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story of a strange* and famous
!h. aAI<Jnn
Eiguorur ui iuo uuuubui
er met bit death so
T In the North S/h, was
the lore Btory ot tbo
ltred and died Id myaJtreat
man wa? riding
alro, his thoughts on
ubles In Khartum. Sudnotlccd
a white woman
ed by tho resldont doner
maid, enter a hotel,
nod she was once a
Ity in tho United States
er maid .enter a hotel,
d exhausted and In her
ead tho tragedy ot fallIn
With the Story
lie the doctor otter a
Irectlon, left the woman
rn'nd floor, and nho enapartment
w.ith tho
took off her hat. went
e window and sat down,
d on her elbows, lookinr
faco In her hands,
hair falling over her
rolnod fingere.
d came with excited re3.
Madame must go at
gagdjnee'-'to bed. The doctor had ortiered':It.
Madame was taking a
chanco with her life. Her lungo
would congest. She would die imBSmediately!
In spite of the dry atmosphere
thoro was a certnln
1 dampness from the Nile at evenBut
the woman gavo no atton5
tion She sat Quite motionless,
looking down at the man on the
jfpWTiy Arab, at the edge-of the
Place -Eabekiya. She could see only
K(?hr:Vhlte helmet, the firm sbouthe
nervous horse, and the
jpfttn In the street beneath it. She
B^coud'-.not. seo the man's face but
Hn&sfce^khew the features ef it.
For some days be had been &
distinguished figure in the city.
gfjTJnder tho visor of the helmet she
. ' reconstruct the face, with
aKTome' dominating eyes of sword*
roblnAe/ and the features that in re,-vpdse
seemed modeled over iron.
vnd there arose in her an appall ?2$*!
sense of loss?a ghastly sense
^oCbavlng been trapped and cheated.
jTHfete was , the dostlny for
B*wbilchshe was horn into the world,
had been turned another
H8j?Klnto..th? pit. Ah, God! If she
had only had this bronze wall be8pflffi4yh?yi
how far and how won
-tjerfully she would have gone!
^Meanwhile the riot of sound and
poured along the Streot
,&vKefeel Pasha, drifted across tbo
ce Esbekiya, and entered the
Wffigne^'Maski on the way to the
Hfevroiiihs of the Caliphs. Now and
j^-than.- ono, exhausted, dropped out
W&fy tb? mad current and fell in tho
^jt^eet, jwatbed in his burnooso like
?^'vThe wholeaQuare of the Place!
g?;;Babekiya was sown with these1
gggnotlonless figures.
KS^'w---'Suddenly. far off in the horder,
IJitfthe garden of the Esbeklya a
gaunt figure arose from among |
.these ghastly groups, as In a garitoirbE
the dead?a creature in*
flmltely old, matted with liair and
^jaked'tinder his burnoose. He extended
his arm, and his voice
There is tin
f.. have it installed
& . TVipTipmitv
i! ||W.o? designs,- wooc
ab me i*ue xuubki pdierea me,
Neuve, the horse, to avoid a camel1
stepped frn tho caftan of an ex-|
hausted dervish, lying la a heap'
like a relaxed dead man. The!
book barely touched the garment,
but the drugged crazed creature
beneath it suddenly rollen over
and buried his teeth in the horse's
leg abovo the fetlock. It was
tho quick, savage lunge of an infurated
dog. The horse bolted,
and to keep him from going haecllong
into tho crowd, the rider
turned him into aside street
But he could not master the
maddoned horse. The beast was
wild; the iron bit clamped into
its jaws as if cemented Into a
stone. 'As though infected by a
virus, the horse was now as crazed *
as tho drug-drunken dervish,
Neverless, tho horso did not
get away.
He fought down the narrow
street and out through the native
quarter of tho city, but the
rider controlled him, and but for
an accident, would have got him
in hand. A water-skin had broken
in the street, and when the
plunging horso struck the wet
earth he foil.
