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I Closinp New York Stoc
Lsupply of Empties Only 17
K Per Cent on Monongah
Division of B- & 0163
Idle Mines on One Divison
in District Number
114 for Today.
h VCrtppltng the coal production in
Northern West Virginia cool
r flelds, the car shortage Is daily
I proving a greater menace to the
I production ot tonnage than antiI
clpated when the coal strike
upended. Today there Is approxiHnately
a 17 per cent car supply
Hojkie Monongah Division, B. & 0.
Fvhile on the Charleston Division,
I B. & 0? it Is a slight bit better,
lEjruj&tng 33 per cent:
IkOi the .Monongah Division, B.
HjrO.me'coarmines ordered 1,611
Fears and at 7 o'clock, this morning
I there were 270 placed. Of course
I the railroad will place soma of the |
HSg&elifttles In the region that |
I wcrc'placed by the hour the mines
HHWpVoiijt. On the Charleston
Kgtt[?loi?B. & 0 the mines ordered
vera placed.i
HBHnRsaJwere late In arriving'
fiKnKE&qstern Maryland spur's?
H9BSg$n's Run? tgday and
^^HHragibort.. Cars were short
Bit the 'Conhellsvllle Division, B.
Thursday's landing
Mliies In Northern 'West Vlr glnln
ou Thursday loaded. 1,748
rs 'of'coal, which was i.6f cars-i
It vn? cuici vuiii i^ruuuciuK 1 ,
in Northern -'Wcst Virginia
(ft: loaded 643 carp against.
aM^on^the Monongah Dlvl.-j
din a on the various divl-j
SSsterday 'were as follows: j
jfyj^Monongah. 465 cars;
MU&siill' cars; Connellsville]
ral'Cumberlanti, 146 cars;
jp&t cahs; M. ? W.. 233
gt'Mphongahela. 643 cars;
pi Maryland?Bcllngton ?
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lied Assembly of United '
ne.-WCfrkers of America.
Monday, Sept. 4,
action Park (Monongah)
Il'wo case uaii sanies
Aoing Afternoon and Evening
Base Ball'
Traction Park
3:30 P. M.
The Strong
Fairview Club
The Business and Prof
ft Music by the Royal A
B the concert beginning s
m dance?beginning at 81
01 riHmra
| " >' y' j'-1;
?, - ' n?^
l l ^
Ruth Suspende
President Johnson Sets Sluggi
lowing Expulsion of
Came at Polo Ci
CHICAGO, Sept. 1.?(By the
Associated Press),?"Babe" Ruth
of the , New York Yankees was
suspended for the third time this
year by President Johnson of the
Amerlr.An Lane-tie fndnv. The bub-!
pension Is for three days. He will
be eligible to return to the game
Labor Day.
Vanguard of Veterans Arrives
in Charleston for Big
CHARLESTON, W. Va., Sept. 1.
?The first of the 3,000 members
of the Eightieth Division Veterans'
Association who are expected
to be here for the annual reunion
began to arrive today and headquarters
were opened in the Ruffner
Hotel. The reunion will begin
officially tomorrow and last
through Monday, with events planned
for nearly every minute of the
three days.
Difficulties in rinding sleeping
quarters for ail the "buddies" were
partly solved today when a number
of cots and blankets held by tho
Navy Department at the naval ordnance
plant in South Charleston
were made available.; It had been
calculated that hqtela'pould accom-mmm
and a 'Campaign to find quarters
for others in private' homes had
brought many offers of "rooms for
two or more of the former soldiers.
However to find room for all! it
was expected cots would have to be
set up in halls and lodge rooms,
and when these were asked from
the navy officers the committee
learned regulations prevented such
a loan. State Treasurer W. S.
Johnson telegraphed Senator Sutherland
asking his aid and received
a reply that the Navy Department
had instructed Capt. J. F.
Hellwig, in command at the plant
to lend the equipment.
Streets in the center of the city
took on a gala appearance today,
decorations of^businesB houses being
supplemented by banners
strung across the principle'streets
on which were the names of French
towns where the division was quartered
or around which its victories
were centered.
One of the first to arrive was
the Rev. Thomas Hooper of Mitchell,
Va., the division's "fighting parson"
who is to speak at the memorial
services on Sunday. Maj. Gen.
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r ur prompt service
and reasonable price on
your electrical repair
Call 729
W. J. Stuck, Mgr.
Watch the
"Motor Inn"
We'll have something of
vital Interest to every motor
car owner In just a few days,
Ravine Park
Charge Of
essional Women's Club
larimba .Band. Gome to
it 7:30 a?(V-tay for the
- ? I,
'd Again tor
arks to Umpire
Br Down for Three Days FolHome
Run King From
rounds Wednesday.
