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ft.- A wedfyifr tfififoprt/nr. appoint:
menu wassolCmnliBd |ast oveni
mg at 7 'OTflWI^ at tEo homo of
|(i -Clarence Or?BbMnson,on - Palrfmont'
avenue,Wh'ejt ,'hkr only
[ daughter, Mlsa Helen R. Robinson
was united In marriage, with John
James Brown Stoeteef, only chilli
? i of Dr. and Mra. Herman G. Stoel?
;-?er of this city.
The eeremony was" 'performed
. ty Dr. Herman G. Stoetzer, pastor
of the Plrat Preabyherlan churcn
and the father of the bridegroom.
In the presence of one hundred
- and fifty1 of the relatives and Intimate
fAenda of both families.'
a Tlio living rooma and sun par..
lore of "the Robinson home bad
; been transformed Into a bower of
' beauty by the lavish use of
autumn leavee In feds, golds and
J rgbbowns ,and southern smllax
I which had been twined about corkf
nlces, doorways and windows,
FifJErong from, electric domes and
y.vgjjelling and was banked on the
I stairway down which tho bridal
I party'camo for the ceremony. Tall
Itras.nuoa witn largo wnuo
antonums and topped with
1 white handles wore placed
the living room, while a
iloo ot palms, crotono, ferns
lurfiosls added to tho pretty
the south windows oC the
. living, room, wheretlie
party' etood for the cerepalms,
terns, rhodendrou
lumosls wore grouped, with
andards of white chrystanms
together with candles
Ing' a white satin pro-dewhloh
was artistically ar1
with plumoBls, white chrysnums
and white satin rlbind
upon which the brldoi
and bride knelt tor the
and before which the. cerewas
the nuptial hour approached
as Miss Eleanor Blanchp
s, at the piano, sounded tho
igt chords . ot the bridal
I'from Lphengrln, the bridal
descended the" stairway,
Sh a white ribboned aisle,
was formed by ribbons car:om
the stairway to the altar
ibert and Albert Roblusoo
rln brothers ot the bride.
lth? aisle was formed, the
maids,. the-Misses Florence
lnson, Mary Moulds Hurst
.oulse Hall advanced down
iuaie wnere tney awaiieu ine
iff of the bride. She was prolyl
by her matron-or-honor,
-'William 'McDoufcal 'of -New
,' and by her mald-or-honor,
cousin, Miss Mildred RoblnThe
bride entred the room
:her father and 'was met at
ltar by the b rldegr"om and
eat man, John Windsor, and
oetor Stoetser. '
/Doctor Stoo'zer performed
dremony, Mlsa Barnes played
& McDowell's "To a Wild
" At the concluslo- of this
iony, an Informal reception'
leld.,during which the bride
>rldegroom were showeged
- congratulations and beat
is, After this, accompanied by
redding guests they passed
gh a canopied walk to the
's'eousln, which adjoins the
tson home, where an elabo
Iweddln gsupper was served.
ie Dlckerson home was beauin
its decorations ot autumn
ge and southern sralla*. with
;&f coloring Introduced .into
lecorations by a profusion of
r colored zlnias, marigolds
art colored chry^tantheu These
were used with good
t.abqut the sun parlor, living
is and dining room and formpretty
setting for the 'bridal
lie1/bride,'s table, at which
i seated the bride and bride'
ni,. their attendants and sevof
her frieqds, was centered
Sa'handsome silver epegerne
I with pink roses, snap dra,
violets, bouvardia and maidialr
fern, with streamers of
ardia and fern:; arranged ars^lly
about the table; with
and there, bunches of pink
i't\violets and snap dragono.
l?d candles In silver candle
:s were used with good effect;
a shower of (Ward roses and
its, fell gracefully from dome
tfe table centor. Covers were
for eighteen, including the
I'tag party and several otbeii
ad at the table were: Mr. and
'John J. Brown Stoetzer, the
08 Mildred Robinson, Louise
. Mary Moulds Hurst, Floe
Hutchinson, Mrs. William
ougal,.-John Windsor, Dclmar
Inson, James Any well, Mr.
!:?. - and Mrs, Robert Brock ot MoriV''.cgam'town,
Mr. and Mrs. Hurst
W;>.,<Kobldgard of Clarksburg, Mrs.
