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Closing New'York St<
' OljfNDED 1845
Mil ?ii?a?F
MbL..iuui.nunuu in
No Empties . Available oi
Wyatt-Blngamon & Helen's
Run Branch Today.
No Coal . Laded on Connells
villa Division of B. & 0.
for Three Days.
fjjfSNot a single empty is on tin
JflWestern Maryland's Wyatt-Blnga
&,mon and Helen's Run spur in Ma
jgmon County today,
yajyor throe days not a single caj
In coal has been loaded on thi
Connellaylllc Division, B. and 0.
^;*|lkJlB' bflieved here that the West
j?, eiA-Maryland is not only short o
| coal carH, but that its locomotive)
Fjkave been in bad repair as a result
I ot the shopmen's strike.
Nowhere in Northern West VIr
[ fcinia is there any division that it
||l?erburden with empties. On thi
lAlohongahela Railway, tharo is i
Knijer cent run on the West Vir
r*5'ala end, where the mines order
ynid-: 84 and receive but 65. In th<
| Pennsylvania district there is a 5!
per cent run today, although thi:
^district got the short end of th<
'8jt?l6k yesterday. The mines in Pen
fnsylvanla ordered 674 empties anc
revolved 809. Along the Morgan
Wiwn, and Wheeling, 413 were order
!*^d; but only. 142 were placed, and ii
^confiequently a 34 per cent run.
YOndltions on the B. and O. Rail
^/!road,-whlle not ideal, have beei
! holding up fairly' well during tb?
present week. Of course there uri
Iiiiiiy assigned cars in me uggre
)ti'le of 770 empties today, and th<
ercentage is boosted by coal can
dm foreign roads. The Monongai
dffsln'today lias a 35 per cent run
?e: mines ordered 2293 empties o
hicli'^00 wert. ordered for rallroai
iql, ,45" for coke loading and 189;
& to conimerclal loading. Thirty flvi
^ Bethlehem Steel Corporation cart
areVou "the division today. Then
3 >vdrei72S coal cars and 45 coke car;
7. o'clock "this morning
d|Albng the Charleston Divisloi
PjUier^is, aL.12 peiLc^it run of coa
l/fcjjffis, today. The mines ordered 32!
ft only 42 were placed.
If - v * Wines Idle
j- Along the Monongah Division
.nroday, there are 125 mines idle be
Mu^so ot'tar shortage.- Only sevei
K^ncflp^fire' active on the Char
|;viestdh .Division tkday,-which mean1
that feeventy-beveu are Idle today
- On'the ^Monongahela Railwa;
i there are eleven mines idle today
i In the Coke Belt
\ rtiv ohnptafi-Q in mittiner down th
\Atul production very keenly thes
"(Ways. On the Monongahela Rat
Efvdjr la Pennsylvania yeiterda;
Kthere: were but 78 cars o( cos
' loaded, which Is probably th
S-'poortet showing ever, on ronnp
there, with the exception o( time
. during the last coal strike whe:
B the production some days was a
lay is/'twehty cars.
Loaded Yesterday
t Coal loading In Northern Wes
A^lrgihla^on Thursday aggMsoto
1249 cars. This was against 112
fe^/CCohtlnned on pago eight.)
! .new opening""
1! ?.,Tlje Kelley Buildlpg a large
1 , for. :idius three siory brick
| building enulped with all modf
era Improvements at corner of
TO 'old' bridge and Water Street,
had uoea .lensed tor number of
. years .and Is being over hauled
. and put .in first class condition.
w Furniture has already been ordered
from the factory so that
ig gll ..furniture will be new. The
It object will be sanitation, clean l
llness and orderliness. We will
1 cater'to the wants of workingit
men and make It homelike for
5! gpests at very moderate prices.
V Rboins 81.00. Beds 75c and 50c
If Restaurant In connection. Noil'
tice- of opening will be given
| latdr."
??* ?
Notice Repi
Registrars in sessic
I!.' . County Monc
I ] October
xrfcs, Page 8
Appeal tor Suppc
Here This H
Appealing to the people of
staking the Elks' , circus at Soul
mlttee In charge of the show tod
cultjes of the undertaking.
, * According to W. D. Evans, i
this entertainment, which is Hit
the local lodge, will terminate in
Tailure if the public does not rat
) tomorrow.
