
lat a crime way. For the second morning in sucin
the East Side, cession we are informed that the,
. Astonisher force went to a movie
in?enjoyed? at 3:30 a- Guess they never
. say a delightful ht a movie before,
nt with the den- ...
Adam Stansbury should put the
Mountaineers on a 'hit and run .
iste concern has diet." The might win a few game:
I BiiJK l ON BR/
jj Copyrijrhu 1922, 1
J JlJb- J3il*Ul
"We're talked of Dreiser
Of Mrs. Margtut Asqui
Of Conrad and the talc
Of Tarkington and of
Of other writers, old
But all the while I've tt
How big your eyes a
So now let's talk of Yoi
We're talked of "flappe
And modern problem!
But this admission tru
I've thought of nothii
And all the time my To
note how lovely you c
Your beauty is a heat
So now let's talk of Yoi
We've talked of sights ;
Of California and Per
Of how the crime wave
And whether Freud is
!} <? T'.r? t,:?
"Ul. x UCCU UJ1U&.IU
Of lips that pout enticii
fYou needn't blush, y
So now let's talk of Vol
Princess, I hare a nook :
Where we can sit anc
We're skimmed the othi
So now let's talk of "V
and reduce their defeats.
? * *
Seeing that there would be a
musical melange at a local theater
this week, the young woman in the
next apartment remarked. "I
thought they only put melange jv.
lemon pie.'
0 0 *
It has been suggested that we
go see the "Queen of Sheba."
Knowng that she has been dead for
some time, we sort of resent the
intimation .
0 0 0
About time for some one to pull
that one about not sending any
mail to Washington'
0 0 0
Or that Longfellow?boxcar joke.
0 0 0
But if anyone does we are going
to send for George Brob^C right
* * *
He'll know an older one.
M. T. Yamamoto is to lecture
here?a name made to order for
linotype operators.
0 0 0
Senator Elkins went to another
circus with the pages. He must
know nearly all the elephants by
this time.
? *
tt'ntprmelons have arrived. Taka
the seeds out of-your ear after eao
About this time look out for the
assessor. The registrar of voters
and the chap who tells you to
plant corn when the sign is absolutely
A disgusted dealer in drastic
dogmas thinks taxation without
representation was not much
worse than taxation without limitation.
Our well known, approved and
bewitching dignity did not prevent
us front making a trip recently to j
(he capricious city of lUorgantown. i
We found evolutionists and antievolutionists,
candidates and general
apathy, amateur theologians
on street corners debating intricate
problems and timid ladies
smiling at the torrid apparel of
her more favored and less decorous
sisters. The crowds on the
streets would indicate that several
had not considered the ways
of the ant and had perhaps not
even paid a visit to that industrious
insect. The opinion seems
to prevail down there that Bryan
will insist upon an anti-evolution
plank ill the next Democratic
platform. We would warn those
contemplating a visit to that city!
against making inquiries about'
the connrmea nanus or some or
her loading Fghts li: journeying
Young Folks
A pair of shoes that he
the strenous scuffing a
healthy youngster will
cut out for it! Especill
days?with vacation '
We wish we could sliov
cial sorts we feature. A
hear what a lot of our '
tomers think about th<
"cShoe^ thf
* ? - ~jj
he West VIrsinisn. |j
and of W ells,
th, too,
;s he tells,
a slew
and new;
tought. "O h, gee.
re?and how blue!** !
I and Me! j
;rs. debs a nd belles"
> quite a f ew;
th compel s,
ig else bu t you;
wonder gr ew
:ould be?
iy brew?
l and Me! ! (
and sounds and smells,
u. *j
swells and swells,
false or t rue;
1, nn . *
e> Ui C11'- u VA.^
'Sly I
ou know they do)? ,
1 and Met
in view j
1 none wil 1 see: j
;r topics through?
ou and Me! j,
(Copyri gilt, 1 P2Sd ,
( to neighboring cities and deliver-j
j ins noisy outbursts against estab-i
| lislied deductions taught at the'J
; West Virginia University. j ,
A cynical bachelor observes thati c
the only cure for a man who!'
