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wine New York Sj
p 111 Far From Bei
|o Supply Demand
I mpties Here.
nt supply ugaln.t 45
[Bwlwforatn Mary la
H3uy\JX%) -\J\J4
Held, at Ellis Island
l< "jW YORK, Oct '2.?Isadora
i joflman, tltian-haired Rdsisian
( classic, dancer, and her young
V Russian poet huegand, t%rge
t ^tepslnln, who were detained by
Immigration inspectors when
they; arrived on the steamship
lfl , Paris yesterday, will be glren a
"hearing at Ellis Island late today.
Officials at the Island Insls|
cd that the detention was mere
Gl Jy on the grounds that the coupon
might prove underslrable
'aliens, and the authorities wantI
'ed to',question them as to their
"j pro-soviet'' learnings and the
I propaganda which they might
esl 'PPread!
I > Local authorities said their
I refusal to allow them to land
. was upon* orders from Washing*
j ton. The originator of the mod.!
crn classic dance, who was born
in Califor/iin, exclaimed when it
n was suggested that soviet activlty
might be the cause, "The
JJji idea!" Serge Is not a politician.
! Ho is a genius/He is a poet. We
' want to toll Americana of the ,
starving children n Russa, not
about Bovet poltcs."
I statetroopTrs
jjj| Citizens Are Indignant Over
Bin . Unprovoked Assault by |
wn State Officersan
or, Many residents of the city are.
j>nJ reported today to be Indignant |
rat over what they consider an ua-i
est provoked assault made upon Dr. I
ev- D. W. Howard by two members ot
jer the State Police force following]
mi- the big football game a.'. Sout'? !
bar Side Park Saturday afternoon, j
jo.* The assault was made before
on. hundreds of persons who all say,
i n. that the attack was unprovoked!
the I and that the officers were to |
nt. blame for the entire affair ,accord-1
jer[ Ing to,reports current today.
I The assault was made on Gasrill!
toh avenue between Tenth and
an [ Eleventh street, aH the crowd was
ies -returning from the game. Dr.
i ai Howard, hta wife and, daughter
ant j brothcr, Paul R. H^ward or Ma:
sontown. Pa., were returning from
md the playing field. On GaRton ave-|
om nue between Tenth and Eleventh.)
lou j according to Doctor Howard, aj
ofi traffic jam occurred. An automobile
with a number of State Policei
in it was caught in the jam. Doc-1
tor Howard's brother Paul, in a I
friendly manner, called to* the)
State Police and asked them why |
they did not get out and unravel j
?.uc liMtiv nu-ui?, no IUU * CUJINsylvania
State Police would dn.
One or the state troopers asked I
Mr. Howard where lie was froiv.,,1
and he replied that he was fron:
The olfleers motioned for him
igrj to come over. Doctor Howard gut
out of his car and as he approached
the car. he says. Trooper
Brown struck him with his fist on
the neck, it is also claimed that
Sergeant Ruth drew his nigbf
stick to hit Doctor Howard over
Bna the head but that Mrs. Howard
,rly interfered and saved her husband
i at from being hit on the head with
the the heavy club. The troopers then
ars, placed Doctor Howard under orso
rest ami took him to the city
at building,
r as Upon the arrival of the officers
down town Doctor Howard was reIrs.
leased without a chargo being pic
the ferred against him. It was said
hat today that Sergeant Ruth mado
re- the statement Saturday night
vas that Doctor Howard was either
hr drunk or under the influence of
en, drugs.
L,, Doctor Howard's many friends
are very indignant over the affor
fair, .and a number of letters have
vas been forwarded to Governor Morita
gan who is a friend of Doctor
ace Howard, asking that the men bo
bck removed from the service,
ind Doctor Howard announced toita
day that ho was going to make
formal charges against the two
men and have a state warrant is?
Bued for their arrest, charging
=*iJ them with assaulting and beating
hlra. No warrants were issued,
however, at the West Virginian's
iv press hour but it is believed that
y I Doctor Howard's many friends
>r will inaist that ho bave the men
)f prosecuted.
q No ntateraent was made today
' by the officers or any one con'5
netted with the State Police In
id regard to the affair. It was rumor,11
ed in the streets today that Jackson
Arnold,. head of the Department
of Public Safety, was In the
ritv in connection wirh the nffnir
J but this could not be cerlfled.
