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luie reviewed
t iebr. broomfield
||M|luminatlng Description of
? famous Biblical Martyrs
v Given by Minister.
|j?:?he audience at the Methedlet
Protestant Temple last'night waa
'taken to Rome and Worms In the
ipmoa by the pastor. Dr. J. C.
.Broomfield. Paul and Luther ware
?? ,the two characters around whom
p;?tfe''address was built, and Inter|-(|?stlng
descriptions were given ot
ithe prison occupied by Paul and
fj. {the reputed place o( his execution.
p*,'vThe secred steps supposed to be
Htetthose down which Jesus came
K-'ftrom the house of Pilate on his
S^Jway to the crucifixion and up
. Homo and Worms, and the Rej^y.:jldrmatlon
and Paul and Luther
jBffi-ftyero In this class.
;.Hc asserted that no city that
come down to modern times
, /hap figured more largely In the
raf*. history of the world than the city
wjfcffip'fftjRbme. The old assertion, "All
roads lead to Rome," has been
BgeSreyersed, and Rome'B Influence in
law and religion leads today into
jj^ptUfethe world, Doctor Broomfield
After riding all night in n
common coach, Doctor Broomfield,
HP&ffiKid,, "I approached Home in the
j^^popl.'of the early morning. The
$|;^'mrat things X saw were the ruins
BBffi^pf&her walls and aqueducts, rcme
of the ruins of her
^^WO/mer civilization." lie insisted
sg^th'at he went to Rome not because
its being the Eternal City, the
?<?fty of the Caesars, the City of
^^^Bevon "Hills, or t,he one time Mis^cMtjws
of the MwUterannean world.
wj>^r|bui because )fao men, Paul and
^^ fchther. -hrad-fioen there.
an Interesting way he traced
events loading up to the comgg^Jng
of these men to Rome.
BKw'if'.'rhn mlfrrnMnn nf flu, nnrlv
IirlutianB, Jews auil Gentiles, for
islness purposes, and Paul's dere-to
keep iu touch with them,
recorded in the first chapter of
jmans, wore explained. Paul's
rest in Jerusalem, his two
lars In jail at Caosureu. his aptal
to Rome, his trial and imisonment
and execution there,
sre all reviewed, and it added a
allstic touch to it all to hear
jctor Broomfield tell of his hnesslons
when iu the cell oeipied
by Paul and when he walkl
the atreeta and roud over which
ml walked on his way to his
Especially vivid was his doriptlon
of how he imagined,
hen in Paul's cell, seuing him
rlting, with chains dangling
om his. wrists, his great letter
Timothy, in which ho suys,
Vhntover happens, be solf-posasod;
flinch from no suffering,
) your work as an evangelist and
ocharge all your duties as a
inister. The last drops of my
vn sacrifice arc falling: my time
?/g0 has como. 1 have fought in
le, good fight: I have run my
iltr8e; I have kept the faith,
pw the crown of a good life
ivaitB me, and which the Lord,
iat just Judge, will toward tite
} the great Day?and not only
o but all who have loved and
toged for His appearance."
''Before dealing with Luther's
I nous visit to Rome. lie describhis
vbllt to the Coliseum, In
ich oo many early Christians
ro thrown to the wild beasts,
d the Catacombs, in which
iltitudes of Christians spent
sir days, hid away under*
Doctor Broomflold claimed that
lilst, the Reformation was conTed
elsewhere. Rome was its
thplace. In support of this asPtion
re reviewed the iifo of
irtin Luther.
"Born of humble parents at
slaben, Saxony in 14S.I and eduted
at Mansfield, Magdeburg,
senach,. and Erfurt, in 1508 bo
is called to a professorship in
5 new university which had been
inded at Wittenberg in 1502 by
dorlck tho Wise.
"Moncrelff in his Short History
the Christian Church says: .'In
11 the desiro of his heart for
voon wno ro,iU?n#l Tin .
F?!?!f/idnt-to. Rome to look after some
jfifr /matters pertaining to a dispute
K^getwoen certain convents. Here
was shocked at the corruption
immorality that abounded in
jEtf;;': *-l3ie clergy from the lowest even
Bare 1&3Q/the papacy itself. It was while
&V/asCen'ding the Scala Santa, or
sacred stairway, said to have been
Kg# ?brought to ftome from Pilate'*
judgment hall that the passage,
go.^ipje just' shnll* live by faith."