; knows it all is marriage. . !
j An intellectual wonder asserts i ^
j that it is better to make hay while i;
. the sun shines than to make trou-l r
ble -when it rains. j r
The world is welly,supplied with I ,
! excuses. Consider, for instance.! r
(the excuse of the bachelor who j (
! said he did not so to his chum's *
, wedding because he preferred to j g
: remember him as he was in life. { t
; According to a revised diction- j 1
| ary, "Alimony is matrimonial t
! bonus. j t
Education is moving along in a'a
way that charms the soul. A high | t
j school graduate answered that thejr
J Sherman act was: "Marehins I
j Through Georgia." j c
j It is amusing to hear a person i T
i who knows less about more things ' 1
I than any man in America, contin- p
! uaily giving advice on ail things. |v
! A modern philosopher proclaims i *
! the pleasant tidings that the cry j *
' that the world needs builders, not j *
. iconoclasts has invariable come j e
j from those -who don't know tlie;c
i difference between an assault on ! J
! things sacred and an antidote forj":
j the itch, who object to having
. humbugs exposed lest they find !
j their own breeches at half-mast in '
i a Dakota blizzard. i
J In every city, village and hamlet j .
fin the world tlie.re should be, v
j erected a monument in honor of I i
: Henry Ward Beecher and on that] S
; monument should be inscribed, 5
j this epigram by the great thinker: | L
I "There is nothing so unmanage-l fl
i able as a conceited conscience." i ?
I I r.
The largest spiders in the world,' ?
are found in New Guinea,* audi C
their webs are so strong that theyj 1
are used by the natives as fishing) E
nets. | p
??_ j K
! $0.70 ||
Sunday, May 21 g |
Train Reaves Fairmont BH' ?
7:15 A. M. (Eastern BB j ?
Time) ? Returning PB L
Reaves: P. & L. E. Sta~ MB j L
lion Pittsburgh 4:30 Egg ^
P. M. (Eastern Time) |g| g
Monongahela R. R. | |
Consult Ticket Agent |8| fc
; Play Shoes |
pes to stand up under j 8
.nd hard knocks that a j g
give it?has its work j |
y, these long Summer j g
time just around the ; |
v you some of the spe- g
ltiu we wion yuu euuiu
:'Steady Regular" cus- j g
am! S
$c MtlUu 1
^ SJatustaT I
The Latter Day Saints, or Mot
thods. will hold their semi-annui
conference here nest Sunday. A
10 o'clock Sunday morning the lc
cal congregation-will meet with th<
missionaries and members from al
over Xorthern West Virginia fci
the first session of the conference
which will be held in the clul
rooms on the third floor of tht
American Building in Adams street
The other sessions of the conferonce
will be held at 2 p. m. and
7:30 p. m. at the same place.
The scope and purpose of tl:e
statement given oat by R. S. Rhees
af this city, as follows:
"Twice each year the Saints as rh,?
in their respective locaii56as
fi& the mission field for the purines
? receiving special instructions.
bearing their individual t?simony
of the truthfulness of the
jospel of Jesus Christ and sustainng
those who have been called to
Dreside over them as officers in
he church.
"In Salt Lake City the saints
:rom all parts of the world gather
>n- these occasions. The great tabrrnacle
with a total capacity of
learly 15.000 is filled to overflowng.
Friends and strangers are always
welcomed to come and worship
the true and living God we arc
ill striving to serve.
"The missionary work here in
hese eastern states is under the
lirection of Eider George W. M'hine
with headquarters in Brookyn.
X. Y. it includes the eleven
dates from Maine.ro West Virginia,
vhich in turn is divided into twelve
onferences. There are one hunired
and thirty-two missionaries
ahoring in this district who are
laving their own expenses and dolating
two or three years' time
without receiving one cent of renuneration
from the church The
lospel should be free to all men.
Freely have ye received freely
rive' was the commission the M.nser
pave the first missionaries,
rhere has been one hundred ten
housand such missionaries leave
heir happy and comfortable homes
nd servo their Maker and fellow
nen in proclaiming the gospel of
epeniance to the world.
