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I The Weat Virginian Building. Adams
| ^KAIlifidggartmgnts reached through
1 W. J. WIECTEL. Edi
1 * ' Managing Editor I '
j I A* Busfoei?-34an*fl:er j :
I 1 E. G. N1CKEY. Saperic
i} ( ,*v~ p* W Arnnnm a
| i * National Advertising Bepr
Xm J 108 Park Avenue Ha
Eg, I :[ ' New York City
Up$h-'- J Th* Associated Press, of which this
entitled exclusively to the use
|^.all'news dispatches credited in this ne
:Jvlocal news published herein. All right
J special dispatches herein are also rese
B. I Member Associated Press.
-^ Member Audit Bureau, of Circulat:
W&&-- ^ MSmbir American Newspaper Pu
p.*;' ' * EKjjS! Member West Virginia Publishers
Rl;-. - Post card statements will Impoi
be mailed on the first of Is paid
H- each month. lowing
*.8ingle Copy .. $ J)5 Fairnio
One ;Mohth;^;, 1.00 One M<
H' Six?Mont? 6.00 SixrC<M<
One Year 12.00 One Y<
It '' One Month t .75 I Six Mt
Three Months 2.00 | One Y<
-Single Copy five cents; one month. $1
.'asking for change in address giv
Entered at the Postoffice at Fairmor
"'i'" ^?fcond-class matter.
HHi fp-HE report of Thomas D. Coi
i>: ? ?J. , ?]je chamber of Commert
: i' meeting Thursday evening shi
(" amount of work accomplished,,
|.r as cne-oest ana most sue
Fairmont Chamber of Co?
?he simple telling of the wot
lization does not sufficiently
pie. The public-can understa
ount of the things underta
ough by the body, that the
n unrelaxing in its hard work
try at its head has been on the
if the people could grasp in
actual gain that the work o
amerce has secured for Failamazed
and. more, fully grasp
worth of such a body to a c
'he Chamber of Commerce is t
ther year under practically t:
ch has accomplished so much
iths. Fairmont is facing an
it that will exceed anything w
s, there will be work for the
ce every minute of the time,
nite work for every individu
better men could be at the
sen at the meeting the other
can rest assured that this b
L out, and open the way for
e prosperous Fairmont, and
city program will be permitte
is too bad that Senator Sutlie
Iossession 01 some lacis in coi
aard Kaplan case at Annapoli
It is pretty late in the da:
ton man balm for the insult
portion in the naval academy
Kaplan, however, that he en
waged his own personal
npering. He must have had i
tment that was almost unbe
, as claimed, the name of L,ec
ted from the class annua
ing his photograph, unnumbe
or its easy removal front th'
its speak anything but well
of the authorities at the acaci
be offered for a laxness that ]
ent to suffer this ultimate in
is too late, to do much for K
it is not too late to institute
ther graduate from Annapolis
m of such unjust and miseral
tcomings of personality, not
Bent- any racial prejudice, n
:he real reason for thus sticki
Icfc. coma ever merit such a co
plan graduated second in his c
tt: could cause his dismissal fr
ist have been a hard student a
:s such, the lengths to which his
humiliate him, and forever
re anything but justifiable, noi
ans as true gentlemen and mei
ploy in any case. It will be di
mstfeje heads of the academy
t upon the institution's record
nly conduct. The class annual
our.ce^.pf pleasureable remembr
tting students of this year, will
-'.by the Kaplan incident and th
rid will attach to the spirit th;
?HE great loss of life at City Is
is directly due, according tc
rid, to the fact that New Yorl
II Here and There
CHARLESTON, W. Va., June 17.
?Appointments of members of a
number of boards and commissions
of the state government, to fill
vacancies caused by the" expirations
of terms of office, will be
tirade during the next few weeks by
Gbvernor Morgan.