Marine into his mind with a new
raT^mieaiilng and force. More clearly
fig?'' *tfratn evor did ho sec. Ihp. absolute
ra^vr^biitradlctldn between the cxtevJjm'i,'^aliam
of Rome and the biblical
BEjfc'doctrine .of justification by faith.'
Soft"It was rthe granting of indul|?#
gehces by Pope Leo X, in u wholeSp:;'-VwQe
way. in order to secure
Bpj;?0rnehds to complete the building
; of St. Peter's that aroused the
H 'knees, when the vision came to
JK^ Jlllm that "tho Just shall live by
ffiSStalth" rather than by penanco
BfisaMeli as he was then perforralnK
ffi^gi-theae were-also described, Doc"tor
Broomfiold also portrayed his
Utopresslons when he stood under
ilHfclthe elm tree. In the village of
IPhlfflengen, under which stood,
about three miles from the city ot
Worms, where he was to bo rtied,
and'Said in response to the protests
of his friends against his
going to the place of trial, because
of plots against his life, "Yea,
Plough there bo as many devils
lit Worms, as there, are tiles on
the roofs of her houses. I'll go to
.J?iln opening his address. Doctor
BroOmfleld intimated that since
yesterday was World's Temperance
Sunday It wan-appropriate to
consider places and piovements
and men whose influence were
world-wide. He claimed that
? "Inhis now'famous ninety-five |
theses, pasted on the-door of the
cutis church st Wittenberg, he
claimed that 'no Indulgence of a
nape can arall anything It there
be not gennlne repentance toward
God.' He Invited all who might
wlah to oppoae him to a Joint bebnte.
No one came. But the
thcacs, to the surprise of Luther,
aroused all Germany. On June
15. 1520, Luther was excommunicated
by Leo X. Luther's answer
was the publication ot his 'Appeal
to the nobility of tbe German nation':
'The Babylonish Captivity
of the Church'; and on December
16, 1520, the public burning
ot the hull of ex-coramunlcatlon
In the market-place at Wittenberg.
In 1521 Charles the Fifth
cited Luther to appear for trial
before the Diet of Worms. He
was found guilty, and msde en
oultwa. His famous rejoinder
wu, '1 can and win retract nothing.
Here I stand. God helping
me, I cannot do otherwise.' " In
this review, Doctor Broomlleld
continued until the death of
Luther February 18, 1546.
The sermon closed with an II-]
lumlnatlng description ot the re-1
latlonshlp of Paul, Luther and
Wesley. Paul's great work was I
the writing of the Book of Ro-!
mans. Justification by faith is Its I
igreat keynote: Luther's great
discovery was the truth as taught
by Paul in Romans, and one of
tho classic* in theological literature
In Luther's '.'Introduction to
the -Romans," Doctor Broorafleld
; It was the reading of this "Introduction"
that convinced John
Wesley of the validity of experimental
religion, and led him to
seek and And the assurance in his
own experience of sin forgiven,
Doctor Broomfleld continued. This
new found assurance made John
Wesley tho flaming evangel of
what Luther had discovered to his
great Joy in the eplstlo of Paul
to the Romans, lie added. An appeal
to those preseut to seek this
assurance, closed the interesting
j enterprise!
Quarterly Meeting
1 Tlio nnnr?0?l.- -
; the conference year wai held Sat. j
j urday and Sunday at the local M. j
E. Church. The Rev. J. U. Work-}
man superintendent of Huckhan*!
won District, wa? present to con-j
duct the services. The business >
meoting was held Saturday after-:
noon and the Reverend Mr. Work-]
man preached to the congregation!
Saturday evening and Sunday]
Surprise Party
Friends of Mr*. James' H. Mite,
gave a surprise party for her I
Thursday evening, the event hav-j
ing been planned in honor of thej
universary of her birth. The evenirg
was spent v-ith music a.Jd
other diversion. Refreshments!
were served tlio guests. Those present
wero Mrs., i.yde Sturm, Mrs.
(Hurry Gii.?.soi:. Mi*. Hughes and
daughter, Mi *s Susan Hughes, Mrs.
Uuy Fortney nnd son, Mrs. Nan
jTiehonor, Mrs. Howard Martin.