' Harry K. Qralnger of Lincoln,
ft-;>jjeb. Clarence D. Robinson and
|fi- abna. Robert and Albert. A
'}' Hfttsburglj caterer served- the sups'
?"per. . '
fe'u'Si-l-TW bride who " Is a beautiful
'.ibrunotte, was lovoly in a creation
aM-Ivory satin,/-with long waist,
'fOlrcular skirt, fashioned -decolctte.
with rose.polnt bertha and wltn
long court train, handsomely em1
broldered In pearls. Her long tulle
I 'cap veil, with rose point crown,
I Was caught'with orange blossoms,
% and her slippers wene of white
* satin with rhlneatons buckles.
She carried a beautiful shower
bouquot of b ride's roses, valley
lilies and orchids. Her gofcng-away
. gown was a handsome three-piece
M'sult of ddrjt blue velvedyno, wltn
ii trimmings of beaver, with which
i! -.T' ' ' ?
^|; Hallowe'en |
she wore a brawn {fearer liat w.ifi the
a bird of paradJSe.'"' " It t
Miss Roblmfon as mald-ot-hong.r 1
was beautiful In a gown'of nib har
gree satin ,with long waist effect, for
sleeveless, round nqck, with Ion? the
panels, falling from the. e'mbrblff- nar
ered girdle. .She-wore. illverjSl^ cot
pers and carried an arm bouqiut ?
of pink roses. Sto
Mrs. William McDougal of New anr
York, as matrou-qf-honor, ,wos ,hee
pretty In ' a creation "of yellow .of
chiffon, with long skirt panel-,, the
sleeveless and with round neck,! 1
elaborately embfoidered In qrysta1 brli
beads with which she,woro gold set
slippers. .She also carried a baud- 1
some arm bouquet of pink roses, retl
The bridesmaids were charm- ;fur
Ingly gowned In frocks,Ifashioned 1
alike, of varied, colors. Tbelr floi
dresses were of chiffon, sleeveless, tloi
wfth round necks, skirts slightly for
bouffant and draped and finished <
at the hems with crystal beadj, the
Crushed ribbon -girdles were A.
drawn gracotully through ribbon Rol
matte buckles. -Hie girdles on each dai
of the brldesmald'B dresses were Wl;
of two shades of pink, and their Rol
slippers were of silver cloth. and
Miss Hutchinson wore pink and Cla
carried " nlnk chrysanthemum*.
with ties of plnk^shaded ribbon Boi
and tullJe. Mri
Miss Hurst'.wore yellow and ,Yoi
I carried yellow chrysanthemums, .q,
1 with ties of yellow ribbon and Mo:
I tulle. . y wel
Miss'Hall wore4orchid and car- "Let
rled white chrysanthemums wltn e.
I ties of green and white ribbon and and
I tulle, * bur
Mrs. Stootzer, moSier of the
bridegroom, was handsomely .
1 gowned in black lace and sequin's m
and wore a corsage of Ward roses a mi
and orchids. .Mrs. A. W. Sterling, .the
aunt of the bride, wore white sic
chiffon cloth embrold-ered In cry- ciul
stal beads ,and her corsage was of mee
pink roseB and orchids. nlnf
The brido is one of the moat it i
boautlful, charming, and cultured eelli
young women of this city. She jep<
was born and reared hero and de- sold
scends from two wcl!fw.kpowp thai
families of West.Vlrglniit She is i tick
granddaughter of the late Mr. ahd meii
Mrs. Harry Robinson and of Mrs. affa
Frances Morris, of the East Sldo.
Her father, Clarence D. Robin- . |
son, is a prominent- coal operator m
and business man' of .Northern Hlli
West Virginia and is president of nizc
the Robinson Coal Co., of this mot
city. Her marriage with Mr. Sto- riag
etzer unltea two families proml- Tho
nent in the business, social and re- mai
ligiousllfeof (he community.iMIos ]eat?
Robinson was graduated from bile
Gunston Hall at Wellington, *D. gin!
C? In 1921, and since making her thej
ucuui. intu ouciuiy una ueea a b?i- apai
clal favorite here and elsewhere la pent
the state. own
Mr. Stoetzer Is the only child t
of Dr. and Mrs. Herman G. Stoet- cele
zer and lias been a resident of brid
this city for more than twenty Lac
years, during the pastorate of hla and
father 'In .this otyy. He also de- Mrs
sctmihrfrom prominent families of peri
tire stite, his *riiaternal grand- city
father having been John give
JTs^iTprpwn Morgan town, who mar
ififiqenjls from A well known Pres- '"]
Ion County fatally. Mr. Stoetzer You
was graduated from the Fairmont stre
High School and following his wed
graduation entered the Lawrence- 'dauj
ville Shcool at Lawrenceville,' N. You
J., from which he was graduated sch?
