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jp caretakers numbering in all abou
(if erated out of-Mo'rgantown (or an
?W?nt. '..Tha'tfaln will be bound (o
Hf^^^^ingrdetouroil via Br'afto
^g^^M^^UCtbannon. Burnjivill
m. tomorrow to await reetfully th
V time for the kickoff ot the annua
KCoach Spears win not announc
name* of the men who will mak
Jg today and will conalt
. oomfi nation' car tor the band in
football uniform^
Z SpoMWriters Wear High 1
H parleston---Five Prun
Wliat a wonderful tow
this r- They call It the nietrop?
Virginia just becuus
Hflmhe'sporting editors wear big
Hj^ttafff'and 'carry canes. And nc
of^ these hero editor
fconld carry a can
promiscuity than an
SfflElj^iem^ arry Stansbury is goin
j^^oCAfuti a big bluff" Saturday. Thi
p the ilrst bluff he eve
B&agj^,The' bluff is overlooking tb
B^&jwng-'iflbld here, where Adai
gffifiral^seir standing room for twic
jAif price?of the general admissioi
'-itog-t:could run a bluff*for th
?rc "3. game on Thanksgiving, bt
v.: i iittvfu w xiau ine experience c
^RgGgpph&t Adam has enjoyed.
BHBBl^ritervlewed Governor E. I
a ^^ga^laat night, when ho atoppe
Former Minnesota Man Ex
rpected to Go Good in Game
|||jP'" -at Charleston.
^Woko^NTOWN, Oc. IS.?On
Bj?thorpfes'.ng features of We<
1 Virginia's 9-6 triumph over th
| Eltt machine last Saturday wa
.y;.,nus Eckberg'a line, plunginc an
IJOnd playing. After th
' Minnesota back had failc
ow anything exceptional I
fesleyan anu Marietta game
;tfine thought ho had bee
a\ed and it was only :
dri of time before his plac
J j)6 taken by Barnum, Olikei
ilcker or some othor amb
rfbat he has come "through
ana.'looks on jifm as a cor
t^.ground-galner who wil
;?ho Washington and Lo
rd'no end of tronbio when h
MlSlin their direction durin
Jduntalneer-Gcneral clnsh o
fy..Field, Charleston, thi
KstEckberg's steady nlougt
?1 ,
By I
The Statistics,
f f ^ S a matter of
f ? X starting a lot of
I g \ foolleh talk, the
g \ publication of ata/
A % tlatlcs on a footf
(J lball game aure
C I (takes the first
I >?_ (money without a
^pSU^etruBRle. As a
matter of common
C** knowledge all tho
>-04?/ figures on a toothall
game won't
change the result
3 one bit, but I have
' heard fellows whose favorite team
, happened to loso a game argue un']
til'they were blue In the face that
1 their team really won, by reason
of the fact that they made more
? first downs or gained more yartki
J* from scrimmage or completed more
y forward passes. Two. first downs
J are worth more than three dozen
J If the two first downs bring the
" winning touchdowns, and . any
? number of completed forward
j passes that don't cut any figure In
11 the score mean nothing. When
two teams play a football game,
* the team that gets the most points
11 wins, and that was the only argua
ment In first place. Yon can't
erase a touchdown with first downs
? that brought only exorcise for the
? players. It's juct the same as. a
? baseball game where a team
? makes a flock of hitB and no nins
t to speak of, while the opposition
> gets only a few hits, but plenty
9 enough runs to win the game. So
i. far as J am concerned when the
e game is over, all I am interested
in is the final result, because that's
!- what you come back to eventually,
t pven if you run your brain ragged
a trying to find solace in the statin*
i- tic?. But then there are thousands
. and thousands who just love to
o draw pictures of what might have
- been, and so these little odds and
a ends have to be taken into account
e when giving the news to the fans,
a The boys simply must have someI
thing to keep the sDrings of oraiSlFF
Collars and Carry Canes in
es Cost 60 Cents?Could
rchard for SI -BO.
t at the pofttoffice to get his mail,
it - "Nice evening, governor," 1 said,
n! "Wonderful!"-said Morgan.
>| And the Interviewovas ended.
e1 I am stopping at the Canahwah
h. Hotel, which is canirally located
itj with running water In every room
stand electric lights. The rates arc
r-1 very reasonable for millionaires
cjand follows with expense accounts,
y For breakfast this morning I
g had five prunes which cost me GO
is I cents. I think they charged me
u* j for a shot of prune juice instead ol
e J prmyjs. A fellow could start a
u | prune orchard for $1.50.
ej I am Invited out to a little pi*
i. jty this* evening, at which time 1
e will have the opportunity to see ii
ibikuoj mc onii uuiug uusinuaH in
it | Kentucky. If they are. this wlil
I be the last story until after tiio
\ I game. Nobody can file stuff with
d? their eyes shut.
the General line as he did tbo
Panthers' but if ho is in shape he
is going to keep someone busy dm*
ing the afternoon and is sur0 to
make his presence felt on more
than one occasion.