I Mrs. Charles Munser, Mr. and Mrs.
j W. 0. Rice, M-. and Mrs. Hoy Grit
fin, Mr. and Mrs. .?. H. Kite.
Impro'ir.g Property
] ...Jr. and M?m. L. 0. Mclntire a:e,
I l u? ding an ado l!on to their Ih*I-{
i ncMi uuniun" :u west iuiieii.?* sc.'
Ti e new jn ; c! the building will
i?e used by Mrs. Melntlru as a tea.
lai'raiit butldin" Mrs. Meln ! ?
*v ii also furnish lodging.
To Beg<e Revival 8ervlce*
| The congregation of tlio Free M.
: K Church w ti l? jiin a aerie-, cf
meetings next Sunday night. 'I he
wen Ires will b-. ,'ortducted by in.-J
llcv. John McDonald, who was |
given charge of this work at the
recent annual conference. The
Rev. Carl Bailey, who was formerly
pastor of this church, warn
transferred to Brownsville, lJa..
and with his family left for their
new home several days ago.
Pastor Moves Here
The Rev. Oscar Ncase and Fathi
or. Scott Xeoso, moved hero from
j Wyatt last week to the Robert
] Kuhn proporty In Main street. The
j Reverend Mr. Wyatt is pastor of
| the local M. E. Church.
Twino Born
Mr. and Mrs. Roy TichcnoV on
Bingojnon are the parents of a
. pair of twins, a boy and a girl,
born several duys ago. The chlli
tiren huvo been named Andrew
i and Evelyn Ttehenor.
I Live Wire Starts Blaze
l A fire started by an electric
I wire in the timbering and bend
I coal at the Melrose Coal Company's
i mine caused considerable excite'
ment Thursday and tied up tho,
I U'fti'lf fut- Ihn ! f Vnrnnn ami
James McCain organized a fire;
fighting crew and were able to con*
trol the .flames before much dam* j
age was done.
New Residents
| Garfield Patrick and Jesse Caldrion
with their families are new
I residents at this place, haying
I moved here from Sharpies, \V. Va. J
{ Doth men are employed at nearby i
(Arm Broken j
Garnet Fortney, u student in the,
Enterprise School is suffering I
from a broken arm, the acclenl |
having happcued a few days ago,
while the victim was engaging in
a football scrimmage at the local
athletic field. Accompanied by Dr.
K. B. Nutter, the boy was taken to
a Clarksburg hospital where an x*
ray was used to find the extent
of the injury after which the trnc*
ture was reduced and the boy re*
turned to his home here the. follow-1
lug day.
Prlre Hogt Here
A shipment of Improved Chester 1
White pIks received recently by 0.!
L. Mclntire of West ShinnBton' is
attracting much attention among
local farmers. The pigB are>of the
prise variety and are said to be the
best ever shown here.
Local Man Fined
Steve^Iaschewich, proprietor of
a shoe repair shop in Main street,
was given the usual fine and Jail
sentence in Justice O. W. Harrison's
court when brought up on
a charge of gun toting. Whllo waiting
for the intemrbsn car to Clark*
gave chut in an automobHe^aij
captured hta man in the vicinity
of Vfropa..
Aged Citizen Diet
The remains of the late Thomas
Courtney, who died at the home of
his son, C. Brand Courtney of Gypiy,
was brought to this place and
Interned in the Odd Fellows Cemtery.
Mr. Courtney was 80 years
old and his death was due to-^i
stroko of paralysis. He is survived
by bis son and (opr daughters.
New Son
Mr. and Mrs. George Harris are
the parents of n baby boy born at
their home on tang Run Sunday
Pie Socjal
The teachers and members of
the Shinn's Run School near here
are planning for a social and pie
social to be given at the school
building the evening of Xovember
1. The proceeds will be used
In restocking the school library.
Lumberport Affair
Mrs. Vance L. Horner entertained
at a farewell dinner at her
home in Lumberport ^honoring
Mrs. James N. Knox and Mrs.
Ralph S. Johnson, who are leaving
in a few days for California,
where the former resides and
where the latter will be her guest
Miss Willa Lowe of Shinnston and
Mrs. J. Hood Horner were also
dinner guests at the affair.