== Have your Player Piano put in
^ order. Don't put it otl. The
cost increases. Call up Kellers?926.
1- Manufacturers' Registered MeJ
chanic No. 266
i -J
* | Ford Tourihg with stwter. Just |
I orerhaulekand painted. Brand J
>. | new'heat ooVers. 'An eJceptloidS
5* I si bsr*aln'St'l22t.oo. tSf
js? 11 ' |
Ministerial Appointments for
State Made Public at
Final Session.
Buckley to Co to Oakland,
Md., and to Be Succeeded
by A. D. Craig.
The Rev. C. H. King was reI
turned to the First Methodist Episcopal
Church In Fairmont avenue
when the ministerial appointments
for the Methodist churches of the
state were read this morning.
Bishop Charles Buyard Mitchell of
St. Paul, Minn., who prosided over
the seventy-sixth session of the
West Virginia Conference of that
church, which was held in the First
Methodist Episcopal Church in this
city the past week. The Rev. A.
D. Craig was appointed to the Diamond
Street Methodist Episcopal
Church, and the Rev. J. C. Buckley,
the retiring pastor, will go to Oakland,
The conference will he held in
the Fourth Street Methodist Episcopal
Church of Wheeling next
At the business session this
morning the Row S. B. Hart was
re-elected secretary for the next
conference, the Rev. 0. A. Kellcy
was elected treasurer, the Rev. \V.
C. Strohmycr was chosen as statistician
and the Rev. Gregory Blakely
as auditor.
The reports of various commitI
tees were read, and Dr. J. C. Broom
uuiu, ifuolur ui luu xueinouis!.
| Protestant Temple of this city, was
I introduced to the conference.
The report of the committee on
I resolutions was read, thanking
| Bishop Mitchell for presiding over
'the conference, Doctor King and
ihls church for their hospitality, th;
I program committee and the performers
secured by thera for their
j excellent entertainment and the
' (Continued on page three)
Aged Widow of E- Coleman
Kerr Will Be Held Tomorrow
Afternoon Here.
Mrs. Annie Kerr, 72 years old.
widow of E. Coleman Kerr and
| oue of the best known women of
the city, died at an early houi
I Su-nday morning at Cook Hospital,
where she had undergone a slight
operation a . few days ago. Mra.
Kerr had not been well Wr some
time, but her condition was not
considered alaraming. However
after being admitted to the hospital,
her condition was found to
bo serious and she died early Sunday
She was a daughter of the late
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Layman,
pioneer settlers of Marion county,
was born in Fairmont and had
spent practically her entire life in
this city. She was a consistent and
active member of the Methodist
Protestant church.
She is survived by two children,
George Kerr and Miss" Mary
Emma Kerr, both of this city; by
three grandchildren, George Griffin
Kerr, Ruth Coleman and
William Hugh Kerr, children of
Mr. and Mrs. George Kerr. Thrct1
sisters and three brothers also
survive her, Mrs. George Cox of
the East Side, the Misses Emma
and Nolle V. Layman, of this city,
the Rev. Leigh Layman, who is a
missionary to Japan; Guy Layman
of this city and Joseph Layman of
The funeral will take place
at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon
from the residence, and burial
will be made in Woodlawn Cemetery
by R. C. Jones.
Mr. ana airs. josepn Layman
arrived here yesterday from
WHEELING. Oct. 2?Stockholders
of a number of corporations
received dividend check*
here today to the extent of $794,234.
Wheeling Steel Corporation
paid th5 largest amount, the
company's dividends totaling
$300,000. Many of the corporations
are paying their first dividends
today since the field oppression
more than a year ago.
WEIRTON, W. Va., Oct. 2.?
Virgil Woods, 17, of Newell, W.
Va., said to be a mute, was killed
by a passenger train near Zalia,
last night.
- 1 J
Village^hdater, Monongah. W.
Va., Wednesday October
1 DANCING 9 TO 12:30 P. M.
? . ?i " ' - u 4??
P'AIKMuiN 1. W. vffi'i JjlUWi
Z "Trr'v ~if?Ti. .