The most important office to be
^^^^Tlledi^i^.'reason of the. expiration
jfiBaMi&jigkeimvln. West Virginia wlii
be that of judge of the state su^^ffip^jnetcourt
of appeals. The office
!.; will be filled by vote of the people
. Judge James A. Meredith, of
? lo be areauaajl
: Hn v while , the hear
>rpor?t?d warned of the
and Quiney Str?U. I habitant of Is]
os. 1107 drowned. Livii
private exchange 'customed to w;
^associate Editor drawing conclt
y w. wbight. to be read juste
Ad vert is ins: Manager 0 ? ,r
3ABRETT, tnan. any farm*
r.lrwilatinw Mflna?fl?r 1 }.' ,
ifendcnt" j if4*4*!* *
CY ' in a safe place
esentative? v took its toll ol
^tford Building workers who g>
volcano . wj?.
???- ?? way and spend
7=r"?e-Ppurb,rc.*tio"Tr theIr evenings '
wspaper and also the City street.
? of re-pubhcation of
rvcd. A grreat deal
the weather pr
kh'W * . . held up for ami
blishers Association. , . _
Association. and. th.e late frc
J Fairmont from the publi
ctaat?if subscription who is observar
ratesd"by^carHer f?in fUIld Of knowle
nt^wUl ?pply; ^ ^ and his advi(;e
Months 1" ..'go wise saved thei
tar .JJLUZm 8 20 Island, while th
;nth. S 3.B0 p NGLAND is
1?d will forev
1.00. cash in advance. animals in Gre. e
old as well as new countries could
I animal lover, i
It. West Virgrinia, as spark of sympa
J beasts, would h
- for America.
ME 17, 1922. The English
position, and it
haustive and un
onell, secretary of crnelty of the m
'e at the annual that^ the victor;
ows an amazing Naturally such I
and sets the past to aay "bserva
icessful year that tralned animals
nmerce has ever ther proof the st
and the savage 1
k done by the or- them tractable,
put it before the hardaned to kn<
nd in reading the wiId beasts ??r
ken and pushed Lions, tigers ?
organization has savage of wild ?
and that the sec- animaIs ln the"
job every mibute, dangerous, but
dollars and cen;s desperate attem
f the. Chamber of j the ^ring
, _ t iaii xo uimcisi-tt
mont they would wUh lhe terror
the true meaning Dogs> ponies,
ity- more easily ham
0 proceed through javestigati0n pre
he same'guidance Englisb law ma
in the past twelve mQ3t unbeIievab]
1 era of develop- dogs and ponies
hich has gone be- ?so cunning- to
Chamber of Com- Public opinio
and there will be audiences find
al member in it. watching a barc
helm than those whipping a lot ol
evening, and the ,nto dQing thing
usiness body will would be for a
a bigger, better, ^ {Qr an hou,
that no part of wiid animals an
d to lag. ampitheater, or
~ fight,, excepting
NAPOXIS. cruelty and suff
;rland was not in
nuection with the "The criminal
s, a year or more that he has litt
y to gain for the secretary of the
s that have been other day, and
It speaks well "the best way fc
dured in silence, the money earn
struggle without brow is to put a
ougli sailing, and criminals on ba
arable. world if arrest n
inard Kaplan was was tried it woi
1, and the page operations of a 1
norl o w. H norfnro f- i * -
numoer ui uucus1
e book, tbese in- criminal out on
for the supervis- lenses in the in
lemy. No excuse peara for trial.
permitted a naval
suit. Motorists who
apian personally, jn their own tosuch
a row that straint as soon a
i will ever be the and they dash
>le treatment. No breakneck speed
taking into the trouble that may
rhich is probably e(j at home, sho
ng Kaplan in the at\-ay from tome
wardly vengence. ^as n0 right to
:lass, did nothing a purejy selfish i
om the academy, and abroad respe
nd a moral char- Qj tbe other fell
it pays.
class-mates, went
stigmatize him, -France is gem
- were they such bitter intoleranci
i of honor would at the close of '
fficult for the re- a German, unarrr
to remove this hig liEe in the p
for fair play and prance is a Ion,
instead of being hand of friendsh
ances to the gra- way from forgett
i forever be mar- endured at Germ:
e stigma that the and a conceivable
it governed such as illustrated in a
and German pac
_____ riormon c-v> /-.it 1h r*
?? purpose outside <
iland, "New York, a hint that there
> the New- York raging spirit of t
Iters have ceased tilities.
