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i California Guest "f-V
Miss Edna Sprung of Oakland,
HCil., la the guest of MIsb Helen
FKelUiat her rammer camp Blde-a;
T 'Wee on the Valley River . Mie?
U (Sprung was formerly a resident of
Monongalia County but has resided
LlJ.ln the West for several years and
}&?ls.principal of the High School at
K Oakland. Miss Sprung has a leave
wipt absence and will not.teach this
year, 'She came here from Man J.
nlngton where she had been vlsltiW;
log. her sister, Mrs. George Cochran
and had also- visited with Mrs.
EEleauor Eddy, Knuttl at MorganTo
BbjfciSte. Allen E. Russell and daugh:
ter Miss Charlotte are leavlnc Mon
ISKflay" tfor Staunton, Va., where y>e
iKlttter will enter Stuart Hall School
Jf fir.', the* year. Mrs. Russell will reMHtouchere'nhe
latter part of the
gBp/ Food Demonstration,
n Following the meeting of the
.'Presbyterian Legion to be held to'
' morrow evening at the social rooms
0 of the ,church a food demonstration
J)e given by the Helnze Co. of
V Pittsburgh. The food demonstrate
^ 0^,11 be served with other reH|
Complimentary to Mrs. Elizabeth
PBtPivIa-Landen, of Washington, who
|\ Is visiting friends In this'city, c
Hmbs of the "Donut Club" was
F held last evening at the suburban
k home of Mr. nnd Mrs. Arch Sandy
Qrove. All the club memft
oera were present and a delight1
ful evening was spent. The guests
Ik B8$ Mrs. Landen, Mrs. Carl
(8. J. S. Lynch, Mrs.
Mrs. James E. StevE.
Simonds and the
and Madge Holt and
tucky Guest,
i Gordon Smyth> of
Is In the city, the
r sisters Mrs. F. E.
d Mrs. R. C. Jones.
will spend a week
llchols will spend the
Jenkins with M*s.
anted Home.
? T.. Eastman and son
Gladys Richardson ot
ve returned from a
t, Mich. They motorIth
Osney Minor who
t week there, MIbs
had spent the past five
her parents at Flint
,lso visited at Grand
lnaw and Alma, Mich.,
an and son Joined her
veeks ago and accomhome.
ned FromA to road
nlel-rM. Fleming and
1. Brand returned this
om an oleven weeks'
i. In 'company with
Ben Tlerney of Weston
Howard N. Ogdeif-'of
id Fairmont and, Miss
I?" "'ob? ?? "aioi6? ypuBiy,
left New York, early in July,
. tour 'abroad and' landed In
city this morning. Mrs. CTgand
Miss Tlerney stopped In
York for a few days and Miss
9 went on to Charleston. The
rary Included visits .to France
Irland Italy, Holland, Bel,.''England
and Scotland and
Ateo witnessed the Passion
and visited the Ypres and
lude battle fields driving from
sels to these points. They,
sd on Monday at Montreal,
ida and proceeded at once to
York. The tour was a de.ful
one and the party all en1.
excellent health during
r stay abroad and on the
i To'Baltimore
re. Myftle Powell and daugbMlss
Carol. Powell, have reed
from Wheeling, where they
motored several days ago to
1 MIhr Pnwoll'to lonv
Iralng'Saturday for Baltimore, where
Irerite la supervisor of music In a
Baltimore school. She will be act
coinpanled to Baltimore by Miss
fcHmlse Boehm. who will spend a
.tort time there and will then go
RijNew York for a visit with
MfrlendB. Miss Powelf and Miss
Boehm will motor to Baltimore.
' > *
To Meet
B&Tke Ladles.Aid Society of Grace
Lutheran Church will meet tomor
row evening at 7:30 at the home
H Perfect Blue
I WhiteStones
There certainly ia a great
II difference in Diamonds
SU J?That's why the name
? >;"Fanus & Company" on
?1 Hoy monna nh mnr?Vi
BIbp our patrons. It is their
IrwVguarantee that the stone
l' *^dthin the box is the
I|i ' best that the money
|> will buy, regardless of
['' tthe price you pay.
[p P. Let us show you the
' largest stock of PERFECT
STONES ever shown in
.any Fairmont Store.
