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I My Ruth?carried off?on the 1
i Tamp'!"
'ita Walden repeated her -words terically
over the telephone. 1
rick knew that there was no use
r. to camouflage his fears. 1
I'll bo out there?witn you?in
bw minutes," he shouted,
ilck was still in'a daze at the '
xpectedness of the blow. Mech- ;
pally he followed Gar'rick and 1
ibed into the car. As it startand
turned down the road to ,
lowantuc, the cool of the damp
ning air seemed to collect his '
titles. He noticed for the first .
a where'they were haded.
SVhy this way, Guy? Why not
STew York?"
R want to see Nita Walden first, '
reassure her. I promised her. ' ;
But?it's Ruth first."
Well; the club isn't far."
fes?hut the city?the police1?"
Wait,, Dick. I know what I am (
Fita Walden was overwhelmed
her daughter's peril. Ruth's
ir escapades were nothing com}d
to this. Up and down the
n she paced, choking back her
I, waiting for Garrick's arrival,
le .moments she would stand
re Ruth's picture wondering
tiroes linntionmiy tn "her Ofh^T*
I moments she would try to calm,
herself and relax in an easy chair
in a vain effort to concentrate on
Ruth as if that might bring her
She was frantic when Garrick
"If it's a ransom they want . . .
I'll pay a million!"
"Pay a million? Pay nothing.
Tes . a million to catch them, and
save her . . . but not a cent of ranThe
room telephone rang. Dick
r answered it.
'.'It's Glenn downstairs, with Dr.
Darling of Stony Brook." Dick said
nc( more but Garrick understood
and excused- himself.
-At the desk stood the doctor ,
alone. "I've got him out in my car.
I thought he'd better see you first :
?or he did, rather."
" |-|t " "What's the matter?" The
doctor did not answer hut ;
led the way outside and a few feet ;
down the driveway.
There was Glenn, wrapped in a
. heavy' robe, his head bandaged, ]
still very shaky. <
"Garrick," he cried. "Did you ;
hear, yet? Someone's carried off
Ruth and "Vira in the 'Sea Vamp'.
When the doctor got hold of me he
patclfed me up; I told him: he was
for ringing up the sheriff, but I
made him . wait until I could see
In the rapid fire of questions it
appeared Chat Ruth had been getting
more and more anxious to do
E something. Vira had confessed to
her that she had seen Garrick and j
when Glenn arrived he told of his
meeting on Main Street and Gar- !
rick's message.
They had agreed that the first i
thing to he done was to fix it so
that the "Sea "Vamp" could not be j
moved away and Ruth had insisted
that she be driven over there
that evening so she could .disable
the engines and make it impossible.
They had agreed.
"Why? Don't you get it? The
'Sea Vamp' was really the floating
' storehouse for a lot of wet goods
we were dealing in for Georges and
the rest. That was Brock's real
"I see," encouraged Garrick.
"And Ruth thought they might
move the boat away. So she startled
to prevent that?and left me the
note about it." ?
"yes," nodded Glenn, adjusting
the bandage more comfortably.
"Well when we got over there it
was dark. There wasn't even the
light on the boat. Ruth figured that
Brock and everybody were away '
aim it was a guoa time .to uo wnat she
wanted. We got a canoe and
paddled out. There wasn't a sound.
We climbed aboard and went dowll
"to the little engine room. It was <
beastly dark. I was fumbling about '
for the switch?the next thing I '
knew I heard a scream from Vira
?then something or somebody 1
must have hit me," he put his hand
up carefully but did not touch the 1
bandage back of his ear, "and that's
the last thing I knew until I came i
to in the water, half full of the
Regains Str
'Spanish Influenza or "Flu" I
;as this dread disease is now
generally called, almost invariably
leaves the sufferer
'.weak, nervous, discouraged
I and depressed. As a matter
| of fact, some people never
. fully recover from the effects
of "Flu" simply because they
do not know there are remedies
that will bring back
their health and strength.
In a letter, Mrs. Jonas Myers,
R. F. D. No. i, Kelly's Station,
Pa., tells how she cowi*
teracted the effects ofajsaaaare.
.RjEVE . J
larbor. Must have Knocked me
cold and overboard. I managed^ to
^? -tl "-t--- 3 ~
get IU LJJt3 OLUCr OUU1D ailu OViAlGl"
people in a bungalow got the Doc." |.
"Who was It?" asked Dick. 'More .
than one?"
"I don't know. But 1 think so. i
[ had a vague feeling there were a
couple at least back of me." , .