High School Paper
The Monthly Lngle, edited by
students of the Lumberport High
School, sent out the first issue
last week. The following students
nnmnnva Hio utnff
Mildred Willis: business manager,
Herman Sprout: advertising manager,
Claude Cubbln; society editor,
Ruth Robinson; athletic editor,
Paul Griffin, joke editor, Nora
Muster; reporters. Mary Vnnari,
Dnnzel ByrdA Alloc Vnnnri and
Trella Manear.
Miss Virginia Saunders was out
of school last week on account of
Mr. and Mrs. Ballard Thompson
of I-umberport were guests of the
Rev. and Mrs. Charles Higginbotll*
am Friday.
Mrs. J. E. Gnynn went to Cood
Hope last week for a visit with
her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Dnvld
Mrs. Sallie Mclntire and children.
Kenneth and Ethel, and Mr.
and Mrs. Howard Conaway of
Mannlngton were visitors at the
homo of Mr. and Mrs. 0. I.. McIntlre
A number of members of the
local Rebecca Lodge were at
Worthlngton Thursday evening to
nttend the masquerade party given
by the rebecca lodge of that placo.
There wefe about fifteen persona
In the party.
Mr. and Mrs. Gqorge Vandergrlft
and children motored to, Pliilippi
Sunday where they spent the day
with relatives.
Karl Reese of Fairmont was the
guest of Forest. Mclntire Inst Sun,day.
Mr. and Mrs. John Pcthtol of
Lumberport. and Mr. and Mrs.
John Barter of iHaywood were
dinner guests at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Rnvmond Satterfield on
Railroad street Sunday. In the
afternoon the three families motored
to C'urolinu where they visited
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Watkins.
Mrs. Vane Collins was the guest
of friends at Shinnston Wednesday.
Mrs. Lizzie Satterfield has returned
to her home here after
spending a week at the home of
her son. Charles Barter of Lumberport.
Mrs. R B. Little of Wheeling
and little daughter Klolse are
horc tor a visit with the former's
parents, Mr. ami Mrs. Marshall
Mary Virginia. Ktltherine andl
Glcndola Cottrlll of Clarksburg
spent the week-end with their
grandmother, Mrs. Lydc Sturm.
David Jones, who has been sick
for some time at the home of relatives
in Fairmont, is somewhat Improved.
lie transacted business
hero last week.
.T. J. Sturm is Improving bin
property in West Shinoston by
adding a new sun parlor in front.
Have you ever seen the Black
Horse Brigade? Adv.
Heats Li
Radiantfire is a bi
be used any wher<
fof your living ro<
wherever else yoi
" There are ine*
stationary mod
Clean, healthfu
using your furn
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Come in and sees
for yourself how
heating device yt
Fairmont W
.i ri':c.\?i . i * :. - > :
Fairview Parent-Teaohers' A
soclation to Give Program
This EveningFAIRVIEW.
Oct. 30.?Th, ot
servance of Educations! Week fc
the Falrvlew public school . wa
formally opened yeeterdey morn
Ing with an addroee by the Rev
I. S. Tylerln the Southern Matin
diet Church. Yesterday evanla
the Rev. R. V. Maness dellvero
a sermon on "Educational Needs'
Toplkht the Parent-Teacbej" As
soclation ot the local school wl
give a program In the high echo
auditorium beginning at 7:3
o'clock. W. H. Coonta, preside!
ot the organization, has annouui
ed the program as follows:
Song, "America"; devotional^
S. Tyler song. "Come Thou, A
mighty King"; address of welcom
W. H. Coontz; vocal duet, Dov
Pltzer and Mary Curtis; "The Pit
pose of a Parent'-Tcachers' Ot
gsnlzation." C. C. Tustln: essaj
Miss Edna' Rush: song, "The We
Virginia Hills": address. "Moder
School Needs," Dr. C. R. Mtllo'
"What the Parent May Expect c
"What the Teacher Mnv F*nae? i
the teacher, Ira Glllelan
the Patrons" 0. C Tannant, "Cu>
Tent Jokea", Monford Wilson an
Wesley a Wyer; reading, Ella Pe
hal: "Mock Faculty Meet'
Shakesepearean Society; electlo
of officers.; benediction, the Rev
R. L. Maness.
Tomorrow night in the hig
school auditorium, the moving pi
ture management will stage a
educational picture and accordln
to an announcement made thl
morning the admission fee will b
: placed at 10 and 15 cents to alio'
i everyone who may deslpe the o]i
I portunSty of seeing the picture
{"Something ro Think about,"
j Paramount production, will b
| staged in the auditorium Thurs
dnv night.