Sultan Quits '.'
j Sultan Mohammed VI of Turkey
| shown here, is reported to. have
abdicated in favor of ftis cousin, t
] Abd ul-Mejdid. as a result of the
political upheaval in the Near
j Kttst. J
COALliiS j
Actual Shipments From Fair- l;
mont Region Last Week Ag- ?
gregate 355,000 Tons.
Coal shipments in Northern |
West Virginia last week ag- I
gregated 355,600 tons, .-.cording
to figures complied by the Northern
West Virginia Coal Opera
tors' Association, -vhich were obtained
from the railroads. This
was a decrease in coal shipments
of 49,600 tons compared to the
previous week. $
Actual coal shipments off th??
various divisions were as follows:
B. & 0.?Mouongah, 154,050
tons; Charleston, 23,400 tons;
Charleston, 23,400 tons; Con
nellsville, 4950 tons; Cumberland,
42,050" tons; Monongahela, 52,550
tons; Morgantown & Wheel- 1
lug, 28,400 vtonBj Western Mary- 8
Itun, 36,90(T tons'; Belingtou &?*
Weaver, 12,700 tons. |J
Saturday Shipments
A total of 330 ears of coal wert.'g
loaded east and eighty-two west c
off the Monongah Division, B. & v
O., on Saturday. Eastern coal t
loading off the Charleston Dlvi- u
sion, 13. & O., on Saturday wa.;
seventy-five cars, , ^
Thirty-one cars of coke were e
loaded on the Monongah Divl-jj
sion on Saturday, and of that to- j j,
tal twenty-eight cars were shipped; ^
out, fourteen east and fourteen je
west. Three cars of coal wore load-J j
ed by wagon "mine operations olf.jj
the Monongah Division on Sat-!t
i urday. 'c
Daily Itnilroud Fuel g
One hundred and twenty-five't
cars of railroad fuel were loaded
off the Monongah Division, B. 4c c
O., on Saturday. The B. & O., se- p
cured 105 cars of this, while!i:
foreign roads received twenty jc
i cars.
Oft the Charleston Division'?
there were twenty-five carshn
! -oil I,I f?ol 1 nodnil fin'
Saturday ,of which twelve cars Ji
wore secured by the B. & 0. |8
Personal Items |j
C. 12. Hutchinson, vie? presl- v
dent of the Hutchinson Coal Co. c
has returned from a business trip t
to New York City.
Samuel D. Brady, president of t
the Brady-Warner Coul Corpora-11
tion is spending the day at the I
mines in the Morgantown section. I
R. L. Pollock, president of the J
Rivesvillo Coal Co., has returned (
' from a business trip to Washing- ]
; ton. D. S. S
Harry B. Clark of the Clark (
Coal & Coke Co., is on a business t
trip to New York City.
Robert J. Lauder of Riddles- {
burg, Bedford County, Pa., today ,
assumed duties as assistant to J. r
W. Reed, head of tho safety ae- c
partment of the Consolidation c
Coal Co., 1
Tho R^v. F. I. Peters of Clay j
County, near Clendenin. W. Va., t
brother of H. El Peters, insurance
man and former president of
8lib district 4, dtstrict 17, United [
Mine Workers of America, is here 1
for tho M. E. Conference.
Among tho coal operators who
are attending tho conference between
the operators nnd miners
in Cleveland today are A. Lisle
White, ClarkBburg, president of t
tho Northern West Virginia Coal
' Operators Association; C. H.
Tarleton. general manager of the 1
West Virginia Division, - Consoli- li
dation Coal Co.; Harry Crane, v
Clarksburg, general manager of t
the Elkhorn Coal Corporation and j
C. H. Jenkins, vice president of |
the Hutchinson Coal Co. d
With the Miners. 11
W. M. nogors, Held worker, TJnl- *
ted Mine Workers ot America, will ?
address the carpenters at an open
meeting In Morgantown at 7:30 t
o'clock Tuesday evening. J
Frank McCartpey. -dlstrlct board
member, is today in -Bfn'gimda." ' S
Patrick Buckley, vice president b
ot sub district 4, Is In CatawJja to- J
day.-, 1
., . .. _. ,
/lore Than 100 Operators
Cleveland Today to Negotiate
for Scale.
CLEVELAND, Oct. 2.?(By
Associated Press.)?Bituminous
irators and officials of the Un
dine Workers of America gath<
lere for a joint conference to
ange wage scales in accords
vlth the agreement signed here
;ust 15, which bro6gnt an em
be soft coal strike.