Dick stared at Garrick. Vira gone ;
too!. Georges, Brock, Jack Curtis, j
Rae. He uttered the names, sus- ]
piciously. Was it in reality a final '
adventure in the double triange of ;
Ruth, himself and Jack, Vlra, Rae ;
and Glenn? ' i
"So," Dick mumbled sarcastical- ,
Iy with a side glance at Garrick. i
"Ruth knew very well what she was s
doing, eh?"
Garrick was too big to take otfense.
"Dick" he replied merely, ]
"Ruth confided in me, that morn- ,
ing at the TJsonia. She's really clever.
You know it as well as I do. !
Bunt they had her?they had them ,
all, meshed, hooked. Why, Dick,
ail the time she has meant just to \
lead them on?and hand them over J
when she got them right. But she
couldn't tell Glenn, here, that. Nor .
Vira. Not yet." He glanced up at '
his own car. "If she had only j
stuck to her promise?to let me
know?first! But Ruth is so elev
er; she thinks she's a match for
anyone. And mostly she is! Wait!
She'll prove it." '
It was cold comfort to Dick.
"Well, now, what good is it to be
here? If we had only gone to the
city, we could have alarmed the
police there."
Garrick smiled patiently. "Yo'i
Eorget the Radio Central at Rock
ledge?and The telephone. I can
do all that here. I can call up and
get the police of the country here
by telephone. Besides, from Rock
Ledge I can alarm the police of the
world. Every ship, every amateur
station, on any wave length?the
wireless world is open to me here!"
"That's it," cried Glenn. "Let me
go with you."
"No, Doctor, put him up where
he can get over this quick. I'll need
vou, boy, tomorrow, need you badly.
Get in shape."
Glenn obeyed with, for him, good
grace and in a moment with the
Cull story Garrick and Dick were
speeding to Rock Ledge. "Broadeasting
by the police?for stolen
cars?missing people?all sorts of
crimes?is getting to be a greatersuccess
every day," cried Garxick,
trying to pump enthusiasm into the
crushed Dick and with success.
"Guy, I'm a dub. In my own line
too. Never thought of the Hock
Dedge broadcasting station. Of
course. XYXZ can do it!"
There were no formalities necessary
at the Radio Central for a
combination like Garrick and Dick,
who was a constant frequenter of
the place.
Tliey soon found themselves in a
small room, quite plain except for
the draperies that -were artistically
arranged to hide the bare walls.
There were a few plants and flowers
about, also. At one end stood
a beautiful piano of the reproducing
variety. Some of the best
known artists had in reality played
on it; all had played on it through
the perforated paper rolls. There
were phonographs of all the standard
well-known makes and on the
other side an automatic organ.
A small table with a silk-shaded
[amp added a touch of hominesa
and Jthere were a few, not many,
deep easy chairs..
But the most important piece of
ength After Aln
Hopes of Recov
attack of "Flu" after trying
various remedies. She says:
"I never took any medicine
that did me so much good
as Dr. A. W. Chase's Tonic
Pills. I had the 'Flu' and
after I got over it, was so
weak and nervous, I could
hardly get around. I tried '
different medicines but was <
no better when I quit using ,
them than before I started. ^
A friend sent me one of
your booklets and I read of .
Dr. A. W. Chase's medi- !
cines. I mav say that I had
given up all hope of ever ]
better, .but three 1
urn;tare which interested Garrick
nore than anything else, as the at- :
endant conducted them in, was the ?
iabinet containing little lamps 1
and plenty' of switches and wiring l
somprislng what is known as the i
nodulating equipment. It was i J
wooden tram ework covered with i
topper* screening - to prevent the i
lelicate apparatus from being dis:urbed
by electrical and magnetic <
nfluences within the room itself. 1
Various conductors connecting up
he cabinet and the transmitter 1
1" bea.il H fill bright I i
and neat woven copper sleeves or
tubes for the same reason.
"There's the little transmitter,
mounted on that portable stand,"
pointed out Dick. "The radiophone
transmitter, proper, is located in a
little room under the roof overhead.
There are a couple of operators,
for it contains all the elements of
actual transmission. When thisj
studio is to broadcast it is connect-1
ed by this switch over here with I
the radio station upstairs. Here's
i wire telephone to it, too." [
Garrick hardly needed to be toldj
He bad seen it once before, the ra-j
iio telephone transmitter which;
consisted of a cabinet closed in by i
iron grill work to prevent damage!
to the delicate vacuum tubes, five
pf them for the normal operation.
A.t the extreme end of a long operating
desk or table was the transmitter.
On the table were ordinary
telephone instruments, radio
apparatus, a receiving set with amplifiers,
telephone head sets and a
loud speaking device by which the
operators, could" hear the speech or
music rendered downstairs only
here actuated by the long distance
receiving set.