in 1915. He then entered Prince- Proi
ton and was graduated from there of
in 1919. He entered the service of play
the* U: S. government In the the
World War, was commissioned staii
lieutenant in the heavy artillery sma
and was stationed for a time at You
Fort Sill, Okla. For several years, of tl
he has been in the coal business folic
being associated with the Davis of 1
Coal Co., with headquarters in brot
Morgantown ,and. later being Jo- trail
cat^d in* Philadelphia. ' At the Klnj
present time"he';is manager-of the brid
Lucas Mills mine near Clarksburg, lnc
Mr. und Mrs, Stoetzor left last! "i
night Jot a weddhig. journey, not I ban)
making anyone: acquainted;. w(th| tern
Three Att:
h, ride's,bouadiet asshe thrjar'
Hto tlft,itairw?y. ." > .
Phe b Ride's calij,-. which wa^a
idsome affair, i$nt*tnhd favors
each of the guests at the tablA,
so favors belng-J attached " to
row. 'tlbbons ; drawn ' to eatH
sVj ' i* ' ' ' : ' ''I
Ifncaih'e engagement,"of 'lit.
etzer and Miss Robinson was
lounced recently,' they have
n much feted, a large, number
parties .having been given In
lr honor.
'ho bridegroomV gift to his
le was a handsome diamond
i>!at!num wrist watch. >>tjring
the evening Edgar, Bar'.'s
Old Gold and Blue Orchestra
nlsbed music.
Phe H. Weber & Sons'Co., local
'lsts, had charge of the decoraIB
and furnished the flowers
the wedding party.
Dut of tqwn guests here foil
iharrlage were: Mr. and Mrs.
E. Bowers, Elklns; Mrs. C. L.
clnson, and son Delmar and
ighter, Miss Mary .Robinson,
ochester, Va.;' Mr. and Mrs.
jert Brock, Morgantown; Mr.
. Mrs. Hurst Koblegard,
rksburg; Mrs. Harry X Gralu,
Lincoln, Neb.; Mrs.' J. A.
tafeld, HuttonsvlUe, W. Va.;
!. William McDougal, New
k; Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
Brown and Ludlngton Brown,
rgantown; Mrs. Fran'c Max1
and daughter,-Miss Virginia
!, Buckhannon: Mr. and Mrs.
H. Gilbert, Morgantown; Mr.
1 Mrs. Rush Koblegard, Clarkag
To Hold Meeting.
rs. James H.'Thomas'haB called
aeting of those selling tickets for
concert series which the mudepartment
of the. Woman's
j will put on this season. IThe'
itlng will he held "Saturday ev.el
at 7:30 at the Y. W.. C.'Al
3 said to be urgent that .those
Ing tickets' mdkiT a' complete
art of the number of tickets
and to (whom sold, in order
a.checlc*igay be, made on the!
e? qjre and;- that the depart-'!
it may'know the condition o?
Irs in regard to the sale.
, 000 |
3ride, and Bridegroom Here,
r. apd MrsjHerschel Meredith!
, whose marrlagd was solem-|
id last evening In Clarksburg.]
ored here following the max |
e, with Mr. and Mrs. James H.
mas, who wero 'ghesjg at the
rlage, and spent the night here,
Ing here today for ah automo-j
^tour through the' Valley of Vira.
Upon their return.,''hefy
r will rdfelde'iri.thls city in an1
rtment on Vermont aveque,
ding the completion, pf 'their
home. ' * . I
ho marriage last . evening was j
brated at the':.home, ot-.^the
e's parents, SherlffVarid -Mrs.
o L.. Ypung, on Th'frd/Vreet,
was a brilliant society event.
. Hill, yho was formerly Miss
sis Young, is well known in this
The, Clarksburg Exponent
s the following account of ths
rlage: .
The homo of Sheriff Laco L.
ng and Mra. Young on Third
ei was tne scene of a pretty |
ding,, last evening, when their
Shter, Mis* Persis Pauline
ng, became the bride of Heril
Meredith Hill of Fairmont,
nptly at 8. o'clock,',to the etrai'ns
Lohengrin's .wedding march,
ed by Mrs. Jonathan Davis*
wedding party descended the
rcase led by the bride's two
11 sisters, Josephine and Marie
ng, strewing roses in/the path
ae bride. Mr. Hill and his bride
iwed and little Virginia Davis,
Iridgeport, cousin of the,.bride,
ight up the rear in thb; role of.