Three weeks aq the circus, v
Side Park under, the auspices of
was staged at Parkersburg by tl
met with success in the enterprl
were turned away lrom the entr
1 A week later the MnHrnl a
1 and the same conditions which
duplicated there, crowds being i
This week the Fairmont pul
Elks* projects, has allowed the
othor cities or West Virginia, to
port is not forthcoming tho local
ther the causo of charity with a
rund will ne taxed, as tho;~receir
a sufficient amtunt to pay for th
; Interested in Opposing K- &
> M. Plan'to Withdraw Coal
Carrying Rates.
I For the purpose of discussing
1 the evidence to be presented and
5 going over the details a party of
I* coal operators from Elkins, W.
. Va. interested In opposing the ef*
IUI i3 ui tut: rvuimtviia K .vi iv-uiftmi
I Kallroad from withdrawing coal
carrying rates off the Charleston
Division, B. & O. were in Fairmont
today. They conferred with
George S. Brackett. secretary ol
;the Northern West Virginia Coal
j operators' Association who Went
over the sltuat on In detail. '
! Tho coal, ore and coke commit|
tee will hear the railroad's application
to cancel the coal carrying
.rates off the -Charleston Division,
B. & 9. in Pittsburgh on October
j 26.
j Elklns operators present 'were:
;A. Spates Brady; E. W. Ziller
and R. D. Jefferies, West Virginia
C. & C. Co.; Bon jam it Dowell.
Elklns Chamber of Commerce;
Harry Martin, Grefen Coal Co.,
und T. B. Cross, Davis Collerles Co.
If . - .
'' I Plans are be?ng made by Joseph
II W. Reed, head of the safety d?>
'ipartment of the Consolidation
f Coal Co.. to put on a safety cam*
palgn and hold a series of meetings
over the region. The onr?e
paign in northern West Virginia
e will be waged on November 8, 9,
I- 10. 13. and 14, when a scries o(
meetings "will be held In various
il miningItowns In which the Con3ole
hlatlon Coul Co. has plants locat1
b The meetings will be held at the
a following places: November 8. Ida
s May; .November 9, Wyatt; November
10, Hutchinson; November 13,
Berryburg; November 14, Carot
1 Detailed arrangements will be
0 made by Mr. Reed at a later date.
'I _ COLUMBUS, Ohio.^Oct. 30.?
uoacn, nurry up iusi. ?uu mc
I University of Michigan football
] team arrived here this morning
: preparatory to the annual Mlchl
gan-Ohio State football game ir
the new stadium here tomorrow.
More than 66,000 persons, the
largest crowd that has ever witnessed
a football game in the Mid
die West, are expected be pres
. H
| October 21st at 3 P. M. East
j End of Court House. One Ford
1 roadster, x?i? iuuaei, iu &wu
r r ?
- i.
iblican Voters
n in each Precinct in
lay and Tuesday
23 and 24
f '7'. *. '"
/ '
i rt of Circus
'eek Made by Elks
Marion County for assistance in
th Sido Park a success, the com*
ay made public the financial dlffl*
tecretary of the circus committee,
i best attraction ever offered by
the guise of the biggest financial
ly to its support this evening and
rhich is being shown at the South
the local lidge of Elks at present,
be Elks of that place. This lodge
Ise to such an extent that people
ances at each performance,
ttraction appeared in Clarksburg
i prevailed in Parkersburg were
efused admittance,
jlie so loyal Jn supporting former
attractin proven popular in two
pass unnoticed. If immediato sup.
lodge nt only will be unable to furrlHitllnnl
flnnnnon hut (ha
...... ? . MUVU uuv WIG |IIGHGUt
its at the circus so far to not not
c band.
Fairmont and Clarksburg Each
Have Fifty-Six Men Enrolled
This Year.
Honors for having the largest
enrolled class In coal mining In
Northern West Virginia are nl{i
and tuck. Today there are exactly
fifty-six mining men enrolled in
the Fairmont class and as many In
the Clarksburg claes.
It is said that the Clftrkabur^
coal m inlng men arc determined
that they will exccll the Falrmonl
clase this year In both enrollment
as well as regular attendance
records. "It must bo admitted tow,
that they are almost getting away
with It," said one of the enthusiastic
members of the Falrmonl
class today. However, the Fairmont
class will probably have i
few more men to enroll tonight
which may give It a shade on thf
Clarksburg class In the way ol
Clarksburg had forty-five mer
present Tuesday night, and CareUna
had eighteen men prosenl
Wednesday night. Jit. Clare had
.fifteen men present on Monday
Both Carolina and Ml. Clare aft
d6*nol ?6odr up better 'In'attendance.