Fairmont, who was appointed to
the tribunal by Governor Morgan
to fill the vacancy caused by the
resignation of Judge Charles \V.
Lynch, of Clarksburg, will be a
candidate for the Republican nomination.
Democrats here and at
other ooints in the state are discussing
the possibility of Judge J.
M. Woods, of Martinsburg. becoming
a candidate for the Democratic
Judge Woods recently invaded <
the spot-light of public attention
by bis mastenui decision m the
trial of a sub district president of .
the United Mine Workers on a ;
charge of treason at Charles Towu.
A position of importance to be 1
filled by Governor Morgan is that i
of member of the state board. 01 i
education, to be filled by the ai>- i
pointment of a Democrat. The <
term of George S. Laidley, of <
Charleston, expires June 30 ana i
their* pernL^^caLefanTboatT
ens threatened, and muttered, and
coming distinction. Not an inand'
City was found among the
lg on the coastithese people are acitchJng
the wind * and the sky, and
sion3 therefrom that seldom have
id. The New York paper declares
;r or sailor present at Island City
mid have sought shelter and been
when the gale arrived. The storm
I clerks, stenographers, and inside
5 to and from employment by subthe
daylight hours under roof, and
between the obscuring walls of the
of fun has always been poked at
ophet. Every fall his dictums are
isement, and the long hard winters
>sts predicted are greeted by smiles
c. All very good. But the man
it in his contact with nature has a
dge that stands him in good play,
is not to be ignored. The weather
r lives by their knowledge at City
is weather foolish perished.
about to pass a Cruelty Law which
er do away with trained wild
it Britain. It is a law that other
imitate to their credit. Every
ndeed every individual having a
itliy with the sufferings of caged
ave a hearty amen for such a law
law proposed has had a stout ophas
only been after the most exquestionable
proof establishing the
ethods used in training wild beasts
y now . assured has been gained,
iroof must be fully established, but
nt individual, the mere sight of
at their tricks betrays without furrained
fear under which they work
landling thy have endured to make
It would sicken even the most j
jw the details of the education of
the circus or stage performance. |
ind leopards, the most nervous and i
mimals. are the most pitiful of all
trained performances. They are
they are crazed by fear. The
pts they make to do the required
rag groveling attitude when they
nd. must impress their audience
they suffer.
seals, elephants and monkeys, are
iled than the cat animals, but the
tduced for the consideration of the
kers, was full of inhuman and alle
methods employed to make even
; do the stunts the children find
n should demand that American
other amusement than that of
I, alert, ever endangered trainer.
[ savage, fightened, cringing beasts
;s as foreign to their nature as it
man to swing upside down by his
r at a stretch every day. Trained
a akin to the exploits of a Roman
the more modern Spanish bull
that they represent more actual
ering than either.
is so mollyocddled by the public
lia fool* nf t h Ck 1 n ra " rl fha
Ui lUb luir y u.tv?Ui VU l-">Illinois
Bankers Association the
concluded by recommending that,
r protecting the widows mite, and
ed by the sweat of the laborers
n end to the wholesale release of
il." There isn't a doubt in the
reant imprisonment until the case
lid put a decided quietus on the
ot of criminals, and would cut the
es against the law appreciable. The
bail may be guilty of a dozen ofterval
of freedom before he apThe
bail evil encourages crime.
observe carefully the traffic laws
wns frequently put aside all res
they hit the highway on a trip,
through small country towns at
and resent to the heavens any
follow. The law that is observuld
be observed just as carefully '
. and the idea that a "hick" town
consideration from motorists in .
md very mistaken one. At home i
;ct the rights and the regulations :
ow, be careful, and be courteous,
srally supposed to hold the same
3 toward Germany at present as
:he war. The impression is that
led, stands in imminent danger of
resence of a Frenchman. While
g, long way from extending the
ip to Germany, and a long, long ]
ing the outrage and suffering she
an hands, yet there is a relaxation 1
; softening in the French attitude
l meeting held at Berlin of French
ifists. That the French and the
ieet. alone by arrangement for any
of reparation discussion is surely !
is considerable recession of the '
litterness felt at the close of hos- ,
Mr. Laitdley is a receptive candi- }
date for reappointment. F. Witcher
MeCullougli, of Huntington,
is an active candidate for the position
and he has received many
The governor is expected soon c
to appoint a successor to Judge E. 1
G. Rider, as a member of the pub
uvi ac? > iw uuiuuu&Biuu. x iitj ieriu
of Judge Rider expired June 1 *
year ago. Judge James J. Devine, 5
of Welch, who was recently ap- 1
pointed to succeed G. R. C. ?