"All friends and strangers are
ordially invited to attend these
neetings. hear the true and evcrasting
gospel explained by able
xponents and become acquainted
rith the way (he Mormons conduct
heir meetings and worship God.
'resident George W. McCune will
le the principal speaker. Other
iXUtilieUL <inu
:al numbers will be given by the
tiissionaries and the local memlers.
There are no collections <?i
onations taken."
The present year marks the fory-fifth
anniversary of Edison's inention
of the phonograph.
! <5
) a
I 8
! *
i _
! (exce
1 NO
THE collection ?
1 every Silk Dre;
ceived sport models
evening models; al]
ment of fine silk cr?
fered at thisconces;
"Four -Mononcah clubs and
, j lodges will be represented in tlie
"j Fairmont Memorial Day obser1
vance. according to officials of tlie
1 Decoration Day executive committee.
* It was reported also at a meet1
ing of the committee held last
r night that the various union
bodies of the city have accepted
' an invitation to take part in the
? parade which will march throngli
- the city to Woodlawn. Maple
flrnvA and Holv Cross cemetories.
If requests of the committee are
given consideration, the only refreshments
booths on the street
Hay 30 will be those of the local
patriotic organizations. The local
posts are said to be in debt, and
it is hoped that a sufficient sum
will be realized to put them back
somewhere near a good financial
Flowers will be strewn on the
waters of Monongahela River in
memory of the United States service
men who have died at sea. '
The graves of all soldiers, sailors
and marines will be visited and ;
decorated with flowers.
Tn 1 306 Edward I of England!
issued a proclamation prohibiting;
the burning or coal in the city of
.London because of the "sulferous!
smoae and savour of the firing." j
Face and Tat
Plenty of use for a good face 01
good products to select from. I
maybe you have not. in eithe:
but if you want a favorite. w<
suggest one. our knowledge, if
kinds in either product and at
where else.
|| . NO RE(
jS| i The young
1= Jgg-'afcw with the Pet
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ersey .
at *7-'
r tNUSUALLY good qual
^ Suits frequently sold at!
ust about the normal sellin.
ot?and a pleasing range of
>rs. Everybody's going to i
...-i. "L~~ o
>Ull? UtJ-LUltJ OUIJIIIJC1 J.& cnuc
:hoose yours now, at this dis
ersey J
at M l
rHESE specially purchase
Suits are the quality gei
it $15.00 and more. They c<
ind Norfolk back styles and
olors including heather, br<
md light blue. You'll not fi
hem at this low price.
pting new sport moc
i i r\
W \-J
it this attractively redueec
ss in the store excepting a i
in light colors. All of our f
[ street models?in fact, a
ipe, Roshanara, Canton and
\ * ' ' 1 '
Knight Templars
j We have the largest and finest
j selection of Masonic Emblems in
i all Fairmont?Come in and let
j us show you one of the finest
outlays of Emblems you've ever
j laid eyes on.
We Also Have Masonir (
Emblems for the Ladies
"Where Qualilv Comes
Fanus & Co.
Opposite Court House
:'-V'* ^
'cum Powder -t. J
a talcum powder, plenty of f
Maybe you have a preference, . *?f'
: case you want lo be satisfied;
: have that: if you want us to
i at your service. All popular
the same prices here as any-.
; man who deposits weekly jgf .
iples National Bank lias no ?|J' .
ies not have to worry about gj(
le is providing well for It. B3 .
nts. including yours, are in- p(
it Paid on Savings Accounts. ?B
Peoples i
nal Bank 1
rAL ?2oo ooo.oo niinimiimmiHiiiSil iil
' i" ?- "I
Suits J 3
ity?equal to ?
513.75 which is j?N -
g price ox this ? m
styles and col- ? . ^
.vear a sport S ' |
d so why not 8
tinct saving? : g <
>i -I lis
>UltS I
0 :li
' 0
-4 KS KS J?4 3 l|
ids) ;lj ||
1?4 jf * ^
I price includes . P fffsgK

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