Grant Town. Almlna and
others are going the limit to obtain
classes and only favorabit
attendance has prevented anj
I lasa being.transferred up to tills
Tliis year the mining school
classes of Northern West Vlrginli
are getting slips printed weekly
bearing the home work question:
for the following week. The cos!
Is borne by the five classes. Thii
; is a progressive step which ha.
been working out very well.
An unfortunate man giving th;
name of James Thomas, partialis
' paralyzed and very sick, was yes
terday taken in charge by the city
' police and sent to a local' hospita
for treatment. Thomas went t<
the Salvation Army and aaked 1
1 he could stay , all night on Wed
nesday. He was given a room an,
in the morning he was fouvl ver:
ill. The city police were i?iorme<
and they carried the man to Cool
Hospital. Today he was reportec
i somewhat improved although stil
I in a serious condition. The ma;
; came hero from a noarby town
- was taken ill Wodnesday and wai
i unable to provide for himself.
The secretary of the board o
- home missions of the Methodis
Episcopal Church, Dr. E. D. Forsy
. the, will address the-congregation
of the local churfch kt the regula
service Sunday morning. Docto
Foray the, who is a resident o
Philadelphia, directs the entin
work of this board.
^ ... ?
Woman for dishwasher. Apply
at once.
* I
f Used Car Bargains
1?1821 Special 6 Touring.
2?1920 Special 6 Touring.
Wilson Sales Co.
321 Meredith St.
FSlrmont, ty. Va.
Phone 1883
.. , .
* ?Si
.. .s,
%y'J V "i- '
a Nntpaptr?A Progrcuiv For
! George S. Brackett Likely to
I Testify Before Commission
November 15.
General use or assigned cars by
the railroads In Northern West
Virginia will not be pulled across
without a strong opposition on the
part of tho coal operators of the
Fairmont region who will make a
spirited fight before the Interstate
Commerce Commission in Washington.
D. C. .on November 15. At
that time every effort will be
- made to show the unfairness of
the assigned ear to the coal Industry.
Under the assigned cars
some. mines will be worked the
limit while others will hav0 practically
George S. Brackett. Fairmont,
secretary of the Northern West
' Virginia Coal Operators' Association.
who was scheduled as witness
at the last hearing, which did not
materialise, will probably testify
before the commission on this occasion.
Thus Tar the assigned car has
not caused a burden to tho region
exactly, because the influx of assigned
cars from the foreign roads
is not great enough in volume to
block transportation and cause
loads to be congested so as to in|
terfere with the operations thit
are working on a spot _;rkct
basis trying to fill other contracts'
There are some assigned cars
being sent in by foreign roads, but
! a great many more are expected
later. The B. &0. at present.has
; from 77 to 131 assigned cars every
jji day, while tho other roads have
not exceeded the 186 mark, al!
though every day shows a gradual
increase in the arrival of assljppej]
[ foreign equipment.
The B. & 0. at best has not
' been in very good shape after the
1 shopmen's strike and the antlc!?
nntnri Inm ?f frnlch* nnrCrnnl Iniuki
; by the wholesale use of assigned
1 cars will place a burden on the operator
who is not loading assign1
ed cars due to the limit supply or
' empties, it is said.
Under the assigned car ruling,
1 however, mines loading .assigned
cars cannot load anything else but
; iljjctlon' of spot coal- will. be rel
stricted between the use of assign
ea cars and the scarcity of coal
cent American" enterprise, is
' cars, and consequently-the operai
tor loading a limited tonnage must
pay the bill, a condition which the
1 ra'lrouds in their effort to beat
i dowu the price of fuel will soon
' realize.
> Railroad Fuel
t Two hundred and n'nety-seven
s cars of coal was loaded as railroad
i fuel off the Monongah Division, D.
& O. Vesterday. The bulk of th's
1S6 cars, was received by foreign
roads. The B.' & O. secured 111
cars Off the Charleston Division
? B. & 0. there were but six cars
' of railroad fuel loaded yesterday
- find the B. & 0. secured this tonr
1 Fourteen cars of railroad fuel
j wore loaded off the Cumberland
r nivlolnn R X- O wh'rh whb nil
- received by the B. & 0.