Wiles, resigned, will serve until <
June 30, 1923, the date of the ex- E
piration of Mr. Wiles' term. ^
Charles H. Dowler of Wheeling, c
has declined the post as member J
of the state road commission, to t
succeed N. P. Wbitaker, of Wheelng,
who resigned, and" the chief f
sxecutjve is faced with the nec- a
sssity of searching for another c
nan. The appointee's term will t
n; ?
expire May 31, 1923. Mr. Whitakei
was appointed for the short tern
of two years.
The governor will soon have tc
appoint the entire membership oi
the board of examiners for registered
nurses. Dr. Irene B. Bullard
of Charleston, will retire on June
30, this year, as will that of Harriet
B. Jones of Glendale. Tho
terms of other members of the
board expires as follows: F. LeMoyne
Hupp, Wheeling; Dr. B.
S. Preston. Charleston and C. S.
Hoffman, Keyser, all on June 30,
Two members of the public
health council will retire on June
30, 1923. They are J. L. Pyle,
Chester; and Dr. Walter M. Babb
Keyser. The term of Dr. W. T.
Henshaw, state health commission
ner will expire on May 31 of next
The term of Miss Sue Staunton,
who was recently chosen president
of the state board of children's
guardians to fill the vacancy
of Dr. F. J. Brooke, of Romney
does not expire until June 30
L. L. Beecher, of Welch, will
retire June 30., next, as a member
of the board of dental examiners.
The term of Dr. J. C. Callender
of Parkersburg as a member of the
veterinary examining board, expired
May 21. 1922.
John R. Elson of Wellsburg, Oj.
the board of pharmacy, will retire
from office on June 30. 1922.
Two members of the state board
of embalmers recently officially ret
B 1 *> CTicenccn t??.
LiitsU. 11HUUU?U IUCU OU^V-^uui ~
have not been appointed. The
terms of Floyd G. Lobban, of Alderson
and F. E. -Vandala of
Spencer, expired on March 31,
The same is true with respect to
two members of the board for tne
examination of accountants, Norman
Fitzhugh of Charleston and O.
E. Wycoff of Taylor county, whose
terms expired May 15', 1922.
The term ?f J- H. Zilliken^ of
Wellsburg, as a member cf the
board of optometry, expired June
3U. next.
In a number of instances, the
governor is expected to reappoint
the officials whose terms will expire
but several new faces on the
boards and commissions will likely
File Certificate
Eight Democrats and 13 Republicans
have filed certificates for
their announcements for political
office in Kanawha acounty. Seven
of these are for the house of delegates
12 for board of education,
one for county commissioner and
one for constable. Some' on the
List are:
For House of Delegates, Republicans?William
Kdgar C. Lawson, A. J. Jenkins,
Nedgar C. Merhie, J. G. Vaughn,
ill of Charleston. Democrat?A.
W. Boyd, Charleston.
For County Commissioner?
?Cream Smith .Democrat, Cha?leston.
For Loudon District Board of
Education?E. F. Pitzer, Albert F.
Lewis, J. M. Cprry, Republicans.
For Malde-n District Board ?u
Education?Fred L. Mavnard,
Democrat, for president of board
ind Charles L. Skiles. Republi;an.
For Cabin Creek District Board
if Education?John W. Basham
ind R. W. Stephenson, for presiient;
Bea nTurner and' Dr. Robin
M. Hudnall, all Democrats.
A warrant was served this mornng
on Spiro Gotses, manager of
be Palace Restaurant for violation
>f section eighteen of the city milk
>rdinance, requiring milk to be
ierved in the original bottle in
vhich it w-as delivered. It is alleg>d
that this restaurant has been
ierving milk in glasses instead of
he prescribed manner adapted in
he milk ordinance.