Approximately 100 operators f
he bituminous fields accepted
nvitution sent out ten days
ly President John L. Lewis.
The miners' representation
ludcs their policy - committee
2S members. The conferenci
xpected to take up the ques
if collective bargaining, in a
ion to a new wage scale to take
ilace of the scale now in effect
rhich expire on March 30, 192
The general policy coramil
if the miners went into execu
ession for the purpose ot fornn
ng plans and proposals which
io presented at the formal m
ng of the operators and miners
State Road Commission ^
Here Saturday Looking
Over SituationThat
the campaign of the F
aont Chamber of Comnierce
;et the highway betwtellKl
ml in,ifciTi g >
ore winter sets in is having s't
ffect was shown Saturday, w
). P. Fortney and D. B. Hinei
he State Road Commission, \
unit; iucui uusiness men
Jhambor of Commerce meml
rent over the Arnettsvlllo gai
he highway between here and
intversity city.
Following this, a meeting
icld at the Chamber of Comra<
urly in the afternoon, when
iroposition was discussed. Tt
s enough sand to keep the <
ractors busy until tomorrow,
nough gravel to last a week,
t two cars of cement a day
ie made available from now, i
bought that the road will
ompleted before winter,
itato Road Commission prom
o put on another concrete m
t Georgetown, and the Cham
f Commerce will do all in
tower to keep the railroads n
ng the needed materials to
ontractors promptly.
There are now forty-five mei
rork on the highway, the lari
lumber since the proposition
tarted. Sheriff J. D. Char
ias agreed to send twenty
oners each day from the I
ail to help in speeding up
vork. They will be taken
ach morning and back e^
Those making the trip <
he road Saturday were C,
i'ortney, D. B. Hiner, W.
Downs O. S. McKinney, J.
iartloy, J. D. Charlton, J.
facobs, Arthur Frey and T.
^onnell. These men and B.
Svans, M. C. Lough and Johi
Scott attended the session at
Chamber of Commerce roomi
lie afternoon.
T. D. Connell has a new cop
he trunk line tariffs east, anc
vus making plans today to g?
neeting of the traffic commi
if. the Monongahela Valley A
iation some time this weel
ook aver the new schedule,
s likely that the meeting wil
told here late in the week.
Local merchants will obsi
hroe trade expansion days
nonth, the dates being set as C
ier 12, 13 and 14, apd some e:
ect bargains and special offer
rill be made during this time.
>ig effort will be made to get
ile in the> territory eurrouni
'airmont into the city on tl
lays. Trade expansion days
lot new here, two other like evi
laving been:observed -here i
xeat success. , : j
The big feature of tue. affair.
Ime will be tbe giving away i
fori .touring. car... The detail!
low thla ?lft wiU.be made-hag
et boen gtTen;.out for publico
y the. Committee in charge, but
oSincemenf. wlll ^ be. made 'In*.
W' rJ'-' ffiy>; ft 'z* . *
)B3R;2,1822.' . '.
IS Both Mrs. Oscar
IP and Mildr
\u NEW YORK, Oct 2.-Dec
find.work at once, Mrs. Oscar )
\r arlo, today inserted this' adv<
L "Must hare work of any
| stetn (widow of tho late lmpri
? " Mrs. Hammersteln, who
. not a dollar In the world am
her pet dog. Since she lost 1
ly, she said ehe had been dej
Chaplin's Form.
tress, now on a vaudeville ton
from her former husband, Chi
(he lawyers had been paid, ai
according to a letter received
the Times printed today,
op- Miss Harris' financial cc
Ited 'oos Illnesses and by being o
arcd lettor'
"I have been hounded fo
ar' been paying most of my Balai
tnce dated St. Paul, read.
3 18
.ddf- Two Cases Reported Hei
the Last Month Not Traced to
3but Local Water:bee
tive The quarantine of the smaflpc
ilat- cases in Fairmont that developi
wi:i several weeks ago has been llftc
ieet- and there are no known cases
this cording to tho report of Dr. J. J
cording to th report of Dr. J. i
Jamison, city health officer, mat
to the Board of Directors at tl
weekly meeting in the City Bull
ing this morning.