I Fifty carB of foreign railroad
i fuel was loaded on the MorganI
town & Wheeling Railway yester(
i Twenty eight cars of railroad
1 fuel were taken .by the Westers
i Maryland Railway off the BeUngtoi\
& Weaver branch.
B I Lake Shipments Few
With an embargo placed on lako
shipments off the Monongah,
Charleston and Cumberland division,
B. & 0., naturally there if
f very little coal moving to the
t lakes yesterday, whllothe M. &
- W. had no lake coal shipments
a yesterday.
r Daily Shipments,
r East off the -Monongah. Division,
r B. & O., on Thursday there
e 548 cars of coal loaded east, while
58 cars were moved west Two cars
of coal were loaded by wagon.mine
z plants yesterday on. the division,
I Eighten loads went to Curtis Bay
Commercial eastern shipment]
off of.her roads yesterday were as
follows: B. & 0.?Charleston, 14
cars: Cumberland, 43 cars; M. &
K., 65 cars; M. & W? 10 cars; W.
\T Wvutt.nlnmimnn C. Ilnlan'.
| (Continued on Page Eight)
, [ NOTICE '
Members are urged to be
present at regular meeting tonight
Meeting will be. held In
United Mine Workers office in
the Labor Temple, at 8:30.
:Sec.,'. & Treaa.
1 P ' I
| ' Only $1,300 Deliveed
Phone 85 -for Demonstration
I" ,
Corruption and
Bribery Charged
by Investigators
CHICAGO. Oct. 20.?(By
the Associated Presa).?Special
Investigators authorized
1 by the Federal Department of
Justice into the recent conduct
! of office of the United States
I district attorney at . Chicago
| today reported that "there >s
not the slightest doubt that
J since the passage of the Eighteenth
Amendment?there ha*r
been traffic in intoxicating liquors
going on at large scale
and protected by bribery and
Sheriff Overpowered am
Father and His Son Riddled
With Bullets.
NASHVILLE, Trail., Oct. 20Two
men recently convicted o
manslaughter in Benton Count:
last February- were taken fron
the county jail at Camden am
shot to death in a vacant lof twi
hundred yards f ro mtlie jail. Th
two prisoners, Ed Hartley a&d hi
son, were held* in connection witl
the murder of Connie Hartley.
Between twenty-five and flft:
men with faces blackened at
pearod at*the jail and, overpower
ing Sheriff Flowers .took th
Hartleys and marched them to th
vacant lot where they riddle
them with bullets.\
This was the first case in Ben
ton County's history of men bein;
taken from authorities.
Declares Wartime Rates
May Be Increased
20.?Public utilities rate increase
obtained under war condition
will have to be retained, witl
even a possibility of further nd
vances,- Herbert Markle of Blue
field, president of the Public Utlll
ties Association of West Virginia
told the members in his report t
their annual meeting here todaj
"War conditions made the rais
Ing of rates a necessity,*" he salt]
"but unfortunately the public
tho Public Service Commlfesio:
and the utilities considered th
conditions at tomporary and tha
such increases as were temporar
ones and the old rates would b
restored. Howevpr, prices of al
common carriers entering into th
manufacture and distribution o
elecrticity especially as well a
{products of other utilities, cor
tinued to advance, and whil
there have been slight recession
the general list has remained vii
tually much higher than befor
tho war with the prospect that w
are again entering on a period c
advancing markets."
Mr. Marrkle expressed the 6pit
ion that' the utilities, havln
passed through the handicaps c
the coal and railroad* strlkei
{were to find the next year a prot
perous one. Declaring that th
supply of coal for the nation dc
pended to a groat extent on th
public utilities in this state, h
called for liberal treatment in th
matter of taxes, in which he sal
utilities had suffered increases ja
great as or greater than those i
classes of other property.
rsf ah a nir pi/MnAiiiRi/
PITTSBURGH. Pa., Oct 20."Pop"
Warner, famous footba
coach of tho University of Pitt
burgh, Is suffering from ptomain
poisoning, It becamo known toda
when tho Panther team left fc
Syracuse in charge of Alex Steenson,
assistant coach. Attendln
physicians have advised Warner t
remain in bed, but "Pop" declare
he would make a hard effort to g<
to" Syracuse for the game tomo
The Panthers will stop' i
Rochester, N. Y., tonight.