West Virginia Day
November 1. which'has been se
j aside for the observance of Was
j Virginia Day. Will be duly observ
feel in the local schools. rjrcorrttn;
to nn announcement of 0. C. Tet
Inant. In the school auditorium
j Wednesday night, beglntng at 7:3
o'clock with appropriate exercise
jTlie program has been announce
as follows: Song. "America"; de
I votional. the Rev. 1. S. Tyler
jhymn; "Hfl leadetb Me'; read nf
I select. Miss Mary Weaver; sou;]
"The West Virginia Hills'; story
"The Blonnerhassetts." roul Man
ess; reading, select, Miss Marioi
' Golden: story. Lewis Wetzel
; "The Scout" Hugh Machesney
song, "Hail West Virginia":
/'Famous Men in West Vlrg nil
j history." Miss LIlHe May Tooth
(man; story, "Betty Znne." Mis
Alice G'llclaml; story. "Anne Ba
' ley," Miss Katharfntf McElroy
song: "West Virginia." addroi
. ?t!?i \ irginia ana if* rossiuos
ties," the Rev. I. S. Tylor; son*
"L<nd Kindly Light" nnd benedk
' tlon, the Rov. R. I.. Manes*.
Institute Saturday
j Paw Paw District teachers wil
I meet In second institute at Fni;
'view Saturday morning when
[short program will be render*
; consisting of music, short discus
sions anil an address by Preside!
tV. D. Yost of the board of edti
cation following the program pa'
j clioclcs will do distriouted. Th
program has been announced a
follows: Song. "America," devr
Girl's Statement Will
Help Fairmontei
Many women will profit by th
i following statement of guc of the
sex: "I was nfriiid to eat on ?
count of stomach trouble. Kv<
rJce did not agree. After takir
Atllor-l-ka I can oat anything." A
ler-i-ka acta on BOTH upper at
lower bowels, removing foul ma
ter which poisoned stomach. EI
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pendlcitis. It brings out polsonot
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j your system.
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)m, in the sun^room or
x need extra heat.
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all Plaster Co.
\ f ,
Sm ?Si%Soirt*cnM^tab: '&k''
ousalona, "WhttOur'ScboplfNoed
Moat." by H..H. Bpetehor. Mlu i
- Ct*ra Wilson, Mlu Vallle lrona <
I oad Mill Naomi GriBt: tolo. Mill a
jl Cleo C?ib: addren, W. D. Volt: 1
J vocat TBUilc. High SchoM Glee r
Club: "A Rename," superintend' 1
ant C. C. Tustlu: solo. Miss Paul- <
Ine Botiaii: banedlct-ou. tha Rev. <
J- R. L. Maness. 1
The high school annual board s
vlU ierva lunch to the uachera In |
the "domestic science room at tbi |
noon hour.
Grays Flat! Moat
A patrons' meeting tvas "n
I' the Grays Flats School last tiatur- ,
't day night with a large rrowdjrea'
ent. In addition to the uaunl program
ot music and speeches, the ;"
teachers stated a chicken t'dptr
which, It s halleved, netted a fi.lr I
K sum for the benefit'of the school '
II library. Mlsa Naomi Grant is tha :
" teacher.
; Hallowe'en Party
<1 The freshman class of the lociJ ;
>' high school gave a Hallowe'en .
0 party In the school auditorium layt
it Saturday night and rendered r
' program Including witch stories ,
and the usual games of amuse
meat. A cloud of gloom huug ovei <
I- the guests when ft waa learned
e, that some mlechtevlous hoys had ;
? | stolen the finger snaps which hail
' i been prepared tor the evening ro
' Ifroshmenti. A? a whole, the parly
[ is believed to have been a anccse, .
>t however.
a Ahe Wilson, popular hlfh ichool .
athlete, la Improving rapidly and
it wlllsaoon recover completely from ,
11 the attack of typhoid fever with
i which he was stricken the early
part of August. Abe '.a confident ;
d I that he will be in good condition
t- I for basketball when the season
' iopens.