The three day suspension is ^
punishment for Ruth's language
to Umpire Connelly'at .New York
last -Wednesday. Ruth was put
out of the game after protesting
Connelly's decision. President
Johnson said that Ruth's remarks
to the umpire were vulgar and
Hoover Coal Distribution
Machinery Here to Con
tmue inaenmteiy. ?
Although Saturday was set as i
the tentative date for the winding i
up of the Hoover machinery for the
distribution of coal all over the i
country no'further information was i
received today by the local repre- .1
sentatives of the federal fuel die- '
trlbutors, who have their headquar- 1
ters at the rooms of the
Northern West Virginia Coal e
Operators' Association in tlje Ja- I
cobs Building. The local committee c
will probably continue to function it
after Saturday unless more definite
word is received otherwiserfrom t
Washington, D. C. Pending legisla- v
tlon may be a factor in the mat- t
ter. , s
Thus far. 533 cars of -coal have r
been ordered to b& shipped to ,the-1
sUte /pf 'Mich'Igan by 'the. -federal "a
authorities 'and the first 100 car In- I
stallment will leave Northern West *
"Virginia mines today. Fuel repre- 1
sentatives from the state of. Mich- *
igan were In Fairmont this morning 1
having called at the local office of 8
the federal distributors. J
To Build Houses J;
Yesterday afternoon the Fairmont-Chicago
Coal Co.. let a con- ,
(Continued on Fage Eight) y
Grant District Board of Education
Agrees to Pro- f
vide Teacher.
An elementary public echool will
be organized this year, at the old
Sarietta School Building in Grant
District, it became definitely known
today. There has been a building 1
at Sarietta for a long time and
there has not been a school organized
there for several years.
. The citizens of that community,
led by Lawrence A. Cather, circuit
clerk of Marion County agreed to
put the schoolhouse in condition if
the board of education of Grant
District would agree to furnish a
teacher. The board of education
has granted the request. All plans
are now being made by the Sarietta
citizens to get the schoolhouse in .
tip-top condition, while the hoard I
ot education is obtaining a teacher.
The school will be ready to start
with the other schools this month.
It is understood.
Improvements to the Quiet Sell
Schoolhouse in Union. District,
which will be sufficient to make the
Quiet Dell School a standard school
are progressing rapidly. The repairs
will all be completed and the
building will be ready for the opening.
of school on September 18.
All Hudson cars, closed
and open. Day and night
service. Call 795.
t J
f RHR <*A I R I
? \yi % k/i 11 ii j i
At a very reasonable '
price 11-2 ton Packard
truck. Good condition.
Ice Cream Co.
JJH JC, ->
Nt?aapa?A Pttttaan Fta
lity Authorities After Those
i?;t__ i i i!j i_ I I
wno Lena ?ia 10 Lonenng
Parties in City.
"Established taxicabs of 111
!4me" which are constantly parkid
on certain corners In the heart
>f the city, will pass out of Falrnont
with the so called "establish>d
houses of 111 fame" If a campaign
which was launched at
police headquarters this morning
s carried out.
Chief of Police L. D, Snider 13
Ihe authority for the statement
:hat from now on war Is declared
pn Fairmont's so-called taxi drlv;rs
who later to recognized disreputable
women. The taxi driv;r
in every loitering case will bo
haled into court and dealt with
The first taxi driver to become
i victim of the police department's
Jdlet was Frank Hagger. He was
irrested on the Hlllcrest road last
olght and brought to police headluarters
on charges of taking a
:ouple there for Immoral purpogps.
He was found guilty of the
iharges at police court this morning
and fined $20. Acting Mayor
W. E. Arnett gave Hagger a
severe lecture and assured him
that if he was arrested a second
time .for the same offense and
brought before him, he would certainly
receive a jail sentence.
Fines of $26 each were lmposid
on Qeorge' Morris and Mary
lay after they had confessed to
barges of loitering. They paid
heir fines and were dismissed.
It is said that there are some
welve or fifteen taxis in the city
vhtch make a regular practice of
ransporting couples to remote
ections of the city, for Immoral
lurposes. Their business - and)
urpose - Is said to be. established,
orretrtln whlchthe're.has'been'ac-'1
ual soltcltlatlon on the part of
he taxi drivers. It Is said. These
onditfons are said to have existed
n the city tor sometime, and
lnce the police department has
leared up Water srteet the sltualon
seems to have reached a
At the present time, the city
llrcctors are "in, the course of
lassing' an ordinance which covrs
such a situation, and makes
he penalty for such taxi drivers
ust as severe as that for a peron
who conducts a house of ill
ame, currying with it a severe
ail sentence.'