Young Lady' Wanted
For Office Work
Must bo experienced shorthand
stenographer and have
some knowledge ot simple
hook-keeping; permanent position;
modest salary to start
with substantial Increase when
ability Is demonstrated; apply
'The Hobd Afettbjr' Insurance.
Deveny Bldg. Tonight, .Saturday
Afternoon cr Sunday Night after
7 o'clodST.
' ' v .
120,1922. #*"
Andrew Rnnar Law Makin
! Rapid Progress as Head
of New Ministry
_ _
LONDON. Oct. 20.?(By the A
Bociated Proas.)?Andrew Bone
Law appeared to be making rapl
progress today In forming a cat
net to replace the fallen Coalitio
government. This was evidence
by the announcement that Marqu
Curzon and the Earl of Derby ha\
agreed to serve under him in an
capacity. Mr. Bonar Law cannt
officially announce the formatio
of his ministry until he is electe
head of the Unionist party to su
ceed Austen Chamberlain, but It :
generally conceded that this eta
tion will only bo a formality. A
though a split in the ranks has d
prived him of such cabinet men
j hers as the Earl of Balfour, Lor
J Birkenhead and others, it is e:
pected that Bonar Law will fin
plenty of material among th
younger members wbo are marke
for advancement at a favorabl
The premier designate was bus
seeking out eligibles at an earl
hour today. His secretary declare
>' he is in good health ngoln an
a ready to bucklo to the work whic
a Is before him. Certainly he is git
o ing every evidence, of his old li
0 tense energy.
s Meanwhilo Mr. Lloyd George hi
h reft of his rank of prime minlstoi
nut sun giving evidences of rctal:
y Ing to tho full the indomltab!
courage and fighting spirit whlc
- have characterised his thlrtyod
e years of political life, was makln
0 his way today along tho first stag
d of his trek "Into the wilderness
with those of his comrades wh
r had remained faithful to his leac
s ershlp. Whether he was hopin
that chance would smile upon hit
and lead him quickly upon some a
undiscovered path to a realm of ri
newed political prosperity, o
whether he was planning tho pli
peering job of hewing a new wa
out none could say except the II
1 tie Welshman himself. Even h
I did not know, porhaps, for the al
[ nation remained one of great coo
1 ploxlty. . '
Premier dosigaate Bonar Law I
a message'to,the newspapers thl
1 "If I aafc.elected, the- leader- i
the Conservative patty I may b
In a position' to advise the king t
order Immediately the dlssolutlo
of Parliament. This would glv
plenty of time to get tho Iris
:. Homo Rule BUI through.
I Owner of Ford Found Guilt
J of Reckless Driving in
e Police Court.
While driving a Ford coupe, g<
: ing from the Fairmont sldo towar
" the East Side on the new rivt
bridge about 8 o'clock last nigh
Earl Nutter collided with a Bulc
!" car coming towards the Fairraoi
0 side belonging to Harry AVebbe
The cars were practically mine
Both parties appeared befoi
Mayor Conaway In police court th
K morning on a charge of recklei
driving. Nutter was found guilty <
4 reckless driving and fined $20 an
ji costs. The charge against Webb(
Q was dismissed.
?- According to the testimony* (
e witnesses the Ford was goln
e across the bridge at a speed <
e from twenty to twenty-five milt
d an hour and was on the left han
is side of the bridge. Webber wi
n going in the opposite direction c
this side of the bridge. Whfc
within a fey feet of each oth<
both cars swerved in the same d
rection in an effort to pass whe
"> the left front wheel of the Buic
J hit the side of the Ford, knockin
it against the opixjsite- curb. Tfc
_ cars were smashed .and had to I
II hauled away. The front wheel <
t.hn Bnick \v:ih (nrn nff whiln
i3 front axlo of tho Ford was bei
y and tbe running board amaabed.
)r Witnesses of tho accident wh
leatlflod wore D. H. Barrlck, J. J
. McEIroy and Louis Brown. Eac
? one seemed to think that Nutli
was to blame.
it There were several traffic viol
r. tors reported, but only two dre
fines. Lawrence Gwyn was fine
lt |1 for narking on Main street, an
H. E. McEltresh was fined |2 f<
parking on Jackson street. '
PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad Oc
20s? (By the Associated Pre'ss)Op
to this morning Lieut. Wait'
Hinton had been unable to gi
away In a resumption In his al
plane flight from Now York to Hi
Janerio on account of the unaui
able weather and engine trouble
He had hoped tc leave Wedneada:
BURLINGTON, Vt? Oct 20.Only
nine of the twenty-tw
hones that started in the 30
inlles army endurance test lai
Monday left the Fort Allen stable
tor the last day's run today.
