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(Continued from oar last Issue)
| | ?The Forest anil Mr.' Hard
When at last Jose Qnlntana hud
M secured what he had been after
years; bis troubles really bee
' 'Id .hie pocket lie had two mll|.'
lttn "dollars worth of gems. Inelttdlni
the Flaming Jewel.
But he was In the middle of a
?: wilderness tinged In try hostile
men, and obliged to rely for aid
BEllSOIlhandful of the most deeper
I criminal! In Europe,
notber 'mattor worried Jobc
itana: he was not only short
jrovlslons. but what romalned
cached In Drowned Valley;
'Mlko Clinch and bis men
J guarding every outlet to that
iter- region excepting only the
:y and submerged trail by
:h he bad made hla oxlt.
ow', how to keep hie loot; how
St back to Europe with It. wat
problem that confronted Qulni
atter robbing Darrugh. And
determined, tie settle part oi
Question at once,
bout Ave miles irom Ilarrod
:e, within a hundred rods ol
:h he had held up llal Smith,
itana halted, seated himself or
itten log, and waited until hit
came up and gathered around
>r a little while, In utlor st
e, bis keen eyes travplfH iron
visage to the next, from Hem
uet to Victor Goorglades, to
chez, to Sard. His Intent scrn
focused on Sard; Hnecjed.
Iy-jit mure wuru mi/uuu;
;tijiit, a little way. It would lie
'i'Then a pollto, untroublod aralie
smoothed the pale, dark featuri'
of Jose Qulntana:
t. J'fcien. messieurs, the coup has
been success. Yea? Ver' well; it
.turn,'then, en accord with our cus
torn, I eball dispose myself to lis
ten to your good advice."-,
y He looked at Henri Plcquet
smiled and nodded Invitation ti
^Plcq'uet shrugged; "For me
fnon capltaln'c. eet oes voi" simple
"tVe are five. Theretoro, dlvldo In
a?Jflve zo genie. After zat. oaco
lints fnr himself tn make his wnv
Salzar and Harry Bock
tho Drowned Valley," Inter
DE?niD$ed Qulntana.
Rgfc}; ?.cquet shrugged again; Oan^ys-ch*ez
-laughed, saying: 'if they ar<
Ki'jttjere. it is; their misfortune. Also
KaWo others aro In a hurry."
fc: i/Picquet added: "Also five
'ahires are sufficient division."
Wj!' -Js,.propose, then, that w;
B^j^JilMhdon our' comrades Beck and
^i^Silzar to the 'rifle of Mtk<
B^ennch?" ^
^-'\-v''4Why not?" demanded Goor'
glades sullenly?swe shall have
g'jjrtwrBe to face before so see tlu
^rfptMace de 'Opera."
j "Thoro r.cmalns also. Eddie Ab
P;'^ Vtmib,,'" remarked Qulntana.
Crooks never betray their attor
ly -, hey. Everybody, expressed a will
'^lngness to have the five shares o
.plunder properly assessed to sat
M&ylsty the fee duo to-Mr. Abrams.
well," nodded Qulntana
rare you^satiBfy, messieurs, to di
- Aide an/^lsperse?"
^ "Sard said, heavily, that thoj
ought to stlclf together until the:
tvr- arrived in New York.
Sanchez sneored, accusing Snr<
jif ^wanting a bodyguard to cscor
to his own homo, "in this ac
^^rcursed forest," he insisted, "five o
tts would attract attention when
ono alone, with sufficient stealth
-can Blip through into the opei
j?"->v, Country."
"Two by two is hotter," sail
fcv^lcquet.. "You Sanchez, ehal
^.^.-travel alono if you desire?"
K.j" y Divide-:the gems first." growlei
ffiji.iiV'^wrgiades* "and then let each di
Bfe Vh'at pleases him."
js^i VThat." nodded Quintana. "is alsi
my. opinion. It is so settle. Atter
lion!" Two pistols were in his hand
f.as jjy. magic. -With a slight sniil
he laitPthem on the moss hcsid
He then spread a large whit
fe^Mta'ndkerchlef on the ground: and
his pockets, he poured out thi
KEf .^littering cascade. Yet. like a feet]
B?y0n$ panther, every sense remalnc
^'Kaltrt to the slightest sound or mov?
vjrfynt elsewhere: and when Georg!