"Now, here's the pliouetron?the
dish basin''some people call it",
pointed out the attendant, who had
been looking at his watch and a
schedule to determine when would
be the best time to broadcast the
alarm Garrick had impressed on his
Garrick looked curiously at the
little hole in a cylinder dangling
from an adjustable stand in front
of him.
"Is it about the right height?
You prefer to stand? All ,right.
How's that? Now, don't forget?
talk directly into that little hole? i
good and loud. Keep up your
voice. About three inches away i
from the transmitter. There. Now, i
wait until X tell you." 1
The minutes seemed eternity to t
Dick. Would it never be possible <
for Garrick to soar on wings of
wireless to the succor of Ruth and
"All set?" The attendant called. <
"Let's go." :
"Ruth Walden and Vira Gerard ]
Df Nonowantuc. Long Island, were kidnaped
in a house boat, the 'Sea
Vamp' from Duck Harbor, Long Island,
tonight about nine o'clock." :
The attendant nodded to Garrick
that in his opinion he was no nov- <
Ice in ha: dling the affair. 1
Slowly and distinctly Garrick
launched into a brief description of
the houseboat and followed 1
with a detailed description of Ruth 1
and Vira and his own suspicion
hat the 'Sea Vamp' was now some- i
where in the Sound probably on its
way east. <
Garrick finished. There was a silence.
He looked about stupidly.
Not that he could have expected
anything else than silence. Yet it
was weird, uncanny. He had spoken
to a mute and invisible audience
Was it one, a hundred, a thousand,
a hundred thousand? No one
could do other than guess.
"Always the radio is a temperamental
thing, that is, if you can
say inanimate things are temperamental:
there's a natural depravity
about it. But I think conditions
are fine, just now."
Garrick turned. It was Professor
Vario who had just heard he was
there and had hurried into the
building at the news. "It has worked
best when nobody was around
LU appreciate 1L UI1U 11UL SU gUUU
when it's on parade. The radiophone
with, its delicate tubes and
controls sometimes lies down on
the job at the wrong moment. But
we don't have much of that trouble
Hasty inquiries and a promise to
put the whole of the Rock Ledge
equipment at their disposal followed.
"Now, Dick," exclaimed Garrick
energetically, outside. "I7ve got
that first call off. Now you can
have your way. To the city!"
As they whirled down the splendid
road Garrick could not get ou1.
of his mind the similar impression
he had between broadcasting and
a picture studio. "I suppose in
one case it's one-sided pantomine,!
in the other one-sided dialogue.
Anyhow, the same motto applies to
both, 'Get it across!' It's a newart,
not much more than a year
IBU9& *XRVfr9B|5
boxes of Dr.-A. W. Chase's
Tonic Pills made me feel
like a new person. I fee!
now as if life was worth
living once more, and am
recommending Dr. A. W.
Chase's medicines to everyone
I know."
Sfou can buy Dr. A. W.
Chase's remedies at all drug
stores. To be sure of getting
:he genuine, see that the por:rait
and signature of A. W.
Chase, M. D., are on each
dox. This trade mark is your
protection against imitations^
i detective. Broadcasting as a s
justness -will settle down, I sup- t
jose. This Radio Central, service t
s really a public service. >, Just j
low it's lllte 'the" talking machine i
tfmrnailffin spIHtier; -vrm' an inatrn- ' '*
nent and giving away the records!" <
A surprise awaited them as they
irew up at Glenn's garage guarded
jy the Astra gency men.
"Glad you came sir. exclaimed
he agency manager himself. "I've
;ot three men here, now."
"Three men?" queried Garrick.
'Why is that?"
The manager for answer , took
lim inside and closed the door. In
the corner was a well-dressed, exjensively-dressed
man with a
3reek cast of countenance, handtuffed.
"This man?his name, he says is
\chilleo?came in here early tolight
and claimed this stuff, said
re had a bill of sale or something
:or it, and wanted to arrange for
i truck to take it out."
"T know." cautioned Garrick,
ooking at the handcuffs on the
estless prisoner. "But isn't this
i hit highhanded?"
The Astra manager smiled knowingly.
"With contraband, sir, like
:his?stolen goods? He's an acces- ,
;ory after the fact?maybe?at least j
1 receiver of stolen goods."
The prisoner seemed to regard ,
Carrick as a savior. He showed ,
signs of loosening up on his surly '
"You see. sir, I buy the Inner !
Cilrele?understand??for fifty 1
housand dollars, understand? If I 1
get all the goods understand?" He 1
furned aside and opened his coat
tor Garrick alone. In his inside :
nocket was a long envelope with i
fifty one-thousand dollar bills. "I 1
make payment when I get all stuff 1
lere, too, understand?" !