'ennsylvanla Governor Has
Approved 23 Such Papers
in Harrisburg.
HARRISBURG, Pa., Sept. 1.?
rhe governor has approved reluisitiona
for twenty-three Washngton
County miners indicted for
he battle In Brooke County, West
Virginia, where indictments were
lied and official notice given, givng
leave to file papers in the
:aBe of others. A number of the
>riginal ninety asked for went to
Vest Virginia voluntarily. Over
wenty others are still involved in
he proceedings.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 1?A reduction
ot 874,000 bales in the
prospective cotton crop ot this
year since tbe forecast ot a month
ago was shown In the department
of agriculture's September cotton
report Issued today . forecasting
the total crop at 10,075,000 bales,
rh condition of the crop decljued
13.8 points during August as compared
with an average decline of
7.7 points In the previous ten
years, the condition having boen
57.0 per cent of a normal on
August 25 compared with 70.8 on
July 25.
1 J
Practical mining man, one who
understands bossing. Wanted
for Truck Mine. Apply Box MM
Care, The West Virginian.
p ?1?'
! . constable's bale
3 Organs, 1 Typewriter, 1 Plat
top desk, 1 lot Household goods.
' sept; 2 at 2 p. ii.-;
! in the Cornmuutv
Union 3
PITV AiiTunoiTirc
Many Exposed to Smallpox
and One Case Carried to
of city health authorities
to enforce a strict quarantine
on a smallpox case In Coal -Run
Hollow has resulted In' scores of
local persons being exposed to the
disease and also In one case of
smallpox in Clarksburg, it was
brought to light today. There are
only two cases of smallpox In the
city at the present tline .however.
-Miss Blanohe Moore, employed
by a local grocery store, is one of
the victims, and her mother, Mrs,
Lee Moore, is the fither. Mrs.
Moore Is also suffering with typhoid
fever. Charlee Moore, brother
of Blanche Moore Is a patient
at St. Mary's Hospital in Clarksburg
afflicted; with ajjallpox.. -
The^Mobrea .residejatjjhe 'Watts'
In Coal -Bun, HolloWl They occupy
the first floor of'.the building. On
the second floor the Pestle'family
reside. The Pestle family Is composed
of three members, making
six persons residing at the home.
About four weeks ago the members
of the Pestle family contracted
smallpox. They were quarantined
for a period of two weeks
during which time, however, the
Moores were free to ryn at large.
After the presence of the disease
had been discovered Miss Moore
left Fairmont for a visit with
friends at Cowan. Webster County.
where she stayed for two
weeks. The day of her return she
reported at the grocery stoje and
then went to her home. She did
not return to the store the next
day, when it was discovered by
her employers that she had contracted
smallpox. She and her
mother were immediately quarantined.
Charles Moore, the brother,
having gone to the home of his
sister, Mrs. L. W. Gwynn 'of
Clarksburg. He was later stricken
by the same disease and was removed
to Saint Mary's Hospital.
The Gwynn home in Clarksburg
m.n ImmarllatAltf nnornnUn nrl Kilt
nao luiiucuiaici/ 'luuiuuunuu uui>
the surveillance has since been
During the time of Blanche
Moore's illness, Mrs. Moore also
became victim to the disease In
connection with an attack^of typhoid
fever. The two women have
been quarantined for sever?J days
while the Pestles .the remaining
(Continued on w *lrht>
CUMBERLAND, Md?,Sept. 1?
Albert ("Buck") Penner, 24 years
old, lightweight boxer, who woo
last night on a foul here with "K.
0. Circus of Barbourton, Ohio,
was killed this morning about 7
o'clock on Martin's mountain, ten
miles east of her while returning
from a camp' on Town Creek
where he had gone with two male
and three female companions
early in the morning. According
to Dennis Boyd wno was driving,
Penner had been drinking and he
endeavored to climb from the back
to the front seat, at the tame time
grabbing the steering wheel, causing
the car to turn over twice.
Penner's neck was broken, the
other occupants were uninjured,
Penner leaves a widow. His
mother, Mrs. Cora C. Penner, a
trained nurse, resides here, and
bis father, T. C. Penner, resides at
Clarksburg, W. Va.