i bearer. Mrs. U. N." Orr, ofr
gwood, another cousip- ot^the
e, rendered 'Becausd,'. vprecedtho
ceremony. , ' '
l white canopy draped in smilax
:ed with stately' palms1'arid
^marked off the spot for the
lly Pric
ONE is a beautiful
pump with turn s
pictured; There are e
the group, and a splei
. $5;
(the same style in pa
THE last number tl
for Friday and Si
oxford with rubber hi
er style?An ideal Fa]
Itff & Itttl
? that S5atbs&"
lat is specially; .priced
iturday is a black lace
jels and on the bluch11
Oxford for only
^ ^ m
chrysanthemums to either side
completed the effective floral^ndle: i
IThemerirDi. 1. W. Engle,:pastor i
of \lhe Pint1 Methodist Episcopal
Chnrch officiated, using the ring
"The bride was gowned-in ivory}
satin wlth pearl trimmings; ,Her|
full-courf' train hung Iran ' the}
shoulders and her tulle yell was)
edged- In' real lace fashioned'with
a coronet1 of the lace and heldwlth
n stand' of orange blossoms. Her
shower bouquet combined roses,
orchids and lilies of . the valley.
Her small attendants wore berufflet)
frocks of organdy In pastel
shades. The lltle flower girls carried
dainty baskets of pink rose
petals. V.
"Immediately following.the ceremony
'an. Informal reception was
held, which Included' over 100
guestB." Receiving with the bride
and bridegroom were their parents,
, Mr. and Mrs. .Young and Mr. and
Mrs. Bruce Hill. Mrs. Youug was
gowned In orchid .satln trimmed In
silver. Mrs. HlU'e gown "was ol
kitten-ear satin.
"In the dining room where tempting
confections anil coffee were
served during' the receiving hours,
the attractive color scheme or pink
and white was predominant. The
wedding cake consisting of three
tiers bonked .with smilax studded
with pink roses formed an attractive
center of the table. Lighted
pink candles marked the four corners
of the. table.
"Mrs. 0. J. Whitdell presided at
the coffee urn. Mrs. CJ. D.- Muu
son and Mrs. Maynard Davis, of
Bridgeport, served the ices and
confections. Assisting in the serving
were: Misses Catherine Swlger,
Margaret Gaylord, Ruth Souders,
Wilma Smith, Erma Young,
Nellje Young, Louise Hill of Fairmont.
Miss Mabel .Young, sister
of the bride, registered the guest3."
Club Tomorrow
Tho autumn reunion ot the Fairmont
Woman's Club will be held
tomorrow evening at the Masonic,
Temple when the annual autumnal.
I tea will be held. Tho tea will he In'
charge ot the hospitality commit[
tee ot which Mrs. Edwin Robinson
Us chairman and'p'rehedlng the .teal
I an interesting progTam will bo' observed
tho features ot which will 1
| be feature dancing by tho Misses
I Louise Conn unci Mildred Jones, a
piano solo by'MIss Katlierjno Be,Its-.
hoover, costume reading by Miss
Jean Billingslea and reviews ot .
the blenle held at Lake Chautau-j
qua and from tho slate convention
held at Shepherdstown. Mrs. Jos-,
eph Rosihr, club president, will also
give a. brief outline ot- tho. work
for the year. Miss Bo.ltzhoover will'
play' "Polonaise In 'A1 Mhjor,",
Chopin; Miss Jean Billingslea will
read "What Was Nurse to Do."
and interpretative dancing. "Plerrett
and Plorette" will be given by
Miss Conn and Miss Jones.'' ;
* * * I
Bake Sale > ; ' I
j The Women's Auxiliary of the
American Legion will hold a bake
sale Saturday moimlng on the
porch of the American Legfon
Building . on. Cleveland . avenue;1 j
t This sale promises to be a fine
one, as all the women of the auxil- i
lary will donate good things to eat
! for the sale. .
The members of the auxiliary are
famous for. their splendid baking''
and cooking, and they will have !
!for sale a splendid line of cakes,'
pies, doughnuts, cookies and salt
'rising hread, as well as'other dainI
tiesi . ,v
Tickets Selling
Tickets are soiling fast for the
three-number concert course which
will be given in this city by the
muBlc department of the Women's I
Club, the first number of which
will be Madame Louise Homer, I
Who will appear in concert at-the
First M. E/Church on November
2. Large numbers of tickets' are
being sold iif this, city and nearby
towns. -and the cleberated artist
is assurred .of a fine audience;
"When in doubt, takd Homer,,v
(Continued on page twelve)
id for
black satin, one-strap
oles, almost exactly as
ill .widths and sizes in
id|d value at
.00 '
itent leather at $5.00)
- lyk r
::-V.:-- -;s
_.< > J a,.,
i 'v. . ? V
i . '? . . **
\ ; .