During the month of Septembi
there were eight cases of typho
fp fever reported. One was that
I \ a visiting minister, who took sic
I (J after coming to a conference her
and another was that of a perse
who had been out of the city t
some time and returned sicl
len There was one case of mumps ar
one of diphtheria reported durlt
the month. Many of the wells
this city are still bad, but tl
city water is reported to be
better condition than for son:
at" Citizens of Clay street in tl
matter-was turned over to Direi
r 0?. -tor W. E. Arnett. The questic
vith of buying a pumper for the fire d
and Parfment was put over a weel
)er;J Director W. E. Arnett was a
, |n thoried to contract for & wall ai
the 8teP? on the Conaway property
Sixth street. Ordinance $Io. 6
in regard to fixing Sixth" stre
was passed. Director Z. F. Dav
" i.a was authorized to pay $25,000 <
.iPn lhe $100,000 bridge aid syndicatt
The money will be distribute
lnfT among the local banks handlU
the syndicate,
can Official notice that lock No.
It ig on tne Mononganeia Kivcr wou
be be closed for repairs for thir
The days at least starting on Octob'
Ised 9 was received by the board th
ixer morning.
iber The following building pormi
its were granted:
Walter Eliason, repairs to re3
tne dence in Field street, $2,000.
P. P. Lipson ,appartment ai
1 aJ business house in Jackson stret
Iton addition to re
prl.* dence in Tenth street, $400.
cal H. Shain, addition to residen
tne in Spence street. $100.
out c. H. Tootbman, garage
'ery Hamilton street $500.
H. O. Shackleford, addition
aver residence in Spence street, $80
. P. ,,
a S
i in POMEROY, Ohio, Oct. 2?Mi
Susan Kraus .alloged "Poi.zi," ai
y of her husband, George Krans, we
1 he In Jail today in spite of efforts
ct a her sons, M. A., and Ge.r
ttee Kraus, to secure bond for ths
sso- release. Ever since their Incarce
t to atlon Friday .the sons have be
It combing the city to secure bail
I be the sum of 33,0(10 each but wit
, out success ,and (,the couple, wl
are alleged to have secured a fc
tune Of $300,000, containued on
hnnirop nfrilro In n noli In tl
county jail. A11 Pomeroy 'Is wo
WC derlng what has become ot tl
* L fortune the couple la, alleged
have secured, and how the womi
kept her operations secret for i
srTe long, It she has really swlndli
this her alleged victims. It.Is said.th
Icto- she has been working her gab
?ce. for twenty-fire years. A. W. Le
upon whose Instigation the wa
mg? rants for the couple's arrest we
A issued, says he has clients w!
Peo- advanced Mrs, Kraus money as f
3,n* back aa 1908.
1GSQ Pn?tnna1 fiw iVe a emise^ nmm
ant* "y ttey "in be given a hearii
?,/f late Monday or Tuesday.
It la imposslbleto estimate; tl
number of Mrs. Kraus' allegi
this victims., but It Is known to e
st a coed thirty five. Few could I
a.of found who would discuss tba ca
hot and almost all of them, profess
tlou believe she is Innocent..
taring that shei has no -fuhdtf^^H^H
Hammersteln, widow ofitMj^H^^I
srttsement In a morning papS^HH
sort at once. Mrs,.'Oscar Hammer
la sta^ng with frlendt, lald sl^B^n
1 must earn monoy for here elf and
Lhe Manhattan Opera Bona* reMjjB
lendent on friends.
sr Wife a Bankrupt. ""'.'SH
Mildred Harris, motion plcture^^Hl
r, declared she received only'tMBD
tries Chaplin, screen comedian after I
id she Is about to go into hanhruptflJV.il
from her which the Los AnietiBl,
inditlon was brought about by;ffi|H
ut of work for many months, sald"t$ |
s * n3fl
r months by my creditors and kavffll
ry out to them weekly," the letferfll
e Local Pastor Declares Government
Mere Subterfuge to
Avoid Paying Debt.