That thiug ail happened In a
flash, and the man was thrown
out of tho saddlo. As he arose a
native servant, in livery handed
him his helmet which bad rolled
into a neighboring doorway. A
I mntftr.mp hnrl atnnnod nnri a G
woman was out in the street be- *
sido him. t
"Oh, she cried, "are you hurt?" f
The voice had the soft liquid ;
tones of some southern country. f
He was not in the least hurt and r
he hastened to say it. c
The car was new and smart? *
the sort of wonderful thing one
sees at eleven in the Rue de la t
Piax. The woman was extremely c
young a mere girl, he thought, for t
I the lines of be> slim figure were c
I uot yet rounded out. c
It was amazingly good in a suit
of white Chinese silk heavy as ?
duck and cut, in a half sporting
style, wth a plaited coat, belt and
patch pockets, by a first-class London
The girl was blushing slightly.
Her eyes, colored like the velvet
hull of an Italian chestnut, were
wide under long lashes curling up.
"It was a nasty cropper," he said.
_?J f L
ami tranuerry
Oh Boy?In a Newly
Dining Rooi
|j|l' 1
When the doors a:
Thanksgiving anc
there on the end
hahlp tVint'c livin
he to come in, make you
[ before Thanksgiving.
of it all is yoiiswill find a
Is and finishes of honest i
uoocjcmpul jiftb?nrvi
' s .
isow Post &
ica. Inc
ter of Allah
drifted with the vague'wind northw*rd
aa from the desert- It esme
to the man sitting the gray Arab
as from a remote distance: a
voice carried on the wave creet
of innumerable lounda; a long,
walling desert cry, weird, eery,
the words slurred over and blurred.
"0 81rdarl I will give it to yon
... I will give It to you. And
may it crucify your soul!"
The voice trailed off In a thin,
Indistinguishable whine, and the
emaciated creature sank down
under his burnooie.
The man looked up and about
him like one who bears a whispering
In the sky Then he turned
his borse and rode on slowly
In the wake of the procession. He
fnllnWAH It Pint ln?A hg? Riia
The horse picked Its war along,
careful to arotd tho exhausted
madman who lay everywhere.
The rider gave tho horse no
attention. He rode with the reins
slack in his fingers.
mange mm lute a witch word.
The motor-car which had endearirded
to enter a great boulevard
irowded with natives.' mado one or
wo turns and finally stopped be-;
ore a narrow, Iron gate in a high
vail studded with spikes. The drlvit
explained that ho could not
each the main entrance. The
irowd was strangely obstinate and
vould not make way for the car.
To go in with the girl seemed to
he man Inevitable. Sho offered a
:up of tea and would send him on
vhen the streets were opened. The
irowds brought out by the sacrod
arpet would presently scatter.
Besides, in the fascination of ber
= 3
re thrown open
I the big bird
of a brand new
g and all the
ir selection and
choice selection
r. ' C"
v- ' ,t. ...
fortunately the helmet jot tho
And he pressed (rat the plecee of
broken cork.
"1 thought you were killed." ehe
laid. Then ehe turned toward the
ear. "Let me take you up." '*
He' could not rery well retuee
end he got In. Besldea, hie hone
was nowhere to bo eeen, and hie
mined helmet would make him coniplcuoue
In the etreet
It wee preclaely suneet and
!rom a thousand minarets the
nuenln was calling, out. The
whole city was flaming pink, ai
hough covered with wings ot
nnumerablo flamingo^. The
torse had fallen as If entered a
treat square before a mosque.
When they were seated they
ell Immediately into a pleasant
alk. The charming thing abodt
he girl was her perfect freedopt.
Pbero was not a.pretense in her.
She gave a boundless confidence:
She was wholly absorbed in the
hlng she talked 'about. Almost
at once they werj, on a
'riendly footing and, the man
ound himself speaking of things
vhlch he had never before diseased
with anybody?trifling, luImate
things which touch lite
tere and there.
She lovd a Jar-fly and a tram
tetvino, she said. If she could
inly see tho trumpet-vine and
lear the jar-fly, she always beiame
at cnce inexpressibly happy,
to matter in what inood. She
rled to Intimate the sound, putIng
out her lips.