The milk ordinance is still in efect
as originally passed and until
,n amendment is made, city others
state that they will see that
he ordinance is strictly enforced.
& L.o toH.TiHAt. "
Yo<-> 'A ftco <^J ON
rwe HEA35 i'.1.
I I O " v"yi * j
If confidence will win a cam1
paign, Mr. Edwards of Huntington
is in good shape.
# * *
1 At least the least of his worries
is the chance any of the other fellows
in the race have.
* # ?
This is Saturday.
* *
We simply mention this because
, tomorrow is Sunday, and?
* *
, The next day is Monday.
# * *
Everybody loves Monday.
* * *
Quite a nice little thunder
, shower we had all night.
* * *
At least it seemed to wake us
A Ban
Young Bus
A young man starting
counsel of experienced me
The officers of this inst
give you the benefit of (
help you in any way poss:
Whether you
positor here o
arC *
your financial
problems witl
= Fairiv
Trust C
Cab*<s*l $200,000.00
Undivided Prof
ea?o and women ol
"^hoes tha
^ ^ ... - ; / _ .l .
\\ iMff!
* *
Say .ve found a taxi service that
is all to the good. This service
actually gets a car to where you
want if'at the; time they promise.
That's a pretty good discovery in
a town like this, eh what?
* * ? m
Monongah Glass should challenge
the Pirates to a series. An
the Glassies would have to do to
?'? * ^O +A >?rtrwnt?T A /vilinlfl
? 111 nviuiQ *'i? li' " ? . "? .. r- of
New York uniforms.
* ? ?
Hope it does not rain on the
Elks and Glassies this afternoon.
This baseball life _is hard on Ira
* * *
Almost as bad as the freight
"Lightning Express" booked to
run to the TJniontown races today.
, How will the white lightning run?
# * !
We would want to be sitting and
have our insurance paid up before
we went to any auto race.
* * *
Convict Makes Second Confession?headline.
What's the matter
does hestammer?
* * *
Ae staff is going to have a
picnic on July 4. We are barren
because it is not going to be a
Ruff Stuff party.
* # *
Think w'll stay home and cut
the grass.
* * *
That's ruff enough for July 4.
* # *
May put off a few fireworks in
the evening to amuse the neighbors.
* * *
Dave Osgood is still playing remarkable
golf. Yesterday Sid
Wright and Spencer made a total
of 74 for nine holes. The two of
them just managed to beat out Obgood
who turned in G9.
We might have beaten them
You never can tell. .
* * *
It was not fair to double up 011
CAROLINA, June 17?Mr. and
Mrs. Luther Parks and son. Junior
of Wyatt, spent Thursday at the
home of the latter's brother, Mr.
G. E. Dougall of Carolina.
J. W. Haney of the M. P. & R.
Co. of Fairmont was a business
visitor in Carolina Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mason
and children, visited Mr. and Mrs.
Scott Davis of Parrish Run,
James McCaffrey Sr., of Uniontown,
Pa. visited his sons, James
McCaffrey, Jr.. and Charles Mc-I
Caffrey of Carolina, this week. I
The party was entertained at din- j
ik For |
;iness Men
in business needs the
itution. will be glad to
:heir experience, and to
W. Va. J||
Surplus $lSOrO?"s">
its $45,000.06 _
? STotra.
' shoes for men i
F critical taste. ~
' f : 1 '
A ^ a
& mtiim
t Satisfy?
" '** ' ? - "
' ' ' : 1 !
Finley. a niece o: the "latter, was
hiTW. E Pigga*t and Guy Tee. registers
for theft voting precinct -of
which . Carolina is a part, began
canvassing Friday.
How*to Keep Well
By DR. R. H. falSHOP
" 11
Science ,Js practically agreed
that cattle tuberculosis is caused
by a germ essentially the same as
that causing human tuberculosis!
and that the'catue disease can be
transferred to people by .the use of
cattle products containing .. the
There is some controversy as
yet, however, an the point of actual
frequency of the cattle type in
human beings.