. " .'V -',
It lJ
80c A M03
Woman Mayor
I- n? To.l. 1* T>? I _t..J
id kj i. hukiu n?. i\vb<:r? iihb jub
'e boon elected mayor of Dnytonu
y Fla., widely-known winter resort
>t She has been a public school phy
n s'cian and has practiced medicin
a lo years.
y Nick Domonike Proves T^a
y He Is Rightful Winner
d of Baby Lincoln.
h :
a- The Ford automobile glvei
away by the merchants of the cit;
c- during trade expansion days las
r, woek was claimed by Nick Dom
i- onlko of 205 Center street. Mon
e ongah at noon today by Tliomu
h D. Connell, secretary of th<
d Chamber of Commerce and one o
g the judges of the drawing for tin
>> car.
" Domonike. is 14-ycars-old and j
o son of Fred Domoniko of Monon
1- gah. The boy's father is a mine
g and has lived at Monongah for 1!
n yoars. Nick is one of a family o
s eight children, having thre<
3. brothers and four sisters.
On account of a Nick Domini
> claiming the car eurlier ip ttu
y week the judges decided that be
t- fore the car was given away thi
e winner would have to provo bo
t- yond a doubt that ho was entitle!
3- to the cur. Nick and his fatlie
' came to the city several timos bu
n tui account of Mr. Connell belm
1 Nick* his father, and -,?V man*' ti
0 J drive the car'home came to tti'<
'J j Chamber *.of Commerce? offic
n shortly before noon ' today, am
6 QsAi>afsra Prtnnnll onrl Tnonnli T oV
h man, another'of the judges, ex
| amined his credentials and he w&
awarded the car. Nick produce<
I the other half of the ticket, whicl
Iwas.numbered 90,220 A. B., uni
in addition to this signed hi:
named to-a piece of paper. Thi:
signature was compared with thi
" one on the ticket and thoy wer<
found to be the same.
After checking up in every wa;
possible to ascertain if ho was thi
rightful winner of the car, Mr
Connell took tho proof to Jame:
y Welton, president of the Pair
J mont Merchants' Association, am
they all agreed that tho ca
should be given to Domonike.
Accompanied by Mr. Connell
young Domonike, his father am
the driver weut to the Standan
o- Garage where tho car was bolni
d held pending the decision of tlf
sr judges as to who it belonged ta
t. and tho car was given to Dom
:k onike.it
The boy was well pleased wit!
S. his gift and asked Mr. Connell ti
. thanfl the merchants for him. H
b told Mr. Connell that he made th
la purchase upon which he receive:
)S the winning ticket at Gold^i
3f Brothers' store on Saturday, th
ltl last day of the trade expansio:
;r days.
The awarding, of the car t
f Domonike will end the contest
n and the drawing which was schq
? diiled to be held tomorrow nigh
54 will not bo needed. The ticket
which were being held In the o!
fice of County Clerk Leo N. Satter
13 field pending the deciding of th
in winner wil^now be destroyed.
E .
[* NEW YORK. Oct. 20?Pa
Somerset, English actor, for wlior
a warrant for deportation *as rt
lt contly.'.issued for an alleged, ol
fenseVfavolvlng moral turpitud*
0 voluntarily appeared at Ellis 1<
1 land and was released hi bail c
^ Jl.OWfor a hearing on Novembe
sr 2.. ? !
4 fU. ...I.,)
X UC bUIUflBlUW BgBIUOk "ill! "
j, made by Carl A. Carlton, thoatri
w cal producer, and husband o
ld Edith Day, who la appearing as
co-star with Somerset In a Broad
wap pToductlon. Somerset. It 1
alleged .lived In' London wit
Edith Day and a child was born t
them. He came to this country
. month ago from Canada.
Somerset told newspapermo
,r that he had entered a general de
It nlal of allegations made agalnt
r. Silm.
lo 11
WHEELING, W. Va., Oct 20. y.