-ades grunted from oxcess cmotior
fP-,. Qulntaha's right hand held a plsto
^ : - before .the grunt lias ceased.
was a serious business, till
division of -loot; every reckles
sft': '.visage reflected the strain of th
g-, . - Quintana. both pistols in hi
j&j';?ltawds, looked down at tlic sclntil
Jat'ing heap of Jewels.
15ft v,' '-"I estimate two nod 0110 quar
Rpg;- tiro million of dollnlres," ho sab
S&j^aim'ply. "It has been agree tha
[la t acqcp' for me the oroslte gen
BP;!- -Snown as The Flaming Jetvel. It
KfefadiUtion, messieurs, it has beet
that I accop' for myse'
j^?y*on? pgrt In ive of the-romalndcr.'
fi? A ifierce silence rdlgned. Ever]
SfS ''wolfish ey,e was on the leader. Hi
R' jtS,smiled, rested his pair of plstoli
oh either haee.
?g?%:r" "Is there," he, asked softly
jBrS/ ".any gentleman who shall ob
mj/: ject'?"
Skj ; "Who," demanded Georgladei
. Kohrsely, "la to divide for nsf"
TO1 '-"It Is for such purpose." ex
1(9 plained Quintans suavely, "the
"W . my frlen', Emanuel Sard, has ar
rive. Monsieur Sard is a brokaln
!;. . of dlamon's. as all know very well
' Therefore, it shall be our -frlen
gE:: ;^fd',who will divide for us wha
B ^ ,e s*,# todRy bjr ?#r?'n
b;- :--.. ;' The savage tension broke wltl
K; h; laugh at the word chosen bt
j i'; Quintans to express their efforti
Epf,! of the morning.
HSr ' Sard had been standing wltl
> ' one fat hand' flat against th<
jb'. I-trunk of a tree. XoNw. at a not
. from Qulntana, ho squatted down
j?&v:S'nd with,the same hand that hat
jg&'b'een Tedtlng ngalnst the tree, h<
spread out the pile of1 fewels Into !
* (lit layer.
An ho began to divide thin into'!
five parts, still using tho flat ot his I ,
pudgy hand, something poked him I.
lightly in the ribs. It eras the mui- ,
ale of one of Qulntana's pistols. 1|
Sard, ghastly pale, looked up. Hisj i
paim, sticky with balsam sum.
quivered la Qulntaw's grasp.
"I was going to scrape It otf," he
gasped. "The tree woe sticky? '
Quintans, with the muzzle of his
pistol, detached halt a dozen diamonds
and rubles that clung to die
gum on My. Sards palm.
"WaBh-" he said dryly.
Bard, sweating with fear, washed
his right hand with whisky from
his pocket flash, and dried It for |
! goneral Inspection.
"My God," ho protested tremu11
lously, "It was nclcdentnl, gentleI
men. Do you think I'd try to get
swuy with anything like that?"
II Quintans coolly shoved him
. aside and with ihu barrel of his
; pistol he pushed the flat pile of
gome Into five separate heaps. Only (
he and Oeogladoa knew thut n magI
nlflcent diamond had been lodged
In the muzzle of his pistol. The
, eyes of the Greek flamed with
i rago at the trick, buVhe awaited
i the division before ho should come
1 to any conclusion.
! i [&TL1U
Quintana coolly picked out The
j Flaming Jewel and pocketed it..
Then to each man he Indicated the
heap which was to be his portion,
i A snarling wrnnglfi instantly bo.
gan, Sanchez objecting to rubies
I and demanding more emeralds.
; and Picquet complaining violently
? concerning the smallness of the
diamonds allotted him.
Sard's trained eyes appraised
|.uiiuimeiK., wunout. yoglli
ing and lncking time and paraphernalia
for export . examination, hp
was inclined to think the division
fair enough.
Quintana got to hia feet lightly.
* "For mo." he said, "it is finish.
r "With my frien' Sard I shall now
depart. Messieurs, I embrace and
salute you. A biontot in Pnr'.s?
* if it be God's will! Done?au re*
voir, ies amis, or a la bonhevi!
Allons! Each for himself and gar'
' aux flics!"
Sard, seized with a sort of still
terror, regardod Quintana with
' enormous eyes. Torn between di31
may of beUjg left along in the wil"
dernoas and a very natural fear of
* any singly companion, he did not
3 know what to say or do.