It is found almost exclusively
in children, mostly under live, and
rarely in those above 16 years.
Bovine tuberculosis affects
chiefly the digestive tract, glands
and bones. In the abdomen, it
causes great enlargement of the
glands related to the intestine.
Often the neck glands are affected
and the bones and joints throughout
the body may berome involved.
The greatest source of danger Is
raw milk, usually distributed in
smaller communities. The larger
cities are mostly supplied with
pasteurized milk. However,
examination of the unpasteurized
milk in cities has shown that
practically no supply is absolutely
free from bovine tubercle bacilli.
The conclusion is obvious.
Cattle tuberculosis is a menace to
children, and should be eradicate.d
as far as possible. All cows should
be frequently examined, and tested
at least twice yearly.
Pasteurization must,_, not be
made a substitute for cleanliness.
LONDON. June 17 ?(By The Associated
Press.)?Miss Elizabeth
Ryan of California was defeated by
Miss Kathleen McKane, the British
star, in the finals of the Kent tennis
championship at Beckenham
today. The British player won
6-3 6-3. ^
Under Summer
| Mostly Pic
| ?But that genera
^ gives a hint of the
H ming chapeaux, an
? will make a world
? the attractiveness
n afternoon anneava
P, gorgeous pink rose
? the drooping brim
| makes it a joy fore
S ribbons need no ex
Icept to knot and
around crisp Orgs
basket weave Stra>
?no lovelier?than
I I eoTor
1 ?C.75 ,
? J to
? *
' jt is to caITy a
,^iim^iCTi^a^iiiiijaiiiiiiii:iuiinii!!i CAP IT".
cafegreat Business a
"" That June is a banner month toi S9
eating houses^-^evidenced - i>y - thiiik
fact that the Y. C. A. cafeterias I
has almost doubled its "busiueijtA^H
over the. preceding; mouth.
The rapid growth of this lunch ^BBI
room can be attributed to the ex- VraaS
.cellent service and the xvo'i cooked fl|H
food that the management supplies. -
The business ot this one place has I
ataduiUTy jncraased until now it J
caters to hundreds or people every
The first Friday that the cafeteria
was in business, twenty-five H
pounds of fish were more than Jfl
enough to supply the customers. i
Yesterday 89 pounds were served H
at the noon meal alone.
It is poor weather for.cooking. H
Many of the local housewives are H
closing the door to thajr oven and
dining at the Y. W. H
Berfon Braley's Poem I
Her children were her all-in-all. H
She gave her time and thought <
to them.
Her dreams, her visions great and I
small, I
Her heart's deep Jove shfe I
brought to-them : .' - f
Unselfishly her strength she gave
To make them snugger, cosier,' j
She made herself a willing ^slaVe "B
That they might find life rosier..^|<i^B
She gave up all the things that
make ^pa -^H
Life merrier and breezier,
Believing that she thus might M
make ]
Her children's progress easier; j
She scrimped and saved and toiled M
and drudged yB
Through years and years labor- ft]
ious, I
And by the neighbors she was I
A mother meritorious.
But when her labors' are reviewed I
. With calm judicial clarity,' I
We firift she's rnispii a selfiRh'**hVnnH fl
Sans thoughfulness or charity:
Her children took but never gave ' B
And selfishness thus grew in fl
them. ' B
Self-sacrifice made her a slave . ?
And only served to ruin them!
(Copyright. 1022)
^S' : SJQREI ^
, j|l M
Suns One Sees 1
ture Hats \:
.lization scarcely / * '
i variety of char- * i| ? v
:y one of which J
of difference to
of your Summer
nee. Just one J :;|?||
; placed deftly on g|
of a Leghorn ^ W
;ver and two tone g * t
euse for being ex- Jj
loop themselves
mdie Hats. Cool j? 1
vs are as lovely? g M
ever. s I
med 1 A
n Hats
$875 II
!' "* V/|
)W HANDY'"-' 1ItSl
check book in your pocket [s i
id economical to pay [ by If ) V
medium.' '/J' r =
bject to check, either of i
rate Size are invited?and'' g? 1
lg'service rendered. S '

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