Garrick did understand. It was a c
matter of making a quick sell-out <
ind getaway. "Where's your bill }f
sale or whatever it is you have ]
for this?". ,
Achilleo pulled out a paper. It (
was signed by Georges and Rae (
Larue as agent in fact. "Bet the
buyer beware!" laughed Garrick as .
be returned it. "Now, I understand J
ihat the money is to pass tonight at
she Inner Circle when this is signed?"
The man nodded and grinned
cvitli perfect ivories, "'men. it you
want to get free in tin's little illegal !
transaction. Mr. Achilleo and have 1
that fifty thousand yourself instead
3f leaving it in court as cash bail, <
take me to the Inner Circle and
get the goods!"
The thought of the hard-earned j
tiash settled Achilleo. "The man ,
ind the girl are now there," he re- ,
ported as he left the telephone, j
with handcuffs slipped. . j
Garrick's raid of the Inner Circle ,
was a noiseless, if not painless, i
affair. But it was only fifty per
cent successful. The net closed on
Georges; Rae Larue was now- (
pere about. <
Georges shut up like a clam. It i
was more than evident, however. ]
that he was not the "man-at-the- i
top." I
Thoroughly they searched, hut
there was not a trace of Rae. Nor i
was there a trace of Ruth or the i
pthers. ' i
"So?the cellar is on the roof!" :
v : '
Aii Oath
if i~\?. \ F
^His friend slain?murderc
f and cut down without mercy!
P terance! But more tragic stl
iil'ii * &
H ,
The hero of Rafael Sabath
of the French revolution. It
the whole course of his life, e\
iB lives?and made world histor;
m ... -. .
sj and passion, adventure and i
jEjjj you with feelings that will
|| and soul-stirrings!
Read the First C
| ' ' Mon
he little concerete room they had j
ieen -when they installed the dicta- |
fraph aerial. "Here's a small for,une.
alone in these cases. When-1
oked my head out through the :
icuttle,' Dick. I also saw your aerial ;
ill snarled up. and tangled, wreckid."
Dick did not appear to be Inter'
>sted. "Maybe they had a secret .
:xlt over the roofs in case of a raid >
inyway, Rae got away. Someone's
rat fifty thousand in the cleanup".
"This eliminates Georges," considered
Garrick, '-'except, of course,
is an understrapper."
"Brock?Curtis," repeated Dick
IiecaaUitJiiixjr', oobiixig uio tucui aa
he names suggested "Vira and
Garrick shook his head absently. ]
'All the wild horses in Hades (
wouldn't get a word out of Georges .
low," he observed. "Thank the :
Lord, Dick, you're an expert at it;
iur only hope lies in wireless?in 1
some form or other!"
(Continued in Next Issue)
seconFdivorce^ by I
S. DOUIS, June 15.?Seven i
pears ago today. Mrs. Eva D. Hil
enkoeter. a play and scenario
writer of this city, obtained a dirorce,
not from her husband, due ,
:o the likeness of theiir initials,
put from her brother in law.and
is a result she is again seeking
ler second divorce in order to be
ible to dispose of some of hm
property. r*
The decree handed down seven
rears ago dissolved the matrimonal
bouds between Mrs. Hilleoitoeter
and Henry H. Hillenkoeter,
Per husband's brother who has
since died. The mistake was not
liscovered until recently and the
second divorce petition was the
result. The husband, Herman H.
Hillenkoeter, who has since been
remarried, has filed a cross bill lu
prder to have his first wife's reluest
/ for separate maintenance
ienied by the court. The initials
H. H. proved misleading in the
'irst case It was declared.
Sun and Wind Bring Out Ugly
Spots. How to Remove Easily
Here's a chance, Miss FreckleEace,
to try a remedy for freckles
with the guarantee of a reliable
loncern that it will not cost you a
penny unless it removes the *
Ereckles; while if it does give you
i clear complexion the expense is
simnlv vet an ounce of Othine I
?double strength ? from any
iruggist and a few applications
should show you how easy it is to
rid yourself of the homely freckles
and get a beautiful complexion.
Rarely is more than one
ounce needed for the worst case.
Be sure to ask the druggist for
the double strength Othine as this
strength is sold under guarantee
of money back if it fails to remove
* If
^ ' I
M :
d! Tricked into a duel? j|
Tragic almost beyond ut- |
11 was the oath of
I hit
_____ !:
ai's great Historical romance
was an oath that changed ||J
en the course o? many other ?