En masse, the gang wore too dis1
trustful of one another to unito
on robbing any individual. But
1 any individual might easily rob
1 a companion when alone with
1 "Whv?whv on n't alt ??
3Uvthcr," he stammered. "U la I
j safer, surer?"
3 "I go with Quintana and you."
i* I interrupted GoorgladoB. smilingly;
s hia mind on the diamond in the
e muzzle of Quintanas pistol,
a "I do not invite you." said
Quintana. "But come if it pleasej
8 you."
I "I also prefer to come wjtb you
b others." growled Sanchez. "To
1 roam alone In this filthy Torost
1 does not Buit me."
> Plcquet shrugged his qhQilders,
i turned on his heel in alleci?. They
i. watched him moving away all
I alone, eastward. When ho had disappeared,
among the trees. Quir.b
'tana ilooked inquiringly at the
* others.
b "Eh, blen, non alors!" snarled
Oeorglades suddenly. "Thcro are
s too many in your trivpe'au. mon
- captalne. Bonno chance!"
He turned and started .noisly in
- the direction taken by Plcquet.
i They watched him out of sight;
t listened to his careless trample
i after ho was lost to view. When
i at length the lost distant sound of
? his retreat had died away in tk/
f stillness. Quintana touched Sard
' with the point of hlH pistol.
* "Go first,' he.said suavely.
3 "For God's sake, be a little care
5 ful of your gun-?"
"I am, my dear frlen.' It ia of
you I may become careless. You
" will mos' kin'ly facQ south and you
will be kin* sufficient to start tm1
mediately. Tha's what I mean?
I thank you?Now, my frlen,' Sin"
chez! Tha's correc'l You shall fol1
low my frlen' Sard ver' close. Me.
" I march in "the rear. So we shall
3 pass to the eas of thees Star Pon'
; then between the cross-road an'
Ghos' Lake; an' then we shall rt*.
1 pose; an' one of us, en vidette,
shall discover If the Constabulary
have ' patrol beyon'?pilous!
3 ' * (Contlnued In Next Issue.)
180 Musicians, 1500 Sticks of
\ Red Fire. Floats Galore. Hear the
: Bugles Scream. Count the Mounted
! Who Found the Balloon?
10 Local police were working
ilong new llnea todar In their effort
to aotre the murder of Arthur
Johen on the bank* of the Kaniwha
Rlrer October 18, after
reelng Joe IlameUe. who had
>e?n held on auaplclon. Ramelle
vas taken Into custody the day
Johen'a body wat found, but
ifter two woeke In Jail waa recused
yesterday. The police said
i street car conductor, who was
uitirely disinterested and had had
no opportunity to confef with the
jrlsoner, told them "Ramelle was
in his car at the time the murder
Is bellered to have been committed
Movie Stars Named as Candirtntsc
in Mnrlf PlaMinn nf
ucaiuo in muwn kiwvuuu vi
Woman's Club.
When Anita Stewart ran tor
county superintendent of free
schools Saturday afternoon the*-e
were smiles on the faces of the
women voters, hut when Poll Negri
was declared a candidate for presitent
of the board of education there
was genuine mirth, Both stars were
candidates of the Whig party.
The meeting, for the purpose ot
teaching women to vote, was held
Saturday afternoon In the audJ
torium of the Masonic Temple and
was arranged by the American citizenship
department of the Won.an'o
Club. ?
The details of election law were
fully outlined by Fred L. Lemley,
who covered every phase of the
statute as to registering, time requirements
for registering, those
entitled to vote, primaries and gei.
eral election. The detailed dutieof
the election officials were also
pointed out.
Mr. Lemley read the statute with
reference to manner of procedure a
obtain ballot and voting by persons
who may be absent from home at
the time of the election.
That theft enfranchisement
brought woman a duty in citizen*
ship which they should perform
was emphasized by E. M. Showalter.
judge of the Marion County
Criminal Court. Judge Showalter
explained that the many provision*'
In the election laws are for the purpose
of safe guarding the ballot
box. Everyone Is protected in the
casting of his vote and every safeguard
is thrown around the baljot
so that the election may be a full
and free expression of the plei-toru
in what the government shall be
and who.the officers shall be to administer
After the address pencils and paper
were passed to the' assembly
and questions in the minds of the
voters wero written out and passed
to Mr. Lemley, who answered
Two tickets were placed in nomination.
the Whip anu the Tory and
the candidates were chosen from
motion picture stars.