And he told her that a cock
rowing in the afternoon strangely
laddenedjaim, like certain desolat/.
andscapcs that impressed the botolder
with tho end ol al thingB.
t made him unutterably lonely. He
v&8 not usually lonely, but that
tote, sounded iu the sun, could
Just thro a sUmytowSt, mostly
aywon-"th?TSesifaU at a' Us, old,
house In a southern state of America
surrounded by magnolias
through which yon caught the
glimpse ot white washed cabins.
She was lying down, with a foreign
Illustrated paper before her,
writing a letter to aTiero. .
He could see every detail so
vivid as the narration. She kept
putting hack a idsgrant lock ot
hair that constantly fell down.
Her Ups were stained with red
paint from the penholder where
she bad chewed It over a difficult
word and her frock was daubed
with Ink where she had wiped her
He knew the worship ot heroes
at that age for he had a Latin
grammar In which was pasted a
picture ot Nelson, finger printed
with halos. And he had a warm,
bewildered feeling, as though the
very day and hour of that fascinating
time were restored.
The place they entered was enclosed
by the grat wall sqf with
spikes. It was native In Its archltctnr
outsid, with a flat roof,
i wui. iua|uc> aw wub a wmtg man's
| house .with a drawing room on
|the second floor.
They saw no servant as they
I went in. although the house was
lighted in the drawing room no!
| ono answered the boll, and the
girl went cut to discover the reaI
son. I
(To * Be Con tinned)
VICTORIA. B. C., Nov 21?A
motion by the provincial government
calling upon the dominion
government to prohibit immigration
of Asiatics into Canada, was
I adopted by the British legislature
| last night.
ON 01
If you ever considered
Christmas, our Xmas
for you to buy the inst
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a saving to you of mor
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Jam for Cook
Be Received
Appeal ^ Made for Contrlbu- i
tions to Add to Cheer of !
Hospital Patients- \
By J. A. Ij,
' N 'l
Next Tuesday has been set by
the Woman's Hospital Association ,
as the day for donations of jellies \
and jams for the patients In Cook 'J
Hospital. It is an annual custom J
of the Woman's Hospital Asao-1,
elation to make this public ap-j
peal for home made preserves, <
jellies, and jams for the trays of j
the sick who are confined by their
illness to the rooms and wards of
the hospital. r
Last year ,the appeal was met!
with exceptional generosity, and i
many sick patients, who numbers <
hundreds of persons during the I
year, had reason to be grateful to t
the women of Fairmont and the M
surrounding towns for their kind i
donations, as - well as to the com- 1
mittees in charge who gave their 1
time to tho assembling and col- 1
looting of the splendid variety of t
stuff contributed. j<
This year a receiving station ,i
| will be locate^ in each ward in ]
the city and in Belleview, Mon- f
ongah, Farmington, Worthington, ]
Barrackvillo and perhaps other ji
yji\ II\J
buying a Piano, Player or V
Club Plan means a great 0)
rument you want on the eas
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A. I
V /
ellies and
: Hospital to
f Next Tuesday
aearby points. Many women will
lave only one glass of Jelly to
ipare from their fruit cupboard
md will not wish to take the time
to make, the trip to the hospital
srith the single contribution, but
If a receiving station Is near,
these gifts of one or two Jars of
lelly or jam will be taken there
gladly and in this way every wornin
can make some contribution.
Dno glass of jelly, or one jar of
preserves or jam, does not look
like a very large gift, but it is
pointed out 'that such contribution
will give several patients a
delightful and tempting addition
to a tray from which their un:ertain
appetite might otherwise
:urn away, so no matter how small
tho gift it wilt be gladly and
thankfully received aud sent on
its way to Cook Hospital.