James A. Colson of Westernpor
W. Va., entered a sweeping denla
In Federal Court here this morntn
- to six counts of an lndlctmen
o charging him .with fradulently mil
0 representing himself as an office
it of the United States Internal Ret
is enue Bureau. -His case was set to
trial October 30,
'V< '
imfc s?tur.
jMly^ttiltlng temperate** . ^s8|
ssociated Press Wire
Middlesex Proseoutof
Demand That Arrests Be !
Made at Once. "">
State Attorney Threatens to
t Withdraw Co-Operation ;
Without Arrest. - ;s
Prosecutor Strieker of Middlesex, I
was reported today to bo plant
to caii ou Prosecutor fioekman of
Somerset to make an arryt '/Si^
tcncc In the my story surrounding#^
the murder of tho Rev."
Hnll and Mrs. Eleanor Mills, mi
threat of withdrawing Mis c'(Wperteffi!|
atlon in tho inveaUgt,tI6n^Mri^0
Strieker, who entered the case be.
caudl of tho uncertainty whdtheVjg^
t tho murders were committed /Ijfc
his jurisdiction or Mr,. Beeknja^^
was roprosonted by a close friend
as being convinced that h? know |
who committed tho. murdJSw &ind
that ther0 was sufficient,eVjara&?
1 on hand to warrant lmniddj$w|y$
v action. Ho had tan' appojntir
t with Mr. Beekman fon.'\Ms ^jr-^
" Search for an a^tomobllV ofiol^M
s model which a retired business man
a of Highland Park declared'lie J saw .
I in tho lano noar where .tfie bod0
ios were found. Instituted"-*"- se?rcb^*}|
for the automobile. It is ,sald|^it^
. tho business man montionod can
identify tho car by' slghti lie .said;!
J! ho was returning from' Sommerq
vlllo tho night of the murder and
1 that tho car attracted his atten- j?
-Itlon because ot Its model and- the
fact that It was coming frpmjih^s
section Boldom followed by tnotott?!!
. lets la Uie middle of the night' He- ;
wns certain, ho said, that the; car
j boro a New Brunswick tag alMg|S?j
j While the Investigators^. hnYS?aj
\ not entirely alwndoi^^^^wBBH
^ ward Wheeler
' the automobile cl
J closo to the slayer ot^slnyi "
state troopers contlnuef.toakeeii .
, the Hall residence undervohgem- S3
tion. Today for the first'time since
i the murder, newspaper nieta^were
. unable to communicate trith tngmft (
B hers of the Hall household by tele0
phone. Inquirers at tho-,raeldeuoo3B3
0 were told that the telephone? coife
nectlons itad been. cut. ,;
muu s <isiud win noia a senejpiQNElK
, meetings at the Plea8aniV^Ae7y|%
j M. E. Church. MJllersy#Ie;^j!H?
1 ginning on next Sunday evening
? Rnd continuing through the tdtiffiwB
b ing week. Group No. .1
Barnes, leader, will havft chargeSif V
- tbo opening serried and
^ group tfill follow in regular'pra4i|x||
0 Group No. 2. Harry C<
0 lender, will hold an afternoon, 'i!
J meeting at tho Captain Booth
jj School beginning at 2 o'clockyflnn^^g
b Group No. 3. H. W. l
1 leader, will hold an evangellfl^b^^
service at Benton's Perry
0 Sunday ovenlng.
? Group No. 4, J. W. CQleb?M|S
lender, has been asslgned to East
MRun M. E. Church for'a SnhdMnlq
r evening service beginnlng^at'^Q/^
f Group No. 5, C. C. Denbam,
" .lender, will hold an even Ing
ing at Norwood Schoo>^^nnl$f^
Group No. 6, S. O.'Peaatir/M^S
have charge of the evening service
% at Fairvlew M. E. Church begin,^
Plans aro being made ,to\\biV|^
a large attendance of thef- club. at
x tho noon luncheon next Monday,
n when J. M. Jacobs willI
port of his trip to the
!- of Men's Evangelistic Clubs bold
?, recently at Chattanooga.
Sf r-l r?vi i -T-r* m ir?i a tmfi. - . -.i.. ^
'j Visualizing his personaf'lmpres- g
slons as he stood by the grave of
f". Quentln Roosevelt near Chn&aHdM
* France, who Ilea, burlefciflifere he
" tell In his airplane, will constitute ?
I the main theme ot the Bert; J. C. !
a Broomfleld's fifth travelogue ad- ?
u Temple tomorrow night. In connectlon
with the dlscusslott'dt. this
II Impression Doctor BroomtVOd will

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