, Fanus & Co.
| i >pp. jCourt House
of Mrai VlctorOwynn on Maryla*
Club Will Meet
The Needleworaers Ciu? w
meet tomorrow evening at t
home of Mri. Cecil Jenkins
Dearborn street.
Delegatea To Attend
At a recent meeting of the M
gantown Chapter of the Unit
Daughters of the Conrederai
held at the home of Mrs. Iti
mond E. Kerr in Morgantown t
following delegates were named.'
attend the state convention .to
held In this city September 26
i . r
j . .
' AH
i IHSj
Women \
a Fur Coat v
kind. A gre
eyes, sleeves
gether, a ce
, furs always
lege girls loCoal
j . *
Natural !
Laska Sei
Sports IV
? ' . .
' '
.Kerr; Out vice president^ Mrs.
George Rogers; second vfce-presl(font,'
Mrs.. B..M. Turner;,regls?"
trar Mm. Benjamin Oppenhol??,.mer;
historian, Mrs. S. Puller
Glasscock; 'recording secretary,
Miss Sarah Helmlck; treasurer,
Mrs. M. J. Malampay; corresponding
secretary, Mrs. J. TV.
ed> W!1GC;y
[yl . Have Retained .
he .Mr. dnd Mrs. George W.^McCray
t6 have returned from a two, week i
be automobile trip through''the- Valto
ley of Virginia. They ?-visited
. m. , t
\% : ,V. .
38jjHIW?i j-jsIS y
?e a Fur C
>r Comfort
vho have spent a comfy w
vould never go back to ah
at collar that turns up _
; that make a muff when
irtain snugly feeling the
have?is it any wonder t
ve them?
ts?Regal F
Hudson S(
Muskrat Squirrel
al ' Mink
lodels?Elegant Wrap S
Prices Begin at $55.00
I . ,
. W .A ? S# ,-f. . X.:. \ r , .... *.
Fur M
prices r
A Fur S
suit of m<
" whien fur p:
offered at i
at the top
planned for
make your
money on t
The soft
woman doesn
choker about
i j, about her. Ai
Odl i?y now that
tive opportun
equisite and
sentative sty]
inter in "pi p
ivnt.W I
1 livw.
to her
held to- 117
it deep W (
hat col- * *
The variet;
that you are su
the display. It i
' or Hudson Seal
there are many
Fox Scarfs
Kit Fox in b
gray coloring
American F(
$35.00 to
' t. i.:.
Brodks.oAaftlmore. - - ' ' ' ?
Named Officer* s
Mrs. Allen K. Russell was made J
president and the following' other [
officers were named at a meeting 1
of the Robert E. tee Chapter of 11
the United Daughters of the Con- a
federaey held last evening .at the
home of hire. W. H. BUllngslea on
Fourth street:
Mrs." 0. E. McMillan, first Wee s;
president; Mrs. Edwin Robinson, F
second vice president;' Mrs. R. M. tl
Kite, recording secretary; Mrs. A. tl
I F. Peddleord, corresponding secra- e
tary; Mrs,- Sydney Reynolds, trea- tl
t i;
ion to be held here Seiptemhflj^7 ?nd
28. 'The committees 'recently wl
ppoloted towork oat- pleas for SS
he oonventlon made reports: Tho
esslons pf the ponventlon .will be ,L
icld in the Blillnpeley Memorial 17:
'hurch and a reception *111 be 7JJ
icld on September 26 at the Fairuont
Country Club. Other social u.
It aire will be held flso.
* ' ' aei
Celebrated Golden Wedding KU'
The golden wedding annlver- Mr
sry of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse G. am
loyd was celebrated yesterday at bui
lelr home at Grant Town, when Lc
Sey held open house and recel7- hoi
d a large number of their reia- die
. ; ?
g the accepted 1922-.
odes at August Pri
epresenting Great Sai
ale that is consistent \
ing policy of Hartley's.
mths of planning, anc
rices were at their lowes
i time when stocks are
notch of completeness;
thOj purpose of enablin
selections early and
luxuriousness of beautiful fi
't love to wrap up in them,
her throat or a coat dra
id what woman need deny h
the Hartley Sale presents su
ities. The styles are authenti
workmanship distinctive. B(
es from the East and North
Small Furs!
omen Actor
r of furs and the range of garra<
re to be captivated by at least (
may be a bushy Fox scarf, a St<
Choker to soften your severe ti
others too.