While the votes were being count,
ed Mrs. 0. G. Wilson made a brief
address. Mrs. Joseph Grlmsley .nnounced
the results of the election.
Mrs. L. X. Yost, chairman of the
American citizenship department,
presided over the meeting and the
election officers were Mrs. W. F'.
Murphy of Farmington, Mrs. W. N.
Lowther of Mannington. Mrs. W.
D. Ice of Fairview, Mrs. I. W. Gallien
of Farmington. Mrs. Sidney
Reynolds, Mrs. J. E. Smith, Mrs.
Mary West, Mrs. Joseph Grimsley,
Mrs. Samuel Leeper, Mrs. Florence
Ayors and Mrs. Harry DeTurk.
Mrs. Lucy Helmlck Plerpont announced
the program for the next
meeting of the American citizenBhip
wurric w rmrmoni nanowe'cn
Oct. 31st. Mammoth Parade and
When answering advertisement*,
please say ypu saw it In The West
It Steals Vitality Ai
How, By Cleansing Bowels, Ge
With Science's Most Reci
and Nerve For
By W. J. Mc<
Physicians, scientists and medical
men have labored for years in
perfecting laxatives and cathartics.
Their efforts are represented by
numerous preparations now on the
market. Yet, the main fault with
all these preparations lies in that,
either they were too mild or too
violent and drastic in their action
and upset the system of the user.
These men toll us there is nothing
new under the sun. but they do admit
that new combinations of nature's
elements are bound to be discovered,
in the same manner as
new combinations of musical notes
create new pieces of music.
An eminent chemist set to wort
some years ago, and, after carry'
ing on extensive experiments with
hundreds of different compounds,
has finally produced a delicious
syrup that fills the long noedod
want for those of us bothered" with
constipation, distressing indigos*
tlon and torpid liver. It is a new
combination of Mother Nature's
vegotablo elements. He baB named
his new discovery National Liver
Cleanser and is now placing the
preparation in drug stores every,
where, within reach of v all. A
month's supply of this excellent
L-: s
diet yesterday stating that Mrs. P*
Carleton killed the Reverend Mi.
Chriatler and then shot herself.
The tragedy occurred early Friday
morning. i.
Mrs. Christler, left with the hody!
| of her husband for Waterloo. N."/
Y.. yesterday, morning.
1 In spite of the coroner's verdict,.
1 Mrs. Pyle has employed an attor
nay and Is endeavoring to find ovh
dcnco that her daughter , did not
commit the crime.
| "I do not believe Margaret did
lit," said Mrs. Pyle shortly after her
'arrival here from her home In
I Butte.
j Mrs. Pyle is now engaged in
piecing together bits of a torn le'-(
!ter found In the waste basket in he '
daughter's room and which'she de '
Clares is in Mr. Carleton's hand-'
writing. That Mrs. Carleton had
{an infatuation for the -minister
; admitted by Mrs. Pyle.
TP Take Charge of Body.
j LOS ANGELES, Cal.. Oct. 30.? ;
Frank Carleton, former Montana I
I judge, will leave today for Havre. I
Mont., according to rplative^ hero I
Suffering has gone _
frvm purjace, mother!
S. S. S It the Great Builder of Red* j
Blood-CelU and Rheumatism
Matt Go! Ju?t Try It!
"Rheumatism? Me? No. Indeed, It'a i
all gone, eterr bit of It! It't tun- I
thine and Joy for me now for the flrat
tlrae In yean. I feel a wonderful !
riot J again In the free motion I used
to hare when my day? were younger.
I look at my bandt and think of the
twlata and swelling! thoy uted to bare.
I bend way orer to the floor. I haren't
been able to do that in many yeart. >
I can thank S. 8. 8. for It all! To 1
rat it wa* a rltlng tnn of Jtjr and liberty.
Brothers and aiitera In misery, j
do not close your eyea and think that
health, free motion and strength are .
rone from yon foreier! It ia not to.
It ia hera and now for all of you.
S. S. S. ?
la a reason why S. 8. &. will heir
you, When yon Increase the number
of your red-blood cells, the entire ay a- \
tem undergoes a tremendous change. Everything
depends on blood-strength.