Every jar of atuff contributed
s used absolutely for sick patients
rtone unless otherwise marked by
the donor. Last year some contributions
wero^ given by some
thoughtful women for the nurses'
table. These jars were marked by
thoso who gave thorn especially
'or the nurses aud were set apart
'or that nuruoso. but nflt one
single Jar is evor touched by any
Jtber than a sick patient unless
specific directions arc given by the
jerson who makes the donation,
so those who give to the Woman's
rlospital Association can rest assured
that every jar they contriYER
ictrola for on the acco
jportunity value as a i
. want a Vic
nest terms out any ca;
ao means us to give
10 interest Plan! You'
ch and $15 .
iranteed for J
198 All
sek. Or '$
0 Doi
y sum until the first paymi
rty months?WITHOUT I
ti Payments on Vi<
your Victrola under the
equired; you pay only for
your Victrola payments ii
row | o.A.H
fUJ 110 Ma
) away, as a run par
sible to tell you
in our window; ,
or mail the .
ition. 3ttoet ,
City aat
"I . v- V ' t.
appetite unless they make'nn cstr*
contribution for the hnreee
and mark It tie each.
Thoae patient* trho hare
friends In the community are not
likely to suffer for lack of home
dainties to mako tempting addition
to the hospital trays, bat
many, many sick persons enter
Siok Hospital who are far from
elr klnfolk, or who hare no one
who can supply these things. A
sick person Is a person on a diet,
one whose appetlto Is variable and
hard lo please, and thero la a
child-like pleasure on the face of
a patient at the sight of something
that pleases them on their
The Woman's Hospital Assoclai
tlon hopes far. a genoroua donation.
The first two weeks of this
month eighty-eight paients enteri
ed Cook Hospital for treatment.
I This will give some Idea of the
jneed to be. supplied. A hospital
! la not a pleasant place to he. anil
(the hospital association believes
, that the women of the community
; realise this, and will be glad to
l personally contribute a Uttlo choor
I In the ehape of home mude Jellies
I and Jams from their fruit shelves.
' Next Tuesday Is the day.
j| EAST RUN ~j
Health Improve*
! Mrs. Sarah Vr*88' w^? ha8 hocn
I 111 at her home for tho past week,
is improving iu health.
Box Supper.
A box supper will bo held at the
Laurel Run School Friday night.
Tho nffair will be managed by
Hugh Brand, tho teacher of tho
r?um 1
unt! Your old instrument u
trade-in on a new Piano or
trola, you can buy it for a si
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you the details of this ren:
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3 per week.
snt is made; then
ctrolas! Vict
Club Plan; no roua!"'
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i January.
ouso Co., Dept. VP"
In St.. Fairmont, W. Va.
ntlemen?'Without any obligation 01
Ucular-H about vour Xmnn Piano. PI
routed in a
(Check the one you
ate interested in)
uid* No.
1 State : ;
. v. f-v. -o--.
tats been extended to the comS.I
Revival Services. > ,i'l
Ttao revival services being V.H
el the local churcta were lennluBH
cd Sunday night. The aervlcS|
were In charge of the ItaTerewj
Mr. Leattaerby. -VI
The Misses Jennie and MsH
Kerr visited their grandmother*"
Plum linn Sunday afternoons
Miss Geneva Collins viWBI
guest of Miss Wilda Fatty SundsjjV
Miss Bessie Kerr was the gueH
of Mies Trovy Toothman of liursB
Bun Sunday afternoon ' *
Mr. and Mrs. P. F.. Hushes an!
children. Pauline and Kay. vlelteH
rolatlvee In Shlnnston Sunday.
ANCHORAGE Alaska. Nov. afl
?Superintendent Evan Jones wsH
overcome by fumes when the SvaV
Jones coal tnlne near hore was stH
ablaso today by a backfire. Evai)fl
body In the mine escaped. OhS
eminent officials are oselstlnaJjH
fighting the flames. The tnit"?
which Is the only one In opcratlofl
reached .by n spur from the-AJwB
ka Railroad, has been suppytnifinS
jroad with fuel. VwH
We Clean Men's Clothes I
?not choapar
but better
Heinze&Co. y I
Phone 1200-1201 f jfl
ir?v II
ill be accepted at full. H
Player And, if you
nail weekly sum, with- >$
orMomorrow and ask
larkablc Xmas Club I
^bench and $1G in player
Or $3.50 per week.
rola No. M
bonch and $15 In player III
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No' Caslt Payment.
' II
$z rer Week
i my part, please send me I
ayer and Vlctrola Clnb. 1 HI
Piano |
Player Piano .'HH
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...-v.1..... 'HI

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