>x Declaring that an institution that
>(j makes men and women weep and
*, makes hearts sail Is one to be hated
with an undying hatred and that
every eBort ot. men and women
k. everywhere should bo'toward the
k. doing away ot such an institution
j0 as warfare, Dr. J. C. Broomfleld,
pastor ot the M. P. Temple, who
recently returned from a tour ot
the batUcflelds ot France, gave a
vivid and reallsUc description ot
J' the fields as he Baw them at the
ltt weekly luncheon ot the Quota Club
of today. As he spoke there was
scarcely a dry eye In the audience.
e' Doctor Broomfleld drew a vivid
m contrast betwen the devastated
or lands of France, in which trees are
bare of foliage, where all vegeta
tion is killed and where desolation
reigns supreme, and the lands of
Germany, Its. corn fields waving In
the breeres, its orchards loaded with
"J fruits and its Industries humming.
He also Bpoke of- tho spirit of
the peoples as he Baw .them, the
j* Germans happy and sanguine, the
J" apparently being man power. He
spoke of the destructlfn of the
great cathedral at Rhelms, which
ho believes can never be rebuilt
i He told ot the spirit ot the
, French, which while courageous
'l and undying, ever lives In dread
g, of another invasion, and ot the
great conlldence displayed on
every hand by the people ot Ger'
Doctor Broomfleld stated that In
" Germany" the people are only taxed
s 8 per cent of their earnings, while
In Franco the French are taxed 40
per cent and in England the British
11 o x > HA a
hv vo?bu uu pci ceuu
" The reason for the low percen?r
tage of tares In Germany Is the
18 fact that the people will not stand
for a party which will ralso the
ts percentage of taxes, as the money
would go to Prance. Doctor Broom1
field believes that Germany has
jumped too quickly from a mon]d
archy to a repifbllc and believes
it, that only time will bring a government
which wljl raise the percen1Bl
tage of taxes and allow the country
to pay Its just debts.
Doctor Broomflcld said that In
vlowlng the battle fields he wondered
that a single man escaped
>n alive. Little Is being done In the
rebuilding of homes and the roto
habilitating of farm lands In the
0- battle section of France so complete
Is the destruction, he pointed
out. Belgium, he stated, is doing
more to recover from the destruction
than any other country
Lhe visited and he lays this to the
fact that morA hn* hoot*
mo province owing to the symp
athy which existed everywhere lor
s; this country. Doctor BZroomfleM
ia expressed the hellet that the sal:
r? vatlon of the empire rests at the
ut door ot the British who are strong;
SP and steadfast in their spirit and
''r endeavors. He cited realistically
the hattle in the Belleau woods)
In which a dash of the. American
j? soldiers completely broke' down
h' the morale ot the German army,
110 which designated the. American
lr" soldiers as the blue devils. The
.n" loss' of life td the Americans' In
tte this charge was terrific, vhe said;
?" hut their act accomplished' much
Jc toward the ending of "the great
t0 struggle. f 1
It was decided at the luncheon
?. today to hold a charity hall during
Novejnher. the proceeds to lie
?' devoted toward the Christmas
16 party which the club will stage
e- during the'holidays and .to other
r" charitable .purposes."
re Guests at the luncheon today
10 were Mrs. Jennie ShOrb of New
>r York, the guest of Mra. S, J..
v-y "" WBiMWBIM
from the
his efforts lB
ties conteren^B
mlsaloner infl
Is understodj t^B
forts on
from actios rss^B
He made it cl^H
1st leader that if^H
In the Near EastS
the whole of Eu^H
on Kemal^S
To Declde^B
(By the Associated
lied policy at the IfljB
In Constantinople of'fl
eraln, admirals. hlgh^B
era and military attaM
ordinary councfijBH
Kernel's Aetlbn^M
tlonallst assembly at aIB
unanimously approved u^B
of Mustapha Kernel Pasha^B
authorised' thd dispatch ^B
gates to Mudanla and lateH
peace conference, accord li^B
Central News, dispatch froH
New Klns'tReimgRfzedV
ATHENS, Oct. 2.?The tuH
pers today announce tl|it the^B
Ish minister signed the t|[S
book at the palace vreVrda^B
they Interpret this as Brltlst^B
pnlHnn tn thn nnw lHni? H
was "given out under all ro
serve." t I^Spjy
William Downs. E. A. Martli^H
and L. L. Kuhn, appraisors of tb|H
estate of the lat?? Charts
Davis. have filed their nppr?
ment bill with County ChrkJB
N. Satterfleld. showing t.hatfl|
ostate Is valued at $8,156.63BB

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