NEW YORK, Oct .19."? Mrs.
. Helen Ruth, wife of "Bafce" Ruth,
Yankee home run star! was slightly
injured today when her husband's
racer skidded into a tree
on Pelham Park highway.
I Pencil
? 'THERE'S smarti:
* ness and style in
pencil stripe mater
" ials and they lend
!: themselves splendid0
ly to Suits. Some
e men can wear them
s better than others.
? Perhaps you should
have a Suit of pencil
i- stripe material.
- Come in and let's
U . talk it over. Suits
1 $20 up.
I Dan Block
g Tailor
5 "100 Ml/ei to a Tailor At
t " flood"
?t 106 Main Street
o \
. ^ -y
''} * - ' '" ,
tory flowing freely from, the co
atone fountaina.
Get 'Em Lanterns.
Frank Ice mtiat ha aendlng 1
Fairmont High School lada throu
their paces right this week. I w
In the lobby of the' Y. M. C. A. li
night ahortly after 6 o'clock wh
the memhers .of the squad came
from the field and hustled to I
showers. It had been dark tor so:
time. The fellows looked salt tb
were glad to get back, have
shower and pnt on their aln
clothes. But it Is the long di
through the week that bring 1
results on Saturdays, and tha
what Frank Ice fa after right nt
He's up against' a stiff team nea
every week front now until I
close of the season, and he has
keep his men In good shape all t
time. By the time the boya tin
after school is out and reach 1
ball yard, there is'hot much U
left before darkness creeps >
the gridiron. If the boys need
long drill I am in favor of gettl
some sort of Illumination at Sot
Side Park. The members of I
team might wear headlights
their head gear a At any rate. :
Is,doing his best to keep the m
In top forfh.
The Greatest Play.
The serlCB of stories running
one of tho Pittsburgh papers
tho greatest plays in football,
viewed by a number of promini
coaches, put mo to thinking I;
night of some of the high spots
football that I had -viewed. T
plays stand out prominently In
the ones -Ihayo glimpsed. One e
the dash through .the entire F
team last year by George 'Hill
West Virginia, and the other v
n run nearly as far oh a play
tackle by "Chalky" Williams
playing for Pitt against Penn Sti
In tbe Turkey Day game betwe
the two teams in 1912 or 1913,
1 recollect. The game -Was play
on a rain-soaked field, and t
rain- came down steadily
through the game. Peiin Sti
scored early In the contest, 1
tailed to kick the goal after ton
down. Just before the end of t
first half. Pift had the -ball oh th
own ton or fifteen yard play.
Williamson broke through t
line on a play and Into an op
field where he dodged and'splai
cd his way the entire distance
j the goal line. Then he finished
I ? ~
"Virgin Wool"
t l ah i t7 r in
All Wool ir
"All-Wool" often
shreds and reworke
You run no risk, of
Wool", when you <
of guaranteed new
i ...
|.:! .
, Wear clotkes tkal
ike face.
The Urn
Stores-also in.GkrksbUr
Bluefield, W.:Va.;vMari
Springfield. Dayton, Lin
; Kv., and Kttslni wiii"
r's : J v ;
"il day*! work by unconcernedly pickd
log the mud clods all his right shoe
' II end kicking the goal from touch
I down, winning the game.by a milI
gin of one point Williamson Is
H now coaching at Grove City. The I
series of articles on great plays
? written, by Chester Smith will unfl,.
doubtedly, prove a big. card with
the readers of his newspaper, (or
there da nothing that the average
... (an likes better than .to read about
the prise .performances by gridIron
Come'On, Judge,
on Judge Scott Lowe was debating
in yesterday, whether or not to go to
Charleston (or the Wash-Lee game
Saturday. Judge Lowe complained
-j, that he was really too busy to take
? the time off. I suggested to him
,et that no royal rooter like himseK
j|] should ever allow himself to get so
h. entangled in business during the
,iB football season that he couldn't
1W call Saturday his own, and Friday,
,' too, when' trips demand that one
leave Fridp.y for a Saturday game,
'to He has promised 1,0 think the mat.a.
ler over caroftilly, and I trust I
will see his smiling countenance
on the Huntington sleeper when it
_. pull? out of Clarksburg tomorrow
afternoon. Judge Lowe said he
' never saw, a better or^moro ogcltJ
ing combat- than the one at Forbes
,? Field last Saturday, and probably
h never will sec one any better.
on A Big "Mystery"
Ice Bver since the oponlng of the
present campaign Lexington. Va.;
Ihe home of Washington and Lee
. Unlvorslty, football fans Jtave hn-i
very little to say. Newspaper dls1?1
! ttnfnVen ?- ?
hi* msagr* that even tile namr-a' of I
- - -*
means wool right off
lay be off some oth<
consists of old worn-oi
:d into cloth, then sold a
wearing "second hand"
"Virgin Wool", right o
: wi}l enable you to lool
"ed Woolen
g, Barkersburg, Wheeling, Hi
ietta,Zwesvme, .Gambridge,:
ia, Hamilton, C
"? scarce ana as fur as .West Virafi
glnla fans know'the situat'on tbere
*nt niaj* bo very enco?~aging or exactiat
ly the opposite. In recent years
the 'Generals have laid al] their
wo cards on the tablo, but this faill
all they are keeping everything un'der
as cover. .