T\ Love and hate, devotion
omance will thrill you, fill ffi
stimulate your heartthrobs ||
Chapter in 1 .
day, June 19 th J
Campaign for "Funds Started
in Charleston for Former j
mer Soldiers.
15?-An active campaign for funds
with which to entertain the members
of the Eightieth Division Veterans
Association, which will hold
Its annual reunion here September
2, 3 and 4 has been started.
Announcement was made today
that Captain John T. Morgan had
been appointed financial chairman
of tho local members of the association,
and will have charge of
the drive for funds. V. M. Stratton,
also a veteran, is making an
active canvass, - _
The local veterans expects more
than 3,000 members of the association
here for the reunion. It
will be national in its scope and
men will be - here from all parts
I T odai
; , Bathrc
One 5-Foot S
One 17s
One Iron En
Cleveland Ave.
Men! JV
Money Is Toe
.Why Pa
When You (
Without Any
If You Can't
Men's ra.
' - . . /.
union? in? Pittsburgh, 'there* were
several men In attendance from
foreign countries,, having scattert
ed after the war."
, The city of Pittsburgh ^royally
entertained the veterans and it is
the plan of local members to uphold
the traditions of Charleston
: and to do, this funds are needed.
i'.v? Theprogram for the rdunion is
now being prepared. It will include
a big parade, followed by a
barbecue at one of the parks or
Kanawha City. On Sunday the
second day of the reunion, a
memorial service fori the veterans
who were killed and who died,
will be held at one of the local
theatres. Following this, an automobile
tour will be given. The
program committee is making arrangements
for transportation
through the Charleston Automobile.Club.
The Eightieth Division had
more than 6.000 casualties during
the war. Of this number, 1,100
: were battle deaths. More than
100 West Virginia boys in the
division were killed. The division
was made up of men from
West Virginia. Pennsylvania and
Virginia, and replacements from
all states in the union.
General Lloyd M. Brett and
General Adelbert Cronkhite, wbo
were In command of the division
7 and Two
13th to 17th Only
>om (Jomple
tandard Bath Tub?coi
:19 Lavatory?complete
amel Toilet?complete1
Luthy Plumbing G
len! Wj
? Hard to Ear
y $30 and
Can Get Equall
Extra Charge
That clothing prices have
and quite a reality, but tha
is doubtful. Wool prices i
ment and production havir
expect higjier prices the cc
As these Suits are of all yi
advise you to anticipate y
this low price.
$1 St
.f\ $
Cool summer suits
at a price that cai
town. Light and i
Come Send
plans. General Brett Is president
The program committee has no;
fully decided upon the prlnqig)|^H
speaker for the reunion. ForrTdfiBMBWB
Governor Cornwell was the chlei^M
speaker at the reunion last.
Valuable Illustrated Book Sent Free. 8H
Kow thousands of "w^omen, by the simple
method of an eminoat^ physician, have 1
J SVOtUl'U blilivwiiaa.,1. . ,
j months and up to the ' wl
moment Baby has S* ye? ???S
rived, &a fully explained BBBaBflM . Ms Mi
in the remarkable book. E^ja??SSyv in I
^Motherhood. and theBBWBy sH I
Baby." Tells also xvh&tffi^F^MQr
to do before and after BWVlWKVr USSHNi I
baby conies, probable t&grfi |w?\ wflaBHf SB
date of birth, baby MB RT.# Jgp??0*3!
rules, etc.. and about H 1\\ v H |
""Mother's Friend," usedffTff r\ BM
by three generations offaf f
mothers, and sold in all ITl <VV Vv t !
drug stores everywhere. Rggjsu ' ?
"'Mother's Friend" faMHfinCTV^^S fl
applied externally, is w'irOTEttW1. * t?*' HH
safe, free from narcotics. permits- easier wR
natural readjustment of muscles and nerves 'BBSE
during expectancy and child-birth. Start 188
rising it today. Mrs. E. E. Kcrger, Slayton. ' RR
Minn., sal's: "It pulled me through." Send ;
for book today, to Bradfleld Regulator Co.% JeHfl
3A-36. Atlanta. Go. "Mother's Friend" Is jRa j
eold st all drug stores. ' ^
More |H
te $75 T
nplete to floor jl
i to floor
with oak seat i flj
fj w
ike Up!l
n to Waste It!
$35 for ^
y Good Ones 1
for AlterationsJ
come down is generally concWfii
.t they'll remain at these low, levels 9
iave started on their upward^Ohove- H
ig been reduced in many miliar we M
>ming season. ear
.'round weight and colorings wisB
our needs by taking advantage of|
12.50 |
i that bespeak style and comfort B

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