Blood which fa mlnos sufficient redcells
leads to a long list of troubles.
Rheumatism la one of them. S. 8. 8.
la the great hloodrcleanaer. blood- J
builder, system strengthened nerve invlgorator.
It stops dfcln ernptiona,
too, pimples, blackheads, acne, boils,
ecaema. It builds up rnn down, tired j
men and women, beautifies complexions,
rashes the flesh firmer. Start
8. B. S. today. It la told at all drug
stores In two slues. The larger alzo
bottle is the more economical.
i C C C iHak"JB? f"1
ylf '"l* yotute/f ciga:.t
PAT 10 N
id Robs Good Heatth
ntly Toning Stomach and Liver i
ant Discovery, Vim, Vigor
ce Are Restored
j laxative can now be obtained at
uio pupuitjr pm-wux price 01 Only
fifty cents.
A single teaspoonful taken at bed I
time produces no griping, no dle-i
tress, no sickening sensations.;
i Next morning you^ ltyer is active, (
! your entire digestive tract relieved'
! and pulled and you feel just fine j
with a wearty appetite for break-1
fast?everything tastes good and
agreos with you. ' !
Getting the bowels to function'
dally, by this troatment, as nature;
intended, the entire system is na-!
turally invigorated. Blood circu
iates better, nerves become re- f
freshed, dull eyes grow bright and,
pale cheeks glow with the bloom \
of perfect health. Sleeplessness, i
nervousness, lack of energy, tired, I
wornout fooling?all become things
of tho past.
Simply sotp In W.R.Cranes Drug
Co., or for that matter any drug
store anywhere, obtain only fifty
cents worth of National Liver
Cleanser and begin this very night
to conquer constipation; increase
your bodily strength, your nerve
force, your power of endurance
and materially improve your system,
complexion and appearance. *
r ?'
| Mother Admits Girl's Infatua- g|
! tion But Declares She Did j?
; Not Commit Crime- a!
HAVRE, Mont., Oct. 30.?While 60
Mrs. Christler today was on an C(
eastbound train accompanying the!w
body of her slain husband, the Rev. 164
Leonard J. Christler, rector of St. J In
Mark's Episcopal Church* and|ej
known as the "bishop of ail out-j1?
doors," Mrs. Joseph Pyle, mother c<
of Mrs. Margaret Carleton, whose a<
body was found beside that of Jc
Christler, is attempting to prove
that her daushler did not romml. ni
i take charge at the body ot 1
l(e, Mrs. Margaret Carleton.
Judge Carleton was on a mot
ip In the Imperial Valley, Ct
id Lover California, when vo
nched his relatives here of t;
laths of his wife and the R<
eonard J. Chrlstler at Havre.
Estimates made by the Unite
ates Geological Survey for tb
mrth week of October, that en<
g October 38, place the coal pri
iction at 10,400.000 net tons <
ift coal and 2,003,000 net tons <
ithracite. or approximately 12
>0.000 net tons of hntn tvry?? t
For the first four days of la*
eek there were 132,960 cars or f
IS.OOO tons of soft coal produce
the country. During the wee
idlng October 21, there wer
19,038 cars or 9.461,900 tons <
>&1 produced In the country. T1
ivance estimated was 10.200,01
ms or 748,100 tons more than mi
rialized by more recent an
ore accurate figures. The gurvt
ates "that the past two weeks r
ect some improvement in th
asportation situation, whicl
)WGVor, remains the princlpi
ctor limiting output."
The week ending October 1
, | -
Western ElecjAc
Specially Priced
ances. 1
! > niicnl't
309 Monroe Street
Western Electric 8e
Specially Prlt
limiting mlnb working time Hi onjy
or the Cumberland-PJedmont, KanaJ.,
wha and ConnellsrlUe regions. In
rd addition many mines are working !
he short handed in the Somerset.