; j :":NEWS>: :
Missionary Meeting
'* ; The Woman's Missionary Sr.-1
; i ciety ol the Central Christian
1 J Church will meet Thursday after
* noon at 2: 30 o'colck at the homo1
! of Mrs. L. 0. Shinsleton in Mary
land avenue. "Africa" Is the study
, subject, and Mrs. it. *B. Ash will
. be in charge of the program. Mr*..
\ Khingleton, Mrs. C. 15. Minor. Mr.!.:
I J. Forrest DehoU. Mrs. Ray Hoiner.
Mrs, W. F. C.antz and Mrs. i
J I Who Found the Balloon?'
J. *
II = =
! f
?! Will R<
18 i i?I _
I 3 O'c
*; \
ln Yes indeed
going to gi
though thai
is 3 o'clock.
1 _____
| Be Sure t
Your Fr
livery single pi
store is entitled to
sure and ask for yc
drop the short stub
?Tell your friends,
morrow at 3 o'clock
i may be the person t
| Ford,
. -V" ' - / j
At r?l?fine IUptlst Church
The services Sunday were e*
teelaMy interesting and- very hi
iplring. Cradle Roll Day wu ob
erred at the morning, service
riierc was a fine attendance o
nothers and bablee, thlrty-utai
tables being present The chiltlret
if the Sunday school occupied thi
thoir loft and furnished th
nuslc for this service. There wa:
l full house at the evening serv
ee, and several candidates wcri
First M. P. Cliurch Notes
The Foreign Missionary Soclst:
will hold Its monthly meetln:
Friday evening st the home o
Mrs. George Clellsnd In Jtcob
Admission 55c; Child)
m er- mem _
"Classic Buffoonery"
a Given
lock Tu
folks, tomorrow aft'
re away this 1923 mo<
ember it won't cost ai
: you must be here in ;
o Ask For
ee Ticket
arson who visits our
a Free Ticket ? Be
mrs. And be sure and
in the box at our door
and come yourself tok.
Who knows,' you
ttTtll IflOO
?? ? ill Initio xozo
Olerkiburg'iwelit Su^dUiy'irlth
ud Mr*. William Slslw; In Dl?:
mond street.
Ra.v Homer and family of
Florida avenue were guests a
relatives at White Day Sunday.M.
Frank Kali of Wood street jbM
purchased the sieveu'a proy?l
on Haytttond Street and the famlfc1
Is moving there tills week:
Kenneth Malotie, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Zadne Malone of Connecticut
avenue, has been 111 for aeittjfl
ntjnuous 1:30 to 11:30 .a
THIS 1923
Away F
esday, 0?
ernoon at prompt 3 o'clo
lei Ford Touring Car i
lyone a single cent. I
IPi'ftrtll AnH rlrm'f -frwrr^y
Extra Tick
Every L
Every Dollar you i
tween now and three c
afternoon entitles you 1
absolutely Free?We ai
very special prices torn
dition giving you an e
utely Free with every (
:ourt house-phon
Baritone ;
>;,od?c(ion ||
lTTmwii 7' I if IB HI f
L % ?LS |
ree at
ct. 31
ck we are ' ; ;
Absolutely vj j
WiliCIllUCl 1
t the how j|j
?ts With I
hilar [
ise j 11
spend with us be- i ||
I'clock tomorrow fl|
;o an Extra ticket
e featuring many |j|
orrow; and in ad- ||
xtra tciket absol- ||
E--243 |
Pageant Rehearsal
AH those taking part In the
Missionary passant to ba^ given
[ soon at ths First M. P. Church
" hare been asked to meet at thn
' church at 7 o'clock Thursday
- evening
Diamond Street Clmrch I
sl ' The Links Clasa of tho Dia'
i mond Street Sunday School will
a! hare a covered d!?h supper title,
' evening at ?:S0 o'clock In tuej
social rooms or the church,
r. The Foredpt Missionary Soctctv
; | of the Diamond Street Church trill!
f I hold its monthly meeting at tan j
<! homo of Mrs. Charles J, J.tnes In I
rcn 25c; Includ ingr Tax. Co
Tuesday and II
A It
In An Ocean Episode
Paramount Feature Picture
iE WIVES, A Lois Weber 1
MM* HMnn

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