MARTINSBURG, W. Va., Sept 1.
?A. M. Snapp, an accountant was
Injured probably fatally, and three
other Martlhsburg bualoesa men
uatained aerioua Injuries late laat
night vhen their automobile got beyond
control -while'crossing'a railroad
and'crashed Into a pole. H. O.
Keedy, dejfuty' fcdunty clerk, L. L.
Bents and damn Clendennlng were
the other victims of the accident
y Order h
nst Strik
dBct urgId 1
Statement Also Issued by Of
ficials Asking for Assessment
to Pay Stores.
In a Joint statement Issued yei
terday by Nick Aiello, Falrmon
president and Robert Peters, sei
retary sub district 4, district 1
tbey urge the members of the L'n
ted Mine Workers ot America t
famlllhrize themselves with tb
agreement and urge strict, econom
along these lines. The statemet
Is as follows:
"We wish to call your attentlo
to be very careful not to vlolat
any section of the joint agreemet
that was ratified on August 17, o
account of so many men coming 1
from elsewhere looking for work.
"Officers and members ot tb
various local unions, In sub dislrit
4 district'17, U. M. W. of A. shoul
study the joint agreement, wher<
by, the coal companies cannot tab
the advantage of our men and di
charge them, on account of s
many men who are now lookln
for work.
"We realize by past ezperlenc
that many of our members as we
as Officials ot local unions has
misconstrued the contract, and ,
so doing have caused many ot ot
members to be discharged, so !
this time' it Is necessary for evei
members ot our local unlons to ui
wisdom in construing the. contra:
properly, for the. protection of a
Concerned. Whenever local unior
and, members of local unions at
in need ot any information portal:
ing to contract or constitution <
policies of our organization, yo
must write this office so that :
will protect our membership froi
getting into any unnecessary co:
troversles over matters pertainln
to the joint agreement and pollcie
of our organization.
"Since the present agreement he
been ratified, we will ask ever:
member of the U. M. W. ot A. ui
der the'jurisdiction of mih rilatrti
4 district 17, not to do any thin
that will complicate the method <
taking up disputes, and by so di
ing, causing unnecessary expend
ture upon our organization, in tal
ing controversies up that have n
merit to them' in accordance wit
the joint agreement and policies <
the U. M. W. of A.
Urged to Save Money
,"We desire to advise you, sine
we have started to work, under th
present agreement, to use yot
best effort? in saving your mone
instead of wasting it, because I aj
sure that every member must rea
ize the necessity of so doing on a
mount of the hardships you an
your families have gone throug
during our recent strike for twent
"We further advise you, as mer
bers of your local union, to be vet
careful and elect men who handl
your finance, to be staple in yoi
community and men of honor an
Integrity; in fact, men that can t
thn,n..?UI.. tl-J ?
Itwutuuguiy icneu upuu in nannun
your finance and protecting it, b
cause it you do not, there will t
men in our local unions who wl
try to get hold of tbe financial o
flcee of your local union, so tbi
they can misappropriate and en
bezzle your finance, and you shoul
be sure and have a local audltin
committee go over your books one
every three months.
"We trust that you will take th
advice for the benefit of the o
ganisation as well as the protectlc
of yourselves and your families.
To Pay 8tore Bills
With the resumption of aqUvItis
of the coal mines of Norther
West Virginia. Nick Alollo, pres
dent and Robert Peters, aecretar
of sub district 4, district 17, at
looking forward to the payment <
store bills incurred during th
strike by the placing of a per ca]
lta tax of 20 cents a member
month, and (1 assessment for th
months of September. October an
The statement is as follows:
"You are hereby notified of th
change In the per capita tax to th
sub district, now feeing 20 cent
per month per member i* jsecon
ance - with the constitution. W
are appealing to you for your coi
sideratlon and.adoption, the met!
on ol raying inn inneoieoness c
this sub. district which was coi
traded with the store keepers i
the different communities durln
the twenty weeks of national su
pension, which has'Inst ended, I
a renewal or our-Joint sgreetnen
without a reductioh of watds. '
"Our Indebtedness to the. stoi
kSepers in the different ' mlnln
communities of this sub distrii
(Contlnned.cn Page-Bight) ,V
vr.. jsy .
e Breaker*
Men Being Driven
Into Ministry by
Flappers of Today
CHICAGO. Sept. 1.?Flippers
are doing missionary work
by driving young men Into the
mlnletry, Dr. Paul Rader, president
of the Christian Missionary
Alliance and noted evangelist.
declare^ In a speech yesterday.