Jtt Cont'nued silence oh the part of
of the Lexingtonnians has aroused ;
-as the interest and curiosity of local
off fans who have no iaea what.to ex-1
!>n. pect when the W. & L. and West
ito "Virginia elevens clash on th'.- .
en Laldley Field grid'.ron at Charlesas
ton this Saturday afternoon. Seved
erai tinoff'clal reports have reach'
he ed here during the week but lit-'
all tie faith lias been placed in these
ite and as time- wearB on It loo^s n?
nit though tho Mountaineers w 11 r.)
oil- into the game without knowing
he tho "real" strength of the enemy,
sir w. & L. has not been defeated
so far this year, bur since two of
he}the-Generals' three .contorts were
en with mirtor opponents the jecord
sh'lis iuccn sequential. Tleportr of the
toiimwpe rflanh'n? ^o,a -# -
some of the ' regulars are abt
known hy many tons here. This Is.
very exceptional, because as a
rule Uorgantown tons know practically
everything about every
team the Mountaineers play anil
are close followers of the gr.'dlrou
Assistant Cohcb Day Is the only
person who has seen the Generals
In action this year but he learned;
little because several players he
knew to he regulars were kept on
the sidelines all during the game,
which was a minor engagement.
"They look good to me," he said
today, "but it's hard to tell just
how strong they are when Coach
DeHart has the full strength on'
the field."
At Bethany
Today's practice at Bethany
consisted of a stiff signal drill and
a thorough going over of all play?.
It Is the last practice before the
doparture of the team for New
Brunswick N. J where they will
tlo up wltn Coach Sanford's Rut*
gers aggregation..
The team will leave Bothany at
6 a. m. tomorrow. Manager Boyd
has mad0 reservations' for twenty
two players,- two coaches, two!
managers, a doctor and a trainer.\
The squad should arrive in tne,
N>w Jersey city about 7:15 p. mV.
tomorrow n'ght. The game stai>;
at;3 p. ra. Saturday and is played,
on tho Rutgers athletid field. I
Quite a number of students nndi
followers of the t?;?m are planning
to make the trip and 'many cars
from the Buffalo Creek school are
leaving about tho aamo time tbe:
team does.
The Bison mentors have little to j
say as to the probable outcome of'
the contest but the men show con-:
fidenco and determinat'on and it!
looks from a Bethany point j? ;
view, aB !f the New Jersians were
In for a real battle.. ' '?
At Broaddutf . -i
Coach Lotto is putting the;
Broadd'u Collage footbill team in |
(Continued on pass eleven)
? _ : |
T-T Q1 Intvo'on
IJ.AU1&V I ? V/ V*l
Novelties of All I'
, Kinds I
Novelty Co. I
325 Adams St. |
%? '
* .
"j:*;\ ' |
- i
v '!
the sheep's back,
er fellow's back.
it clothes torn into
s "All-Wool."
clothes, called "All i
J CLOTHES, tailored
ff the sheep's back. '
.. . \ . : ' J
k a sheep square in
Mills Co,
' ' . - *
I )
iritirjgton^ Charleston and
' ^ ' ' ' " ' clll
' *
, tisc*TT Mrrns Tomce? Co. ^JflC \^|]
( DaHliHBtnBnB
| The Par-Kerry made
I by Fashion Park ,
Of Rea
So you'll agree wjjwtt you see tt
on display.
It will be only a matter fof> few
coat that will seem ^s;.though.'it we
raents. All of ouz Overcbats are ot' th
datiop, every essential detail is up ti
Every apptoived style^very nei
tern is here nt|JK * " "
Great coatW]mediu'gv vfeight coa
the young man,.cpnsemtiye. stales.:
some hang straight] from the: shbiil
All are distinctive. In all. Style-is y'ol
' $35, $4!
nate nor soil has produced
acco 6^ Virginia's, mildness
1 natural purity of flavor. 1
r r cigarettes, Virginia
4?baceo is the best, yP| ||
1 Worth (
ie nobby new Overcoats that are now vjj H
rjniiinut.es'.before: you'chobse the'Over'
ire, made to;y,our Individual- require. , :JB
e better stort, starting with the founra
high standard. y
iv fabric, every sir)ari cloth and 'oat-. '/J H
ts," light top-coats; swagger styles for /'-litf H
for thb older nien;,!Sbind' '.are belted. 1

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