? Westmoreland and Connellsvillo
district of Pennsylvania. The per i
centage of present full time output
produced during the week end-!
ing October 14 waj as follows:
EWest Vlrginiu Cumberland-PfOd- ,
mont, 35.1< Panhandlo 50.5; Fairmont
80.1. Winding Gulf. 28.4,1
New River 29.4, Pocahontas 43.5-, j
d Tug Rlver-36.1. Kanawha. C. &|
e 0.. 17.S. Loean 22. Kenova- I
i- Thacker 34.7. Pennsylvaniar>
Pittsburgh, ra'l and river mines, i
)t 61.6. Connellsville, coke output R
)! per cent below pro-strike and 45 j
* per cent below 1920 averages;
Westmoreland 63.1, Contral 59.2;
I Somerset 31.2; lillinois 4R.4; Ini..
dlana?no report; Ohio-Southern,
? no report, Northern and Central
* 43.2; Iowa. 80.6; Kansas. 57.8.
)f During the week ending October
,e 21 the output of beehive coke inIQ
creased 14 per cent. The survey
x. states that the increase for the
;j week In the Connellsville coke belt
?y Jumped from 140,710 tons to 146.0.
720 tons.
aj All rail shipments to New Engh.
land decreased sharply during the
il week ending October 21. They
were 3.092 cars againBt 3,636 cars
4. the previous week, tbeso. ship
Ironor, ' Western Elc
?1*Q Specially I
Of the Ci
J. V. CRAWFORD, the direct
ic Company, will conduct a sp
/EEK showing Fairmont hou
:tion resulting from the use c
This will be an opportunity of
jeper and we cordially invite
tion in the modern use and up
, Electnc Dish Washers, Elec
Machines. Attractive prices
ices and special terms will be
ctrical Head
'?! K llUi
sense bo obliga
nring Machino solutely free. E
$62 v if you decide t<
breokh iSlrlcn^nu.r, Rt^ulua
Albany and Mechanlcsrlllo (at*- to
ways. -19
For the week ondtpg October it
there were 1.004,094 net tons of ?.
soft coal handled at the Lake Erie ?l
piers. as Compared with 1.090,599
tone the previous week. During
the" proeenr season hip until October
92, Inclusive, 12.Sn,4.130 tona
I of eott coal have been dumped. Ot ,h
that 11.S10.14S tona were (orward- Jr
ted to porta.
Technical Papers lit
| The Department ol the Interior, Ml
Bureau of Mine., has Issued the ml
j following new publications, many a
of which will bo of Interest to
thos0 engaged In coal mlnlcjr pur- cri
lau'ts and can bo socured from the c0
I bureau:
Bulletin th
Bulletin 209. Fusibility of ash w<
from coals of the United States by fe
W. A .Solvip and A. C. Fleldnei, w|
1922 119 pp.. 2 pis., 3 tig.
Technical papers ? Technical ~
|paper 176. Shf0 mechanical oOU'P- ~
meat for use in shatt "sinking by 1
It. H. Kudllch. 1922. 12 pp, 1 pi..
0 fgs.
1 Ttchlncal paper 307. Permissible
explosives, mln'ng equipment and j
apparatus, approved prior to !
March 15. 1922. by s. P. llowoll, |
h. C. Dslcy, D. J. Parker nod A. I
IC.FIeldner. 1922. 21 pp.. 1 fig.
Technical paper 513. Production I
lof explosives In the United States j
ictrlc Washer Western ]
'riced 9M3 Spec
; representative of the Weste
lecial demonstration in the stc
sewives the greater efficien
if Western Electric Houseliol
1 real importance to the e
all to come in for informat
i keep of Electric Washers,
t.inp Vammm P.loarmvc ovtrl
are effective for Western
! made to purchasers this we>
Easiest Payments If
fou Buy This Week
Phones 1225-1226
^ Dewonstration
j In Your Owri Home
- '1
lectric Appliances will be delivwn
home where, you may BUbJeot
ost rigid toets. You will in no
ted. Home demonstration is abasicet
terms will be arranged
j buy this week. ' g
exptoelrea, by W. W. Adams*
a. 35 pp.
DCS ANGELES, Oct. SO.?lJilf, I
or cross-eiamlnatlon ot I'M. H
idee, farmer chorus girl, wait*
ken up today with the reiumjfr
in of the court In the trial ot
rs. Phillips. Charted with thtjH
order of Alberta Meadows wIM*
Defense counsel had begun tp*
oss-questloe, the wltueat befon*
urt adjourned Saturday.
It was indicated by the defenti I
at the husband ot the defendantIM
?ld be placed on the stand ton
II of hls'-alloged acqualntanoi
th the dead widow.
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