"Better a hungry heathen wltn
,. a club than a thirsty flapper
t , wuu a up buck., seems 10 db
,! the motto of hundreds of young
J men he said.
I.' "Their idealism has been kill0
ed by flapperlsm."
e ??
L- Will. Make Address at State
1 Normal School Building
? Next Tuesday.
8 -?t,J?
!? Arrangements have been made
11 to have Miss Permelia Shields ol
0 the State Department of Health ad
y dress the women teachers at the
ir Marion County Teachers Institute
lf here, next week. Miss Shields wit
y use as her subject "Efevention o!
Venerial Diseases."
a, Tbe,vldreirt*will.bermade Irr>th(
u Normal. School auditorium and h
is scheduled for 2 o'clock Tuesday
o afternoon. All other women in the
i- city are Invited,
ir It was learned today that it will
u he impossible to serve lunch al
It the Normal School Building for
n the teachers who attend teacheri
1- Institute. At least '?v and one
g half hour will he given the teach
is ers to come Into town to secure
their lunch and if possible, spec8
lal arrangements will be made
... with the traction company tc
j< handle the teachers at the noon
,t hour.
? All of those who reside In the
)[ rural districts and would like tc
_ hrlnff their lunch mav do an anrl
ji a place will be provided for theat
t. persona to eat.
ir. CHARLESTON, W. Va., Sept
iy 1.?The Petroleum and Natura
u Gas Co., of Shinnaton, was giver
1- a hearing before the Public Serc
vice Commission this morning or
d an application for permission t<
h increase rates. A financial state'
,y ment of the company and othei
testimony was continued. Th<
case of the Domestic Co., anc
,y others against the B. & 0., anc
i the Monongahela railroads, ir
which reductions on coal and
d coke freight rates in the Fair
. mont-Clarksburg territory wa?
I asked, was continued until Sep
f tember 7.
f- Two arrests were made by coun
U ty officers today, and violation o
a- the prohibition law waa the causi
Id of arrest In each case. The par
g ties arrested were Minnie Gain!
ie and Edward Gains. When th<
county officers searched theli
Is home they found a quantity ol
r- intoxicating liquor and a complet,
m still. They were both locked U|
in the county jail to await a hear
is Andy Popchlck who waa arrest
n ed several days ago by count;
1- officers on charges of felontoui
y cutting will be given a hearinf
a uoiuia ii uoutic au u. jjjuvudi uili
>t afternoon.
e m
a The M.' P. & R. Co. *111 llkelj
o do an exceedingly heavy paasen
d ger business between j Falrmoni
and. Jackson's Mills and Clarke
burg and Jackson's Mills durlni
e the next.two weeks, as many lam
is from both towns will go there tt
s see the football warriors In ac
1- tlon. It Is said'that, already sov
o eral special parties, have been ar
l- ranged, and it Is not unlikely thai
i- the tracllon company will hi
if forced to run several special can
i- there during the training period
n ?: cm i
s- The foUp.wtngi marriage' licensoi
y have bsen Issued at the olflce 4,
V County Clerk Lee N. Satterfleld:
Ore L. Robey, 29, and Henna ,E.
e Bowlen. 23 both of Fairmont.,
g Flltppo Jacobucci 12, and Adol
it orato DlCH?lep|e,*'JJ.' both;ot Fair
sedated Press Wire
I Action Seeks^to Restrain All
Federations on 120 Railroads
.tor ar permanent win ot injunction
atlng, agreeing and arranging wttn
aBaoclatlons to intartSe*orjblndewith
the conduct ot the law (iff
annoy any employ^ railroad '
such employes and while going to
anger, taunts, entreaties ot other
unlawful acta of conduct toward
any employe or employes or otfltoward
any persona^dealrous ot or
"Lalterlng or nelng unnecessarily
eaid railroads premlse^^p aiding
any person or persons,- Sganiaa|
tkins^or^ aB^sjxiatmns fetters.
terlng or goln'ypon the%pfcmlBes
purpose whatsoever at any plac^
; *bU8^1ve ^language, approblous eplnumbers
or force, Jeers, rmrrati<>?!
argamente, persuasions, rewards or
[ the employment of said railway
, iu Lao vicinity
; pioyes thereof are r'-qu^B
. form thelffduUjM^^M^B
t ''In any manner dir^B
f directly hindering, oh^B
Impeding the operatio^B
the tralm said rail^B
lee or any of them it^B
ment, transportation <^B
and' property^ In ini^B
i| (Continued on FaH
ijn SIS

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