! $19.50 Stone Marten
rown and Bay gable (
$39.50 to !
)x Scarfs
$59.50 Squirrel Chok
" v. ' '
. :-y -yi.' .... .. .. .
. , , * -
Ives and friends during the re-|da:
A $k
m . Sm
tning Thursc
September 14
loying excellent health In tplte
their advanceS yean, received
ilr meats and were the reclpli
of a number of pretty and usegifts,
among the gifts being a
mber of pieces of gold money,
nor gncstn on the occasion
re Mr. end Mrs. James Michof
Grant Town, who were
ssts at the marriage of Mr. and
s. Floyd fifty years ago. Mr.
1 Mrs. Floyd have no children
1 two nephews, Fred and .Tay
mley, who were reared In their
ne were present and helped to
pause the hospltalltls of the
f. Out of town guests present 1
thought of
the opporti
here now. I
instantly r<
prices for t
I fill ' ity and stj
f Coat seasoi
chases, neit
your own p
The at.
mire the E
as to buy.
r>Q Eve
RS u'
* These
weight an
7Q9Q gerandse
Lj?\j including
uings \
vith the
the re
i buying And i
it; a-sale eooP> F?x
j makes thf
new and fabrics; 1
a sale exquisite
g you to linesa'
saving j--"
V ^
irs?what fig
a bit of df
,wn close a
erself this
ch attrac- ?
s peltry? H
est repre- ?
"hat j
mts is such
>ne piece in
one Marten
lilleur. And
, Hudson
589.50 . /
Scotch T*
ers $13.50 BIack uti
Scotch Ti
and Veloi
Wrappy C
Polo and
mandy, R
. Many of 1
Fur trirar
aine, .Velc
trom 559.!
,V *: ; - '
'J-. aiv
r" :
j Social Calendar
, The congregation ot Grace
Lutheran Church will hold a covered
dish supper and social at the
chtirjb beginning nt 6:30.
The Far Mar Club will hold a
dance at 9 at the Masonic Temple.
Mrs. George A. Hough and Miss
Mary Hartley Oreer will entertain
I Companion tc
Fur Sale
ale of Cc
and Wra
Presenting Real Va
at an Accomodat
Range of Pricet
hstandmg the many women i
purchasing Coats and Wraps
we time.to buy. All the best
the new fabrics?all the new
2very garment possesses distin
cognized by smart dressers. Bi
heir lowness are hardly in kepi
'le of the garments. This, will
i.and we canot hope to duplici
her in variety or price. We givi
yle changes are radical and pl<
Eartley display?and you're as
:ry Woman Apprec
Serviceability of 1
riLITY a
! coats come in fabrics, thick,
d some are as warm as fur. 1
verely plain styles in more tha
two tone shades. Many of tl
Wraps Enhat
by Furs
t is not only their luxurious tu]
, Squirrel, Wolf, Beaver, Mole
:se wraps so handsome either
darvella, Gerona, Fashona, \
texteures and their rich colorir
reed, Polaire, and Plaid
lity Coats ,
veed, Polaire, Plaid Back, I
lr Utility and
Shagmore Utility' Coats?Bo]
aritan Bolivia Wraps and Co;
these with fur collars *t...
ned Sports Coats, luxurious I
lyhe, Norette Coats and Wra]
conservative straight line style
lyles.in rich Fabrics ranging
50 to $186.00.
TBRRB HAUTE. Ind.. Sort. lr.
?Damage estimated at ncarl)
'*3.000,000 Is belteWfftn bav<
been caused by fire which early toplant
o( the American'Hominy Co
here, said to be one of the largest
of Its klifd In the world. II
was at first reported that'two met
had lost their Urea in thntSsSm^B
a check of employes showed thii
report to be erroneous. Elerec
men employes ot'the concern wer<
Injured by walls fallln(,',none.ter.^
ivho have haa no
just now this is - H
Fall and Winter
colors await you
ctive style points, '' I
nt, best of all, our
ingr with the qualbe
a tremendous III
ite our early pur
s you this hint for I
welcome to look
soft and light in
n mannish, swag. 1
na dozen colors, &
lem have fur colr
trimmmgs of rac-, '
Vondora, etc., are
lgs are added love
lolivia, Normandy
livia, yelour. Nor^anvelaine;
Marvel- I
by easy stage*
' - . ' |i. Jy

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