Bolts and bolts of
smart costumes as the
Women planning ]
brics, as well as the ol
Never were the h<
Of the softest texture
the simplest designs.
Monatac a soft ve
finished fabric in navy
brown 54 inches wide, 5
Yalafna, a soft iuxui
fabric for fine coats
' capes in brown, black, n
tan and copen;. 54 inches 1
$3.50 yard.
Novelty skirtingB in the i
est, nappiest woolens in i
erly designed plaids
ofwinne K-i ff
owi^to vi iiiuiico YYiuv;, ?p
Wool Canton Crepe,
soft-and fine?a fabric n
in demand, comes in a s<
tion of popular shades?n
brown, camel, rust and bl
$3.00 yard.
From Beli
* Curtain!
?she steps forth in i
Envelope Chemise.
made of fine batiste
ly tailored, with hoc
and built up sh<
|l HI W ' l[ 'kr
lah on sole and heel; light
AA to C widths, 3 to 8 siz
BIsiclrand hrdwn-AU-O'
strap pattern, medium rou
i covered wood heeL AA to C
' i*- ' s.f>,-'VJ
V' ." '' &/* y^r ::H % ' ".'
* ' ' .. ;
tion For Hon
billowy crepes and nappy woolen
iy unwind, compose our fall fabri
new suits, coats, capes or frocks v
d staple ones they like so well.
wavier materials so ideal for home
, easy to manipulate, and luxurio
and ^ou Can Make Your
>5.00 Own Garments?Deltor
Pictures guide you
i?u| Every Step.
and' *
ayy," ' ?" . .
'Vldc Save materials as experts
do. The Deltor cuttsoft-_
ing layouts give y6u your
Ind s'ze Pattern *n jour view,
5.00 laid on the width material
you are using. You have
put"before your eyes, sinv
inch ply dearly i'-layout -Wi&i
elcc- exactly fits youi; meeds
and saves you money on
, everything you make.
e Butterick Styles are Easy t
jose your pattern before yoi
Neat and ?" \
1 rim ?for admirin
tv 'now gown
irul vprv sprvirnrihlp ??.! <? i???
-- ~?, .?J/I I.; vj iai c u
f the protection they is made of fi
ford the underwear and-the 'pric
,1111 th? rub of cloth $2.23. Anothf
arks. These pink the same m
epe > Bloomers, are lace-trimmed
(11 cut and roomy crinl&y:iCrepc
th 'double elastic orchid'Strjpds
ice, priced $1.00. $1.50. .
New and Very
?are these Oxfords and Slip-"
Vpers. Tile illustration shows
an all-over Grav Ovforr?
in blucher pattern. Black fin- ,
welt sole and medium low heel,
es, price $10.00.
zerBroadcloth Satin SUpfcer^ oho
id'toe, turnsole, "Junior Louis
1 widths, all sizes, price $8.00. A
ne Sewers
is thdt unfold long vistas'' of- !1
vill find here all the newest fa- ^^IIIIH
faH pattcrns'i dots, sh^psHi ami 11
1 olian 1/a ovirl oil nv?? nffnAin ' '..... _ J.
viiwwiw mm uu u?ti' v-iicuio snm
that are new. 27 inches wide? J)
$1 yard.
./ Rosr.anara Criepe-f-d Heavy.
crinkly weave that mayjj|j| Sga
draped, uiaited or puffed''; as S
the style deman is. .38 inches' H
wide, in black, |n-own, etc., $4 ' 3 H
Matelasse, one of the Vety |H
newest of silks, ideal for over-,'
i k j4?16uses- am|i for vcpr^ijlhffi iilla
. "" with other silks' fn fasniomSjg JJ
' smart frocks.-In navy, brown; i^( Hj
ar.d black; 36 inches wide;- |j
fe<UiO and $6.00 yard.
eautifully hemstitched and J
ticked. Hers is pink- hu^j
hey come in white, too. $1>
nd $1.15. Some adorable ,
nes in pink crepe ".are
riced $1.50. Others made lifJllM
T w: I.I
f finest batiste, trimmedi.gM
nth real filet lace, $2.25 an^|||| IIJ
Black, yellow green, red, l|e 1
yard. Flowered,Calico in all-colors,,
and gay .patterns, 22c yard, .'Srdi^
llr . H " i

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